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bts reacts: you sleep in his hoodie

anon asked:  can i request bts reactions to you sleeping in their hoodie because it smells like them? Thanks xx

note: i try to keep these gender neutral, so if i use a specific pronoun, let me know so i can change it! :) also, none of these gifs belong to me, all credit to their original ownerssss

yoongi:  i just imagine him coming home one night because he’d stayed late, walking with light footsteps and softly closing doors as he passes through them, as if not to wake you up, and then  he just sees you asleep, loosely tucked under thin sheets and wearing his hoodie, and he would just pause, hand lingering on the door frame and a fond smile on his face.

hoseok:  “y'know, sometimes i wonder why you even take so long to pick out pyjamas to wear my clothes to bed everyday.” he’d tease.

“yours is more comfortable than anything people sell anywhere- probably because of the millions of times it’s been through a softener, washer and drier cycle.” he’d laugh a little at that, turning over to face you.

“honestly, you can keep it. you wear it more than i do.”

namjoon: "i was thinking about something the other day.“

"when are you not thinking about something?” he’d give you a look out of the corner of his eye that just read, ‘good point.’

“i’d just realised why we only have to do half the amount of laundry that everyone else does- it’s because you literally own no pajamas.” he’d gesture to the oversized hoodie that hung loosely as you lay next to each other. “i have no problem with it- no problem with any aspect of it at all. just thought i’d let you know.”

seokjin: "so what you’re telling me is, when it’s other people’s clothes, it makes them a million times more comfortable?“

"i mean, not just anyone. but yours are.” with your head resting on his chest, you’d feel the rise and fall of every chuckle; every breath.

does it work reversed? maybe i should try wearing your clothes to sleep?”

“with those shoulders… not a chance.”

jungkook:  “hey ___, have you seen my- oh, never mind.” he’d sleepily walk into the room, rubbing at tired eyes and sitting next to you. you didn’t lift your eyes from the tattered novel in your hands, only yawned a little. 

“you can’t blame me- it smells nice.” you shrugged, not a trace of guilt there at all.

“___, it smells of me.”

“exactly. gotta love the smell of stale perspiration.” he’d game slightly and you’d laugh, nudging him gently to let him know that t was a joke. “i’m kidding, i’m kidding. you smell great, don’t you worry.”

jimin:  i just imagine him being all cute and blushy about it, with soft brushes at your arm every now and again, and little whispers telling you how much he liked seeing you in it met with gentle eye smiles, with evenings ending in intertwined hands, falling asleep on sofas and the synchronized sound of tired breathing.

taehyung: "y'know, i was wondering where that’d gone.“ he’d laugh softly, the sound tainted by the dodgy webcam quality and internet speed. "you really miss me that much?”

“what, did you expect me not to miss you? you’re making me sound like a bad person, you know. of course i miss you.”

“you miss me that much?”

“yes, tae. of course i do.” his face would visibly light up a bit, a smile upturning the corners of his lips as he gently whispered, just quiet enough for you to hear, ‘that’s good to know.’

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Here’s My Heart (Part Three)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Neutral/Fluff
Warnings: Nerves
A/N: A huge thanks to @hands1766/@darlingholland for helping me with the playlist!! And thank you to @scooblesnack for recommending the last song I needed for this playlist!! I couldn’t hyperlink it, so just copy and paste the link below into a browser to listen to it.
Part One Part Two

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*LISTEN TO PETER’S PLAYLIST HERE: spotify:user:parkersenses:playlist:54oPuLDdS1ihTiK6CUmWir*

Holding the cassette tape with shaking hands, Peter walked through the crowded hallways of Midtown High. The whole day of Friday classes had passed, and everyone was scurrying towards the school doors to begin their weekend. Peter, on the other hand, was searching for you.

The two of you had had multiple classes together throughout the day, and he spoke to you in every one. You sat together at lunch, as always, and Peter still couldn’t find it in himself to give you the mixtape. There was a nagging voice in the back of his mind telling him that you didn’t feel the same way, that you would laugh in his face and walk away if he tried to give you the cassette.

But he was determined to do it now, as he looked every which way for your familiar face. He needed to get it over with now, or he didn’t think he would ever do it. 

You were nowhere to be found. You hadn’t been at your locker, and when Peter checked at his locker, you weren’t there either. He looked in the class he knew you had last, and he was only met with an empty classroom. He was beginning to panic. He wanted to get this done; he needed to get it done.

Peter was still holding the cassette tape, still trembling head to toe. “Ned!” He shouted, walking quickly over when he saw someone who might know where you were. “Have you seen (Y/N)?”

Ned turned around to face him, looking at his best friend, confused at his urgency. “Uh, yeah, actually-”

“Where is she?” Peter cut him off, bouncing on his toes, ready to start running.

“I was gonna tell you, calm down,” Ned said, eyebrows furrowing. “I just saw her heading out the front doors. Wait,” he paused, eyes widening. “Are you gonna do i-”

“Thanks!” Peter said and darted off, not listening to the rest of Ned’s words.

“Good luck!” He heard him yell after him, although Peter couldn’t find it in himself to smile. His nerves were darting rampantly inside him, making everything too hard to concentrate on.

He sprinted his way through the halls, and he didn’t think he had ever felt his life be more on the line than in this moment. He looked around frantically when he arrived near the front doors, although he still couldn’t see you. He sighed, knowing you had already left. He ran through the doors, lightly shoving some other students out of his way. He didn’t listen to their complaints.

A rush of fresh air hit his face when he crashed through the doors, and he breathed deeply, stopping on the stairs to catch his breath. He was still looking around, searching for the deep blue Midtown sweatshirt he knew you were wearing. But so many kids were wearing the same sweatshirt, and he couldn’t seem to pick you out of the crowd.

So he resorted to screaming.

“(Y/N)!” He waited for you to turn around towards him after his scream, and a few kids did turn, but only to stare at him with an odd expression. “(Y/N)!” He screamed again, and he wasn’t sure he had ever been so loud before in his life.

He kept on yelling, and he grew to not care about the stares aimed at him. And when he felt an arm on his shoulder, he whipped around, ready to fight whoever was coming to judge him to his face.

But instead, he broke out into a smile. 

“(Y/N),” he let out a breath, and he watched as you tilted your head at him with furrowed eyebrows. He slipped the mixtape into his pocket gently, not wanting you to see it until the final moment. “What’s going on, Peter? I could hear you from-”

“I need to talk to you,” he interrupted. There was no more time. He had to do it now. “Ned said you were leaving, so, hence the calling your name.”

“Calling my name?” You laughed, now looking at him with fond eyes. “More like screaming.” Peter laughed too, letting his shoulders sag slightly. He needed to calm down if he wanted to do this right.

“I forgot something at my locker, so I went back. What did you need me for?” You continued, and Peter stiffened up again.

“Uh, can we go inside and talk?” He fidgeted when you nodded, and he walked back into the school. You followed him as he made his way into an empty classroom, and he closed the door behind you.

“What is this about, Peter?” You asked, an edge of concern to your voice.

“I, um, uh,” he stuttered. It was finally time, and he didn’t even know how to begin. This had to be perfect.

“We’ve been friends for awhile now, (Y/N). Or, it feels like it, right?” He asked, but when you nodded your head, he didn’t pay attention. He was trying to think of where to go with this. “And I’d like to think that, that we’ve grown close since, since then,” and he shook his head. This was sounding much too cliché for someone like Peter Parker.

“Look, (Y/N),” he sighed when he looked up from the ground to see the worried look on your face. 

“Peter?” You said slowly, quietly.

He pulled the cassette tape out of his pocket carefully, holding it in both hands. He forced himself not to shake. “This is for you,” he nearly whispered. He didn’t give it to you just yet, still looking at it.

“Um,” he continued, now looking up at you to see your eyes the widest he was sure they had ever been. “Here’s my heart, basically,” Peter said, laughing slightly at himself. 

This was the final moment. 

He held the mixtape out to you, taking one last look at the message he left on the front of the cassette in black sharpie before you took it into your hands.

“And you’re holding it in your hands, so just, try to be gentle,” he tried to joke, but he couldn’t have been more serious. He still gave you a soft smile, the one he only reserved for you. “Just listen to everything on it. And I think you’ll know what I’m trying to say.”

And he took a step backwards towards the door, watching as you stared down at the message he left for you. But he saw you nod, so he turned around and walked out of the door, letting out a heavy breath with his heart beating rapidly.

And when he glanced back before the door closed behind him, he saw you still looking down at the cassette, but a smile now forming on your face.


Do you like science? Because I’ve got my ion you.

Love, Peter

Alright well I was planning on ending it for part three, but I guess I’ll do another part?? Would anyone actually like another part?? Please let me know what you think of this one!! Requests are open :)


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dvastatedr  asked:

We've seen Shiro and Pidge bra shopping, but can we get Keith and Lance shopping and somehow it didn't turn out what Keith had expected it to be.

[The Voltron Family] Keith was in his study room when Lance entered looking hesitant. He waited for his son to say something but after what felt like an eternity, the boy’s mouth remained shut.

“What is it, Lance?” he asked.

Surprised by the sudden question, Lance jumped in his place. “Uh, c-can you drive me to the mall? I want to buy some clothes. Please? Daddy Shiro’s kinda busy at the moment and I usually don’t want to disturb you since you’re busy too but I don’t think you’d appreciate it either if I took a—”

“Okay,” Keith said, closing his laptop and standing up. “Let’s go.”

Lance beamed.

As soon as they were at the mall’s entrance, Lance was about to kiss his Dad goodbye when Keith said, “I’m going with you. I think it’s time we do some father and son bonding, don’t you think?” 

“Uh… um…,” Lance’s eyes widened, mortified at Keith’s decision. 

“Oh, c’mon!” He rolled his eyes while smiling. “I’m not that bad at shopping!”

It started out normal and Keith was thankful. Lance got two Spider-Man shirts which were expected since the boy was obsessed with the character. They strolled the mall hand in hand while looking at the stores they passed by. It wasn’t until one store that Lance’s eyes lingered far longer than necessary. Keith looked up and saw the name of the store and then looked at the customers inside which were mostly females. He noticed Lance bit his lip and that was when Keith squeezed the boy’s hand.

“C’mon. Why don’t we check it out?”

“What?!” Lance gasped. “D-Daddy Keith, n-no…”

He dragged Lance to the store and went to the aisle that Lance was looking at a while ago from the outside. 

“I’m not especially good at this, I have to admit,” Keith started, smiling at his son. “But if you want to try these skirts on, I’d gladly buy them for you.”

Lance just fishedmouthed. “But… but they’re for girls.”

“Skirts aren’t just for girls, honey,” Keith shook his head as he grabbed one black skirt. “Now do you want to try these on or not?”

Lance bit his lips once again but this time, he was trying to restrain from smiling too wide, which he eventually failed if his dimples were any indication of that. He nodded enthusiastically and took the skirt from Keith’s hands. 

“I’m not this size though,” Lance checked the skirt’s label. “Women’s clothes have different sizes compared to men’s.”

“So I’ve heard,” Keith nodded, smiling fondly at Lance. 

When they got out of the store with 2 purchased skirts, Keith pulled Lance closer to him as they walked. “I want you to know that I’m not judging you for liking such things. I realized that you didn’t want me to go with you because of this, but I’m honestly happy that I did.”

He looked down and saw that Lance was teary eyed and the boy quickly hugged him tightly. “Thank you, Daddy Keith.”

“You’re welcome,” Keith kissed Lance’s head. “Does Daddy Shiro know?”

Lance shook his head, “I don’t know how to tell him.”

“Why don’t we send him that photo I took of you in the fitting room? See what he says.” Keith took out his phone and sent Shiro the photo.

Keith Shirogane [02:34PM]
What do you think? Does he look good or does he look good? *attached photo*

Takashi Shirogane [02:35PM]
BEAUTIFUL. <3333 SO GORGEOUS!!! It suits you, Lance! 

Lance and Keith laughed so hard at Shiro’s instant reply.

I Was Here | Pt. 4

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Hoseok

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1324

Masterlist |Ask

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

❥ “Nothing in this life is as hard as falling in love with the wrong person. If you decide to give up, you’ll hurt. I you decide to keep on loving, you’ll hurt even more..”

“We’re here..“

Hearing Hoseok’s reassuring voice, you snapped out of your deep thoughts and took a deep breath, wishing that the ride back to your apartment would have lasted a little bit longer.

Closing your eyes, you leaned your head against the headrest of Hoseok’s car, the uneasy feeling in your stomach making you feel like you were going to faint at any second.

You felt how Hoseok slowly turned his body toward you. “Hey, are you sure that you’ll be okay?“

Smiling slightly, you opened your eyes and nodded. “Yes.. He isn’t at home anyway..“

Furrowing his eyebrows, Hoseok tilted his head. “What? It’s the middle of the night, Y/N.. I’m sure he’s waiting for you.“

Averting your eyes, an airy laugh escaped your mouth. “Him and waiting for me? He doesn’t want to live with me, Hoseok.. He’s staying at Hani’s house.“

Hoseok’s confused expression changed into an angry one as he hissed under his breath. “That bastard..“

Placing your hand on his shoulder, you looked at him with a soft smile. “Hey, it’s okay.. I’m used to being alone..“

Unfastening your seatbelt, you thanked him for everything he has done and reached out for the door handle. Right before you stepped out of the car, you felt a hand around your wrist. Turning around, you looked at Hoseok with confusion plastered on your face.

Without saying anything, Hoseok leaned forward and wrapped his arms around your body, making you stiffen immediately. “Everything will be okay, Y/N.. I know we’ve only met a few hours ago, but I want you to trust me. I want to help you and be a friend for you. You can tell me everything and call me whenever you want. I’ll try to always be there, okay?“

When you heard those words, the stiffness in your body vanished away immediately. Slowly, you nuzzled your head into his chest and whispered. “Thank you so much, Hoseok..“

After that, Hoseok watched how your slumped and tired body walked towards your apartment door, his eyes never leaving you until he was sure that you walked into your apartment.

“I’ll be by your side Y/N.. Because I know how it feels to be alone and broken..“

Opening the door of your dark and cold apartment, you stepped into the lifeless looking space yet again with a disappointed and sad face. How stupid you were for hoping that he would be at home, waiting for you so he could open the door with his welcoming smile and his reassuring hug.

Shaking your head at your stupidness, you walked towards your bedroom with heavy steps, not even feeling the need to turn the lights on.

“Where have you been?“

When you heard the voice, a shriek left your mouth, your eyes wide open, searching for the person in the darkness.

Reaching for the light switch, you turned the lights on and immediately took a step back the moment your eyes could see the person standing only a few inches away from you.

“W-What are you doing here? Are you crazy?! Don’t you know how to turn the lights on?! You scared the crap out of me-“

“I asked you where you were, Y/N?! Why are you coming now?! Do you know what time it is?!“

Taken aback, you looked into your husband’s glaring eyes. When he realized that you weren’t going to answer, he took another step forward and hissed. “Answer me, Y/N!“

A sarcastic chuckle left your mouth as you crossed your arms in front of your chest. “Since when do you care, Taehyung?“

You watched how his eyes grew darker at your words and before you realized what was happening, he slammed you against the wall as held your arms above your head. “You were with him, right?! What did the two of you do, hm? You seem like you had a great time! Does he make you feel special?!“

Trying to free your arms from his strong grip, you yelled at him. “Let me go, Taehyung! Are you crazy?! You’re hurting me!“

Not listening to your words, his hands travelled down to the collar of your dress and before you could try to stop him, he ripped the thin fabric of your dress with ease.

Another shriek left your mouth as you tried to shove him away with your now weak arms, the tears rolling down your face like a waterfall. “Taehyung stop! No! Taehyung please stop!“

Ignoring your words yet again, he leaned down to your neck and started sucking harshly in-between his hisses. “Does he touch you like this too?! Did he do the same before you came home?! Do you hate me that much that you’re crying?! Tell me, Y/N!“

“Taehyung! Stop it! Please..“

No matter how much you tried to shove him away, your weak body couldn’t handle his strong one. Closing your eyes, you took one last deep breath and shoved him for the last time before you slapped him. “TAEHYUNG!“

You watched how he stumbled away from you, his dark eyes looking at you with a smirk plastered on his face as you tried to cover yourself with your ripped dress. “What? You don’t like it when I touch you? Let me remind you, Y/N! You’re my wife! You’re not allowed to fall in love with someone else!“

Anger started to engulf your body. “Why can’t I?! Why are you allowed to do everything but I’m not?! You were the one who chose your wife’s best friend over your wife! You were the one who said we should divorce! Why are you acting like this now?!“

“Because you belong to me, Y/N! Do you understand that-“

Taehyung’s words were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Cursing under his breath, Taehyung walked towards the door.

You, on the other hand, sat down on the floor, hugging your shaking body with your arms as you sobbed silently.

Taehyung opened the door, ready to curse to whoever was interrupting his time with his wife.

“Y/N, you forgot your-“

Before the person in front of him was able to end his sentence, Taehuyng tried to close the door but fell down when the person in front of him pushed the door harshly and punched him in the face.

“What did you do to her?! Where is she?!“

Realizing who the voice belonged to, you tried to stand up as you shouted with your hoarse voice as much as you could. “H-Hoseok! I’m here!“

Hearing your shouts, Hoseok followed your voice immediately, his heart breaking into pieces when he was met with your weak body lying on the floor as you tried to cover yourself with your hands and your dress.

Running toward you, he covered you body with his jacket and wrapped his arms around your shaking body. “Shh, I’m here.. I’m here, don’t be scared.. I’m by your side..“

“Don’t touch my wife!“

Before Hoseok could stand up and punch Taehyung again, you tightened your arms around his body and nuzzled your head into his neck. “Please, don’t.. Just.. Bring me away from here..“

Hoseok’s dark eyes softened the moment he heard your pleading voice. Not thinking any second longer, he lifted your body and carried you bridal style towards the door.  

Locking your eyes with your husband’s for the last time, you mumbled.

“Your wish came true. In a day or two, you will have the signed divorce papers in your hands, my dear ex husband..“

Fun Sized

Title: Fun Sized
Chapter: 1/?
Words: 2,118
Pairings: n/a
Summary: Keith gets aged back to a 3 year and the Paladins have a hard time taking care of him.


“Allura, make him stop!” Shiro clenches his jaw.

“I’m trying, Shiro.” She says frustratedly. Keith wails louder in her arms as she bounces his faster.

Keith being turned into a three year old was a inconvenience for everyone and Shiro and Allura were almost tired of it. Lance had gone to tow the red lion back while Hunk and Pidge went back to Calythium to try and find a cure. They were left alone with child Keith.

Lance runs into the kitchen and gapes at the scene in front of him.

“What happened?” He asks.

“Keith won’t stop crying!” Allura sounds exasperated and Lance understands her turmoil. Children are a handful, but growing up with several nieces and nephews, he had learned how to deal with them.

Lance walks over to Allura and outstretched his arms to Keith who looks at him through red, squinted eyes and knitted brows. Keith turns more in Allura’s arms and leans over towards Lance.

Lance grabs his under his arms and holds Keith close to his torso. He bounces him lightly and whispers soothing words, trying to get him to calm down. Keith clutches Lance’s shirt tightly in his tiny fists and stopped his loud crying; it eventually dies to to soft sniffles every so often.

“You want to take a nap?” Lance whispers. Keith looks up with wide eyes and nods. Lance chuckles. “Okay. I’m going to go put him down in my room. I’ll keep watch of him, you two rest.”

Shiro and Allura stare, mouths agape, at Lance walking out with a yawning Keith.

“How the quiznak?” Allura whispers.

Lance smiled down at Keith who was curled underneath Lance’s sheets. Lance sat on the floor in front of his bed and picked up a nearby book.

Lance starts to doze off, but jerks awake when he feels tiny hands grappling and tugging at his jacket.

“Keith? What do you want, buddy?” Lance stares into Keith’s wide indigo eyes.

“Nightmare,” Keith yawns out. Lance smiles warmly and shrugs off his jacket. His crawls into his bed and holds Keith tightly to his chest.

“If we’re together, the nightmares can’t get us.” Keith smiles at Lance’s statement and closes his eyes and snuggles closer into Lance. Lance brings his legs up and puts an arm over Keith protectively. Lance closes his eyes once he hears Keith softly snoring. He falls asleep with Keith in his arms.

Lance doesn’t wake up when Shiro softly knocks on his door and opens it. He hears the snores and decides to let them rest. Keith isn’t screaming and Shiro wants to make the silence last for as long as he can. Shiro walks out the room when he sees Keith start to move around. As he closes the door, he sees Lance pull Keith tighter and Keith settles down immediately.

Lance wakes up before Keith. He smiles down at the boy in his arms. Lance has been missing home a lot lately, and a child being around partially takes the sting away.

Lance gently shakes Keith awake.

“Keith, we need to go eat supper,” he whispers.

Keith turns away from Lance with a pout and a curt sound of disapproval.

“We have dinosaur chicken nuggets…”

Keith looks over his shoulder at Lance with wide eyes. “Dinosaur?” Lance grins and nods at him. Keith smiles and climbs out from underneath the covers. Keith pulls Lance out of bed and down the hall to the dining room.

The other Paladins are seated eating their food when Lance and Keith walk in. Keith looks up at Lance. “Chicken nuggets?”

Lance looks at Hunk. “Do you think you can make dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets?” Hunk looks between Lance and Keith and nods slowly.

“Sure.” Hunk gathers his empty plate and walks out of the dining hall. He glances at Keith again before fully exiting the room and going to the kitchen.

“Keith’s a child, that’s a thing,” Pidge says.

“He’s cute, right?” Lance smiles and picks Keith up. Shiro and Allura exchange a look.

“Sure, when he’s not screaming.” Shiro takes another bite of his food.

“Why is Keith so affectionate and well behaved around you, Lance? He didn’t act like that with Shiro and I.”

“Kids usually act out around their parents.” Lance shrugs and bounces Keith on his hip. “You two are the authoritative figures.”

“Human children are strange,” Allura says. “That still doesn’t explain why he likes you the best.”

“Maybe I just have a nurturing aura. I always took care of my nieces and nephews back at home. He might just trust me.” Lance looks down at Keith who is fiddling with Lance’s shirt collar.

“Children don’t hide their affection, Lance. Since Keith is an aged down version of himself, he is probably more open about his feelings.” Pidge looks over at Lance. Lance’s face pales.

“That’s hilarious because Keith would never like me and it’s weird.”

“I’m just saying, Lance.” Pidge picks up her plate and walks out the doorway to the kitchen.

Shiro and Allura follow Pidge once Keith starts struggling in Lance’s grip and makes whimpering noises. Lance sighs and sits Keith down on the table. Lance sits down in front of him and laughs when Keith starts chewing on his shirt.

“Did somebody request dinosaur chicken nuggets?” Hunk says happily. He sets two plates of chicken nuggets on the table.

“Thanks, Hunk. I really appreciate this. These actually look like dinosaurs. How’d you do it?”

Hunk winks and puts a finger to his lips. “It’s a secret.”

Keith picks up a chicken nugget and starts to eat.

“Keith, what do you say to Hunk since he made you a special supper?”

Keith rolls onto his knees and pushes himself up so he’s standing on the table. He waddles over to Hunk and wraps his tiny arms around him. “Thank you!” Hunk gently hugs Keith back.

“Yeah! Nugs and hugs make the world go round!” Lance cheers.

Keith pulls away from Hunk with a wide grin. “NUGS AND HUGS! NUGS AND HUGS!”

“Come on, Keith. The dinos are getting cold.” Lance nudges Keith towards his food. Keith nods and bites into another chicken nugget.

“I wonder how long he’ll be stuck like that,” Hunk says.

“I’m not sure.” Lance bites into a Dino nugget on the other plate. “Thanks again for this, Hunk.”

Hunk pats his hand on Lance’s shoulder and smiles. “I’m just doing my part to help. It was no problem.” Hunk gazes at Keith before leaving Lance and Keith is the comfortable silence.

Lance rubs a towel through Keith’s damp hair. He then drops the towel on his floor wraps a blanket around Keith. He puts Keith on his hip and starts walking to the control room.

“Allura, is there any way we could go back to the space mall?” Lance sits down in his chair in the control room.

“Do you have a reason to want to go?” Allura turns to face him. Lance is playing with Keith’s tiny hands and bouncing him on his legs.

“I was wondering if we could go get Keith some toys. Not much, maybe even just a stuffed animal. Just something he could play on his own.”

Allura nods, “what a lovely idea, Lance. You sound so mature.”

“Thanks, Allura. I know it’s a hassle and it’s only been one day. We have no idea how long he’s going to be like this.”

“We can handle a three year old, Lance.” Allura smiles reassuringly.

“Good. Then I need you to watch him so I can go shower.” Lance stands up with Keith and puts Keith back in the chair.

“Of course.”

Lance walks out of the control room and disappears down the hall. Allura makes her way to Keith and stands in front of him.

“Hi, Keith.” Allura smiles widely.

“No!” Keith pouts and crosses his arms.

Allura is taken aback. “Excuse me?”

“Only Lance.”

“Only Lance what?”

“Only Lance can call me Keith.”

“But that’s your name!” Allura yells in frustration.

Shiro runs into the control room. “Is everything alright? I heard yelling.”

“Just a minor issue with-,” Keith gives Allura a look, “with the baby.”

“Keith?” Shiro turns to look at the child.

“Only Lance!” Keith once again yells.

“No body can call him Keith, except Lance.” Allura explains.

“Why don’t we try to put him to sleep. It’s late.” Shiro rubs his forehead.

Pidge pops her head in the room. “Did you just say it’s late? It’s 8:30.”

“It’s too late for Keith.”


Shiro holds back a scream. “Pidge, will you watch him for a while?” Pidge fully steps in the room to observe Keith.

“I guess.” Pidge shrugs.

“Thanks, Pidge.” Shiro tiredly smiles.

“The only reason I’m doing this is because he’s cute.”

Shiro and Allura roll their eyes and leave the control room.

Keith starts grunting and tries to get out of the chair.

“Do you want to get down?” Pidge asks, crouching down to his eye level. Keith stops what he’s doing and nods rapidly.

“Are you going to be good and stay here?” Keith nods more.

Pidge helps him down and he stands in front of her. He slaps a little hand on Pidge’s leg.

“Tag!” He yells and bolts down the hallway and away from Pidge.

“That little shit.” She’s whispers to herself and starts running after him. She reaches a cross roads and groans in frustration.

Hunk is sitting on his bed reading when someone knocks on his door.

“It’s open!” Hunk yells. Pidge stomps through the doors.


“You what?!” Hunk jumps to his feet. “He’s three, Pidge! How did a three year old trick you?”

“He tagged me and ran.”

“Wait, you let a three year old outrun you?” Hunk asks, trying to contain his laughter.

“He’s fast and it caught me off guard. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. We have to find Keith before anyone finds out he’s gone.” Hunk follows Pidge out of his room.

“You go that way, I’ll go this way.” Hunk points down the opposite directions. Pidge nods and her and Hunk run away from each other.

Hunk doesn’t notice Lance coming out of his room on the next floor up and almost runs over him.

“Hunk, bud, what’s going on?” Lance runs a hand through his damp hair.

“Oh, uh, I’m just playing a game with Pidge.”

“You are?”

“Yeah. We’re playing hide n seek.”

“Oh cool! We should all play! Do you know if Allura is still in the control room with Keith?” Lance grins at the though of everyone playing together.

“No. I mean- I don’t think so. They might be playing with Pidge by now. I’m not sure. Why don’t we go ahead and start playing?” If Pidge finds us, we explain we’re playing. Sound good?“ Hunk nervously tries to distract Lance.

Lance looks at him curiously. “Okay. Sure.” Lance stares at Hunk for a few more moments before running off to hide.

Lance runs to the training deck and curses when there’s nowhere to hide.


“Lance!” Lance turns around to see Allura standing in the doorway.

“Hey, Allura. Is Keith not hiding with you?”

“Hiding?” Allura raises an eyebrow.

“Hunk said he and Pidge were playing hide n seek and that you and Keith were probably playing, too.”

“Oh! Oh, right. Yes, we are playing. No, Keith wanted to be a big boy and hide by himself,” Allura nervously says.

“That sounds like Keith. Now I gotta go hide before Pidge finds me; you never saw me.” Lance runs out before Allura can answer.

Lance skids to a stop in front of the kitchen and turns in. Lance crouches behind the center island. He hears giggling coming from a nearby cabinet. Lance smiles and shifts so he’s on all fours and crawling towards the cabinet. He throws the door open and Keith laughs.

“There you are!” Lance throws his arms open and gasps in mock shock. Keith climbs out of the cabinet and stands in front of Lance.

Lance stands up and Keith pulls on his hand. “Do you want to go find the others?” Lance asks him. Keith shakes his head. “Do you want to just go relax?” Keith nods. Lance chuckles. “We can do that.”

Lance leads Keith to the living room area, Keith swinging Lance’s arm occasionally as they walk.

They’re sitting on the couches playing peekaboo when Pidge jogs in. “You found him?! Lance, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to lose him earlier.”

“Wait, you had lost baby Keith?” Lance slowly puts his hands down and his smile fades.

A New Beginning Part 2

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 2492

Warnings: Fluffy like so much fluffy. And Steve with a beard because that should be a warning.

Thanks to @widowsfics for being my beta

Credits to the gifs owners


For the rest of week you saw Steve every morning, he was always waiting for you on the same bench with a cup of coffee and some pastry. You always loved your mornings, you loved the cold weather and how you could just be yourself without having any social interactions.

But since you started to spend your mornings with Steve, you found out that you liked to have someone wishing you good morning every day and caring for if you were going to have a good day,

Steve was still a mystery for you, he flirted and smiled but at the same time he was shy and blushed a lot. You talk too much around him and not because you are nervous but because the way he directs the conversation towards you like he always wants to know more about you.

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Something is off- part 13

A/N: Part 13 of something is off! lol this isn’t really good, so please remember that this is not my first Language. Tell me what you think! Requests are open!

Part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10 - part 11 - part 12

Originally posted by jiminsjamsjams

The morning sun fell through the window and hit the two lovers tangled in each other arms as a reminder of what was to come. Y/N and Hoseok laid close as they enjoyed the peaceful moment before their mind would truly wake up from slumber. Hoseok pulled y/n even tighter to his chest.

Today was the day he was going to confess his faults, therefore he cherished every second. He knew very well that this may be the last time he gets to hold her like this. With this thought in mind he opened his eyes to really look at the girl he loved. At first glance she wasn’t the most typical pretty girl, but on a second glance she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on.

Y/n slowly unlocked her eyes and popped up on her elbows, a smile was lazily plastered on her face. A sweet peck was given before she fell down into the sheets, not wanting to wake up. Hoesok let out a chuckle and attacked her face with lovely little kisses. The kisses quickly turned into a tickle fight between the two. The quiet room filled with laughter and it was as if they were just as in love as the first few months of their relationship.

The fight calmed down and the lovebirds starred in each other eyes. Y/n smile turned into a more serious frown as she remembered the talk that was bound to happen. Y/n and Hoseok never had a serious fight before or any fight for that matter. They were always able to communicate calmly, but this time she feared it may take a different turn.

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EXO Reaction to waking up after a one-night-stand and seeing they slept with their friend/crush

For the feels xD Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*You’d wake up and realize he’s not in the bed anymore. After scanning the room with your sleepy eyes you find him sitting on the floor, next to the window and staring at you. He’s thoughtful, he also looks  a little sad, confused* “It was inevitable wasn’t it? We both have been wanting this to happen for a while… say, how does this change things?”


*He probably won’t say anything and just leave after giving you a forehead kiss. But he would think about it day and night, wondering if what he did was wrong, if it was too son* “It’s not like I didn’t like it… but I want more than just a one night stand.. I want her.. everyday..”


*He would try to not act very awkward, after all he can’t deny it was the best night of his life. All he needs now is to show you that for him you aren’t just a one night stand* “Say… if you are okay with it… would you like to.. do something tomorrow? anything.. say yes.. please”


*He’d be too worried, too scared to lose you* “I know what we did last night was something we agreed on but… Y/N you are more important to me than  a one night stand… say… can we start again? Can I prove myself worthy of you?”


*He’ll try to remember exactly what happened that night, try to see if he did something wrong.. if he said something he shouldn’t have to* “Do you feel okay with this? Are you okay? You won’t get distant right? Tell me what you want… tell me how you want us to be…”


*He would take a deep breathe and try to clear his mind before waking you up, before facing the consequences* “Y/N… I think we need to talk about last night… it’s important… please”


*Seeking advice* “Why did I do it? I don’t understand… why didn’t you stop me? You know how much I like her.. now she thinks I only wanted for a night… how do I fix this? How do I go back in time and do things better…”


*He’ll probably avoid you for a couple of days. Trying to not make you unconformable but end up making it worse. He’s just scared, scared of whatever that night meant.* “I just… you know I… for me you are more than just… that… I.. really like you… but I messed it up… and I’m confused… I’m not sure… how to fix this”


*It would be hard for him, really hard but he’d try to talk with you about it. Tell you how he actually feels and how much it scares him that things could be different after that night* “Even if… even if you only want to be friends… please don’t go. Please… because to me, you are the world and I can’t afford losing you”


*Probably would be dying inside, screaming a million things to himself but unless you know how to read his mind, all you can see is a boy watching you while you wake up with so many questions in his eyes* “I didn’t know… I didn’t know how beautiful you looked after waking up… and didn’t know how beautiful you were… under the moonlight”


*He would come looking for you a few days later, looking like a complete mess, probably with tears in his eyes. The moment you open the door he would pull you into his arms and hold you tightly* “I’m sorry Y/N.. I’m sorry things went that way.. but I’m not sorry of what happened… because it changes nothing… it doesn’t change the way I feel for you.. I love you… you are really the most treasured thing in my life”


*Even though the even of that night are forever in his mind, he would try to act as normal as possible to not make you feel uncomfortable. But when you don’t see him, when you aren’t looking his expression changes, his eyes show the love he feels for you and his face…. it shows the pain of not having you* “I wonder if one day… I’ll be able to hold you again, like I did that night… and tell you how you make me feel… right here in my heart”

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Giving Loki Laufeyson The Silent Treatment Would Include...

Authors note: i love loki. i cannot wait for him to get a redemption arc. in the meantime: headcanons. This prompt was given to me by @thechillfangirl sO THANK YOU

enjoy some loki fluff 

update it’s kinda not all fluff it’s more funny than fluff but ya know

  • meaning you’re Asgardian and living in the palace you know the drill right?
  • you probably were friends with the boys growing up so naturally love
  • Loki wasn’t quite sure what he did that was wrong.
  • He plays a lot of jokes, and those were fine with you- what could he have possibly done to make you give him the silent treatment?
  • He was scared, honestly. 
  • But would he let on that he was scared? Not a chance.
  • He was scared that you wouldn’t talk to him because you were trying to drop hints you didn’t want to be with him anymore
  • like he was so worried
  • he tried to find ways to suck up but you would just give him confused, sad, and angry looks
  • which only made him angrier and more scared
  • “Thor! (Y/N) will not speak to me. Can you try?”
    • Yep, Loki went to Thor for help. you know they used to be good brothers before everything went to shit
    • “Uhhhhh, okay?”
    • So Thor goes to you and Loki is sneakily watching over
    • “Why are you ignoring Loki?”
    • “I’m angry with him. I thought me not speaking to him made it pretty obvious.”
    • “Yes, but why? He’s worried.”
    • “Are you serious? Loki sent you to find out what he did wrong? Thor, don’t do his dirty work.”
    • thor exits
  • Lemme tell you how fed up Loki is with this no speaking thing
  • he burned his pillow with his magic
  • you and Loki share a room so he was ready to fight
  • You walked in that night and Loki just looked so confused
  • You only smiled.
  • “Why won’t you speak to me?” Loki asks
  • You shrug, making him angry becAUSE PLEASE SPEAK
  • “Fine. you won’t speak to me- I won’t speak to you. Goodnight.” 
  • Loki used his magic to put a barrier around him when he slept so you couldn’t get near him
  • this was all hilarious to you
  • but he was still pissed
  • not hearing your voice made him sad and not talking to you made him sad too
  • bc he loves you or something
  • I don't make the rules sorry
  • you woke up and he was already dressed and blocking the door with magic
  • you aren’t leaving until you talk to him
  • You sit up with a smile on your face and see Loki sitting in a chair reading a book
  • “Good morning, Loki.” You say.
  • He kinda jumps because he didn’t know you were awake and the sudden sound surprised him
  • he is livid
  • and confused
  • and kinda happy
  • but scared
  • what is going on someone save this boy
  • honestly, you were laughing your booty off at his outburst
  • “Loki, you play so many tricks and I don’t have powers to play tricks on you to get you back so I had to try something.” You tell him. “It worked better than planned.”
  • Loki is so confused still
    • “Yeah and since I’m not an all-powerful god like you I had to try…you know, just being annoying.”
    • “I’m not, just trying to mess around with you.”
  • you just kinda laugh
  • he’s adorable
  • you love this man
  • maybe you should play more tricks on him
  • oh but you bet he got his revenge the next day
  • he kept making things disappear out of your hands
  • you were going to eat something? it’s gone.
  • read a book? oh, where could it have gone?
  • carrying a box? it’s missing.
  • but hey, it’s the price of love.
Creepy Crawly Death Dealer

Patton tries to kill a spider. Keyword: ‘tries’

Because I can at least do this for Patton’s week after how weird this week has already been. Moving is hard, guys. He did think about killing it but was foiled. That is a try…right?

Why is everyone out? Why do I have to be the only one in the mind space? 

Patton had been having a wonderful ‘me-day’. Roman had gone on a magical quest out in the land of make-believe, a.k.a. Thomas’ Subconscious. Logan had left the mind space all together. He had some business to discuss with Thomas about their current schedule. Naturally, Virgil went with him to make sure every flaw was pointed out. 

And here he was, the personification of Thomas’ morality and emotions, stuck on the counter in the kitchen because a very evil threat made itself known. The thing was huge and hairy and had too many eyes. Why oh why was everyone gone? 

Patton’s hands trembled as he held onto the edge of the counter. He hoped with all his might that someone would come back. That one of the other sides would emerge and kill this evil creature. He did not want to die alone in the kitchen because the spider tired to get close to him. 

“Shoo,” he said weakly and lowered one foot just a little to try and scare it off. The opposite effect was given. 

The spider ran towards him and Patton let out a loud scream. He hugged his knees to his chest and tried to take in some air.Tears were starting to form in the side’s eyes. 

“Okay. Okay Patton, it’s just…just an evil…evil beast. Roman fights them all the time. Logan said all I gotta do is squash it. Just get a shoe and squash it.”

Morality said the words slowly and gave a weak smile. He could take the bravery from his friend’s actions. That would work just…no. No it would not. Patton just remembered he is still in his pajamas and does not have any shoes on. 

“I’m doomed!” Patton cried and covered his face. He was stuck on this counter until someone came back or he magically got a shoe. And this was counting that the spider would stay in that spot for a long time until someone came home. 

Morality sucked in a breath and looked back down at the floor. Yep, the spider was still there. It’s evil eyes staring right up at him like he was prey. He was not going to survive this new spider threat. 

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Where’s Y/n?

I don’t normally post 2 days in a row but I thought you guys might like this so here’s a super fluffy Peter x Reader x Tony!dad for you all. About 570 words, (I got carried away), In chat format. I hope you guys like it! Requests are open so feel free to send them in! Enjoy!


Prompt List

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Tony has created a chat room with Nat, Sam, Steve, Clint, Bruce, and Wanda.

Tony: Hey guys has anyone seen y/n?

Steve: What do you mean?

Tony: I can’t find her anywhere and she was supposed to help me in the lab 20 minutes ago.

Nat: There’s not many places she could have gone on a Thursday at midnight

Clint: We’ll find her Tony. Don’t worry

Sam: Maybe check the security footage to see how she left?

Tony: I already did that. The only helpful thing was that she took a backpack with her. Wanda do you know anything?

Wanda: Sorry Tony, but I haven’t seen her all day.

Steve: Has anyone seen her recently?

Sam: Nope

Clint: No

Bruce: She helped me in the lab earlier but she left around 4pm to go to Peter’s house.

Nat: She probably wanted to ask him about their test.

Sam: Oh yeah. She had a huge geography test coming up.

Steve: Now that you say that, I do remember her mentioning that test.

Wanda: I do not remember her saying any thing about a test.

Wanda: Stop kicking my legs Nat.

Wanda has been disconnected.

Nat: Erm. One second.

Nat has left the chat

Tony: …

Nat has joined the chat

Wanda has joined the chat

Wanda: I remember now! She said she was going to Peter’s today!

Tony: To study for her geography test right?

Wanda: Yep.

Tony: Really, because Y/n finished geography last semester.

Steve: Damn

Sam: You kiss your mother with that mouth Rodgers?

Nat: There’s really no use in keeping it a secret anymore.

Wanda: He’ll figure it out eventually.

Steve: Y/n and Peter are dating. She went over to his house to hang out.

Y/n has joined the chat

Y/n: Is there a reason I have 20 missed calls and 400 texts?


Steve: I’m sorry kiddo, but your dad pretty much figured it out

Y/n: But he didn’t know who I was dating

Tony: Speaking of which

Tony has added Peter to the chat

Peter: What’s up?

Peter: Shit

Y/n: Now before you get mad dad,

Tony: I’m already past mad. The entire team knew but me?

Tony: I did not add you to this team so you could mess around with my daughter.

Peter: Yes Mr. Stark, I know but-

Tony: I want you off the team immediately.

Y/n: DAD!

Clint: He’s just a kid Tony.

Bruce: He didn’t do anything wrong

Wanda: If anything you deserve to be kicked off this team

Nat: Harsh. 

Steve: Tony, Peter’s not going anywhere. Don’t over react.

Peter: Mr. Stark please!

Tony: I want your suit right now. And Y/n come home.

Steve: Tony come on. They’re just kids.

Y/n: I’m not leaving. And Peter’s not giving back his suit.

Peter: I promise my intentions with your daughter are nothing but good!

Wanda: I can prove that.

Clint: Let them have this Tony

Y/n: Please dad.

Tony: Fine. But no touching anywhere in the tower!

Y/n: Yay thank you dad!

Peter: I promise I won’t disappoint you Mr. Stark.

Tony: You better not.

Tony has left the chat.

Y/n: I think that went pretty well.

Peter: Agreed.

Y/n: Thanks for helping us out guys.

Nat: No problem

Wanda: Sure

Steve: Of course

Bruce: Yeah

Clint: You really should get home asap, Tony will flip out again.

Y/n: Okay. Be there in 5.

Y/n has left the group chat.

Peter: I should probably go too.

Steve: Just as a warning, If you even chip her nail, the entire team will be after you. Me included.

Peter: Ye- yes sir.

Peter has left the chat.

Steve: Was that too much?

Nat: I thought It was a nice touch.

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bedside manner

in which kat is a useless blob when she’s sick and adena is patient af.

Pairing: Kat Edison and Adena El-Amin

Adena isn’t surprised to see a phone call from Kat coming through. That’s par for the course these days, usually no more than a day or two between their phone calls, especially now that she’s back in New York.

She is surprised, however, when it’s not Kat’s voice on the other end.

“Hi, Kat. I was actually just about to-”

“Adena, it’s not Kat, it’s Sutton. I need your help.”

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anonymous asked:

Short Writing prompt: "It's like that inane Disney movie that Grayson forced me to watch. Fish are FRIENDS, not food." Damian trying to convince the rest of his family to go vegetarian.

Sorry this took a bit, but I hope you like it!

Dick was rather proud of himself, through some clever planning and the calling in of favors he managed to get the whole family together for dinner at the manor. Between him, Bruce, and Jason they even convinced Alfred to sit and relax while they served dinner. He was just setting down the platter of pork chops in the center of the table when chaos erupted.

“I can’t believe that is what we’re eating,” Damian said with a sniff.

Steph leaned across the table to stab one of the pork chops with her fork and transfer it to her plate. “What’re you talking about Baby Bat? Alfred’s cooking is the literal best!”

“Seriously, this stuff is the best,” Tim all but groaned as he shoveled mashed potatoes onto his plate.

Jason grabbed the bowl of string beans from Babs. “Not gonna lie, this is the number one reason I’m glad I came back to life. You know after the whole not being stuck in a coffin anymore.” 

Bruce shot his son a glare but didn’t say anything to Jason. “Damian, you’ve had no complaints about Alfred’s cooking in the past. He’s even made you a vegetarian option.”

“That is exactly what I’m talking about! How can you all just sit here and eat that while Batcow and Jerry are right down stairs,” Damian growled.

Dick shared glances with his other siblings and Steph and Babs. All of them seemed to shrug. “Dames… You know that this is pig right?”

As soon as he said it Dick knew it was the wrong thing to say, Damian all but clawed across the table at him. Cass had caught their little brother by the sleeve of his sweatshirt and pulled him back into his seat before he could. Though Damian continued to snarl at everyone at the table.

“Master Damian, while we all respect your lifestyle choices there is no need to judge ours.” Alfred told him calmly.

“How comes no one respects mine then?” Jason muttered, earning a well thrown dinner roll to the forehead from Cass.

“-tt- This is exactly like in that inane Disney movie Grayson always forces us to watch. Fish are friends! Not food!” Damian glared.

The room fell silent for a few seconds. “Did… Did Damian just quote Finding Nemo at us?” Tim asked.

“I know. I’m so proud,” Steph breathed with a huge grin.

Dick blinked. “I can’t decide if I’m happy that you actually paid attention during our movie marathons or if I’m annoyed that you’re trying to use them against me…”

Damian growled, going limp in his chair like a child having a tantrum. Cass patted his head with a smile on her lips. “Proud. You’ll like Disney yet.”

Dick glanced at Bruce, he was smirking at his family but otherwise letting them hash this out. 

“I’m not going to convince you to stop eating meat, am I?” Damian finally grumbled.

Dick laughed. “Not today Little D, but solid attempt.”

Handmade Gold - Jongin

Originally posted by k-pop-crazy

Will you love me even if I’m not the one for you?”

Genre: Angst & fluff | Soulmate!AU, Requested.

Pairing: kaiXreader

Word Count: 7.9k

More than anything, you wanted to see that day that your boyfriend’s eyes flashed a liquid golden color and for you to feel your own do the same.

But it wouldn’t happen.

It never would.

Your boyfriend assured you that nothing could take the two of you away from each other but the mark that covered his ring finger was another reminder.

His finger was covered in thin black elegant circles and swirls whereas yours was harsh blue thick lines that were almost like stripes down your finger.

That was the thing.

You weren’t each other’s soulmates.

Because if you were, his eyes would change to a golden color and the tattoo-like mark on your finger would match.

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Tutor || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: Angst

English was one of the most confusing languages Jungkook had ever tried to learn. There were so many words that meant different things but sounded the same, so many words that meant the same thing but sounded different. It seemed whenever Jungkook had tried to learn the language by himself he could never get much farther than the first page of any textbook.

It wasn’t until he had met you, through the agency of course. BigHit had hired you to tutor the boys in English that way whenever they went to a new country where the natives mostly spoke English they would be able to converse better. Jungkook had instantly taken a liking to you from the moment you started working at BigHit, and he loved the fact that you were teaching him something he had tried to learn for so long.

Having you there to help him study and learn the language made it easier on him, and he was able to retain more information. Whether it was because he somehow remembered everything you said, or because he fell in love with the sound of your voice speaking the unfamiliar words, Jungkook had begun to learn the language quicker, being able to converse with Namjoon and you in the foreign tongue.

It was early in the morning when he had arrived for his lesson, Jimin joining him for the day. The two of them normally shared lessons, Jimin being a bit farther behind in his studies. Often you let Jungkook tutor Jimin in things he had learned and Jungkook loved it, basking in the attention you would give him as he showed off his growing skills and showed you just how much he retained from your lessons.

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Little Bit Lost

Word Count: 1715

Player: Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers)

feat. the Oilers

Warning/s: none

Song: Inspired by This Ain’t a Love Song by Scouting for Girls

Originally posted by martinjones

Truth be told you were a mess. Growing up you always wanted to be the person that just moved on after a breakup but that didn’t seem to be possible. You felt lost and the only thing that was benefitting from your heartbreak were your grades. Only because you wanted to stay away from people and studying seemed to be the only excuse people accepted. 

And you had to use your frustration and for something, right?

Other people. Your friends, family… They didn’t understand. Your friends would always look at you with this pity in their eyes. Look at our friend! She was almost happy! She gave up the great guy for… why did you breakup again? Your friends had no idea and you really didn’t want to be pitied by them. They only saw the person you had been together with and apparently, your heartbreak was stupid because you let Connor Mcdavid go. 

Captain of the Oilers. The Next One. That’s what counted for them.

Your parents weren’t any better. Your Mom gave you that look as if you had betrayed her for the perfect son-in-law. Your Dad was cracking jokes the whole time. He didn’t get that his child could that upset about something as little as a breakup. As little, yeah. For him, it wasn’t a big deal. For you it was though, considering you took all the fault for it. On purpose. 

Yeah, it could be considered a messy situation. And you were the mess at the center of it.

And it was damn hard to feel normal while being single again.
You had gotten used to Connor, which you only realized now that he wasn’t breaking into your Apartment in the middle of the night when he came back from a road trip, when he didn’t look out for you before a game started and when you weren’t chatting while you were going to get yourself a coffee.

“Connor, we’re doing it again! We’re screaming at each other because of some little thing that doesn’t even matter!”, you called out in frustration.  

Both of you were breathing heavily from yelling at each other. His living room had turned into a war zone. And the cause was the fact that you couldn’t do this any longer without feeling guilty. It was eating both of you up. You loved each other, so why wasn’t it working? Connor had to focus.

Connor and you were staring at each other in shock.

“How did we end up like this? I mean, what went wrong?”, he asked, voice desperate.

He knew. It wasn’t going well in the last couple of weeks and he knew something was up when he left for the last road trip. But that he’d find you with your stuff packed, ready to leave… He was overwhelmed and he had no idea what to do to save your relationship.

“I don’t know. But it’s distracting you. And you can’t be distracted right now. They need you.”, you said, trying to control the tears that were already spilling.

“But I need you.” His voice was quiet, just above a whisper.

A sob escaped your lips, and Connor barely resisted the urge to pull you close to him. Instead, he stared at you, close to crying himself. He hated to see you like this. But he just didn’t know how to fix it.

“I- I need to do this. Let me do this for you. That way you can’t take the blame for something that is not either one of our faults.”, you cried. 

You picked up the bag as Connor was staring at you, and you shot him a last look before you turned around and walked to the door.

“Y/n, please. We can’t just throw all of this away.”, he begged, his voice cracking. “There has to be some sort of way to fix this.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.”, you said to the waitress as she handed you your coffee. 

You took the cup and your change money out of her hands before you turned to the door. You made your way to the table the closest to it, pulling your hood back up and putting your earphones back in. With the music coming back, you picked up your coffee and left the shop, only to bump into someone, not three meters out on the sidewalk. 

You turned around to look at the person, taken by surprise as you recognized most of his group. 

“Y/n?”, Leon asked, although you only saw his mouth form your name. 

You quickly pulled out your earphones and pushed your hood back, revealing your face fully. And to your relieve, the light rain had started again. Making it hard to see the look on your face from their perspective.

“Hi.”, you greeted quietly.

Leon was just as surprised to see you. “I didn’t expect you here.” He was nervously looking to the rest as if he was waiting for something specific.

“I live right around the corner.”, you explained, motioning to the corner you were referring to.

“Right, yeah. Don’t you have school at this time?”

“Oh no, not today. And you? What brings you to this part of town?”

“Oh, a few of the boys meet up here after practice.”, he explained with a small smile.

You had befriended him when you were still with Connor, which had been a long time. Now you hadn’t seen either of them in a month and you missed them. You saw Nuge come up, joining the talk.

“So what have you been up to?”

“Not much. School kept me busy for a while. I’m going home for a week soon, to see my niece for the first time.”

“Your sister had her baby? Please tell me you have pictures.”, Nuge said with a big grin and even Leon smiled although he didn’t do that often.

You pulled out your phone, glad that through the music no one would see the lock screen that you just didn’t know what to change into. You opened up your pictures and picked the one you had received just that morning. A little silver lining in your hell of a weird month, trying to piece yourself back together. 

You turned your phone around for them to marvel at the one-week-old baby.

“What’s her name?”, Leon asked curiously.

“It’s Emma.”

Your eyes trailed off and met Connor’s who just approached the group. You acted like you didn’t see him, blinking against the light rain. You pretended that you didn’t see the shocked and heartbroken look that he stared at you with. Because you were unsure how you would react if you would talk to him again.

“It was nice to see you, boys. But I really gotta go.”, you said quickly, pulling your hood up again. 

Mostly so they wouldn’t see the pained look on your face.

“Yeah, it was nice. See you around?”, Nuge asked.

“Maybe, dunno.”, you muttered, putting your earphones in. 

You wheeled around as casual as possible, starting to walk down the street. Please just leave it. Let me go. You didn’t believe in any god, but in that moment you were praying to all of them. You were lost, you couldn’t handle talking to him.

But you knew Connor too well. So when you felt his hand on your shoulder, you stopped dead in your tracks and turned around, pulling the earphones out and stopping the music.

“Hey, Y/n.”, he started off awkwardly. 

You realized that the Oilers were all staring at you from your side, looking like they wanted to know where the suspension was leading them. And maybe they were hoping for some kind of sign if you would manage to actually talk.

“Hi, Con.”, you said, cursing yourself a second after. No nicknames. You should’ve just said, Connor.

Connor surveyed you, trying to take as much of you in as he could. He missed you, and it took him a lot not to hug you on the spot. Or maybe even kiss you.

“How are you?”, he asked, concern lacing his voice.

“I’m okay. And you?“ 

Connor just shrugged, not breaking eye contact for a second.

"You’ve been ignoring my calls.”, he stated after a moment of silence.

A sigh escaped your lips, but there was no point in lying to him.

“I did.”, you said, at least trying, to be honest.

“Why?”, he asked, his voice obviously showing that he was hurt. He had tried to reach you countless times in the first two weeks but you never responded so that he eventually gave up.

“Because we broke up, Con. That’s what you do.”

“But you can’t just make this decision on your own. You completely left me out of that.”

“I know. I just thought if I do it like that it would be better somehow.”

“How exactly could any of this be better.”, he muttered, more to himself than to you.

“Can we please talk about it?”, he added after yet another moment of silence, staring you down with hurt and hopeful eyes.

“On the sidewalk in the rain? Like every movie ever?”, you chuckled sadly, hurting more than you did in the last month. Him being there was making it all worse.

“How about my place? Tonight?”, he offered.

You looked at him for a second, contemplating your options before you sighed again and nodded.

“I gotta go.”, you apologized.

“Can I hug you?”, was his only questions left. You nodded with a sad smile and he wrapped his arms around your waist, his head next to yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck and stood on your tiptoes.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

You separated and shared a last glance before you continued your way, pulling the hood further up.

Your mind was a blur but one word stuck out.

Maybe. Maybe you would be able to fix this or get some kind of chance to move on.


(might be a few words out but I did my best!)


Conceal, don’t feel

Conceal, don’t feel


What have I done? What you’re not supposed to do

You couldn’t help yourself, what is wrong with you

The look on her face, so much shock and betrayal

You try to be good, but you fail, you fail

‘Fear will be your enemy and death its consequence’

That’s what they once said to me, it’s starting to make sense

Can all this pain and all this fear be there because of me

Is the thing inside the thing I have to be

A monster, were they right

Has the dark in me finally come to light

Am I a monster, full of rage

Nowhere to go but on a rampage

Or am I just a monster in a cage

[End this winter

Bring back summer

Keep your guard up]

Hans: No harm comes to the queen!

[End this winter

Bring back summer

Keep your guard up]


What do I do? No time for crying now

I started the storm, got to stop it somehow

Do I keep on running, how far do I have to go

And would that take the storm away or only make it grow

I’m making my world colder, how long can it survive

Is everyone in danger as long as I’m alive?

Was I a monster from the start

How did I end up with this frozen heart

Bringing the storm here to the stage

Caught in a war that I never meant to wage

How do I kill the monster

Father, you know what’s best for me

If I die will they be free

Mother, what if after I’m gone

The cold gets colder and the storm rages on

No! I have to stay alive to fix what I’ve done

To save the word from my spell and bring back the sun!

If I’m a monster it’s true

There’s only one thing that’s left for me to do

Put this behind me to fight

I’ll do all that I can to make things right

How can I be a monster

I will not be a monster

Not tonight!

Something about having someone (especially strangers) tell me how ‘camp’ I am just makes me cringe and withdraw from the social situation like almost nothing else.

I’ve always found that descriptor to be like back handed slap, like you could have said I was goofy, bubbly, excitable, and friendly but you know I’m gay so you chose that one.

Has always been a pet peeve of mine, I think mostly because when I was growing up people DID use it as a negative or insulting way to describe me.

tomatosalsa  asked:

Hello(ΦωΦ). First, I wanna say I love your writing it's creative and amazing fo real. I would like to request: MC proposing to Seven by hacking into his computer lol. Let's see how this one is going lol, Thank you in advance!

This sounds so cute oh my god
And thank you! You’re so sweet :]
~Mod L 

“You really are the perfect person for him, aren’t you? This is such a ridiculous idea”.
“Oh hush up and help me Vanderwood”.
He rolled his eyes as he peered over your shoulder at Seven’s computer. “I don’t even know that I’m even going to be able to do this. He puts in a ridiculous amount of security on everything. Like Arabic with the door”.
“Yeah,” he looked at you, confused. “You have to speak Arabic to get in here…? Did he give you a bypass to that??”
“… Anyways. Just show me how to do this this~”


You lounged on the couch, peeking at Seven over your book. You tried your best to look casual as you played around with his ring hidden behind your book. You felt your heart beat faster as he turned on his computer. He immediately tensed up, seeing something was off. You softly cleared your throat. “Is something the matter?”
“Something… Something is wrong with my computer?” Did someone hack it?”
You felt a little tinge of guilt as you saw him start to worry, but quickly shook it off. “What’s going on?”
“I think someone hacked into my computer… No information is gone? Or even accessed? What happened?”
“What’s wrong?”
“My screen is covered in code… What does this say?”
You carefully got up from the couch, trying to be quiet enough that he didn’t notice. His eyes were completely fixated on the screen, and he didn’t notice you at all.
“Seven…” he read off the screen.
You silently knelt down behind him, waiting for him to read your message. It took you what you felt like was ages to translate everything into binary, and you wouldn’t even know how to do any of this without Vanderwood. 
“Seven Zero Seven… Saeyoung Choi… Will you.. Marry me?” 
His head tilted in confusion, and you had to stifle a giggle. “Who wrote this? Is someone messing with me?”
You held up the wedding band, and loudly cleared your throat. It was a moment before Seven was able to take his eyes off the screen. “I don’t know who would-” He spun around, and stopped mid-sentence. His jaw dropped to the ground as he saw you. “Y-You-”
“Saeyoung. Would you make me the happiest person on the planet and be my husband?” 
Seven slowly raised his hand to cover his mouth, his eyes wide as saucers.  “Are… Are you being serious?” His voice a barely a whisper.
“Yes,” you laughed. “Of course I’m being serious. Will you marry me?” 
Seven let out a small laugh before nodding vigorously. “Oh my god… Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Saeyoung lunged out of his chair and straight into you, hugging you tightly. You laughed into his neck, letting out a small squeal as you almost dropped his ring. 
“Saeyoung! Your ring!”
He pulled away, blushing. You gently took his hand, sliding the band onto his finger. Seven let out another laugh as he pressed his forehead against yours. “I… I can’t believe this is actually happening. Did you hack my computer? Where did you learn how to hack?”
“A secret,” you whispered before kissing him.