how did you even do that

who broke it
  • Sebastian: alright . . . Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just want to know.
  • Clary: I did. I broke it-
  • Sebastian: no, no you didn't. Jace?
  • Jace: don't look at me. Look at Alec.
  • Alec: what? I didn't break it.
  • Jace: huh. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Alec: because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken!
  • Jace: suspicious.
  • Alec: no it it's not!
  • Simon: if it matters, probably not, but Isabelle was the last one to use it.
  • Isabelle: liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Simon: oh really? What were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Isabelle: I use the stirrers to push back my cuticles, everyone knows that Simon!
  • Clary: okay okay lets not fight, I broke it, let me pay for it Sebastian.
  • Sebastian: no. Who broke it?!
  • Alec: . . . Magnus has been awfully quiet--
  • Magnus: RRRREALLY?!
  • Everyone: *incoherent arguing*
  • Sebastian: I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

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Okay so I used to watch Merlin and the reason I lasted as long as I did was because of how hot Morgana was and then I watched Jurassic Park and totally thirsted for that assistant lady and then I was thirsting for Lena Luther even though I don't watch the show because of you and I didn't realize for quite a while that they were all the same person and once I did I was floored because Katie McGrath got me to fall in love with her on three separate occasions that's how hot she is

OK ME THO!! my friend in high school stanned tf outta merlin and i would just see gifsets of the hot mean lady and lowkey love her and then the same with jurassic park and then AGAIN with supergirl and i never connected the dots aslkfajskdf

do you also remember the ice bucket challenge natalie dormer did with a hot lady and everyone liked it cause it was lowkey gay? it was katie

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You should write something about Even graduating! :)

hello! sorry this took so long! i combined it with another prompt too “ even getting an email that he got into film school” and i hope i did it okay! casual reminder that i know nothing about how school/uni works in norway, so i kinda had to improvise :P enjoy!


“I’m fucking free,” Even heaves a sigh of relief as he flops face down onto his and Isak’s bed. Isak flops on top of him, making him groan at the weight. “Get off me.”

“No,,” Isak replies quickly. “I like it here.”

“Get off me,” Even repeats, whining slightly now, “I just graduated.”


“Fuck you.”

“Is that what you want as a reward for graduating?”

“We already established that this morning.”

Isak hums, burying his face into Even’s neck and pressing kisses there.

“But what I want right now is for you to get off me, you big lump.”

Isak pulls his head back and lets out an offended huff. “You love me being on top of you,” he teases.

“No, I don’t,” Even tries to argue, but Isak can hear his smile. Even tries to shuffle underneath him, trying to force him to roll off, unsuccessfully.

“Maybe you should work out more,” Isak teases.

Even takes a deep breath and gives one last push, rolling Isak off him to the side where he lands with an “oof.”

“I win,” he declares with a cheeky smile, rolling onto his side to look at Isak, who sticks his tongue out at Even.

Even’s about to lean in for a kiss when his phone goes off with an email notification. He would ignore it, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been riled up for days about receiving emails from universities that he’s applied to, so he rolls away, ignoring Isak’s pout, and checks his phone.

It takes him all of ten seconds to read the email, at least the part that matters, but then another twenty seconds to actually react.

“Holy shit, Isak!”

“What?” Isak says slightly concerned.

“Holy fucking shit,” Even says again, holding his phone out to show Isak. When Isak takes it, Even rolls onto his back, putting his hand up to his hair to run it through, mouth dropped open in disbelief.

Isak gasps from next to him. “You got in.”

“I got in,” confirms Even, still looking at the ceiling, because he’s not sure what else to look at. He’s not sure  what to do with himself, right now.

“And,” Isak continues a few seconds later, “this was your first choice, right? Oslo?”

Even nods.

“Fuck,” breathes Isak. “That’s awesome.”

Even nods again. Isak rolls onto his side next to him, and reaches out a hand to Even, placing it on the side of his neck and stroking with his thumb, while smiling softly. After a few seconds Even shifts onto his side to face Isak, and sees a look of incredible pride in his boyfriend’s eyes. Isak reflects this with his words.

“I’m so proud of you, Even,” he whispers, because there’s no-one that needs to hear it but the two of them. “So proud.”

Eve lets himself grin widely at Isak, before moving forward to kiss him, still smiling.

Isak pulls back a few minutes later and looks up to see Even smirking at him.

“What?” he says, narrowing his eyes.

“I just decided,” Even says, nonchalantly. “I definitely want graduation sex for this.”

Isak simply rolls his eyes and tugs him back in for another kiss.

It is ridiculous to ever be envious of another person’s lot. Don’t ever think that the president of the United States is any more important than a waiter in a restaurant. If G-d is with us in our mission, then one person’s mission cannot be more important than another’s, because everyone’s mission is actually G-d’s mission.

Real success does not depend on how much we accomplish on earth. And it does not have anything to do with how much attention the accomplishment gains in the public eye. What really matters is your intention and the quality of your deeds. Did you put your soul into your mission and live your life for G-d’s sake, seeking to grow, striving to become better, concerned about improving yourself and the world?

The great Torah sages taught: I am a creation and my friend (even one who is uneducated) is a creation. Just as he is not an expert in what I do, I am not an expert in what he does. Do not think that I do more and he does less. That is incorrect. It does not matter whether he accomplishes seemingly big deeds or little ones. What really matters is whether his intentions are for the sake of heaven.

—  Rabbi David Aaron
Trading Crowns - What Really Happened between Yuzuru and Javier in Helsinki - Chapter 1 - misterquadrupleaxel - Figure Skating RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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So I may have started writing a Yuzuvier fic???

Check it out if you’re interested :)

Almost got caught

So one of my co-workers husband saw me on here and messaged me saying “hey (my real name) I can’t believe I saw you on here! Didn’t know you were like this! Crazy that (my workplace) doesn’t know about this. I wonder if they would fire you. Even if they didn’t fire you then they would know how big of a freak you are! Message me and let’s figure something out.” So I messaged him. He said for him to stay quiet I had to call in sick and fuck him all day! So what did I do??? I fucking called in sick and fucked him all day! I showed up once his wife or my coworker left for work and went inside. He is a ugly old fat black man! I had no choice! I let him do whatever he wanted. Sucked his dick, fucked my pussy and ass! He came in every hole! I can’t lose my job! A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

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Coming out of the closet/confessing a crush? To Tracer, Zarya, Mercy, Widowmaker and Pharah. TY!

I tried to make these really light hearted and fun. Coming out can be so stressful, and is usually not a fun experience. I wrote these with all positive reactions, because there is nothing wrong with being gay/bi/pan/queer. If it was a perfect world, we wouldn’t even have to come out. Since we do, I want it to be a celebration. Sorry for the rant. These are all gonna be really silly and happy. Enjoy!

Tracer -
“How did you realize you were gay?” You ask Lena, genuinely interested. You had been questioning some things yourself, but you wanted to be sure.
“Well,” Lena begins to answer, “I guess I just sort of always knew. Ya know? I never was really into boys, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized it was because I like girls. It made so much sense.”
You think about her answer for a long while.
“Lena….” You begin to say. You’re unsure of how to tell her.
“You’re gay?” She finishes your sentence for you.
“Yes! How did you know?” You ask, completely surprised.
Lena just laughs and pulls you into a big hug. “I’ve seen you look at girls, love. There’s no way you’re straight.”

Zarya -
You drag yourself to the gym on base. You have to get your work out in for today, even though you’re really not in the mood. As you walk into the gym, you see Zarya in the middle of her work out. She’s weight lifting, of course. You can’t help but stare. Everyone admires Zarya’s arms, but to actually see her flexing and lifting weights was stunning You can feel your jaw drop as you watch her.
“I am so gay” You say to yourself quietly.
You hear a loud chuckle. Looks like someone heard you. She looks over at you with a big smile on her face. She glances up and down your body.
“I am too.” She states. You feel your cheeks go red as you both crack up laughing.

Mercy -
Today was the day. You were going to ask Dr. Ziegler out. You’ve had a crush on the beautiful doctor since you could remember. You walk into the medbay to find the doctor busy doing paperwork. “Hello, doc.” You call out. Her eyes light up when she looks at you. She flashes you a bright smile and you wonder if she actually is an angel.
“It’s good to see you.” She says, smile still bright on her face. You feel yourself growing more and more nervous. She’s so beautiful, is it even possible she’d like you back?
“Angela. I gotta tell you something.” You start to say. “I, um. I think you’re so beautiful. and uh, I enjoy spending time with you…” You stopped mid sentence. You sounded like such an idiot! Panicking, you look up at Angela. Her smile is even more radiant than before. She leans up and places a light kiss to you cheek.
“I’d love to go out with you.” She replies.

Widowmaker -
Do you wanna know the worst part of being stationed at Watchpoint Gibraltar? The shared shower. There is no privacy. You usually try to go early in the morning before everyone else gets in there. You hate getting up so early, but it’s worth it for the privacy. However, it looks like you weren’t early enough this morning. You walk into the showers to find one already occupied by a certain beautiful French woman. You know you shouldn’t stare, but you can’t look away. You’ve had a crush on her for the longest time now. She’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Now seeing her like this, she is just stunning. You look back up to see her staring at you. Busted. You immediately start apologizing. She just smiles and interrupts you, “Hush, chéri. Why don’t you come join me?”

Pharah -
The bartender placed two cocktails in front of you and Pharah. It had been a long, boring day of nothing but meetings. She had suggested the two of you go out and unwind. You were both enjoying your drinks while the other woman told you stories about her days in the Egyptian military. Your nice night was interrupted by a very drunk man swaggering over.
“Hey ladies.” He slurred. “You look lovely tonight.”
“Thanks.” You said, sounding angry. He was disgusting.
“How about you ladies head on home with me? I have enough to take care of you both.” He said, gesturing to his pants.
“Get lost.” Pharah said. He started to object, but she stood up. She was at least a foot taller than the man, and he got the idea to leave before she punched him.
“Damn. I am so happy I date girls.” You said. Then you remembered. Pharah didn’t know you were gay. You looked up at her, completely panicked. She just smiles at you and replies, “I am too. Guys can be such idiots. Girls are so much better.”

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i bloody hope they're gonna do some promotion before they drop a song, teasers know, basic things artists do? like i'd be happy with a teaser pic or vid today. it'd be very obvious though why it was put on hold if he does it today. but he can't just a drop a song without any "warning", that's now how it should work lol

mmm. even like harry did with that intro where he was dripping wet walking toward the door all dramatic (not that that’s louis’ exact style, but something similar to get the hype going.)

22 June 2017

[The Cafe (The New Mill) with Robert, Aaron, Victoria and Rebecca]

VICTORIA: Hey, I’m wearing butterflies today in an effort to get the fans to like me again because I know how much they liked your butterfly blanket. (Fandom: You’re going to have to do more than that Vic) Also…Look, I care about other people besides your unborn child. Harriet’s still in a coma as a result of your latest failed plan that I know nothing about.

AARON: I’m sure she’ll pull through. The Sun hasn’t announced that she is leaving yet.

VICTORIA: How did she even end up being involved in your scheme?

ROBERT: Look, Emma got involved with the Plot, okay! It’s not our fault. And my plan did not fail, it actually worked brilliantly. I just didn’t know there were actual drug dealers involved. So get off my back.

*Rebecca Enters* (Fandom: Sigh…)

ROBERT: *Oh god, not the Plot Face* I’m busy…doing literally anything else, but mostly enjoying a nice meal with my #BeautifulHusband and my sister who for once has other words coming out of her mouth other than ‘Baby’. I mean, we could have been having this meal in our brand new kitchen on that brand new set they built for us, but unfortunately we had to have it here because there’s no way I’m just letting you stroll into my new house ever again, so the cafe it is. But I’m really not ready for this Plot Point yet so, don’t ruin it yeah?

REBECCA: Sorry, due to the other Plot I’m tangentially involved in, I now really care about paternity. Also, The Plot gave me a heads up that Aaron is pushing you to talk to me. So, here I am, ready to talk about our baby’s future!

AARON: *I still hate this fucking Plot even if I’m trying to be there for my husband Face*

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SebaCiel asks

1) Are you a top or a bottom?

2) Powerbottom or submissive top?

3) Dom or sub?

4) Top 5 favorite kinks.

5) Top 5 favorite fics.

6) Would you be Ciel or Sebastian?

7) Favorite sex position.

8) Favorite place to have sex.

9) Favorite furniture to have sex on?

10) How often do you think of SebaCiel?

11) Do you day dream about SebaCiel?

12) Do you dream of SebaCiel in your sleep?

13) Who is the sexiest, Ciel or Sebastian? Why?

14) Favorite body part.

15) Sex during the night, morning, midday, noon, afternoon, evening, or 24/7?

16) Have you written any SebaCiel fics?

17) How long ago did you get into the fandom?

18) Did you start shipping SebaCiel right when you got into the fandom or later?

19) What came first, manga or the anime? Or the musicals?

20) First impression of Kuroshitsuji?

21) Thinking seriously, would SebaCiel improve or ruin the plot if it became cannon?

22) Does SebaCiel remind you of a song or does a song remind you of SebaCiel?

23) If there was quality SebaCiel cosplay porn, would you watch it?

24) If Yana decided to make a SebaCiel side-story and held a voting poll for it, would you vote for or against?

25) If you are a cosplayer, do you or would you cosplay SebaCiel?

26) If you hadn’t yet but would get a chance to cosplay, would you cosplay SebaCiel?

27) Have you ever had a moment when watching a movie or reading a book, or just seeing people together, and thought of SebaCiel?

28) Rate your passion for SebaCiel 1 out of 10.

29) If the Kuroshitsuji manga was made into a quality live action tv series, would you watch it?

30) To SebaCiel or not to SebaCiel?


Add your own.

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I'm not guilt tripping you in anyway and to be honest if you want me to write down a list of both good and bad people on this site then sure I will. However this community is toxic in general, I'm not going to state names but we all know it's true. I'm not really bothered at the moment about this site and I just came to write a post before people started blowing it up again like they usually do. I wasn't even here last night and just saw Finalpetals post. Tbh I don't need a lecture.

last time I checked: last night had nothing to do with you nor did it finalpetal & you both went and made it about yourselves. typical fucking white behavior and this is coming FROM A WHITE PERSON.   i don’t know her so i’m not going to open my mouth & shoot tbh??  white person to white person lbr? where are you going with this? im so amazed how all you took from what i said is what you want to hear. state names?  what exactly is that going to do?  you don’t think that’s toxic behavior?  you seem to wanna call everyone out on their shit may you should take a look @ yourself.  you wanna name bad people?  go for it and i’d like to see what happens because I can count you that nothing will come from it. all i know is true that people especially some of us white folks need to learn when it’s our time to shine and right now it’s none of our time so stop making this about something it isn’t. it’s about our fellow writers of color and the only reason this shit is blowing up is because you went there & people are going to react. its not rocket science lbr. 

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Ducky, how did you realize you were bisexual? If you don't mind me asking?

I think I realized it when I first learned the term. When I found out what bisexuality was I was like “you know what that might be me”

There were signs like in elementary school, there i was giving a presentation in front of a woman and when she leaned down to hear me, all I could do was stare at her cleavage. 

In highschool, after I learned the meaning, I was still unsure because I was only attracted to guys so I felt like I had to force myself to like girls so I was a bit confused. Maybe it was the pressure of society and my parents telling me I should only like guys. Maybe there was no cute girl that I was attracted to in highschool. I don’t know

Actually, it’s only recently came to terms with my bisexuality (though I might be pan technically because I’m attracted to non binaries too). 

Being comfortable and accepting your sexuality isn’t an overnight process. It takes years and experiences to fully accept who you are, so be patient with yourself :) 

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Do you think that the show will end with a cliffhanger, like how someone said addison missing or getting a text idk Sasha did say something about the last scene being "so Pll" and with the show ending it could somehow tie in a full circle moment (idk if I make any sense I also don't like Addison!)

I don’t think they’ll end it in a “cliffhanger” where they raise a new massive question, whether it be in terms of PLLs story or even to introduce a new spinoff show. But I definitely think they’ll end it in a way that shows Rosewood will live on. I feel like there is a difference (which I probably didn’t explain well). Essentially I don’t think it’ll be “omg where is Addison? Why did Addison disappear? Who’s B?” rather I think they’ll just heavily feature Addison’s character, make us fall in love with her (mission impossible) and then have someone make a line about this town forever being cursed or whatever. Just something to tease that Addison could be the star of a new show, but not necessarily having her disappear or get a text from B. I hope that’s what they do. If they make her disappear and that’s how the show ends… I’ll be so mad. The final scene of the series finale should be related to PLL, in particular with the liars. The writers shouldn’t jump the gun and think the fans are ready to move on to a spinoff show DURING the finale of PLL. No matter what they do I’m not watching Addison. I hate her.

Just seen this post and it is some classic Sakura Stan cringe. 

I still wonder why people think that hinata ist the leading heroine of the Naruto series

Hello Strawman. How is your day? Almost no NaruHina fan said that Hinata is the leading heroine. They said that Hinata would have made for a better heroine than Sakura did. That’s logical considering the fact that Sakura has no interesting background, fighting style and she has a pretty bland personality. Sakura is a blank slate for female readers to project themselves onto. Kishimoto admitted this times and times again and his way of making Sakura a more interesting character was by drawing her “cuter”. If this doesn’t say anything about how even the author percieves your main heroine then I don’t know what else will do. That’s the reason you also see way more ships for her than for any other character. Sakura x Deidara…Really?

All she basically did was slap Naruto and was like ‘naruto-kun’

Ah yes, all she did was like ‘Naruto-Kun’. That’s rich coming from a fan of a character, that had the most repetitive character arc in the manga and cried every story arc because of her ‘Sasuke-kun’ or Naruto. Remind me again how Sakura didn’t claim that she finally caught up to Sasuke and Naruto multiple times just for her to be rescued again. Please remind me how often she said that she would help Naruto to rescue Sasuke just to then contribute nothing to it.

The actual heroine punched a god

Haha that’s really funny because of this punch, Sakura created one of the biggest plotholes in the manga. Remember how the byakugan had a 360 Degree vision with only a small blind spot where a small arrow could fit in? Yeah apparently the byakugan can see everything except Sakura’s giant forehead. Who knew. What a great heroine. Kishimoto couldn’t come up with a logical way for Sakura to grow in strength naturally so he basically gave Sakura this win just so her fans could say: “YEAH MUH HEROINE PUNCHED A GOD. SLAAAAY QUEEEEN!”.

Next time, tag your shit correctly and stop being a hypocrite, mate.

Vegas Baby! Part 2

From: Smutandfluffohmy

Character Parings: Fred Weasley X Reader

A/N: The next imagine I’m going to be writing is going to be the Dramione one so don’t worry all the Peter Pan request will be written and posted in good time :) Keep sending them in my peeps.

Prompt request:  “ For the vagas baby part 2 maybe when they get rid of the marriage and he has to explain magic to her” and “ Could you do a part 2 to Vegas Baby”

Warnings: None at all except it’s pretty long

“Fred why did you think marrying a muggle without telling her about magic was a good idea” Hermione said as she walked around Fred that looked just as confused and worried about the whole thing as everyone else. 

“Married! Married! Fred you don’t even know how to cook for yourself and you’re off getting married? What’s next do I have grandkids that I don’t know about” Molly said as her face started to match her fiery red hair. Y/N stirring around as she woke up on a soft sofa in the twins house instead of the hardwood floor she landed on.

“Guys she’s waking up.” Harry said as he took a step backwards from the girl.

“Ugh Sydney I had the weirdest dream ever” Y/N said as she sat up and rubbed her hands over her eyes as she spoke.

“Yea you said something about getting married to a handsome devil” Fred said as he got mere inches away from Y/n as he spoke “But his brother was the true handsome devil” George said doing the same as Fred. Y/n eyes shot open and was greeted face to face with the smiling faces of George and Fred.

“Ahhh” Y/n yelled as she tried to hit George in the face with her fist but failed as he stepped back.

“Wow you sure got a punch but-” Fred started saying as he put his hands on her shoulders. Y/n startled and confused took another swing towards who she thought was the same boy, this time however her fist did hit him right on the nose causing Fred to clutch his nose in pain. 

“Stop it you two you’re scaring her” Hermione said as she pushed Fred to the side and started walking up to y/n. “Hi my name is Hermione what’s your name?”

“I’m Y/n. Where am I”  Y/n said as she looked at everyone’s faces around the room that stared at her in amazement and worry.

“Can you guys give us a moment?” Fred said as he used one hand motioning people to go away and another to massage his nose.

“Fred what exactly are you going to do” Hermione said as she stepped towards Fred. 

“You’re going to scare the poor girl half to death knowing you” Ron said as he stepped next to Hermione. As they were bickering Y/n stepped away into the kitchen searching for a phone to call anyone anyone at all that wasn’t completely out of their mind.As she was walking into the kitchen she noticed a man and a woman sitting at the table talking.She tried leaving unnoticed but she didn’t know if it was that the universe seemed to hate her right now or simple mother’s intuition that gave her away.

“Well don’t just stand there dear come and take a seat. We’ll have a chat”  Molly said as she poured another cup of tea and waited for y/n to take a seat. 

“Hi umm is it true I’m in London right now?” Y/n said as she took a seat opposite of Molly and Arthur who looked calm.

“Yes dear thanks to my son” Molly said as she pushed the cup of tea towards y/n with a kind smile.

“Is it true you’re a muggle?” Arthur said as his curiosity took over the best of him.

“A what?” Y/n said as she looked at Molly and Arthur.

“A non magical person” Arthur said.

“Mum, dad what are you talking about with my wife” Fred said with a grin as he walked towards y/n slowly.

“Oh yea right the Vegas and “ministry of magic” wedding” Y/n said as she placed her face on her hands rubbing them over her eyes.

“Mum, dad can i please talk to her I promise I’ll fix this” Fred said as he turned to talk to his parents his eyes silently pleading with them. As Molly and Arthur stood up and left them alone Fred sat where his dad was previously sitting.

“Please tell me this is all an elaborate joke” Y/n said as she looked up to look at Fred’s eyes which showed no indication that this was a joke.

“Oh my dear y/n I love jokes but this isn’t one of them” Fred said as he tried to stay calm and collected when in reality he was freaking out as much as she. 

“This can’t be real this can’t be real. I mean magic and magic people th-” Y/n spoke. “Wizards and witches” Fred said interrupting her mid sentence.

“And they’re all real look if you would just let me show you i can prove it to you” Fred said as he pointed at his pocket where he was keeping his wand. 

Y/n scoffed as she looked at Fred “Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me” She said as she saw what Fred was pointing at, this remark caused fred to let out a small laugh the air around seeming lighter and happier.Fred took out his wand and twirled it around in his hand showing off to y/n.

“Well show me what you got wizard boy” Y/n said as she placed her elbows up on the table and placing her chin in her hands as she looked at Fred. Fred waved her wand towards y/n as little fireworks went off over her head.

“Wow” y/n said in amazement as her eyes filled with a twinkle and a smile spread on her face. A sight that made Fred’s chest tighten, he never felt this towards anyone of course he knew what this was but he thought it silly considering he hadn’t known her for a complete day.

“You’re like Gandalf” Y/n said as looked at Fred and away from the little fireworks that were getting brighter, the light making her eyes seem bigger and brighter. 

“Like who?” Fred asked as he tilted his head to the side.

“You know Gandalf. Lord of the rings?” Y/n said as her excitement got bigger with every word she spoke. 

“Lord of the what” Fred still even more confused than before.

“You never seen it? Oh come on everyone seen it. The hobbits, elves, orcs, dragons?” Y/n said getting excited and frustrated at the same time.

“Oh my Merlin of course” Fred said looking at y/n in amazement his eyes filling with glee.

“Oh so you’ve seen it?” Y/n said her frustration disappearing.

“No. I got married to the biggest geek” Fred said as he leaned back laughing so hard and loud it echoed all around the room. Filling Y/n with joy it sounded so wonderful and warm in a way. “Do you like jokes by any chance?” Fred asked as soon as he stopped laughing wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I love jokes why do you ask” Y/n said to Fred as he got up from his chair to walk over to her.

“You’re going to love what I do come on I can sneak you out without everyone harassing you for questions” Fred said as he put out his arm for y/n to hook it with hers.

“You’re a comedian?” Y/n said as she hooked her arm through linking their arms as she followed him. 

“Not professionally but I’m hysterical” Fred said smiling down at the girl that was smiling up at him. As Fred led y/n down stairs to the shop he wasn’t sure as to exactly what to show her first, maybe they’ll just see things as they went.

“Ok close your eyes” Fred said as they arrived at the door leading into the joke shop.

“Okay but promise me you won’t let me fall on my face” Y/n said as she smiled at Fred closing her eyes and reaching out for Fred. Fred placed one hand on the door knob and another one to hold both of her hands in his. As he swung the door open excitement filled him he looked around as if seeing if for the first time ever.

“Ok open them” Fred said as he looked back to see her face. As soon as her eyes open they were filled with amazement and happiness.

“Wow what is this place? What does this do?” Y/n said as she looked around and stepped towards a few items that were placed on shelves.

“It’s mine and my brothers joke shop and that is bubble gum that changes your voice” Fred said as leaned up against the shelf looking at y/n as she turned the package over in her hands looking at every bit of it.

“Oh what’s that” Y/n said as she handed the pack of gum over to Fred as she walked over to where all the love potions where sitting, pretty and pink colors making it hard to miss. Y/n looked at all the bottles and looked at the fountain filled with the liquid.

“Is this like cologne?” Y/n said as she took a deep breath of the liquid, filling every inch of her lungs.

“What do you mean?” Fred said as he walked over to where she was standing.

“I mean it smells good kind of a weird thing to sell in a joke shop but maybe this is funny to wizards I don’t know” Y/n said as she took one of the bottles in her hands and turned it over trying to see why wizards would find cologne so funny.

“Y/n can you tell me what it smells like? You know professional curiosity I never had a muggle smell it” Fred said as he scrunched his face up not sure if he really wanted the answer or if he should just leave the question alone.

“Well it smells like some kind of wood kind of airy if that makes sense sort of what people when they finish playing a sport smell like combined with wood, freshly washed clothes and ink. I don’t know Fred you should know you’re wearing it” Y/n said as she put the bottle down as a confused look spread across her face. “What did you think it smelt like?”

“I don’t know” Fred stared at y/n in shock unable to say anything else.

“Oh come on Fred you sell it, you must have some idea of what it smells like” Y/n said as she chuckled and walked towards Fred.

“Well I um smell lavender shampoo, buttery popcorn and pastries ” Fred said as he looked at y/n hoping and praying that y/n didn’t recognize the smell as her own.

“Wow I guess it’s different for everyone but again why do you sell?” y/n said with a grin.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” Fred said trying to buy time as he tried to find the right words to break this to her.

“Try me” y/n said as she smiled at Fred as she looked up at the ceiling to see it how decorated it was with different silly stuff. Fred looked at her as he tried to find ways to stall, to buy himself some time. How do you tell someone you married in a drunken night, someone that you known less than 24 waking hours something so drastic. More importantly how do you break it to someone that Amortentia helped you find your soulmate.

anonymous asked:

But like honestly though while this season was a mess seeing Sana as a main was the first time in my whole life I saw someone that represented me - I don't drink/drugs/have premarital sex bc of my religion. That first clip where vilde is talking about sex and Sana feels uncomfortable is my daily life like I don't think most people get that this season shed light on a group that similar to LGBTQ doesn't get represented often

THANK YOU! Honestly, your post made me sad because it’s exactly how I feel. And I know it’s been even more emotionally for some of my hijabi sisters. That first 2 episodes really gave me so much hope that people could write our story and do it justice. And while I am happy for what little we did get, I’m still sad about what more we could have had and celebrated with this fandom. And I wish people would see how badly we needed this kind of representation. 


Sunday Night Schedule Currently:

  • 6pm - Americas’ Funniest Home Video
  • 7pm - Celebrity Family Feud
  • 8pm - Funderdome
  • 9pm - The $100,000 Pyramid

Ok, so, the mission is to fit Still Star-Crossed into Sunday Night Scheduling because, you know, that’s when your target demographic is watching.  How do I know… because that’s when The White Princess aired, which hey that’s finished up, so you don’t even have to compete.  Game of Thrones is also that night, it won’t be airing until July 16, but all you have to do is just not pick the same time slot as GoT, 9pm EST.  Poldark also airs on Sundays in the UK.  US watchers will inevitably stream it whenever they please, and UK watchers will do the same for SSC so, don’t worry about scheduling there.

Alright.  Now we can’t take 6pm, because AFH has been around since the dawn of time and I know better than to mess with it.  And we don’t want 9pm because you want to catch that GoT demographic.  Steve Harvey hosts both the 7pm and the 8pm slots, so why not slip SSC into one of those slots and move Harvey’s other show to a different night.  Or bump one of Harvey’s shows to the 9pm slot and move The $100,000 Pyramid to another night.

Or you can schedule it for 10pm, which is a bit late but, if you must you must.

And voila.  ABC if you want to save SSC, air it at either 7pm or 8pm on Sunday night.