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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,008

Warnings: fluff, maybe a swear word? but really just entirely fluff

Prompt: AU. Painter reader and Mechanical engineer student Dean Winchester. Reader decides that Dean gets to be her canvas today.

A/N: Betad by @taste-of-dean like two weeks ago, this fic has just been sitting waiting for me to post it but I got sidetracked by phxcon.

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Y/N was in her favorite button down - the one that was covered in oil and acrylic colors, flicked, smeared and dotted in all different places. It was previously her fathers, though she had stolen it from his closet when she took her first art class her freshman year of high school. Dean always knew what was happening when she wore it.

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With All My Heart - Part 10

Word Count: 2969

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Medical situations

A/N: Tag lists for this series are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

“What the hell is taking so long?” Jensen hadn’t stopped pacing the waiting area since he walked in the room. First it was straight lines back and forth, now it had evolved into circles around the set of chairs.

“Jensen, it’s been 45 minutes. This takes 2-4 hours.” Emma said. “Please sit down before you wear a hole in the floor and fall through it.”

“How are you so damn calm?” Jensen asked Emma and Emma grabbed his hand, yanking him over and pulling him down in the chair next to her.

“Dude, I’m not calm at all. That’s my best friend.” Emma laughed. “But I’m also a nurse and I know there’s literally nothing I can do right now. It’s up to the surgeon and to her.”

“She’s right.” Jared approached from behind, throwing a bag of food into Jensen’s lap. “Eat. Both of you. No arguments.”

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Stranger Things: The Byers and The Tramp

Jonathan Byers Imagine

Prompt: Imagine being popular and being Jonathan’s girlfriend

Warnings Adult Language Does not follow the plot of “Stranger Things”

Point of view: The Reader’s POV

I slammed my locker shut as I listened to Nancy rambled on about Steve.

“Nancy why don’t you just fuck him already” I smirked as I watched her blush madly, her tuck a piece of hair behind her before rolling her eyes.

“(Y/N) seriously” she groaned as she shoved my shoulder lightly “a relationship isn’t all about sex. It’s about the small things he does for you to tell you he loves you”

“Yeah like fucking you senselessly” I giggled as I pushed her slightly, she groaned softly before pushing me back

“So you and Jonathan must have sex a lot?” Nancy questioned as we moved down the hall, I shook my head softly

“No actually, he hasn’t laid a finger on me, a quick kiss is all I get” I commented as it was my turn to blush, of course I’ve had sex but it was quick lasted no more than 2 minutes. The douche always hypes himself up saying “he’s the biggest I’ve ever seen”, then it feels like nothing.

“Maybe he’s waiting for the perfect moment” Nancy giggled as she turned in front of me

“Maybe he’s a virgin” I stated rolling my eyes at her comment, she sighed softly before smiling brightly as her eyes were fixed behind me.

“Here comes the virgin Romeo now” Nancy giggled as I peered over shoulder noticing that Jonathan was moving down the hall. “Go Sluttie Juliet!”

“Nancy!” I gasped as I shoved her harshly, a laugh escaping her lips as she pushed me towards him.

He fiddled with his camera as he smiled at me

“Hey baby” I smiled as I tried kissing him but he moved his head down instead.

“Hey (N/N)” he shyly stated, I giggled softly before grabbing his face forcing him to look at me, I placed a soft kiss on his lips. His face redden as he watched me for a second “Um- I-I- we’ll see the thing is– my– mom wants to meet you”

“She does?” I questioned as he scratched the back of his neck, he nodded slowly

“But I understand if-”

“I’d love to meet her Johnny boy, and that adorable little brother of yours” I smiled

“Really? You wanna meet them?” He questioned as his face contorted in surprise

“Your my boyfriend, of course I wanna meet them” I smiled as I wrapped my hands around his neck, as I pressed my head against his, so he would look me in the eye.

“G-great. Um dinner is tonight at 7” he smiled, I bit my lips softly before nodding in agreement as I pulled back. He placed a quick kiss on my cheek for rushing off.


I had to admit I was nervous, I really did like Jonathan he was different than the other boyfriends I had. He was sweet, caring, and took my feelings into consideration.

I didn’t want to screw up meeting his mom and brother.

What if she hates me?

What if she thinks in a slut?

I groaned softly as I banged my head against the steering wheel. I pushed myself out of the car as I slowly walked up the steps to the house. A loud bark pierce the air causing me to squeal lightly. I rung the door bell a couple of times as the more barks filled the air.

A group of boys answered the door, the all watched me for a moment

“She is real” a dark skinned boy stated as he touched my stomach pulling back quickly.

“She’s very pretty” the other said but this one was missing his two front teeth, but that didn’t stop him from looking adorable.

“I’ve seen pictures of her before Johnny has them in his room” another stated, they watched me slowly, I offered a small smile in which they all returned.

“Who was at the door?” I heard Jonathan scream as he appeared at the front door. “Guys let her in”

The parted slowly as I stepped in, I giggled left my lips.

“Hey baby” I smiled as I started I kiss him but was cut off by gasping.

“She called him “baby” meaning that they are dating” the toothless boy commented as he walked in between us. I glanced at Johnny as a blush fell on his face

I bent down as I watched the boy, I kissed his cheek before offering my hand.

“I’m (Y/N)” I smiled, he grabbed his cheek before looking at the other boys. He backed away slowly as he gave me a toothless smile. “I think I broke him”

“She’s pretty and funny too” the dark skinned boy commented as he examined for further

“Who was at the door?” A female calls, I stood up quickly spinning around as I saw his mother. “Oh wow!”

She smiles brightly as she looked at me

“You are absolutely beautiful” she commented as she gave me a quick hug “I see you meet the boys”

“Yes, they are very observant” I smiled, she nodded quickly as she looked back at the boys.

“Well come on boys” she clapped as she ushered them into the room. “Clean up this game you have going on”

“I’m Dustin!” The toothless boy called out as he gave me a smile, I smiled back at him.

“She is right you look beautiful” I heard Johnny say, I turned around facing him.

“Thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself” I giggle as I wrapped arms around him.

“We have an audience” he spoke as he flicked his head towards the opening, I peered over my shoulder seeing the boys watching us.

“She just can’t be real” Will commented “I mean, my brother dating her”

“Come on Johnny boy, I’m starving and I think your brother and his friends have a whole bunch of questions for me” I giggled


“How did you meet my brother?” Will questioned

“In Photography class” I smiled as I remembered the memory so fondly. “He was nerdy boy who always had a camera”

Johnny laughed softly before pushing my shoulder lightly as he blushed softly

“Let me get this straight” Lucas stated “You’re dating Byers”

I laughed loudly as I studied his expression, As I nodded slowly to his statement.


After endless questions about me and adorable baby pictures of Jonathan, dinner was finally over.

I peeled off my jacket as I threw on a chair in his room. I peered over my shoulder as I still heard him talking to his mom downstairs. I grabbed the photos that laid on top of his radio.

They were of me, dozens. Pictures that I didn’t know he took. Pictures of me smiling, pictures of me making faces, pictures of me sleeping in class, pictures of me in his room.

How did I not see him taking all these pictures of me.

“You weren’t suppose to see that” I heard his voice behind me, I blushed softly before placing them back down.

“But I did” I spoke softly wondering how many more he has taken “w-when did you take all those”

“I-I- whenever, moments with you were just to precious to just keep as memories, I needed prove a reminder to know that you are real. That someone like you is dating me" he spoke, I smiled softly. “Are you mad?”

I spun around quickly as I watched him for a moment.

“How can I be when you say stuff like that?” I spoke “That was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me”

He blushed softly as he looked down. I walked over to him, he looked up at me for a moment, without any thought or second of regret. I crash my lips to his, my hands running through his hair.

This moment I knew that I was in love with him. He was a shy, socially awkward boy but he was perfect for me.

“I love you” I whispered against his lips, the words so foreign to me as I spoke them

“I love you too” he smiled as he picked me up, tossing me on the bed. I giggled softly as I pulled him down with me. “I’ve always loved you”

The One

IMAGINE: If you asked Steve about his dream girl, his ‘the one’, he would have never described her, never even would have thought of her…funny how things work out.

[gif is not mine. based on the poem with the same name by lang leav. requests are open. this one shot is the first part to however many poetry inspired one shots i do.]  

warnings: none

words: 2.3 k+

‘I don’t want you to love me because I’m good for you, because I say and do all the right things. Because I am everything you are looking for…’

There was something in the way that she walked, she talked or the way she did anything that set him on fire. He’s never met a more infuriating person. A more different person than he was.

“I just don’t get why you’re being so emotional about this,” she rolled her eyes as she watched Steve sigh once again.

“(Y/N)…” Steve looked at the woman in front of him. The thick fashion magazine held in her hand, “Just because it’s not about fashion or tearing someone down does not mean that you shouldn’t care about this.”

She bit her lip, “It’s just Tony.”

“Exactly, he’s going to break her heart,” he explained. “She’s only a kid (Y/N).”

(Y/N) sat down next to him, “Look Rogers, it’s their life and she wants to be with him then let her. Just support her.”

“He’s just going to use her,” Steve spoke quietly.

In an instant (Y/N)’s demeanor change. Long gone was the somewhat caring girl, it was now replaced by her usual stance around him -cold, hard and unfeeling. “You watch your mouth Rogers, because I swear to god if you throw Tony’s past in his face, I will hurt you.” Her grip tightened on the magazine.

Steve turned around and looked into her eyes. There was anger underlying it, fire in her eyes. “She’s like a sister to me. He’s the type of person that can hurt someone.”

(Y/N) stood up sharply, and through gritted teeth she spoke, “And he’s like a brother to me Rogers.” She leaned forward, him leaning as she got closer, “You watch your mouth around me.” (Y/N) moved back and started walking away. “By the way, he’s the type of person that can only hurt someone if they’ve hurt him first, so maybe don’t judge on him when you don’t know all the facts.”

She walked faster to the door, slamming it as hard as she can.

‘… I want to be the one that you didn’t see coming. The one who gets under your skin. Who makes you unsteady. Who makes you question everything you have ever believed in love. Who makes you feel reckless and out of control. The one you are infuriatingly and inexplicably drawn to…’

If you told Steve Rogers that one day he’ll wake up with a strange inkling that will soon lead to the discovery that he found (Y/N) attractive and that he actually liked her, he would have probably laughed in your face and politely say that ‘you’re crazy.’

That was the conundrum that he found himself in as he watched her laugh with Bucky and Sam. Of course he still found her annoying and judgemental, and the complete opposite of himself, as well as what he found attractive. But watching her laugh with his two best friends, her head thrown back without any care, her hips jutting out as she told off Sam for doing something stupid. There was just something about her that he couldn’t explain.

“Why do you keep staring at her?” Pietro asked as he stood next to Steve.

Steve turned to Pietro, “I just wanted to know how such a small girl can contain so much evil in her.”

“She’s not that bad,” Pietro started. “She’s only like that whenever she’s around you.”

“She criticizes everything that I do, from the way I walk or my clothes -did you know that she hates me wearing plaid? I apparently have the entire of plaid in my wardrobe.” He paused and looked at her again, “It’s just she’s so different from the women that I’m used to.”

“Why does that have to be a bad thing?”

Steve took a while  to come up with his answer. Opening his mouth to voice out something but every time he did Steve felt that it wasn’t the right thing to say. Finally he came to the conclusion, “It’s not.”

“Don’t you realize that maybe why you hate her is because you like her?” Pietro spoke, tilting his head towards her direction. When Steve didn’t speak, Pietro broke out into a huge grin and chuckled, “Fuck, you’re hell bent crushing on her! That’s why you’re staring at her so much with that stupid-loved up look on your face!” Steve glared at Pietro who wasn’t deterred by the intimidating look on the super soldier.

As Pietro walked away he saw that (Y/N)’s conversations with the boys has finished and started walking over to where he was. He saw her smile at him and he probably thought that she forgot that he was Steve Rogers.

“Rogers,” she greeted. She looked him up and down, “Not wearing plaid I see.”

“What is it with you and the plaid?” He groaned. He honestly couldn’t understand it. Plaid isn’t that bad and he didn’t have that many plaid shirts.

She shrugged, “I have something for you.” She walked past him, knowing that he would follow her even though she didn’t ask him. Her aura commanded him. Steve rolled his eyes. Typical.

When they reached her bedroom, he looked around apprehensively taking in her bedroom. It was nice, it was minimal barely any decorations. He walked to her table where a cork table was placed. He smiled when he saw that it was pictures of her and the Avengers scattered around what he guessed was mementos. “You kept this?” He pointed at the ticket stub in bottom left corner, one that was hidden behind everything.

(Y/N) turned around and saw that he was touching the ticket stub gingerly, “I had a good time.” She remembered the day vividly, it was when everyone was on their mission and she was stuck at the compound because she broke her arm, while Steve was struck with a fever. She was bored and she was stuck babysitting him, so she decided to take him to the MET when he was feeling better. Up until that day she didn’t know that they had anything in common, other than the fact that he was her match when it came to verbal sparring.

He found out that art is one of her biggest passions and that she wanted to become an art historian but certain things happened that led her to follow in her father’s footsteps. Steve remembered thinking that maybe she wasn’t the shallow, vapid girl he thought she was. Like an art piece there was always something meaningful behind everything.

Their days were spent talking about his past and how he felt about the future, watching movies from his time and her being surprised when he quoted Casablanca. He hesitantly revealed to her that it was one of the first movies that he saw when he came out of the ice.

Everything was fine until the others got back and they were back at their old habits again, though this time it felt less personal and more for a show.  

“Aha!” She proclaimed as she opened a drawer and pulled out a neatly wrapped present. It was blue and white, with a red bow on top. “Gotta have that Captain America theme,” she winked at him and passed him the present.

He opened the present slowly, trying carefully not to rip the paper. Once he saw what was wrapped, words got stuck in his throat. “(Y/N)…”

“Don’t start crying on me Rogers,” she warned but there was no malice in her voice.

He pulled the paper away. It was his drawing that he did of everyone, a drawing of a photograph that she and he both proudly displayed in their bedrooms. He thought he lost it when Natasha did her usual random clearing of everything in everyone’s rooms. “This is beautiful.” He stroked the frame, it was gold and one of those smaller frames that held priceless arts in the museums. “Thank you so much.”

She shrugged, thinking nothing of it. “Guess my barging into people’s rooms is a good thing.” She walked over to him, her heart filling with warmth as he gazed and touched the picture frame. “At least your abnormally large hands can create something good.”

As Steve left her room, he found himself in another conundrum. How did he get into this situation? How did he manage to find a person that was the complete opposite of him, the untraditional girl who set his soul on fire. The girl who he disliked with so much passion, the one who constantly bickered with him, manage to make him feel like he’s never felt before?

‘… I don’t want to be the one who tucks you into bed -I want to be the reason why you can’t sleep at night.’

When Steve was a young child he knew what love meant. It meant being there for the person that you cared for. It was easy. It was safe. There were no fights, if there was there was it would just be little bickers. Steve would come home, greet his wife and children and they would live happily ever after. He dreamt for that life, he yearned for it, even after he came out of the ice.

Then she came into his life and turned everything upside down. She was a constant thorn in his side that manage to somehow, overtime, turn into one of the most beautiful flowers he has ever seen. Maybe she wasn’t a thorn after all, maybe she was just a particularly prickly bud that he judged based on appearance, but after he got a closer look, after it took time, she turned into something else.

“Weren’t we supposed to have this massive epiphany that you liked me? Or you know someone makes this giant I like you speech and this is why I like you?” (Y/N) spoke as she chopped the carrot.

Steve shrugged, “You don’t like grand gestures.”

(Y/N) turned to face him, hand clutching the knife, “Excuse me! I do too like grand gestures, as long as they don’t embarrass me,” she started listing of things and Steve found himself looking at her. Really looking at her. The only time that he paid attention was when she pinched him. “Are you even paying attention?”

“Careful with that knife (Y/N),” he plucked it out of her hands and she rolled her eyes. “I didn’t have a great epiphany because the feeling was always there so I just woke up one day and went ‘oh, I like her’,” he finished his speech with a casual shrug.

He went back to chopping the onions, his peripheral vision allowed him to see that she was still in the same position. She picked up the knife and started chopping the carrots. “You’re such a sap.” Steve smiled as she said those words, it was her basically saying that she liked him as well.

“I don’t get why we can’t have steak (Y/N)!” Pietro yelled as he picked his food with his fork. “There are proteins that we need.”

“Because Tony decided that he wants to try vegetarianism,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “So we have to cater for the almighty Iron Man.” She threw a bean at him which he caught and smiled at her.

Steve sat next to her watching as she kept making faces at Tony, and not at all enjoying her food. He made a mental note to take her to Taco Bell after dinner. Maybe it was that moment that made him know that he really, truly, deeply in love with her. With her hair cascading down her face, and she made an aggravated noise when it fell in front of her face. Or maybe it was the way that she got along with other people, or maybe. There were too many maybe’s what he did know was that he wanted to say it out loud for everyone to know.

“Excuse me,” he spoke loudly as he stood up. “I just wanted to let everyone to know that I love (Y/N).” Steve could feel the glare from (Y/N), and the amused stares from the others. “I love her because she secretly loves me in plaid, she said so. The fact that she cries whenever that giraffe ad comes on, I love her-,” he didn’t get to finish as (Y/N) yelled at him. ‘

“STEVE GRANT ROGERS!” (Y/N) stood up, her face red due to embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel giddy and light inside.

“I also love her when she screams out my name just like that,” he winked at everyone and made a mad dash to the door.

“ROGERS!” With an ungraceful stand she began running after him, but not before flipping off everyone in the room, causing them to laugh louder.

She finally caught up to him, took her shoe off and hit him, “Did you just throw your shoe at me?” Steve turned around amused.

“I cannot believe you did that!”

“You said you loved grand gestures,” he teased as he picked up the shoe and started walking towards her.

“I specifically said that I hated grand gestures.”

He shrugged and wrapped his arms around her, “But I love you so I should get a pass for that.”

“The only people that get a pass for embarrassing me are the people that I love,” she smirked at him, hoping that he got what she was saying. She watched as he fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

“You love me,” she scowled at the shit-eating grin on his face.

“You’re an idiot.” She wrapped her arms around his neck, “But maybe I somewhat love you.” (Y/N) pressed her lips against his. Steve tightened his arms around her and smiled into the kiss.

“Guys, oh my god! Gross!” Sam yelled as he walked into the room and saw the couple heavily making out. Sam made a face and began gagging. “Get a room!” He made a disgusted noise and yelled at them once more and left the room.

Little idea inspired by Brendon’s story about falling off his skateboard. Full credit to whoever this photo was posted by orginally <3 <3 dedicated to the amazing @lacyandbeebourie becayse I love her <3

I’m sorry it’s so long XD

Word count - 5781

A Couple Puffs Then We’re Done

I padded through the college into my lecture, I was about 20 minutes early so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there yet. I winced at the stinging sensation on my leg under my jeans, why I had thought skinny jeans were a good idea after bailing off my board yesterday was beyond me, but it was me after all. To my surprise the lecture room wasn’t a ghostland and as luck would have it there were even some of my friends, I glanced over at Brendon, Ryan and Spencer sitting a little away from my friends, no doubt Ryan had followed Sophia here. Brendon smiled at me, we didn’t talk huge amounts but we had worked together on projects a few times, nevertheless he was still super hot, tattoos covering his left forearm and always wearing a tshirt with skinny jeans, almost black hair lazily flicked to one side with his hand. He was in a band and played a ton of instruments AND sang which just made him hotter quite honestly. I walked through to my friends and threw myself into a chair, groaning out when I scraped the raw skin on my leg.

“AH fuck!” I yelped slightly, my hands flying to my right thigh.

“Jesus what happened to you?” Sophia asked, turning her head to face me.

“I had a total wipe out on my board yesterday.” I laughed at my own stupidity, it was even doing a trick, literally doing an ollie down a step.

“Isn’t that in the sea?” Lola asked in typical airhead fashion.

“Skateboard Lo.” I sighed, giggling.

“What happened?” Sophia asked, laughing with me.

“I tried to ollie down a step and just failed miserable, I fell straight on my ass and it fucking hurt.” I laughed, never the one to hold back when explaining things.

“You’re an idiot.” She teased, giggling along with me, I heard the boys chatting behind us.

“You know I did pretty much the exact same thing last summer.” Brendon’s smooth voice rang out, I snapped my head around, he was grinning slightly.

“Really? I didn’t even know you board.” I turned to face him, that distinctive half smile, that I wish I didn’t love so much, was plastered all over his face.

“Yeah! I was skating across the road and tried to ollie up the sidewalk and just went flying forward, scraped my whole side up, I think I got a picture somewhere.” He shook his head as he told the story, his smile beaming at me, god he was too hot, one hand slipping up to run through his impossibly dark hair. “What board do you have anyway?”

“I got a Diamond Supply custom.” I grinned, picturing my gorgeous skateboard sitting in my dorm room.

“Nice! Mines an Alien Workshop. It’s beat up as fuck I need a new one. How did you get your hands on a custom aren’t they way expensive?”

“I got it for my 18th from my dad. It’s getting pretty beat up already.”

“I’ve literally never seen a Diamond Supply custom in person.”

“Oh my God, mine is gorgeous! I…” I hesitated for a split second, rethinking my plan to fuck with a guy with so much of a reputation. “I mean, I can show you mine, you can fuck about with it tomorrow or something.”

“Seriously? Awesome, it’s a date!” He chimed, grinning the biggest smile ever at me, the girls giggled a little. “Although… please expect me to be bugging you about this like tomorrow, because I really like those boards.” We sat and nattered a little more about skating and different boards before our professor came in and we had to be quiet. The rest of the class I kept feeling Brendon’s eyes on me, turning occasionally to see his head snap away, turning to face the front again, his focus on his notebook was adorable, lip pulled between his teeth and brows scrunching up occasionally. I wasn’t paying attention much. As we finished I shoved my books back in my bag, standing and trailing after the girls, we were about to head to get some food when a voice disturbed us.

“Hey Y/N!” Brendon yelled, running up to me, the girls were giggling already, I turned to face him, returning the smile he shot at me.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well… umm seeing as we don’t have many of the same classes and might not see each other til’ next week, I was gonna ask if umm… well… could I have your number?” He stuttered slightly, grinning nonetheless, I heard whispering from behind me but opted to ignore it.

“Yeah sure, pass your phone.” He did so without hesitation, thrusting his phone into my hands. “It's… umm it’s locked.”

“Oh shit yeah…” He leaned in. “8274” He whispered, I raised an eyebrow, tapping in the digits, his phone unlocked.

“You didn’t have to tell me. You literally could have done it yourself.”

“eh… I don’t mind you knowing my password. Don’t tell anyone though. Private stuff.” He said, his tone teasing and did he just wink at me? I tapped my number into his phone and called myself so I knew his too, he took his phone back triumphantly, grinning. “Thanks… I’ll text you later, maybe we can plan something.” He grinned, pulling me into a quick hug before sauntering away.

“Someone’s popular.” Sophia giggled along with Lola, both of them staring.

“Oh shut up.”

It was late afternoon when my phone buzzed for the first time, the name Brendon popping up on screen.

Brendon: Hi…

I smiled at the awkward as hell message, typing one back, hesitating before I pressed send, the following conversation was actually pretty cute… I think.

Me: Hey, couldn’t wait to speak to me again? ;)

It took precisely 30 seconds for it to buzz again.

Brendon: I was actually here to ask for nudes, why else would I want your number? :D

I laughed at his response, typing my own one out.

Me: Creeeeeep. That line work for you before? :P

Brendon: Oh don’t flatter yourself. I meant of your board ;) *nervous laughter*

Me: Suuuuuure.

Brendon: That a no?

Me: Shut up!

Brendon: Gotta run, band practise. Talk later?

Me: I’m free all night :)

Brendon: OK… text you later :*

I looked back to my laptop when the phone buzzed again.

Brendon: By the way, add me on Snapchat :* patdBrendon x

Did he send me a kiss? I added him anyway, he didn’t accept right away but I knew he was with the band so I didn’t sweat it. I kept working on my music theory stuff, a notebook to the side of me as I jotted things down. I spent a good couple of hours working before I was disturbed by the girls coming busting in the room, all dressed up and ready to go out, there was a party but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.

“Hey studious Sally, coming out?” Sophia asked, giggling as she tugged at her dress, she looked pretty but so typically girly.

“I should work really. Plus it’s not really my scene.” I tried to talk her into leaving me alone, but it failed.

“Oh come on, Ryan and Spencer will be there.” Lola squealed, the both had a thing with those two.

“And that benefits me how?” I asked, turning back to my notebook and finishing off my sentence.

“Because Brendon will be with them.” Sophia teased me, I shook my head. “Oh come on! It’s just one night to have some fun!” I knew she would keep going on if I didn’t agree so I gave in.

“OK fine! Give me half hour to yet ready.” They giggled excitedly, hopping around like 5 year olds. “And don’t even try to get me to wear a dress.” They left me be finally, leaving to go do whatever other useless pre party rituals they wanted. I stood in front of my mirror, my hair had been plaited all day so I opted for the easy option of taking it out, leaving it wavy around my shoulders, I put some smokey eyeshadow on and mascara and my favourite dark red lipstick, satisfied with my head I decided to go look through my wardrobe. I opted for black, ripped skinny jeans and a cropped tank top, throwing on my beat up old converse and my sweater over the top, it was a nice sweater so I was sure I could get away with it. I actually felt like I looked pretty cute so decided to show off a little, opening Snapchat on my phone, I lifted the phone up a little to show the whole outfit, smiling into the camera, writing “Being forced to go out XD” under it. I posted it on my story and within a few minutes I got a text from Brendon again.

Brendon: What party are you being forced to go to? ;)

Me: I don’t even know who’s party is it… I got nagged into it.

Brendon: Well as luck would have it I’m also being forced to go to a party :P

Me: Might not even be the same one…

Brendon: I hope it is ;)

I decided to leave it at that, I didn’t want to make myself seen desperate or needy, play it cool Y/N, play it cool. Funnily enough I got another message from him, this time on Snapchat, he was wearing a dark shirt and snapback, a smile plastered across his face. “Nice outfit though…” it read. I smirked slightly at the snap, did he just say I looked good? I started to get an all too familiar feeling of anxiety that I was reading this whole situation wrong, I mean he had a reputation as a bit of a womaniser and I was starting to worry I was just his next quest. I tried to swallow down my nervous feelings and finish getting ready, skipping the jacket because I knew how warm it was tonight. The girls came bursting back through the door, both eyeing me.

“Ok not gonna lie, you might not be wearing a dress but you look hot!” Lola giggled, looking me up and down.

“Agreed, and your makeup is smoking.” Sophie added on the end, they both had their purses and were ready to go.

“Jesus do I have girlfriends or pervy guy friends here?!” I grabbed my back, slinging it over my shoulder. “Can we get this damn party over with?” With that I was dragged away, lead to some frat house on campus, jesus this would be annoying.

The party was a typical college party, tonnes of drunk jocks trying to get into the sorority girls pants, it was times like this when I regretted being such a quiet person in college, at least if I spoke to more people I wouldn’t be such a loner at parties. Some drooling jock came stumbling over to me, leaning his arm on the wall above me, he stunk of beer and cologne, not a good combination.

“You’re that skater girl, into all the metal music and weird shit right?” He slurred out, his breath was disgusting and made me feel pretty nauseous actually.

“Umm yeah I guess.” I sighed, taking a sip of my drink, he was wearing the college football team jersey, why you would wear it to a party I don’t know.

“It’s pretty hot, all that emo shit.” He slurred again, wow this was probably the most offensive pick up I’d ever experienced.

“Oh really, well the dumb jock look isn’t, so go find some other girl to hit on.” I snapped slightly, slipping out from under his arm and heading away, to my surprise, Brendon was standing in front of me, head tilted to the side with a broad smile, he looked so good tonight, his jeans fitted him in the best way and his dark tshirt sitting under a black leather jacket, I noticed the absence of the snapback though.

“Lose your hat?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

“Eh, it didn’t go with the jacket.” He shrugged, eyes moving to the jock that had been speaking to me 30 seconds ago. “You look about as happy to be here as me.”

“Just got told that ‘all the emo shit’ is pretty hot by some drooling chimp.” I giggled slightly, Brendon gently pulled me to the side to someone could get past me, the small contact felt nice. “So all in all a pretty good night.” He scoffed with laughter.

“Ah damn, I knew jocks were your type.” He leant on a table next to us, flicking his hair from his face effortlessly.

“Oh please, there’s only about 20 brain cells on that whole team and 10 of them are in the captain.” I sassed, putting the empty cup in my hand down.

“Ouch, I felt that burn from here, you want another drink?” He smiled sweetly, his eyes seeming to cost up and down me.

“Nah its cool, I wasn’t planning to stay much longer anyway.” I shook my head, returning the smile he gave me, with that Lola and Sophia come over, hanging off of Spencer and Ryan’s arms respectively. Music began blaring and I couldn’t hear myself think, I heard Lola shouting at Brendon and I to come and dance, as much as I tried to avoid it even Brendon was trying to convince me.

“Ah come on… just a few songs?” He pouted at me, smiling brightly when I relented and allowed myself to be lead onto the dancefloor. We all danced together, singing along to the music, it was fun for about 20 minutes then the novelty of dancing with the guy I liked had worn off. Brendon pulled me close as them music played and I felt my heart beginning to race, pounding in my chest as his lips leant close to my ear.

“Wanna blow this place? I’m bored outta my mind!” He yelled over the music, I nodded, letting him lead me out the party. “Don’t you need to let your friends know where you’re going?”

“Nah, they’re too busy with Spencer and Ryan, I’ll text them.” I shook my head, Brendon and I walked aimlessly for a while before he spoke.

“Wanna go pick up our boards? I got some weed at mine we could have a smoke and skate?” He smiled, I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Smoke weed on campus?” I heard the shock in my own voice, cringing a little.

“Calm down goody two shoes, my place is off campus, we could pick up your board then walk to mine, then maybe we could go for a skate?” He smiled sweetly, the idea sounded amazing, it wasn’t so late and the sun was going to set soon, it was warm and breezy so I wouldn’t get too hot.

“You know… that sounds like an awesome idea.” I smiled, we walked to mine, Brendon spent about ten minutes in my room just gushing over my skateboard before I finally managed to drag him out to go to his place. He walked and I used my board, even though I let him have a few turns on it, we headed over to his place, he let me in and lead me to his bedroom.

“Want me to roll a few blunts before we go? So we don’t have to keep coming back or rolling while we’re out?” He sat down, pulling out a small box with all of his stuff in.

“It’s ok, I’ll only have a little. Don’t wanna steal all your weed.” I tried to argue but he shook his head.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll roll and few and you can smoke as much as you want.” He did as he said, rolling a few blunts and putting them in a small silver tin, throwing that in the pocket of his leather jacket, he lead me outside, grabbing his own board as we left, he grabbed keys and his wallet. “It sucks that that you know how to skate.” He grinned at me, I tilted my head to the side, confused by the comment.

“What… why?” I was totally puzzled by it.

“Because… teaching you how to skate would have been a really good way to get close to you.” He flashed a cheesy grin, both of us cracking up into giggles, after he giggled be pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth, eyes flitting up and down over me again.

“Well looks like you’ll have to be more inventive then.” I challenged, still wasn’t sure about this but I was all up for having fun tonight.

“Well aren’t you lucky I like a challenge.”

As we were skating around near his place we took the odd video of each other, I posted a few of Brendon skating on snapchat as well as a few selfies, he took a few videos of us both smoking and skating, playing some music off of my phone. Time completely flew by, the sun was setting fast and we were both pretty stoned skating around, laughing and joking on his snapchat and my own. I stopped and slid my sweater off, feeling the heat bubbling on my skin from skating, throwing it on the grass I was left in my cropped tank top, strappy and sitting just above my naval. I felt Brendon’s eyes on me, flitting up and down my body slowly, it was actually kind of hot feeling like he might actually be attracted to me. His jacket was already on the ground, he stopped, running a hand casually through his hair, flopping on the ground to light a blunt. I sat next to him, glad to be taking a breather for a minute, flopping back on the grass, smoking a little before he headed up to skate some more, smiling at me as he messed around. While he was skating again I looked at his Snapchat, he had taken several videos and pictures and posted them, one was of us both boarding, one picture of us sitting smoking a joint. I looked at the next video and it was me skating with the words “she’s perfect” and a heart sticker on it, I felt myself blush a little, the next picture was us on the grass with “beats a party anyday” written on it. The last few pictures and videos on his story were what got me. One was a picture of me, sweater off midway through an ollie, it was a pretty good picture actually but it was the caption that got me. “Lucky to be with her tonight” and more hearts followed, the final video was us skating and laughing. “A night well spent.” I was blushing so hard by the end of the story, he came skating over, plopping back down next to me on the grass. I took out my phone, holding it out in front of us and pressing a kiss to his cheek, snapping the picture, captioning it “He’s adorable” I plastered the end of it with hearts.

“So tell me more about yourself Urie.” I teased as we lay in the grass, taking an pull of the blunt he had given me.

“There’s not much to know.” He smiled, looking up at the sky.

“Liar… there’s tonnes to know, you just don’t trust anyone enough to tell them.” I smiled and got one back, his eyebrows arched slightly at me.

“Wow… beautiful and intelligent, have I fallen on my feet here?” He flashed another gorgeous smile and I giggled, feeling myself flushing pink, he took a pull on his own joint.

“Oh stop teasing and open up will ya?” I laughed, even though I actually wanted him to, he knew tonnes about me.

“Well, what do ya want to know?”

“Anything you want to tell me.”

“Well… I’m from Vegas, a small town called Summerville, I used to be Mormon, I’m an Aries, I love music more than anything, I play drums, piano, guitar, bass and I sing and mix music for the band too.” He smiled, touching my cheek, I felt my head lean into his touch. “How’s that?”

“Umm good…” I smiled, trying to think of things to keep the conversation going. “So… how did you find moving to college?”

“You know it was pretty easy, I moved out when I was 17 so it wasn’t really any different for me.” I stared at him in shock, I had no idea about any of this.

“What do you mean you moved out at 17?” I asked, interested but trying not to pry.

“Well, when I told my parents I didn’t believe in god, things got pretty sucky for a while, a lot of arguments, so I moved out.”

“But how did you afford that?”

“I worked in a smoothie shop while I was in high school, I only had like 2 lessons a day and would be out by half 10 so I used to work like 8 hours.”

“You must have been exhausted most of the time.”

“Well yeah, but it was worth it, I got into college AND I the band is doing great.” He smiled sweetly, both of us were probably just high and talking shit but it was nice anyway.


“Yeah, we have a meeting with Pete Wentz next month!” He gushed, turning to face me. We continued to talk, getting to know small things about each other that maybe we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for tonight, how his favourite colour is red and he loves Frank Sinatra, and his hopes and dreams for the band. It felt surreal, yet it was such an intimate conversation, laying and smoking on the grass, I told him about my family and how I wish they’d support my interests a little more, he asked me endless questions about my interests and told me all about his family and his life. All of a sudden I felt like I could tell him anything, like he was the most trustworthy person in my life. “You… you don’t have to keep telling me stuff just because I asked.” I smiled, I felt his hand touch mine, holding it gently, his smile equally as sweet as he looked at me.

“I’m telling you because I want to. Not because you made me.” He gently stroked my fingers, shifting a little closer to me, he blew the last draw of his blunt out, throwing it away, we went silent, looking at each other, before I could say another word he kissed me, slow and gentle, fingers lacing in with mine, hand pulling me in by the waist. His lips began to move against mine in slow, methodical movements, tongue brushing my lip gently, I eagerly parted my lips allowing his tongue to move against my own. His hand tangled into my hair, pulling my body close, I whimpered against him, he was such a good kisser, it was making my mind turn to mush, I found myself gripping onto his arms and moaning like a 15 having their first kiss. He pulled back, gasping slightly, his eyes fiery and black, breathing heavy as his arms held me clothes.

“My place?” He mumbled, biting his lip as he pressed another kiss to my lips.

“Yes…” I whimpered, feeling him act quickly, he stood and yanked me up, grabbing our stuff before we both skated home, he kept hold of my hand and somehow we managed not to fall off our boards, getting in we both threw them down near the door, he kicked his shoes off and I followed suit, following him up to his room.

Once in his room he moved over to his dresser, taking his shirt off and throwing it on his computer chair, he turned back to me.

“C’mere gorgeous.” He purred, pulling me against him, his lips pressing softly against my own, his hands sliding onto my waist, touching the skin left bare by my cropped top, his fingers curled on the hem pulling it up over my head, throwing it to the ground. “God you’re so sexy.” He practically moaned out, biting his lip at me, handing gliding over my stomach and back, fingertips stroking my skin, I heard myself moan out softly, allowing my own nervous hands to move onto his chest. He closed his eyes as my hands stroked his skin, his lips crashed down on mine, gripping me tightly against his body, the burning skin of his chest pressing against my own flushed pink flesh. He began to guide me over to the bed, working at the button on my jeans.

“They’ll be home soon.” I whispered, Brendon smirked, biting his lip.

“I know… good I got a lock right.” He winked, sauntering over to his bedroom door and pressing the lock in. “Now… lie down.” He teased, his voice low and husky, hands winding around my waist as he lowered me onto his bed, lips moving onto my neck, pressing light kisses all over the sensitive skin, I felt his teeth grazing my flesh, I whimpered as my back arched towards him. He unzipped my jeans, yanking them down my legs and tossing them to the side, unhooking my bra too, his lips moved down to my chest, kissing all over my breasts, tongue swirling against the skin, I whimpered, gripping onto his shoulder blades desperately.

“Brendon…” I gasped, writhing, his hand slid into my panties as his lips worked my flesh, biting down again, his fingers circling on my clit, he groaned as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, they were left undone. He withdrew his hand from my panties, much to my annoyance, he kicked his jeans off, leaving him in his boxers on top of me, hand back in my panties, touching my clit again, sending shudders of pleasure through me, I felt him hard against my leg, grinding into me slightly.

“Fuck Y/N…” He growled slightly, his breathing rapid and desperate.

“Come on…” I panted desperately, I needed more and he knew it, he groaned and nodded at me, pulling my panties down tossing them somewhere, he wriggled out of his boxers, I felt his bare skin against me, the heat coming from both of us was unbearable, I pressed my hips up towards him, desperate for more contact.

“Someone’s impatient.” He said biting his lip at me, the way he looked at me was driving me crazy, his lip pulled sexily between his teeth, hips grinding down against me, I whimpered again, his hand slipped in between us, he rubbed his cock against me. “So wet.” He growled out, his hips rocking slowly.

“Please Bren…” I whimpered, gripping onto him, he chuckled low in his throat, my hips rocked against his, he groaned out again. “Come on… I need you.” I whimpered, hearing my own voice breathy and desperate.

“Fuck this.” He growled, his hips snapped sharply against me, pushing into me hard, I gasped out, his hips began to snap against me, jolting me up on the bed, his hand gripping the sheets hard, pulling them next to my head. I heard myself moaning and whimpering on the bed under him as his body moved above me, face screwed up in pleasure, his own panting and moaning turning me on even more, I knew how much he was enjoying this, it made it better for me. He growled slightly, leaning up almost upright as his hips slammed into me, the low rumbling sound coming from in his chest driving me insane, I felt him hitting that perfect spot over and over again. It played in the back of my mind that the reason he was so good at this was because of his reputation and how much he’d done it before, but the though was quickly stamped out by the mind numbing pleasure he was giving me. He just grunted and groaned above me, throwing his head back in pleasure, his sexy, tattooed arm coming up to my neck, hand wrapping gently around my throat, holding it in his fingers, squeezing ever so slightly when I moaned out. He looked at me with a new intensity, his eyes burning, like he couldn’t get enough of me, it made me feel so sexy, like no one had made him feel like this before.

My brain began to fog over as an unfamiliar tightening in my stomach began to build up, I had literally only been able to cum before if it was me doing it, so the fact that Brendon had almost nailed it first time drove me crazy. His hand remained around my throat, the other gripping the sheets next to me, I hadn’t really tried rougher sex but it was so hot I couldn’t care less if it was new to me. He released my throat, instead opting to grip onto my wrists, pinning them up above my head as his mouth moved to my neck, biting down harder than before, I felt the slight suction on the skin, knowing he’d leave a dark red mark there.

“Fuck Brendon.” I gasped out, the pain was amazing, along with the pleasure of his hips slamming into me over and over, his pace was relentless, it was like it didn’t faze him at all. He smirked down, letting out another impossibly sexy moan, using only one hand to pin my wrists, the other now gripping tightly onto my hip.

“Ugh Y/N… you feel so fucking tight.” He growled out, low and husky, the tone sent shivers down my spine, I felt the slight sting of his fingers, gripping my hip possessively, I could already tell he wasn’t the type for sharing, the way his body loomed over mine, hands gripping me. His dark hair began to cling to his sweaty forehead, his head thrown back, mouth falling open as he grunted with each thrust, the bed beginning to slam against the wall loudly.

“I… I’m c-close.” I gasped, feeling the knot in my stomach tightening more, like I was about to snap, my mind growing hazy, all I could think of was his name and his body and the way he made me feel, nothing else mattered at that moment. He seemed to gain a second wind hearing me say that, his hips slamming into me with new found ferocity, growling and groaning over the top of me, released my wrists which instantly flew up to his back, gripping it tightly, I felt my nails raking down his flesh which only seemed to drive him even more crazy. He hooked my leg under his arm, allowing him deeper, his free hand tangled in my air, gripping a fistful and pulling it lightly, forcing my back to arch against him, he used to opportunity to attack my neck again, biting and sucking all over. “B-bren, I… can’t hold on much longer.” I whimpered desperately, the stings and aches of pain he was giving me drove me insane, a perfect contrast to how amazing I felt every else.

“Me too baby… I wanna feel you cum on my cock.” He snarled, pulling my hair again sharply, I felt his thrusts growing sloppier and harder, he leant down close to my ear, biting just underneath it. “Cum for me.” He groaned, I came undone at his words, cumming hard around him, feeling myself tightening around him, gripping his back tight, he kept his tight grip on my body, his head bowed into the crook of my neck.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, loud and desperate, I was so glad they hadn’t come back yet, my body felt like it was fluttering, shaking and weak, suddenly he gave one last burst of hard thrusts before slowing.

“Oh fuck Y/N.” He tensed right up above me, throwing his head back, mouth open as he throbbed, hitting his peak just after me, groaned out, his own breath shaky and staggered in my ear.

He flopped down next to me, breathing heavily, sweat coating his skin as he leant back.

“Wow…” He panted slightly, taking a swig of the drink next to his bed. “That was amazing.”

“I know…” I gasped out, suddenly feeling that anxiety about it coming back. “Just so you know, I’m really not the type to do this.” I mumbled, he laughed in a low breathy tone.

“Stop thinking I’m judging you for any of this.” He smiled, pulling me a little closer to him, his million dollar smile beaming at me.

“I just… I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about me.” I sighed, allowing myself to be pulled closer to the dark haired boy.

“Well you know… I was kinda hoping that this could happen more often?” He smiled, he brushed my hair out of my face, sweat causing it to stick slightly, I raised an eyebrow, panicking that all my worries had just been confirmed. “No! I don’t just mean that, I mean tonight, me and you.”

“Me and you?” I asked, tilting my head to the side as he lay next to me slightly breathless.

“You know, getting stoned and skating just the two of us, having lunch together all the time, holding hands, cuddling and watching movies. You know, all that stuff that makes single people cringe.” He smiled sincerely, cuddling up to me.

“But… why… I’m hardly your usual type.” I tried to hide the concern in my voice, he kissed my forehead gently, pulling me close to him on the bed.

“Listen… if you think you’re not damn perfect then you’re stupid. You skate, you’re beautiful, intelligent, witty, you love music and you smoke, and you’re happy to just chill. I’ve liked you for ages but tonight I finally got the chance to really speak to you and get to know you, and you’re every bit as amazing as I thought, more even.” I blushed bright red, feeling him pull the covers over us, nuzzling his face into my hair.

“I really like you Bren… I’m just scared.” I mumbled into his chest, us snuggling up together in bed felt great.

“I know… but I swear, I won’t hurt you, I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t fuck up something so amazing. I really like you too.” He smiled, we heard Ryan and Sophia giggling downstairs, they’d just come in, Brendon chuckled. “We should probably try to get to sleep before they start making noise.”

“Ok…” I mumbled again, nuzzling into his chest. “Night Brendon.”

“Night babe.”

I really hope you like it guys <3

Hawaii - Jimin

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Parts; Masterlist, One, Two, Three, Four

Pairing; Jimin x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 2.736

“Ya JK, open the door!!” you heard someone yell whilst pounding on your door. You were startled as you were already asleep and as you moved to grab your phone you were getting angry because it was in the middle of the night and after the jetlag you suffered from flying from Europe to Hawaii, you finally fell asleep at a normal time but now there was a lunatic pounding down the door, yelling for someone named JK.

It wasn’t till you were fully awake that you saw your friend Mina hyperventilating, this was something new but as the guy kept yelling JK, she went completely crazy. “Why aren’t you opening the door?” you asked with a husky voice but she just waved me off, which made you get out of bed to open the door yourself, this was going to be interesting because if that person thought you were going to let him off easily, he was dead wrong. “YA KOOKIE OPEN UP!!” his voice was getting louder so you quickly put on your silk robe and open the door. “SHUT UP WILL YOU!” you yelled back but when you saw the person in front of you, you immediately wished you hadn’t said anything because it was the most handsome guy ever and there you stood yelling at him, he was also in shock that was a certain thing “That’s Jimin from bts.” you heard Mina choke out.

“Where is JK?” Jimin pushed you aside and walked into the room, he was reeking of alcohol and he must really be drunk. “There is no JK here, you have the wrong room.” you tried but he had already taken up the bed and after a few seconds, a soft snore came from him. “What the?” you were feeling shocked that was for certain and Mina just kept watching Jimin and who could really blame her, as he was beautiful even whilst being drunk. “Mina? You said he is Jimin from Bts right?”

“Ye, Park Jimin, you know who he is, I’ve shown pictures of him.”

“I know who he is but I’m not wearing my glasses and it’s night, you know my vision isn’t that clear, the only thing I can see is that he is really handsome.” you said apologetic and she nodded without looking away from a sleeping Jimin, this was going to be super awkward in the morning, you needed to find the guys or a manager to get him out of here. You grabbed a bra and sweats and a shirt and put on your glasses, so you were at least a bit presentable. “Mina please look over Jimin and don’t take pictures, I am going to look for someone of the Bts team.” you took the room key and went to look for someone you would recognize. After having no luck, you went up to the reception and asked if they could call someone from Bts’s team to meet me in the lobby and at first they denied that there was even someone from Bts and you actually had to tell them about Jimin and the fact that he was sleeping in your room. You quickly texted Mina to tell her to make a picture and send it to me, just to prove it to the receptionist and when she saw the picture of a sleeping Jimin, she immediately called one of the rooms and not long after a guy with glasses came walking up to you followed by none other than J-Hope and JungKook, now that you were wearing your glasses you recognized them right away.

You put up your hand to signal them and J-Hope was the first one that spotted you and he nudged the other guys. “Are you Y/N?” you nodded and bowed quickly. “Why is Jimin in your room?”

“I really don’t know but he was pounding down the door, calling for JK.”  Jk and J-Hope exchanged a certain look, which looked a bit like panic. “Look he is really drunk and he just passed out in my bed and I just thought you guys should go and get him.”

“Did you take any pictures?”

“Ani, we didn’t. We do respect your privacy.”

“Is it okay if you let him sleep in your room for just tonight, I know it’s weird but he has been down and hasn’t been sleeping, so if he is finally sleeping then we should really let him sleep.” they sounded apologetic and as they look at you with their puppy eyes, you couldn’t say no but you couldn’t help but sigh at this because how in the world were you going to get some rest. “Sure, does he need to be somewhere at a certain time later today?”

“Ye, he needs to be at the beach at 9 am.” of course he did, this was going to be a real bitch because it meant you had to be dressed and showered way before 9 am. “Okay, I will make sure he is at the beach on time, I’m sorry for waking you guys.”

“That’s okay, thank you for telling us, we were a bit worried when he didn’t come to his room.”

“Then I will go back, good night.” you bowed and started to walk towards the elevator when you got stopped by their manager. “I really don’t want to be rude but can we see your phone tomorrow?” You were happy he didn’t want to see your phone right now because there was a picture of Jimin sleeping like a baby on your phone. “Of course but really we won’t make any pictures of videos, that’s really disrespectful.” they nodded and bowed, which you took as your cue to walk away but before you returned to your room you asked for a few bottles of water, just in case Jimin woke up really thirsty. It also was a good thing that you brought painkillers. The minute you opened the door you couldn’t help but laugh at what was in front of you, Mina still sat the same way as you left her completely mesmerized by Jimin. “Ya Mina, get off the floor.” she turned and the look in her eyes told me she was completely smitten but somehow you couldn’t help but get a bit defensive about this.
“You are really being rude right now, just go to sleep.” she threw you a glance that told you to die right there but it was so funny you couldn’t help but giggle at this. She did get up and almost crawled in the same bed as Jimin, you quickly pulled her back by her shirt and pushed her on her own bed. “Are you crazy, you can’t sleep in the same bed as Jimin.”

“Ah why?!” she was actually whining in a low voice which made this situation even funnier “Just go to sleep and don’t bother him.” she groaned and whined for a bit but eventually she grew quiet and not long after her soft snores were heard. This made you relax a bit but you still couldn’t sleep so you put the water on the nightstand with two painkillers in a cup next to it, you couldn’t help but be drawn to the sleeping Jimin, his hair had fallen in front of his face and you couldn’t help but brush it away, next thing you know he grabs your hand and pulled you next to him, he actually pulled you into him, which would be really sweet if you would be dating but now it was way too intimate and you tried to get loose, which worked after a few tries, luckily he didn’t wake up but the thing that happened was that you just lost your heart to the sleeping boy.

Not knowing what to do, you grabbed your laptop and decided to watch a movie, you did set the alarm just in case you fell asleep. You took a seat on the chair which was in front of the window and you made yourself cozy, you did fall asleep but woke up by the sunlight, which was the best way ever to wake up. You stretched but stopped when you felt eyes on you and as you quickly sat up your eyes locked with Jimin’s and to say he looked confused and hungover as hell was an understatement. “How are you feeling?” you wanted to get a bit closer but he stopped me with just his hand. “Who are you?”

“Ah I’m Y/N, you were a bit drunk last night and were looking for JungKook.” you quickly explained but he started to look suspicious. “Why would I come here?”

“I don’t know but you were convinced that this was the right room and before we could stop you, you already crawled on my bed and fell asleep.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“We tried but you were fast asleep but I did contact your manager and told him that you were here and they told me to just let you sleep, so that’s what we did.”

“You didn’t take pictures right?” you hesitated and he immediately held out his hand for your phone and without thinking you gave him your phone but you already had deleted the picture because that was what you promised. “You didn’t take pictures?” he sounded surprised, which made you a bit sad because that meant that there were actually sasaengs that made that kind of pictures, which was a complete violation of their privacy. “Well we did make one picture but that was just to prove you were in our room.”

“Who needed the prove?”

“Ah, the receptionist but after that, I deleted the picture.”

“Thank you so much.” you smiled at him and he let himself fall back on the bed with his arms over his head. “I’m so embarrassed right now.”

“Ah don’t be.” you sat down on the bed and started to spin the top from the water bottle “You should drink some water and I have some painkillers if you need it.” you handed him the water bottle and was a bit surprised when he sat up and moved so close to you, his arm was touching yours and just like last night you felt the same spark but this time you noticed that he felt it too as he froze up for just a second but he recovered really fast as he continued to grab the bottle from your hand. “I’m sorry to ask this but do you maybe have a spare toothbrush?” he asked after drinking the water and you nodded as you quickly got up and opened your suitcase, showing the spare toothbrush. He got up and disappeared into the bathroom. You followed him with your eyes but stopped when you locked eyes with an angry looking Mina, she was definitely judging you hard for being so close to Jimin and you quickly looked down at the ground out of embarrassment. “Really Y/N?”

“Whatever,” you mumbled as you got up from the bed. Jimin didn’t take a long time and you quickly walked into the bathroom and listened to him introducing himself to Mina. You got dressed real quick and decided to put on some shorts and a sleeveless shirt and you braided your hair loosely, your makeup was minimal as you probably ended up swimming anyway. “Mina you can take a shower now,” you called out and sure enough she joined you in the bathroom with a cloudy expression. “You can have him,” she mumbled embarrassed and you wondered what happened there but knowing Mina she probably tried to flirt with Jimin and he most likely turned her down in the nicest way possible.

You walked out of the room when you heard Him gasp and you immediately looked down to see if there was something wrong but nothing was wrong and you looked up and jump back a bit as he was right in front of you. “Oh, you scared me,” you said a bit out of breath but he was actually smiling at you. “You look beautiful.” you felt the blush on your face when he said that which made him chuckle in a low voice. “Ah before I forget this, you need to be at the beach at 9 am.” He looked at his phone and made a small noise when he saw the time. “I need to leave like now.” he was already running towards the door when he suddenly turned around and came back, he pulled you into his arms and gave you a tight hug followed by a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for taking care of me, I left my number on your phone and I called my phone with it, I will text you okay?” you nodded against his shoulder and that’s when he let you go.

You let yourself fall on the nearest bed and put the pillow on top of your face and screamed in it, this was the first time you could express your enthusiasm for having one of the most handsome guys in your room and to have him hug you and kiss you on the cheek, what kind of dream is this?

“You’re not dreaming but you did steal the guy from me,” Mina said when she walked into the room and you couldn’t help but giggle at her sour tone. “I really want to say sorry but then again I don’t.” which made her snicker as well. “You’re so bad, warning me to stay away from him and there you are taking care of him.”

“I know, I know but I couldn’t help it, I was just really drawn to him.”

“Let’s go rent jet skis.” she suddenly yelled and you immediately were on board because that would be so badass “Let’s go1” we grabbed our bags and a few minutes later we were paying for jet skis and the minute we got on the water, there wasn’t a single thought about Jimin and we just had fun, falling into the water a few times, we were completely exhausted by the time we got back, it was almost evening, which was good because that meant the sun wasn’t that strong anymore, not that it was relevant because you had been on the water for the entire day and got a bit tanned. You two walked to one of the lounge chairs when you spotted Rap Monster approaching you together with Jimin and their manager.

“Y/N, you’re finally back on land, we watched you play as we needed to talk.” You were way too tired to talk about serious things but you couldn’t really escape it. “Sure.” They asked you to follow them and as you took a seat at the chosen restaurant they immediately out some documents in front of you. “These are Nondisclosure documents and I need you to sign these.” Their manager was really bold about this and you actually felt a bit angry as it was offending as if you would tell people about Jimin being drunk, the guys noticed the change in you and they immediately tried to explain the situation. “I get it, I will sign them but know that I’m really offended as ARMY.” You quickly put your name on the documents and stood up and without looking back you walked away but was stopped the minute someone pulled you back.

“I’m sorry but they insisted, I do trust you but it’s just standard procedures.” Jimin was visibly upset but you were angry enough to not fall for it. “Look I’m really tired as I didn’t have much sleep last night, so just drop it.” you tried to pull your arm free, which was fruitless as he was much stronger than you. “Please forgive me.”

“Why would you even care about if I forgive you, I’m just a nobody and you don’t really know me anyway, so let’s just pretend that we never met and just let me be ARMY from afar.”

“Ani, I really don’t want to forget you, I really don’t think I can forget you, to be honest.”

“Why not?”

“Because I like you and want to know you better.”

“As if you have time for that.”

“I never really had a girlfriend but I think you have to be my first so please have dinner with me tomorrow.”


Favorite Couple – Brett Talbot Imagine

Requested by Anon: Could you write a Brett imagine where him and the reader have a relation like maya and lucas of gmw,like her is always calling him names and making fun of him, and he likes her but he doesn’t knowshe likes him too and he thinks she doesn’t like him back because all that stuff, so the packdecide set them up together in a date and they confess their feelings? just a lots of fluff.

Word Count: 1,650

Author’s Note: Okay, I really struggled coming up with an idea for this. I changed things about and decided to have the cast of GMW be the pack since we don’t know Brett’s pack at Devenford Prep. I hope you like it.

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G-Eazy Imagine Part Two

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Part One 

Synopsis: G makes assumptions that lead to problematic fights and you deciding if it’s all worth it

Warnings: Language

Your POV

I walked for about a mile until I got service again. I called an Uber for the hundreth time in the past couple of hours to my location and waited. I wiped away residue of streaked mascara as I had stopped crying half a mile ago. There was a part of me that wished he would just text me or call me, hell, even come after me but there was nothing. I suppose I told him to never come near me again. 

I wasn’t sure where to go from here. Do I catch a flight back to LA? Do I get a car? If I went back to G and I’s apartment there was still a chance, even if it was small, that he would show up. I needed some space, as much as I did want him to come after me I don’t think it’s for the best. I want and need time alone, did he trust me? I trusted him and he was the one on the road all the time with girls throwing themselves at him!

A car pulls up in front of me and I see the Uber sticker on it and get in. 

“Where to?” The guy asks and I hesitate for a moment. 

“Uh, can you take me to the nearest car rental place?” I ask and he nods and puts it into his phone and we were off. The drive back to LA really wasn’t that bad, it just sucked it was almost 1 am. We pull up to the only car rental place that was open and I go in quickly to the front desk trailing my suitcase behind me. 

“I’d like a rental car please.” I ask and the front lady glares at me and sighs. 

“Fill out this, I’ll need to see ID.” Her tone was anything but friendly but it wasn’t my biggest problem. I take the keys to a nice Subaru and get in, admiring the interior. I toss my suitcase into the trunk and plug my phone into the car so it would charge. I find the nearest store to use the restroom and get something to eat as well as drink. I needed the caffeine for the road ahead, I tried to not keep replaying the events from earlier. I grab a few snacks and coffee before getting back onto the road. 

I couldn’t help but feel the ache in my chest, how could he have said those things. Questioning my loyalty? I would never cheat on Gerald, had he cheated on me though? He said in such a manor that it was almost like he was confessing? Questions ran through my head for the duration of the drive but I tried quieting them with music. When I would get home, I would sleep and pack my things and go. I did have the week off which was nice but I did have to write a piece and send it in. I just knew that I had to get out of that apartment, I didn’t know if Gerald would come back or if he’d get one of the guys in LA to go in and see if I was there. 

Finally get to our- the apartment, I left my suitcase in the car as I didn’t have the energy to take it up or the reason to. I had more bags upstairs that I would fill later, all I had on my mind was to sleep and forget about what happened. I shut the front door locking it and throwing myself in the cold sheets. I hadn’t realized I was on his side until his cologne filled my nose. Tears slipped from my eyes at the thought of him not being here and not just because of tour. I took off my clothes and slipped on one of his t shirts. Laying back down it only took minutes until I was fast asleep. 

Gerald’s POV

“Fuucckk…” I groan trying to lift my head to move from the sun beaming in. I felt the bed shift and suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I looked over to see a girl in the bed next to me but she was dressed. Did I sleep with her? I lightly shove at her and she wakes up. 

“Oh shit, I didn’t know you crashed in here.” She laughed and got up.

“We didn’t sleep together did we?” I ask and she turns around to me. 

“No, you barely could walk. Don’t think you could perform even if you wanted too. You were a real dick last night though, I mean the bottle? Really?” She crosses her arms and confusion fills my mind. 

“What did I do now?” Where was Y/N? Oh no, is that what she meant? 

“Where’s my girl? Fuck, what did I do?” I run my hands over my face and she laughs. 

“You accused her of cheating, then practically threw a bottle at her head. I wouldn’t recommend the drug combination you did last night ever again.” My heart sinks and I look for my phone and feel it in my pocket. I take it out and quickly dial her phone number and the random girl leaves. 

“Shit, please. C’mon Y/N, answer.” I plead rubbing my aching head. 

“Hi you’ve reached Y/N, can’t get to the ph-” I hang up and call her again. I call for another 5 minutes but she doesn’t answer. She wasn’t even ignoring the calls, was she hurt? Did she fly home? I had no idea. It was about 12 pm and I quickly booked a flight back to LA. I grabbed the bag I had and shoved all of my clothes into it. 

“G-Eazy, my main man!” A guy laughs and tries to high five me but I shove past him. I put my sunglasses over my eyes and kept walking out until I got into the car quickly driving to the airport. How could I do that to her? I wasn’t even sure what I said but I fucked up and I could feel that deep down. I hurt her badly. 

Your POV

I woke up and saw it was nearly 2 pm, I rub my eyes as the events of last night flood my mind. 

“Fuck…” I groan and roll over. I needed to pack things, take a shower and go. I grabbed the huge duffle bag from the top shelf in our closet and started pulling things off of the hanger. Maybe I’d go stay with a friend? Go see my mom? I’d figure it out while in the car. I jumped into the shower and put on a pair of leggings, a t shit and a denim jacket as well as a pair of booties. I let my hair air dry as I put the last things I needed in my bag.

“What am I forgetting?” I look around and land on my bed side table. A picture of G and I from a couple of months ago sat there. Our happy faces looking at one another, I go towards the table and pick up the sunglasses in front of the picture and grab my bag. I get out into the living room when I see Gerald standing there. I couldn’t believe it, how had he come back so quickly? If I had just left a litle bit earlier…

“W-What are you doing here?” I ask confused and he quickly takes off his glasses and looks at my bag behind me. 

“I came here looking for you, I don’t remember what I did but I knew it wasn’t good. I hurt you, I know that. I can feel that.” Gerald holds onto his chest and he steps closer making myself shift. 

“I don’t know who you were last night, you weren’t Gerald. You weren’t my boyfriend.” I state and his expression is full of regret and I can see that. 

“I did a lot of stuff, stuff I’m not proud of. It wasn’t me you’re right, it’s an image. You know how it is.” He shrugs and I scoff. 

“Are you kidding? Throwing a bottle at me was just your image? Just trying to impress the guys? You sat there with a girl on your lap and then accused me of cheating!” I yell as he sighs. 

“Fuck, I know. I get, I mean I got jealous. You mean so fucking much to me Y/N and I’m not the worlds best boyfriend. Clearly. I know you deserve better and I’m just waiting for the day you realize it and leave me.” Gerald admits and I turn away so he can’t see the tears. 

“I love you, whether you believe it or not. I do, and I truly know that. Please, don’t leave me.” Gerald reaches your hand and you let him take it. 

“I need you.” He continues and pulls you closer and closer. 

“You broke my heart.” I say and he holds the back of my neck so I was tightly against his chest before lifting my chin up to him. 

“And I’ll never forgive myself for it. Please, forgive me.” Gerald starts to lean in and a debate errupts through my head. 

“Okay. I forgive you.” Gerald’s lips crash onto mine, the feeling so foreign. I hadn’t seen or kissed him in months but this was worth the wait. 

“Should we fly back to Palm Springs?” G asks as he pulls away.

“No, I just want you here.” I smile and kiss his lips once more.

 We loved each other, through thick and thin.

Authors Note: Well hope you enjoyed! If you have any requests please feel free to shoot me a message! Or any feedback would be rad! Thanks so much for reading and liking Part One as well! Means so much! 

Torn Between

A/N:This is the first part of this love triangle imagine,I didn’t want to rush the story so I’ll make several parts to it.Hope you like it xx

Request: stuckinafieldofdaises Could I get a Stiles and Theo imagine? Could it be that I am Scott’s cousin and a banshee that recently moved in with them and Theo was my ex but we broke up because he moved and just left me. But once i move Stiles likes me and then Theo see’s me and he realizes that he still likes me. Could you try involving Mama McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, and Agent McCall? You can choose who i end up with. Btw I love your imagines. I love the Chancelleries. Thank you!

Pairings: Stiles X Reader,Theo X Reader

Word Count: 2.08K words

Part TWO

*The imagine takes place based on season 5′s plot*


I took a deep breathe once I saw the car going closer to the sign that says,’WELCOME TO BEACON HILLS’.This town holds lots of memories,some happy some equally depressing.

I recently figured out I am a banshee too,I was so scared.As I’m new to this stuff,my mom didn’t understand what’s going on,after lots of discussion with Aunt Melissa,my mom decided it will be better if I stay few months with Aunt Melissa and my cousin Scott.She believes as Scott’s also related to supernatural world,he’ll be able to help me more since one of his friend is also a banshee,his friend can give me tips.After I grip hold of the situation I will go back home.

“Honey,you alright?”My mom’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Uh,yeah.”I sighed.

She just nodded and held my hand in a comforting way.

We reached in front of my aunt’s place.I saw Scott along and Aunt Melissa,standing at the doorstep.I grinned seeing them,it’s been awhile.I last visited this place when I was in fourth grade.I actually used to live here until my parents decided to shift to New York.

“Y/N!”Scott said excitedly and hugged me tightly.

“Scott,it’s been ages!”I said grinning back.

“I know right!”

“Oh my my,you’ve grown up to be such a pretty lady.”Aunt Melissa hugged me.

“Why thank you,and must I say you look exactly the same,don’t you age?”I joked.

*at the dinner table*

“You were always the sister with better cooking skills,”my mom said to Aunt Melissa.

“Oh what can I say?”She chuckled.

“So,Y/N are you ready for school tomorrow?”Scott asked me shoving some pasta in his mouth.

“Uh I guess so?”I answered unsured.

“Oh darling,you’ll be fine.”Aunt Melissa assured me.

*in the morning*

I woke up by the sound of my mom and aunt Melissa singing loudly downstairs and making breakfast.I got ready and went downstairs.

“Seriously,you two are something.”I laughed.

“Oh shush,I made pancakes,you want it or not?”Aunt Melissa said winking at me.

“Hell yeah!”I said excitedly.

“Where’s Scotty?”My mom asked.

“Here!”Scott emerged in the room.

“Speak of the devil,”Melissa chuckled.

“Good morning ladies’.”Scott said.

“Y/n,I usually go to school fifteen minutes before the classes start.Do you mind going early?”Scott asked.

“Not at all,besides I’ll get the chance to see your friends so I’m excited.”I shrugged.


After finishing breakfast Scott and I were talking,then suddenly I heard a car’s horn.

“That’s Stiles,you remember him,don’t you?He picks me up.”Scott said.

“Ofcourse I do!He used to eat my red gummy bears!”I said chuckling.

We bid goodbyes to our moms and went outside,I saw a light blue jeep parked outside.I saw Stiles waving at us excitedly,and as we approached he greeted me,”Y/N,how are you?You’re all grown up.”

“Stiles!Look at you owning a jeep and all,missed you.”

“Oh yeah,you never called me during all these years.”Stiles pouted.

“I’m sorry okay?I’ll make it up to you.”I said hugging him.

I couldn’t help but admire Stiles,he’s grown up to be really good looking.He had a goofy smile and the way his hair was messed up made him look extra cute.

In the jeep we had small talk,just Stiles asking me my favourite hobby and stuff.

Once we arrived I saw three other girls and two boys standing,probably waiting for us.

“Hi,you must be Scott’s cousin,I’m Lydia.”The beautiful girl,with amazing fashion sense said.

“I’m Kira,”the other one said smiling.

“I’m Liam,”the guy with baby blue eyes said.

“I’m Mason,”the other guy said.

“And I’m Malia,”the girl with short hair said.

“It’s so nice to meet y’all.”I said genuinely smiling.

“Let’s go inside,”Liam said.

“Yeah,we also have to show Y/N the office room,so she can collect her schedule.”Scott said.

After getting my schedule and stuff,I walked towards my locker.Scott said he’ll meet me during the lunch break.As I was opening my locker I heard a voice from behind,”are you new here?”The deep voice said.

“Yeah actually,”I said turning around and my smile faded away slightly.

“Th-theo?”I asked.

Scott did warn me about Theo,he said how they are having difficulty trusting him,he showed me pictures of him.I already had grudges towards him.He broke my heart when I was a kid,I know it sounds silly,but I genuinely liked him and one day he just broke up with me and left.

“Y/N,right?”He said surprised.

“Yeah,”I said forcing a smile.

“Been ages!”He remarked.

“Yeah been ages,since you left without any explanation.”I shrugged.

“Seriously,you’re still hurt about what I did when I was a kid?”He said laughing.

“No,I was just stating facts.”I partially lied and partially told the truth.

“Well-”Theo began but was interrupted by the bell that indicated classes are going to start within five minutes.

“Gotta go,bye.”I said before quickly walking away from him.

“Whoa whoa slow down,will ya!”I was stopped by Stiles.

“Oh sorry,don’t wanna be late for class.”I said smiling at him.

“You won’t be,by the way which class do you have now?”He asked smiling.

“Uh History.”I replied.

“I have Physics now,Come on I’ll show you the way to your class.”


During lunch break I saw the pack sitting on a table,they were all chatting and laughing.As I approached they all greeted me,Stiles tapped the vacant seat beside him for me to sit.I obliged and sat there.

“How way your day?”Stiles asked,eating his sandwich.

“It was alright.”I sighed.

“First days are stressful,I know.”


Soon the lunch time was over,I now have a free period,however everyone in the pack have classes so I decided to head towards the library to kill time.

The library was serenade,I was searching to read a book when I felt a presence behind me.I looked back and saw Theo looking down at me.

“Free period?”He asked.


“Let’s talk,I want to catch up with you,been ages.”Theo said hopefully.

“Uh I actually thought I’ll finish some studying since I already missed few lectures.”I tried to go away,but I was stopped by him this time.

He grabbed my hand and said,”are you still mad at me?”


“Please tell me honestly.”


“That was ages ago,c’mon let it go.”He sighed.

“It’s so easy for you to say that huh?”I snapped,”do you have any idea how I felt,you abandoned me,you just left without any explanation.You were my only friend besides Scott and Stiles,and I’m not angry about the fact that you broke up with me,I’m upset that you just-you just left without even telling me.”I finished ranting.

“Look,I can’t tell you why I left,I’m still not ready for it.But trust me I had a very strong reason.”He said slowly.

“Leave it Theo,we are down talking.”I said and quickly exited the library.

I know I was overreacting but I was that hurt,because after all these years when I finally saw him again,I just couldn’t control my emotion.

“Y/N WAIT!”I heard Scott calling me and running towards me.

“Hey,what’s up?”I asked with a small smile.

“What happened?”He asked.

“I just bumped into Theo and all those memories just came back and yeah.”I said shrugging.

“C’mere,”Scott said hugging me,”listen Y/N,let it go,you’ll find someone even better I promise,besides do you know Stiles have a crush on you?”

“What?”I said laughing.

“It’s true,he was talking about you all day which made me want to punch him but he was talking with so much adoration.”Scott said chuckling.

“Oh wow.”I laughed.

After the school was over,Scott and I walked towards Stiles’ jeep.

“Hey guys!”Stiles exclaimed.

“Uh Stiles,actually I have few errands to run before going home,can you just drop Y/N home?”Scott asked.

I was surprised,he didn’t mention it before.

“Scott I can go with you?”I offered.

“NO!”Scott yelled,”uh I mean no need,you go home take rest.”

“Uh okay..?”I said,slightly surprised by his behaviour.

“Alright Scott,see ya tomorrow man,come on Y/N,”Stiles said before driving.

“Today was such a long day!”I sighed.

“Oh yeah?You should take rest then.”Stiles said while keeping his eyes on the road.

“Yeah,I’ll literally collapse on my bed after I reach home.”I chuckled.

“Same here.”

We talked during the whole journey,Stiles was really funny and it surprised me seeing how much we have in common.

“Thank you for the lift.”I said getting off the jeep.

“The pleasure is all mine.”Stiles said smiling.

“Why don’t you come inside?”I offered.

“I would’ve love that,but I have to meet my dad now at the police station.”Stiles said.

“Right,say hi to Mr. Stilinski for me.”

“I will,bye,see ya tomorrow.”

“See ya!”

I went inside,and saw an middle aged man,talking with Aunt Melissa.

“You’re here,how was you day?”Aunt said me as I entered the living room.

“It was alright.”I said smiling.

“Y/N,I’m Chris,Chris Argent,nice to meet you.”The man said.

Oh that’s Mr Argent,I never saw his picture but I knew Alison,Scott made me talk with her by phone few times,I was in complete shock after I heard about her getting killed.

“Likewise Mr Argent.”I said shaking his hand.

“Mr Argent just got back in town for few days,in fact he’s got a plan to trap the Dread Doctors.”Aunt Melissa said to me.

“You’re a genius,Scott always praises you and I’m sure whatever plan you are thinking will turn out to be successful.”I said to Mr Argent.

*The next week*

I enjoyed staying with Aunt Melissa and Scott,it was a fun experience.I can’t believe it’s been a week already,so glad to be back here.

“Y/N,are you free today?”Stiles asked me as we were going to Physics class.

“Yeah,I have no homework!”I said happily.

“Umm,you know,I mean will you,like-”Stiles was stammering.

“Just say it.”I chuckled.

He took a deep breathe and said,”do you fancy grabbing a bite to eat after school with me?Just you and me?”

“Ofcourse,”I said smiling.

“Great!So after school.”He said relieved.

As I entered the class with Stiles,I saw Theo sitting at the back bench.After that incident in the library I didn’t speak to him much and we only had Physics together so I only saw him like thrice a week,so it was easy to avoid him.

 I sat at my usual seat that was beside Stiles.

“Okay class I’ve come to the conclusion that some of you need extra classes,I’ve listed the names and I’ll hang on the board after the class,so it will start from today and you can’t miss it,it’s compulsory.”The teacher finished her speech.

I just know I am on it,since I started off late,I was really behind than my peers.I looked at Stiles and he sent me a small smile.

When the class was over I saw the list and saw my name,I knew it.I sighed and looked at Stiles sadly.

“It’s okay,we can grab a bite after few days.”He said,but I knew he was disappointed.

“I’m so sorry Stiles.”

“No,look it’s not your fault,and after you get your grades better than we can celebrate.”He said encouragingly.

“You’re such a great buddy.”I said honestly.

He just laughed and went outside,I looked around and saw Theo there too.He was in the extra class too,shit.

There was only seven students in the extra class.I took a sit and started playing with my fingers,then I heard Theo clear his throat.He sat beside me.

“Hey Y/N.”Theo spoke.

“Hi.”I said not looking at him.

“Look,can we start over?Give me another chance to be your friend?”He asked.

“I don’t know Theo.”I sighed.

“Please understand,the circumstances back then was too much so I couldn’t tell you.”He said sadly.”I’m really sorry.”

I looked at him,he looked upset.Maybe I should give him another chance?People make mistake,and he must have a really good reason to leave.

“Okay.”I finally said.

“What?Really?”He asked enthusiastically.

“Yeah.”I laughed at his reaction.

The class was finally over and as I was getting ready to leave Theo offered me lift.Stiles already left so I said yes to him.It’s been awhile since I spoke to him,now we will start from the beginning,only this time we will only be friends.

Texting Joshua William Dun

So this is a fic I wrote a while ago, and posted on my AO3 account, but I’ve kinda abandoned that account so I decided to post it here. It’s pretty shitty, it was one of the first smuts I had ever written, but I’ll give it to you anyway :)


Josh’s phone vibrated on the table. He picked out up. Text from unknown number.

Unknown: Saw u at the mall today. Talking to ur friends. God ur so hot. Really want to fuck that pretty mouth.

Josh stared at the text for a moment before responding.

Josh: Who is this?

Unknown: Ur new whore.

Josh: What’s your name?

Unknown: Tyler.

Tyler: But you can call me whatever you want.

Josh didn’t respond and Tyler didn’t text back.



Tyler: I’m so horny right now.

Josh: Sounds like a personal problem.

Tyler: I’m laying on my bed right now.

Tyler: All my clothes are on the floor.

A picture popped up. A large cock with a hand wrapped around it. Josh couldn’t help the twitch he felt in his dick.

Tyler: U like that?

Josh: No, leave me alone.

Tyler: Don’t lie. I know how hard u are right now.

Tyler: If u send a pic I’ll send a video.

Josh thought for a moment. He didn’t want to, but his cock said otherwise. He locked himself in his room and pulled down his pants and boxers, letting his erection spring free. He turned on the camera and positioned the camera to where it got a good view, and pressed the button. He sent it to Tyler. A video popped up in response. He clicked it excitedly.

A hand was pumping a large cock quickly. Pornographic moans came from the speaker of his phone. Josh wrapped his own hand around his dick and started to stroke himself. He watched as Tyler came all over himself with a shudder and a loud groan.

Tyler: Will you send a video?

Josh once again opened the camera. He sat his phone on his bed, propped up by his messy sheets and stood in front of it, giving the camera a full view of his cock. He started pumping, moaning as he did so. Within a few minutes he was coming all over his fist, cum dripping onto the floor. He sent it to Tyler.

Tyler: Thank you master.



Tyler: Hey.

Josh: Hello.

Josh: I’ve just realized I don’t know what you look like, except for ur cock.

A picture popped up. A kind face with brown doe eyes and a beautiful smile. His hair was the same brown and it stuck up in the front like a shark fin. He had a bit of stubble and the most adorable face Josh has ever seen, with a beautiful tan.

Josh: Cute.

Tyler: Thanks.

Tyler: Whatcha doin?

Josh: Watching TV.

Tyler: Me 2.

Tyler: Nothing good is on.

Josh: Ikr.

Josh: Wanna come over?

Tyler: Sure, what’s ur address?

Josh gave him his address.

Tyler: Cool, u live really close 2 me.

Tyler: Be over in 5.

Sure enough, five minutes later Josh heard a knock on the door. He opened it. The boyish face from the picture was standing in the door. He was slightly taller than Josh, and was skinny and fragile-looking. He smiled. Josh found it hard to believe that this was the same man sending him videos of him jerking off. “Hey,” he said. His voice was high pitched and fit his body perfectly. “Hullo,” Josh said in response. He let him inside. Tyler looked around at the small living room. They sat down and talked. They just talked, and it was almost as natural as if they had known each other for years.

“So, how did you even get my number?” Josh asked. Tyler’s face reddened a bit. “I asked one of your friends.” So it was their fault. Not that Josh was really complaining. He couldn’t help the thoughts that rushed into his head after that. Tyler glanced down at the growing bulge in his jeans and smirked. He got up from his seat and straddled Josh’s lap. Josh looked up at him with hungry eyes. He leaned forward and collided their lips together. Tyler grinded against Josh’s crotch. Josh held back a moan. He unbuttoned Tyler’s shirt, and slid it off of him. Tyler stopped kissing him to take off Josh’s shirt, and he got a good view of his chest. Tyler’s chest had two tattoos, both weird and square. His arms also had thick black stripes around them.

Josh’s shirt fell to the floor. The shirtless men grinded into each other, when eventually Tyler got tired of it. He undid Josh’s belt. Josh lifted his hips to allow Tyler to slide his jeans off. Josh wrapped his arms around Tyler’s skinny frame and picked him up. He stumbled into his bedroom. They collapsed onto the bed, lips still connected. Josh pulled off Tyler’s skinny jeans, leaving both the men in their boxers. Josh rubbed their erections together through the thin cloth. Tyler whimpered. Josh repeated the action, earning himself satisfying whimpers from the man beneath him.

Josh attacked Tyler’s neck, nipping and biting and kissing and sucking. He kept moving down. He sucked on one of Tyler’s hard nipples, earning moans of pleasure. He continued his journey down, and eventually reached the hem of Tyler’s boxers. He pulled them down.

Tyler was just as big as the video showed, and beads of precum dripped from the tip of his cock. Josh could stare at it forever, but Tyler bucked his hips up in impatience. Josh kissed the base lightly, licked a stripe up the shaft, and took the head into his mouth. He stuck his tongue into the slit. Tyler moaned loudly. He grabbed Josh’s hair and forced his head down. His dick hit the back of his throat. Josh gagged, his eyes starting to water. He bobbed his head, and Tyler thrusted his hips in time.

“God, daddy I’m so close,” Tyler growled.

Bobbing his head, sticking his tongue in Tyler’s slit, it didn’t take long for Josh to make Tyler come. Josh swallowed it all. Tyler pulled Josh up to where they were face to face and kissed him hard, forcing his tongue into Josh’s mouth. “Fuck me,” Tyler said. Tyler picked up Josh’s hand and sucked on three of his fingers, getting them coated with his saliva. Josh only watched, impossibly hard. He pulled his fingers out of Tyler’s mouth, drool dripping. Tyler spread his legs out. Josh only stared at Tyler as he stuck a finger inside him, then another, and another, until he was finger-fucking Tyler, curling his fingers and moving them in and out. Tyler’s face was scrunched in discomfort, but soon he was moaning pleasurably.

He abruptly pulled out his fingers and Tyler whined at the loss. He lined himself up with Tyler’s entrance and waited for a command to keep going. Tyler looked at him in excitement and a little bit of fear. “You okay baby boy?” Josh asked. Tyler nodded. “Yeah, but uh… I’ve never done this before…” He looked embarrassed. Josh kissed his forehead softly and sweetly. “It’s okay baby boy, I’ll go easy.” Tyler nodded. Josh pushed the tip in. Tyler eyebrows furrowed. He wasn’t used to having something so big inside him. Josh pushed in all the way, and waited. Tyler nodded, and Josh slid out to the tip, then gently pushed back in, Tyler moaning as he did so. Josh repeated the action. Tyler nodded again, and Josh picked up the pace. Josh was concerned about hurting Tyler, since this was his first time, but Tyler adapted easily. Pretty soon Josh was pounding into him, Tyler a sweaty, moaning mess.

“Fuck, faster,” Tyler breathed. “I’m so close Daddy, so close.”

“Come for me baby boy.” Josh wrapped his hand around Tyler’s cock, pumping in time with his thrusts. “DADDY,” Tyler came with a scream, ribbons of cum streaming all over Josh’s fist and Tyler’s stomach. He clenched around Josh, and Josh came moments after, filling Tyler. They collapsed, Josh falling on top of Tyler. They kissed lazily, exhausted and spent.

“So,” Josh said. “Text me tomorrow?”

It Has to End

A/N: An anon request where the reader is married and having an affair with Spencer. The BAU finds out. My addition to this request was that the reader is with an emotionally-abusive man and doesn’t know how to leave, and he also works in the FBI, although not in the BAU with the reader and Spencer. She feels ashamed that she got into the marriage at all. @coveofmemories

P.S. I also decided this was post Hotch and Derek time, so Emily is the boss. XD

Warnings: Derogatory language, threats.


When you looked down at your phone, you had to do your best to keep your fear at bay. 

You’re sleeping with him! You fucking whore! I knew you were a good-for-nothing slut! I swear to god, you’re dead!

Your breath caught in your throat, so you excused yourself and left the room, escaping to the hallway. How did you even get into this? Sleeping with your co-worker while you were still married. Your husband was going to kill you. Maybe he would go after Spencer. “What’s wrong?” Spencer asked, peeking his head into the hallway where you hadn’t realized you were shaking. “What happened? I can tell when something is wrong.”

With shaking fingers, you unlocked your phone and showed him the message. “How does he know about us?”

There was no way he could know. How could he? “I have no idea,” you whispered. “But what if he comes after me? What if he comes after you?” A breath rattled out of you as the tears started to flow and you collapsed into his waiting embrace.

“It’s not going to happen,” he said, placing his hand on the back of your head and pulling you closer. “I won’t let it happen. He’s never going to hurt you again.”

Your husband had never hit you before, but at this rate, you wouldn’t put it past him. For nearly five years, he was the man you’d always wanted, and then slowly, he turned into an emotional abuser. Telling you after a case that the reason the BAU hadn’t found a particular criminal was because of you. That it was a wonder you made it into the BAU considering how stupid you were. At this rate, you were pretty sure physical abuse was the next step, but you didn’t know how to leave. You sought comfort in the arms of your best friend and co-worker. In the blur that had become your life, that first night with Spencer was in stark contrast. He thought the world of you. He allowed you to cry. And when you were done, you looked up and kissed him. The next morning, you woke up next to him, and ever since, he’d been your comfort when your husband was on the rampage. Without thinking, you clutched your arms around him and sobbed, only to have the rest of the team seek you out minutes later. “What’s going on here?” Emily asked before her eyes widened in recognition. “You…you’re…?”

A sob caught in your throat before you pulled away from Spencer. “Can you explain?” Emily asked. 

You started to shake again and Spencer started. “Yes, we’re sleeping together. I love her.” He’d never said that before.

“What about your husband, Y/N?” Garcia asked. That’s when you showed her the message.

“It’s been months, nearly a year, of that kind of talk, but he’s scaring me, I don’t know how to get away. I mean, he works here, it would a case of he said, she said. And I turned to Spence…” He was the light in your life. You never imagined being that woman…the one who cheated, but you also never imagined being the woman with the abusive husband. “I can’t go home,” you breathed shakily. It was like a revelation. “If I go home, he’s going to kill me.”

“You’re not going home,” Spencer said. “You’ll stay here or with me, but I won’t let you go anywhere near that man, not after that.” He cocked his head back toward Garcia who was still holding your phone. 

Emily shook her head. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” Immediately, she went into boss mode. “Did you keep a record of other messages like this?”

You nodded. That had been at the forefront of your mind since it started. You didn’t know how to get out, not without evidence, enough to keep him away from your permanently, but you had kept a record. “And has he ever hit you?”

“No…” you hesitated, realizing you’d never told Spencer, “But he did punch a wall near my head. I have a picture of the wall and his knuckles. I snuck the picture of his knuckles after he passed out on the couch.” 

Tara came out from behind Luke, Stephen and JJ. As a psychologist, she’d seen a lot of this type of thing before. “I think you’ve got enough to get a restraining order,” she said reassuringly. 

As you all walked back to the round table room, you heard JJ talking to Spencer. “How the hell did you get into this and not tell me?”

“We didn’t tell anyone,” he replied. “You understand this situation is a little…unconventional.” You could feel the sarcasm dripping off of him and it made you crack a smile. 

Just as you were about to round the corner to the conference room, you saw him. “Hello, Y/N,” your husband said coolly, lifting his gun from his belt and pointing it in your direction. Within seconds, Spencer was standing in front of you, his own gun drawn, while the rest of the team gathered around you, guns held high. He was resigned. This wasn’t going to end well. “I may die today, but I’m going to take you both with me.” 

anonymous asked:

can you do a bechloe hunger games prompt??

sure thing! just imagine Katniss and Peeta and all the others don’t exist :P

“Ladies first!” Effie Trinket said, in her absurd capitol accent. She sauntered over to the clear glass bowl that contained the name of every girl aged 12 to 18 in District 12. “And remember, because of the Quarter Quell, this year twice as many tributes will enter the arena!”

How could we forget? Chloe thought. 

She felt sick as she looked at the glass bowl.

How many times was her name in there? Her friends’ names?

“And our first tribute is,” Effie reached into a bowl and plucked out a name. Chloe’s heart summersaulted three times by the time Effie read out the name. “Lena Mitchell!”

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A God Watching Frozen

IMAGINE: Loki heads to the cinema to watch a Disney movie with his lady. How the hell did he manage to get into this situation? 

[gif is not mine. this is a filler story until I finish my Draco, Steve and Jon story. Let me know which story you’d like!] 

warnings: none

words: 776

“Where are we going again?” He asked her as he followed her, she was pretty fast for quite a short person.

 “To the cinema,” she beamed, “I’ve already explained this to you.” She exhaled as she saw the confusion on his face, “A large dark room, with a big screen and there are moving pictures on the screen? Ring any bells?” He shook his head, “I told you this yesterday Loki!” She pulled on his hand towards the queue.

‘Cinema? Remember, cinema. CI-NE-MA! Crap, I don’t remember.’ He watched her as she almost jumped up and down, and like a light bulb. “OH! I remember!” He exclaimed catching other peoples attention.

She turned to him and smiled. “Can you tell me why we are at the cinema?” He asked.

“We’re going to see a movie.” she spoke like it was the most obvious thing. 

“I figured that,” he rolled his eyes, “what are we going to see?”

 “Frozen!” She laughed, he looked at her with the utmost confusion, “It’s about this girl who has magical ice powers, kind of like you! Anyway, she has a sister named Anna and there’s a talking snowman, but that’s all I’m going to say!” She put her fingers across her mouth in a zipping motion.

 ‘Ice powers? Sisters? Snowman? What did I get myself into.’ “And why couldn’t you see it by yourself?”

“Because, it’s weird seeing it alone…a second or third time,” she blushed crimson red as she took her eyes of him, “plus I know you’d somehow like it.”

 “Next please.” The person called from the counter. He observed her as she ordered for their tickets and food. The line going into the cinema they were about to go into was full of children, he rolled his eyes again, he seemed to be doing that a lot tonight.

 “Are you ready to go? Wait, hold the popcorn and your drink while I give them the tickets.” So Loki held onto his popcorn and drink, ‘What is a god doing in a cinema, about to watch a children’s movie?’ She turned around and gave him a smile.

 They walked together to the available seats and got comfortable, “Thank you for doing this Loki, I know you feel uncomfortable, but thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.” She leaned over his seat and gave him a peck on the lips.

 ‘That’s why I’m doing it.’ He held onto her hand as the lights began to dimmer.

The couple threw their trash in the bin and proceeded to walk, “I can’t believe that Hans guy! What an asshole! You just can’t do that!” Loki exclaimed, arms waving around.

 She giggled to herself, it seemed like the God of Lies found the children’s movie very likeable, he liked it more than her! “And Elsa, poor Elsa! And Anna and Kristoff! Thank god somebody loves him! And Olaf!”

 She couldn’t help but laugh out loud, standing in front of her was a god ranting about a children’s movie who had a twinkle in his eyes. “What are you laughing about?” He inquired as he walked in front of her.

 “Do you really like that movie? That much?” She was in fits of laughter, trying hard to get her sentence out.

 Loki looked aghast, “Never! I was simply stating the facts of the movie!”

 “Sure,” she sing-songed, “that’s why you were almost out of your chair when Hans was about to kill Elsa, and that you yelled out a very ‘manly’ no when Hans became a dick.” She smirked and walked past him. “You know you can just admit that you like it you know, I won’t make fun of you.” She stopped in her tracks when she heard mumbling behind her. “What was that?”

 “Alright, I like it, okay? Now can we go home?” He took her arm and lead them to the car.

 “Wait until the others hear about this!” She chuckled.

 Loki stopped in his tracks and looked at her, “Don’t tell anyone about this! Especially that guy in the suit, Stork or whatever his name is! And definitely not Thor!” He commanded, but she knew that he was joking and that he wouldn’t really much problem if she told them, a lot of embarrassment maybe, but that’s about it.

 “Sure, fine only if you promise to watch ‘The Notebook’ with me tomorrow night!” She bargained as she saw Loki groan she laughed.

 “Fine, as long as you don’t tell anyone about tonight!” She crossed her heart and gave him a kiss and began walking again. ‘What my father would say about this if he saw me right now..’

“I don’t know… Something that scares me a little bit is how valuable it would be to find something that I’ve done wrong, or to find something that is problematic about me or to… You know, I do have moments where I get really scared, like, who’s trying to take pictures in my hotel room window? Like, you live your life with the blinds drawn, like, in every room you go into. And that’s the part that kind of gets to me sometimes, it’s like, everyday, like, right now, there’s someone in TMZ trying to dig through my trash and figure out what I did wrong.”

Living with Jun
request: that’s friend to lovers thing you did with jooheon yeah could you do that with junhui ok thx
note: i’m getting sleepy so i’m soft and :,)
- he refuses to let you sleep in
- deadass stands outside of your bedroom always gonna give you privacy banging pots together
- suddenly turning on the vacuum at 9 in the morning
- blasts Very Nice when you’re trying to read
- “jun, turn it down.”
- “i need to practice.”
- “at 11:30? at night??”
- only reason he makes enough food for the both of you is so that you don’t ask for his
- leaves his socks all around the house
- trades chores for stories of you doing something stupid or ugly pictures
- takes your cardigans
- “how did you get that? i didn’t see you take it.”
- “…okay?”
- “it’s been in the laundry basket in my room!”
- keeps your apartment stocked with the best™ snacks
- has Lion King 2 on constant replay
- comes into your room when he has a nightmare & asks you to make hot chocolate
- one time, on April Fools, he crushed a bunch of potato chips in your bed
- twirls your ponytail around his finger before asking you to share your ice cream
- asks your opinion on whether his shoes match his outfit
- DEMANDS that you play video games with him
- leaves you notes all over the apartment
- sometimes they’re sweet
- “hey, i know you’ve been stressing over exams so i made your favorite pasta. it’s in the microwave when you’re hungry.”
- and sometimes…
- “yes, i ate your chicken parm. you should have bought ice cream when i asked you to.”
- on your birthday, he gets you a cake with the candles that relight after you blow them out
- laughs about it for a week
- if he wants your pillow for whatever reason, he takes it
- talks about how he never wants to move out
- he’ll just straight up confess that he likes you
- like,,,,,,,,
- you two will be having dinner together in your pjs
- and he’ll just, “y/n, be my girlfriend.”
- when you look at him with wide eyes, he’ll shrug
- “what’s the face for? i can take care of you. i know how you like your eggs cooked and how your feet HAVE to be covered when you sleep and how you don’t like to be talked to until you’ve brushed your teeth. i know which movies make you happy and which songs make you nostalgic and which books ma-”
- “i never said no. you don’t need to try and convince me.”
- he’ll immediately sit up straight
- “so, you’ll be my girlfriend? cool. as my girlfriend, you should share the rest of that chicken with me:)”
- this is the good stuff
- puts a post-it notes on your forehead when you’re alsep
- “good morning, beautiful! i just want you to know… you snore. so. loud.”
- tries his hardest to make sure you stay snuggled up at night
- CONSTANTLY trying to feed you
- you know he’s doing that whole “here comes the airplane” garbage
- over time, his things (books, shoes, hats, etc) find their way into your room
- makes sure you like the smell of a candle before he lights it
- he’s kinda clingy,,,,,,,
- buys you guys one of those whiteboards for the fridge
- he got tired of buying post-its
- religiously believes that asking him to do laundry by himself is cruel and unusual punishment
- the biggest damn advocate on the “you fold your own underwear” thing
- after **special** nights, he runs a bath for you
- he pulls your hair up for you when you’re sleepy
- pulls you onto his lap and buries his head in your shoulder so that you can’t him cry at the end of a chick flick
- puts your towels into the dryer so you’ll be warm
- puts his hands on his hips to scold you for not eating all of your vegetables
- always ends up laughing though
- he randomly squeezes your thighs because he is in l o v e with them
- genuinely gets upset when you try to go to bed with socks on
- one time he asked you to let him get a dog and when you said no, he didn’t talk to you for an hour
- when he finally did talk, it was to ask if he could get a bunny instead
- *note: i apologize for how short this is

imagine how much better the Thor movies would’ve been if Frigga were actually written in a realistic way rather than a ‘women don’t talk when the menfolk are talking’ way

I mean she’s a powerful magic user and more importantly she’s a MOM. Thor and Loki wouldn’t have gotten away with SHIT. The entire goddamn plot never would’ve happened, no wonder they dumbed her down.



Tyler Down x Reader: Courage

A/N: Also a prompt imagine ans it’s also the last imagine for today. Prompt  13. “don’t you fucking get it?i love you!”

Warnings: Swear words

You and Tyler had been friends since the beginning of high school you met each other in photography class and then later on joined yearbook together. You hated that people always bullied Tyler you didn’t know why but for some reason they always pushed him against lockers. You had to admit that over time you developed feelings for your best friend you had dropped little hints now and then but he never seemed to get them. You were standing at your locker daydreaming about how cute you and Tyler would look together when he snapped his fingers in front of you making you snap out of your daydream.

“Huh what?” You asked as you snapped out of your daydream.

“Did even hear anything I said?” He asked looking at you.

“No sorry Ty-Ty.” You said with an apologetic look on your face.

“It’s okay. I was just saying that after school we should probably go to the developing room because Courtney had really been on my back lately about giving her the pictures.” He said again playing with his camera.

“Uh yeah okay and next time she says that just say to her that she’ll get them when we’re done.” You said closing your locker and started to walk to your next class.

“You know I can’t do that.” He said walking next to you.

“You can Tyler you can speak right.” You said looking at him.

“Yeah but I don’t have the courage to say that.” He said looking back at you.

You saw Courtney heading your way a little angry looking and you knew that she was coming over to nag to Tyler about the pictures. You quickly kissed his cheek and smiled at him.

“There will that give you the courage.” You said with a smile as you walked inside your classroom.

He looked surprised as he started to blush and then looked down and looked up and smiled at you. Sadly you and Tyler have every class together so you had to handle a lot of classes without him. After your last class you went to the developing room and already went inside to see that Tyler was already there.

“Okay how did you get here so fast?” You asked as you stood next to him.

“Our teacher let us out of class early.” He said with a smile.

“Ugh you’re so lucky. You got out of class early and what did I get Bryce pinching my ass.” You said looking down a little embarrassed.

“H-he did what?” Tyler asked a little angry.

“H-he pinched my ass but it’s okay Tyler.” You said as you turned around to hang up some pictures.

“No it’s not we should do something. I should do something.” He said angrily as he turned to you.

“What are you gonna do Tyler? You can’t do anything he’s like way bigger and stronger than you the only thing that will happen is you getting your ass kicked.” You said turning to look at him.

“Says who you don’t know how strong I am.” He said crossing his arms.

“Tyler I had to open a jar of pickles for you yesterday.” You said with a little smirk.

“Yeah okay but you don’t know how I strong I can be when I need to stick up for my friends.” He said taking a picture and also hanging it up.

“Yeah but still just let it go okay I don’t want you getting hurt.” You said looking at him.

“Okay fine.” He said looking down.

The newt day when you were walking to school you did not expect to see Tyler fighting with Bryce. You immediately ran over to the large group that had formed around them and just stood there. Right now Tyler was laying on the ground while Bryce punched him but to your surprise Bryce also had some bruises that were forming on his face. After a few seconds Mr. Porter came and broke up the fight. You wanted to go with Tyler to see if he was alright but Mr. Porter wouldn’t allow you. After the first two periods you saw Tyler standing at his locker.

“What the hell was that Tyler.” You said as you walked up to him.

“I thought you said you were gonna let it go.” You said angrily as you crossed your arms.

“I tried I really did but I just couldn’t let it go he touched you on your…you know and I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing so I told him to never touch you again and then he shoved me and I just shoved him back.” He said with a shrug.

“Why would you do that Ty in all of the time that I have known you, you would have never done that.” You said confused at his sudden burst of courage.

“Don’t you fucking get it? I love you.” He said.

“What y-you love me.” You said a little surprised.

“Yeah I do I really hope that I didn’t ruin our friendship know.” He said as he looked down a little scared.

“No of course not I-I love you to Tyler like a lot.” You said as you took his hand.

“Really!?” He said really excited.

“Yeah.” You said with a smile.

You both leaned in and he kissed you very lightly and very short on the lips. When you pulled back you were both blushing a lot and you two were smiling very large.

“So am I like your boyfriend now?” He asked as he played with your fingers.

“Yeah you are and am I your girlfriend?” You asked with a smile.

“Yeah you are.” He said happily.