how did you get a lusus


🐐- What Animal is your Lusus?
🐈- is it a mix of some things?
🐇- do you get along with your lusus?
🐺- is your lusus big or small?
🕊- is your lusus alive?
🐧- does your lusus hunt?
🐑- does your lusus eat trolls?
🐩- do you treat your lusus like a pampered pet?
🐰- is your lusus cute?
🐓- is your lusus ugly?
🐡- Do they stay on land? Or do they stay in water
—–Questions with drawn answers—–
🐼- what does your lusus look like?
🐠- What would they look like as a troll?
🦄- draw you standing by them
🐄- can you ride your lusus into a fight?
🐏- how did your lusus carry you as a grub?
🐔- does your lusus have a common mutation? (I.e two jaws, many tails, more than 4 legs, is SUPER big, etc)

Mikama you decide to visit your matesprite  hive

once your short little troll legs FINALLY get you to the hive you need a minute to catch your breath

you also take this opportunity to examine the hive

it’s several stories tall without much too look at until you get at least ten stories up where there’s finally a balcony.

that’s where the front door is along with some windows.

like you understand that since your matesprites lusus can fly, so they can get to the door pretty easy, but did they really need to make it SOOOOOO far up???

welp better get climbing then

after several minutes of climbing you finally throw yourself onto the balcony and let out a short screech

standing up you glare at the door

how dare it make you exert so much energy

if this door had feelings you would say something passive aggressive to it to make it feel semiconscious and eventually causing it to second guess everything it does until it’s a blubbering ball of sorries and self loathing

at least thats what it makes you do anyway…

You jump into your matesprites hive through the window!

You love doing that, it makes you feel so cool!

They usually freak out a little bit but you know they think it’s cool too

But instead of angery laughter all you hear is…

Uuuh you’re not sure what that sound is but it sounds sad.

You investigate the noise and find your matesprite in the kitchen

They’re crying! HOW AWFUL!

They’re even weeping in a half yodeling half sobbing manner

You want to cheer them up

But how do you do that?


You decide to sing them a song! That’ll cheer them up for sure!

You inhale deeply filling your lungs to their capacity

You then proceed to sing to them

Or at least that’s what you set out to do

What actually happens is that you get so excited about the prospect of making your matesprite happy by singing  that you accidentally just start screaming

And screaming

Aaaaand screaming

Honestly the size of your lungs compared to your HUMOUROUSLY SHORT troll body is shocking and astounding

At some point your matesprites yodeling turns into screaming too

Thats a good sign right?

By the time you’ve emptied your freakishly sized lungs it seems your matesprite has stopped their yodeling

Maybe now you can ask them why they’re so sad

Mikama interrogate your matesprite

trubywrighf  asked:

how did you start drawing fins the way you do? I think it's really neat how people do that and how do you get inspiration for that, for one and how the mcfuck you do it at all

theyre always inspired by lusus!! faldur + his bloodline are a more extreme example, because being based off betta fish means im trying to get their fins to resemble stuff like this: 

so lots of shape inspiration from the left type of betta in particular, and colours partly inspired but with some artistic license 

and for this lionfish lady, she has the stripes + shape 

basically just a lot of lusus influence!! as for actually drawing them-a lot of patience, a lot of trial and error. and a lot of references!! the curve tool/linework layers on SAI help a lot when it comes to inking fin rays. 

 it’s super fun to customise fins/ears too-little things like piercings or subtle ear shape differences can make a lot of difference and add a lot of character–like, i give faldur pointier ears than keenos, just because it works much better with his overall theme. he also has bigger/pointer fins, bc again, it suits him better. 

im gonna start rambling if i start analysing my own design choices but–i hope this helps at least a little bit!!



GRGRRRGRRRRR ! !!!! ! !!

ALRIGHT. OK. That Paradox Space thing actually DOES sound pretty brilliant but holy fuck I do not have the stamina to keep going after the main comic??? Ah well, it’s far, far off in the future, anyway, we will see


I think it’s really great that we can all celebrate this incredibly special date together, within the same general timeframe, while wide awake and at a totally reasonable hour! I sure am glad none of us missed it or anything, that would’ve been really dumb ha hah a
What’s especially great/weird is that this is already my SECOND Egbertversary during which I’ve been… part of the fandom? Aware of the comic’s existence, at least. I’m sixteen and yet I feel SO OLD.

I’m also probably the only person alive who is coming up on their second year of mspaintadventuring and is still stuck in the first third of the story so LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOhmygod

Tavros: Rap with TC.


Jesus, somebody please get Gamzee a table or a cardboard box or something, what the hell is he doin
Where did all those horns even come from
Do juggalos just naturally secrete these things
are they like the opposite of pumpkins
Imagine if Karkat was visiting him and needed to use his laptop to message someone and just
Inevitably started smashing the keys
his apparent anger undermined by the chorus of honks accompanying every keystroke

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shit. shiiiiiit it’s been like a month, what the hell happened last time I did this???

…Something involving the Felt and profanity, if these strewn about post-its are anything to go by?

Alright, something about a demon, and Sollux’s virus, and Karkat being an idiot, and, oh, okay.

I remember now.

Back to crying, I guess.

Sounds like your lusus is agitated about something up there. You already gave him his serving of honey today. If he thinks he can get more, well that’s just greedy.

You wonder what could be bothering him?

Well, I don’t want to alarm you, but, following the current trend, probably a severe case of Headexploditis

That, or the imminent death of millions of people via the first batch of meteors

Or both

Quite possibly even the loss of your Lusus CAUSED by wayward civilisation-destroying meteor

So many fun options hahahaah (థ - థ)

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Succession: Reconnaissance (and Screaming)

Succession: Reconnaissance (and Screaming)

The crew manages to pull it together enough to remember there’s a giant tank they can put the seagoat-lusus in. Then they manage to direct the Empress, and friends, to the Imperial Deck.

“That’s where your residenceblocks are, Empress,” one of them says.

The Empress and company don’t greet this with appropriate wariness, because they’re too eager to get away from the crew. The whole entourage, including large unconscious lusii, unconscious Gemini, unresponsive Scorpio, dragon egg, random baggage, and everything else hustles all the way into the Empress’s private receivingblock and closes the door, and the excellent soundproofing means the crew turning to leave the deck can’t hear any of the screaming that ensues when they see all the mounted heiress heads.

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anonymous asked:

Night at the 100dseum has been great and it really is the best comic on Paradox so far but just how mean and uncalled for Terezi is has been really bothering me and my friends. Everything Terezi is doing feels so unnecessary and spiteful like she didn't have to lick everything she did that to herself thats no reason to destroy his things and try to kill the Lusus. Sorry thats just our feelings on it but we're curious what you think since you said shes one of your favorite's.

(Sorry for the late reply. I read this last night but I didn’t get to it!)

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Man, I didn’t even read the text underneath the panel depicting Vriska’s giant spiderhellspawn of a lusus yesterday, I just x'ed the hell out of that tab as quickly as I could (´-﹏-`;)

See, look at this. She’s fine. Fine and huge and hungry as ever. 

You… guess you’re relieved? Yes, of course. Whew! Why wouldn’t you be. It would be devastating if anything happened to your dear sweet custodian.

What a shitty situation to be in???

Like, either she openly hopes that somebody will just finally off the damn thing for good and hates herself for it cause, man, she probably DOES still feel attached to her in some way, and lusus (that’s the correct latin plural dammit, i refuse to say “lususes”) are the closest thing trolls have to a parental figure, you don’t wish death on your own mother 
OR she refuses to acknowledge those incredibly understandable and reasonable feelings and instead pretends that everything is just fine, she loves that big ol’ grotesquery very much and would HATE it if she ever got hurt, which leads to Vriska letting her life be dictated and ruined by her

sad about predictably fucked up monster-child relationships: the blog

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