how did you feel when friends ended

The Big 4: Mommy, Daddy, how did you meet?


Jellal: W-well, we -

Erza: We were childhood friends!

Jellal: Yes, that’s good, listen to your mother … 


*Gajeel stares into the distance in horror while Levy quickly changes the subject*


Natsu: Well, it was sort of a coincidence. We ended up in the same town and your mom bought me food so I had to give her a hand when she almost got tricked into this sex trafficking ring and - 



Gray: Your mother blatantly refused to leave me alone until I finally admitted my feelings to myself and her.

Juvia: ~~ It was so romantic! ~~

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: How did Grovyle feel when he realize his partner lose all memories, include the good ones with him? Imagine you travel time with your loyal and dependable friend but then you suddenly lose him and when you find him, he doesn't know who you are and you're the only one who keeps all memories and all feelings. You don't have time to explain them because you have to save the world and you're still ready to sacrifice yourself for your partner beside everything. And at the end, you couldn't even stay close to him anymore, both physically and emotionally.

do’s & don'ts

1. don’t punch a wall when he tells you he didn’t love you.. send him his hoodie back with a note that says I don’t miss you anymore and take everything relevant to him and stuff it in a box under your bed.

2. don’t burst out crying when he kisses her, but don’t kiss other boys just to feel something.

3. don’t drink shot after shot to feel something because you’ll just end up on the ground slurring his name.

4. don’t avoid your friends… you need them and they need you.. now I can’t tell you how to make sure they’re true friends.

5. don’t text him, you don’t want to know how he’s doing… you don’t want to know that he’s found another girl.. don’t..

6. let it hurt, but don’t let it fucking kill you like it did me..

7. when your parents separate, don’t get in the middle… and don’t think love isn’t possible… it’s gonna hurt, but it’ll be okay

8. when you get your report card back and a message from your teacher saying how you used to be such a good kid with amazing grades, don’t cry. know that you’re going through a lot and work harder.

9. DON’T self harm. they’ll never go away even if the scars fade, every time you look at your wrist or your legs or any place you’ll feel sick. it sucks to wear a jacket in 90 degree weather.

10. if you are hurting yourself or suicidal, tell someone you trust, you need to get the help you need.

11. if looking at your phone hurts, turn it off. if you can’t breathe in your room, clean everything until the feeling of toxic people is nowhere to be found.

—  tips I guess I need to follow

“That was the first time I saw Chat getting any closer to my balcony. He’d always stand just behind the railing, like respecting a boundary he seemed to trespass that night”.

I have a good excuse for drawing this Marichat hehehe I could do a comic about it, but I think it’s too long ;;; 

Anyway… my headcanon for Marichat is that Chat discovers how different is Marinette when she is talking with him and not Adrien, so he sometimes visits her as Chat just to have a little chat (woops I did it) without her stuttering and acting strange, At first Adrien, as Chat, would visit her with the only intention of getting to know Marinette as a friend, but feelings are further developed and ends up liking her, and liking ladybug, and being all confused xD

If you read until now, congrats, there you have a lot of confusions, bad grammar and worse explanation (laughs)


You had been friends for ages. You couldn’t even remember a time when you hadn’t had Alec in your life as your best friend and supporter, no matter what you did.

So when he, in the middle of a conversation, just aksed you for a date you looked confused at him.

“A date”, he repeated but you could see, how he started to feel awkward. “With me.”
You didn’t know that he was feeling that way about you. But somewhere your feelings had changed to, just that you had been to scared to ask because you hadn’t wanted to lose him as friend.

That is why you smiled at him, when he started to look worried.
“Of course, Alec!”

End Part 1
Part 2 comes too

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3rd Person p.o.v

You laughed along with your friends while the hear from the bonfire kept you warm. It was towards the end of the summer so someone decided to throw a party at the beach. 

It surprised you when you saw the guys who run the host club show up at the party. You took another sip of your drink feeling the burning sensation of the alcohol run down your throat. 

“Did you see that Tamaki was here?” One of your friends Yui asked. “Yeah that whole group is here, how strange is that.” You said “Maybe they’re trying to learn how to loosen up.” Your other friend Kisa said. 

“Probably not.” You said laughing. You turned around feeling like someone was watching you, your eyes met Kaoru’s. He turned back to his brother before you looked back to your friends. 

“Kaoru keeps staring at you.” Yui said nudging your shoulder causing you to roll your eyes. “No he’s not.” You said taking another sip of your drink. You only caught his eyes once, that doesn’t mean he’s been staring at you this whole time. 

“Maybe he has a crush on you.” Kisa said smirking at you. “Guys cut it out alright.” You said turning to look at the host club. They all had cups in their hands which surprised you. 

After a couple of house Kaoru was hopeless drunk thanks to his brother. The rest of the hosts were finding entertainment in the red head’s drunken state. His eyes landed on you, you were staring out at the water watching the waves. 

“You should go say hi.” Hikaru said to Kaoru giving him a little push. He stumbled a little making his way towards you. You didn’t notice him walking over towards you, the sound of the ocean was distracting you. 

You felt a hand grab yours, you turned seeing Kaoru on one knee looking up at you. One look at him and you knew he was completely wasted. You put a hand over your mouth to try and cover the laugh you were holding back. 

“MARRY ME MY LOVE!” Kaoru said a little to loudly, your eyes grew wide and you turned to the host club. They were in the same state as you, completely shocked, except Hikaru was laughing. The hosts soon made their way over and apologized to you before dragging Kaoru away. 

The next morning Kaoru woke up with a pounding head ache. He groaned opening his eyes to see his twin standing there with aspirin and water. Kaoru thankfully took both things. 

“What happened last night?” Kaoru asked looking up at his brother. “You mean you don’t remember?” Hikaru asked trying not to laugh. Kaoru sat up stretching his sore muscles before rubbing his eyes. 

“Oh god what did I do?” He sighed. “You might have gone up (Y/N) and yelled ‘Marry me my love’ before we had to drag you away,” Hikaru said smirking at his brother. 

“Please tell me your joking!” Kaoru asked his eyes growing wide. Hikaru shook his head making Kaoru’s head fall. “My god they probably hate me now!” Kaoru exclaimed falling back onto the bed. 

“Honestly I don’t think they were bothered by it. (Y/N) knew you were completely wasted I think your just caught them off guard.” Hikaru said patting his brothers knee sympathetically. 

“Oh my god, I’m never going to a party with you ever again!” Kaoru groaned shoving his brother out of the way so he could go shower. He dreaded having to go to school tomorrow to see you and hear about his drunken outburst again. This next week was going to be interesting.

Best Friends pt. 2 - Liam Dunbar (Smut)

Idfc - Blackbear (Tarro Remix)

☼ Cause I have hella feelings for you

I act like I don’t fucking care

Cause I’m so fucking scared

I’m only a fool for you 

Warnings: Liam fucking Dunbar

Underaged characters are aged up to 18 years old in my writings and are most likely in their senior year of high school.

❀ Gif credit to owners/creators ❀

[ Part One ]

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1. You showed me that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t skinny enough for you, but I taught you how it feels like a slap in the face when I move on. Did it really matter that I wasn’t pretty?

2. I learned the difference between lust and love with you. You chose her, but you ended up choosing me, but not in the way or at the time I wanted you too. Lust and love are the same to you, aren’t they?

3.You taught me about hate. You taught me what it was like to lose a best friend. You showed how easy it was to kiss my bestfriend, but was that fair if I broke your heart?

4. You told me to love everything full heartedly with no regrets. You taught me to love myself because in the end that’s what really matters. You also taught me love can go away as quickly as it came. You showed what indecisiveness really was. There’s a difference between can’t and won’t, but not to you?

—  they changed my life, but left me with some questions a.i.

falling-evans  asked:

OH MY GOD I JUST READ THE BOYFRIEND!WOOZI I AM CRYING. It'd be marvelous if u could do a Best Friend Mingyu


  • wowowowo how did you end up so lucky
  • i feel like we all this mentality that if mingyu is close to you in any way possible he’ll coddle you and treat you like royalty and cook all these delicious foods whenever he’d get the chance 
  • but it’s mingyu he’s silly clumsy sunshine and puppies personified
  • and let’s face it he secretly does a lot of work and you’re his blissful downtime when things stress him out
  • whenever he’s sick or lazy or just plain misses you, he’ll vegetate on your couch waiting for you to get up and chill with him
  • he’s wrapped the bedsheet around him like a puppy burrito and has claimed territory on your couch 
  • his head’s just popped out all cutely and his lips are jutted out subconsciously but at the same time mingyu knows he needs to be cute af in order to gain your attention and he wants your attention badly
  • “hello bestie best best friend you’re great i love you can you please keep me company im lonely and i wanna watch tv”
  • “no i have a life”
  • “but YOU’RE MY LIFE” 
  • mingyu doesn’t know it (or pretends not to know it) that he’s a killer sweetheart flirt to his own best friend to get what he wants
  • you know what that’s a-okay whatever happens happens and whatever’s meant to be you know that mingyu will always have your back, even if if he just wants to hang around your side all day

Seventeen Headcanons?

       open to: females

      Beatrice was raised Christian. Every Sunday she would go to Church with parents and pray to get herself a place in heaven. Whatever she was doing needed her mom’s permission. From makeup, through clothes, and ending at Betty’s free time. It was pretty exhausting to be this perfect student with straight As. Especially because she felt like she’s not as perfect as her parents wanted her to be. When high school started she discovered this weird feeling in her stomach. Butterflies. Not only around boys but also around girls. And that was for sure something her mother wouldn’t like. “How did you know you like girls?” Betty asked her friend that was always very open about her sexuality.  Betty really needed someone she could trust, someone who would help her figure things out.

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before the credits start on ffxv we hear again gladio telling the bros to push the car, what did you feel at the moment? like... it was a powerful reminder of their journey started being almost nothing, four friends travelling, and look at how it ended...

How did I feel? I was a wreck…..completely a wreck. The dialogue from the beginning, it just hit me really hard. At the beginning we didn’t know what road was before us/them, what ‘stops’ (struggles I call those hehe) would come to pass. It was a very nice and touching moment for me, made me reflect back at all the emotional things that happened, and how far they have all come.

;_________________; I’m tearing up now again. Shit when you think your ok….and then…….woieghweioGHEGHpw x_____x

Originally posted by zombiemommyx

junker5 replied to your post: And so it goes…

I feel the way I always do when I’m done with an intense story; why did it have to end? You outdid yourself w/the ending; it’s perfect! I loved how you left them and I admit I’m so pleased with Nats good news! Those two have certainly been through the wringer; they sure deserve their hard earned happy ending. I look forward to more Stony! What am I saying, I look forward to whatever you write! :) Hope you are feeling better & that the kids/hubby, are too! Hugs!

Thank you so much, my friend!  @faith2nyc and I had that ending planned from the beginning.  It was awesome to finally get there and give Nat and Steve their happy moment after all that.  We’ve got a little something planned for a tiny coda to “Stay”.  @faith2nyc is working on it now.  I think you guys will like it.  I’ll be writing a little bit to go with it soon.

But, yes, Stony.  Loads of it.  Working on “Resistance” right now.  I’m realizing I have Steve in a pretty bad state in both my Stony WIPs.  Hehe whoops.  I should probably fix him ;-).

SU Episode Ask Meme (Updated Version!)
  • Gem Glow: What's a product you love that got discontinued?
  • Laser Light Cannon: Have you ever misplaced something you really needed?
  • Cheeseburger Backpack: What's your most prized possession?
  • Together Breakfast: What's your favorite food?
  • Frybo: Regardless of your actual age, do you feel more like a child or an adult?
  • Cat Fingers: Tell a story about a time when you tried something new...and it didn't go well.
  • Bubble Buddies: How did you meet your best friend?
  • Serious Steven: Are you more serious or silly?
  • Tiger Millionaire: If you had a secret alter ego, what would it be?
  • Steven's Lion: What was your first pet?
  • Arcade Mania: What's your favorite video game of all time?
  • Giant Woman: What's the coolest thing you've ever personally witnessed?
  • So Many Birthdays: Tell us about the best birthday party you've ever had.
  • Lars And The Cool Kids: Do you have trouble making friends?
  • Onion Trade: What's one of your fondest memories?
  • Steven The Sword Fighter: Have you ever personally witnessed something terrifying?
  • Lion 2 - The Movie: What's your favorite movie?
  • Beach Party: Have you been banned from anywhere, at any point?
  • Rose's Room: When you need to be alone, where do you go?
  • Coach Steven: Where do you think your strength lies?
  • Joking Victim: What are your thoughts on revenge?
  • Steven And The Stevens: What's your favorite band?
  • Monster Buddies: Have you ever lost a pet?
  • An Indirect Kiss: How good (or bad) is your eyesight?
  • Mirror Gem: Have you ever felt trapped?
  • Ocean Gem: Do you still live in the area you grew up in?
  • House Guest: Have you ever hurt someone you love by accident?
  • Space Race: Given the chance, would you take a trip to space?
  • Secret Team: Have you ever had to lie about something serious?
  • Island Adventure: What's your favorite vacation destination?
  • Keep Beach City Weird!: Are there any conspiracy theories you're intrigued by?
  • Fusion Cuisine: What's the most awkward situation you've ever been in?
  • Garnet's Universe: What's your favorite anime?
  • Watermelon Steven: What's your favorite plant?
  • Lion 3 - Straight To Video: Is there someone you wish you'd gotten to meet before they died?
  • Alone Together: Do you like to dance?
  • Warp Tour: Have you ever had trouble getting people to believe you about something?
  • The Test: What's a class you have (or had) a lot of difficulty with?
  • Future Vision: If you were offered the ability to see the future, would you take it?
  • On The Run: Have you ever felt guilty over something that wasn't your fault?
  • Horror Club: Do you like scary movies?
  • Winter Forecast: How do you feel about snow?
  • Maximum Capacity: Have you ever gotten so caught up in something frivolous that you neglected something important?
  • Marble Madness: Do you ask a lot of questions?
  • Rose's Scabbard: Is there anyone you've lost that you still miss?
  • Open Book: What's a ship that everyone else seems to love, but you don't care for?
  • Shirt Club: Are you an artistic type?
  • Say Uncle: Tell us about the weirdest day of your life.
  • Story For Steven: How did your parents meet?
  • The Message: Do you feel like people don't appreciate your efforts very much?
  • Political Power: What do you usually do during power outages?
  • The Return: Have you ever knowingly put yourself in danger in order to help someone else?
  • Jail Break: Do you consider yourself to be more rash or more patient?
  • Full Disclosure: Have you ever tried to avoid telling a loved one about something important?
  • Joy Ride: What do you like to do when you're hanging out with your friends?
  • Love Letters: Have you ever been rejected by a crush?
  • Reformed: Do you feel insecure about yourself?
  • Sworn To The Sword: Have you ever been willing to die for someone?
  • Rising Tides/Crashing Skies: Do you prefer for things to be boring but safe, or interesting but dangerous?
  • Keeping It Together: Tell us about a time when you managed to keep yourself together in a rough situation.
  • We Need To Talk: Have you ever worried that someone you love doesn't respect you?
  • Chille Tid: Tell us about a weird dream you've had.
  • Cry For Help: Has anyone ever betrayed your trust?
  • Keystone Motel: Do you forgive easily?
  • Onion Friend: Who can you talk to about anything?
  • Historical Friction: Have you ever performed on stage?
  • Friend Ship: Do you ever feel lesser than your friends/loved ones?
  • Nightmare Hospital: Have you ever felt you needed to hide things from your parents?
  • Sadie's Song: Do you feel at ease in the spotlight?
  • Catch And Release: How tall are you?
  • When It Rains: Do you have any phobias?
  • Back To The Barn: Has anyone ever been cruel to you because of some aspect of your identity?
  • Too Far: How would you describe your sense of humor?
  • The Answer: Are you in love with anyone?
  • Steven's Birthday: Do you think you look younger than you are?
  • It Could've Been Great: Have you ever said something that nearly jeopardized a friendship?
  • Message Received: Do you feel that you sometimes have trouble communicating?
  • Log Date 7-15-2: What's a TV show you could binge-watch for hours?
  • Super Watermelon Island: What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
  • Gem Drill: Do you consider yourself a peaceful person?
  • Same Old World: Do you feel at home in your current living situation?
  • Barn Mates: Have you ever had a roommate you really clashed with?
  • Hit The Diamond: Are you easily fooled?
  • Steven Floats: What never fails to cheer you up?
  • Drop Beat Dad: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
  • Mr. Greg: If you received a sudden windfall, what would you do with the money?
  • Too Short To Ride: What's your favorite amusement park attraction?
  • The New Lars: Do you think people like you for who you really are?
  • Beach City Drift: Have you ever been in a drag race?
  • Restaurant Wars: What's your favorite restaurant?
  • Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service: Have people ever taken advantage of your kindness?
  • Monster Reunion: If you could be reunited with one person from your past, who would it be?
  • Alone At Sea: Have you ever been in a bad relationship?
  • Gem Hunt: Do you tend to prepare heavily for things, or do you just wing it?
  • Crack The Whip: Do (or did) you tend to study hard in school?
  • Steven Vs. Amethyst: Do you feel like you don't live up to other people's expectations?
  • Bismuth: Have you ever had to do something drastic out of self-defense?
  • Beta: Where were you born?
  • Earthlings: In what ways do you differ most from your relatives?
  • Back To The Moon: If you could shapeshift into anything for a day, what would it be?
  • Bubbled: Have you ever come close to dying?

- im Depressed™, which means its time to watch cone struggle with a life infinitely more difficult than mine and laugh at his eternal pain

- goddamn it i JUST got used to the old opening

- is he, , ,is he in a sherlock holmes costume,, ,,, , 

- nice regression kogoro

- did he, ,forget, , ,that he’s shinichi??

- “who cares who ran dates?” you. you cares who ran dates.

- its gonna b rlly interesting to watch how their dynamic progresses bc u cant tell me that when your childhood-friend-turned-crush-turned-adoptive-older-sister starts taking care of you in the context of you being her younger sibling, you’ll still wanna date her by the end of it. he’s gonna feel so weird about it if he ever gets his body back

- conan u cant just kick peoples faces in bc u suspect theyre gonna be prickish jerks to ran


- how the hell did no one hear a struggle? like. stabbing someone in the heart is rlly damn difficult. there’d have been some commotion 

- “how do you suggest the culprit left the stall?” megure-keibu are u fucking kidding me dude. u literally just put a foot on the toilet and pop on over. like its not. .. thats it. thats all. its not unfathomable 

- why does lawyer lady make him so dang nervous


- “the only one who could have done that is that person” shinichi we’ve talked about this. fuckin stop dude




- “it made my body develop a negative reaction from just seeing you!” that actually, , ,, that actually happens when ur abused so like, ,, , , [eyes emoji]


- nice regression kogoro

barbra-from-accounting  asked:

Hey,I'm sorry to annoy you but i saw you gave some comforting words to someone a few days ago, i just need someone to rant to for a second. I made a pretty minor mistake today (i accidentally liked an old facebook photo of someone i REALLY shouldn't have)and ended up having a panic attack at school, my first one in ages. All my friends laughed because they thought i was just overreacting, and i probably was. I've just felt so bad all day because of it. Anyway, rant over, thanks for listening 😊

Hi there !
That’s totally fine, i hope it helps you at least a bit :-)
First of all, you did nothing wrong and it’s okay, okay ?? I feel like your friends didn’t do the best job and i understand how hard it must be when you just want to escape and have no one to comfort you. They could’ve do something else other than laughing, but it’s over now. Remember to do something that you love and stay strong !

ipreferpencil  asked:

I don't have any response to the latest chapter of We're Not Friends except for keyboard smashing and crying. (I feel like I should have predicted this, but nope, it hit me in the gut)

I realized my ask was ambiguous on if I liked the chapter. I definitely did! I just am going to cry for a while. And reread it, since I apparently like pain.

I’ve literally had that last scene written for about three years, basically in the form that you just read. I don’t remember when I knew how the fic was going to end (and you don’t know the whole of how it’s going to end yet! there is one more chapter!) but when I knew it all fell into place perfectly and I am legitimately so excited to finally be at the point where I get to share it. 

But rest assured that I am keyboard smashing and crying with you. Or, well, I was. Now I get to sit back and cackle about how everyone else is now sharing the pain I put myself through while writing it. 

cardinal100023  asked:

You and Keaboo are such a cute couple, how did you meet him?

I joined when the group were only like 3 people and me, and since I study far from home I couldn’t go to their meetings and ended up not participating in the chat.

I started chatting there by Christmas season since I was back home and not many of my friends remain here, I was also dealing with the break up of my last ex so I was trying to avoid feeling lonely, by then many other guys joined the chat, including Keaboo.

I only had to say that I played Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, and him that played Danganronpa and we started chatting non-stop every single day (the record is still going so far), we became close very fast, and two weeks later I invited to my house and we ended up sleeping hugged together.

Two weeks later on January 15th I asked him to make our relationship official.

PD: Kind of weird that the first friend I ever made back in elementary school also became furry on his own, he was actually the guy who sent me this ask when he found out about me.

anonymous asked:

*holding u tight* i remember when i had that addiction friend is there anything anybody can do to help? distraction? be an accountability partner? text me when you feel the urge and i will yell at u to watch anime with me instead?

I actually had a bit of an episode earlier because I accidentally put myself in a bit of a traumatic situation but I was able to get over my fear of talking about it and confided in a friend how I was feeling. I did not continue to hurt myself after that and I am not suffering any severe damage.

Although tbh yall are aware that when people start posting negative shit that everyone can see, it’s a cry for help, right? Whether they are consciously aware of that or not? So if your friend or even just anyone you care about starts mentioning something negative more often than usual you should check up on them. Even if they never end up telling you exactly what bothers them, it helps to know that someone cares.

Thank you for the message. I am becoming aware of just how much asking for help I need to do more of 🌸

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier - I Can’t Sleep

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

You and Bucky are best friends, you always called him when you couldn’t sleep, tonight was one of those nights where sleep just wouldn’t come. So, you did what you usually did and called Bucky and of course, he came right away and you curled up with him. Tonight would be just like any other night when you curled up with him, right? Maybe. Neither of you knew about the feelings you harbored for each other. Maybe tonight was the night you told each other?

Bucky x Reader

Requested by the lovely @writing-soldiers

Using the promptHow come I always end up calling you when I can’t fall asleep?” (from this list)

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