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what are the signs thinking right now
  • Aries: "did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot"
  • Taurus: "where that pizza at tho"
  • Gemini: "omg my instagram's lit af i love myself i am literally goals"
  • Cancer: "i'll just have to get over him i guess... and learn from my mistakes" *DOESN'T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*
  • Leo: "omg wHO WAS THAT GIRL ON the train she wAS SO fuckN HOT SHES MY SOULMATE I SWEAR"
  • Virgo: "uh-oh i still haven't started that assignment and it's due 90 years omg im SO LATE"
  • Libra: "i'm so glad that i made my friends' day better"
  • Scorpio: "i canT BELIEVE THAT that fucking bitch/fuckboy is my ex omg i still cant believe that i gave them an actual CHANCE"
  • Sagittarius: "which bitch do i slap tomorrow hmmmmmm"
  • Capricorn: "how do i get more money bc i need that gucci coat and those adidas slippers"
  • Aquarius: "damn im so popular but im insecure i need to fix that"
  • Pisces: "where thE FUCK IS MY FAME im TOO PREcious & inTERESTING TO NOt be famOUS im a fucking gem why is this universe so cruel to me what did i do like bitch I NEED THAT FAME & MONEY RN BECAUSE I NEED TO BUY CLOTHES & DONATE THE REST OF MY MONEY"
what are the signs thinking right now

Aries: “did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot”

Taurus: “where that pizza at tho”

Gemini: “omg my instagram’s lit af i love myself i am literally goals”

Cancer: “i’ll just have to get over him i guess… and learn from my mistakes” *DOESN’T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*


Virgo: “uh-oh i still haven’t started that assignment and it’s due 90 years omg im SO LATE”

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anonymous asked:

I'm really sad about something I don't understand and was hoping you could explain. Why do people block without giving a reason to? I don't why it first seems like it's all going so well then the next you're blocked and you don't know why or what you did or said wrong? It's happened twice now and to say it hurts is an understatement.

Oh, my precious Kabby babies.  Circle up, it’s time for some firm but gentle life advice from Mom. 

First of all, unless I personally am the person who blocked you (which I’m obviously not since we’re having this conversation!), in a very real sense the short answer to this question is that you know I can’t actually answer this question.  You’re asking me to tell you why a person I don’t know did a thing for which I have no context, and for which there could be a thousand reasons. So in a concrete, specific sense, my answer is: I do not know.


(You knew there was going to be a however.)

Social media is a deeply personal avenue for self-expression and it’s also a world where many of us spend a great deal of our time, which means that we have the full and free right to customize it into exactly what we want it to be.  The things that you post are personal reflections of you, which is  why it bums you out when someone mutes or blocks or doesn’t follow back; it feels on some level like a personal rejection.  But the space you curate is also a personal reflection of you.  You have the right to post anything you want and other people have the right to choose not to see it.  Both of those rights are equal, even though you’re only on one side so naturally the other one feels like it’s in some way “wrong.”  

I’m speaking with zero context for what your preexisting relationship with these people was beforehand (like obviously if it was a close friend and they blocked you out of nowhere, you’re going to have to sort that out with them directly, I can’t advise you there), but it’s important to remember that there may be no “right” and wrong” in this scenario.  It’s fully possible for both of these things to peacefully coexist at the same time:

1) your absolute right to feel a little bit rejected and hurt that a stranger on the internet made the choice that they didn’t want your social media sphere to overlap with their social media sphere,


2) that other person’s absolute right to say “if something or someone makes me feel even the tiniest bit ‘nope’ I am purging it out of this space so it is exactly what I want and need it to be.” 

They don’t need to have a reason.  That sucks, when you’re on the receiving end of it, which all of us have been - it truly and genuinely sucks - but it’s also reality.  One of the hard truths that incidents like this make us sometimes have to face - and we don’t want to face these things, because they can feel really icky and vulnerable and ping all the little gremlins in our brain  - is this:

nobody on the internet owes you their time or attention for anything you do or say.

This sounds mean and brutal, and I don’t mean it to be, because you know mom loves you, but it’s incredibly important, so I’m going to say it again to make sure that if nothing else, this gets through:

nobody on the internet owes you their time or attention for anything you do or say.

The celebs you stan don’t owe you a response to your tweet, just because you want one.  The people you tag in meta don’t owe you reblogging it to continue having that conversation with you forever, just because you want to prove you’re right.  The fans of the fic you write for your most popular ship don’t owe you crossing over to give you hits on your rare-pair fic if they don’t feel like it.  Nobody owes you a certain number of followers, nobody owes you a response to every anon you send them, nobody owes you finishing that fic you like in time for them to read it when they feel like reading it.  We owe each other one thing and one thing only: basic human decency.  That’s it.  Everything else is freely offered to the world, and freely taken by the people who want it.  It’s not a transactional exchange.  If you make art or write fic and you put it out there into the world, you’ve done a cool thing, and whether it gets ten hits or thousands it was still worth doing.  There will be people who aren’t interested, but if you get hung up on feeling rejected by that, it will paralyze you.

Social media is personal. That’s unavoidable.  It’s an extension of ourselves.  When someone is cruel to you or to one of your friends on the internet, even if it’s an anonymous stranger, it feels shitty.  When you express an opinion about something and a ton of people reblog it and the tags are full of “OMG YES THISSSSS”, it feels great.  We all experience that in different ways.  Society has always selected arbitrary measures for young girls and women to live up to in order to feel like they’re popular or they’re approved by the cool kids, and right now it’s things like “how many followers do you have” and “did you get an RT from a celebrity” and “how many likes on your posts”.  So on a primal level, maybe having someone you thought was a friend block you on Twitter or Tumblr hits you in the same deep core place as having the cool kids not come to your birthday party.  That feeling is super real!  It brings up alllllll that deep stuff we try to hide and pretend that we’re above experiencing, but we all have those squishy vulnerable inner selves that just need the cool kids to like us and we feel bad when they don’t.  

I had this exact conversation with my therapist a few weeks ago when she was giving me a hard time because my book has 60 reviews on Amazon, of which like the majority are 5 stars with two negative ones, and I have both the negative ones like memorized.  And she was like “CLAIRE.  WHAT THE HELL.  WHY DO YOU DO THIS?  58 POSITIVE AND YOU CANNOT QUOTE A SINGLE ONE.  TWO SHITTY ONES AND YOU KNOW THEM VERBATIM.  THAT IS NOT HEALTHY BEHAVIOR.”  And I was like “… . okay fine when you put it that way, yes I do sound like a crazy person.”  So like my advice to you – advice which I have just proven I am absolute garbage at taking myself, so like I may have just eroded my own credibility in my efforts to help – is to remember that you probably have a lot more than two followers so honestly this is probably not a bad collective ratio, and there may be lots of people who are very interested in what you have to say but you’ve focused a lot of your energy on these two people and it’s worth giving some thought as to why that is.

My question for you is this: what is the net negative impact of having these two people block you on social media? Like in an actual, concrete way, separate from those sort of core gut “I feel unloved in this moment” feelings, what is the effect on your life?  You might be surprised.  It might be zero.  In which case, let yourself feel those feelings, experience them as valid, and then breathe through them and move on and keep on doin’ you. 

I’m pushing back on you a little bit here very gently because it feels, reading this anon, like you’ve made a determination of hurtful intent on the part of the person who blocked you, or at the very least a certainty that this choice that made was about you and not about them.  That the fact that things seemed to be going fine and then they blocked you means you were somehow intentionally misled or mistreated.  Be really, really, really careful about deciding the cool girl didn’t come to your birthday party because she’s a bitch who wanted to make you feel terrible and is sitting somewhere cackling at the thought of your sad lil’ face waiting by the front door; maybe she didn’t come to your birthday party because she has depression and it’s hard for her to leave the house sometimes and she knew your party would be loud and wild and crazy and too much for her brain to handle right now. Be careful about presuming negative intent with no proof it exists.  The internet makes this so easy, the internet conditions us for this, and it conditions us to respond in kind. The worst thing you could do here is to, like, make a callout post or subtweet in the hopes that it will get back to them and they’ll feel bad, or to sic your other followers onto them, because that turns this into a situation that really does have a right and wrong; and since you don’t know if they were trying to make you feel shitty, or just went on a big block/mute purge to whittle their list down for mental health reasons that are totally their own, once things escalate you can’t put the horse back in the barn. It’s too late.  Now it’s A Thing, when maybe it never really needed to be A Thing.  And in almost all situations for almost all people in almost all ways, Kabby Mom’s advice is going to be, “please think carefully before you make this A Thing.”

This got long, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately about the conversations I’m always having with fandom folks the way we let social media permeate and shape our sense of self, in good ways and bad, so I apologize for my verbosity but also not really because that’s how things roll over in Kabby Mom’s Advice Corner.  But I will sum up in bullet points for those of you who have been skimming, to bring you up to speed:

  1. Everyone has the right to curate their own social media space however they see fit, and they don’t have to explain their reasons.
  2. They aren’t obligated to include you in that space even if you want them to.
  3. None of that is an objective measure of your worth as a person or a sign that you should stop being you on the internet.
  4. Your feelings of rejection come from a real place and you get to feel them, as long as
  5. You are striving to move through them without permitting them to paralyze you, and finally
  6. You never use someone else’s choice to curate their social media sphere as a justification for treating them like crap.

Focus on your positive interactions instead of negative ones – your friends, creating stuff and putting it out into the universe – whether it be art, fic, opinions, a podcast, gifsets, crackposts, whatever – and your social media world will be a better place.

In the immortal words of the great Michael J. Fox, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Hello lovelies! So today i hit 1K followers which is a milestone i never thought that i would reach! I would like to thank every single one of you for following me because it is all down to you for my growth and i will forever appreciate that more than you could imagine. It always blows my mind to think that people are actually interested in seeing my posts and i always love checking my tag #jadestudies because it means you actually want me to see your posts too! I also want to say a massive thank you to the lovely people who have sent me asks because it honestly makes my day so please feel free to continue sending me them. 

I would like to give an extra big thank you to some amazing people who really helped me out when i first started my blog and they continue to be great friends! So here is the biggest thank you to @architstudy, @artemistudying, @nerdybun, @cjm-otstudies and @whitepaperairplane. You guys all helped and continue to help me with all of my questions and I am so grateful for your help and support. 

So I decided to try out blog rates as a way to give back to my amazing followers and I am so excited to do some! But first, here are some rules for getting a blog rate from me;

  • You have to be studyblr or a study-related blog. 
  • You must be following me. This is for my followers and is my way of thanking them so I hope you can understand that (I will be checking whether you follow me or not).
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  • Tell me or ask me something in the ask. It doesn’t matter what! It could be how your day is going, what you like to do, something you want to know about me…absolutely anything! I just want to get to know you all better and this is a great time for you to get to know me. 

And that is all you have to do to get a blog rate! 

I will leave the blog rates open for around a month or so depending on how popular they are (I will let you all know in a text post when I will close them- any requests after the deadline unfortunately will not be fulfilled). I will tag the blog rates #SHSHblogrates in case you want to blacklist them.

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so i see a lot of people on my dash getting stressed out and anxious about going back to school.

most of you don’t know this but i went from zero friends in year five and six to now belonging to the popular kids. and bc i love the fam i’m gonna tell you exactly how i did that alright?

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The first time I watched Boy in Love, when Jin shoves the girl against the locker and Yoongi kind of harasses her, I was uncomfortable. I thought “wtf seriously” but since I love them so much and am an ARMY to the very core, I overlooked it. I tried to.
And then I watched WoH and that too, looked like they were eve teasing (let’s not even start about the objectifying lyrics) but then I overlooked it again because babies.

Now, BigHit released an apology about the issue and I was so damn glad that they did so that the little pang of disappointment I have both, in myself and BigHit is now gone but then I see people commenting stuff like there was no need for an apology and that they didn’t do any harm and then I lose my shit.

Do people even know how much influence popular culture has on viewers? BTS is a group with one of the largest fanbases in the world and they get like 20-50 million views in one music video and a lot of their fans are boys and the message that is being sent out is ‘omg look at bts, they are so cool and they get the girl in the end too’.

People who are comparing this with sexual lyrics in female idols’ songs are so utterly blinded because there is nothing wrong with sexual lyrics. There is nothing wrong with Yoongi saying that my tongue will make you come, but it is wrong when he is clearly being the way he is being with the girl in the video.

People comparing this with other hip hop artists don’t understand that two wrongs don’t make a right. For example : I do enjoy Simon D’s music but that too has some sexist lyrics and I would never say that those are OK either. Sadly, a lot of popular hip hop has too much sexism. But people who are going around saying that ‘of course BTS have such lyrics they are rap based or hip hop based’, rap means rhythm and poetry and if your poetry is “girls are like equations, I just wanna do them” then idk what to say to you. But for a lot of us fans poetry is lines like “when you think you are about to crash, that’s when you accelerate”.

You can’t blindly love and support someone. If you don’t point out their flaws, then you may not actually love them. I understand that a lot of the posts on twitter were definitely harsh and were probably by haters but just by reading them, I knew not all were. I love BTS more than words can explain. They have helped me through a difficult phase in life (they are still doing it) and so many people have already told me that I’m a hater just because I find a few flaws in two of their songs. But guess w
hat, I don’t need anyone’s validation. I know that I’m an ARMY and I love BTS.

Wow. It seems like some fans still don’t know the difference between ignorance and bullying…someone even brought up Calum’s nudes to try to defend hv?? Like, that literally has no correlation to their situation.

Ignorant: lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned

Bullying: a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people

Let’s start with the nudes shit; look Calum was the victim here. He sent that to a certain somebody and that certain somebody decided to be an asshole and leak it. That was not his fault, he didn’t leak it himself. I mean I honestly can’t think of a better way to sum it up than Jennifer Lawrence’s words in her leaks situation “It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime. It is a sexual violation” and “Even people who I know and love say, ‘Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures.’ I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.” If you wanna read the whole thing its here (x)

Now on to the "everyone has done problematic shit in their past” defense.

Ok, yeah. That’s true. Everyone whether you have a platform or not has done and said some shit that’s problematic but usually it’s out of ignorance.

An example of any of the members of hv being ignorant would be the time when Rena was 14 and tweeted out “#hashtaggingr*tardedthingsisr*tartedandyesiadmititsquitefun” (x)

Now although she has not apologized for that either, we can all agree that she was young and ignorant and as far as I know has not used it anymore. But here’s another thing, since people love to bring up 5sos into hv’s shit, I wanna point out the difference between 5sos (or any other artist that has done ignorant shit before) and hv:

When an artist reaches their peak people love to go and dig up old shit just to find something, anything to “drag” them but when a person has really changed, the problem is presented to them, they acknowledge it, apologize and move on. Like Michael, he went under fire for some old tweets of him saying some really ugly things but instead of deleting them or not saying anything on the situation, he has talked about it and apologized multiple times. He has clearly changed, he doesn’t ignore the shit he’s done or said. Instead he shows you the character growth. So please fuck off with this weak-ass defense. We get it, people make mistakes but if they really have changed and were really ashamed of their past actions, then they would most definitely talk about them and apologize. Not make excuses and deny they ever did anything wrong and call the people who call them out on their shitty behavior “bullies.”

Literally the only thing hv has said other than flat-out deny they did Julia wrong is tweet out “can’t dwell on the past can only look towards the future” and “no one is the same person they were a year ago” which is not them acknowledging, its not an apology, its them dismissing the fact they ever did anything wrong.

Lastly, I’m literally gonna quote this tumblr user: “…A bunch of whiny 12-16 year old’s who are fans of a shitty band (5 seconds of shit) who’s popularity will fade in a few years” Omg, there’s so much wrong within that sentence. I mean, how pretentious can you get? I’m sorry you felt the need to name-call 5 Seconds of SUMMER and their fans just because most of their fans have a brain and don’t want to blindly follow and support a bunch of untalented, racist bullies. So because you’re 25, you think you’re better and have the authority to belittle 5sos and their fans? Why the fuck are you fighting with “a bunch of whiny 12-16 year old’s?” That’s pretty pathetic.

“Who’s popularity will fade in a few years” girl, you better pray 5sos stay relevant because without 5sos being the popular band they are right now HV will fucking fade. They won’t have 4 boys shoving them on to their fan-base on the daily and they won’t have any tours to be the opening act for. Shit, I bet you anything if hey vile weren’t signed to 5 Seconds of Summer’s record label hey violet would still be Cherri Bomb working super duper hard on that album, doing a few local shows and after finally putting out an EP that wouldn’t do well, is what would bring them to their ultimate demise. They disband, Miranda goes on to do musicals and Nia and Rena? Well, they would continue on to their search for fame by still being those Revolt TV hosts and ultimately becoming what they really want to be - “Internet influencers.” And that’s how they would get their fame. The point is HV would be nothing without 5sos’ daily help, so please get your pretentious-ass out of here.

Look, the point of us calling them out is just so they can apologize, I wanna see this “clearly changed” shit, because if your examples of them “clearly changing” is them tweeting “you’re beautiful” to some fan who just called themselves “trash compared to them” is NOT an apology for doing Julia wrong or even their past CB fans.

Even if y'all don’t want to admit they bullied Julia out of the band, at the end of the day y'all can’t deny they took the band away from her. She was kicked out, that means they fired her, for no real reason. Which in other words means they took her band away from her, which is still not right.

Why couldn’t they leave and start Hey Violet with Casey as their guitarist? Well, as Miranda said here on this Revolt TV interview (How did the name Cherri Bomb come about) “…There was a book we were reading at the time it was called “Cherry Bomb” and you know, it meant something to us at the time but we’ve sort of evolved since then so now it’s sort of something that people will remember” which in other words means, “Cherri Bomb has built this fan-base and we didn’t want to start from the bottom so we’re basically using the platform the band name has provided us, that is until we get signed and we’ll pretend we’re a completely new band.” Which basically shows you they want the fame. Any other band - who really loves to do music, would have completely changed their name because they’re not the same band anymore and more so because they have a boy in the band, which debunks the whole point of what Cherri Bomb originally stood for. They would have deleted their social media pages instead of just changing the name. They literally showed you they only continued this because they want the fame and they got lucky and got signed to the popular act, 5 Seconds Of Summer. WHAT THE FUCK?! HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THIS?!

Anyway, please stop coming into my inbox trying to “defend” them by using any of the examples above or by simply telling me to “go be happy about something else” because that’s literally pointless to me, you’re not making me want to stop calling them out on their bullshit by telling me this.

Oh and @ 5sos Modest Management;

anonymous asked:


I’ve had it for like 4 years now. One of my best friends made it when tumblr first started getting popular and gave it to me randomly one day because she didn’t know what to do with it while she was getting rid of names. At the time, people were using celebrity names to trick fans, so we both just wanted to make sure that didn’t happen and I figured I could just use it to reblog stuff.