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Monsta X Reaction #18 - They wake up to you wearing booty shorts/their shirt ~the morning after~

@virtualt asked: Reactions to Monsta X when they find you wearing only booty shorts/short boxers and one of their shirt the morning after

a/n: (I’m going to assume that this means the morning after your first time sleeping together~)

Hyunwoo: He would find this the cutest thing ever. He would smile widely and pull you closer to him, snuggling into you and never wanting to let you go.

He’d ask if you felt okay too and if you needed anything from him. He’d want to make sure you were still comfortable and that you didn’t regret making love to him. Because that’s how he sees it. You two were in love beyond words and that’s what he showed you last night and what he will do anything to continue showing you for the rest of your lives together in every moment he spend with you regardless of what you’re doing.

He’s a cheesy mf I’ll tell you that but he’s also cute and sentimental AF so cherish this lil cheese ball okay???

*I couldn’t find a gif to match so enjoy this gif of sexy Hyunwoo isntead*

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Hoseok: He would find this really sexy. A smirk would tug at his lips as he’d stare unabashedly into your eyes. In his raspy, deep morning voice (fuckk) he’d say:

“Damn Jagi after last night I didn’t think you could get any sexier but you proved me wrong. How did you even find that shirt of mine? I haven’t seen that thing for months” *laughing* “Did you take my shirt when we started dating??”

You: “No… Okay yes, but it’s so comfortable. It’s my favorite thing to sleep in. Is that okay?”

He’d wink at you mischievously and say, “Hell yes it’s okay. You look hotter in that shirt that anyone else ever could.” time for round 2? ;) that’s up to you

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Minhyuk: -thinking- Okay Minhyuk… Y/n is asleep right now you can wait for them to wake up… What is wrong with me? Ugh I’m sweating…

-whispers- “Jagi… are you awake…? I can’t stop thinking about those sounds you made last night and you look so sexy with my shirt and that morning hair…”

You: -laughing/half asleep- “Do you need me to help you with the little problem you have there Minhyuk?”

Him: “No jagi, I need you to help me with this big problem you’ve given me…”

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Hyungwon: He’s in a state of pure bliss tbh.

“How are you so much cuter in my shirt than I am?” He’d kiss your temples, then the tip of your nose and continue. You’re so perfect, even with no makeup on. I just love you so much jagi. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’ve truly made me the happiest man alive just by existing.”

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Kihyun: -lovey dovey and silly- “Jagi~” He’d mumble, bopping his nose against yours. “It’s too early in the morning for you to give me a heart attack like this. When did you put my shirt on?”

You: “I was cold so I picked it off the floor…”

“You could have just snuggled closer to me love. I wouldn’t have minded it at all”

He’d wink at you then, making you both laugh. He’d make sure you were laughing/in a good mood all morning, also making sure you felt okay after the night you spent together.

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Changkyun: He’d try to sound cool and a bit cocky when you two first spoke to try to hide how worried he was that you were okay since this was your first time together, However he’d be thrown off by your adorable/sexy morning voice/hair combined with you wearing his shirt.

“D-damn…You’re so cute but so hot at the same time? Like, how?”

You: -chuckling at the effect you had on him- “Like what you see?”

*gif* “Do you want me to show you how much I do?”

You: -hitting him playfully- “I just woke up and you’re already being greasy.” you’d sigh dramatically and continue, “what have I done?”

He’d frown a bit, catching you off guard. “Did I make you feel uncomfortable…? I didn’t mean to…”

You: “What? No I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. This is actually the most comfortable I’ve ever felt around another person. I love you dummy.”

The smirk would be back instantly. “I love you too Y/n. So much.”

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Jooheon: He would be that mix of sexy and infuriatingly cute.

He’d wake up to you looking at him and look you up and down like *first gif*. He’d smirk at you and you’d roll your eyes at him, flicking his nose in response.

“Hey! That hurt~”

You: “Oh it didn’t hurt that much. You’re okay.” You’d kiss his nose then, “Here, I made it all better!”

That’s when he’d switch to his cute side *second gif*. “Hmmm okay it didn’t hurt that bad. But you feel okay too right?” For a moment you’d see a serious look flash across his face, but it would be gone faster than you could blink and he’d cover it with a joking/cute tone “You still love me right~?”

You’d respond with a light and sarcastic tone, “No. I don’t. Just kidding~ If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be wearing your shirt??”

He’d laugh then and call you a jerk, playfully hitting your arm.

You two would end up joking and laughing the rest of the morning and into the day. Neither of you would leave the house until the next morning, cuddling and watching movies under the blankets the majority of the day.

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A/N: Hello @virtualt! I’m sorry it wouldn’t let me tag you for some reason :( I hope you still see this and like the reaction though!


So “Passion” is such a thrilling, emotional and heartbreaking episode, and yet every single time I watch it and get to this part I have to stop, giggle like an idiot, rewind, watch it again, stop and laugh my ass off for a few minutes before I can continue watching. Just take a look at this scene! It’s so ridiculous! Joyce is getting home with a huge bag of oranges. Like that’s the ONLY thing she bought at the store. What do you need so many oranges for, Joyce? WHAT FOR? I need to know! But that’s just the beginning, really, because I find every single frame in this scene absolutely hilarious. So she’s trying to hurry and get inside because she knows Angel is bad news, that’s all she knows. So he intercepts her and the bag falls to the ground and all the oranges fall all over the place. But suddenly Joyce doesn’t care anymore about the oranges, she’s just searching her purse for her keys. Like who does that? You just spent your entire salary, apparently, on oranges and now you don’t care about them? Pick up those oranges, Joyce! So Angelus comes to the rescue. And you can say what you want about Angelus, but that’s some chivalrous thing right there. He stoops down and starts picking up the oranges for Joyce. But instead of picking them up he starts sort of juggling the oranges? And then Joyce is trying to get her keys and Angelus continues juggling oranges, but then one of the oranges slips away from his grasp and Joyce stares at the orange flying away, like “Oh damn, there goes my orange! I won’t get it back ever again! I needed that orange! I NEEDED THAT ORANGE!” So NOW you care about the oranges? I guess that’s the meaning of “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. See, we were fooled! We thought that was about losing people we love, but no! IT’S ABOUT ORANGES! And Angelus might be a gentleman here but he sucks at picking up oranges, because by the time the scene ends you can see like 4 or 5 oranges scattered on the floor. And Joyce! Joyce, what are you still doing there worrying about the freaking oranges? You should’ve left Angelus right there with his picking-up-oranges obsession and get inside your house, you mad woman! 

So yeah, sorry, these are some of the things that go through my head when I watch an episode for the millionth time. 

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omegaverse AU with Gokudera, reborn and xanxus


admin Adelheid


“You look so handsome. I am so proud of you, Hayato!”

Hayato hid his sneer at his stepmother’s praises. He would never forgive his father’s Omega for how she treated him when he was a child. How she sneered and made fun of him for treating the doll he had been given to test his hierarchy with such care and gentleness and declared him an Omega. Only when he reached the age of twelve did he make it clear that he was an Alpha by nature when he defeated three other Alpha males alone one day when they finally made him angry.

Still though she was his father’s Omega. Laying a hand on her was unthinkable until he decided to take his father’s place as Alpha of the family. Which would be anytime he wished now that he was in his twenties and clearly stronger than his father. His stepmother knew this as well. It was obvious in the way she was grooming him as though she were the one who had actually given birth to him.

“Thank you, Mother.” He politely, coolly replied. “If you will excuse me, I’ll go out to the party now.”

“Ah! Make sure you dance with my niece! You know she would make you a perfect Omega! Don’t hold back~!”

Hayato ignored her as he stepped out of the room. He knew very well why she wanted him to dance with that particular Omega. Having a lesser Omega as his partner would secure her position in the household even if he defeated his father. Like hell he was going to let that happen.

He stepped onto the ballroom and endured all the come hither looks from all the Omega present. Some of them even in the beginning stages of heat. He cursed his father for making him come to these parties. So what if he hadn’t claimed an Omega of his own yet? He prided himself for being an Alpha with excellent control over his instincts. He wasn’t a lower class Beta.

“You look very handsome tonight, Master Hayato. Would you like some champagne?”

Hayato looked down to see you smiling up at him and he relaxed a bit. Although younger you’ve grown up with him in this mansion. You were more than just a maid, you were his friend. Even if you were a Beta of low birth.

He took a glass of wine from the tray you were offering and took a sip before scowling at the giggling Omega looking over at him. “Damn these idiots.”

“You’re going to have to take a mate sooner or later. Why don’t you just enjoy it and give in?”

“And give my stepmother the satisfaction? She wishes.”

You sighed. “Well just try to enjoy the party, alright? It is the date of your weaning, after all.”

“That’s easy for you to say.” He replied dryly, once again sipping the champagne.

You smiled, shook your head and moved away to offer the other guests drinks. Hayato’s eyes never left you since then. No one had ever had the courage to point it out but whenever you were near, his eyes would always follow your every move as though hypnotized by everything you did. He couldn’t help it and he had given up figuring out the reason why.

“Yo, Hayato,” another Alpha, Yamamoto Takeshi called out to him, distracting Hayato from his staring. “Happy Weaning and all that.”

“Go away, Baseball Freak!”

“Ahahaha, grouchy was always.”


Both Alpha swiftly turned their heads towards the scream and Hayato saw red when his eyes were met by the sight of you sitting on the floor looking as though you were in pain.

“What’s going― Hey! Hayato!”

But Hayato was no longer listening to Takeshi. He rushed to your side overwhelmed with the desire to protect you. However, when he was only a few steps away the sweet, sweet scent of fresh heat filled his nostrils and stopped him in his tracks. It took him a while before he realized the sweet scent was coming from you.

“I knew it!” the Omega his stepmother wanted him to dance with screeched as she kicked at you with her long heels. “I knew you were only an Omega! You were trying to secretly seduce Hayato-sama all along weren’t you?! I knew it!”

Hayato sniffed and caught another scent on the scene. He saw Takeshi dip his finger into the liquid that had been spilled a little away from you, give it a sniff and cringe as though it were something foul.

“Ugh is this that new drug that forces Omega into heat?” Takeshi asked in disgust. “How crude! And cruel!”

So they forced you to drink it. Hayato would have liked to strike down the jealous Omega who was now trying to scratch your eyes out but he had more pressing problems. One by one the Alpha guests were catching on to your scent and it would only take a matter of time before they all dove on you like a pack of wild animals.

He snarled wildly at everyone nearby and, without a second thought, lifted you in his arms and rushed you out of the ballroom. Taking the servant’s walkway he walked into an empty drawing room further into the house and locked the door behind him.

“I-I’m sorry, Hayato-sama,” you sobbed, trying to deal with the pain of your arousal. “I- I tried so hard to keep it a secret… I just wanted to be near you but…”

Watching your tears and inhaling your addicting scent he now understood why he could never take his eyes away from you. He realized now that he had instinctively known even from the start you were Omega. His senses have already wanted you for himself.

“Idiot. Now look what you’ve done.” He growled as he began loosening his tie and stalking towards you. “Well there’s nothing for it then. Strip. Get on your knees. You did say I’ll have to take a mate sooner or later.”


You held out your hand to him, begging for alms as you sat on your corner of the street wearing your tattered and ragged old clothes.

Reborn didn’t know why but he glanced at you from the corner of his eye hidden beneath the brim of his fedora. He was used to beggars littering this part of town so you weren’t supposed to be any different. He could sense you were an Omega, though, which was troubling. Though it didn’t look like you were old enough to breed yet it did not take a genius that you were on the cusp of that age already.

You smiled at him innocently through the filth on your face.

Strange that he would notice. Strange that he would care.

This night truly did feel as though it would breed mysteries.

He stopped in the middle of the cross alley right around the corner from where you were and waited. He turned when he heard the sound of faint footsteps approaching.

“Glad you could make it, Reborn.” The man greeted the Alpha.

Reborn huffed; he did not make it a point to interact with lower ranking Beta who thought they could pass themselves off as Alpha. Modern society could go screw itself.

He would not be here had Timoteo not asked it of him. The older, high ranking Alpha barely asked him for anything, after all. “Where is it?”

The other man laughed and held up a briefcase seemingly cuffed to his wrist. “Right here.”

Reborn nodded, glad that this wretched deal was almost over. “Fine. The usual fee?”

“I think I want a little bit of extra this time.”

Reborn narrowed his eyes at the man. “Don’t be an idiot. I’ve killed people for less.”

“Well then… It’s a good thing you’re the bonus I wanted as payment.”

Reborn tensed and dodged the bullets aimed for him. However, he wasn’t prepared for the one hidden among the noisy bullets by a silencer. Although his senses already knew it was coming his body was not fast enough to react. He braced himself for the impact but his eyes widened when he felt himself being pushed out of harm’s way by a tiny blur of dirty brown and gray.

“Shit! What was that?!”

Who cares, keep shooting!

But they already gave Reborn enough of a window to reach for his gun and begin firing back. Each flash from his gun reflected off his ebony eyes like lightning off a starless sky. By the time he got up, seven men had slumped dead in the deserted alley.

Calmly the Alpha ripped the man’s hand off and took the briefcase with him. He stopped beside your bleeding form and squatted down to look into your face.

“Now why the hell would you do something like that?”

Your mouth opened to form words… but no sound came out.

“Tsk,” he snapped his tongue inside his mouth. “Guess I owe you. How about it? Wanna come with me?”

The hopeful look in your eyes was too heartbreaking even for his ice cold heart.

“Fine. I promise I’ll take care of you from now on. Just as long as you stay loyal to me. Understood?”

You made to nod your head obediently with what remained of your strength.

Reborn picked you up and took you home. As he reported to Timoteo and delivered the briefcase, he instructed the mansion’s doctors and maids to attend to you. By the time he came back he stopped in his tracks at the astonishing change of your appearance.

Scrubbed clean and dressed in fine clothes you looked ethereal. And your scent smelled divine.

He shocked himself as well as Timoteo when the older Alpha walked in to meet the Omega who saved his close friend’s life and Reborn snarled at him in warning. His instincts reacting possessively to another Alpha coming near you.

When Reborn realized what he had done he gritted his teeth together and covered his angry face with his fedora.

What the fuck did he just get himself into?


Xanxus stopped in the middle of a trail and stared at the disturbed ground. Smelled the dirt on his fingers before his face broke into a smirk.

Did you really think you could run away from him?


He continued walking until his ears detected the sound of water. Heading towards it he found you. Standing under the waterfall in deep concentration, temptingly naked and alluring. His deep chuckle brought you abruptly out of your deep meditation.

Horror filled your eyes at the sight of him. “What?! How did you find me?!”

Xanxus laughed mockingly. “I’ve decided you’re mine. I’ll always be able to find you. Always.”

Your face twisted in helpless anger. “No!”

Ignoring your nakedness, you slipped off the rocks and dove for your clothes where a gun was hidden in your pockets. You aimed it at him and shot. He dodged, of course; but his eyes now sharpened into something like a hunter cornering its prey.

Using his size he tried to corner you but you used your speed to dodge and aimed for his legs. Xanxus winced as he knelt on one knee because of the wound.

“Just leave me alone! I’m never going to be anyone’s Omega!” you shouted as you kept him at gunpoint while gathering your clothes. “I’ll die first before I let an Alpha claim me!”

Despite his wound Xanxus smirked as the pheromones in his blood hit your nostrils and made you flush and shiver in arousal. He admired the strength of will that allowed you to grit your teeth against your instincts and again disappear from his sight.

He laughed loudly as you fled and dread skittered down your spine at the sound of it.

Xanxus was pleased, however. A spirited Omega like you was rare and he deserved only the best of the best. When he caught you― and he will― there will be no force in heaven or hell that would stop him from claiming you.

Body, heart and soul.

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"How did you find me?" FenHawke? :DDDDD

She settles down beside him, feet dangling over the dock, palms flat against the ground behind her. She tilts her head back, closes her eyes, and breathes in the sea air. Gentle sails float by the docks, gulls circle in air. Fenris looks up at her sudden presence, in this corner he thought no one knew. “How did you find me?” He asks her. Her eyes open, her head cocks and she gives him a look. He chuckles under his breath, shakes his head. Of course. It’s Hawke. Of course she’d find him.

He sits with his back hunched, his hands in his lap, staring down at them. He plays with the edges of the red around his wrist, the carefully tied knot. She swings her feet, ankle over ankle, and does not press or push. He had left the estate when he had thought no one else would notice, engrossed in food, wine, and talk. Varric had been talking to Sebastian and Anders, while Isabela was arguing with Aveline again. Hawke and Merrill had been laughing together, heads close together.

A curious thing, seeing them all gathered there. Talking about anything that suits their fancy, unafraid to speak their opinions. So relaxed in each other’s company, all the unspoken friendship between them. Danarius would invite his ‘friends’ to his estate sometimes. Speaking of hidden, guarded things, dangerous smiles behind dangerous eyes. For one horrible moment he was back in Tevinter, among those people, a chain around his neck. The illusion had shattered and he was back with his friends… but the damage was done. He had left shortly after.

Hawke doesn’t ask. Whatever had driven him away was his to talk about, not hers to pry. Others would push and prod, demand answers, telling him that talking about it would make it better. Hawke sits beside him, wind in her hair, watching him with a slight albeit worried smile. She is patient, and she waits. He loves her even more for it. She creeps closer to him, shuffling over on the dock, mimicking the way he sits. Shoulder to shoulder, hands in her lap. “Hello,” she says.  

“There is something I wished to give you,” he says. “I, ah, never found the right time to give it to you.” Not with Feynriel. Failing her by falling prey to a demon. Not with her mother. He had bought it just before. It had burned in his pocket at the funeral. The shadow passes over her face, leaves as quickly as it had come. He had his ghosts. She had her own.

“So you decided to hide?” She asks with a smile. He laughs softly as she tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. He draws the small box from his belt, presents it to her. She takes it hesitantly, the question appearing on her brow. She opens it with careful fingers, eyes widening when she sees what’s inside. A chain of gold, a jewel of red.

“Fenris, I – I can’t accept this. This must have cost you so much coin, I –” She’s closing the lid, attempting to give it back to him. He pushes her hand away, shakes his head.

“Please, Hawke. Take it,” he says. She looks at him for a moment, searching his face for any sign of doubt, before slowly nodding and pressing the box against her chest.

“Thank you,” she says. “It’s beautiful.”

“I am glad you like it.” He had read it in one of the books she had given him. It had taken weeks for him to struggle through even a few pages. One thing was clear. You gave gifts to those you loved. She holds the box tightly, rests her head on his shoulder. When she arrives at the mansion to collect him for an errand the next day, she is wearing the necklace. And the next day, and the day after that. And after that, and after that.


“I was always one of those kids that just liked music in general, and I always wanted to pick up the nearest instrument.”

Happy Birthday Niall James Horan 13.9.1993 ~ 13.9.2014

‘Meow’ Chapter 13: I Love You.

Molly gets a surprising greeting after returning to school from break. Sherlock’s birthday holds some surprises as well.

Molly returned to uni without Toby as per Greg’s request. She had a fun time with her cat while it lasted. Mary was already here and out eating lunch with John. Opening the door to 219B, she turned towards her bed, taking a fresh pillow out of her bag.

“Hello,” a rich baritone voice sounded, causing Molly to jump and squeal.

“Sherlock Holmes, you utter arse,” Molly told him, each word punctuated with her hitting him with the pillow.

“Hey, okay, Molly, stop, I’m sorry,” he laughed, grabbing one of Mary’s pillows to defend himself with.

“You scared me,” Molly continued, laughing with him. He swung the pillow in his hands playfully at her bum. Her mouth dropped in shock. “Oh, you’re so gonna get it now!” And so they went back and forth, assaulting one another with fluffy pillows.

John and Mary returned to their hallway when the giggles and shouts were heard. Noticing her dorm room was open, Mary quietly made her way to peek in with John beside her. The sight was enough to twist their faces into looks of amusement.

“Sherlock Holmes is having a pillow fight,” John remarked in disbelief.

“Come on, let’s let them have this,” Mary smiled, guiding him over to 221B.

“Okay, okay, I surrender,” Molly laughed breathlessly, dropping her pillow.

“A wise choice, Miss Hooper,” Sherlock smirked.

“I missed you,” Molly told him.

“I missed you too,” Sherlock replied. “Fancy some chips?”

“Yes, I’m starving,” she smiled.

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Can We Start Over?

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Warnings: None
Summary: Teen!Destiel AU; Dean and Castiel had been enemies for years but when they are assigned to the same group for a project they realize they don’t actually hate each other as much as they thought. [Another one of my super old fics that I am re-posting!]

Castiel felt a nudge from behind him in the lunch line. He sighed and turned around, already knowing who it was. “What do you want, Dean?” He muttered out, rolling his eyes slightly.

“I want that sandwich.”

“A shame.” Castiel chuckled and grabbed the last turkey club from the cooler.

“Bitch.” Dean said, annoyed.

“Assbutt.” Cas replied.

Cas and Dean had been fighting since the 7th grade. Dean made it a habit to slam Castiel’s locker shut while he was trying to get out books and Cas liked to throw paper at the back of Dean’s head in pre-calc. It was an on-going battle and the whole school knew it. Some people even picked sides, most favoring Dean because well, he was tall, athletic, and attractive.

It wasn’t that the two hated each other for any reason; really the whole thing started as a joke. When Castiel first got glasses in junior high Dean was the first to call him “four eyes” and Cas had laughed at first, but when Dean got braces? He couldn’t resist making fun of them.

“Today we will began the final project of the year. It will be worth 250 points, and accounts for 40% of your final grade, so I suggest you take it seriously.” Mrs. Barnes announced to a classroom of uninterested teenagers. “You will not be choosing your own partners for this assignment, I have put all of your names in this bowl and you will pick your partner randomly.”

One by one each student reached into the bowl to meet their fate, calling out their partner’s name; some happy, many disappointed.

Dean walked up and reached in, not seeming to care what the output was until… “Castiel Novak. Are you serious?”

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Hi I'm s baby witch. I really wanna find my calling, ya know? Like there are green witches, kitchen witches, grey witches, etc. I would say I'm practicing Chaos magick, making me a chaotic witch but idk. I just don't feel it. I wanna do elemental but u don't feel that either. How do you find your calling? Like how did you know you were a sea witch? I can't find mine.:") pls help me.

Originally posted by bobs-burgers-tina

The beauty of being a baby witch is that you don’t have to know exactly what kind of witch you are at the beginning of your path.  You can explore all kiiiinds of practices and paths to figure out what you have an affinity for!  Do research, study as much as you can, ask tons of questions, and just keep digging deeper.

It took me many years to realize that I had a natural bond with water already.  My whole life I spent swimming and in the water.  Perhaps you could look into some talents that you have right now and see if they have any magical correlations?

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To everyone: How did you find yours? (I already said how I found mine, unless Tumblr swallowed it)

Adam: Well, how I found mine was I first woke up to seeing Baseball

If that wasn’t weird enough, seeing a Baseball with eyes and legs, I heard a really loud noise from downstairs

It was like a small explosion, so I decided to check it out, it was in the living room.

And I found on the coffee table….them.

That changed so much for me…

  • Raven: Long time no see, brother.
  • Qrow: Yeah, it HAS been a while, Raven.
  • Yang: Mom!
  • Raven: Hello, daughter of mine.
  • Yang: How did you find us.
  • Raven: I just followed your uncle.
  • Yang: Which one?
  • Raven: Wh-what?
  • Yang: Which uncle? What was his name?
  • Raven: You know. My... brother.
  • Qrow: Do you actually forget my name? Do you know HER name?
  • Raven: Of course I do... brother.
  • Qrow: .........
  • Raven: Ummmmmmmmm... Her name is Ruby, right?
  • Yang: Oh my god.
  • Raven: Well it's not like I was there for your childhood. What do you expect?
GM/DM Tips: 39) Talk to Your Players

We get emotionally invested in our characters and stories. Sometimes, even when a game goes amazingly it can still make the game even better for someone if you check in.

I try to make it a goal of mine now.

I ran a great session last week, and received some of the most enthusiastic praise I have had in a long while. But one player spent most of the big fight unconscious.

So I checked in with her, and she was having a lot of fun - and was very reassured to have me ask and show that it was important to me.

We do this for fun. So the OOC support is the most important part.

It’s a goal of mine now: After every game “how did you find the session?”

Own The Runway (Jin)

Genre: fabulous Jin fluff

Word count: 2244

Rating: Jin’s beauty should be rated X but i guess this can pass as E

“Be on the runway in 5! Chop chop!”

With a tape measure dangling around your neck, a black floppy hat in one hand and a brown leather shoe in the other, you sped over to one of the models, crouching down to slip the shoe on while handing the hat off to an assistant running by.

The hour before a fashion show was where things got absolutely crazy. The 5 minutes before were just pure hell. Your friends thought you must’ve been sick in the head for thinking this kind of chaos was fun, and you had to admit, sometimes you seriously questioned your decision in career choices and level of sanity because of how draining the job was. But watching your own original works make it on the runway for everyone to see made it worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears you shed.

“I can’t find my heels!” A shrill voice shrieked from behind you as you let out a tired huff, heaving yourself up to rush over to the distressed model.

“Wear these.” You dropped a pair of gold pumps into her hands before stalking off. Scanning the crowded backstage area, you strained your eyes as you stood on your tip toes, searching for a particular individual. Your eyes finally landed on a male in a tucked in white button down shirt, frantically rushing around with his circle rimmed glasses sliding down his nose. You hurried over to his side, suddenly spinning him around.

“Y/N!” He cried out, grabbing at his cherry red hair frantically, “I can’t find the blazer you were talking about earlier! What do we do?!” Taking a hold of his shoulders, you shook him back and forth.

“Jimin, calm down!” You shouted in his face, slapping his cheek lightly. Jimin feigned a hurt look as he rubbed his cheek. “We have more important issues to worry about. Where’s Kang Won?”

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, “I thought I told one of the other assistants to let you know he can’t come today. He got food poisoning last night and has been vomiting all morning.” Glaring at him, you grabbed him by the shoulders again, this time shaking him violently.

“Why are you only telling me this now?!” The panic in your voice was obvious, but Jimin was more afraid of the underlying venom laced in your words.

“I-I called in a replacement! He should be here any minute!” Gulping nervously, he tugged at his collar, doing everything in his power to avoid your deathly glower. Letting go of him roughly, you pressed the palm of your hand against your forehead, feeling a headache slowly build.

“I’m going to do a last minute head count of the models. If you’re replacement isn’t here by the time I’m done, I swear to god Park Jimin I will—”

“Aye aye captain!” Jimin saluted quickly before scurrying away. You paused for a moment to rub your temples. He was the most reliant and capable assistant you had but sometimes he could be such a blockhead, though you could never truly get angry at him.

“Alright ladies and gents, time to line up now! Show starts in 2, let’s move let’s move!” You chanted loudly as a colorful mob of individuals hurried past you to get in their places. Glancing back at Jimin, he gave you a grin and a thumbs up, and you let out a sigh of relief. You could always count on him to get things done.

“Okay, 1 and 2 start walking.” You called as the curtains opened, allowing the first two models to exit the room and enter the brightly lit runway, with music blaring all around. Hearing the applause from the spectators outside, you couldn’t help but grin, knowing this new formal wear collection was one of your toughest but most precious lines.

As each model proceeded to walk out from behind the curtains, you fixed little minor details on their outfits, straightening out collars, tugging off-the-shoulder pieces down a just a bit more, tilting hats a bit more forward, and giving each model a friendly pat to the butt as they all fought to hold back their grins at your playful actions. Fashion shows turned you into a bit of a godzilla in the moment, but the models all knew you were really just a laid back jokester disguised as a stressed and snappy fashion designer.

You continued down the line with words of encouragement like “go get em tiger!” or “work it!” giving each model a joking pat on their bottoms. Watching as another model left, you turned to greet the next model, immediately patting them on the butt before even seeing who it was.

“Remember, you’re beautiful!” You exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Thanks, I’ve been told that often.” Hearing an unfamiliar voice answer, you looked up.

You’ve seen plenty of beautiful models after being in the business for a couple years, tons of attractive men and women whose very existence just bled gorgeousness. But never did you expect a model to catch your attention like this tall, lean, and exquisitely dashing young man just did. Reeling your hand back in quickly, a gasp left your mouth. Giving you a confused smile, the beautiful creature whose butt you just violated emerged from behind the curtain, your gaze following him down the runway.

“Who is he?” You turned towards Jimin who had appeared next to you, your eyes still glued on the stranger strutting down the runway

He folded his arms neatly across his chest, “Kang Won’s replacement.”

“What’s his name?”

“Kim SeokJin. But everyone calls him Jin.”

“How did you find him?”

“He’s a personal friend of mine and an aspiring model.”

You turned to him with a look of disbelief. “A personal friend?”

Jimin shrugged, “We needed a replacement ASAP and he just happens to wear the same size as Kang Won. So I thought, why not?”

“But he’s not under any contract.” You mumbled worriedly.

“You didn’t seem to care about him being contracted or not when you were ogling at him just now.” Jimin grinned playfully, flinching away when you moved to smack his arm. Watching Jin make his way back, you felt a blush creep up on your cheeks. You had just slapped the buttocks of a stunning yet complete stranger and now he was looking at you with those gorgeous eyes, sauntering towards you on the runway with the most poised smile.

“Here’s your next outfit.” You called out gently, placing a pile of clothes in his hands when he exited the runway.  You watched as he combed through the pile delicately, humming at the choices you made. “So, Jimin tells me your name is Jin?”

He nodded, still searching through the pile, “It’s so nice to finally meet you, Y/N.” Jin glanced up at you with a smile, “I’ve heard so much about you, and I absolutely love your work. Last year’s fall line was my favorite.”

First, this man who looked like he had just jumped out of a high end Korean fashion magazine dazzled you with his handsome looks, and now he was telling you he was a fan of your work? You had to put in extra effort to ignore the wedding bells you could hear ringing in the distant corners of your wild imagination.

“I’m so flattered,” You blubbered honestly, “That’s one of my not so well known lines too.”

He shook his head, “That’s too bad, it’s one of the best collections I’ve seen out there.” He gestured his head towards the dressing room, “Well, I better go change now. I think I might’ve missed my turn.”

You let out a gasp, “Oh my gosh, yes yes, go change!” Shooing him away, you made sure to give a very giggly Jimin a ruthless jab to the side as you passed by him. As more models walked in and hurried to change, you found yourself running back and forth, fetching necklaces here, grabbing clutches there, and almost forgetting about Jin for a moment – almost.

“Y/N!” Jimin exclaimed but you turned around too late. You admired the back of Jin’s head as he made his way further down the runway, but noticed how the audience suddenly erupted into a thunderous applause, one you’ve never heard before at any of your fashion shows. You watched as he paused to strike a pose, his legs looking unbelievably long and slender in the jet black dress pants you had him wear. He pulled up the collar of the black suit jacket he wore, using it to his advantage as he posed for the flashing cameras. But that was when he turned around to walk back towards you that you let out a gasp.

“Jimin, where is his shirt?!” You nearly shrieked as you grabbed Jimin’s arm. Jimin remained appalled in silence as Jin made his way to the backstage. Just as he was about to pass you, you pulled him aside.

“Jin, where was the white dress shirt you were supposed to wear with that tux?”

His eyes widened at you, “You didn’t give me a white shirt…”

Glancing over at a table near you, you nearly kicked yourself in the butt after seeing the white dress shirt laying there, neatly folded and untouched.

“And this was supposed to be one of the highlight pieces.” You groaned, knowing there’d be articles the next day mocking you for having such a risqué definition of “formal wear.”

“Wait a second though,” Jin placed a hand on your shoulder encouragingly, “We should just roll with this.”


“What more of a statement do you need to make this formal wear collection stand out?” Jin grinned excitedly, shrugging off his blazer. Your eyes trailed down from his toned chest to the lean abdominal muscles of his stomach and you turned away quickly, bursting into a fit of awkward coughs.

“What do you think you’re doing?” As you peeked an eye open at him, you saw that he had already pulled on a pair of gray slacks, still dizzying you in all his shirtless glory. He hurried his black leather shoes on before tossing the matching gray blazer over his shoulder, shooting you a quick smile.

“If what I’m about to do doesn’t make this collection your most famous, then I don’t know what will.” Before you could protest, Jin boldly strutted onto the runway as the crowd exploded into a frenzy of whistling and ardent clapping so deafening, you couldn’t even hear the background music anymore. The cameras clicked and flashed away, eating up every pose Jin dished out. Breaking into a smile, you snorted at the sight. He was gutsy, that’s for sure.

The night progressed smoothly, the growing excitement evident in the crowd’s hushed whispers and murmurs. It was an understatement to say that Jin had completely stolen the show with his new ‘risque’ formal wear concept, flaunting his broad naked shoulders, showcasing the sweat that glistened off his skin in the blinding lights, and even creatively (and very dangerously) leaving the button and fly of his trousers hanging open casually for one look. It was needless to say you were shocked at the boldness and sheer confidence Jin possessed, not to mention his shirtless state maintained the crimson blush on your cheeks.

As the night came to a close and the models said their thank yous and goodbyes, you took a moment to lean on one of the tables, staring at the empty and messy dressing room, feeling nothing but content and finally peace.

“Y/N, I think it’s safe to say this formal wear collection is going to be a hit.” Jin’s gentle voice came from behind you and you whirled around, a grin stretching across your face.

“You know, I could’ve thrown you off the stage for going rogue on me out there.” His confident expression didn’t even budge one bit at your playful threat.

“I’m usually very good at obeying orders and what not, but once I’m confident that something is going to work out, I’m kind of a loose cannon.” He scrunched his eyes at you teasingly, his eye smile doing weird things to your stomach.

“So, I hear you’re not under any agency?”

Jin shook his head. “Not yet, I’m still looking.”

“Well, consider yourself hired.”

Giving you a puzzled smile, Jin tilted his head at you in the most loveable way, unable to believe the words you had just said.

“Do you really mean that?”

“I can’t have my extremely confident and shamelessly bold star of the show leave me for some other agency.” You feigned shock and placed a hand over your heart dramatically, “Not after all the ruckus you caused in my show tonight.”

“You know I’m only going to cause more ruckus if you hire me.” Jin let out a confident laugh, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“ That’s exactly why I need you.”

“It’s not because I’m utterly beautiful?” You coughed violently at his forwardness, only causing him to laugh even more at your reaction.

“Are you always this confident?” You questioned curiously, still letting out a couple coughs.

“Always.” He beamed proudly. You shook your head at him, a smile still tugging at the corners of your lips.

“And this is why I want you. What do you say?” Extending a hand out to Jin, his eyes twinkled with excitement as he wrapped his much larger hand around yours.

“I’m in.”