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Saving Part of the World - Part One - Chapter Eleven

Summary: Set after G-Rev, the World Championships have come to Belfast, Northern Ireland in the hopes of spreading the interest and drawing in tourists. In between all the teen angst and the team drama, something powerful and hungry lurks on the horizon and with the help of the beybladers, it may just destroy part of the world. 

Rated: T for cursing and mild violence

Ships: Hints of Mariah/Rei, Hilary/Tyson, Enrique/Julia 

Previous Chapters: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Chapter Eleven

When the Voice had first urged Amber to go to Belfast, the idea of living alone excited her. At fifteen years old, she’d never had the opportunity to stay anywhere on her own before. Even at home, her mother insisted on leaving her at her Nana’s or with uncle Rory when she, her mother, had a night shift. So just the thought of Belfast had been filled with potential and she figured the experience would help her mature. She imagined late nights drinking coffee and watching documentaries. Of sitting at the table doing research on bladers and feeling like a badass because she was saving the world — all in secret, just like Batman.

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Somewhere, Someday, part four

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It took him nine months, but Bobby did keep his promise.  It was a Monday evening, and you were doing your homework when you heard a knock at the front door of the apartment.  Cautiously, you looked through the peephole, jumping back with a yelp when all you saw was an eyeball looking back at you.  Suddenly, you could hear laughter on the other side of the door – laughter that sounded familiar.  Flinging the door open, you stood and stared at the two people on the other side.

“Sam!” you shouted gleefully, flinging yourself at him.  He hugged you tightly, laughing at you.

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A - Z of Kim Jongdae (This ones a little different too)

U is for Ultimate Bias      

Kim Jongdae is my ultimate bias. But why? 

It started off with a vague interest in the pretty boy with the sharp cheek bones and the lively eyes. How did we get to here? To the mere mention of his name bringing a smile to my face and to the strongest desire for him to always be safe, healthy, happy and loved?

  • Because he protects the people around him 
  • Because he never stops working to improve himself 
  • Because he is kind and loving
  • Because he tries his hardest to always be his best
  • Because he makes me laugh
  • Because he has committed himself 110% to EXO and EXO-l 
  • Because he has the voice of an angel 
  • Because his eyes crinkle when he laughs 
  • Because he is the Chensing Machine
  • Because he is beautiful inside and out 
  • Because he is a pleasure to write about 
  • Because his eyelashes cast perfect shadows against his cheeks
  • Because he is naturally good natured  
  • Because he’s a prankster but won’t take the joke too far 
  • Because he inspires me to be a better version of myself
  • Because he puts so much emotion and feeling into his vocals
  • Because he love his EXO brothers just as much as his actual family 
  • Because he is thoughtful 
  • Because he’s grown so much over the past 5 years 
  • Because of the look of concentration on his face when he’s learning something new
  • Because it hasn’t been easy but he never let it show 
  • Because his lips curl perfectly at the corners 
  • Because of the way his neck veins stand out when he sings
  • Because he has the right to be proud of what he and his family have a achieved and stood strong through 
  • Because he has soft hair and gorgeous skin and pretty hands
  • Because he is passionate
  • Because the dimple on his right cheek is more prominent than the one on the left side
  • Because of She Dreaming
  • Because he is so devoted to the things he loves
  • Because he’s so grateful of everything he’s received

If anyone wants to add on any reason at all the he became your bias, or simply caught your eye, please do  ♡

Hydroloop’s Masterlist

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