how did we live here

Bought Sounds Good Feels Good ✔️ Bought tickets to Sounds Live Feels Live ✔️ Pre-ordered How Did We End Up Here ✔️ Pre-ordered Safety Pin Varsity Jacket ✔️ Realised I spent way too much money on this band but don’t give a fuck and will continue to do so✔️
A - Z of Kim Jongdae (This ones a little different too)

U is for Ultimate Bias      

Kim Jongdae is my ultimate bias. But why? 

It started off with a vague interest in the pretty boy with the sharp cheek bones and the lively eyes. How did we get to here? To the mere mention of his name bringing a smile to my face and to the strongest desire for him to always be safe, healthy, happy and loved?

  • Because he protects the people around him 
  • Because he never stops working to improve himself 
  • Because he is kind and loving
  • Because he tries his hardest to always be his best
  • Because he makes me laugh
  • Because he has committed himself 110% to EXO and EXO-l 
  • Because he has the voice of an angel 
  • Because his eyes crinkle when he laughs 
  • Because he is the Chensing Machine
  • Because he is beautiful inside and out 
  • Because he is a pleasure to write about 
  • Because his eyelashes cast perfect shadows against his cheeks
  • Because he is naturally good natured  
  • Because he’s a prankster but won’t take the joke too far 
  • Because he inspires me to be a better version of myself
  • Because he puts so much emotion and feeling into his vocals
  • Because he love his EXO brothers just as much as his actual family 
  • Because he is thoughtful 
  • Because he’s grown so much over the past 5 years 
  • Because of the look of concentration on his face when he’s learning something new
  • Because it hasn’t been easy but he never let it show 
  • Because his lips curl perfectly at the corners 
  • Because of the way his neck veins stand out when he sings
  • Because he has the right to be proud of what he and his family have a achieved and stood strong through 
  • Because he has soft hair and gorgeous skin and pretty hands
  • Because he is passionate
  • Because the dimple on his right cheek is more prominent than the one on the left side
  • Because of She Dreaming
  • Because he is so devoted to the things he loves
  • Because he’s so grateful of everything he’s received

If anyone wants to add on any reason at all the he became your bias, or simply caught your eye, please do  ♡


“Irwin is protective of Clifford, saying that he was concerned the guitarist’s struggles were going to be “taken as some bullshit marketing thing.” (X)