how do I just stop caring

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sounds like laaazy training to me!

Listen my dude. There was a time. When I was one of those people. You know. Those people who was like, “look my dog can clean up his own shit and mop the floor and do my taxes.”

But then one day I got real. And I realized. I just. Don’t. Care. And, more importantly, my dog just. Doesn’t. Care.

We train for fun. We train because it’s important she doesn’t run into traffic and because it’s important that she knows to stop on command and come back when I call her. We train because puzzle games are part of her enrichment.

But we do not train so that people on the Internet will pat me on the back for how ambitious I am and how awesome I am. We don’t train so that I can look at other dogs and say, “oh? You mean your dog CAN’T drive a car and clean your toilets?”

Call it lazy. Call it trash training. Call it what you will. You train your dog and I’ll train mine, deal?

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Instead of voltron discourse let's think about how pidge and keith care about shiro so much that they would totally team up as the "small but still can kick your ass" team to protect shiro I just thought I would be cool to see

Do you ever stop to think about Shiro catching space cold and running a fever and getting a clogged nose and he can’t leave bed so Keith and Pidge team up by making sure he’s comfy under the covers and make rounds taking care of him. They get help from Hunk with food and make him space soup and stuff

Also when Shiro is feeling better and can finally get up he sits on the lounge couch and Pidge and Keith cuddle with him

Ah, such a good mental image


A “loneliness of a drinker”
theme dominates my poetry lately—
and I’m growing a bit tired of it.

Like now, I am writing this poem about
how I didn’t stop her when she left
in the heat of conversation.

I did nothing, I know— just followed her
with eyes— taking note of each
minute detail of descent—

like how her jumper clung tightly to
her behind and how her fingers flicked
when she waved goodbye—

her doll shoes didn’t make much sound,
and her perfume, quite masculine
still clung in the air.

But, to be honest with you—
she wasn’t actually going
down the stairs, for  I was
in fact— flying.

higher, I flew—

until she was so small, and so far—
and so distant. But,
I didn’t care— I just stopped caring.

Because then, all I wanted to do was soar—
as high as I can.
There, far from the noise, up

in the clouds,
I went back in time—a second
before she gave me her name.

That’s all I need to remember—
just the purity of me, seeing her and

“oh, what a beautiful
— and she,

not knowing yet—  what i am—
the miserable drunk.

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Actually I just wanted to tell you how awesome you're pokemon nicknames are, as a fellow german (Vogelvieh, DuStern, have you named one EinStern yet?) but due to the current events and, again, as a fellow german, I really hope you do not live in München with the shooting that's happening there right now, but if you do please take care! There already so many dead, I hope the police can stop them. I live more in north (well, more middle) but oh dear is that terrifying. So, yeah. Please stay safe.

Oh my god 😦 I didn’t hear of that until now, I was outside in a park playing go and hanging out with friends. Just checked the news and I’m shocked. First the truck in Nice, then the guy with the axe on a train and now Munich too.

It’s terrible what can happen within a week, and I feel with the families & friends of the people who died, for you and everyone else who is living close to that. Thanks for worrying about me but I worry more about you, I live in Berlin so that’s far away from Munich. Please stay safe over there! ❤️

I’m glad you like my terrible naming sense, I hope it could brighten your day a little. (Yes, I’ll definitely name the next one I catch EinStern that’s brilliant ☺️👌)

Wünsch dir echt nur das beste und ich fühle mit dir und allen in München mit! Werde nie im Leben verstehen wir manche Menschen sowas tun können, bin echt fassungslos. Pass gut auf dich auf!

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◎ how exactly do you feel about your brother?

send a ◎ and a question and my muse must answer, even if it’s a secret.

“…The first thing that comes to my mind is disappointment. Mostly in me, I suppose, for I couldn’t see what was happening to him, I was too blind, I just- I just loved him too much to think ill of him. It backfired and I learned my lesson, but how can I stop caring about the only person who ever cared for me when I was the runt of the litter, the shadow that had to be burned?

He is not a changed man. I can still see that sort of…Eh, darkness, in him? Yet there is that glint, that familiar light that I’ve learned to hang onto. I love my brother. I worry for him. I want the best for him, because he deserves more- Even if he sees the world as his enemy.”

Okay, I’m just going to say this …

I keep seeing people point out that Josh most likely deleted his account because of one troll that was sending particularly vile messages to him. I didn’t see them but from what I understand they were pretty awful.

So people say that “oh, it was just a crazy stalker, this wasn’t fandom”

Not true.

Sorry, nope … yeah, this troll was over the top but everyone needs to take responsibility.

Have you ever tweeted hate at the cast/crew? THEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. STOP IT.

Not sure what hate is? It’s a hateful message.

Let’s see … how about tweeting “Fuck you” to someone you don’t even know? That’s hate. Calling someone a liar, telling them what they do and don’t care about … that’s hate!

What else?

Lana gets racist tweets, Robert gets accused of adultery, Emilie gets called an addict, Sean gets tweeted that he is sexually harassing his co-workers, Colin has been told to kill himself, Ginny gets called fat, Josh was told he is hanging onto Ginny’s coat tails, Bex gets called desperate, Jared has been told he is a rape culture supporter, Jen had been called homophobic and a slut and a homewrecker. Meghan and Jamie were told that if “they were the token gay couple then no one wants them.”

Was that uncomfortable to read? IMAGINE IF IT WAS SENT TO YOU ALL THE TIME. 

 Meghan left.

Ginny left.

Josh left.

Robert almost never tweets.

Colin & Jen barely ever engage with fans anymore.

If you choose to engage with people that you don’t know on social media and you try to talk to them with anything but respect then you are PART OF THE PROBLEM.

It is possible to send disagreement and criticism respectfully. That usually involves the absence of name calling. The absence of accusations. Ask questions and accept that the answer might not be what you wanted to hear. provide feedback without generalizing.

One day I’m going to look a woman in the eyes and see the rest of my life.
There’s nothing you can do to prepare for a love like that.
This kind of love doesn’t care for all of the walls you’ve built up since childhood, it breaks them down so you can be ready.
No matter how much ink I spill, I won’t be ready for that kind of beautiful vulnerability, so I’ll just say this.
To whoever you are, thank you for giving me a reason to stop running away.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (194/366)
I stopped talking to you because I wanted you to realize that you needed me.
They say  “You never know what you have until its gone” and that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and I believed that.
I believed that maybe If I stopped being there, you would realize how much you need me there. maybe just maybe, you would realize how good you have it with me and you would realize how much you cared about me.
They do it in movies all the time, The girl and the guy stop talking for a bit and then the guy realizes how much he needs the girl and theres this big romantic scene at the end where he tells her he loves her and how its always been her.
I guess I was hoping for that.
But this isn’t a movie and I was never the star of the show.
the cold hard truth is for me it will always be you, but for you that big flash of clarity is her. It will always be her.
and I’m not sure how to deal with that other than to turn the fucking tv off but this isn’t a tv. this is my life and I  am living it everyday and I don’t know how to explain the physical hurt I feel when I see you looking at her the way I look at you. like she is the universe, like she can move mountains.
—  i wish it was me


This video made me more worried than anything. He sounds so self concious and it honestly breaks my heart. Also, although he said he will do facecam for the whole series if this viedo gets lots of support, I don’t care how many likes this video gets. If Calvin isn’t comfortable doing facecam videos then he shouldn’t have to do it. As his fans we should respect his opinion and not pressure him to do things he has literally stated he doesn’t want to do. Also, the fetus pictures, don’t post them. Calvin said some of them floating around aren’t even him. Just stop it altogether. Okay. I’m done.

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There's a store nearby in this huge rundown strip mall that's technically operating illegally but the police don't care anymore because all they do there is sell individual pokemon and yugioh cards and every time they get shut down (no arrests just like "hey get out or we will arrest you" kinda stuff) they just open the store again in a different spot in the strip mall.

I like how it can be illegal to start a small business or sell individual pokemon or yugioh cards. You can do it on Ebay but God forbid you do it in public. Business licenses are a terrible idea. It’s “Stop making money and bettering yourself without our permission”.

So yeah I’d support illegal yugioh card place.

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How do you come to terms with what you/ your features in general look like? How do you stop caring? I just hate my nose so much

i used to mf HATE!!!!!!! my nose not even that long ago and id always look at my profile and idk. U just got to realize that thats your face and thats u! and every detail coming together is what makes you, you !! I love my nose and i think it sharpens my features

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Preferences about how they would react if u want to break up❤️❤️❤️❤️

Charles: “Just leave me then. Everyone always does.”

Erik: “I don’t blame you and I won’t try to stop you.”

Raven: “Then just go! Get out of my sight!”

Hank: “…I…Why?”

Jean: “You said you loved me…You’re the only one who doesn’t call me a freak.”

Scott: “Whatever. I don’t need you anyway.”

Ororo: “What do I care? You never cared about me anyway!”

Kurt: “What did I do liebe? Tell em and I will fix it! I’ll fix it I swear!!!”

Peter: “I love you so much…How could you do this?”

Warren: “Whatever. Who gives a shit.” *flies off to buy a bottle of vodka*

Jubilee: She said nothing, just stood there in shock and walked out of the room to cry.

Alex: “Really? REALLY?” He blasted a hole in the wall with his fist. “Leave then! Who needs ya?”

The Day I Stopped Caring About a Perfectly Clean House

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When I was pregnant with Felix, I remember having a chat with a wise friend of mine. I brought up how I just couldn’t get around to housework and how I was so tired and on and on and she said “we don’t spend good days on cleaning… we’ll do that later.”

Growing up, every Saturday morning was reserved for cleaning the house as a family. For at least two hours, we would vacuum under the couches, polish the wooden furniture and dust behind the picture frames. In short - it was like spring cleaning once a week. And it wasn’t as if we didn’t do housework through the week as well! We rotated between the kids on dish night and we swept the floors, put away laundry and kept our rooms clean too. There was no ‘later’ for cleaning up a mess. If you see it, put it away. Clean it up now. Clean. Clean! Clean!!

As you can imagine, having a very clean home was something ingrained into me as a kid and I went on to believe that you couldn’t really rest or relax until your house was spotless.

I’ll be the first to admit I have some obsessive qualities and creating order at home was important to me. But to what end?

When I lived on my own after college, I maintained the same sort of structure. On Saturday mornings (pending I wasn’t massively hung over), I’d do the same routine on my 400 square foot Brooklyn apartment.  Four years later when I moved in with Adam, I was appalled that he didn’t see all of that dust on the floors when the sunlight came through the windows!!! Or the streak left on the counter tops! WERE WE LIVING IN A BARN? 

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with Felix that Adam sat me down and told me that something has to give. I’ll be the first to admit I have some obsessive qualities and creating order at home was important to me. But to what end? I was massively exhausted we both agreed that the state of tidiness in our home wasn’t where we wanted to expend our energy. 

So we hired a cleaning lady to help us out twice a month with bathrooms and mopping, something neither of us care for much. Slowly by surely, I changed my expectations of what my house needs to look like day in, day out. It’s not photo shoot ready, but it’s clean enough

For me, the best my house is ever going to look is right before I have company over. Or right before I take photos of a re-decorated room for the blog. The clutter will be off the counters, the toys in their bins, the pillows fluffed, the massively overflowing coat rack thinned out.  And while my main floor looks tidy and cute, you better believe half of that crap is shoved into my junk room (which is currently my sewing room upstairs). Rest assured that no one’s home really looks like a Pinterest page. 

Taking care of the stuff in my life is never going to be as important than taking care of the people in my life (including myself!) 

Having a toddler in the house is messy. There’s a blueberry stain I won’t get out of the rug. There are crackers crammed into the couch. Little toy trucks and cars hiding under chairs. And it’s not freaking me out like it would have a few years ago. Those kinds of things do not matter.  I’m not going to spend my Saturday mornings rattling off lists of what needs organized and cleaned. Because it’ll get done later. When I have a little extra energy, or when I’m tired of seeing a pile of stuff. On a rainy day next week or on a snowy day 6 months from now. 

Obviously we don’t live in filth. We wash our dishes and put away our toys. We clean the litter boxes and take out the trash. But getting the cat hair off a chair no one sits in, in a room we rarely use, will not take priority over playing blocks. Or walking to the library. Or honestly, watching the Bee Movie for the 48th time. My children will take away playtime memories more dearly than visions of an organized kitchen. Taking care of the stuff in my life is never going to be as important than taking care of the people in my life (including myself!) The day I figured that out, was the day I stopped caring about a perfectly clean house. 

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How do you stop caring about everything ? I don't know if it's all Pisces but I'm overly cautious and scared of everything. Like I don't do anything. I'm basically just surving instead of living. I want to have fun and not care about getting hurt

Me too! I in fact care about everything with all of my goddamn HEART and i get attached very easily. I try to channel my energy into people who reciprocate that though


(Cameron asks about Joe’s scars, and he tells her lies, which she sees through..)
Cameron: Stop handling me!
Joe: Why do you care?
Cameron: It’s just a question…
Cameron: Authenticity inspires people. If you want to lead them, you need to show them who you really are.. Otherwise, you’re just a thousand dollar suit with nothing inside…
Joe: When I was a kid, my mother used to take me up to the roof to look at the stars. She was wild.. Experimented with drugs.. One time, she let go of my hand.. And I fell three stories and landed on a fence in the front yard. I spent most of the next two years in a hospital bed.

(Cameron kisses him..)

Joe: Cameron.
Cameron: Yeah?
Joe: This is really good….

Halt & Catch Fire, Season 1, Episode 6 (Landfall)..

Halt & Catch Fire Season 3 starting August 23rd…

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Do you have any advice on how to stop missing/loving/caring about your first love who at the end treated you like crap? It's been a month since we cut off contact completely, but lately it's been extremely hard for me and all I feel like doing is crying because my heart hurts so much.

Im gonna keep it blunt but I’ll definitely give you some advice on just keeping your mind clear. We all (mostly) fell hard in and fell hard out when it came to our first love and its not a fun grieving process at all. What I’ll tell you though is that it’s going to hurt no matter what because it was your first love and you thought it was all gonna last, its okay to mourn but do NOT let yourself get stuck in it. Try to look at it from the other side; this was your first love and it didn’t last BUT this is an opportunity for you to learn from and gain experience from this relationship that fell through. Also try to go out and treat yourself to something, make your fave food, or even better just lay in bed watch a movie or cry it out, thats all that comes with grieving. And as for them treating you badly in the end, I’ll repeat it a million times; ALWAYS know your self worth, dont let the fact that they treated you badly make you think that this was all your fault because it was not, they may have been the source of the toxicity and you need to recognize it, its not fair that they treated you with no fragility. A long time ago in my first and only relationship i caught my ex cheating on me and it was the heaviest thing i had to recognize and endure and the grieving process of it all was so long I literally thought it was going to last forever and it fucked with me so much BUT i grew/learned from it and know that I deserve better and that maybe one day i will find the authentic love I deserve, and i think thats the exact same thing you should do. YES this was your first love and it is going to hurt for a while, and im not gonna put a time frame on you getting better but i know you will but just remember from now on that there is a better more healthier relationship that you are happier in in the future. Again, it’s okay to grieve just do not get stuck and lost in it

Lily's House - Wednesday, 1:20pm

“Thyroidism? I don’t…know what that is.”

“I figured as much. I don’t even know if there was a such thing in the 1800s when you were born. Long story short, it’s a disease of the thyroid glands. Either when it’s over functioning or not functioning enough to produce the hormones that maintain metabolism… explains why I haven’t been feeling…myself lately. Why I haven’t cared to keep up with meals and why I’ve been so tired, but even having a thyroid disease isn’t a call to just stop working. I have to do what’s needed.”

“…How bad can this Thyroidism get?”

“It can turn into Cancer, if that’s what you’re asking.” That was a word Ashton knew. Cancer. He always kept it a secret that once he and Lily got married, he often thought of trying to turn her. To make her Immortal like he was. He couldn’t handle the thought of watching his wife slowly age and die. Being a Supernatural and being in love with a Human was hard. But he also didn’t want to take away her right to make her own decisions with her own life, so he kept that thought to himself. Now Lily was going through something that could either cause her no harm, or cause her life to be taken away. As much as he wanted to rage, he couldn’t right now. “I can’t read, so I need you to tell me everything you know about this. I can try a spell or something.”

“You can’t just spell this away, Ashton. I’m stuck with this for the rest of my life.”

“But maybe I can fix it-”