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I wanted to love all of you. I wanted to be the reason you stopped cringing when your name was said. I wanted to be someone you could believe meant what they said when they called you beautiful. I wanted to show you that you were so much more than just beautiful. When existing tasted bitter I wanted to be your sweet relief. Why did we end up like this? We went from talking to radio silence, from evenings with warm laughter to chilling nostalgic nights. I wanted to spill myself out in front of you and not care about how messy things became, and I wanted you to do the same. I wanted you to let me in, but you just built more walls instead, adding more layers of brick until I could no longer scale them. You completely shut me out. Maybe the timing was off, and one day when we’re a little less broken or a little more reckless we’ll make sense. Or maybe not. I don’t know what the future holds. I used to think I did, or at least I hoped I was right about it, but I wasn’t in the end. Maybe I just wasn’t the one meant to brave your storm. Maybe I shouldn’t have hoped at all. Maybe your departure would’ve hurt less that way. It doesn’t really matter now, does it? You’re another crease I couldn’t iron out, another poem left unfinished. I don’t regret you, though. I don’t regret you.
—  “I just wanted you to let me in.” // Maxwell Diawuoh
Why I like Beauty and the Beast 2017 better than the 1991 animated version (Spoilers)

1. Belle has even more backbone in this version. When Belle had Beast come into the light so she could see his face, she forced him to do so in the new movie. In the original Disney, she was more passive. I also loved that she flat out told Gaston “no” when he proposed. In the original, she told him “I just don’t deserve you.” Gag. In addition, she was orchestrating her own escape from the palace up until the Beast was injured, not just lying about accepting her fate. 

2. The Beast could read, which I think is more believable than him being illiterate. Really, it would have been more realistic in the original if Belle were the illiterate one (being just a village girl) and the prince, with his expensive education and need to write up documents when he became king, would have been taught to read. In addition, having already read probably all of the books Belle has, he can give honest opinions about them and they can have actual discussions. 

3. Belle is from Paris!! I loved getting to know more about how she came to live in the village. Knowing what happened to her mother was a nice addition, though I admit it wasn’t a burning question I needed answered. Honestly, I thought she was going to want to see Italy in that scene because it is where Romeo and Juliet takes place. 

4. It’s more French! The style of dress and extravagance (what some might even call gaudy/tacky) of the ball scene at the beginning of the movie is a good reminder that the movie is set in a time when the balance between royalty and peasantry was way off. The town beggar woman only accentuates this as she serves as a stark contract to the prince at the beginning of the movie. 

5. They showed more of the Beast’s asshole, spoiled prince side. I thought that helped portray the deeply rooted character flaw that inspired the curse to begin with better than the original did. A couple of other ways he acts like even more of a spoiled prince and one day future king in this is when he gives ultimatums, or when it’s obvious he doesn’t think there is anything special about all of his possessions (the library & his grounds, for instance) until he begins to see them through Belle’s eyes. 

6. I liked what they did with Maurice. In the original he was a sweet, kooky inventor who (you have to admit) bordered on the ridiculous. If you think about it, his constantly failing inventions probably only made trouble for Belle. In this version, he is more of a tinkerer and seems more mature and capable of taking care of himself instead of having to be taken care of by his daughter every time one of his experiments went awry. 

7. I thought this version better explained the curse. I liked that the entire village was actually cursed with memory loss and that the transformed servants had family members there who had forgotten they even existed. I also liked that the servants were gradually losing their humanity (it would have been cool though if the Beast followed suite) and that the palace fell apart a little more every time a petal fell. 

8. We were able to see more of the servants as people than just as servants. With the exception of Mrs. Potts & Chip, the original did little to show how heartbreaking the curse must have been more the servants. The Maestro and Madame Garderobe, Lumiere and Plumette, Mrs. Potts and Mr. Potts - all of these people had relationships that were affected by the curse. The new version gave what were bare bones before flesh. 

realize o1 [namjoon & you]

Summary: After a tiny argument over not wanting to go home until everything is perfect, Namjoon snaps. He pretty much offended you about your fashion style and duty of work. You didn’t let it bother you so much, but just staying in silence had Namjoon taking off and saying it’s over. The two of you didn’t speak, call, or even look at each other for a while.

Little did he know that you had a secret hidden from him.

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When you’ve fallen in a sweet and fluffy love, arguments will build up over tiny things.

Also, those tiny things can always turn out ugly, as the significant other of yours may be moody and might snap in an instant.

So when your significant other snaps, will you just leave it like that and try not to even work things out?

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I finished 13 Reasons Why and I’m emotionally exhausted, but also really happy that this kind of media exists in the world.

I’ve seen some bad reviews for it–calling it drawn out, unrealistic, and filled with teen angst and melodrama. But I think those reviews are being unfair, and also that they’re out of touch with how actual teenagers are.

Teens are melodramatic, yes. I think about this, though, the way I think about small children experiencing “bad” things: a baby getting a vaccine, or cutting a first tooth, or having a tummy ache. These are all mild inconveniences to an adult who has experienced them before, but for the baby, it’s their first time (or one of the firsts) and, ergo, it is possibly “the worst thing that ever happened.”

And like I like to tell my friends who try to downplay their histories and traumas because “someone else has it worse,” the fact is that the worst thing that ever happened to you is still *the worst thing that ever happened to you.*

Teenagers are dramatic. This is nothing new.

But the pain these kids went through, and their desperation to keep their secrets–it was so real. This show was raw, and held nothing back in its portrayal of Hannah Baker and how she met her fate.

One review I saw called her selfish for drawing all of her former friends into her posthumous adventure with the cassettes. I’d like to tell that reviewer that he missed the entire point of the novel/series.

This show was never going to be a fluffy memorial piece about Hannah Baker. Even when they had to create relationships where they didn’t exist before (Hannah is much closer to Clay than she was before, but that was obvious from the trailers), they clearly crafted this with care and close attention. And while they did bring some very trigger-y scenes to the forefront (and Netflix provided trigger warnings on those episodes even though they probably didn’t need to, given the context of the show, so kudos to Netflix), I thought they were handled well and were integral to the plot rather than being intended for shock value.

It was a really great adaptation. They modernized this 10-year-old novel without losing its original nostalgic charm. If I remember the novel right, there weren’t many characters with defined races–and this series gave us an exceptionally diverse cast. And where sexualities of most of the supporting characters weren’t important in the book, the series gave us several queer teens whose sexuality wasn’t the focus of their entire lives (though for one, the secret is part of the reason they end up on one of Hannah’s tapes). AND! Most of the background teenagers actually looked like actual teenagers.

Aside from a few spots where I think they could’ve improved the pacing, I’m thrilled with it, and I hope it gets a lot of positive attention. I hope it leads to a lot of important conversations about mental health, and the way we as individuals impact those around us.


[Summary]: After finding out that your boyfriend Bucky had a one-night stand, your world came crashing down hard and you walk out of his life. Will you give him a second chance? Or will you leave him feeling incomplete?

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader (Steve is mentioned)

[Warning]: angst… SO. MUCH. ANGST. um.. there’s also mentions of cheating, drinking and a tiny bit of swearing.. also a teeny-tiny bit of abuse

[Word Count]: 2,295 (This is the longest one I’ve ever written! Damn, this got really wordy…)

Requested by: @ouatalways

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! Yea, here we go again with more Backstreet Boys music but this song just fit this request so perfectly. I have no shame for making you listen to their music… [x] Also, I’m so, so sorry about the tiny bit of abuse that I put in here. I DO NOT condone that kind of behavior in a relationship (I have seen it happen and it scared me) I’m also sorry for Steve being a complete jerk in this…

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One hour. One grueling, heart breaking hour is all it took to make the last two years fade into the dark.

You found out from Sam’s roommate, who also happened to be one of your best friends, that your boyfriend and a few of his friends had gotten drunk at a party that Sam threw at his apartment. Even though you were also invited to the party, you had to work that night but you told Bucky that he could go without you. Worst decision you ever made.

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We’re all stories in the end...

What will follow is a very long explanation of why I think BBC Sherlock has become fan fiction in every sense of the word, applying a technique called estrangement effect to achieve as well as envision this. It has been happening since S3 - but came into full force in S4 and especially TFP.

Let me state at first: Sherlock Holmes is dead. He died after jumping off Bart’s. That’s the one thing Mofftisson did that no other adaption has dared to do. Not even ACD did describe Holmes dying. But Mofftisson showed us: Sherlock jumped and hit the pavement. We saw it, and it was never explained how he survived. Because he didn’t. What we watch in TEH is altered footage, like in the beginning of TST. Alienated ficitional reality.

But still Sherlock came back. How is this possible? Because Sherlock Holmes never lived, and so could never die; because Sherlock Holmes as a fictional character has long ago crossed the line between ficiton and reality. He exists in both worlds, the ficitonal and ours. Schödinger’s Sherlock, so to speak.

Mofftiss (and Steve Thompson) have adapted Holmes for the 21st century - with all its consequences. They are the first who allow Holmes to die - as it should have been, in Watson’s arms. This is truly new - like it or not.

But why could he survive? Because of the fans. Fans brought Holmes back in 1903 - and they brought him back in S3 (or even MHR). Whereas S1 and S2 might still be somehow canon compliant if modernised, with S3/MHR the show left the realm of ACD and became something else. It became our story. We are the narrators. Therefore, we appear, for example, as Anderson or the Empty Hearse Club, before we, in TAB, leave this concrete narrator position behind to ascend onto yet another narrative level.

Many commented (and lamented) the change from S2 to S3. The show became a romcom! The cases didn’t matter anymore! All those new characters! All true - because the BBC adaption had detached itself from ACD and started to become its own work of art, it’s very own pastiche. That might be self-referential; and perhaps wasn’t even always well made (TFP!) - but I think we should stop applying real life structures and standards to this work of art - because it simply doesn’t work. (And, as every writer, Mofftiss have the right to fuck their own story up).

The audience and fandom struggle with a lot of twists after S2 because making the distinction between canon compliant fictional verisimilitude and the realm of associative fan fic is especially hard to mark with a figure like Holmes - who seems real and yet never was. On the other hand, he is the perfect character to undergo such a narrative transformation.

If this interests you, please continue under the cut.

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[ insomniac ]

words; 11.7k (this is a fic i wrote like 4 months ago, never got around 2 it posting lol) 

genre; mostly the fluffs, first kiss n stuff like that :-) i guess there is some suggestive stuff but its quite light. 

synopsis; wonwoo is the strangely quiet boy that sits in the back of class and would rather be reading than listening to the lessons. his appearance is also quite questionable, with dark rings under his eyes and disheveled hair. 

he’s earned the nickname, insomnia, and you’re curious to discover if the quiet boy matches what everyone seems to call him. 

There is nothing but silence, a still unsettling silence that sticks to every corner of the room as watery streaks of moonlight bathe the boards of oakwood. A clock sits on the bedside table, the black numbers being highlighted by the bright blue that lays behind them. At this time, the world is quiet, the only sound being the blood rushing through your ears or the steady heart beat thumping in your chest.

A bed is placed snuggly into the corner of the room, a thick comforter lying neatly over the old mattress that carries the stains of spilt coffee and tea. Nothing is out of place, all the clothes are folded with precision and tucked away inside the dresser, every book on the shelf has its spine turned out, each series perfectly aligned with the next. It might even look as if no one ever stayed inside the room for it was always too clean and organized, or maybe whoever slept there had too much time on their hands. 

Just as the digits on the clock struck 3am sharp, the door handle slowly swiveled and a figure emerged from the hallway, a tall glass of water curled in its fingers. After sitting down on the mattress and taking a very long sip of its beverage, the figure shifted to the centre of the bed and crossed its arms over its knees, back slouching and tufts of ash coloured hair falling carelessly over its eyes.

Noise. Why was it always so noisy?

The hallways acted like a speaker, amplifying every little clink or clank down the long corridors until it faded away. Only a few more weeks left of school, only a few more weeks left of angsty students who were constantly slamming their lockers and scuffing their shoes, only a few more weeks of fed up teachers who couldn’t even bother to yell at their class because they knew it was worthless. 

You could hardly wait to get away from it all and finally be able to isolate yourself back into silence, sweet, sweet silence. After navigating your way through the morning crowd of zombies that moved slower than molasses, you set your heap of books down and pushed in your earbuds. You liked being alone in class, before the lights were turned on and curtains were tugged open. You could just slouch at your desk and let your foot tap against the tiles while listening to something you actually wanted to hear and not the brainless conversations of the people around you.

Then the door was opening, and a streak of yellow light washed over the floor for a few seconds before disappearing. Another student was here, though he hardly looked like a student. His frame was tall and lean, prominent collar bones resting under his milky skin tone while messy ash tinted hair almost covered his eyes. 

Yes his eyes, they were dark, very dark, like someone dropped a splash of black food colouring into his irises. Discoloured circles lay under his lash line, like the result of someone who hadn’t slept in weeks while his attire consisted of a loose long sleeved white shirt and dark grey sweatpants tucked into worn out sneakers. His name was Wonwoo, but everyone called him Insomnia because that’s exactly how he looked. Like someone who couldn’t sleep.

Wonwoo stared blankly across the empty classroom as he readjusted the books swept under his arm, his hollow gaze sweeping right over you like you weren’t even there. Suddenly the bell began to ring and before you knew it, the zombies were flooding into the class, their voices still drowsy from the morning atmosphere as they plopped down lifelessly into their seats. Everyone was sitting except for Wonwoo, he just stood there with his usual blank stare, his back slightly slouched while he remained like a statue.

“Wake up Insomnia and take a seat already.” Someone called from the back of the class, but Wonwoo didn’t take a seat until Mrs. Kang the English teacher walked in, her heels clicking against the tiles while she pushed up the glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. She patted his should while slipping past him to get to her desk and it wasn’t until then that he finally moved, his eyes flickering slightly before finding an empty desk near the back. Wonwoo was just as fascinating as he was strange, and one day you wanted to have a real conversation with him just to see what was going on inside his head.

“You’re bringing a guy over?”

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black male character as the white lead’s love interest: has to be 100% perfect at all times, can never show any sign of anger, even if he does this he is still somehow deemed toxic and hated by the majority of fandom or they “just don’t see any chemistry”

white male character as the white lead’s love interest: literally no matter how terribly he is written he is loved “omg did you see how his eyes did that thing where they looked into her eyes?”

otp: we’re both white

otp: romeo and juliet but we’ll live and the minority characters won’t

otp: star-crossed lovers like never before even though we’re both straight, white, heterosexual and literally represented in every tv show to ever exist

anonymous asked:

I know you are happy for the Klaroline endgame but don't think that it is sad that Caroline was the only vampire left? She will live for ever or at least get to live for a more extended time than humans do and she will see everyone she loves die. It has already started. Her father, her mother, her husband. She will outline her children too. How is that a good end for her?

How is it not?

Let me start by saying that despite JP’s obsession for turning TVD into a human soap this show was originally based into the vampire mythology. It is meant to deal with vampires and their existence. The pros and the cons and the darkness and the grandeur and the immortality. Ships and endgames aside Caroline Forbes ending up the only vampire in a show that is meant to be based on the vampire genre is an honor and a homage to everything this show once stood for. Every vampire of the show faced the same destiny you describe here. Damon, Stefan, Katherine, the Originals. And yet when their stories began and they were introduced to the audience everyone took in their story expecting to feel their age and get to know their ageless journey throughout the centuries. No one complained about their predicament. Everyone wanted to get more into it. Either their story was tragic, or intriguing, or dark, or hopeful. It was interesting because the very concept of immortality is an unachievable dream that intrigues humans. So many writers get to write for Vampires, Demons, Gods, Immortals, etc. Because their stories are enveloping every hope and aspiration and tragedy and epic emotion a human can have and dream of. The unreachable. The impossible. Even something to sent the human soul straight to damnation. All those elements hide greatness and misery in them. And Caroline Forbes was meant to endure and persevere and become a Vampire. She relished in her nature. She owned it. She accepted it and craved the perks that come with vampirism. She would not turn to a human if she had the chance. She never wanted or expressed that wish. For the simple reason that she likes been strong, ageless, fearless and she prefers who she is not to the girl she used to be.

On the other hand everything you describe in your ask are things that can happen in a human life too. So what happens then? You give up? You curse your life? You find no meaning to it? A person can outline others and can outlive even love and memories and things he or she never thought possible. Calamities and tragedy are part of life either that life is meant to carry on for a few decades or longer or less. It is what we do with our time and how we face the things that happen to us that make life worth it. It is even how we stand in the face of loss and loniliness. How we grieve. How we move on. How we hope. How we persevere and if there was one motto that Caroline Forbes ever had in that show was perseverance.

That does not take away the importance of the things you write in the ask. If anything they give more meaning to Caroline’s existence because facing these losses will make her live every day to the fullest. Will make her wiser. Will make her not lose track of time. Will make life have meaning.

Do you know who else also contemplated the very same thing you ask me here? How eternity would have no meaning? How it would suck? How it would be a source of depression. How it would take away and take away and leave no meaning?

Caroline Forbes did. In her birthday in season 3.

So much so that she did not want to celebrate her birthday and ended up giving a funeral to the human girl she buried behind.

And do you remember who exactly showed her that very same day that while life takes something from you it gives you something else back? That there is meaning to found in forever. Because truth is that loss will come and you contemplate giving up.

“ And I could let you… die. If that`s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning.

I`ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told.

And let us face it. Who doesn’t think of that in their lives? In our human lives fantasy aside have we never thought of that very same question? Of how to endure with loss? Of how to go on? Of how we can outlast the pain and not break? How to hold on to people that leave us behind or we lose them by death or any other reason? There is always a time even for the most optimistic people where they think that life has no meaning or ask themselves what is the meaning of it all.

So here Caroline’s immortality is a parallel to what we face in real life because art in its own way tries to give answers to such questions.

So what is the meaning of it all? How could Caroline ever move on and why should she want to? Why would that be good for her?

Because with the loss there is also the gain. Because life is not black or white. It has endless colors and twists.

Imagine that. Let it sink in. Life does not end with loss or with pain. This is why we are alive after all. There is whole world is out there still waiting. Genuine beauty. And music. And art. And more birthdays. More chances. More dreams. More potential. More possibilities.

A thousand more birthdays.

Because life does not end with loss and misfortune. You do not get to sacrifice your life in the name of loss or lost love or broken dreams. Life moves on. With endless possibilities ahead. With optimism. You grit your teeth and you move on until you can smile again. Life continues with pain and loss and tragedy and laughter and love and joy. Because every turn gives you something and it is in your hand to take that something and make something out of it. Something for you. And this is why people still dream of immortality and want to live longer and crave stories of ageless creatures. And admire those tragically and gloriously beautiful stories. Because life goes on and is full of wonder. And people can only wish to be able to be bigger than life. With everything that includes.

Time is unrelenting and brings change and with it society and culture and life itself alters and people want to be there to see it. To experience it. To live it. Because people reading history and get fascinated by it and then dream of the future. And Caroline Forbes will be there to live all that. Maybe she will outlive some people and maybe she will carry their memories with her but she won’t outlive everyone. Because she will get to meet more people. She has endless possibilities ahead. To love again. To laugh again. To be an extrovert. To be an introvert. To find more questions and answers. Endless horizons ahead and this is why Klaroline and the idea of a vampire Caroline Forbes was always so alluring to begin with and enchanted so many people. Because it held the promise of eternal. The promise of however long it takes. The promise of genuine beauty. Because it was brilliant and ugly and the truth and the lie and it was about brutal honesty and manipulation and rage and soothing silence and it was challenging and unpredictable. Just life is.

And how important is to actually be able to grasp that? And by that I mean life. To have nothing more to do than ask? Because this is what life is. It is your choice. It is as good as you let it. Because you need to want to live it. You need to want to ask. All you have to do is ask. And then take it step by step. Let me say it again. Life does not end with loss or grief. Emotion is not finite. Relationships come and go. Love can be replenished or be found in so many places even unexpected ones. Hope does not end. Meaning is always in different things all the time if you only open your eyes. Pain does not last forever no matter how cruel and unforgiving it seems at first. You fight back and you live. And all you have to do is ask.

And this is one of the many reasons why I personally like Klaroline so much and why their endgame was so important for me. Because of this very message that you sent me. Because Klaroline began with the very same core of question you put in that ask. Their very first defining scene was about what you ask me here and it answers your question perfectly. And that was why I was so moved by Klaroline chemistry and potential aside. Because of the promise of endurance. Because it was a promise of how Caroline could live and become greater than life and …loss. This is how it all began. And this is how Caroline will move on because this has been her origin story and not the end. It is only the beginning. But that is the beginning of another story.

So you tell me anon? How is that good for Caroline? Or for anyone for that matter? How is it good for anyone to actually live their life? To find meaning in that kind of existence?

Maybe simply by living. And that is a good thing.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i hate how fates showed a bias toward hoshido in your older brother wanting to kill you. ryoma absolutely wanted to kill you at every turn, far more than xander did even at the initial border skirmish. to ryoma he lost his kind pacifist mother and his only consolation was the divine blade decided to show itself and choose its hero who was to shoulder the destiny of saving the world, a legend at best, and that "hero" turns around and runs back to nohr, betraying whatever fate did exist and revealing especially to takumi but ryoma as well that corrin being captured "really was" a dirty infiltration tactic by nohr which, admittedly it was. ryoma watched his hope and his mother die for a second time in the same day, of course he wanted to murder corrin. he wanted to bring them back to hoshido in spirit, in a figurative sense, and in that they can't leave for nohr. in macarath ryoma saw corrin as a leader of men, implied a nohrian hero celebrated for their assassination, there was no turning back, corrin was the enemy and ryoma fought to kill. needless to say in hoshido basement ryoma did want corrin to die, for the murder of his sister, driving his brother to suicide, and being indirectly responsible for the execution of his youngest sister along with everyone stationed at jinya, but like, xander, his dialogue states explicitly right from the beginning he means to kill corrin but xander's only motive is resigned duty and bitterness that corrin gets to choose their fate while he the crown prince of nohr never knew that freedom. he knew corrin was fighting for good, but they were leaving their siblings figuratively bound to nohr by blood to their fate and corrin had to die so what family xander had left who had not betrayed him may still live. ryoma hated corrin so much more but fates's ambiguous scripting in favor of hoshido absolved him of any of it so xander looks like the murderous one.

i might not like some of the more recent SU episodes, but jailbreak reminds me why i love(d) the show so much. when a powerful, beautiful black lesbian defended her right to have a relationship and exist as who she was, and won. she literally beats the shit out of prejudice against her. and it’s honestly one of the most wonderful, beautiful moments in the whole show. though new episodes disappoint, annoy and even try to erase some of these messages that stuck out to us about fighting back, jailbreak will always hold a special, warm place in my heart for how many wonderful things it did.

There are days when it’s really hard to not fall apart. Those are the days when I feel a little like an unkept garden. My roses are just starting to wilt and my daisies have had all of their petals plucked in my attempt to figure out whether or not you still love me. Those are the days when I actually find myself almost sending you the “I miss you” text that I know won’t get us anywhere but that might still make me feel better..? Because I don’t know how to talk about it with other people, and a lot of me doesn’t want to talk about it with other people because nobody knows you the way that I did. Nobody tasted you the way that I did because that was the version of you that you only showed to me. That’s the person I need like water in those terribly dry moments, but he doesn’t even exist.
—  So what do I do now? - 🖤

I’m reading everything the creators/writers said about Korrasami (confirming the fact that’s it’s a canon pair), and honesty it gets my heart all warmed up with hope and happiness. One of them said “Just because two characters of the same sex appear in the same story, it should not preclude the possibility of a romance between them. No, not everyone is queer, but the other side of that coin is that not everyone is straight.”
Or “Korra and Asami fell in love. Where they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.”
Those are beautiful words, that make you understand that even two people of the same sex can fall in love, and they are not afraid to put such thing in a kids show. Yes, it was tuned down, but they still did it. Just like the creators said “ I love how their relationship arc took its time, through kindness and caring.”
And that’s what I want between all my queer ships that have a beautiful dynamic and that can be canon. LGBT people are a real thing, they exist and they don’t deserve to be hidden in the shadows of straight people.
That’s why I have a hope that Klance (one of my fav OTPs) could be endgame. Making it a “slow burn” that lets us see how they fell in love, and how much they care about each other, trough time. That’s why I’ll be patient, and wait how things will go.
And if they don’t make it canon, well it could have been a real chance (but still Korrasami is canon, so it’s not really impossible for them to be the same).

I keep seeing people complaining about how people slept on Sweet/Vicious and yeah, it was super annoying that people didn’t watch it despite all of us, though a pretty small fandom, screaming about it online, but it’s important to remember that it is first and foremost MTVs fault that Sweet/Vicious didn’t get the ratings it deserved.

They didn’t give it the marketing it needed. They put it on at a time hardly anyone in its target audience could actually watch it. They knew how important this show was and the impact that it made on the people who did watch it, and they made the decision to cancel the show without a second season with better marketing based purely on its live ratings.

People slept on Sweet/Vicious because they didn’t even know it existed and that’s 100% MTVs fault.

Anyways, fuck MTV.

Unforgettable Part 1/?

Summary: You thought your life would be played out they way you thought. But due to a tragic event, you left everything, including your soulmate, Bucky Barnes. 
Pairing: Deadpool x Reader (platonic friendship) Bucky Barnes x Reader (eventually)
Word Count:1830
Warnings: Language, angst
A/N: Hey :) So this is my first fic series and it’s very slow burned. There’s a lot to the story, and if y’all enjoy it, please let me know and I’d be happy to continue it! This is a very angsty fic, so I’m warning you now. Feedback is welcomed 💜

3 years.

It’s been 3 years since you left your family…

You left your home…

Your friends…

And your lover.

You don’t remember the last time you genuinely smiled, or laughed, or even lived.

Every day was the same. You’d sleep throughout the day, not giving a fuck about the world that seemed to be all sunshine and rainbows. When in truth, the world is pretty fucked up and you’d wondered why people would waste their time having fun, going out, having children, being in love…

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dad no omg

Morality just wants to be cool

i’m v aware that I’m not funny thanks, fite me

God, writing this made my brain hurt.

@princey-and-hottopic and @prinxietys y'all I could tag you so I’m gonna do that

((this was originally supposed to be an angst but I’ll write that later))

Warnings: None (if I missed something make sure to message me!)


Morality really missed the old days.

As the oldest to appear in the mindscape, he had been the one to greet each new side with open arms and plenty of cookies!

But things have changed. They never sat together for meals, they barely talked anymore, barely even saw each other.

Morality just wanted things the way they used to be.

So, he did what anyone does when they want to know something. He grabbed his laptop and searched google.

“How to be a cool dad??” Was the first search he typed, waiting for the screen to load and give him his answers.

A short list of YouTube videos popped up, the first being, “the coOOL DAD LOL!!1!!¿!¿”


‘That seemed like a creditable source!’ Morality thought while he clicked on it, the transparent bubbles of the YouTube loading scroller rolled around his screen.

When the video loaded Morality immediately cringed at the bad quality. Everything was fuzzy, but he would gladly go through that for his kiddos.

A man in shiny gold parachute pants ran out, a snapback on backwards and shutter shades over his eyes. He ran into the crowd of kids and dabbed, neigh neighing away slowly as he kickflipped on a skateboard and rolled away, still dabbing, shouting “swag, yolo” and other various slang terms as he went.


Morality was in complete shock. Is…was that really how “Kool Kids” acted??


If that was really what he was supposed to do then… That’s what he would do.. I guess?

Still a little stiff, he toddled over to his closet,digging through the depths of the area to find his old clothes.

–[next morning]–

Anxiety stumbled into the kitchen, nearly tripping over his own feet as he walked to the coffee maker, pouring it into Prince’s dry bowl or Coco Puffs.

“Okay MCR, that was my bowl. “Prince said from by the fridge, the gallon of milk clutched in his hand.

Anxiety grabbed a spoon, taking a big mouthful of the coffee-cereal wreak with a smirk.“Get over it Aurora. Unless you like extra caffeinated Coco Puffs, it’s my bowl now. "He hefted himself onto the counter, taking another large bite to spite the fanciful side and sagging his shoulders against the microwave.

Logic was the next to enter the kitchen, grabbing a couple eggs from the fridge and starting to make himself a couple fried eggs. "I hope you didn’t use all the coffee to create your abomination of a breakfast."Logic muttered, casting a slightly irritated and disappointed look at the nearly empty coffee maker.

As the three made their respective breakfasts, it wouldn’t occur to them that this was the first time in weeks they had all been in the same room for more than a minute, or that Morality had yet to arrive.

But they were about to notice Morality. Oh boy were they about to.

Morality made a mental note that skateboarding on carpet was difficult, the wheels sinking into the plush rug underneath him. Slowly but surely he scooted his way to the kitchen, checking to make sure the baseball cap he got from Thomas was just perfectly crooked.

When Morality skated (when did he get a skateboard??) into the kitchen, Anxiety choked on his cereal.

The father figure was wearing a pair of silver hot pants with a tank top, snapback flung backwards over fluffy and wild hair. He had a shark tooth necklace and his normal lensless glasses were replaced by shutter shades.

He looked like a love child of the past and future fashion styles and honestly Anxiety was unsure how to react.


Through shutter shades Morality dabbed, giving Anxiety a fist bump. “What up my wiggity whack dude bros??” Morality asked, doing a quick cabbage patch before swaggering over to the fridge and pulling out a dank box of frozen waffles.

“My Krazy Kiddos just chillaxin in the digs?” He asked in the same over the top voice, dabbing twice.

“Morality what the hell has gotten into you??” Logic said, surprising them all. The teacher looked at Morality incredulously, his eyes wide.

“Some krazy Kool kidzs spirit!! I’m your cool pops, you whack dad!!” Morality proclaimed, ju-juing on that (non-existent) beat.

With that, his waffles popped and he rolled on out of the kitchen, leaving the rest of the sides to stare in horror.

Okay, Morality was becoming an issue, Logic decided.

He started to show up that way to videos to. He was screwing Thomas moral compass up and worst of all he kept using those stupid slang words.

Logic rarely understood Morality when he spoke, but this was too much. What did dank even mean???

This he spent much of his week avoiding Morality and plotting with Prince and Anxiety on how to get remold Morality back.

They approached him one day while he was in his room, spray painting slang words on his walls.

“Morality, we need to talk-”

Morality spun around, wearing four snapbacks at once and a mullet. “What’s up muh krazy kidz? How can your kool pops-icle help you out??”

Logic cringed, Prince taking over the conversation.

“Morality this is getting out of hand, why did you change yourself like this?? Why won’t you stop?”

Morality frowned, Prince was being super un-rad about this. “It’s all for you my special Bois!”

All three blinked. “What?”

Morality swagged up and down, a funky fresh beat all up in his noggin.

“My three favorite bros had been all separated which was v un-rad my broskis. But now that I’m hopping and popping you’ve been spending more clock wags together than in a long time babes. ”

It took a brief moment for them to decipher what Morality had said. Anxiety stepped up, pulling Morality into a hug. When he let go and stepped back, the snapbacks and mullet cane with him, Anxiety throwing them to the side.

“Morality. Dad. I’ll admit, I’ve been a but distant recently, but this is over the top. ”

Morality nodded dankly. “Yeah, i’m picking up what you’re throwing down. I just wanted it to be like old times, ya know?? When we would at least be chillaxin on the couch with a poppin movie and some hot corn…..”

They all stepped forward, embracing Morality tenderly.

Prince was the first to speak. “How about this, we can have movie and dinner nights??” Morality nodded softly, squeezing Prince’s swol bicep comfortingly.

Anxiety was next. “I’ll….. Hop and bop out of my room more often, how about that?” Morality nodded excitedly, a peek of his old self appearing behind the six pairs of shutter shades.

Logic finally stepped up. “I can make time for you all between my researching sessions…. I suppose. ” Morality squealed, grabbing all of them and pulling them into an embrace, a couple pairs of shades falling off.

“You guys are my baes…. And my ultimate fam.”

Just this once they rest decided to let that comment go, as it seemed to be affectionate.

But dank Morality would never be returning.

Ever again.

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Prompt if you're taking them: Mike finds out that during a boozey weekend in Vegas Ginny gets his number tattooed and now I he really needs to see it.

oh that’s too good!! too too good!!! I tweaked this just slightly for the ~slow burn~ but oh god i love the idea of Mike being a total shit trying to wheedle info from a slightly surly Ginny.

got you deep in the heart of me | ao3

Before exiting her dressing room, Ginny poked her head out the door and looked both ways, feeling like a little kid again, waiting to cross the street. Only, the danger here wasn’t some inattentive driver about to mow her down. In fact, she would welcome some negligent, self-centered behavior right now. It sure as hell beat what was actually happening.

Sighing in relief at the empty hallway, Ginny ducked back into her room, snagged her tablet and headphones, and snuck out the door.

That’s what she’d been reduced to. Peeking around corners and creeping through the clubhouse like some kind of criminal. If this kept up, Ginny was pretty sure she was well on her way to be the youngest, healthiest woman to die of a heart attack. She’d become a paranoid mess, constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for the inevitable moment when—

“Just a hint, Baker.”


Ginny managed not to jump out of her skin this time, but she did whirl on the source of her constantly suspicious state. 

“Christ, Lawson. Wear a bell or something,” she complained, pushing past six feet of solid major league catcher. She strode down the hall, ignoring her bearded shadow in favor of nodding to her other teammates. He was pretty hard to ignore, especially considering the way their teammates didn’t. They’d flick him curious looks, which, at first, Ginny thought meant they were in the dark, wanting to know why the hell he’d been hounding her lately. 

She kept thinking that right up until Stubbs asked him, “You find out what it is yet?”

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OK like. I have a general expectation of stupid behavior in certain situations bit like. This whole fyrefest shit is fascinating. Like normally I wouldn’t go into commentary on class it’s effects on upbringing but like these people losing it so badly really just shows you the true meaning of spoiled.

It’s natural to be angry when you get ripped off. But these people are acting like they’re in a dire survival situation when they really aren’t. Like they’re rioting and stealing from each other and crap but civilization is not that far away and they do have resources and it’s like what plane of existence are these people even on? How did they even turn out like this?

I mean it’s hilarious but what the fuck.

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I just realized we're halfway through the season and the closest we've gotten to a 'monster' episode was the vampires Mary and Cas fought in episode 9. I know ppl were talking about the episodes being all about human monsters possibly meaning something earlier in the season, do you think that's even more likely now that the pattern's continued?

Yeah! I was just musing on this (uh, a couple of hours ago when I started watching the episode)

I do think it’s really interesting because it gives us a lot more variety on emotional stories. A randomly placed ban on monster stories by the showrunner imposes limits, and within limits, the imagination has to go in different directions :P I mean, it’s literally the box they have to think outside of? It reminds me of how werewolves weren’t written for like 6 years until Robbie rebooted them and then suddenly werewolves are a stock monster but they weirdly never ever show up in the same way they did back in Heart, even though technically that type of werewolf still exists out there :P And we never get episodes about rugarus, because again their story is so limited by their rules you can only write about basically the ground their original episode. Vampires being more human from the start meant that they were so much easier to write stories about family and other things which were relevant, while if you tried to cram a rugaru into one of those episodes, it would just not work out. 

But saying “NO monsters” gives them even weirder bounds to work in. Ghosts are okay because they used to be human. Well, so did vampires, but it seems the problem is that being “monstrous” is a transformation and it turns a human into something Other, a purgatory bound soul. Meanwhile demons are more relatable. Humans can go to hell. Bobby showed humans can go to hell, walk back out and go to Heaven. Crowley and Dean have showed demons can be cured and made human. Monsters are a sort of step to the side to discuss human nature - a sort of jekyll and hyde foisting it off onto a completely different person style thing. But demons WERE human and still exist on that spectrum, so they’re “human nature”… And the angel plot is also dealing with very human things - 12x10 makes it clear that angels coming into contact with humanity sort of makes it rub off on them, or at least corrupt and change angels, and of course with the nephilim stuff, a focus on mingling with humans. In 12x07 Lucifer didn’t even want to be Lucifer. He just wanted to be Vince and wallow in human distractions. His speech at the end before he melted was a ton of complaining about human nature. 

I like that this season has human villains (mostly), and human problems, and this focus on human nature. I think the lack of monsters is another little way to underline how this really is a season exploring humanity in a very different way than before.

(And idk if anyone’s read to the end of my watching notes or would want to so I’ll just round off by grabbing this bit about Dean in 12x11 after he’s killed all the witches, because I was reflecting on human nature, or, specifically, what they were exploring about Dean’s there…)

It was using Dean as a weapon. He had no idea who he was, no purpose, just these orders/suggestions and he went on instinct, couldn’t even talk, COULD fire a gun, and had enough instinct to load the gun, walk into the house, and fight the witches.

I’m reminded of 9x21: Dean in the middle of the dark decent. Goes to kill Abaddon (mirrored in the fight with Lily and Ishim last episode), and for the entire scene from the moment he comes in the door, I think until they leave the building, Dean does not speak a word. He just goes in there on instinct, charges Abaddon, and pushes through he wall-shoving to get her, all on this brutal killer instinct that Rowena has reminded Dean he had.

Dean with no sense of self was very cute and goofy, but he retained his moral code (killing monsters bad, person who kills monsters hero) and he retained his killer instinct, so stripping him right down like that, I think this was the message of what has been programmed deepest into Dean, the things that would go last when everything else about him was disappearing. And considering I’ve been working through the last few episodes of season 9 lately, I’m chilled. :S Especially that the back up plan was to throw Dean at them as a weapon