how did this happen already

LOOK AT THE BOOGER ON THE LEFT. He is soooo used to this, this entire scene he was ONly looking at Shiro like wtf Keith? He felt like he truly let down Shiro and it was only him that Keith wanted comforting from initially. We see Shiro give this kind of hug to Matt but Matt is in no way used to it, he’s super surprised that it even happened so my question is..


I don’t even hug my own family this much..

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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

*me on my deathbed* how did graystripe know what a waffle was and firestar didnt???? firestar was raised by humans but he doesnt know what a waffle was, and i QUOTE “for the last time graystripe….” meaning this has happened before. has graystripe constantly been upsetting firestar with talking about waffles?? how did graystripe somehow find an already cooked waffle?? what happened between them in the past??

The Great Mall adventure -Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

Love the mall idea :-), and because I thought it might be redundant to write another story about shopping things, I joined two requests together, the mall thing, and @dannysanime​‘s request. Again, I feel like it’s “meh”, like I could write better…it’s really one of those months you know, Hope you guys will still like it

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-Dick, I swear to the gods, if you do not make up your mind right now, we’re leaving you here. You’ll have to sleep in beds from Ikea, and rely on people’s charity to eat every day. We’ll come visit you sometimes though. 

Your husband laughed at your words, but immediately glared at some paparazzi taking pictures from a corner. Those people always thought they were so damn sneaky, while flashing you right in the face with their cameras. Idiots. Under the famous “bat-glare” (or “Wayne-glare” for that matter), the two paparazzis slowly backed away, but Bruce knew they’d come back. 

-But moooom ! How can I choose so fast ? I don’t know if I like the blue suit or the black suit, or the white and black, or the…

-So fast ? We’ve been here for three hours Dick ! 

-Mom, buying a suit is serious business, you can’t expect me to choose one in less than…five hours ! 

-Let’s just buy them all then ! So we’re finally done with it. I’m hungry. You know I get mean when I’m hungry boy. Especially in my current condition !!

Bruce smiled at you, and wrapped an arm around your waist, his free hand resting lightly on your swollen belly, and laid a kiss on your forehead. You calmed down a bit, but your other sons looked at Dick, a slight panic in their eyes. You were kinda mean when hungry normally, but now that you were pregnant and had to eat for two…they weren’t up for your constant sarcasms right now. Your oldest kid got the message, taking all of the suits he pre-selected in his arms. He stopped in front of his father, and Bruce slipped his debit card in his mouth (since his arms were full you know). 

-Heeeere we go, now come on every body, let’s go let’s go let’s go !

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Cooking show on Phichit’s youtube channel

Phichit: And in this week’s episode of “Cooking with Phichit”, I’ve invited my best friend Yuuri and his husband Victor to come bake a cake with me! Today we’re shaping our cake after the cutest thing in the universe: hamsters!!

Victor: Uhh sorry, I disagree. The cutest thing in the universe is obviously Yuuri.

Yuuri: Awwwwww Victor <3333

Phichit: Fine then.


Phichit: Today on “Cooking with Phichit”, we’re decorating Yuuri with whipped cream and strawberries.

Victor, manic glint in his eye: y.e.s.

Yuuri, topless, already preparing to flee: How did this happen???


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Trubbish is one of those pokémon that people love to hate. It is, after all, literally garbage. All ominous messages about the importance of environmental preservation aside, Trubbish is a trash bag that gained consciousness one day and turned into a pokémon. So…how did that happen?

Well, garbage is already “alive” in a way. Garbage, especially organic waste such as food, attracts all sorts of microbes and bacteria. Garbage is their food: These microbes rot meat, liquefy vegetables, and break down proteins into smaller components, producing nitrogen and sulfur along the way. That’s how garbage gets its nasty smell, as we talked about in Garbodor’s entry about the poisonous gases this evolution line generates. 

Okay, but Trubbish isn’t a microbe. It’s nearly 2 feet tall, has eyes and a mouth, little pseudopod arms that it uses to beg for more trash. Well, I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite animal families of all time, the Pyrosomes:

Pyrosomes, individually, are tiny. Less than a few millimeters big, floating in the ocean helplessly. Their trick to survival is that they form colonies, teaming up with hundreds of thousands of their friends and families to form, huge, fully functional weird sea tubes capable of eating, swimming, moving, and more as if they were one organism. Pyrosome colonies have been known to grow over 60 meters long.

It’s sort of the equivalent of several children teaming up, standing on each other’s shoulders and wearing a long coat to pretend to be an adult. That’s what pyrosomes are. 

Pyrosomes weave themselves together like a basket, using a “gelatinous tunic” to glue themselves together. This jelly-like substance holds them all in place, and from there they accomplish tasks by coordinating their cilia, little arm-like hair structures they can use to move. These hundreds of thousands of pyrosomes, all glued together, essentially do “the wave” common in sports arenas. By doing this, the pyrosomes push water through the colony and into the interior of the tube. Since pyrosomes are filter feeders, the more water that is pumped through, the more they get to eat. More than that, the water that is now on the interior forms a current, creating a jet-propulsion stream that is pushed out and allows the colony to swim around as one. Feeding and movement, all in one.

You can probably see where I’m heading with Trubbish. Trubbish, before it was a sentient trash bag species, was just a pile of trash. A stinky, rotting pile of microorganisms and bacteria just living life by breaking down proteins and producing nitrogen. But what if some of those organisms evolved to take a few pages out of the Pyrosome book? What if these organisms teamed up, joined together and formed a colony. You can imagine they would look something like Trubbish. A blob of trash moving around together, constantly looking for more garbage to keep the colony fed, expelling toxic gas and waste as byproducts.

Trubbish is actually a colony of microorganisms, like pyrosomes, that have teamed up to act like one creature. It eats garbage to break down proteins, expelling poisonous gases as waste.

Bloomingtide, date? ?

awake! and they l eft me alone, it all is pain

skewered like

like a sausage on a spit, right through and then

up so high high I could see all their faces, little moons and thousand gleaming silent starry eyes

hurts like vodi void itself tearing apart inside my ribs

lived anyway, A has me on cocktail so sotrong ste st

keep falling asleep

fuck you Kirkwall fuck you won’t kill me no matter how har hard you try, can’t save anyone else but I refuse I will not die i swear it

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Spring Day

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Spring Day

Parts; One

Pairing; Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Fluff

Word Count; 3.090

Synopsis; Confessing whilst being drunk is not the best move especially when you forget about it.

You woke up to someone ringing your doorbell, which was really annoying and especially because it was still dark outside, You quickly glanced on your phone which said it was 5 am in the morning. This person who was ringing your doorbell better be ready to die did that person know what for a crazy week you had, with all those damn deadlines and taking care of your little niece.

You stepped out of bed and put a robe on before walking to the door. “Ya stop ringing that doorbell!” you shouted at the person behind the door through the speaker. You weren’t wearing your glasses so looking at the screen to see who it was, well that was not going to work, so hopefully, it wasn’t some lunatic. You made your way to the door and of course bumped into something hard. “AISH!” you were holding your knee when you were finally at the door. “Who is it?”

“Just open the door!” this sounded like Taehyung, it better not be Taehyung because it would be a shame to have to kill him, as he was the most adorable fool on this planet but then again why would he risk his life when he knows you don’t like to be disturbed whilst sleeping. You opened the door and met the smiling face of Taehyung, he didn’t give you time to yell as he quickly pushed you back inside. “Get dressed you babo.” he turned you around and pushed you to your bedroom and closed the door when you were in it. You could hear him going around in the kitchen and you were hoping he wasn’t trying to make you breakfast because the last time he tried that, your kitchen almost exploded.

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Breakfast in Bed - Ten (M)

A/N: Hola friends. No I’m not back with Smooth pt 6…. love me but here’s some Ten for ya (even though Admin Finn wrote you some Ten smut already ㄱ_ㄱ jk ily Admin Finn c:) Anyways… not my best, I know, but I gotta warm up my smut writing bc tbh it’s been a while, and I want pt 6 to actually be really good bc I love ya’ll (especially all my fellow Johnny stans ^-^) Ok I’m sorry for wasting your time you can read now heh.

-Admin Kay

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Pairing: Ten x Reader


Word Count: 1,150

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I thought this was cute. Amaya called to speak to Lily and both Ophelia and Ripp both went to answer the phone, so he ended up sticking around to listen in. Then his next action was to hold her hands, so it was like they were talking about their little girl growing up. Awww. :)

Then they celebrated with some nectarine tartlette, that Johnny just happened to have already been making. How did he know?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely @marathonmelissa, the awesome @sequoiaman1968, and (forever ago) by the wonderful @tuesdayswithrachel to do this–perfect, since I feel like procrastinating today!

A- Age: 34 (how did that happen already??!)

B- Birthplace: Fort Hood, Texas

C- Current time: 10:45am

D- Drink you had last: coffee

E- Easiest person to talk to: the husband

F- Favorite song: “Hold You in my Arms” by Ray Lamontagne because it’s the song my husband chose as our song and we danced to it at our wedding. :)

G- Grossest Memory: Hmmm…nothing really comes to mind…although there were some pretty nasty diapers back in the day when Conner was a baby…

H- Hogwarts House: No idea

I- in love?: most definitely

J- Jealous of people: Rarely

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Nope, definitely think love is too complex for that

O- One Wish: To not have a resurgence of the Nazis…why is this a thing?!

P- Person you called last: coworker to have her send me a scan of a document I left on my desk

Q- Question you are always asked: "So, are you guys going to have more kids?” (Answer is nope!)

R- Reason to smile: This morning…getting my kid off to his first day of high school was more of an adventure than I anticipated.  lol

S- Song you sang last: This one has been in my head for TWO DAYS NOW. *sigh*

T- Time you woke up: 7am

U- Underwear color: None, still in my PJs!  Work from home mornings are the best!

V- Vacation destination: Thinking about Big Bend or something for later in the year when my BIL and SIL are here.

W- Worst habit: Biting my nails.<–same, although I’ve been good for 8 mos now.

X- X Rays: Dental, but can’t remember any others??

Y- Your favorite food: tacos, mashed potatoes, sushi

Z- Zodiac sign: Libra