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what really happened during s5
they reunited and ducked out to go on a space roadtrip :DDD

fire emblem has some hot blue-haired ladies amirite

hi i cleaned up the elfie which just so happens to be @winter-treats‘ character from our soon-to-be dnd sessions! :’) if you want me to paint the rest of the gang i’ll try

Hey look I made another Cuphead OC

Meet Golden Flower Tea, a flirty playboy who is as pan as he is smooth, he’d rather steal your girl/boy/nonbinary lover than be committed to a relationship, but maybe he just needs the right heart to come along, and he may finally leave one unbroken ;)

Theme song: 


“Not all flowers have thorns, but I’m one of those that do.”

((Anyone willing to draw this guy? no? yeah okay))

Soooo….. I was going to draw Lyek, Tehyr, Hymn, Ignite, and Seiteki together, so I was searching for some reference poses on google. As I was searching, I found THIS base, and….. One thing lead to the other, I really wanted to draw this XD I have more fantasy/supernatural characters, but these are the ones I use and draw a lot more

From top to bottom, left to right: Radian(ghost), Shikkoku(dark angel), Seiteki(incubus), Lyek(laistryn), Ignite(common elf), Tehyr(manodasha naga), Hymn(kokori elf), Kioko(common elf), and Kiseki(angel)!! I feel bad that Kioko is the only female out of all of them XD She definitely thinks Ignite is very good looking, and Hymn isn’t too happy about that….

Actually, Radian, Shikkoku, Kioko, and Kiseki are a group together! They live together in a special forest. And, to those of you who don’t know, Hymn and Ignite travel together, whilst Lyek bothers
Tehyr a lot…
Feel free to ask any questions about any of them! I’d love to answer! Tehyr’s red scales means he’s afraid