how did we not see this

so now the question becomes: how much creative license did louis have in this lyric video? given the fact that this was released because the story is that the label didn’t see it fit as a single, but louis wanted to put it out there anyway, i’d say he was given some leeway. it’s not an official single. he knows this fandom. he knows how we are. he knows we’d find the small things when the people giving the approval would just see a cool aesthetic. 

well done, louis!

Dylan O'brien’s hair appreciation post

(From: dylanobemineforever)

First of all… Look. At This! (Do I need to say more? Yes? Well, prepare for your death!)

Dylan’s Mitch Rapp hair are doing things to me. Hallelujah.

Do you want another argument? Yes? Bitch, you fucking asked me to…

I am not paying for your casket! I warned you!

Also, it doesn’t matter of they’re short…

Because we’re talking about Dylan fucking O'Brien and he can literally pull off anything! Even the ‘I-just-woke-up’-look. You don’t belive me? You better watch the fuck out then!

What did I tell you? See! Still not convinced? Well, what do you think about this?

Cute and super hot at the same time! How are you even real?

But that’s not all folks! His hair even look good when they don’t look good… you don’t know what that means? Well, let me show you then!

See? See! What did I say?

And can we just talk about how fluffy they are for a moment, please? Like I just want to run my fingers through it! I can literally feel my fingertips itching for it… Don’t believe me? Well, have I been wrong so far? *sigh* You wanted this, so here we go.

Who even gave him the right? Who???

Okay, last but definitely DEFINITELY not least!!! Prepare y'all…!!!

Okay, well… damn. I think I am just gonna need Jesus after that one…


Okay this just got mildly aggressive…😂

Let me know what you think and if you enjoy posts like this one😁


Peter can’t keep a secret - Since I am seeing all of these anniversary posts showcasing Peter’s “spinny hug” (that caught Jenna by surprise), I decided this was a good time to show a clip from the 2015 San Diego Comic Con where Peter said it wouldn’t take that much for his Doctor to hug Clara. Little did we know at that time that we would get such an iconic moment just a few months later.

It’s very cute how Peter has trouble keeping quiet.

anonymous asked:

I keep wanting to praise Empress Allura- then i remember how her method of peace was killing the entire galra race [whom we know is not 100% made of evil people See. Marmora] and then had other races that had a fighting spirit put under a will snatching control and basically erasing those whole races like she did with the galra, only this time without killing and instead controlling.

I guess…It’s a little different from the way I personally picture it.

I mean, the empress is most probably dead in that reality and she’s gone for a long time already, so we can’t be sure about when exactly all that mind control system started: before or after her death. The creators didn’t gave us a lot of information about it, unfortunately.
It’s hard for me to imagine her (even if it’s technically not our!Allura) as the person who could enslave whole races by taking their will away. Maybe if she was spoiled with quintessence like Zarkon but this is another story.
My point is that she probably manipulated with people’s minds in particular cases. Her magic powers would allow her to play with other’s memories or force them against their own will. She could do it with some of the empire’s enemies, like, high-ranked soldiers, generals, stubborn rulers, but not with average citizens, ‘cause it’d be exhausting. All of that was her personal choices that could help her to gain alies and “spread peace” without unnecessary losses.
We know that Alteans deeply respect empress Allura (just look at the way Hira talks about her), so maybe after her death they ultimated the idea of “no will - no problem”, so now they use this technology there and there.

What I’m trying to say that.. It’s like… modern Altean politic is a crooked reflection of the empress’s ideas, while her ideas are a crooked reflection of Alfor’s wish about peaceful universe. That’s how a beautiful dream can become a terrible nightmare. At least this is the way I see/headcanon it.

Jonsa Headcanon

Headcanon: After the war is over, Jon and Sansa get married, rule the 7 kingdoms together, and have many beautiful children. But specifically, they have a daughter named Lyanna and Jon is super protective of her [we all know how protective Jon gets over Stark women ;) ] …And after she falls in love with Dickon Tarly (a total sweetheart and son of the hand of the King Samwell Tarly), Jon and Sansa see the two younglings share a tender moment - and while Jon flies into a murderous rage and is about pound the guy for touching his little girl, Sansa just smiles, holds Jon back and tells him he should be happy that Lyanna has found someone brave and gentle and strong, just like her mother did. 

…Oh fuck now I really want to write this into a fic…

wait.. so. were we seeing the origional Jim and Jim or is there a third Jim that is a camera man?


  • “Remember how excited I was to see the movie “American Pie” that I didn’t sleep the night before? And remember that scene where the guy has sex with the pie? Well, I don’t. Because I fell asleep in the theatre.” 
  • “ Ah yeah, but I’m kinda giving my son’s eulogy right now.”
  • “Listen, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of after a good cross country meet, but that riot was unacceptable.”
  • “Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!”
  • “Are you A: handsome; B: smart; C: scrap metal; or D: all of the above?”
  • “Coffee? Anyone for - coffee anyone?
  •  “All right, sorry. I like cotton candy.”
  • “Check out my muscle. Potato chips. It’s a Ferris wheel.”
  • “So I guess what I’m trying to say is - plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag. Plastic bag.”
  • “ Well, that’s discrimination! Hey, do you wanna go take a dump in my parents’ bed?”
  • “Well, well, well. If it isn’t my old friend, underage drinking. So, we meet again. How are you, underage drinking? Besides illegal!”
  • “I bet these aren’t even real crab, are they!”
  • “I stand corrected.”
  • “ Look, we kissed. And I don’t want to exaggerate the importance of it, but we’re going to be together forever.”
  • “ Dammit! I haven’t been to the Olive Garden in, like, forever!”
  • “Go away, Sigmund Freud.”
  • “You’re wet. Allow me to dry you off… with my pants!”
  • “Hark! I just heard a word that starts with an S, ends with an S, and has a “lut” inside. A “lut” of me!”
  • “Maybe we could have dinner. Perhaps the Olive Garden. It’s like eating in the private kitchen of a delightful Italian stereotype!”
  • “I’m an albatross! I’m an albatross! I’m flap-flap-flapping my albatross wings, flap-flap-flapping my albatross wings…”
  • “ Your friend should listen to her heart. I’m not programmed to wink but if I were programmed to wink I would have winked when I said your friend.”
  • “ All celebrities are completely hairless. They put the eyebrows on during editing to make sure the actors make the right facial expressions.”
  • “ Getting into a new show can be a little uncomfortable, but once you get into the rhythm of it you’ll be on your knees begging for more.”
  • “When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make SUPER lemons. “
  • “ Hey, take a hit, relax! God’s message can be a total trip. But ya know you gotta do what he tells you eh, because God has a plan for all of us. A painful, painful plan.”
  • “ Am I… dying?”
  • “ That is a good question, scary androgynous white guy, and I would like to reply by taking my shirt off.”
  • “ Hey, check out this extra flappy skin on my elbow. What is that?”
  • “ Now, I love you both. One in a completely platonic way, the other with a fiery passion that most people know but once in a lifetime. By the way, that one’s not you, [NAME 1]; it’s [NAME 2]. 
  •  “ For my rebuttal, I would like to dramatically gesture to this death-defying skateboard ramp behind me.”
  • “Once I transplant these brainwave transmitters into the clones brains I will be able to see and hear everything they taste and smell.”
  • “I’m a number four!”
  • “ "Now Mario’s dead… I’m killing everyone! Oh, why couldn’t [ NAME ] have had three lives like Mario?” “
  • “I said piss… glue! I’m so mad I could piss glue!”
  • “I thought you were dead. I shot you for biting me so much.”
  • “Oh my God. He was genetically engineered with a zipper! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.“”
  • Oh, I’m a failure! A failure! I’m so disorganized! 
  • I start to dial, but I never call anyone back!
  • “You should see my car! It’s a mess. I’m a mess! I go to the submarine sandwich restaurant and I leave my submarine sandwich restaurant value card at home,every time! All I want is a free sandwich.”
  • “STAMOS!!”
  • “I… can taste… the sun! [Laughs wildly]”
  • “Oh this could be your only chance to drown the slippery otter! To harpoon the salty longshoreman! To verb the adjective noun!”
  • “What a jerk! Napoleon’s got some sort of a complex. I don’t know what it is, but man.”
  • “ Well, uh, thanks for the trippy adventure through my subconscious, huh. I’ll call you.”
  • “He’s dead! I just got in a coffin with a dead body!”
  • “ Welcome aboard. Your death row name is… Silky Butterfly.”
  • “ Ba, ba ba ba, who’s got the legs? Me, that’s who, me! “
  • “ Oooh, yeah… if you could just do it now? Your son will still be dead when you come back.”
  • “ She’s attractive, smart, athletic, good looking, she’s hot, photogenic, she takes pride in her appearance. I guess what I’m trying to say is: I admire her commitment to community service.”
  • “ Fellow Americans, as we weave the fabric of our nation back together, I say to you: try the churros.”
  • “ Ponce de León was my best friend. He left me these pants. They’re Ponce’s pants… Ponce’s pants.”
  • “ The moon is chasing me. Everywhere I go, there he is! Knock it off, moon! I’m comin’ up there! “
  • “ Behold! The soothing power of this enchanted sweater vest! BEHOLD IT !”
  • “ My film is really coming along. I’m doing an autobiography called The Best of the Best of the Best of the Best of the Best.”
  • “ Hello, revelers! I am Captain Lavender, and this is my common-law wife, Rain Melon. “
  • “ I was into everything. Weed, grass, ganja, reefer, marijuana, mary-jane. I did it all. I even smoked pot once!”
  • “ As my clone father once so eloquently said: “Fervently, we do prawn.” Prawn? No, that can’t be right. Something about a scourge?”
  • “ Fine, whatever, this random dog is your new president.”
  • “ Think of it as an opportunity for building community. Hey, community! Skinny dipping in the piranha moat! Yowww! Everybody get naked! “
  • “ How do you like that Berry Blast? And by Berry Blast I mean a blast to your berries! Ehahaha! Pun thief! “
  • “ Well maybe everything’s changed, only you haven’t changed, so you’re the one who’s changed, because it’s all relative!”
  • “ He’d also like you to believe he’s not a baby eater, but he’s never gone on record saying he isn’t. Maybe he’s too busy EATING BABIES. “
  • “Our son would never do drugs. In an unrelated story, he’s been missing for four days.”
  • “I can stay UP all night LONG. I, ah, accentuated the UP, and also the, ah, LONG, for what I hope are, ah, obvious reasons.”

corus-siy  asked:

Hi! I just found out about your blog today, and honestly, I was a little skeptical, seeing as I've been harassed by many people who claim to harass me for being Bisexual and NB because it's "A feminists job to..." and so on, but after looking through your content, I actually really started to like what you have to say! I just wanted to come over here to tell you that I really appreciate you and how you communicate. You seem like an amazing person and I'm glad to see your content in my newsfeed!

thank you so much!

i hardly think feminists have “jobs” or “duties” (we’re no more entitled to anything than anyone else, especially not bossing people around!) and if we did, it would be to spread awareness, not to tell anyone what to do. advise and suggest maybe, but not demand and order all I’m-shoving-my-opinion-down-your-throat-like.

i hope you continue to enjoy the content and enjoy seeing it, but if there’s ever something that bothers you just explain to me why it could be offensive or something and I’ll take it down if I see that perspective. my intention is to never hurt anyone (I hope that’s evident in the posts), and if I do, please let me know ASAP. no harassment here, and I’m sorry people ever did.

once again, thank you for your words and have a great day 💗💗

anonymous asked:

If the losers all had their first kisses within the group like Ben and Bill did with Bev who do u think it would be with?

Okay okay okay not gonna lie, it would be kind of precious if they all had their first kiss with Bill, other than Ben because he kissed Bev as we all know. Like, they all universally trust Bill and know that if they wanted to keep it a secret, he wouldn’t tell anyone

  • While Eddie is questioning his sexuality, he finally decides that the best way to see if he really is gay or not is to kiss a boy and see how he feels about it. So he goes to Bill–his best friend of years–and musters up the nerve to ask him after 3 hours of skipping around the subject and a lot of nudging from Bill to tell him what’s wrong. To Eddie’s relief, Bill agrees with a shrug, not minding helping out his friend. They never talk about it again, but Eddie secretly is forever thankful for Bill helping him realize that kissing a boy felt too right for him to ever question his identity again
  • Stan didn’t understand what was so great about kissing.  Everyone seemed to be so obsessed with it. It’s just shoving your lips up against someone else’s, right? That sounded more painful than enjoyable, he thought. He told Bill all this one day as they hung out in Stan’s bedroom, unable to sit still as he paced across the room and rambled on about how he didn’t understand what could be so great about kissing anyway. Not sure how else to explain it, Bill grabbed Stan’s wrist and pulled him down towards him, surprising him with a short kiss. Stan was a bit breathless when he pulled away, mumbling a quiet, “Oh…I think get it now.”
  • Richie, despite all his gusto, was nervous. He had a crush that was driving him insane, and all he could think about all day was asking them out, holding their hand, and most of all, how good it would feel to finally shut them (and himself) up with a kiss. But he didn’t want to mess it up, because the last thing he wanted was for anyone to think that Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier wasn’t skilled with his mouth in more ways than one. So he sought out Bill, trusting that he wouldn’t make it weird if he asked to practice kissing him so he wouldn’t screw it up later. Not only did Bill not mind helping, but it also became a bit of an ongoing inside joke between them for years
  • Mike was frustrated. He wanted to kiss someone, but he was scared that he would waste his first kiss on someone who didn’t actually care about him. Kisses weren’t meaningless in his mind, and he wanted it to mean something. So one day as he and Bill walked home from school, he was in the middle of ranting about his ongoing dilemma when Bill offered to kiss him. “Well I cu-care about you, you cu-could k-kiss me so you know it wasn’t wasted on someone who doesn’t.” Unable to see a flaw in Bill’s line of thinking, they kissed right there on the sidewalk and then continued on home as if it never happened. Mike felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and never would have to worry again about his first kiss being wasted on someone he didn’t love. 

It’s Anon hour, and since this is our last one before Halloween, we’ve got a mega-sized one for you guys! To participate, simply reblog this post, or post a link to your ask box, have fun!!

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My Hero finds Nirvana

Conny and alternative Tom are apart again which mean the texting is hot.

Hello Lover, your man has been brave!!

Ok Ill go for it, what did you do?

Epic battle in hotel room a fight to the death with lost limbs and everything. You would have been proud.

Proof my Darling….

Sending proof now, you doubter 

You killed a spider! What did it do to you?

It was right by the toilet, no man can pee being watched by a big hairy arsed spider!!

Oh my love you are a prat.

Originally posted by myskinnyelephant

Anyway I've also found our village retirement. Its a place in Devon we passed and for me its heaven.

Go on.

See Heaven, Nirvana, What do you think,You me, a Chocolate sponge pudding and shenanigans?

You really know how to win a girl over. Its a date!

Hop in My chariot and we will be there in a jiffy.

(Not all pictures mine some I just played with and gifs from the tumblr gifs.)

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akatriel-rowanborn  asked:

Tbh, I think we DID see, for ourselves, how Dark acts. The newspaper clippings mentioned that the Mayor was having legal trouble. Who but the new District Attorney should be one of his oldest and dearest friends? One whom he immediately speaks to about fixing up the city, making us want to help? And why, if Celine could return us to our body, did we "need" him? I think he just took the chance to switch to our body. And maybe even our life.

I’m sure he had shady and manipulative activities before becoming Dark, he still retains lots of Damien’s characteristics, only twisted. I would just like to see more of him working.

Unless, or course, the whole event is a fabrication and an example of Dark at work. It is shot like a tv show with the intros at the beginning. The end result being increased sympathy and compassion for the manipulator.



she actually is gansey iii wtf

she owns fancy BOAT SHOES of the name dicks iii

she didnt show my her dicks iii

still not over the fact that SYDNEY HAS BOAT SHOES

calls herself fashion icon & and the same time has dicks iii in her closet

till yersterday my darling only knew her sun sign

she doesn’t know the time of her birth… unreal

did i mention syd has fucking BOAT SHOES that she actually uses

she doesn’t seem to know how gorgeous and wonderful she is

dramatic binch that i love with all my heart

knife emoji abuse 

makes me fall in love with nyc even more  

calls her dicks iii precious babies

sees harry and LANY without me!!!!!!!!!!! *cry baby mode on*

she lives far away from me and we cant have picnic at midnight everyday

dropped selfies on me and i died 

“me, wearing my silk robe, custom made drinking Bordeaux from fine China in my penthouse suite: u don’t know me…..”

anonymous asked:

But how would Sony allow this to be his lyric video if it has damaging accounts of Sony themselves being the bad guy. I want to see this as Louis being SBB, but I have a hard time thinking any of this means something considering he’s under Sony’s thumb. Thoughts?

It paints Sony as the bad guy to those who see it/look for it. I doubt execs sat there looking at each article, like we are (hell they probably didn’t think we’d even see it if they did let it through).

Trust me, nothing will really come of this because it’s vague and the only place it’ll make noise is in the media, but no one will write on it.

Like the song, it’s just for us.

anonymous asked:

Wait a minute... They were expecting us to stay inside the building during an at least 3 day quarantine, but they would not give us access to the cafeteria? What did they expect us to eat? And for that matter, where are we going to sleep? I think this facility which routinely goes into quarantine is poorly thought out.

Well you see the chief he believes in his staff to be resourceful to be Innovative and to be able to do what needs to be done in a crisis so when he quarantines the staff to the the second floor and you ask at where they going to sleep how are they going to eat well in in the Laboratories there are Runners running water this faucets and that’s I mean water is what you need more than food at as far as where you going to sleep well those labs those personal Labs they’re pretty spacious there’s really no problem and just stretching out on the floor taking a nap entertaining yourself with some games on the laptop now as far as what it is that you’re going to eat as far as what it is that you’re going to do for food well again the chief expects you to be resourceful and the chief expects that you’re going to find what you need to find so you’re just going to have to hunt on the second floor to find something that you can use to sustain yourself no most of what you’re going to be using his water because that you need that more than food but as far as what you’re going to do for food I mean maybe comes down to having to eat the other staff members you know and if the chief is really really cares about who is the best staff member maybe it’s helpful for the chief to have these quarantines every so often to sort of coal the the chaff from the wheat to determine who is Expendable and who are the clever staff members so maybe it we just have to come down to Meg having to hunt down and eat her fellow staff soccer when she was in the laboratory right next to her and I’m after killing and slaughtering doctor i’m sure that she would be able to start a fire in the lab with you know this must be a burner in there that she could use she could cut doctors open cut the the cuts of meat cook them on the burner and then. That’s what he’s eating and she washes down with some delicious tap water and then three days later when the quarantines over and you know Meg has eaten one or two staff members the chief will just say oh well I knew Meg that you were good enough to make the cut here at the CDC and as a reward you will now have access to the cafeteria that’s probably what was going to happen before Meg decided that she was just going to go on down to the first floor all on her own I assume

Submitted: will Fitz be petty?

Jennifer says:

“All us are so looking forward to Thursday episode, for many obvious reasons but the one I want to see this most is Fitz acknowledging Olivia becoming command. We are almost definitely positive that Papa Popes visit to Vermont included telling him that precious nugget. How does Fitz respond? How does Liv respond? It got me to think about one of their last face to face encounters. Olivia had found out about Fitz becoming command and she didn’t appreciate or approve the move. Below I posted a verbatim account of that interaction.

L: “The money’s going to fund a reconstituted B613. Isn’t it? What did my father say to get you to do this? What was his angle this time? Are the two of you working together now?”
F: “I did what I had to do as President of the United States. We need protection like this now more than ever.”
L: “You know where this road leads, Fitz.You’ve seen it firsthand.”
F: “ It’s gonna be different this time.”
L: “Why is that?”
F: “Because I’ll be running it.”
L: “So that’s how he did it. (Scoffs) That was his promise. And you bought it.”
F: “What I did was take matters into my own hands.”
L: “He manipulated you. He will work against you at every turn. And when the time is right, he will try to seize control.”
F: “And how would that be any different from the past eight years? You think someone hasn’t been trying to seize control or, in one form or another, replace me? You just described every single day I’ve spent in the White House, Olivia. This is my chance to effect real change.To make a real difference.You, of all people, should understand that.”
L: “I wanted you to stay.”
F: “What?”

 O: “I was going to ask you to stay.To forget Vermont. I didn’t want you to leave. I wanted you to stay here… With me.”
F: “Well, guess what. Now I am.”
L: “Yes. You are. Now you are going to run the organization that ruined my father’s life. And mine.
I wanted you to stay. But not like this!”

Can Our boy Fitzgerald Grant get petty and throw these words back in her face?”


KP Says:

I would love for those words to come back (not necessarily out of pettiness because Liv will not hear them. She will just strike out in retaliation because Fitz got too close to the truth. That is her way.). I want them to come back because Olivia’s motivation, in part,  to run B6-13 has much to do with her seeing herself as the answer. That the WH and B6-13 will be different because she will be the one in control. But, as Fitz said, someone is always trying to take control, so Liv is essentially left in the role she had before: damage control (also the original name of Scandal!). But I guess that would fit with her addiction to the cycles of chaos. 

Why did I do this?!

WHO KILLED MARKIPLIER, an analysis (+theory).

My theory is actually that the Colonel wasn’t completely wrong. I believe that it did in fact start off as bit of a prank, I think it saddened Mark that he wasn’t as close to his friends as he use to be and was afraid that they didn’t really care about him anymore. I think he lured his friends to his manor with the intentions of faking his own death to see if and how his friends would mourn him.

Warning, this is a long analysis.

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skogrr replied to your post “.I started playing Trespasser on Sunday night. I might be able to…”

I adore trespasser :’) I would love to be able to erase it from my brain and get to do it for the first time again!!

I have played it before, but only once, so my memory is a little vague on the details. I am enjoying rediscovering it, and even though I know how it ends, my brain is sort of working through it from a role-playing and writing perspective, like, “I think my character will react this way, but we shall see…”

I played it first with my Solas-romancing Lavellan and am now playing it with my male Trevelyan warrior, and ironically, I think he’s going to have a much more difficult with it than she did. Branwen Lavellan wasn’t happy about any of it, but I think she had a certain vein of relief, like, “Oh, things make so much more sense now. Now I finally kind of understand what’s going on, thank goodness for that.”

Whereas Simon Trevelyan, among other things, is used to defining himself by his physical abilities, and is likely to take any loss of capacity hard. He also shares the Anchor with his twin, which is going to make their shared reality more complicated.

But I haven’t finished yet, so I will doubtless have a lot of thoughts about it yet to come!

Inktober: Jubilant

[A/N: Special thanks to @mysenia for beta reading this and all of the Inktober prompts for StarkSpangledWinterHawk Month!

Inktober prompts can found here.]

The sun beat down on Clint as he swung Bucky’s knapsack off his shoulder and into the trunk of Tony’s car. He twisted around in time to see Bucky and Steve haul the ice chest out of their home. He stepped back on the cracked driveway and gave them room to stuff the cooler into the trunk.

Tony adjusted his sunglasses as he held on to Steve’s duffle while he waited for Steve and Bucky to finish loading the cooler.

“How much did we pack into this again?” Bucky asked. He pushed the ice chest around in the trunk then slapped the top of it. He held out his hand for Steve’s duffle, which Tony relinquished.

“Enough that we could drive for days and only stop for rest and to take a piss,” Steve answered.

Tony wrapped his hand around the back of Steve’s neck and peck him on the mouth. “Just as planned.”

“And just what I need.” Clint yanked open the passenger door and flopped into the seat with his feet hanging outside. Clint had been feeling trapped in the suburbs for months now. He needed to get out. He didn’t care if it was city or country. He was restless. He’d sensed it in his boyfriends too. They all needed a break from their monotonous lives.

“Any plans for where we go first?” Steve asked. He opened the back passenger door and slid into the car. Bucky slammed the trunk shut and crawled in behind Steve.

Tony hopped into the driver’s seat, slammed his door shut, yanked on his seatbelt, and put his keys in the ignition. “No. Just going to get on the first freeway out of here and not stop until we have to.”

Bliss melted into Clint at Tony’s words. “Perfect.” He finished getting into the car and strapped himself inside.

Tony started the engine. He rolled down the windows and took off down the road.

Clint threw his hands up and leaned back in his chair as happiness and relief filled every cell of body. “Freedom.” They’d barely started their journey and already Clint felt lighter. All of his negative feelings were flowing out of him, and leaving him with all only the positive. 

Bucky and Steve sighed in the backseat.

“This is going to be so good,” Bucky said.

Clint couldn’t agree more.

anonymous asked:

have you watched edward avila's clarification video? i think people were being too harsh with him nobody took the time to watch the entire video and misunderstood him

i’m about to go to sleep so i won’t bother with an eloquent response but know this

his “clarification” video has only confirmed my initial thoughts. there are so many things that are wrong about what he said that i don’t even know where to begin
for starters, i really don’t understand his “i know this is wrong, but this is how it is” mentality. maybe if he had just talked about how strenuous, unhealthy and psychologically damaging the kpop industry can be on an idol then okay ! i think we can all agree with that. but that’s not what he did !!

i really dont see how i misunderstood him !!! he shamed a 15yo for not adhering to these unrealistic beauty standards and suggested she lose weight ! how is that a solution ?? he can TRY to justify his gross way of thinking by veiling it with the excuse of “concern” but nope !!!!! what he did was fatshame her and i feel sad he doesn’t even realize it !

for someone who said he knew how “stressful” being judged based on appearance can be, im really disgusted.

what he’s doing is normalizing the problem instead of trying to change it. it’s alarming that he Knows that conforming to these beauty standards is unhealthy but still wants kyla to do so.