how did you get that up there

(it’s a good day to have a good day)
(it’s a good day to have a good day)

… i sure did spend a terrible amount of (occasionally distracted) time animating a shitpost of a ditty. 

just saying, Papyrus drunk = Good Times. not advised to mix with local ceiling fans.

(also i slightly blame lovely @asksansallthethings for this one, she tagged me in a decidedly more… risque ditty and i got the idea for animating drunk Pap from it because of course i did)

Snowflakes (Jughead x Reader)

Request: can you do a jughead/riverdale imagine where jughead breaks up with the reader, and the whole “squad” leaves the reader, so in despair she goes to the river to kill herself ( like what Cheryl did ) and Jughead saves her?

Words: 755

The snowflakes fluttered around you as you stood by Sweetwater river. Your hair getting a new shade as they covered your head. You looked out upon the frozen river, noticing how calm everything seemed to be in this very moment. You wished your life was like this place but you knew it wasn’t going to happen. Over the last few weeks your life had completely turned upside down and it was all thanks to one person called Jughead. Jughead and you had dated for almost a year until he broke it off. There was no reasoning as to why, just him saying the same line over again which was “It’s just not going to work anymore”. You were heartbroken and for weeks now you have been going over every little time you had spent together to try and see where it all went wrong but nothing came up. Your were searching for something that was impossible to find. You thought you could be okay but you were dead wrong. Your friends or more like Jugheads friends had completely turned their backs to you. They acted like you didn’t existence anymore which led to another part of your heart to be damaged. The thought that they were only friends with you because of Jughead became true as time went on and the memories you have had with everyone became fake. They didn’t care and neither did anyone else.

The river was covered in deep snow. You could feel the wetness entered your short boots as you took each step. A smiled appeared on your face as you finally hit the middle of the river. The happiness you felt, in the newly white area was something you hadn’t felt in a while. This is where you wanted to be, in a place where you could be free from everything and everyone. But that didn’t stop you from letting the tears fall. You knew that this wasn’t a fairytale and that not everything you wanted would stay. The grief washed over you as you saw moving figures in the distance. Of course they had to come and ruin the one thing you truly wanted at this point.

 “Y/N” You heard Betty call but you refused to turn and look. You wanted them to see the pain they had caused you but you didn’t think you were ready to face them. As much as you loved them you now wanted to go.

 “Come on Y/N, don’t fool around. Get off the ice” Archie yelled knowing you could hear him. You still did nothing but watched the snowflakes fade into the ground just like you wanted.

 “Y/N GET OFF THE ICE!” Jughead shouted. His voice caught your attention more than the others and you turned to see the four as anger flowed through your veins

 “WHY DO YOU CARE ALL OF THE SUDDEN” You yelled. It made you angry that they came to the one place that you finally found peace.

 “We always care Y/N” You huffed at Veronica’s statement.

 “You have a good way of showing it”

 “Babe can you please just get off the ice” Jughead pleaded. You didn’t hear the ice starting to crack under your feet only paying attention to Jug calling you his babe. He had no right after everything. “Why are you doing this? You could die, just get off the damn ice”

 “Did you ever think that was the point?” You said as your voice cracked. The tears were falling down both cheeks now and you couldn’t make them stop. If you never spoke maybe they would of thought that your stained cheeks were from the snowflakes. The look on their face were filled with shock from your words but the only person you cared about was Jughead. “It’s your fault I’m here! I needed to get away from this mess. The mess that you left and would call my heart. I don’t want to be here” You wiped away some tears before you continue “I want it to stop. The pain. I need it to fade”

 “Y/N” Jughead spoke as he took a step onto the ice but the small worried moment was short lived as the ice shooked. Jughead head quickly shot up to meet your tear filled eyes but not for long as the ice broke right under your feet sending you down into the water below. Jughead heart dropped to his stomach as he watched the ice break away from under you, not knowing what else to do he ran out to find you, against all of the yelling of his friends.

 The water burned your skin as it came in contact from being so cold. The pain you had felt moments before was nothing compared to this. You open your mouth to scream but you were only met with the freezing water filling your lungs. Everything felt heavy and you couldn’t do anything about it but close you eyes because when you did everything started to fade including you.

 Jughead watched your eyes flutter open and your body shiver. Pulling his coat off of his warm body to place around you. He felt relieved that you alive but he could only stared at your broken frame in front of him not caring about what the others were saying. He knew help was on the way he didn’t need to know that, the only thing he needed to know was something that no one could tell him. How do you fix a girl that you broke in the first place? Where do you start? Because right now all Jughead knew, was that you were almost gone. The only piece left was small as snowflakes.

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i posted a picture of my dog earlier and about how much i love her and it got flagged as NFSW so i sort of understand what you mean. the new tumblr flagging system is dumb as hell.

It is, and that is ridiculous. 

I get that there are bugs in the system, but:

  1. tumblr should have done better testing to make sure its algorithm wasn’t so messed up before they did site-wide rollouts.
  2. I don’t believe that youtube and tumblr both “accidentally” included lgbtqia+ stuff in their sensitive-content blocker. I think they backpedaled once they got called on it.
  3. There’s so much gray area in what one might deem “sensitive content.” That needs to be the parentals’ responsibility, not some glitchy, arbitrary algorithm trying to babysit everyone under eighteen to keep the corporations happy.

Fan asked The8 about Jun’s birthday-

Fan: How did you get in if his door was locked?
The8: He didn’t lock it. But I knocked before I went in. I wasn’t there the first time because I was working out, they were celebrating his Korean birthday. I went in the second time, have to celebrate his Chinese birthday.

Ok girls. Listen up….

I don’t know why you care how much your POT is worth, how much does he make, or what his occupation is. You need to be concentrating on HOW MUCH HE SPENDS ON YOU/HOW MUCH ALLOWANCE HES GIVING YOU.

I dated a billionaire and all he did was buy me food and waste my time. Don’t get stuck in this. Spenders will spend! They won’t “wait” to buy you stuff. Those guys are LIARS! Guys are either generous or not.

I also dated a guy that made $150k but gave me $5k a month. He doesn’t have a fancy job. He actually drives a Honda Civic!

I seriously am so annoyed with these guys in Ferraris and they get mad when you ask for gifts. “WHAT KIND OF GIRL DID YOU THINK YOU WOULD ATTRACT WITH THIS CAR YOU IDIOT!!!”

Then there’s guys like my bf… he has a lot of nice cars, $3M in watches and he loves to spoil his women. He’s a unicorn I get it but there’s more out there! Keep looking. I promise you he’s not the only one.

So stop wasting your time and only concentrate on guys that spend money on you!! Make them spend lots of money on you every time you go out so he’s invested in you. My nail lady told me my bf will never leave me because he’s already spend so much money on me he’s invested in me.

I once had this guy buy me 2 ugly ass dresses that I knew were marked too high. I had him buy it so he gets used to spending money on me. He knows if he wants to see me he better bring his wallet. We ate $500 meals every night and Uber Lux everywhere. He spend over $2000 a day on me, every date and treated all my friends too.

Wake up girls. If you have a guy that’s asking you for nudes and not giving you money you need to drop his ass. You’re just fucking an old dude… he ain’t no sugar daddy.

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Hi! I just found your blog and adore your McHanzo art. In one of the comics, it has Beanie Jr and a bunch of tiny Reapers...How did they get there? What are they? They're precious and I want 50 but I need answers!

Originally posted by jn524

Where they came from is one of the world mysteries, but lucky for you, there’s tons of fanfic and fanart of reaper beans.
My theory is that, Gabe shed out these little guys when he’s lonely and need someone to keep him company. 
Jesse: Papi…I was thinking I should move in with my boyfriend. 
Gabriel: Oh. *shed* Well, you two are getting serious… *pick up and hug the bean* I can understand that. *hugs tighter* Your father and I will be fine.
Jesse: *saw papi sad* We could find some place near here… 
Gabriel: .*shed another bean*
Jesse: Within a walking distance….
Gabriel: .*shed another*
Jesse: ……Or we could just move into the watchpoint and live with you guys!
This place is pretty big, plenty of rooms, fresh air, y’know.
Gabriel: *absorb the beans* Good.  

So like you know how sometimes people will take wild animals into their homes because they think they’re helping?

What if aliens did that? They pick up random humans because they think they’re sick or something. But when they’re fine they just kinda release them back into the wild.

Or like they get in trouble with like alien wildlife rangers and are forced to return them but they have to make sure the human doesn’t get used to alien contact or it won’t survive in the wild.

Imagine your OTP:

‘I helped you clean yourself up in Starbucks after some total idiot spilled their coffee on you’ Meetcute

but i’ve got an angry heart (chapter vii) (complete)

pairing: kirishima/bakugou
word count: 5,381
rating: teen
summary: Bakugou Katsuki is not going to jeopardize his future a second time, and that means staying away from anyone who gets too close. Kirishima Eijirou has never learned how not to be close to someone. Of course, they end up as next-door neighbors.

Now Kirishima laughs again, but it’s softer. He seems almost nervous, as he leans against his doorframe. “I thought it’d be easier. You have a hard time talking about your feelings, right? I thought this would help.”

For a moment, Bakugou feels guilty. Kirishima had confessed to him last night, hadn’t he? And Bakugou had been so caught up in his own bullshit that he hadn’t said anything in response. What the fuck. How is he so bad at this? He’s not supposed to be bad at anything.

“Fucking idiot,” Bakugou grumbles. Again, instead of addressing Kirishima’s words, he turns to action. He takes the post-it he’s been clutching in his hand and slams it against Kirishima’s forehead, so that it’ll stick.

“Ow,” Kirishima whines, reaching up to grab the post-it. He glances it at, then looks away, then glances at it again. Slowly, his face turns the same shade as his ridiculous hair.

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Alpha!bucky fucks me up so much I can hardly control myself and the dirty talk he would use," goddamn doll can't wait to get my knot in that sweet little omega pussy, shit doll you taste like nectar, now how bout I fill you up with all my pups and make you nice and swollen?" And he goes fucking hard. Core. Into you just fucking dives into that shit and he finds "the spot" and he says "shit princess, did I hit that sweet spot of yours, cause god do I love when you sing for me" "GOD YES JAMES"

I was so scared this was gonna say my name I was ready to throw my phone in the fish tank. Dirty talk fucks me up

Sinful Sunday™

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Poor Louis was really playing the sympathy card there. Working class childhood, ill mother, not really good enough to sing in the band. It was all so calculated. No one is going to fall for it.

How many people are you sending a version of this ‘calculated’ ask to, anon?

If you think a bit of honesty and self-reflection is a calculated ploy for sympathy, I’m not sure what to say to you. And last time I checked, he did grow up in a working class family (and why would this garner sympathy?) he did have an ill Mum, and he struggled to get solos at first in the band. Talking about his experience of those things is his prerogative, yes?

You might also want to consider the journalist’s angle on this too - we love an underdog in the UK, no one more so than the press. It’s why Britain’s Got Talent is so often won by those you never would have imagined had a hidden talent. It’s why David Beckham is an absolute national treasure (did you know when England went out of the World Cup in 98 people burned effigies of him in the streets? he pulled it back). It’s why Robbie Williams is our pop poster boy (when he left TT he was seen as nothing more than a drugged up no hoper who incidentally was told he couldn’t sing by Take That’s Manager) but he pulled himself back from the brink and we love that). 

Yes, the article was the story of an underdog but it wasn’t intended to garner your sympathy, it was to introduce you to someone you might want to check out and bet on (even if he’s an outsider). 

Checking In

“You’re so cute and sappy when you’re in love.”

“I’ll hang up on you. Don’t think I won’t.”

“You know you threaten that every time I tease you and I’m still waiting.”

“Yeah, well… Someday. So, how’s it going? Shows going well? You getting all the rest you need?”

“Funny you mention that, because Alan just force fed me lunch and Gleb asked if I slept well last night. Did you tell the boys to babysit me?”

“I’m too far away to do it myself.”

“Well, stop worrying about me. I can take care of myself. Just focus on you. You guys having a good time?”

“Good is an understatement.”

“See? Cute and sappy.”

“Shut up. I’ll hang up.”

“Will not. All your pictures look amazing by the way. I’m so jealous.”

“It really is incredible. It just feels like freedom, you know? Being here. Being happy. With her.”

“Can I be super cheesy for just a minute? I really like this Val. You just seem so… happy. It’s really beautiful to see you like this. And I know you know my opinion on all this already, but I’m glad the two of you finally pulled your heads out of your asses and figured this thing out.”

“Was that you being super cheesy?”

“Close enough.”

“You’re right though. It took us so long to finally be in the right place, but now…”

“But now?”

“But nothing. Just… I’m happy. That’s all.”

“If you say so.”

“Hey, Sharna?”


“Thanks for calling.”

“Any time.”

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You are so right about how ppl will surprise you. I don't think that H is necessarily a bad person over all, but he clearly has always wanted to be a solo act and he took the opportunity. He wanted his own legacy more than he did a band legacy and h*rries gotta face that fact. He's not perfect, get over it peeps. Lol

oh no, this doesnt make him a bad person at all, but its pretty selfish, especially for the fact that he had his ducks all lined up and the other boys were left wondering wth they were gonna do….that aspect kills me. 

Promptio Werewolf AU


Tomorrow is the day! It’s the start of Promptio Week, and in honor of the prompt “In the Dark/In the Light” I’ll be posting the final (horrible) installment of In Sheep’s Clothing, a Promptio werewolf AU series. 

If you haven’t read it yet, you’re in luck! The first 8 chapters (how did it become 8?? I honestly don’t know, I’m an English teacher not a math teacher) are now up on AO3 HERE ! Subscribe to get the update when tomorrow’s chapter is posted…

Although I warn you. It’s some dark shit. 

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Thank you, finally someone acknowledged how fucked up it is to write Darcy like she's some creep. She's amazing and I get angry every time someone does this!

yeah lol I mean? I don’t know a lot abt her character but I’m guessing she wouldn’t just…. immediately start groping Steve bc she thought he was hot stuff or whatever like,,, where did everyone get that from I’m so confused

HEY GUYS!!! so first off, it’s my birthday :Dc I’m 21… scary
anYWAY I dunno if I mentioned it that much publicly on tumblr, but if you watch me on dA then you might’ve heard that yesterday I got a tattoo!!! so I thought I’d just share with ya’ll how it went

the parlor was really nice and clean, and even though I was a walk-in I didn’t have to wait all that long to get started, and there was an ADORABLE puppy to visit during the lil wait I did have (he loved to give kisses!!)

ft. @kafeitoytle​‘s leg

getting the tattoo itself ended up hurting a bit more than I expected but, the pain wasn’t like, unbearable or anything, and it kept my brain distracted from having an anxiety attack until everything was over haha (and then I got a lollipop)

tbh even despite the pain it was kinda a calming experience, and the guy tattooing me was super kind and we talked through the whole thing, which, despite being an hour, really only felt like 15 minutes
overall I’d really consider the whole thing to be quite a positive experience :3c

and here’s my tattoo!!

afterwards we went to get some organic flatbread pizza that was DELICIOUS and then me and Darby actually went to go check out a pride event that was going on in the same city (Portsmouth, NH) and I saw THIS at one of the booths

we went looking for some specific pride flags (a bi one for Darby, and I was looking for an agender one) but didn’t have much luck, tho while we were walking around though someone pointed out that I had a trail of blood going down my leg (picture under readmore b/c of the bit of blood) it was a good day though!!!

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i just watched eliza and rachel answer asks like a pro like all day how many did you guys even answer holy crap you guys are amazing and you work so fucking hard

waaaaah, thank you!!! we had a really bad build up of asks recently so I just kind of… powered through them with Rachel’s help today and idk what happened hahahah but this is the first time our ask box has been below 20 in a little while, just saying x3 Probably answered at least 80 but idk cause we kept getting new ones while answering old ones oops. We appreciate people noticing and appreciating us though <3333 but we do love doing this so like don’t worry!!

- Eliza

Ben Platt x Reader + Band

- you started dating around the time your bandmates did a bunch of separate stuff out of town so it never really came up
- Ben KNEW you were musically gifted but he had no idea you were in a fuckin awesome band
- when your whole band is finally in one place, you get together to practice and that’s how he finds out
- “Time fliiiiiies. Time. DIIIIIIIIIIIES-”
“Hey, Ben.”
- you’re just like “ya I’m in a band nbd”
- he’s like “Yes big deal! You’re fantastic!”
- your bassist is like “this is cute and all but we have a gig tomorrow and we need to practice”
- your drummer throws a drumstick at your bassist “shut the fuck up you gremlin it’s a touching moment”
- he comes to your show
- it’s lowkey, just playing a few songs at a bar, but Ben is enamored at the whole thing
- somehow the word gets out that Ben Platt: star of Dear Evan Hansen was seen leaving a bar with a mystery singer
- you end up going public with your relationship
- everyone who likes DEH immediately starts listening to your band
- everyone wants to hear you two sing a duet
- you end up getting a part in DEH as Evan’s love interest (Zoe or Connor, you decide)
- the rest of your band goes into theater as well
- your bassist gets cast as the Squip in Be More Chill
- just imagine a 5 foot tall Squip with blue hair trying not to get flustered around George Salazar because he has a huge crush on him