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Living With The Outlaws Would Include...

A/N ~ I really liked this… maybe I should do a part two?

  • Okay bro
  • You do realize who these guys are???
  • You should already know the disasters that are about to go downnn
  • You guys have fire extinguishers everywhere in the apartment
  • It’s either for Roy’s cooking, Roy’s failed creations, Roy baking, Roy using the bathroom you get the gist
  • The dishes would pile up cause no one wants to do them
  • “It’s your turn to wash them Jason!”
  • “You lazy piece of shit I did them yesterday!”
  • The only ones who don’t cause (much) disaster is you and Kori
  • When the boys start doing crazy crap you both going on a shopping spree or go get icecream cause you both are not gonna deal with that
  • Jason blasting music in the morning
  • He doesn’t even clean but he still turns on the vacuum cleaner to annoy the fuck out all of you
  • Having to constantly help patch up Roy and Jason
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and almost having a heart attack because Kori is up too but you only were able to see her glowing eyes which still freaks you out
  • You and Kori try to keep the apartment clean and cute but the boys somehow always manage to break things and make a mess in a matter of seconds
  • Jason doesn’t even use the door, he always uses the window, does he have something against doors???
  • You know how girls find bobby pins almost everywhere? In the most unusual places?
  • Well you can find bullets and arrows in the most unusual places
  • If you can’t find your jacket you can use Jason’s leather jacket cause he has a bunch and he leave them around everywhere geeez they smell good
  • On that note you guys have to buy a lot of brushes since Kori always manages to break them
  • Kori on so many occasions has brought in stray animals
  • It’s not that you hate animals it’s just you got two of your own animals named Jason and Roy and you can’t even deal with them
  • One time Roy tried to make you and Kori bath bombs
  • “Yeah I really love bath bombs, they really refresh me.”
  • “I have used the bombs for baths before, they are delightful!”
  • Well Roy clearly doesn’t know what a bath bomb is
  • And that’s how you guys blew up the bathroom
  • You and Jason have a secret place in the apartment where you hide books
  • You both don’t trust people with paperback books because they are yalls babies and they can’t be harmed, you are proud parents
  • You guys had a goldfish once
  • Kori named it Glub
  • Roy and Jason decided it would be cool to play with the fish
  • Any whoo that was the end of Glub
  • Besides all the disasters you love them
  • They are your family and they would literally die for you
  • The boys are over protective and are the reason you are single
  • Kori is like your sister and she’s the best person to talk to when you need to let out pent up emotions
  • Jason loves spending time with you, you’re one of the few people he opens up to and you help him through his break downs and he can’t be more grateful to have you
  • Roy might be a sassy motherfucker who thinks he got everything handled but he can be a big softy who needs babying
  • Being with the outlaws is something you wouldn’t change for the world, sure you guys fight but at the end you guys love each other

Percy Jackson fanart. WOOOHH!

In case you were wondering, this is one of my favorite part of The Lightning’s Theif. This is the part where Annabeth and Percy has to go on a love tunnel in order to retrieve Ares’ shield. They were also being recorded by Hephaestus in this.

Edit: Holy moly how did this get so many notes?! Seriously tho, thank you guys for the support.
Late Night Whispers (a Rafael Barba x Reader Fanfiction)

Happy Fluffy Rafí Friday!! I fell asleep to an episode of SVU last night on my couch, so it gave me inspiration to write a fluffy fic of the reader falling asleep to the sound of Rafí speaking to them in Spanish. ❤ Everyone enjoy the fluff!!

Note: I did do all of the Spanish myself. I am currently learning Spanish (so this was great homework for me, should I show it to my professor?) and this is probably not perfectly accurate Spanish, but I hope it is close enough.

Word count: 1122
Rating: Teen
Warnings: brief mention of a rapist, Rafí speaking in spanish (‘Cause get ready for that guys and gals).

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Elide rubbed at the scar on her arm absentmindedly, remembering that fateful day when she had jumped on Lorcan’s back to save him. It was a painful memory- horrifying, even, but it was also when she first realized that Lorcan truly cared for her.

But things were different now. Aelin and Rowan ruled Terrasen with their first child, Nehemia, and Elide ran Perranth as the Lady. Lysandra was reigning over her own abode with Aedion, and Manon and Dorian were preparing for a royal wedding. She doubted that Manon would enjoy being queen, though. All the frilly dresses and meetings… Elide imagined that she would immediately change court attire to pants, and have Abraxos accompany her to each one.

Things were definitely different. These people she had once fought with for Terrasen’s freedom, for Aelin’s freedom, were now reduced to calm, uneventful lives. It was peaceful, yes, but… rather boring as well. Sometimes Elide found herself wishing for an attack, just so she would have an excuse to get the whole gang back together.

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If Only We Had More Time - One

summary: The world needs Diana again, or rather Hades - god of the underworld - needs Diana to fix his mistake of letting Ares slip from his grasp and return to the world above. As a payment of sorts, Hades has brought Steve Trevor back from the dead, only Steve doesn’t remember a thing about his past life, more importantly, he doesn’t remember a thing about Diana. Diana would do anything to return Ares to his eternal prison, but with Steve’s life on the line again, would she risk letting Ares go if only to have more time with the man she lost too soon?

a/n: let’s get some confessions out in the open here before we begin. first, i’ve never seen batman vs. superman, i know some of the major points of it, but even with diana in it i didn’t bother to sit down and fully watch it, i didn’t feel the need to really, so apologies if i get something wrong, or my biggest worry is getting this version of bruce wayne wrong.

second thing, i did see wonder woman, i just saw it today and fell in love and i was just itching to start writing something for it! i cried like a little baby at the end and am in full denial about steve trevor dying because it broke my heart, which is why i’m writing this.

finally, this chapter is a bit short, i’m kind testing it cause i have no idea if anyone actually wants to read this so comments, likes, and all of that will determine how and if i get the next chapter done, i really like the idea so hopefully you guys reading this will too? dc is a little out of my comfort zone, i’ve only ever written dc stuff one other time so we shall see how this works. plus the added bonus is playing around with the greek gods a bit, i’m a total greek god nerd so getting to use some of that mythology here is great.

let me know what you guys think! sorry for the long note but i just wanted to put that all out there!

rating: m

pairing: diana prince (wonder woman) x steve trevor

ao3: (x)

Gotham City wasn’t Diana’s favorite place in the world, not many places could ever truly compare to the home she longed for, some places were nice enough - but Gotham however wasn’t one of those places. She did tolerate it from time to time, whenever Bruce called her into the city for one thing or another, usually important meetings, but this time it was just for some gala for the GCPD, and Bruce talked her into coming so he wasn’t there alone. Under normal circumstances, she would have stayed away, but ever since Bruce had found that picture if her and Steve from so many years ago, Pairs had become so lonely.

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2x the Love // Taehyung x Reader x Jimin (BTS)

Description: Taehyung, Jimin, and the reader are in a polyamorous relationship and they end up falling asleep together, which leads to the rest of members finding out about their relationship. 

Type: Fluff

Pairings: Taehyung x Reader x Jimin (with appearances from the rest of the band)

Word Count: 1837

Requested: Yes

“Can we get a poly relationship scenario of Tae and Jimin and reader falling asleep together, which leads the members to find out about it”

Author’s Note: I’m really surprised with how much you guys liked my scenario that I did for Chan from Seventeen. Hopefully you enjoy this scenario as much as you enjoyed my previous one. Thank you!

Hours and hours has past and my headache seemed to worsen with every passing second. Running my fingers through my hair, I cursed myself for taking so many classes, especially since this was my first year attending university. The amount of work that I had to do for each class was boundless.

Finally fed up, I stood up with so much force causing my chair to scrape across my dark, mahogany hardwood floor as it flew backwards. The chair ended up leaving long scuff marks, but at this point I could care less. Leaving my room and heading downstairs, I grabbed both my phone and purse and then proceeded to head toward the door. Storming out of my apartment, I slammed the door behind me. As I descended the stairs to head out into the bustling city of Seoul, I decided to text Taehyung to let him and Jimin know that I was going to come over.

Hey Tae, I’m coming over for a little bit so let Jimin know -Y/N

Great! It’s just the two of us at the dorm right now -Tae

I’m so stressed because school, I need you guys to distract me -Y/N

I think we can do that for you, jagiya -Tae

Good, be there in a few -Y/N

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your writing so much and am happy requests are open!!! I was wondering if you could do rfa +minor trio reacting to MC who has arthritis? I have it and it sucks and flares up all the time :/ if you don't feel comfortable or don't want to write it I totally understand! Thank you ~~~

This ask has been sitting in my inbox for a while, I’m sorry…It’s just that, my mom had arthritis before she passed away. So, I wasn’t sure how to approach this and I had to take a lot of time to think about it. I don’t remember much of what it was like, because her condition developed into something much worse. So, I had to do some research. I know it’s painful, I know it’s very hard, but you’re strong and can overcome it. If I got anything wrong in this, please let me know so I can change it. Anywho..I hope you enjoy.


  • He didn’t know you had arthritis, until one morning you woke up in immense pain. That’s when you told him.
  • He panicked as you explained to him, and he was too scared to touch you. Would he hurt you more? Seeing you like this was very uncomfortable; all he wanted to do was comfort and console you.
  • It took a while for him to get used to, but after that day he learned how to assist you better and what to do if the inflammation in your joints began to flare up.
  • There were often days where he wouldn’t let you get up, and made you relax on the couch with a heat pad while he cooked for you among other things.
  • He hated feeling helpless while you were in pain, so he did everything could to make it easier, because you were his princess. You deserved nothing but the best.


  • You told him when you had to miss a rehearsal because of your doctor’s appointment.
  • So he ditched his rehearsal and went with you instead.
  • He was very attentive and asked the doctor many questions of how he could help take care of you since you guys lived together now.
  • He took note of every single thing and from then on, it was like he was your literal caretaker.
  • It would be a lie if it was said that he wasn’t always worrying about you.
  • He also felt terrible that he healed like a monster, while you had something that would never go away.
  • He’d do yoga with you! And also massage you wherever you felt pain.
  • Your guy’s mornings would often start with you two stretching together, he would mostly be helping you though.
  • Then the day would end with some massages, tea and ice/heat pad (whichever one you were feeling) on your joints, or he would be pressing kisses to them.
  • He loves you so dearly, the fact that you must endure this really makes his heart ache.


  • You were an open book with Jaehee, so you told her right away.
  • Of course, Jaehee being herself, she does immense research.
  • She then ends up signing both of you guy’s up for Tai Chi classes.
  • She will often text you many times throughout the day to make sure you have taken your medication and ask how you’re feeling.
  • Sometimes your joints flare up during the nights, and she stays up with you.
  • Even spends her off days taking care of you.
  • You begin to feel guilty, but she reassures you that it’s not a big deal. She enjoys being around you and helping you feel better.
  • After all you’ve done for her, she wants to make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be.


  • He actually notices when you visit him at his penthouse for the first time.
  • Your body seemed very stiff…he thought it was because you were nervous or intimidated by him. So he didn’t question it.
  • Even at the party you were like this..
  • Then he found you when he came home from work on night, withering in pain as Elizabeth purred and rubbed against you, trying to comfort you.
  • You told him about your arthritis, then immediately later on that night he contacted his doctor.
  • You were given the best physical therapist he could find, and made sure you got the best medication.
  • He also wanted to get you joint replacement surgery.
  • Dealing with your arthritis was easier with him, simply because he has the best resources to help you.
  • We all know Jumin would do anything for his queen.


  • He saw your medical records when he first did the background check on you. He knew.
  • Before you guys met in person, it would actually distract him from his work and keep him up at night.
  • He was smart, he knew what arthritis was and what it does to a person.
  • He wouldn’t bring it up publicly in the chatroom, but instead text you privately about it instead.
  • He’d ask how your joints felt, if you needed anything, if you wanted to whine or rant to him about it.
  • Along with the cat robot, he made a slightly smaller kitten robot that was designed to take care of you. 
  • He was still cold towards you when he stayed with you at Rika’s apartment. Only bothering to speak to you to make sure you were alright, if you have eaten and taken your medication.
  • After the whole Mint Eye/Saeran fiasco, he’d be more caring than ever. He had two people to take care of now.
  • He made yoga fun, often making you laugh through whatever pain you felt.
  • Just how you distracted him from work, he distracted you from the distress.
  • His humor, his care, his compassion for you and just him altogether, made everything better.

 Minor Trio below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

How did you get so much follower interaction on your posts? I always try to follow people back and reply to their posts but I seem to get nowhere :( Is it to do with how long you've been around or have you made just so many friends? Thank you!

Aw, Nonny, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. I know everyone always says “notes and follower count don’t really matter,” but–let’s be real–it can also be super disappointing to feel like no one notices and that sucks

I know it seems like you’re going nowhere right now, but everyone starts at the same place initially. I know it took a while to get up to this level!! There was a point where I felt #blessed to get like 3 notes on something (and honestly, I still feel that way when I get like 3 notes).

To answer your question, it’s honestly a little bit of everything:

  • The Pastilles started in… June, I think? That’s almost 6 months now (wow). I’m sure that affects things quite a bit–the people who have been following along since the beginning are sorta invested!!
    • TBH I’m pretty sure you’re all just very invested in Riesling specifically. It’s okay. You don’t need to deny it. I know he’s your fav.
      • I mention him specifically because I think I really started gaining traction when he was introduced into the story… I’m not sure if that’s because I happened to hit my stride with Veriling, or if you guys are just thirsty for his pixels. Ries is definitely the catalyst of a lot of good things on this blog, though.
        • the list of good things includes Kabi haha
  • I made friends!! That definitely helps too. It never hurts to reach out to simblrs you like and feel like you’d get along with. Take note of who is fairly consistent in liking your posts, and go from there. At the very least, people you’re friendly with will almost always like and comment and reblog.
  • For me, part of it might be that I’m just… very encouraging of interaction? Like I just took a look at my reply tag, and I’m borderline obsessive about replying to everything that pops up. I like talking to you guys, and I think that encourages more comments on your end, maybe? I’m not sure. I’m still shocked I have more than like 20 followers.

I hope this helps a little bit! If you ever want to talk or anything, my inbox is always open–anonymous or not!

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I did a thing

Okay so I’ve been getting tons of messages from y'all about how I’m a PA student, and if I have any tips on getting into PA school and doing well. I have been more than happy to share my tips with you guys, and because I’ve been getting so many messages about it, I’ve decided to start a blog dedicated solely to PA school and studying.

This blog is open to PA students, as well as students of any majors that want additional help studying, etc. I will be posting study tips, notes, and tips on getting into PA school. I also hope to share some of my experiences as I progress through PA school, and post some stuff about stress management, etc.

Please feel free to subscribe to my PA blog, @pa-studyblr, and message me with any suggestions or specific reuqests. I will still regularly post to this account as well as my studyblr.

Thanks, hoes💖

twicethespeedoflife  asked:

How did that serial killer from Canada get your number? That was creepy especially since you had never wrote to him before. Personally I would never write to child killers or molesters because they sicken me. On an unrelated note I still can't believe how exquisite Bobby's art is.

There was this guy I knew who wrote to people in prison and like many guys I know who write to inmates, he pretended to be a girl, figuring his chances would be better in getting responses. Eventually there were some that wanted to talk to him on the phone so he figures since I write to people too, I won’t mind talking to whoever calls. He gave them a detailed story about the girl who didn’t exist that he was pretending to be and if they happened to call, I was her roommate, Jessika. It all seemed rather pathetic to me and the people who were calling me were not people I’d normally have sought out myself to talk to. And he wasn’t a very good person in general and I took exception to him just giving out my number before even telling me about his devious little plan, so it sort of backfired on him. Anyone who called me the first time I’d just go along with it and say so and so wasn’t home and yes I was jessika, but if they called again I’d just tell them, look, that girl doesn’t exist, I don’t have a roommate and that’s a man writing you. I didn’t have time for the nonsense.

Funny thing about that: after I told Clifford the truth he was furious. He didn’t act offended on the phone with me, he just seemed annoyed by the news. A few weeks later the FBI contacted me and asked for the girl’s name that didn’t exist. I didn’t know what to say but I was like…uh, no this isn’t her. So he goes on to tell me that Clifford wrote a letter to this girl threatening to break out of prison so he could kill her and the letter was intercepted and given to the FBI so they could warn the person, along with all of their correspondence which Clifford had, including the letter that had my phone number in it, so that’s how the FBI reached me. And I couldn’t help but laugh when this guy read the letter to me and he was in shock and said something like, “this is a very dangerous guy who has escaped prison multiple times and has killed many, many people”. And I’m laughing hysterically telling him yes I know, but that girl doesn’t exist and …yeah". I couldn’t even try to explain. I can’t even imagine what he thought of me laughing at his warnings.

I literally doodle Jenna everywhere on all my notes and then I remembered I have a sketchbook

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NaLu Angst Week Day 2: Secrets

Summary: Keeping secrets will always have its consequences and they’re about to learn that.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T(for depression)


She stared at him with cold and vacant eyes that made a pang of guilt course through his chest every time he saw it.

He should be used to it by now, it has already been three months since she became this way.

Three months since he had broken her.

“Come on Lucy, open up.” He said as he raised the spoon to her mouth.

But she just sat there without moving an inch, her eyes never wandering on him or the spoon he held in front of her.

He gulped.

“Please, the food is getting cold.” He begged.

After a few more minutes she complied and opened her mouth, but her eyes remained distant.

He brought the contents of the spoon inside her mouth and sighed.

“There we go! It tastes good, doesn’t it?” He encouraged her as a sad smile formed on his face.

His gaze dropped to the plate he was holding, scooping another spoonful of rice and grilled pork cutlets.

He knew that she wouldn’t reply nor would her expression change the slightest bit.

He had hurt her and this was his punishment.

After a few more minutes, he finally finished feeding her.

“That should do it! Now wait for me here while I go prepare your bath.” He said to her as cheerfully as he can while wiping away stray food bits and sauce from her face with a napkin.

As expected, not a single word came out of her mouth.

He took the dirty dishes, then turned around towards the sink and placed it there, making a mental note to wash it before breakfast tomorrow.

His cheerful disposition fading as he made his way to the bathroom and completely disappearing when he got there.

His form coming face to face with the bathroom mirror, his tired eyes staring right back at him and reminding him of his mistakes.

Thoughts of the war quickly enveloped his mind.

Thoughts of her breaking before him.

He quickly shook it off though, deciding that he should focus his mind to complete the task at hand.

Hot water came rushing out of the faucet as soon as he turned the knob.

A small chuckle escaped his lips, he completely forgot to turn off the heater earlier when he used it that morning and if Lucy was in her normal state of mind, she would’ve sent him flying with one of her infamous Lucy Kicks.

He took her honey-scented body wash and poured it into the tub as the bathtub filled with water, and once it was full, he let out a satisfied hum then turned off the faucet.

“Lucy it’s time for your bath.” He said as he entered the dining room again.

He saw her in the exact same position he had left her and with the same dull expression.

He sighed.

Going to her side he reached for her hand, they were soft just like he remembered.

“Please Luce, so I can tuck you into bed.” He pleaded with her.

She stood up and made a beeline to the bathroom without giving him a single glance.

He was glad that she could still take a bath on her own, but her avoidance pained him.

With a sigh he stood up to go to her drawer to get her pajamas.

Picking a matching pink pair along with a red lacey panty, he brought it to the bathroom door and knocked.

“Hey Luce, I’m just gonna leave your clothes right outside the door okay?” He said.

As usual there was no reply, but he left her clothes there.

Going into her room, he sat down near the bed, his mind and body tired from their daily routine and he soon began to fall asleep.

It wasn’t until a click of a door opening woke him up and he saw Lucy standing in front of him.

With a stretch he stood up and went to her, then offered her a smile.

He knew she wasn’t going to smile back, but he did so anyways.

He then guided her to the bed and tucked her in.

The dead look in her eyes never leaving her as they closed.

“Good night Lucy.” He whispered softly as he touched her cheek.

Her face reminiscent of an angel in all her beauty.

He just wished that he could put the smile back to her face and the light back in her eyes.

He lowered his head and took back his hand as unshed tears began to emerge from his eyes.

Turning his back and walking towards the door, he wondered if he had just been more honest with her, if he just didn’t kept secrets from her, would this all ever happen?

He guessed that will be the thought that he would wonder of all night as he laid restless on the couch tonight.

With a soft click, he left the room with a broken heart.

Meanwhile on the bed, a blonde beauty’s eyes suddenly opened.

Her hand finding its way to the spot he touched before.

Natsu.” She said in a voice that was barely audible, but filled with so much warmth.

It had been a very long time since she had so too.

With a sad smile, she wondered how long she could keep up her current ruse.

She had wanted to give in so many times when he sees him suffering, but a small part of her did not want to.

She had to get payback on all the sadness he inflicted her, so she’ll play with his feelings for a little bit longer.

Fighting back a tear, she closed her eyes.

She had to keep up her secret.


Author’s Note: I finally finished it! So I changed a lot of stuff, but I hope you guys still like it. On the contrary, I hope that you guys actually find this story better! Thank you for being patient with me. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

Touch Starved

Request: “I can you pleeeeeeease do a long klaus imagine where you are secretly really touch starved bc you don’t get along with alot of people? You get in a fist fight just to have klaus pull you back? He goes to confront you about what your problem is and you confess. He says all you have to do is ask and he holds you??? This is so long I’m sorry😄”

Notes// I hope you enjoy this!! <3

I don’t know if I am happy with this, but I hope you all enjoy!! 

You were sat at the bar, on your possible 5th drink…you weren’t entirely sure how many you had drunk, but who cared? Not you, that was for sure. You were alone, but again that was no surprise. You didn’t get along with anyone. Not a single person, and it did not help when you had fallen in love with that person. 

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” A guy came and sat himself next to you. 

You sighed and turned towards him, “Nothing. And I don’t care, so leave me alone, please.” You throw a smile at him before turning away from him. 

“What if I don’t want to leave you alone, sweetheart?” The brunette continued to bug you, clearly not getting the message. 

“Then you would be making a huge mistake.” You reply downing the rest of you drink. 

“I would only be making a mistake if I left you alone.” The guy smirked, placing his hand on your knee and squeezing it softly. 

You swatted his hand away, setting a $100 bill on the counter before walking away. You were definitely not in the mood for this. 

“Hey, what’s wrong? Scared to have a little fun.” The guy grabbed your arm pulling you back, but you swung round, your palm making hard contact with his cheek, causing him to groan in pain, “What was that for?”

“I said leave me alone!” You reply, your voice rising. 

“Hey, do you have a problem?” Another guy came up to the both of you. You figured it was his friend sticking up for him. 

“No, I was just leaving.” You shrug. 

“No one hits my mate for no reason and leaves.” The blonde stepped towards you, his eyes hard. 

You rolled your eyes, “And what are you going to do about it?” You glared back at him. What he didn’t know was that you were pretty strong, and he was threatening the wrong person. 

The blonde sighed, getting frustrated before lifting his fist and swinging it round at you. Luckily for you, you saw it coming, and was able to duck missing the punch, “Gonna have to do better than that.” You retorted as the people in the bar gasped in horror. 

“Oh yeah? Let’s see what you got.” The brunette tilted his head. You shook your head, before swinging your fist at his face, causing him to fall backwards, holding his jaw. You could hear the blonde almost growling. You turned around seeing the Blonde radiating anger as he stormed towards you grabbing your shirt in his fist and lifting his other fist. You lifted your leg, kneeing him in the crotch, letting you escape from his grip. 

“Why, you little-” The brunette growled swinging his fist and it coming into contact with your cheek. You stumbled backwards, your hand pressed against your cheek, before pulling it away and seeing blood. You glared up at the man  before running at him, punching him up the jaw. 

The fight continued, your jaw, head and cheek were now bleeding. Everyone was either too scared to move or call the police, so they left you to it. The two men were enduring the same pain. You lunged forwards but you were pulled back by someone. 

“Alright, that’s enough love.” A british accent filled your ear, and it was clear to your who it was stopping you from fighting. 

“Let go of me!” You struggled against Klaus’ grip, while the two men stood in front of you laughing. 

“Not so strong now are you sweetheart?” The blonde laughed, shaking his head. 

You rolled your eyes, pushing Klaus off, before storming into the women’s restrooms locking the main door so that no one could enter. You switched the taps on, running the water on before daring yourself to look in the mirror. It was safe to say you were in a state. 

After cleaning up, and giving up waiting for the wound on your cheek to stop bleeding, you walk out of the restrooms and make your way out of the grill, hugging your jacket to yourself. At this moment, you just wanted to be at home, and pressing ice against your jaw and head. Nothing else mattered…or so you thought. 

“What happened back there, love?” Klaus sped up so he could walk beside you. 

“Nothing.” You shrug, speeding up your pace but Klaus used his vamp speed and stopped right in front of you. 

“That was clearly not nothing! Look at you!” Klaus sighed, raising his eyebrows at you. 

“They wouldn’t leave me alone, and plus..he punched me first. I wasn’t going to let him get away with it!” You reply, not making eye contact. 

“You couldn’t just walk away?” Klaus questioned, crossing his arms. 

“Like you do when you kill innocents?” You retort, before pushing past him. Klaus growled, pulling you back.

“Tell me what happened. Why did you get into a fight with them? Was it that important?” Klaus wasn’t close to finishing with his questions, which riled you up even more. 

“Because! I don’t get on with anyone Klaus! I fight with people, everyone and anyone. I don’t get on with anyone! And it’s just irritating me! I have been alone all my life, with no one by my side because I fight with everyone.  And yes I am jealous of pretty much everyone because they have someone…they have someone to hold them, to be there with them…” You trail off realising that you have just admitted everything to Klaus, to the one you secretly loved. 

Something in Klaus’ eyes changed, and you couldn’t figure out what which scared you. How was he going to take it? Was he going to laugh at you or comfort you? You never knew what Klaus was thinking. 

“Love…” Klaus sighed, holding his hand out, not knowing what to say, “Let’s get home, and you can pick out your favourite movie…” Klaus took both your hands pulling you close to him. You were shocked by his actions. This was not what you were expecting, “And I will hold you. If that’s what you want, love. All you have to do, is ask.” 

You smiled softly, you could feel your heart racing faster and faster. 

You were now at Klaus’ home, both of you laying on his bed, with his arms around you. It was the last place you would have thought to have been but there you were, happy as can be. There was no place you could think of that you would rather be. For once, you were happy. You shifted a little, as you glanced up at Klaus’ face, who was concentrated on what was happening in the film. You had, of course, chosen a marvel movie, which has now confused Klaus to the ends of earth, but it was worth it. It was all worth it. 

The new kid that’s just been cast as Spider-man is gonna get so much hate I can literally hear parts of tumblr already preparing to rip him to shreds.

Let’s remember that he did not cast himself and any comments you feel you need to make should be directed at Marvel.

The Caregiver

I don’t expect this fic to get nearly as many notes as my first one (thank you guys so much by the way my week was literally made to know so many of you enjoyed it) but I can only hope once again I did Jacob’s character justice as I’m still getting used to writing him in different scenarios. Depending on how the response to this fanfic goes I might start taking requests :D

Haha I hope you guys like some super angst with a side of fluff. Also my apologies for the sucky ending

Warnings: Mild death? Can that even be a thing? I don’t think there are any for this other than Angsty!Jacob but if there are that I don’t recognize don’t hesitate to let me know.

Word Count: 3,973 

((Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader))

Summary: The reader gets poisoned while out on a mission and Jacob refuses to leave her side as he acts like a super concerned puppy baby who’s racked with guilt again Jacob pls stop fukin up

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Couple Q’s

Ok so recently (the past couple weeks) my stuff hasn’t gotten as many notes on them and it’s been bothering me slightly - because without people letting me know what they think, or what makes it better or whether it’s good how am I meant to know if it’s ok or really bad?

Sometimes writers do something they’re so proud of, and they expect to get really good feedback from it - and they get none.

It’s really upsetting sometimes because we really need to know what you guys want next, or why you did/didn’t like that other post.

Basically I don’t mean to be bitchy, but I just need you guys to let me know why you aren’t liking my stuff, or why you think they aren’t as good because it’s really disheartening knowing that my recent stuff isn’t as good (clearly) because there’s near to none notes on them.

I’m sorry.

- Blue x

Highlights from the Eion Bailey, Sinqua Walls, and Robbie Kay Panel (Lee Arenberg moderating) at Creation NJ

  • Question for Robbie:  Was it hard to take yourself seriously playing Robert Carlyle’s dad?  “Yeah it was a constant struggle to try to take that seriously.  They didn’t actually tell me I was 250 years old in the show and Rumplestiltskin’s father until about three episodes in.  About three episodes into filming they were like ‘oh by the way this is happening now and you are part of the ever growing family tree….’ and I was like thanks for telling me now.  But yeah it was kind of weird to wrap my head around.  We got used to it.  But Robert Carlyle is good to be around and he is a professional while we’re working so that made it very easy.”
  • Question to the Group:  Favorite scene:  
    • Sinqua: the first one for his character.  The entire first episode with Snow and Charming in 2.03.
    • Robbie: the end of 3.01 when Pan reveals himself to Henry.
    • Eion: showing up into town on the motorcycle in 1.09.
  • A general conversation about the difference between acting in film and tv where you know the entire arc of a character versus being cast and you may not even know who you are playing.
  • Sinqua:  About his casting:  “When I went into do it I read for a totally different character.  I said I think you made a mistake.  No you read for the right character they just never told you the name.  It was very covert.”
  • Lee Arenberg: Now a days they’ll just give you a scene from something to see what you do that isn’t what you are going to play.
  • Sinqua:  “Or they’ll give you a scene from something that doesn’t even exist.  They’ll give you something that says like… Rescue Rangers… I don’t know how I’m going to play this but I’ll be the best chipmunk I can be.”  Eion: “Did you say chipmunk?”  Lee:  “I think he said Rescue Rangers.”
  • Question to the Group:  If you could put one episode of Once Upon a Time and put it in a time capsule what would it be:  
    • Robbie:  The pilot.
    • Eion:  “I’ll say, when Mars is colonized, you take the box set and send it out on the discovery mission to Mars and it gets planted in that red dirt…  When earth is no longer… plants have risen and taken over Manhattan… a new form of dinosaur is roaming the planet… over on Mars some Mars-o-naunt is going to be like terraforming some hydroponic tomatoes or something there is going to be Once Upon a Time the entire series and people are going to be like that’s what it was like there and they’re going to think earth was like Once Upon a Time!”
    • Sinqua:  “I can not… I can not… he goes to Mars-o-nauts …”
    • Lee:  “You are going to play a Mars-o-naut as a chipmunk…”
    • Sinqua:  “I say chipmunk and everyone’s crazy but he goes Mars-o-naut and everything is cool?”
  • Question to the Group:  You all have pretty established fairy tale or legendary characters.  How did you go about makign the part your own?
    • Robbie:  Found it freeing to take a character who was generally considered nice and put an entirely new spin on it.
    • Lee:  Complimenting Robbie on the charm to his evil.  And on his acting chops.
    • Eion:  When he found out he was playing Pinocchio he had to think “what does Pinocchio want?  He wants to be a real boy.  So I could translate that to wanting to be authentic and true and the desire to be authentic and true and finding yourself not.  We all desire to be more something than we are because there is some aspect of our selves that we respect and appreciate to further and nurture.  And that one was something that I could understand too.  Like I sometimes catch myself being inauthentic at times when meeting someone and afterwords I think ‘fuck why was I not more real?  My true self?  Why was I politicking… or presenting an idea that is not truly myself?’  Once I find as an actor that core element is very much like the character and the characters aspirations than it’s a simpler process.”
    • Lee:  “Did you know you were Pinocchio early on?”
    • Eion:  “No.”
    • Lee:  “That was a great mystery on the show even those of us working on the show.”
    • Eion:  “I was reading a scene where I was in the diner talking to Emma telling her a story about having been on these travels in Nepal and in Nepal there is ruins of a monastery and around the monastery there were jumping these lemurs.  And I knew lemurs don’t live in Nepal they live in Madagascar.  So I wrote to Adam and Eddy.. like could they really have not known that?  And I wrote the two writers and said ‘you probably know this but lemurs don’t live in Nepal just thought I’d let you know.’  And they wrote back ‘no, you are not being truthful.’  And there I knew.” [Editor’s note:  He’s told this story several times before and he is mismembering, it’s Ruby and it’s the scene at the beginning of 1.15]
    • Sinqua:  “I had the biggest cheat sheet.”  Because there were so many people who have played Lancelot he could look at all of these performances.
  • Question for Robbie:  How did you like playing a villain, isn’t it a twist on Peter Pan?  “I loved it!  I can’t say that enough.  I had such a good time shooting Once.  Such a good time playing it.  You know it’s cool getting to be the hero and being the good guy but being able to walk on set every day and act along side people who just looked like they wanted to kill you all the time.  That was an element of satisfaction in that.  Having said that it was nice having a respite in the episode when I switch rolls with Henry and actually got to play a role where people didn’t look they wanted to kill me.  That was nice too.  The cast were all wonderful and I had such a good time shooting the show.”
  • Question for Robbie:  What would have happened if Pan, Felix and Henry united in the underworld?  “That’s a good question  Where was Felix?  Why wasn’t he with me?  The fucker.”  He said it would have been interesting and to expand what was happening between when Pan died and when we meet him running the Underbrooke pawn shop.
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite costume:  
    • Sinqua:  “I was fortunate that the armor was not as uncomfortable as it looked.  They found a good little compromise for how to make this metal, chain metal, plastic concoction not completely feel like I was dressed uncomfortably all the time.  I could go to the bathroom really easily.  I was amazed how quickly I could take the belt off go to the bathroom and put it back on. […] I really loved all of my costumes.”
    • Eion:  “It’s always funny to go into that costume shop because there is Eduardo who comes out in a cape or something and all these people are bent over these tables sewing machines and they look up like… like some sort of sweet shop.”
    • Robbie:  “Like he comes out of a warden’s office… ‘BACK TO WORK YOU… how are you?’  And you are like ‘Are you okay?  You get paid right?’
    • Robbie:  One of his favorite costumes was the pied piper costume from 3.04 because it was different from the green Pan costume.
    • Eion:  “All I ever wore was a black leather jacket.”  At some point Bailey bought a black leather jacket because he doesn’t want to look like August in the world.
    • Robbie:  “I have the same issue with my costume when I wear it out in the world.”
  • Question for Robbie:  Who in the acting business did you piss off that you keep dying?  “I’ll give you a list.”
    • Eion:  “That’s an amazing question.  Very bold.”
    • Robbie:  “I came back before maybe I’ll come back again.”
    • Lee:  “I actually think it’s the opposite.  Instead of pissing someone off it means they’re really investing in your death it means you are really radical.”  That deaths are great moments we remember.  “Like Sean’s death on our show.”
    • Audience:  “TOO SOON!”
  • Question for the Group:  Eion speaks a made up langauge he talks to his son.  Robbie speaks some french.  Sinqua just starts giggling and speaks really bad Spanglish.  
  • Question for the Group:  Who would you want to be on the show.
    • Robbie: Rumplestiltskin.
    • Sinqua: Rumplestiltskin.
    • Both praise Robert Carlyle.
    • Eion:  “Back to language for just a moment….”  Eion tells people to try and make an effort to learn a little of a language when traveling.
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite fairy tales:
    • Robbie:  My own.
    • Eion:  “Ditto”
    • Sinqua:  “My favorite fair tale has always been Beauty and the Beast.”
  • Question for Eion:  How did you film the nose torture scene from 4.15?  “It’s done after the fact.  There is nothing practical there… well what they did do is they made a wooden nose in three different lengths so I could see what they were going to do….”  and to set up focal lengths.  “It’s just straight up acting like my nose is growing and it’s painful…”
  • Question for Robbie:  Were you nervous to play Peter Pan?  “It’s a little daunting to go into a role that is so iconic.  Better not mess this up.”
  • Question for the Group (which only Robbie answered):  Most memorable moment:
    • Robbie:  “Trying to go to the loo.  There were plenty of wonderful moments for me.  Being able to work with a fantastic ensemble cast.”  Always laughing.  The crew and the cast.  “They are very Canadian in their political correctness.”
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite person to work with:
    • Sinqua:  Everyone he worked with on the show.  “I can honestly say that Once Upon a Time goes down as my favorite filming experience.  The producer are great, the cast is phenomenal, shooting in the city of Vancouver is amazing.  Every aspect of it …  I didn’t have a favorite because I loved every aspect of the process.”
    • Eion:  After season 1 started airing seeing the 150 or more fans who came from all over the world filming and it turned it into doing live theater.
  • At this point Sinqua discovered his baggage claim ticket stuck to his jacket.  There were a lot of jokes about how he traveled in the luggage compartment.
    • Sinqua had a traumatic experience going through TSA because he had been doing push ups in grass the day before at a bbq and the fertilizer set off the TSA bomb detection equipment.
    • Eion:  “Word to the wise about TSA.  And someone is going to be glad I said this.  I went though security just recently and there was something found like a bottle of water and I was like yeah get rid of that and then they swabbed it and they said you are going to have to go further checking.  And after they finished with my back I asked what the red flag was and they said the ‘a substance, a residue of something came up in your bag.’  And I was like what are you talking about?  And then I realized oh I keep herb in here in this bag.  And there it was the tiniest little crystals of green I realized I better not…  they patted me down my angles my arm pits my everything.  And I realized right there that either I need to get a whole new set of bags or not travel with these.  If there are any stoners in the room…”
    • At this point Robbie Key looked like he wanted to find somewhere else to be…
  • Question for Eion:  Where has August been?  “He left Storybrooke and moved to Japan.  But he has a special place in his heart for Storybrooke, you never know he might go back at some point.  But it’s another realm he crossed that barrier.  He crossed the town line… but if the town folks asked him to come back he might just come back…”
  • Question for Eion:  Who would you be shipped with?  “I don’t know if you know this but I was always working a little side angle, it was never in the writing, giving a kind of wink to Granny.  You know August likes those older ladies.  There is so much wisdom in an older woman.”  Audience suggests Old Leather as a ship name.
  • At this point Eion asks the audience to explain shipping.  The audience goes crazy.  
    • Robbie:  “Don’t ask don’t ask don’t ask…  Didn’t you hear the way they responded to that word?”  Robbie looks at the audience “Ship” *makes an arms in the air motion* *audience screams* “It’s like if you just mention Lana Parrilla out of the blue.”  *audience screams even louder*
    • Eion:  “So there are certain key words that just evoke pandemonium.”
    • Audience shouts a bunch including ship names.
    • Robbie:  “See what you’ve done?”
    • Eion:  “Swan Queen there is another.”  
    • Audience cheers, other ship names are shouted.
    • Eion:  “Old leather is the best.  I kind of have a crush on Beverly Elliott.  Is she here?”
  • Question for the Group:  If you could be on another show who would you want to play:
    • Robbie:  “I’d love to play someone like Jon Snow.  I love that show.  It’s one of my favorite shows on tv right now.  I just need to grow my hair out a little bit.”
    • Eion:  Confused Highlander and Outlander.  Mostly apparently wants to wear a kilt and fight the English.
    • Sinqua:  “Cast me on Shameless.”