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Devil Side-Chapter 34

Summary: Four months later, you and Bucky establish a new kind of normal.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None? slight angst. maybe.

Word Count: 1522

4 months later.

“Bucky!” you call out, walking through the door to the suite you share. Reyna was happily pulling the hair out of your bun, and you were horrifyingly late for a meeting having slept through two alarms and the aggressive wailing of a hungry Reyna.

Tony had moved the three of you to an empty floor in the compound where he’d modified the rooms for ease of access. While you and Bucky did not share a bedroom, you did share custody of Reyna. Her room sat between yours and his, an effective barrier between you. A large kitchen had been installed to help enable your love of baking. All the latest gadgets and gizmos, including a robotic chef which descended from the ceiling to cook gourmet meals at the push of a button, had been installed. The living room was decorated in soft colors. Light greys and blues complimented the room nicely while the walls and every flat surface were lined with pictures of your untraditional family.

You and Bucky were not a couple. Not by a long shot. You had kept yourself firmly in check after the shower incident. There were no lingering touches. No stolen glances. No longing looks. Or so you tried to convince yourself.

Two months in you’d had enough and vowed to do something to rectify the situation.

Bucky had agreed to see other people while keeping the family unit as strong as possible. He wasn’t happy about it, and he’d made his feeling on the matter clear. Even so, he’d gone on a few dates and so had you. So far, nothing had stuck.

“I’m in the shower!” he calls back.

Cursing under your breath you place Reyna in her baby walker and press a kiss to her forehead. “Your daddy is the slowest man in the universe,” you announce with a conspiratorial air.

She takes no notice as her chubby legs pump her furiously around the room. Her childish laughter rings brightly in your ears, making you smile.

Setting your sight on the bathroom door, you stride confidently through it, make a beeline for the toilet and flush it once, then twice. A vindictive thrill blossoms as Bucky emits a high pitched scream. It’s startlingly similar to a tea kettle.

“What the hell?!” he yells, grabbing blindly for the towel he hung over the shower door.

You fold your arms across your chest and tap your stilettoed foot on the smooth tile in irritation. You were dressed to the nines. A red figure-hugging skirt rested mid-thigh, though you’d forgone stockings. With the amount of fighting you did, they never really lasted long. You accompanied the skirt with a sheer white lace top, a white double-breasted jacket and paired it with a killer pair of Louboutins. Your hair was slicked back into a tight bun you touched up swiftly, fixing what Reyna had managed to tug free. Minimal makeup and bright red lips finished your look.

Bucky exits the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist, and gives you a subtle once over. His cheeks color lightly. “What’s the rush, babydoll?” he grumbles.

Rolling your eyes you hand him his pants. “Honestly, James. We have a briefing in fifteen minutes, and we still have to drop Reyna at school!”

Bucky curses hotly. “That’s today? Shit!”

“How do you not remember it’s today?” you ask in disbelief.

“The calendar app on my phone is confusing,” he mutters.

“Are you kidding me right now? We have an A.I in the building!” you retort.

The blush rises further in his cheeks. He mumbles an incoherent reply and drops the towel. You instinctively avert your gaze and he smirks triumphantly at you. “Like what you see, doll?”.

You raise your eyes and look him up and down, taking your time.

His gaze darkens, and he takes a step toward you. He’s so close you can feel the steam wafting from him.

You close the distance between you. Your eyes drift from his down to his lips. You get so close to him your lips are inches away from touching, and blink up at him innocently. “I’ve seen better dicks on a eunuch,” you reply huskily and place a quick kiss on his lips before pushing past him. “Get dressed. I’m taking Reyna to school. Don’t be late for your own reinstatement, Barnes.”  

Bucky’s uproarious laughter follows you down the hall.


Bucky huffed into the conference room with five minutes to spare. The entire team was seated around the roundtable.

Fury sat stoically beside you.

You had kept the job of media liaison, rarely participating in missions anymore, knowing Bucky would never give it up.

The last four months of his suspension had been hell on him. He was permanently on edge, jumpy, and a serial fidgeter.

The tension between you didn’t help matters, but you figured running headfirst into battle wasn’t the way to go. Reyna would need a parent if, god forbid, something were to happen to Bucky.

Secretly you were relieved. You had spent the better part of your life fighting. It was nice not to worry about whether you would make it home from your workday.

“Sergeant Barnes,” Fury begins. “Four months ago you commandeered a S.H.I.E.L.D jet to carry out an unauthorized mission resulting in the death of twenty Hydra operatives. Now, I don’t have a problem with taking out a few Hydra agents. Less work for me. I do have a problem with the chain of command being ignored because of a little torture.”

You clear your throat loudly.

Fury rolls his eyes. “That being said, we need you back on active duty as Agent (L/N)’s retirement has left us short-handed. You will be placed on probation under the supervision of Falcon.”

You swallow the giggle rising in your throat and do your best to look professional.

Bucky’s horrified expression would forever be seared into your memory. He does his best impression of a goldfish while Sam beams widely at him from across the table.

“You got a problem with that, Sergeant?” Fury asks.

“No sir,” Bucky replies defeated.

Not being able to keep it in any longer, the entire rooms erupts in laughter. Even Fury cracks a smile.


Twenty minutes later with the meeting adjourned, you shuffle the papers in front of you into a neat pile, going through the mental checklist of your day’s tasks in your head while the team files out of the room.

All but Bucky who lingers in the doorway, hopping from foot to foot.

“Whats up Bucky?” you ask distractedly. You had scores and scores of paperwork waiting for you in your office and he was in your way.

“Do you wanna get dinner tonight?” he blurts.

“We eat together every night, Bucky,” you reply.

“I mean at a restaurant,” he clarifies.

“We have Reyna’s parent-teacher conference tonight, Buck.”

“That’s tonight?”

You groan out loud. “Do you ever use your phone? I sent you a reminder yesterday.”

He has the good sense to look sheepish at your words and rubs the back of his neck like he always did when he’d messed up. “I got my days mixed up. Sorry, doll.”

You sigh and relent. “How about tomorrow? Reyna has swimming at four. We could get dinner afterward? There’s that Mexican place around the corner from her school. They have a play area for the kids.”

Bucky blushes and stammers, “I uhm… I meant just the two of us? We could get Steve to babysit.”

Your eyes snap to his. Caution rises in your gut. “Are you asking me on a date?”

“I guess I am,” he replies.

“Bucky, I thought we agreed? No relationships. Not between us,” you say gently.

Bucky’s face falls before he covers it up. “Alright. How about dinner between two exhausted parents in desperate need of a night off,” he counters.


He shakes his head. “I’m serious. No date. No ulterior motives. Just dinner. We can celebrate my reinstatement.” His expression is so open and honest you find it hard to doubt his words.

You find yourself nodding in agreement before you could talk yourself out of it. “Okay, but just dinner,” you agree, picking up your papers and walking toward him.

“I don’t want you to wait for me to change my mind about us Buck,” you say quietly as you come to a stop in front of him.

He smiles sadly and looks down, fidgeting with the tips of his metal fingers. His hair hangs freely in his face. “Guys gotta have hope,” he says brightly and places a kiss on your cheek. His lips are warm and soft on your skin.

It sends a shiver up your spine you have a hard time ignoring.

“See ya tonight,” he says in parting, leaving you alone in the conference room.

You swallow down the lump in your throat, straighten your spine, and plaster a smile on your face. You had work to do. You didn’t have time to think about the pain you were inflicting on the both of you.


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#75 - “Calm down. It looks a lot worse than it is”.
#78 - “I’m not sure if I want to kiss you or kill you right now”.


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Hm, do you know any fanfictions where Eren is angry at Levi (or just sad, whatever) because he's not showing any emotions? Thank you by the way!

So there’s a lot of fics where it’s really subtle, like one of them misunderstands the others emotions for something else. I’ve kinda ended up throwing in a mix of everything along these lines.

words are trivial
Summary: “Alright.”
     The word spins around in Eren’s head, back and forth, over and over, and though it is only two syllables, he can’t seem to make any sense of it. Corporal Levi’s face remains as calm as it’s been since the moment he’d been approached, and Eren is tempted to ask him to repeat himself.

Summary: Eren and Levi get trapped in a cave.

Summary: “I don’t love you. I don’t think I ever did.”

Summary: All Eren ever hears is how close Erwin and Levi are. Little does Eren know, Levi truly loves him.


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Were you happy with how things ended with Brittana... Anything you wish was different?

I have mixed feelings about this. Honestly, we got everything we ever dreamed of in the end, so I’m thrilled. I DO, however, wish we would have gotten a flashforward for them in the finale…though another part of me is really glad we didn’t, since they PROBABLY would have messed it up.

When I started shipping Brittana back in season two, I never thought we’d get what we did, so as much as things were often a train wreck, and we deserved so much more, in eternally grateful.

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Bts reaction to their s/o having a cat that thinks it's a dog?

Hiyaaaa thanks so much for this request. Lol it was so cute <3 I hope you like it!

BTS’ Reaction to their s/o’s cat that acts like a dog

*cat starts wagging its tail*
“Your cat is allowed to act like a dog?! Then why do you always tell me off for acting like a bitch?”

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*cat jumps on him to wake him up*
*glares at it* “Cat. Or dog. Whatever you are. Do not do that. Ever.”

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*cat catches frisbee in its mouth*

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Rap Monster:
*cat starts eating his shoe*
“I LIKE THESE SHOES FFS GET AWAY FROM ME CATDOG!!” *falls off chair, rips door off its hinges, smashes china cabinet, etc. trying to run away*

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*cat barks*
“Wow this is cool. I mean, you have two cute things mixed together to make something even CUTER.”
*looks to Jungkook* See, this is why we need to have kids.

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*cat starts howling at the moon*
*joins in*

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*cat brings his shoes to him*
“Um, Y/N, I think there’s something wrong with your cat. *shook*

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“They’ll love you, because I do.”

Pairing: Dan x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Warnings: None 

A/N: Christmas is over but hey, I got this request now and your wish is my law. ;) 

You examine your reflection in the mirror. Your hair falls freely over your back and shoulders, slightly curled at the ends. You’re wearing black stockings and a burgundy lace dress with long sleeves. You have a bulky, knitted grey cardigan ready in your bag if you get cold. You’ve decided to keep your make up on the more natural side. A slight smokey brown and golden eye with winged eyeliner. You felt both confident and unsure at the same time.

This was the first christmas you’d spent with your boyfriends family. Yeah, you’ve met most of them before and you got along very well. Especially with his mum. You got along from the start. You smile at the memory of her saying “If you let her go Daniel, I will disown you.” the first day you met them.

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