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Jenissi is a best case scenaro

I don’t know why everyone is so sad about jenissi leaving topp dogg the way he did. Honestly would people have been happier with him going on Hiatus or doing military service? Topp dogg is basically hunus’ only idol group and jenissi was easily one of their more popular members and definitely the star of the rap line when they were ten. Jenissi will get promoted highly when his album comes out. He didn’t leave hunus so we’ll see him with the boys and with any hunus family postings. Jenissi is also a producer and he said 9+1 meaning we may see his handiwork on tracks. Jenissi might also open for topp dogg in their concerts and hunus is clearly fans of social media and the internet so we may see him more now than as a 1 of 10.

To recap:
1. Staying in hunus means the boys can talk to him and they can collab in the future.
2. Hunus is a small company and topp dogg (jenissi) was clearly their front runner and jenissi going solo is a clearly good idea for them marketing wise, especially with topp doggs comeback being a ballad and jenissi being a rapper.
3. Jenissi isn’t active on social media but hunus likes internet marketing meaning that when he debuts we’ll see more of him than normal.
4. If he was your bias you can bet you’ll get even more of those cheekbones
5. He left the group on good terms and is still friends with the members and that is so freakin rare!

In conclusion.
This. Is. as. Good. As. You. Could. Ever. Have. An. Idol. Go. Solo.

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how did u get ur account to be so popular? Ik when u had a few followers and u just shot up and probs have like 10k now 😂 what type of magic did h do

omg anon were u one of my 73 followers i had for like 5 months straigght when I was an anime blog?? im crying

lol i just started posting info/meme stuff that ppl + rants haha