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OMG conflagrations that is so cool! On a side note how did you get a job at CN?

Thank you!!

Oh man, that full story has a lot of different components to it and it’s very longwinded. Haha.

But the short answer: I constantly strived for improvement as an artist and didn’t lose sight of my goals, I shared my work online, did my best to always be kind to others, made wonderful friendships with other artists who ended up going into the same industry, actively reached out and looked for opportunities, and I didn’t give up despite many disheartening rejections and roadblocks I experienced in my life. Then eventually one day things came together and I was given the fortunate chance to take a storyboard test for Magiswords, which was later followed up with me getting to do freelance storyboard work on the show over the summer, and then I was asked back for a full time position as a board revisionist! 

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Wait Ed aren't you like only 19 and your already gonna have a baby?

Heh you’ve sent it to the wrong blog Anon ^^” But my askbox on ask edwin blog is still closed anyways, but I’d like to talk about it a little, why I did the thing that way and not another

So I don’t know if you know about FMA guidebooks, but there is that one ( the last of them) in which we have Ed’s timeline 


And there’s date 1917 on it

And under it we have information that Ed and Al leave Resembool in 1917 but also that it’s the year Ed and Winry get married (and besides it says that they have many kids)

So according to this they were still 18 or barely 19 (It was the beginning of 20th century and I highly doubt they used any kind of protection)

Anyways - getting back to the askblog - I simply want to make them canon and in character as much as I only can so yeah, he’s only 19 and already expecting. But that’s Ed, I wouldn’t worry about it tbh, he’s spent his whole life ahead of everybody else his age, right? :’)

But if you wanna ask Ed this question on my ask edwin blog anyway, you can send it again when I open the ask box! And I’ll let ppl know about opening it on my main blog as well as on the side blog :)

I’ve noticed that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen. I don’t worry, but I observe where my mind tends to go. I have such an overwhelming sense that if you’re in the right state of heart, which I have been for a little while, the next right thing appears to you. – robert downey, jr.

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Hey guys, I recently reached 3.5k and I have decided it’s the right time to do my first ever favourites, yay! I have been wanting to do this for so long & because I have been finding tons of beautiful blogs :) 


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