how did you feel when friends ended

Friends or more? Sentence Starters

aka “sometimes i feel like i wanna make out with you is that a friend thing to do?” type of things

(send a name and a sentence)

  • “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”
  • “We always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too.”
  • “Your lips are getting really close to mine.”
  • “I’m not jealous, but, like, come on, movie night is just for me and you only.”
  • “I dare you to kiss me.”
  • “No, go on the Ferris Wheel with me, not them.”
  • “You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering.”
  • “Why is your hand on my ass?”
  • “Cuddle with me.”
  • “I just kissed your forehead, chill.”
  • “Shit, how’d you make me blush like this?”
  • “Are you trying to turn me on?”
  • “Let’s hang out, but I’ll pay for everything, and we can go to this fancy restaurant– No, not a date.”
  • “Okay, I guess this is a date, actually.”
  • “Stop with the tongue thing, it’s strangely attractive.”
  • “I keep telling them we’re not dating, but they keep telling me friends don’t normally make out when drunk.”
  • “I don’t want to be friends with benefits, but I do want something more, I just can’t figure out what.”
  • “When did you get so beautiful?”
  • “If you’re going to dress like that, I’m not going to let you out of my sight.”
  • “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.”
  • “No, I don’t know how I got a boner, It just kind of happened! It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!”
  • “I’m holding your hand because the movie is scary, alright?  It’s a… Terrifying… Rom-com… ….. .”
  • “Why’d you let go of me?”
  • “I accidentally called you my girlfriend/boyfriend today.”
  • “I kissed you because we were drunk.”
  • “I kissed you because I didn’t know what else to do.”
  • “Could you not talk to him/her, please?  I think they’re trying to date you.”
  • “I wish we could stay like this forever…”
  • “I had this dream where we were dating.”
  • “I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.”
  • “Why do you always call me when I’m on a date?”
  • “No, I can’t hang out, I’m on a date and you know that.” 
  • “Okay, maybe I am a bit jealous.”
  • “Just remember, he/she’s not the one who taught you how to kiss.”
  • “It’s weird how we’ve been friends for so long, but never went through that ‘crushing’ phase.”
  • “Maybe I want to kiss you because it’s cold and about to be cuddle season.”
  • “I say this a lot, but, look, they’re not good enough for you.”
  • “You’re always wrapping your arms around me in lines.”
  • “I was listening to that love song, and you came to mind.  Weird, right?”
  • “You know this voucher only works for couples, right?”
  • “Are you implying that you want to kiss me?”
  • “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “You’re blushing so hard, all I did was say “I love you” in French.”
  • “I could get used to waking up next to you, actually.”
  • “Right… Well… I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that…”
  • “I’m personally offended that you didn’t get me to be your fake date.”
  • “We would make a pretty good couple.”
  • “The date didn’t go well.  Yeah, she/he didn’t like how I kept mentioning all of our adventures.”
  • “How come I always end up calling you when I can’t fall asleep?”
  • “Sometimes i feel like i wanna make out with you is that a friend thing to do?”
Your hands are Really Nice- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: (requested) Reader is too shy to tell Jughead about her feelings, so Veonica and Betty take matters in to their own hands (mostly Veronica)

Warnings: Swears, fluff so much fluff I couldn’t even deAL


Being in love with your best friend isn’t easy. It feels taboo, like it’s wrong, and unhealthy. You’ll lay awake at ungodly hours of the night, wondering “How did this happen?” You’ll replay every moment of every waking minute you spent with them, wondering how in the world you ended up lying on your floor with an empty bowl of ramen beside your head and imagining what it would feel like to kiss them. You’ll catch yourself admiring the tiniest insignificant things about them, and every detail of their stupidly cute face, and every indent and curve and freckle on their body, and let me tell you, it sucks. Falling in love with your best friend isn’t easy, especially when your best friend is Jughead Jones.

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Alright here we go...

To the people who are saying that 13 Reasons Why is “romanticizing suicide” or that it “portrays suicide as a way of finding peace”…..

Um. Absolutely not? Did we watch the same show?

The E N T I R E show is about the grief, anger, confusion, blame, and suffering that suicide can leave behind. Just because Hannah left tapes saying why she did it, doesn’t mean it gave anybody a sense of peace. The ending was 0.0% peaceful. The show is brutal and honest. This shit HAPPENED at my high school. It’s STILL happening in high school AND COLLEGE. These are very real and everyday struggles people go through, and that’s why it’s so critical to watch.

It is ABSOLUTELY important to talk about suicide because it is an extremely SERIOUS and REAL thing. Just because we are bringing it to light on a Netflix show doesn’t mean that it’s going to become “mainstream” or that the weight of the word “suicide” will become ANY less. No. Bringing this to light means that we can have one more way to help others understand why kids in high school (or even later in life) can feel this way. It means that if someone is considering taking their own life that maybe they will feel less ashamed or embarrassed seeking help and being open and honest about how they’re feeling. That maybe it is worth giving that one extra try. People saying Hannah got a sense of peace after making the tapes…absolutely fucking not? It was just her equivalent of a suicide note, she didn’t want to die. There was no true “moment of peace” when she died. So there was no glorifying the suicide process or making it seem peaceful. And if you watched (I’m not going to ruin it for anyone) you would see that doing what she did didn’t have any sort of positive or settling affect on any of those kids. It tore them up. There are no happy endings to a story like this.


I’m incredibly proud of 13 Reasons Why and I’m even more proud of my friends who were in the show telling this vital story. YES it is extremely triggering because this stuff is real, so please be mindful of that. I’ve had a couple friends and family who had to take a break, but I think it’s so important for everyone to watch at some point in their lives as soon as they’re ready to. ♥️

anonymous asked:

The thing you mentioned about butterflies not always being so good; you are so on point. Comfort and security is a much better feeling to be in a relationship with. I've been looking for that lately, bcuz I'm tired of the butterflies/anxiety, but I can't find it. How did you find it with Sasha? Whenever I try to make friends with a guy first, it's either I end up developing feelings too quickly or they do which makes me uncomfortable. I want that level of comfort before a romantic relationship.

uh, I don’t know to be honest! it all just flowed naturally? 

Sasha was never too intrusive or demanding, he’s a good company, so it was easy with him and then it just started to grow.

The thing is that you don’t FIND it on purpose, you know. It find you when the time is ready. Life is always spinning and taking turns, so all the changes will eventually lead you to where you are supposed to be!

So..try to not rush things! I mean…Don’t go for what makes you uncomfortable, I think I don’t even need to say that because it seems like you aren’t the person who would do that. I think with the right person you can tell in the beginning they are a decent human being, they won’t give you negative connatations.

There’s right time for everything, so let the life flow! 

Afraid of Loving You

Originally posted by phebobuffay

Pairing: Jughead x reader
Word Count: 1,097
Warnings: None
A/n: Sorry of this sucked, I started it over so many times because I got so stuck :(
Request: Hey
Can I request something? It’s an Riverdale request :)
I’d love to have something with Jughead! *-*
The female reader could be a Blossom, maybe a cousin or a sister, and she falls in love with Juggie. I’d love to know how Cheryl tells Juggie that he shouldn’t hurt the reader or something :)
Thanks ♡

Jughead Jones, the quiet and mysterious boy that sits in booth at Pops had caught the attention of Y/n Blossom, the cousin of Cheryl and late Jason Blossom. Y/n was fascinated by he way he typed for hours after hours. She knew that whatever he was typing had something to do with the murder of Jason but she couldn’t care less. Jason was never very kind to Y/n and often ignored her presence.

Y/n Blossom, the confident yet fragile girl that sits in a booth at Pops had caught the attention of Jughead Jones. Jughead noticed that whenever she would come in she was sit at a booth with her strawberry milkshake and watch him type away for hours. He often found himself smiling at the presence the girl but quickly averted his mind onto his work.

It was average day in Riverdale when you decided to get a milkshake from Pops and see if Jughead was there. You enter the diner to find the infamous writing sitting in a booth the far end of the diner. He was once again typing away. You ordered your milkshake and noticed that Jughead had stopped typing and seemed to be taking a break. You retrieved you milkshake and walked over to booth where Jughead and his laptop resided.

“Hey Jughead” You gave him a smile and he looked up at you with a slightly shocked expression.

“Hey Y/n” He replied distracted. One day while you were sitting at your booth watching Jughead he looked up from his screen and caught you staring at him. This caused you to blushed and look away quickly. Jughead then came over to you booth. Long story short you two clicked and now your good friends.

You smiled and slid into the booth so you were sitting opposite him. You sat your milkshake on the table and took at sip.

Something Jughead had noticed about you awhile ago was that you chewed on your straw when you were nervous, which is exactly what you were doing now. He looked over his screen at you with quizzing eyes.

“Yes?” You asked, unsure as to why he ws giving you that look.

“You’re nervous about something” He said, closing his laptop.

“No I’m not” You lied, you know all too well that you were beyond nervous.

“The confident Y/n Blossom is nervous because of Jughead Jones” Jughead teased.

“Watch it Jones” You warned playfully.

“Or what?” You blushed at the sudden confidence Jughead possessed.

“Nothing” You whined in defeat.

“That’s what I thought” Jughead said with a now smug expression. You knew it was bad, falling for Jughead, but you couldn’t help it, the more you saw him the more you fell.

The Blossoms are an odd family thats for sure but if any of them found out your feeling towards Jughead they’d cut him out of your life for good. This is how you came to conclusion of distancing yourself form him, if you stayed away then atlas you could see him in day to day life…just not the way you want.

Jughead noticed your sudden change in emotion and didn’t like it one bit. You’d catch him starting at you longing and it broke your heart to see that he might feel the same. Someone else that noticed your change was Cheryl. She always had a suspicion that there was a longing for something within you but she never would had thought it would be Jughead Jones. So when she fund you crying in your room she had a feeling she knew what it was about.

“Y/n?” Cheryl called into your room.

“Go away Cheryl…” You answered with a quivering voice. Hearing this broke Cheryl heart. Shut your door behind her and sat on the end of your bed.

“This is about Jughead isn’t it?” She asks softy. This made you shoot up and look at her shocked.

“How did you know?!” You asked, completely gobsmacked.

“Y/n, you’ve been my best friend since I can remember, you’re like and open book to me” She smiles as she pushed loose stands of your hair behind your ear.

“I care for him so much but…I can’t have him” You cried as she stroked your hair.

“Why not?” She asked confused.

“Because he will be ripped away from me” You continued to cry as Cheryl tried her best to comfort you.

“Do you really think he would let that happened?” This made you look at her confused. “Do you really think Jughead Jones would let you be taken away from him? Because I don’t think so” This made you smile softly, thinking about Jughead protecting you gave you butterflies.

“No, I don’t”

“Exactly! I won’t let it happen either.” She smirked at you and you giggled in response. “Now! we’ll clean you up and you are going to Archie’s to tell Jughead how you feel”

Cheryl did exactly as she said she would. You were cleaned up and standing infant of the Andrew’s front door. Your hands were shaking and your palms were sweaty but you knew you had to do this. You knocked on the door and not long after Archie opened it.

“Oh hey, Y/n” He smiled.

“Wheres Jughead?” You asked. He pointe dup to his room and you ran up the stairs. You opened the door quite quickly which caused Jughead to jumped in shock.

“Y/n? what are you doing he-“ Before he could finish you crashed you lips on his, he instantly kissed you back. The kiss wasn’t rushed or heated, it was slow and sweet. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer. You broke away and he rested his forehead on yours.

“I have very strong feelings for you Jughead” You said with a deep blush lining you cheeks.

“I can see that” He chuckled. “I return them” He smiled and captured your lips in another sweet kiss. As this intimate moment continue, Jughead’s phone lit up on Archie’s bed.

From: unknown

Don’t you hurt her Jones, or you’ll have to deal with me.

@notalwaysfair - Hope you enjoyed it :)

Natsume’s book of friends, season 6, ep 3

So, I know these Thoughts about episode 3 of Natsume 6 are late, but  I am just. so proud of how far Natsume has come and so amazed with the show’s character development. Sometimes you forget how much Natsume has grown, because it’s happened so slowly and naturally. But then something will happen that just starkly demonstrates how much more confident and comfortable with himself he’s gotten and episode 3 of this season where he sees Shibata again really really does that. 

The fact that Natsume is able to be so openly annoyed with Shibata and bicker with him and calls him on his bullshit and doesn’t just sit there and take it is HUGE. 

Especially when you contrast it to the last episode where he interacted with him, seasons ago. Shibata said ALL KINDS of shitty things to Natsume he first arrived and Natsume didn’t really defend himself much or act annoyed about it all that much. He was scared of him- scared of him revealing his secret to his friends, scared of being bullied again and he basically slipped back into having very little confidence with himself.

 It never even crossed his mind Shibata should talk to him in a nicer way because being treated that way was still the default for him, he didn’t even feel like he deserved more respect. There was no way he would have gone  “you know what you’re not showing me very much respect and it’s super annoying” to Shibata back then.. He also seemed to genuinely think if his friends interacted with Shibata too long, they’d start treating him like Shibata did when they were kids and everything would revert to how it was when he was a kid. He felt his friendships were that fragile. 

Of course, Shibata apologized at the end of this episode and showed some understanding towards Natsume, which is partly what’s responsible for Natsume feeling less threatened by him and more comfortable with him- he has changed since they were kids and he bullied Natsume.

But I really think a lot of Natsume’s behavior in ep 3 is a testament to how much more confident and comfortable with HIMSELF he’s gotten since that episode. He’s like “yeah Shibata isn’t very nice so. that’s why we don’t really get along”, like he’s explicitly acknowledging that it’s a problem on Shibata’s end that he isn’t nice. Natsume doesn’t assume, like in the past, that it’s his fault for being weird and that people will be “not nice” to him by default, because he’s now had enough friends and loved ones care for him to know that this is NOT TRUE and people SHOULD and CAN be nice to him. 

And for him to be like “Shibata I can’t see you I’m hanging out with a friend” “Haha YOU have friends?” “yeah i sure do also screw you and do you want me to hang up” “no waitwaitwait” like can you imagine Natsume having standing up for himself like that in early seasons? He would have agreed with Shibata that it was weird he had friends. instead he’s like “YEP SURE DO AND FUCK YOU FOR ACTING SURPRISED”.

He was also comfortable enough to take Tanuma to see Shibata. He wasn’t worried that Tanuma would have a magic “oh wait I should really be being a lot meaner to Natsume like this guy is” epiphany when he interacted with Shibata he trusts Tanuma enough at this point to know he’s better than that.  In fact, he’s worried about Shibata annoying Tanuma and is alll “HEY TANUMA i’M SO SORRY WE HAVE TO MEET WITH HIM HE’S PRETTY TACTLESS IF HE ANNOYS YOU EVEN A LITTLE BIT TELL ME AND WE’LL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OKAY SERIOUSLY JUST TELL ME”. And there’s still a little insecurity in that- he’s nervous and overly solicitous there and worried about making Tanuma will be mad at him for having such an obnoxious friend, which is ridiculous considering how chill Tanuma is- so that shows Natsume is still not COMPLETELY confident in his relationships and has a lot of the anxiety and over-attentiveness still, he’s not magically over all the effects of his abuse. 

(And how friggin’ adorable was it when Shibata was like “you look like a beanpole” to both of them and both Tanuma and Natsume immediately yelled at him on the other one’s behalf”).

And then overall he was just basically able to comfortably bicker with Shibata, demand Shibata tell him what was going and even tease him and call him a scaredy-cat, which is wow, SUCH a big step to see Natsume confident enough to comfortably do things like that.

Speaking on Tanuma, it also shows how much Natsume has grown that he basically told Tanuma immediately what was going on and took relatively less convincing this time when Tanuma wanted to help. He’s still obviously pretty nervous about burdening people. but he’s come a long way.

And this show is so good about characters actually comminicating openly and honestly- that moment where Natsume apologized to Tanuma for asking for his help and Tanuma being like “I actually really prefer knowing what you’re dealing with to being kept in the dark because that makes me worry about you way more. I actually wish you’d let me help you more, but I know that freaks you out and sends you into a guilt spiral when I push it to hard. It makes me happy you’re trusting me and even relying on me even a little bit.” LIKE WOW. A PLUS COMMUNICATION, A PLUS FRIENDING. 

Basically this show has an end-goal of showing how much better it is when people communcate and are open with their feelings, but also acknowledges that it takes real work to get to that point, especially when you’re dealing with characters who are dealing with a lot of trauma like Natsume is. But Tanuma and Natsume and the rest of his friends DO put in the work and it’s beautiful to see how that is resulting in really healthy, honest relationships where they truly consider and understand each other’s feelings and that these relationships grow and get stronger with each passing episode.

I also have to praise the development on Shibata’s part too. I was very grumpy with him his debut episode for how he treated Natsume. (not because he didn’t feel like a realistic character or that his growth wasn’t good even in that episode, just. he spent most of it being a fuck so). He did apologize, but he didn’t seem to fully grasp exactly how much hell he put Natsume through. In this episode, though, he had a lot of growth. he fully gets all the scary shit Natsume has to deal with and is horrified and genuinely does his best to help and take responsibility for his part in it and lets Natsume know “hey I know I was shitty to you and I still am a little bit shitty but I really like seeing you and don’t want to hurt you”. LIKE YES EXACTLY THANK YOU. LET’S ALL JOIN THE “PROTECT NATSUME” SQUAD. It’s honestly one of the better “reformed bully” sidestories I’ve seen.

(And Natsume realizing that he gets what Tanuma’s talking about because it also makes him happy that Shibata reached out to him and relied on him!)


Preference "How they propose to you"

(YAY ALL OF THEM BABY BOYS AND GURLS BEING FLOFFY! YES! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d ask you to marry him the instant you’d risk your life for him and would do it with a huge ass smile. He’d be so impressed and feel so loved that it would slip from his lips. It would come out all wrong and weird but his smile and laughter would make you feel the same as him. As he’d recollect himself, he’d make it right to you by getting you a proper ring later on. “Woah…Fuck me…No! I mean marry me…Wait I mean…Will you marry me? Yes, are you going to marry me?! As in be mine forever…I’m serious, Y/N…”

Daryl-He’d ask you to marry him by surprising you at your house with the same flowers he had gotten you when you first sought comfort. He knew from the start that they had brought you both together and what better than to make it mean something even more by asking you to marry him with them. Although, in his heart he knew your answer to the question, he would still be nervous about it until you say “Yes”. “Y-Y/N…I-I was wondering…If…You’d like…To marry me…”

Rick-He’d ask you to marry him as you were both on the road alone and were having a meal together. For so many days, he would drag out your stay outside, just to have all his time with you as well as find the right moment to pop the question. As you’d eat together and laugh, he’d realize each moment was perfect with you and would grab your hand to make you look in his eyes, before smiling and popping the question. “Y/N…You know how much I want to spend my life with you…So…Will you marry me?”

Merle-He’d ask you to marry him as he’d look at you cleaning your shared cell. He’d come to realize how much you mean to him and how much he doesn’t ever want to be without you, making the idea of marriage just pop in his head. He’d get a rather soft and serious tone as he’d call you to make you look at him, only to get nervous but smile he pops the question, making you jump to hold him. “Y/N…Do you know how much I need you in my life? So much…That i’m asking you to marry me…”

Glenn-He’d ask you to marry him by getting the approval of your friends and family first before surprising you. Knowing how much they mean to you, he’d want to let them know that he’d take care of you and that from now they were his family as well. Afterwards, he’d pop the question, calmly as he takes a good look at you, while you were laying in bed together and reminiscing about how you met and what you’ve gone through. “Y/N…I know we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together…but still…I have to ask you…Will you marry me?”

Carl-He’d ask you to marry him by making you promise to stay with him forever as you’d sit outside the walls reading together. Despite your young age, knowing how much he felt for you, he’d want you to promise him to stay by his side as he would for you, and would grab your hand to suddenly let you know of his feelings. “Y/N…I know we’re both young…but I know I want to be with you forever…So let’s make a promise to marry each other…”

The Governor-He’d ask you to marry him by getting down on his knee as you’d sit by the garden he had been working on with you. He’d spend the beautiful day, talking and eating with you, slowly realizing that his plans are going just as he wanted. Suddenly, he’d pretend to get himself dirty on accident and run inside to get “change”, only to walk out with a ring and lowers himself as he’d get close enough to you. “I’m sorry about the little lie…But Y/N…Will you make me…the happiest man and marry me…”

Abraham-He’d ask you to marry him by casually dropping the question as you’d wake up from your nap. As you’d spend your day just cuddling together on the couch, the idea would come to his mind as you’d fall asleep in his arms and he realizes how much he needs you in his life. He’d wait for you to wake up and as you’d open your eyes, you’d feel him stroking your hair, making you look up to him and for him to calmly ask you the question. “Hey…Cutie…Y/N…I got something to ask you…Will you marry me…”

Eugene-He’d ask you to marry him by proposing to you with the ring he had been working on for so long while in the factory as you would barge in to see what he was up to. Preparing the surprise would end up consuming his time and it would make you worry that he was being unfaithful. As you’d surprise him, he would’ve finished it all and nervously bend his knee to pop the question. “Euh…Y-Y/N…I-I wanted to know…I-if you were interested into being my wife!”

Ron-He’d ask you to marry him by getting you a promise ring and surprising you with a visit to your house. He knew he wanted you to be his for the rest of his life and just had to be sure of a way to do so, as you were both rather young to get married so soon. With the help of his mom, they came up with the idea of a promise ring and decided to make it official with you. “I know we can’t get married yet…But Y/N…will you accept this as a promise to be with me…”

Jesus-He’d ask you to marry him by screaming out the question as he’d come to visit you during your guard shift at the walls of Alexandria. He’d just be so happy to have you in his life that the idea of proposing to you would come and certainly he had to let everyone know of his love for you. Without a hint of nervousness, he’d get your attention as he’d get closer to the gate and just smile as he asks you the question. “Y/N!!!! Hello! I just came by to ask you one thing today! And that is! Will you marry me?!”

Dwight-He’d ask you to marry him by waiting for you with some beer and pretzel in the first house you had gotten together. He’d realize how much you mean to him and would remember the first days you had moved in together and knew he had to make something special out of it. You’d end up finding several notes as clues as to where you should join him, only to find him sitting on the floor with the last note, asking you the question. “So…Y/N…What do you think? Please tell me it’s a yes…I worked hard…I even remembered the beer and pretzel!”

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The Big 4: Mommy, Daddy, how did you meet?


Jellal: W-well, we -

Erza: We were childhood friends!

Jellal: Yes, that’s good, listen to your mother … 


*Gajeel stares into the distance in horror while Levy quickly changes the subject*


Natsu: Well, it was sort of a coincidence. We ended up in the same town and your mom bought me food so I had to give her a hand when she almost got tricked into this sex trafficking ring and - 



Gray: Your mother blatantly refused to leave me alone until I finally admitted my feelings to myself and her.

Juvia: ~~ It was so romantic! ~~

A Different Perspective: Part II

Part 1  A week later…..

I found Lucien on the steps of the house of wind. “What are you doing?

“I’m trying to figure out which ward or spell stops me from being able to winnow into this blasted palace.”

I almost chuckled, the last flight had not gone well for my friends. Cassian had decided to have a little fun with Lucien and dropped them into a freefall. When Lucien tightened his grip around Cassian he brushed up against a wing. What neither of them expected was the more intimate physical reaction an Illyrian has when their wings are touched. Two days later and neither one of them can look the other in the face. “And here I thought you enjoyed being flown by Cassian.”

Lucien drawled, “Oh yes, it has been my life’s ambition to be flown bridal style on a daily basis. My mother would be so proud.”

I chuckled, “Mind if I help? I’m getting a little tired myself of crash landing on the balcony.”

There were hundreds of glamour’s, wards and spells on this palace in the sky, all interwoven. At Hybern, I just burned through all of them, I was finding it was much harder to pick out a single weave. Part of me wondered if I should ask Helion for private lessons.

“Have you always been able to see wards and spells?  Or is that an added enhancement of your eye?”

Lucien paused at my question, “At some level I have always been able to sense spells, wards, and glamour. Breaking them on the other hand has been difficult. The first time I broke a spell was that day in Hybern. I used my fire to burn through the spell holding me.”

Part truth and part lie. I was tired of keeping this secret from my friend. Here alone seemed like the best place to let him know. “Not the sun?”

Lucien looked at me, I could not tell if he was shocked or constipated. “How did you know?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I used Helion’s power to burn through Hybern’s snarl of wards, not Beron’s.”

I returned to my work analyzing the snarl of magic around us. I knew my friend needed a moment to piece together what I was implying. 

“Feyre, wha- what does Helion’s power feel like?”

“It depends. Like the sun, it can be warming or wrathful, cold. When I’m especially happy, I feel warmth and I glow.” I released my glamour, though not as bright as it is during an especially blissful or happy moment, since the war ended there has always been a slight glow to my skin. “When I’m vengeful, I’m not sure if it is Kallias’s power or Helion’s power, but I feel a cold wrath.”

A sadness fell upon Lucien. I raised a brow to my friend. “When I was young, maybe twelve or thirteen, my mother and I were in her private gardens with Eris. I loved those private moments with my mother, she seemed to come alive. She said something that made me happy and I felt this warmth in me. My powers were just beginning to manifest and I was confused by the shock on her and Eris’s faces. That was until I looked at my hands and found them to be glowing. I never really thought about it or what it meant. My mother spent every day after that teaching me to conceal my powers. She always told me that they could be used against me.”

I didn’t know what to say, ‘I’m sorry’ seemed too generic, so I let silence reign supreme.

“Does he know?”

I nodded, “Yes, he figured it out last week.”

Lucien chuckled, “So that is why he was quieter than normal, and not a single offer to bed anyone.”

He shook his head, “How long as the infamous Feyre Cursebreaker known?”

“You’re taking this exceedingly well, even for a fox like yourself.” I smiled at my friend, we had been through so much together, “I’ve known since the High Lord meeting, Helion visited our suite-” 

Lucien’s eyes were the size of saucers, “not like that, we were planning a war with an ally. Helion was talking about what your mother went through during the war and I slowly came to the realization that he was your father. You have the same nose, smile, even your laughs are the same.”

I placed a hand on his shoulder. I knew that this was a bigger deal to him then he was letting me see.

“Just let me know what you need, if you want to blissfully ignore it for the rest of your life, if you want me to go with you, or if you just want to invite Helion to dinner. Actually dinner maybe a good idea, I think we need his help figuring out which spell inhibits us from winnowing in.”

“Let’s invite him to dinner next week and let’s not tell him that I know. I think we should have a little fun with it.”

I could not help but laugh, “You are most definitely Helion’s son.”

He Was Lost

The past three months were lonely.

That was putting it lightly, because honestly, how were you supposed to feel when you’re suddenly living without the other half of your heart -your best best friend, the love of your life. It wasn’t supposed to end the way it did. To be fair, you never imagined there would be an ‘end’ at all.

You remembered that day like it was yesterday, replaying the turn of events over and over again. Maybe if you’d looked him in the eyes more. Maybe if you’d kissed him harder. Maybe, if you’d hugged him a little bit longer. Then maybe, just maybe, he would still be yours, right where he belonged.

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Preference “How they react to getting caught cheating”

(Wow…I made myself sad writing this…lol…anyways Booo our faves XD How could they…Hope it is as sad as you guys wanted and you all like it. Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Sherry, he’d scoff and start laughing at you. He wouldn’t feel bad at all about it as his actions to him are justified by the fact that just as you Sherry is one of his wives and he has every right to spend time with her. He wouldn’t have taken your feelings into consideration and would just ask you to kindly leave him to finish his business.

Daryl-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Carol, he’d initially get angry to have been caught and just ask you to leave for a moment, accidentally letting out his loud tone. However, soon and quickly enough, he’d feel bad to have raise his voice and realize how his actions must’ve hurt you, making him get up to get you back, in hopes to have a quiet talk about.

Rick-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Michonne, and instantly would be regretful of his actions. To hear your shaky voice calling him and to see you standing by the door the way you were, broke his heart and made him get up to reach for you. However, seeing you leave, he’d feel like it was better to let you have your moment before saying anything.

Merle-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Andrea, and would realize his mistake but be stubborn about it, only to regret it in the end. He’d come off as cocky at first and just coldly tell you to leave. However, hearing your shaky voice and your slight sniffles, would cause him to realize how much he must’ve hurt you and for him to suddenly get quiet.

Glenn-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Maggie, and would instantly be shocked. He wouldn’t know what else to say apart from asking you as to what you’re doing as he’s trying to cover himself. He’d feel horrible to have let you witness him and to have even thought that he would’ve ever gotten away with his act, making him get teary eyed just as you.

Carl-When you would catch him cheating on you with Enid, he’d only realize your gaze after he had kissed her. He’d look your way and be shocked to see you and his mind would go blank. He wouldn’t know what to do or say and simply stare at you, waiting for you to make the first move before realizing how he should’ve just never started whatever it was with Enid.

The Governor-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Andrea, and would simply glare at you and act surprisingly smug about it. He’d see it as a revenge for something you had made him feel another time and just ask you how it was to be on the other side for once. He’d end up hurting you even more with his words, only to deserve himself a hard slap across the cheek.

Abraham-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Sasha, and would start to apologize out of courtesy and explain to you his poor reasoning as to why he did this. He’d come off as selfish, not thinking about how you feel in that moment and just treat you as if you were a little child that needs to be taught each of the steps of his thought process, making you more angry than sad.

Eugene-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Rosita, and would just be so utterly shock, he’d hide himself and start to cry. He’d feel terrible about his actions and just blame himself for letting everything get out of hand. He’d want to apologize to have caused you so much pain but would just be unable to face you properly.

Ron-When he gets caught cheating on you with Enid, he’d shrug and somehow end up putting the blame of all this on you. He’d try to make you feel bad for being friends with Carl and ultimately admit to you that he did it to make you understand what it feels to betrayed, despite you not having done anything.

Jesus-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with your best friend, and instantly he’d like time was stopping. To see you standing by the door and just staring at him in tears, he’d realize how terrible his actions were and how much you actually mean to him. He’d sit there and just hope that you would hear his whispered apology before you decide to just walk away from him.

Dwight-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Sherry, and would instantly get quiet. He wouldn’t know what were the right words to say but seeing you in tears would make him just want to comfort you. He’d make his way to try to hold you, only to deserve some slaps to his chest, making him apologize about everything and for you to suddenly walk away from him.

Morgan-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Carol, and he’d just start to quietly apologize to you. He’d regret his actions, the instant he hears you calling his name and would let you hit him as much as you’d like, feeling like he deserved all of it, especially the slap across his cheek. He’d have no excuse for any of his actions and it would show in his eyes.

Shane-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Lori, and would surprisingly show no remorse to you. He’d act smug and just feel like you were actually the one bothering him. However, as you’d scream and let your tears flow, he’d start to feel some pain in his chest and gradually realize the extent of his actions, only for it to be too late as you walked away from him and tell him to leave you alone.

Milton-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Andrea. He would profusely apologize to you about all of it. He’d have nothing much else to say and to see you just stand quietly by the door, would just make him feel even more terrible to have decided to do such things behind your back. He’d plead you to at least say or do something to him but instead, you’d simply walk away.

Aaron-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Eric. He’d manage to grab a hold of your hand and just apologize to you sincerely about all of it. Seeing how red your eyes were and how quiet you were, he’d understand how much he had hurt you in one instant. He’d do whatever it takes but instead he’d only get a cold response from you, making him feel even worst about it.

Gabriel-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Rosita. He’d instantly regret every instant of it and just feel horribly guilty to have hurt you so much. From the way, you had called him and how puffy your eyes were the instant he saw you, he’d explain and simply put the blame on himself. He’d apologize for all of it and try to get a hold of you, only to get a few slaps and letting you walk away from him.

The Wolf-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with one of the other members. He’d simply stare at you, smirking and taunting you. He’d feel justified by thinking he was already trying to push you away from him anyway and just happen to hurt you even more. He wouldn’t even have noticed your tears or your shaky voice and simply feel sorry for himself to have been caught.

Noah-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Beth. He wouldn’t have the courage to face you and simply apologize for whatever you had witnessed. He’d swear it was only a one time thing and the more he’d talk the more he’d find the courage to face you and explain himself. He’d try to hold you but as you’d push him away, that’s when he realizes how much he has ruined everything.

Simon-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with one of the other wives of Negan. He’d be extremely surprised and shocked and would nervously laugh. He’d end up laughing thinking it’ll ease the tension but realizing how you were in tears, he’d think of how much he must seem even more like an ass. He’d get quiet and take a breath before calling you sweetly and apologize for it, only to see you walk away, making him run after you.

Ezekiel-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Carol. He’d get quiet the instant he hears his name coming from you and just look at you apologetically. You could feel he was genuine but it wouldn’t ever be enough to be forgiven for. As he’d see you walk away, he’d go after you and try to get a hold of you and just let out his sincere apology.

Benjamin-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with your best friend. He’d be startled for a moment, only to feel overwhelmingly guilty. He’d grow so nervous with each of your words, that he wouldn’t be able to speak without stuttering. He’d try to apologize but it would never seem to be enough for you as you’d start to hit him, making him just taking it.

Caesar-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Andrea. He’d be so utterly shock to see you and would try to dissolve the situation by leading you out to have a talk outside. As he’d get closer, your anger would show and with each of your hits, he’d come to realize how much he has hurt you. He’d try to apologize and hold you but it would only make you run away from him.

Spencer-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Rosita. He’d panic to see you and wouldn’t know what to say or do apart but try to get you out of the room. He’d avoid your questions and your sad and angry gaze, just to try and feel somewhat less guilty about it. In that instant, he’d start to regret his actions and just think about how much it must’ve pained you to see him like that.

Richard-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d in bed with your best friend. He’d be so shocked to hear you call his name, he’d take his time to process everything before having the courage to look you in the eyes. He’d feel his heart stop to see you in so much tears, that instantly he’d get up and try to hug you tight before pulling you into an apologetic kiss, only for you to slap his cheek hard and walk away.

Nicholas-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d in bed with your best friend. To hear you call him, he’d get so nervous that his first instinct would be to apologize. However, with you pressuring him with your questions, he’d come up with the worst excuse he can to make himself appear less guilty, only for you to slap his cheek and run away.

Gareth-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with your best friend. He’d scoff for the moment thinking you were being a bother and arrogantly ask you to leave. He’d go to find you later on, only to explain that he was simply having his fun and it didn’t meant anything, making you angrier and to slap him and walk away from him and whatever life you had together.

Tobin-When you would catch him cheating on you, he’d be in bed with Carol. The instant he hears you, he’d feel terrible about his actions and just try to explain all while blaming himself as well. He’d want you to understand it wasn’t you who did anything wrong to him but it was his own doing. To see your tears and hear you speak so softly, he’d feel even worst and truly regret it.

Michonne-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with Rick. Instantly, she’d feel guilty and be worried about you. She’d voice her concern for you and try to apologize for everything. Seeing you in tears made it all worse and she’d try to go and hold you, only for you to yell at her and run away from the room.

Maggie-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with Glenn. She wouldn’t have registered you were there until you called her and in that instant everything would seem to stop. She’d feel terrible about everything and she’d just get up to try and apologize to you for it, only to get pushed away from you and for you to speak to her in your harshest tone.

Andrea-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with The Governor. She’d at first feel unapologetic about it, thinking you were fine. As she’d hear your shaky voice, she’d look you in the eyes and slowly guilt would creep up to her. She’d try to apologize to you, only to earn a cold response from you.

Jessie-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with Rick. She’d be shocked to see you and wouldn’t be able to form the right words to express herself. She’d try to move closer to you but instantly step back when you would tell her how you need your space, making her apologize to you as you had already walked away.

Beth-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with Noah. She wouldn’t know what to do or say and simply turn away from you. She’d tear up feeling guilty about everything and apologize to you as much as she can. As she’d hear nothing from you, she’d realize you left and would have the instinct to run after you.

Sasha-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with Abraham. She’d be so shocked, she’d instantly get quiet and just shake her head. She’d try to deny it despite the proof and would end up begging you to forget about it for the night so you could have a talk about it the next day, only for you to scoff and walk away.

Rosita-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with Spencer. She’d be unapologetic about it and simply tell you to leave for the moment. She’d taunt you and end up hurting you even more with her words than her actions, only for you to walk away from her. She’d look at you turning your back on her and slowly realize the biggest mistake she’d ever make.

Enid-When you would catch her cheating on you with Carl, she’d simply be startled and wouldn’t know what to say. She’d shake her head to your questions and slowly start to tear up to see and hear you so hurt. She’d feel guilty but despite wanting to apologize, she wouldn’t be able to form proper words, making you just leave her alone.

Tara-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d be in bed with Denise. She’d instantly feel terrible about her actions and just wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes to come up with any excuse. Hearing you so hurt, she’d admit to her fault and tell you that it had nothing to do with you but rather herself, only for you to just walk away, making her tear up.

Carol-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d in bed with Daryl. To hear you calling for her, she’d look over to you and tear up to see you so sad. She wouldn’t be able to say anything as she starts to regret everything and would just quietly whisper her apologies to you, making you angrier and want to walk away but come to a stop as she’d explain herself. As she’d try to reach you, you’d finally make up your mind and leave.

Arat-When you would catch her cheating on you, she’d in bed with one of Negan’s wives. She’d smirk and scoff to see you and just get arrogant. She’d ask you as to what you were doing there, only for you to get even sadder. Nonetheless, she’d tell you to stop being a baby and just accept it as it is simply her reward from Negan, making you run away from her.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: How did Grovyle feel when he realize his partner lose all memories, include the good ones with him? Imagine you travel time with your loyal and dependable friend but then you suddenly lose him and when you find him, he doesn't know who you are and you're the only one who keeps all memories and all feelings. You don't have time to explain them because you have to save the world and you're still ready to sacrifice yourself for your partner beside everything. And at the end, you couldn't even stay close to him anymore, both physically and emotionally.
Shameless Preferences 6- How the relationship is

Lip- At the beginning it wasn’t easy, You had a horrible past with your ex who had been abusive and anything but loyal. You had known lips past and as you had been best friends for a while before hand you saw how he treated girls. When you told him your fear about being hurt by him his words were “Listen y/n, It took me so long to realize that i was fucking those girls to get over you, thinking I never had a chance. But now we are here, we are finally fucking us and Im never gonna fuck that up” He then pulled you into a kiss, but it wasn’t like the others, it was full of love and passion. From then on the relationship was amazing, he treated you so good and you made him incredibly happy. Of course you two got into fights, every couple did but they never lasted long and it ended with great sex, so you never complained about it.

Ian- You and Ian started dating about a month after you met in EMT training, at first he never told you about his bipolar. He didn’t want you to think less of him or leave him for it. Until one day, it had been almost two weeks since Ian had refilled his pill bottle, he had started acting funny, happier, more energetic than usual. Fiona had come to the that you two shared looking for Ian as the doctor had called her, you were at work and had no idea what was going on. You had spent days looking for you when Fiona had called you, saying he needed you. You found out all his bipolar and since then you two have been each others rocks. You were happy and Inlove and thats all that mattered to you.

Carl- For the most part your relationship was good, it was clear that you loved him and he loved you. When things were good between you he treated you like a princess and you treated him like a king. But when it wasn’t good it was horrible. Fights, crying, screaming, horrible things said to one another. It wasn’t always healthy, and you both knew that, but you both had too much love for one another to end it, because once again when it was good it was amazing and you two couldn’t throw that away.

Mickey- Things with your favourite Milkovich boy weren’t easy, but that doesn’t change how you feel for him. As you’ve seen how Terry treats Mickey and from all the stories your best friend Mandy had told you all the Milkovich siblings were taught that showing love and kindness makes you weak. Mickey did actions everyday that made you believe he loved you, and he did but he was too scared to form the words. Mickey protected you from everything, he loved you like no one else could. Thats not what anyone would expect from the south side trash that was Mickey Milovich but on the inside he was just broken, and you were willing to do anything to fix him.

Hoseok Scenario: Spring Day

Request: Listening and reading the lyrics to bts spring day is so sad and touching, can I request an j hope angst scenario based off of the lyrics?? Thanks so much!!

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

Hoseok felt cold, even if it was the middle of April, but the news of you moving away to other country made summer feel like a harsh winter, when you told him about it he had thought you were kidding, normally you would always be teasing him, so he had thought those news were just a joke, a terrible one, and he had laughed, but when you didn’t laugh along with him he knew there was nothing to joke about.

Hoseok hadn’t known at that moment if he could allow himself to be upset or not, you were going because there was an opportunity of a bright future for you, he wanted to support you, and he did, but at the same time he felt lost, not knowing how to feel about his best friend going away from him, about how to react to those news. They were good news, but at the same time terrible ones. He had always thought you were just about to start something, but it never crossed his mind that in reality something was about to end.

-I’m leaving in mid May, will you come to the airport?- you asked when you two were sitting on the porch just outside your house, he lived close by so he would usually be around your house a lot, your parents were used to him, actually they loved him, Hoseok was the kind of guy that lighted the room with just his presence, and when he smiled, god when he smiled you couldn’t stop looking at him, like your eyes were drawn to that smile and you felt better, anew, just because you were looking at how radiant Hoseok was. But your friend wasn’t smiling so much lately and it hurt you because you knew you were to be blamed.

-Of course Y/N- he answered without a doubt. -I have to see you, should I make a banner?-

You slapped his shoulder playfully making both of laugh. -Don’t you dare-

-I will then, it’d say something like “About time”-

-Yah!- you scolded him.

-Alright, it’d say something like “There goes the girl of my dreams”- he joked half heartedly, he didn’t dare yet to say it seriously, but you fell silent and for a moment Hoseok feared that you had seen past his joke and discovered the real meaning of his words, that was just that, you were so much to him, and now he had to see you gone.

-Don’t say those things- you whispered staring at him. You went closer to him until you could hug him, placing your head over his chest as you felt his arms wrapping around you. -I’ll miss you- you whispered even lower this time.

Hoseok held you tighter, wondering if he was just torturing himself by coming to your house every single day just to be a little longer with you. -I’ll miss you too-

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The Sunrise Part 2 (Sirius Black x Hufflepuff!Reader)

Originally posted by nellaey

The Sunrise Part 1
The Sunrise Part 3

Part 2 Requested By: @impossibletodealwith @susie2710 @lostxghirl @arielizzlewizzle @itswilma

Word Count: 2,630

Warnings: Minor injury, mentions of bullying.

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post. Most people who asked for it probably forgot they requested it…hehe sorry. ♪~ ()


“Bloody hell, Pads, what are you looking for?” James asked Sirius as he noticed him scanning the crowded hallway yet again. This had been happening a lot recently and as much a Sirius liked to believe, he was not subtle about it and it was piquing the gang’s curiosity. Sirius narrowed his eyes at James and opened his mouth to speak.

“Not what, who.” Remus corrected before he could say anything, making James wiggle his eyebrows at his scowling friend.

“Does our dearest friend finally have a love interest?” He asked, cutting Sirius off once again as Peter nudged him playfully.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sirius said, shrugging his shoulders, acting a little too nonchalant.

“Every time you go anywhere, you take a good long look before turning back to us.” Remus said as they walked into the courtyard for their break and, as Remus said, Sirius subconsciously gave a quick glance around the courtyard before focusing back on the conversation. James, Remus and Peter shared a knowing look.

“It’s true.” Peter chimed. Sirius stuffed his hands into his pockets and kept his head down for lack of a comeback. He couldn’t deny that he’s kept his eyes peeled for a certain head of Y/H/C hair for the past few weeks. You two had been meeting every morning on Wednesdays and, by his insistence, Fridays, but he had yet to see or talk to you during the day. It was as if you just appeared to watch the sunrise and disappeared for classes.

He had actually begun to think that you were one of the castle ghosts and never came out during the day, but he just brushed that off as crazy thought. Hopefully it was crazy thought. It’d be just his luck to have feelings for a dead person. And yes, he had finally admitted to himself that he was feeling deeper emotions than what you should feel for ‘just a friend’. It came as quite a shock to him, he had never felt this way for anyone else. Sure he flirted and…did other things but it was never with any feeling behind it. He just never connected with someone on that level like he did with you and it made him feel a whole bunch of things.

“Who’ve you been looking for?” Remus asked. Sirius debated telling his friends about you but he liked having you and the sunrise to himself, so he decided to keep it a secret. At least until he sorted out his feelings and you and just the whole situation. He also didn’t want to deal with the extensive teasing that was sure to come out of them knowing about it.

“Just this girl, we had a pretty good snogging session last week and I wanted to see if she was up for another round.” Sirius lied and gave the group a cheeky smirk. Peter seemed to accept this and brushed the whole topic off. James and Remus weren’t as convinced, but after a quick look between them, they decided to save the topic for later. Sirius gave a breath of relief as James shrugged casually and Remus started a new conversation.


You were turning into the courtyard with your two best friends when you spotted Sirius’ familiar frame and quickly spun around and hid behind a pillar. Your friends gave you a confused look. You just ignored them and gave a quick peek around the corner only to see him still there. You didn’t know what you expected, it’s not as if he would disappear in the space of 2 seconds. Your friends, though still confused, looked amused.

“Care to explain?” Your friend, Dovie, asked.

He’s there.” You hissed, gesturing behind you. Your friends turned to look and realisation dawned on their faces. Unlike Sirius, you had told your friends about him and how both of you watched the sunrise together (something they had disapproved of but thought was adorable). You had been avoiding him during school hours, not wanting your happy little bubble to burst.

You were also afraid he’d act differently with you outside of your time together. Maybe he’d be embarrassed by you being a Hufflepuff? Or by you being a muggleborn? You had yet to tell him that though. You weren’t ashamed of your parents or how you were born but he did come from a family infamous for their hatred for muggleborns. He was different though, right? After all, he was sorted into Gryffindor and not the signature Slytherin house of the Blacks. He also seemed kinder, though he was snarky, he seemed more…accepting?

“So? I thought you said you didn’t like him?” Your other friend, Annabelle, said. You felt your face grow red.

“I-I don’t” You lied. You very much had some feelings for the troublesome Gryffindor, but you didn’t want to admit it. You knew that your friends disapproved of him as a romantic…interest… and you didn’t blame them. He had a very long list of broken hearts and flings and you knew that he might never actually have sincere romantic affections for anyone but you couldn’t help it. He was just so interesting and funny and annoying and you loved spending time with him (something you would also never admit).

“You can’t.” Dovie said, her face becoming strict. You groaned, you hated it when she became all motherly on you. Both her and Annabelle had a suspicion that you had developed feelings for him and were both worried. They didn’t want you to come out of it with a tear stained face.

“I don’t need a lecture, mum.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“Right. Because you don’t like him.” Dovie said. You nodded your head


“And you don’t wait impatiently for Wednesday and Friday mornings.” Annabelle said.


“And you don’t love it when he playfully teases you.” Dovie said.

“R-right.” You said, a little quieter this time.

“And you don’t love how he seems to be different with you than with anyone else.” Annabelle said, her brows furrowing with sympathy for her obviously lovestruck friend.

“Right.” You mumbled, your eyes focused solely on your feet. You regretted agreeing to all of those things but what could you do? You couldn’t have feelings for Sirius Black, you just couldn’t. Everyone knew it was a stupid thing to like him and whoever did was bound to end up broken hearted, but he made it so easy to fall in love with his playful smirk and genuine smile, with his witty comebacks and moments of kind sincerity.

“So is that why you’re hiding behind a pillar right now, rather that facing him?” Dovie asked. Dovie, unlike Annabelle, was more of the tough love kind of friend, maybe it was the Ravenclaw in her. And as much as you loved her, you did not want that right now. You stayed silent, not knowing what to say and keeping your now sad eyes on the floor.

“Oh, Y/N.” Annabelle said, enveloping you in a tight hug. “It’s ok to have feelings. It’s ok.” She said, rubbing your back comfortingly. “Just - just don’t get your hopes up, ok pumpkin?” You almost smiled at her nickname she used for your and Dovie. She was such an old lady.

“I don’t like him.” You mumbled hopelessly.

“Of course not.” She said, humouring you. “Of course not.”

“Watch out.” Dovie said, breaking up the moment. “Bullies, eleven o’clock.” She nodded her head in the direction of the approaching condescending pureblood Slytherins that loved picking on you and your friends. You and Annabelle were both muggleborn and Dovie was a halfblood so you were easy targets for pureblood obsessed wizards, especially the ones that were coming down the hallway now, they just loved bullying muggleborns.

You and Annabelle quickly separated and the three of you scurried away. You gave the boy that had captured your attention one last longing look before continuing your escape.


A few days later, Sirius was creeping into the courtyard at 5 in the morning, lit wand in hand. He had changed into his school robes before sneaking out, not wanting to give you more ammunition about his pyjamas. He felt his heart race in anticipation of seeing you, an almost giddy expression on his face.

You were already there, reading a book, sitting under the same tree he first saw you under a few weeks ago. He stopped moving for a moment, watching how your hair fell into your face and how you blew it away softly, only for it to fall back to the same spot again. As much as he loved talking to you, he could just watch you forever. There was something gentle yet daring about you, how you held your head up high and kept yourself open. You were a light in a sea of darkness and he loved you for it. But he’d push that down, that feeling of grabbing you and kissing the living daylights out of you, for he would not be the one to corrupt the bright light. So friendship would be the place he’d settle for.

He quietly crept up behind the tree you were sitting against and jumped in front of you with a loud “boo!”, making you shriek and drop your book onto your lap. He chuckled as you groaned and slapped his arm.

“Merlin’s bear, Sirius! Don’t do that.” You exclaimed. He smirked as he sat down across from you, running his fingers through his hair (a habit you had noticed and thought quite endearing).

“Loosen up, Huffles.” He joked, making you glare at him.

“I’d really prefer it if you’d call me by my real name.” You said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“But Huffles is just so much more fun to say, Huffles.” He replied, enjoying how you rolled your eyes at him.

“Well, if I have a nickname, shouldn’t you have one too?” You asked, rubbing your chin, pretending to be in deep thought.

“Mr. Attractive?” He suggested, making you snort. “The Great Lord of Hotness?”

“Oh, Merlin, please stop.”

“Sexy? Sir Dreamy?” He kept going, making you laugh uncontrollably.

“What have I unleashed?” You cried out.

“Goooood lookin?” He said, grinning.

“Please stop. What about sloppy?” You suggested.

“I don’t know what you’re insinuating but I’m just going to steer us back to Sir Dreamy.” Sirius said, leaning back on his hands.

“I don’t know how this much arrogance can fit in one body.” You said, shaking your head. “And sloppy fits you perfectly!” You said, gesturing to his shaggy, dark hair, loosely hanging tie and messy uniform. Sirius glanced down at him self and just shrugged. You rolled your eyes at him and tucked a lock of stray hair behind your ear. In that one motion, your uniform sleeve slipped down a little, exposing messily tied bandaging over your wrist. All playfulness disappeared from Sirius’ face. He leaned forwards, a worried look on his face.

“What happened there?” He asked, pointing to your wrist. You, not having noticed your bandages were showing, quickly tugged down your sleeve. You were hoping he wouldn’t notice that.

“Nothing. I - I fell.” You said. That wasn’t a complete lie. You had fallen. Down some stairs as well. It wasn’t your fault though. The same pureblood Slytherins you and your friends had run from the other day had cornered you alone just as you were walking up the stairs. You didn’t want to remember what had happened after that, just that you had ended up with bruises and a cut on your wrist.

“Tell me.” Sirius insisted. You sighed in defeat.

“Remember when I told you I didn’t like bullies?” You mumbled quietly. Sirius’ eyes narrowed dangerously as he nodded. “Well now I’m not overly fond of stairs, as well as bullies.” You waited for him to say something, but he was just sitting there, anger evident on his face. You didn’t even know how angry he was though. The thought that someone hurt you, had caused you to fall down stairs, was enough to get his blood boiling and fingers curling into fists. He tried to tamped down on his anger.

“Who?” He said, his voice deadly quiet. You kept your head down, not wanting to meet the fury in his eyes.

“I - I don’t want to say.” You mumbled.

“What?” He asked incredulously.

“What would you do to them?” You asked.

“Nothing.” He lied.

“Sirius…I don’t want to say.” You whispered.

“How can you not want to say?” He exclaimed, shock and anger building up inside him. “Just so that I don’t hurt them?” You kept quiet, still not meeting his gaze. He released a frustrated groan. “Did you tell anyone?” He asked. You shook your head. “Did you go to the infirmary?” You shook your head again. He suddenly shot up, his hand running through his hair again. You eyes flew up at his sudden movement and watched him pace around frustratedly.

“Sirius -“ You started but was cut off by him.

“Why wouldn’t you tell anyone, Huffles?” He asked, turning on you, making you shrink away from him. “You do realise that this just encourages them to do this more, right?”

“Yes, but -“

“And if you hate bullying so much then why are you protecting them? The people that hurt you? And others most likely.” His voice rising.

“Sirius -“

“Who physically hurt you! Are you too much of a Hufflepuff to get them into trouble? Is that it?”

“No! That’s not it! Merlin’s beard, Sirius, do you not get it?” You exclaimed, standing up yourself to meet him head on. “Do you not get it? I’m not telling anyone about this because I’m scared, Sirius. Ok? I’m scared. I’m scared that it’ll anger them, make them even more aggressive. Do you know how terrifying that is? To always feel threatened and never feel like they would be punished for what they were doing to you?” You almost yelled, shutting him up. He stared at you for a moment, taken aback by your admission. Your hand flew to cover your mouth as you released a sudden sob, tears falling from your eyes. Sirius’ heart broke for you and he felt so guilty for yelling at you, for releasing his anger on you. So so guilty.

“Oh, Y/N, I’m sorry.” He said, rushing towards you and crushing you in a hug. Your eyes went wide with shock. Sirius was hugging you. Sirius Black, the boy that never showed affection, was hugging you. You buried your face into his chest as more tears continued to fall. “I’m sorry.” He repeated. You nodded your head and he pulled you in even tighter if possible, but you didn’t mind. You loved being pressed up against him, being comforted by him. The thought that you couldn’t do this romantically with him prompted even more tears to shed.

“Y/N, you can’t let them get away with this though.” He said, resting his chin on your head and rubbing soothing circles on your back.

“Why do you even care?” You asked.

“Because I love you.” He whispered, almost too quietly, but you heard it. You for sure heard it. It had slipped out before he could stop it but he didn’t regret saying it, screw the consequences.

“What?” You asked, eyes wide as you pulled away from him to look him in the eyes.

“I love you, Huffles.” He said fiercely. You stayed silent for a while, a giddy laugh escaping your lips. He loved you. Sirius Black loved you. The boy who you’ve had feelings for for weeks loved you.

“I love you too, sloppy.” You said, smiling as the first rays of sunlight flitted over his shoulder.


I AM FINALLY DONE. GOOD GOD THAT TOOK FOREVER SORRY. I don’t know why I typed that all in caps lock. Anywho, I uploaded this just in time for Valentines Day (well, where I am anyway). I hope you enjoyed it and I appreciate any feedback you have. Especially on how to characterise Sirius, tips would be helpful.

Constructive criticism is welcome.


BTS Falling in Love With Someone Else

Request: BTS reaction to them falling in love with someone close to their girlfriend? (can be her sister/best friend/ etc)

Namjoon: Namjoon would find himself staring at your best friend a little too long and observe all the little things she does. He tried to prevent himself from liking her but, in the end, he did fall for her and he didn’t know how to face you.

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Taehyung: Taehyung would spend a bit more time with your older sister whenever you two would visit your family. He would feel a sudden rush of warmth to his cheeks and smiling the biggest whenever she would laugh. That’s when he knew he was falling for your sister and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t even know if he was still in love with you or not.

Originally posted by taestylips

Hoseok: Hoseok was close with everyone in your family and especially with your cousin. He was always joking around with her and catching himself stare at her lips ever so often. Once he knew he was developing feelings for her he started to distance himself and to the point where he plain out ignored her.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jin: Your younger sister would always stop by your house to chat whenever one of her classes got cancelled. Jin would make small talk with her when you weren’t home to later begin a friendship. But, later on, he found himself thinking about her. He lied to you and said he had to go away to a shoot but really it was to get away from the both of you to recollect himself and hope that he still loves you.

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Jungkook: Jungkook always went to your best friend whenever he needed advice on a situation that involved the two of you. Since she knew everything about you and knew the best way to resolve things. He found himself going to her for no reason and that’s when he noticed that he was falling for her. He went to his members and ask for advice hoping there was some way to stop the feelings he was developing for your best friend.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Yoongi: Your cousin was always writing new things and you envied the quick friendship she developed with your boyfriend, Yoongi. They would both help each other with their writing and it seemed like she was more of his girlfriend than you and that’s when he also noticed. He was always smiling around her and in such a lively mood and that’s when he decided to clear out his thoughts and distance himself from your cousin and spend more time with you in hopes of losing those small feelings for her.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jimin: It was no surprise that Jimin had befriended everyone that you cared for. You liked how well he got along with your older sister because she’s one tough shell to crack. Jimin enjoyed her company a little too much and he knew that he was starting to really like your sister. He didn’t know what to do or how to even look at you knowing that he also liked your sister as well.

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Scared of commitment.

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Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: ~2K

You thought everything was fine, even great, you thought the relationship was going smooth but you thought wrong when he decided he wanted to break up with you. Jay had decided to end the relationship out of no where with no solid explanation to why, he only said that it was him that was the reason but that didn’t explain anything when they all say that, did he not like you anymore, was he bored of you, all those thoughts were going through your head trying to find a reason.

It really hurt you and affected you in so many ways after the breakup, it was so sudden and out of no where that it took so much time to process the break up. You barley fight and if you did they were so small that after thirsty minutes you guys would makeup. Even though his schedule was hectic and busy you both made time to see each other, you guys were making this relationship work so well.

However you had bills to pay and expenses, you couldn’t stay home crying about the breakup, you were sad but you had to make each day productive and go on with your life. It wasn’t easy on you, you forgot how you couldn’t just call Jay and tell him about your day, or when something exciting happened you couldn’t just text him to tell him, you would forget sometimes and on the verge of sending the text but then realization hits you, you knew you had to delete his number. 

 Your days were usually spent alone like you used to before you were dating Jay, you went back to your routine of going to work and then going back home, having a meal at home and then end the night with watching tv that’s how your week days were spent. You had a simple life. 

It had been a couple months since the breakup and you sort of adjusted back to your regular life and daily routine, and just going by each day the same, you would go out on weekends but it wasn’t major.

On Jays side he was scared of commitment, he liked you but the idea of loving you scared him, so when he found himself falling in love with you he wanted to end it and run, he was to committed to his work that it scared him so much to change his priority, so he did what came to his mind first and broke up with you.

Jay lost all his motivation after the break up, even though he was the one who ended it he some how seemed empty not having you in his life again, you were always there for him. He missed everything about you, you little studio lunch dates, or how he always complained about you stealing his caps, or the fact when he’s just not feeling it you would hold him and cuddle him while running you fingers through his hair and telling him everything will be alright, because at the end it did turn fine. 

You were out doing grocery shopping on a regular Saturday, usually you had a routine on that day where you would spend it cleaning up all the stuff you neglected in the week days and then head out and do grocery shopping and enjoy a nice coffee at your favorite café, you had friends but not super close ones, so you always enjoyed just being alone on that day, plus most of yours friends ended up with a hangover from last nights partying. 

You were walking to the cafe where you usually got coffee from and then you planned to go to the market and buy everything you had missing from the house. 

 You were sitting on one of the tables having your back to the door so you couldn’t really see who comes into the cafe. While you were on your phone not really paying attention to anyone who comes in waiting for your coffee to be ready, Jay walked in totally not excepting to see you there. At first he didn’t know it was you seeing how you had your back to him, but when your drink got called his first thought was that you always ordered that drink every time you got coffee, which made him smile thinking of you, but when he looked up there you were heading to the counter to get your drink, Jays eyes widened totally not excepting it to really be you, his first move was to turn his body away from you so you didn’t see him. 

He wasn’t ready to face you, he still thought of himself a coward for the decision he made, he knew that he hurt you really bad by cutting you off like that with no reason to why he actually wanted to break up, and he wasn’t sure if you even wanted to see him. 

After seeing you for the first time, thoughts of regret kept coming back to him because he knew he lost something so precious that no one can give to him, because you were too good for him. You were always there to support him in everything he did, you never pressured him to take his focus off work and give it to you, you were always understanding, you even got so close to his his crew and were super cool with them. 

He wanted a second chance to fix it but he didn’t know if it would be given to him, so when he saw you at the cafe he didn’t know what he would say and he wasn’t even sure if you wanted to talk to him, so his first thought was to avoid you. 

 Jay really wanted to make it up to you and he wanted to ask for a second chance but he didn’t know how to do it, he for sure knew you wouldn’t answer his phones calls or texts, so he knew he had to meet you face to face. 

So there he was standing in front the door of your apartment, he was so nervous to how you would react but knocked on the door regardless, he waited a little until he heard foot steps coming close to the door. You opened your door totally not expecting to see Jay standing in front of you looking good as ever.

 At first it was just silence between the both of you and just staring at each other until you spoke first.

 “Jay, what are you doing here” you said in a totally calm voice not trying to be rude because you weren’t that kind of person, you always tried to get through things in the most calm ways because you knew screaming and cursing got you no where. 

 “Umm” he said totally not knowing what to say. 

 “Do you want to come in” you asked 

 “Sure” he said and walked, he was met with your usual scented house, he first used to complain how strong it was but then he grew to love it that he was the one that used to light up the candles in the house and he didn’t know how much me missed that , he also didn’t expect to be greeted by a really cute cat that came and circled around his legs 

“Is this cat yours” he asked 

 “Ah, yeah I adopted her a while ago, and her name is princess” you said, the cat came running to you hearing her name being called, you still couldn’t get over how smart she was. 

 “Make yourself comfortable” you said, it felt weird for Jay to be at your apartment and feel like a total stranger when once it wasn’t. 

 “Thanks” he said and sat down 

“So why are you here Jay” you asked him, inside your mind was going crazy with a million thoughts, you missed him so much, but you were still hurt by him, but at the same time so happy to see him, but your tone made him notice that you wanted him to get to the point.
“I…., I came to say I’m sorry for hurting you, but I was stupid” 

 “Stupid for what you never told me what the real reason was though” you said and he stayed quiet 

“Was it me, did you not like me anymore” you said and chuckled, but it was a bitter one

“No” he said quickly not letting you continue what you were saying

 “If anything it’s the opposite, I love you” he said and you were just shocked to hear him say

“What” you said said still confused with your eyebrows raised

 “I love you, and I was a coward to admit my feelings for you, I wanted to focus on work and I was scared that if we were in too deep that I would lose all that focus, but I was stupid and wrong because if anything you were always cheering me on and supporting me in everything I did, you were always the biggest fan of my work and always so proud of it, and I was stupid to think that you would drag me down” he said and you were trying to hold yourself from crying but couldn’t help the tears falling down your cheeks hearing him talk like that. Jay was confused to see you crying, he went and sat next to you and pulled you in his embrace. 

 “I’m so sorry, please don’t cry” he said and started rubbing your back trying to calm you down. 

After the break up you tried going on with your usual life and routine, and try to not let it affect you, you tried telling yourself that your fine, but you knew you weren’t. You always ended up crying when you were alone. You really thought it was the best relationship you have ever been in, you thought he was the one and you would spend all your life with him. He was always bringing the best in you, he was always smiling and hyper that you were always happy to be around him, he was so passionate about his work and music that it made you fall in love with him, he was always motivating you to keep doing what you love, a

 So when he broke up with you, it really broke you down. Jay pulled back when he felt you calm down and you stopped crying, but you really missed him

 “I’m so sorry I hurt you, and I promise if you give me a second chance I will make it up to you, I will make sure you know how much I really love and care for you” he said. You didn’t know what to do, if you should forgive him and give him another chance, but you were scared to give him another chance and for him to break your heart again. 

 “Please, I promise I won’t break this promise” he said and you could hear how sincere he was being. You were silent thinking over everything, your cat meowed as if giving you her answer and rubbing herself against Jay which made you chuckle, even your cat loved him. 

 “Okay” you said 

 “Okay..?!?” He said not sure what it meant 

 “Okay I’ll give you a second chance” you said and he was beaming with happiness and a big smile on his face 

“Thank you, I promise I won’t hurt you” he said and opened his arms signaling for you that he wants to hold you, which brought a smile to your face and you went closer to him and hugged him. 

 "I love you so much" he said, but you didn’t teasing him with a smirk, he pulled back with a raised eyebrow waiting 

 "What! You made me wait to hear it, so your gonna have to work for it" you said chuckling which made Jay groan at you teasing. 

Hope you guys enjoyed it :)!