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How do you keep everything so organized? What sort of study cycles/techniques do you use?

Hey! For the first question, here are some key details:


A huge influence is how organized my room is, because if it is already messy, I really don’t care about cleaning it or organizing other stuff; it’s like bleh, what difference does it make?

So if I notice my life is getting too messy, I try to clean and organize everything I can in my room (because it’s my study space too) and try to keep it that way with each passing day because it makes me feel like I have everything together. Sometimes it can be hard, but a few small actions (like picking up dirty clothes or notebooks) help.


I have always loved and preached the use of planners (this year, in my case, it’s an already set up planner in which I incorporated the Bullet Journal system). However, I never really took all advantage of it.

Last month, I started taking it seriously. Nothing fancy; I only write down stuff like:

- ‘Goals’ for the day (like how much water I want to drink, brushing teeth, make bed, etc)

- Stuff forwarded (how do you even say this?) from the previous day, if any.

- Detailed steps/small actions that make a bigger task, etc.

Really simple, I just write the stuff down and try to do them all and mark them as done.


The key to getting things done with a planner or any to-do list is:

  • you only have to write down like 3 or 5 tasks, nothing overwhelming.
    • do not be ambiguous (’solve 3 problems from Matrix chapter’ is better than just saying ‘study’)
    • try to sort them, most important tasks first
  • you pick the first thing in the list, start working on it
    • do not work on other tasks
  • Finished that task? Start working on the second one. Keep going.
  • If something you hadn’t planned comes up, deal with it and move on, keep working on your tasks.
  • If you do all of them and still have energy/motivation, do something else, create a new list, whatever
    • you don’t have to be productive all the time.


I try to sort everything into categories, so I know where everything belongs. Everything has a place, so when something is used, I have to know where to put it back before things get too messy.

Now to the second question.

How I study:

What I normally try to do is:

  • Solve past exams and as many practice problems as I can.
    • Last semester, a TA told us that practice guides are not meant to be completed; make sure you know how to do the easy ones and start with the complicated ones, they’re usually a combination of the simple stuff.
  • Take notes on class and explain what I did on a problem (even ‘multiplied by x and added y…’) so I don’t get confused if I ever try to study from an exercise.
    • Since I’m an engineering student, my classes are basically all math-related stuff, but this counts with basically every subject: annotate.
  • DO READINGS. Try to know what comes in next class, how and why some stuff works, etc. 
  • Ask, ask, ask, ask. Any doubt will only grow and drive students to despair when the final comes.

Some things I have learned

There was a time when I was not ever sure if I was going to pass my classes, and I learned a few lessons:

  • Most teachers do help. That’s how I noticed doing all the homework was actually worth it, even the smallest one. They don’t really care about the contents, some of them just want to see you take their classes seriously.
    • If a student who did poorly on exams but turned all the homework in, is struggling, teachers will probably come to the rescue.
  • Some people are not really friend material. They can drag you down and distract you from your priorities.
    • Be yourself. If something matters to you, go for it. Likewise, if grades are not really important to these people, you don’t have to follow them.
  • Free time of others does not mean your own free time. Know what is best for you.
    • This does not mean ‘BREAKS NOT ALLOWED HERE’. Take care of yourself.
  • Sometimes, even though I felt like I studied pretty hard for something, I would just get back a really disappointing grade. Am I worth anything less? Nah, next time it will be.
  • There is always room for improvement.
  • My best grades always came from studying like a week in advance or revising periodically.

I hope this helps (and sorry for the late reply). Good luck!

Some notes on the new heir...

I know I’ll be getting a ton of asks about all of this stuff (including many angry ones) so I figured I would address these things before you had the chance to even send them.

Why did I pick Maisie? I’ve always loved Maisie, ever since she was a toddler. I like how her heart is constantly being broken (sorry kid), especially since it’s the complete opposite of what happened to her mother. She’s different than my past two heirs. She isn’t some stereotypical heartbreaker or nerd. She has multiple levels, and that makes me want to play with her more.

What about the classic Huntley blondes? I can’t have every generation all end up looking the same! I imagine we’ll get back to the blonde at some point, but probably not for a few more generations.

What will happen to Mia and Mikey? I’ll still be playing with them regularly until I’m ready to have Maisie move out. At that point I’ll probably only post about them when I’m getting them married, introducing their children, etc. Similar to how I did last generation. Of course they’ll still be around family and events and stuff. This won’t be the last of them.

How about that sibling rivalry? Don’t worry, I can assure you that there will always be tension between Mia and Maisie. They’ll definitely resolve their differences at some point, but I still want to explore that story line some more.

I used to work in a takeaway cafe on a military base. The building the cafe was in had a bunch of different shops (a bank, a bar, hairdresser… that sort of crap) and an ATM.

When the military personnel got paid, they’d come in asking us to break the $50 notes the ATM dispensed, either without buying something, or just getting a drink or something small.

And so many got pissy when I asked them for a smaller note or to pay with card because the 100 people in line before them did the same thing and I HAVE NO SMALL VALUE NOTES LEFT YOU ASSHOLES

But like, they could have gone to the bank to exchange it? They LITERALLY HAVE TO WALK PAST THE BANK TO GET INTO OUR STORE!

The managers always tried their best to make sure we had plenty of smaller notes for change on “hell day”, but despite how close the bank is, it’s still difficult to get someone over there when we run out because you need all hands on deck with 100 odd customers in the store.

If You Are A Lifter, Please Give This A Loo

This is my shoplifting story, this isn’t to scare you or to command you to stop; I just want to share with you my experience.

My name is Allyson and I am sixteen years old and I live in Texas. I happened upon the shoplifting side of tumblr earlier this day and it inspired me to share with you this.

Around this time last year, even more towards November, I shoplifted as much as all of the hauls I’ve scrolled through. I would go to Forever 21, Sephora, Ulta, Pacsun, HM, and basically stores of the kind. My hauls were anywhere from $10-$600. I was stealing makeup, clothes, accessories, and everything in between. The thought of getting caught always lingered in my mind. I can’t describe why I wasn’t as scared of it. Don’t get me wrong, the sight of a security officer scared the shit out of me, but the idea of getting caught was almost a fantasy. I was getting all this cool shit, so it didn’t really take effect on me. Even if it did, I wasn’t going to stop. I had a bigger wardrobe, a bigger makeup collection. For the first time I had many expensive things. Getting caught was scary, but my savings definitely were not.

Around March 2013, I was at the mall with my friends. We went almost every weekend at this point. Never even getting noticed for our sneaky fingers. We went to JCP, Sephora, Old Navy, Claires, etc. We were about to leave when we decided to go back to JCP. Now let me tell you, we were sneaky. very sneaky. We were not blatant. We read hundreds of articles, found a million different snippets of information to help us out. It only takes one guy to notice you. One. To go “hey they might steal something”.

This is the part most do not like to hear. I’m very sorry about this, but I really want to share this with you all. A bored guy in a monitor-filled room notices you, and it could all be over.

I was caught. We left the store and a very large man walks out the door and bellowed, “come with me”. He even smiled, that sly bastard.

I remember thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening.” “Is this real?”

That walk was the longest walk of my life. The walk to the back room. Time literally slowed around me. We walked into the back. We had already given him most of the things at one of the cash registers.  

“If you lie, we have to fill it out in the report”. Of course we did. We had over $400 of merchandise between the three of us.

He eventually checked our bags. He found things, obviously. This part is a bit blurry, but I will try my best to tell you everything that happened.

He separated the merchandise by store. Then we called our parents. That was literally the worst thing I ever had to do in my entire life. They sounded extremely disappointed. It was the definition of terrible. From that back room, we entered another room (this one filled with the monitors), while the man called the police. I still have scars from sitting in that chair and digging my nails into my skin from fright. Our parents came and sat with us until the police arrived. The whole time the large man telling us we’ll have to spend the night in Juvy, obviously scaring the shit out of me even more.

I’m going to get through this part a bit faster.

The police showed up and we were charged with a Class B Misdemeanor Theft. In Texas that basically meant we stole more than $50 but less than $500. If you are not a minor, that is a sentence of confinement in jail for a term of not more than 180 days a fine of not more than $2,000, or both. Though, we were minors. We ended up not going to juvy, but were let go to our parents.

Literally worst car ride of my life. No yelling, just complete silence from my parents.

My parents received a bill from JCP of $339 in the mail around 2 weeks letter and I was scheduled to see an officer about my misdemeanor. I was given three months of classes to clear it from my record, and three months of probation.

So I’ll leave you with this.

I desperately wished somebody had told me this, and more importantly, that I would have listened.

It feels like it will never happen to you, but why potentially ruin your life by trying? Sorry for that spiel. I remember hating reading that kind of stuff, but it’s so entirely true; its scary. Some instances, you could potentially ruin your chances of a job and college.

I relate to all of you, I truly do. I am the same teenage girl, going through the same things. 

While writing this, I had to take multiple breaks because recalling this is truly an extremely hard thing to do. I’ve had nightmares about this. It’s truly awful and I will never think of shoplifting the same way I did. As something fun.

If you have ANY questions, message me. Seriously, as long as it’s nothing rude, I will answer you. I promise.

. (Your choice) I do this so many of you all can see this. I am not sponsored by anyone to share my story; this is because I care about you all and I don’t want to see you go through what I went through.

Thank you very much if you got this far with me!

[Note: Sorry if this post has some badly written parts, going back through it and reading what happened to me literally almost makes me cry, so I cannot go back and go through it! Very sorry.]

For most of my studying life, I’ve never been able to work anywhere near as long as many other people I know. After 2-3 hours, I would be exhausted, and once I stopped, that was it for the day. 

However lately, I’ve managed to get masses of work done in one go, and stay productive without taking massive breaks. Here’s how I did it!

(Note- I was suddenly able to start working much more intensely once I’d been in treatment for mental illness for almost a year, so that may also be a factor. These are just things I did in addition to that minor little thing).

  • Prepare for your work. This is key- without it you’re going into a day without a plan, and hence no structure. You can plan your day as rigidly or as loosely as you would like, so long as you know what you would like to cover. Personally, I use very loose plans, just choosing 3 main topics, or 1 large task for the whole day. I know some people plan when exactly they work, and if that works, great! I prefer to be flexible so I can do whatever work I most feel like at the time. Make sure to pack everything you need, or have it at hand.
  • Move to a workspace that is isolated enough to protect you from distractions, comfortable enough that you can sit there for a few hours, and has plenty of space to put all of your stuff. Once you get here, get settled in, but do it quickly. Take out any materials you need for studying and start work pretty much immediately. Don’t get distracted by your phone or fun websites. Turn off or silence your phone, and block any distracting websites on your laptop, should you be using one (I like SelfControl for that). 
  • Once I get started working, I tend to work until my brain starts to feel fuzzy, and I can feel my focus slipping away. If you’re having trouble focusing in the first few minutes of work, don’t give up. Identify any distractions that are hindering your focus and think about what you could do to mitigate them. If I’m having problems focusing because friends are around, I apologize and leave to work alone. If it’s noisy, I move somewhere quieter, or listen to white noise. If it’s too quiet, I listen to non-distracting music, either instrumental, or music I’ve been listening to a lot lately so nothing new can grab my attention. 
  • If you’ve been trying to work for an hour, and you really can’t, even if you’re removed distractions, give yourself a break, and try and assess what might be bothering you. Are you hungry? Is it too stuffy? Is the environment bad? A change of scenery is usually good in this case, so long as you don’t try and move every 20 minutes.
  • Sometimes you just need to push through the misery and work, regardless of how little focus you have. Work despite your lack of focus, and remind yourself that half-assing something is better than not-assing anything. 
  • Once you’ve been working for a while and your brain feels fuzzy, or you feel tired, it’s important to take a break since your retention and performance will begin to suffer. Don’t take too long a break, as that can lead to procrastination and stopping work, but it is vital to do something other than study. Things that I do for breaks:
    • go buy a cup of tea
    • go to the bathroom
    • skype my parents
    • play a mindless and repetitive game on my phone
    • take a quick walk around the library building
    • have a quick chat with a friend
    • read a chapter of a fiction book (dangerous since I sometimes don’t stop reading)
    • fill up my water bottle
    • clean up my workspace and throw away any scrap paper
    • go buy food (I eat a lot of sugar when I study like this, but fruit would be better learn from my mistakes)
    • write a tumblr post (this is a fantastic break from thermo atm)
  • As soon as your brain stops feeling fuzzy, or is at least less fuzzy, get back to work doing something different if you can, or finish off what you were doing and switch topics or tasks. I really find that making sure that you’re not doing exactly the same kind of thing the entire time really helps. Variety really keeps me from getting incredibly bored over the course of the day, and reengages you since it’s something new. 
  • Repeat until you notice that you’re getting tired in shorter and shorter intervals. If I feel forced to take multiple breaks in the space of say, half an hour, and I’ve been working all day, then I know I’m reaching the end of my tether, and I’d better stop. This is usually between 8-12 hours of work.
  • NOTE: I only work this long when I am in last-minute exam preparation. Before the last week before my exams I was working maybe 4-5 hours a day, since I was doing a different type of revision, taking notes and reviewing them and making and using flashcards. For an overall review of notes and doing past papers and marking them then addressing my weak spots, it’s easier to work longer. It’s also easier to work longer when you’re writing a report or an essay, since that naturally has different stages you can cycle through (I can write another post about that too, since I have a research proposal to do for mid-June!). I also tend to sleep about 11 hours a night when I work this much, since it really exhausts me. Be sure to pace yourself appropriately and don’t let yourself burn out

    Okay, there we have it, my tips for working for long periods of time! I hope you enjoyed it (if you made it all the way to the end-kudos!), and do let me know if there is any other advice you’d like! Best of luck my lovelies xx

    The Best of Less Than 10K Words (vol 1)

    Originally posted by canonspngifs

    I have recced you fics with less than 5,000 words earlier and now I think it’s time for a bit longer ones. So, when creating this list I found out that so many amazing fics I had in mind have just over 10,000 words. I mean, like 10,912 words. So annoying! But, since I had decided that 10K is the limit, here you go. 

    These ones are perfect when you don’t want to invest much time for one fic. Easy to read, quick to read - and most of all, very good! Enjoy! - Admin J

    Title: How Did I Get Here?

    Author: ChasingRabbits

    Rating: Explicit

    Words: 7,882 – Finished

    Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

    Admin J’s notes: Amnesia fics are my thing (as you may have noticed by the amount of the djinn fics I have recced in the past…) and this one belongs into the same category. Having amnesia is one of my biggest fears, but it’s anyway one of my favorite subjects in fics.

    Summary: Dean wakes up in his bed feeling very, very odd. Though his boyfriend and son are where he left them, he can’t quite shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Worst of all, he can’t quite wrap his head around the fact that this is his life.

    ( Read here )

    Title: Dear Santa

    Author: lastknownwriter

    Rating: General Audiences

    Words: 6,373 – Finished

    Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

    Admin J’s notes: Christmas is over but there’s always a good time to read this. The author is one of my favorites and I like pretty much everything she writes and this one wasn’t a disappointment either. Far from it. I can see the summary in my mind as a video while reading it and the mental image is sooooo much fun.   

    Summary: On a cold and lonely Christmas Eve, a tipsy Dean Winchester dropped a letter to Santa in his mailbox at the mall.

    Then…Santa replied.

    ( Read here )

    Title: Some Days

    Author: Ivy_Brooks

    Rating: Explicit

    Words: 5,547 – Finished

    Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

    Admin J’s notes: And here we go, smut fics again. Seems that I can’t do a single rec without smut.   

    Summary: Some days, Dean needed to lose it. Today was one of those days.

    (Or, the one where Dean discovers he really, really likes cock rings.)

    ( Read here )

    Title: Like That Foreign Song

    Author: DevilMadeMeDoIt

    Rating: Explicit

    Words: 5,961 – Finished

    Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

    Admin J’s notes: Ok, so this is one of the fics I feel a bit embarrassed to admit I actually like. A lot. I mean, I did read it for some kinky fic special or time traveling rec or something and I was sure I would hate it, but it’s actually very good one. Even if it’s a bit… Uh… Kinky.

    Summary: Dean and Cas have been together for a while now, but Dean always regrets that he has been with so many people in the past. He wishes he could go back in time and tell his 15 year old self that there is someone worth waiting for.

    Cas gives him the chance and the outcome is one that neither of them expected

    ( Read here )

    Title: A Change of Scene

    Author: SurlyCat

    Rating: Explicit

    Words: 7,606 – Finished

    Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

    Admin J’s notes: So… We can as well call this list by name “Admin J’s Secret Kinks” because seriously, I didn’t know I was into S/M but then… Well…

    Summary: When Dean goes over to see his Dom on Christmas Eve, he isn’t expecting Cas to play naughty Santa, and neither of them is expecting how it turns out for them.

    ( Read here )

    jadethunderhoof  asked:

    Hi! Quick note, sorry about the whole BATIM amino crap. I know how frustrating it must be. Anyway, I have a quick question. I want to be an animator/character designer as a career and I'm getting kind of anxious about it since college for me is one year away now. I just want to know, any tips of how I can get my foot in the door? Like get noticed? I know it'll take time regardless but I want to start looking for jobs while at college to help pay for things. Thanks! (Also, love your animations!)

    Oh, gosh, this is such a tricky question.  There are so many potential answers to it.

    I guess I can share what I did to get where I am and hope that turns out useful…?  Number one, start posting your art online.  Build a following, make connections with other artists, IMPROVE YOUR ART CONSTANTLY, make a name for yourself.  Start working on all of that NOW!  It’s never too early.

    (Note: it might seem counter-intuitive, but one of the faster ways to get yourself noticed online is to appeal to people through things that are already popular.  Fanart is how you grab people’s attention, even if you plan to mainly make your own original content as your primary focus.  It’s like saying, “hey, you like that?  Come look at the other stuff I do, too!”)

    The “make connections” point is probably one of the most important ones here, too.  Talk to other artists and creators, even if they’re doing stuff that isn’t the kind of stuff you’re doing.  It helps to have a friend network of professionals that you know personally.  It’s not shallow to make connections – that’s how a lot of this industry works!

    Always keep making new content.  It also helps to branch out to other social media sites.  Start making yourself a professional portfolio (I use for mine) and add to it/update it regularly as your art improves.

    Apply to internships and industry jobs, even if you don’t think you’re quite qualified for them.  Be sure that you’re able to recognize the worthwhile ones, and stay away from the ones that are going to take advantage of you.  When you get to college, ask your professors if they need help with their research, and let them know you’re interested in pursuing a career in this industry right out of college.  In your assignments, give your 120% effort.

    Remember that your portfolio pieces will likely not include many of your college assignments – your assignments are practice for what you’ll make on your own time.  KEEP MAKING STUFF ON YOUR OWN TIME.  Your portfolio needs to reflect who YOU are as an artist, not who your professors are!

    When your senior project comes around, KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK.  That’s your chance in college to really show off your stuff and demonstrate what you’ve learned.

    This is a bit all over the place as a response, but I hope it helps somewhat!


    -yes matt damon was the lead in the movie
    -yes he had more screen time than anyone else
    -yes i would have liked to see a more dignified asian lead (although tian jing was fucking fantastic)

    but srsly………the movie was REALLY good. it was a movie based on legend. it was from the point of view of english and spanish mercenaries, not the point of view of the chinese. it was explaining the change of character from a greedy soldier who only wanted to get the gunpowder and go back home to live in spoils to a humbled warrior who learned what it was to trust and fight for something important. THAT WAS THE STORY.

    i would have loved to see a more chinese side of things rather than the ‘white hero’ but that was the way the story was written. the director was CHINESE. the cast was 99% CHINESE. matt damon didn’t do anything wrong by playing the role he was given, and he even played that role really well considering the amount of pressure he was put under. he has spoken out about the rest of the cast (tian jing, luhan, etc.) and given high regards to their talent. he wasn’t trying to diminish the impact of chinese culture on the film, nor was he trying to insert himself in chinese culture.

    quit giving matt damon shit. he did really well. how about we focus on the careers that his name is effecting. so many chinese actors, directors, etc. are getting a foothold in hollywood now just because there was a popular white actor cast as a lead. this isn’t a bad thing.

    ON A LIGHTER NOTE………we got some pretty damn amazing things out of this movie

    -tian jing was badass
    -she was the commander of a fleet of kickass chinese women
    -the general chose HER to take his spot
    -there were actually only a total of like 7 ppl in the cast who weren’t chinese and only 3 of them were important characters (1 WASN’T EVEN WHITE)
    -luhan played such an amazing and progressive character who died bravely
    -plus he looked so good
    -the storyline was completely believable with the mercenaries and the hunt for gunpowder, like the writer made sure to carry it throughout the whole story
    there wasn’t a single romantic plotline thrown into the movie
    -i was honestly laughing throughout the entire film

    If you’ve ever wanted to see what I look like on the verge of tears, here ya go :P and I’m sorry, but I literally can’t post this photo or even look at it without telling the story behind it. I keep tearing up even thinking about it, and this right here is why I never EVER judge or question why someone wants to cosplay a certain character. You have no idea what that character has helped a certain person through. And if you know me, you’ll know I’m pretty emotionally closed off. Shit, I didn’t even cry on my own wedding. I apologize for the wall of text below but this moment and this weekend was so important.

    Keep reading

    CSBB: Part of the Narrative (6/17)

    Emma Swan just wants to write the follow-up to her bestselling debut novel, that’s all. But when she gets off to a rough start with her new editor, Killian Jones, she knows it’s not going according to plan. Then, an unexpected figure from Emma’s past reappears and life begins to mirror the crime thriller she’s penning. Suspicion and secrets abound–but love might too. A writer/editor AU with a thriller twist.

    Rated E. Story warnings: sexual content, kidnapping, some gore, violence, and minor character death–not to mention salty language! On Ao3 here.

    Chapter warnings: Profanity, both verbalized and in internal monologues.

    I hope you all know that your comments and likes and kudos and reblogs have been cherished and squealed over. Thank you to all the wonderful peeps at @captainswanbigbang for all you’ve done to make this possible, and all the support you’ve given. Sophie @shady-swan-jones made the delightful banner and another photoset that I adore. Kayla @bleebug did some incredible art for the first chapter, which you can check out here. In fact, there’s new art for this chapter that she did….check it out on her page or below! And all the love and thanks to Kris @sambethe for beta-ing this and making it a ton better.

    [Ch. 1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

    Chapter 6

    Emma talks to Henry, and Killian is shocked to learn about her past. They talk to Regina about the situation and Emma makes plans to meet with her.


    Killian was flummoxed, and completely out of his depths. He had no idea how to proceed, how to act when the child–the unexpected, not-previously-mentioned-child–of the woman with whom he’d just been getting rather intimately acquainted burst into the apartment. He started, grabbing his shirt and slipping it on, realizing that no matter what else, his shirtlessness probably wouldn’t be helpful. He scrambled to button himself up as Emma stood in the doorway with Henry, wondering why the lad’s name sounded so damn familiar.

    Shit. Mills?, he thought as he stood up. No, it couldn’t be. Could it?

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    Reblog if you are a Homestuck or were ever at one point a Homestuck. I want you guys to hold each others hands. And never let go...

          Wow, so this is it. Homestuck has finally ended. It has been a good seven years. It really has! This fandom might have pissed me off at times, we’ve had our ups and downs but, I really do love you guys. We are like a large, dysfunctional but loving family.

          Even though the thing that brought us together has come to a close, I still want to laugh and create with you all. There probably won’t be anymore regular updates, no more regular update art, things like that, but I don’t want this fandom to die. Even if you aren’t really into Homestuck anymore, please try to remember it fondly. Once a fan, always a fan I like to say! I don’t want the cosplay, art, music, and the creativity with this fandom to stop. The roleplays, ships, even the arguing!

          You guys are the best fandom I have ever been a part of. Because of Homestuck, I’ve met so many amazing people, made so many creative arts, and made so many amazing relationships. I’ve made amazing memories! This fandom made me feel like I belonged here, even if I did get into silly arguments from time to time or shed a couple tears. To be honest, looking back I think that enhanced my great experience with you all! This fandom is amazing, you’re all amazing. You don’t have to reblog this, but I’d really appreciated if you did.

          I’d appreciate if you reblogged for yourself and your fellow homestucks, young and old. I want this post to be important, to mean something. Homestuck has done so many wonderful things for people. It’s even saved lives! Andrew Hussie is an amazing writer and though some of us didn’t want Homestuck to end, all things must come to a close. Please, reblog. Help pull our family in with a great big hug. Lets see how many notes this can get. Let’s see how proud, how loud, loving, and how LOYAL OUR FAMILY IS! I want this to be the post, THE POST, that pulls us all together, to support each other, to show Hussie how much he’s done for us, and to show our appreciation. To honor the fandom that has been following the comic for YEARS. Whether you joined April 13, 2009 or yesterday. You deserve a round of applause! We deserve a STANDING OVATION! HUSSIE DESERVES TO KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE HIM. HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE EACH OTHER! This is it, THIS IS IT. Let’s go out with a SHOUT! Make it count, guys. I’m proud of you.  I love you! <3 

    anonymous asked:

    Hi! I love your writing, so I felt free to ask you for a little headcanon bc I keep thinking about it lol. So, according to you, has Jason ever read 50 shades of Gray (out of curiosity or whatever other reasons)? If yes, what's his opinion about it? Does he hate it with a passion, or maybe finds it lowkey entertaining just for porn purposes, or he& Dick would make a parody of it or sth? Did he make it through entire trilogy or he considers it a utter garbage not even worth reading to begin with?

    Thank you! :D To answer your question…

    Yes he has, and, like most things in Jason’s life he doesn’t want to admit to, it’s all Roy Harper’s fault. Roy got him the books as a joke gift, and Jason (after first throwing them at Roy’s head) decided he might as well try reading them to see what all the fuss is about.

    Now he has notes. He has so many notes about this bullshit. He hates himself. He hates Roy. He hates these books. How did they get so popular? Why is Christian Gray considered a desirable male lead by so many people? And most of all, why can’t he stop laughing every time Roy says ‘inner Goddess’ to him now? (Kori is very confused by all this, especially when they assure her she’s an outer Goddess and then crack up laughing all over again)

    Dick meanwhile, gets all the ‘Fifty Shades of Grayson’ jokes until he refuses to speak to any of the Outlaws for a week afterwards and Jason is forced to apologise if he wants to save their relationship.

    (Later Dick tried to get his revenge by asking Jason how his inner Goddess was doing during sex, but it ended up backfiring on him when Jason started laughing so hard he actually kicked Dick out of bed and then couldn’t continue. Dick solemnly swore never to try anything like it again)

    a random thing i was just thinking about:

    it’s pretty clear from the show that yuuri never wears contacts, he just like. skates blind

    as a fellow glasses-wearing athlete (i’m a gymnast and a cheerleader) who trains without contacts, i’d like to share some things that inevitably happen during practice and competitions :)

    - “lol how long have i been practicing i can’t see the clock”

    - victor using some sort of hand motion from across the rink and thinking yuuri’s ignoring him but actually he has no idea he did anything

    -migraines (oh look, whump. what a surprise) i get SO MANY migraines from training without glasses. note: this may include but is not limited to: headaches, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, temporary loss of vision in one or both eyes

    -”dude why have you been staring at the score board for the last 5 minutes” “I’M TRYING TO READ IT”

    -“seriously what the fuck is my score”

    -*accidentally starts training with glasses on* *glasses go flying* “FUCK”

    -no really what time is it

    -”look out, there’s a little dent in the ice there” “where” “right there” “WHERE”

    -yuuri squinting to see yurio, prompting a “WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT”

    -drinking out of the wrong water bottle

    -almost walking into the wrong washroom (especially in st. petersburg where he wouldn’t have the building layout memorized)

    -yakov or victor writing down a training plan and yuuri just being like. fuck

    • Her: How are you?
    • Me,internally: I love Pete Dunne, not only is he incredibly good looking but he's also an amazing wrestler with heaps of talent. I'm so proud of him and everything he's accomplished and I see only good things for him in the future but i'm terrified of him going to the WWE. More spotlight and more fans would be amazing for his brand and do wonderful things for him but I've seen so, so many great wrestlers get botched and used by the WWE Creative team. I already don't like how they've changed his character, he's still the 'Bruiserweight', but they left no room for his goofy antics with BSS. On that note- why did they have to split up British Strong Style? I understand they needed a rivalry for the UK Championship but why not Mandrews and Dunne as apposed to Tyler? It would make more sense for long standing fans and BSS would have been an amazing stable for the NXT brand. What about Trent? Nobody really pays much attention to him and I don't know why? He's a great wrestler and he has a great gimmick. It's because he's older and not as cute as Tyler or Pete? Is WWE done with him or is he going to the roster with Tyler and Pete? Are Tyler and Pete even going to the roster at all? I would rather see Pete happy and in the indies than washed up on a big brand. I have a lot of anxiety about my boys.
    • Me: Great! :)

    “A friend picked these clothes”

    “That girl is very fashionable…”

    She uses ‘sonoko’, meaning that person, usually is used for women and children. If it’s a man, ‘sonohito’ is used instead. (tbh it’s kinda sexist but eh)

    skipping since the rest are the same…

    “Um…’s already…obvious?”

    “I…about Undyne…”

    “Well….I…l…like her!”

    Aww… she’s so cute.

    More skipping…

    “Let’s roleplay” “It’s roleplay”

    “Well who should be undyne?”

    “Myself” “You are Undyne”

    Jibun is used here, same like the mirror quote.

    “Um, Undyne-san…How are you?”

    “I’m fine” “You’re cute”


    (I picked you’re cute)

    “But you don’t have any deep meaning right? We’re just only friends!”

    “Um…Actually, I have something I want to talk about today…”

    “Yes, what is it?”    (Kiss here!)


    (*picks kiss here)

    “Eh… Wait… EEHHHH?!”

    “Undyne doesn’t kiss….”

    “I…softly…receive that kiss…”

    Getting mind in gutter~?

    “And then look only at her breathtaking eyes…”

    uttori is used for beautiful things that steals ones breath away.

    ….earth to alphys?

    “And start to shout!!”



    “Please! Kiss me once more! Undyne-!!”

    …no wonder the two adore each other they’re both so LOUD in passion

    “…what did you say just now?”


    “I didn’t want you to think of me as some lame otaku”

    Note that despite how people normally use it, not many people know ‘otaku’ is very negative in japan.

    It’s equivalent to what people call ‘30 year old basement dweller who still lives with parents with no job+geek’ but worse.

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    Any tips on ways to write a character with no memories, in somewhere familiar?

    My amnesia tag.

    Some additional things to consider:
    >By “somewhere familiar”, do you mean their neighborhood? Their childhood town? Their apartment building?
    >>If so, how many people remember your character? How many would be willing to help your character out?
    >Or did you mean somewhere that was more vaguely familiar?
    >>If so, is there anyone there who would be able to get your character to somewhere they can get help?
    > In addition, it should be noted that muscle memory is not likely to be forgotten as mental memories are. Old habits that involve movement are likely to continue despite not remembering why the actions are being performed. (Reaching for keys in a certain place, reaching for glasses, stumbling to the bathroom while half asleep, etc.)

    11 Questions

    Tagged by @sonador-reveur @paratmin and @oneamateurgirl1612 Thanks for tagging and sorry if I missed anyone, mention notifications seem to be AWOL 😀

    1) How many works in progress to do you currently have?
    Loads, I have several notes pages of vague ideas and half rhymes. Some of them are destined to remain unfinished though 😂

    2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
    I lack the planning, stamina and concentration needed for things longer than 24 lines, so probably not gonna happen.

    3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?
    Both, I’ll read anything I can get my hands on 📕📗📘📙📔📓📖📱

    4) When did you start writing?
    I started this blog in 2013, but I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember 📝

    5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
    All of you lovely Tumblr people 😁 My family have probably read 100-200 of my rhymes at most, not because I don’t trust them. They know about my blog, they’re just not that into poetry. Plus the thought of reading 1000 poems is a bit daunting 😂🤣😱

    6) Where is your favourite place to write?
    On the couch with coffee ☕️

    7) Favourite childhood book?
    Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl and anything by Paul Jennings

    8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
    For fun and entertainment, if I was writing for publication I’d be a very disappointed poet 😂

    9) Pen and paper or computer?
    iPad or iPhone mostly. I do write out finished poems in notebooks though

    10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
    Nope, it’s something I’d like to do one day though

    11) What inspires you to write?
    Everything. I write down ideas when I have them so that when I’m struggling, I can go through my notes and something generally pops out. Failing that, I read loads of poetry which is inspiring. Poetry Prompt blogs are always good for inspiration too.