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How about a semi angsty fight with the rfa+V but they make up because HAPPY ENDINGS ARE NICE

I’m a slut for angst don’t give me this power 


✮ you had accidentally knocked the power cord to his computer while you were cleaning and he was playing LOLOL 
✮ he screamed 
✮ he was ranting and raving about how he was in the middle of an important raid and he was so close to levelling up 
✮ and you’re kinda standing there with a laundry basket and a pile of clothes almost over your head 
✮ and you don’t know what to do 
✮ you kind of want to cry 
✮ you kind of want to throw the laundry at his head 
✮ until 
✮ “rika never did things like this!!”
✮ oh 
✮ of course
✮ it somehow always got back to this point. comparing you with rika 
✮ sometimes he didn’t mean it or even realise he’d done it. but this was different 
✮ you remain eerily calm, putting the laundry down before turning to glare at yoosung 
✮ a wave of realisation hits him and he’s just full of guilt 
✮ you very calmly tell him you’re going to spend the night with jaehee, and ask him not to contact you 
✮ he begins crying and pleading with you to stop and stay 
✮ he’s so sorry and he’s just hating himself while you pack an overnight bag
✮ he’s practically on his knees and following you, begging you to stay 
✮ you kind of pause when you see the raw sorrow in his face 
✮ you sigh and stop for a moment 
✮ you’re hurt but you know that you have to talk it out with yoosung for it to get better 
✮ you both talk for a few hours, and he completely understands your viewpoint and he apologises 18923475829 times 
✮ he stays off of LOLOL for a few weeks, and even after that he tries not to get too obsessed– because that’s how the whole problem started 
✮ he just doesn’t want to lose you 


✎ you just wanted her to stop working so much 
✎ she was working overtime at the cafe 
✎ so much that she practically lived there 
✎ she was there after-hours and before-hours 
✎ sometimes she slept there and wouldn’t come home 
✎ so you book a holiday for her in secret, making plans behind her back for the cafe so it can function without her
✎ you tell all the employees and the deliverers who are close with the shop 
✎ but when you sit jaehee down and announce your plan 
✎ she gets so cold 
✎ she wants none of it 
✎ she’s not overworking herself dammit 
✎ she’s just doing what needs to be done 
✎ you try telling her that she doesn’t need to coddle the cafe, that you and the other emplyees were fully capable of running it 
✎ but she’s so worked up 
✎ and she says that you can’t 
✎ you’re clearly offended and you’re upset that your hard work planning this holiday for her is being pushed aside 
✎ somehow, you get her to take the holiday and see how it pans out 
✎ she’s calling you constantly 
✎ eventually you start ignoring her calls and texts 
✎ she gets so freaked out that the cafe is literally crumbling with you in charge so she rushes home 
✎ and you’re so mad when she rushes into the cafe, only to stop when she sees everything is going as usual 
✎ “b-but you weren’t answering my calls! I thought something happened!” 
✎ “jaehee i was ignoring you because you have no trust in me and I was busy making sure you could enjoy your holiday!” you were screaming 
✎ she felt so bad 
✎ she took her vacation and came back a lot better 
✎ you two made up, and she explained that her problem came from being jumin’s assistant for so long (if she didn’t do her job everything fucked up bc jumin is horrible at his job lmao) 
✎ she was a lot more calm after that and took breaks when she needed to (even took some time off on every second weekend- when you took care of the cafe) 


✿ he was working 
✿ of course 
✿ his job was the root of most of your arguments as a couple 
✿ but this time he had gone out for drinks with the cast 
✿ while you were standing outside of a restaurant waiting for him- you were going to have a date since filming was wrapping up that day (which is why the cast was having drinks in the first place) 
✿ you had faith in him, and stayed there until the restaurant closed 
✿ which was very, very late in the evening, seeing as it was part bar 
✿ as you were walking home, upset 
✿ zen came stumbling out of the bar with his castmates 
✿ he doesn’t notice you at first 
✿ until one of his acting buddies points at you, not recognising you, and laughs about how you’re soaked in rain and look like you’ve had that worst day of your life 
✿ you hear him 
✿ zen chuckles slightly before looking closer and realising who it is 
✿ swears up a storm as he pushes away everyone- muttering out something like ‘ssss my girlfirendddd’ 
✿ he tries to grab you because you’re storming away 
✿ he’s trying to coo and ask you why you were out so late because he’s drunk and doesn’t remember 
✿ you slap his hands away before screaming at him 
✿ “I was waiting for you! Our date for celebrating the end of filming?! Guess you had other plans, huh?!” 
✿ he’s so shocked like 
✿ it looks like he’s been smacked in the face 
✿ he follows you all the way home, apologising profusely 
✿ you make him sleep on the couch and lock yourself in the bedroom 
✿ when he wakes up the next morning he remembers, even through his wicked hangover 
✿ he cooks an amazing breakfast and waits for you to come out 
✿ when you do he hands you flowers with a card about how sorry he is
✿ he swears that he’ll make it up to you- and never let it happen ever again 


₩ he was planning on properly introducing you to his father 
₩ but he was getting so controlling 
₩ he literally dressed you and did your hair and practically gave you a lecture on how to act and what to say 
₩ you’re kind of pissed at him but try to understand that he’s just stressed about how his father will react 
₩ his father loves you, and you loosen up- begin to be yourself 
₩ his father leaves after blessing your relationship together 
₩ but jumin is fuming 
₩ ‘what were you doing?! I told you not to say this or that’ blah blah 
₩ you’re just so shocked 
₩ “jumin that’s not who I am!” 
₩ “that’s who you should be!” 
₩ silence. 
₩ jumin has never been afraid of anything 
₩ but he’s afraid of this silence and the tears that are slipping down your cheeks 
₩ he’s afraid of what he said. he’s afraid of himself 
₩ he stumbles over his words as he tries to apologise, saying that isn’t what he meant 
₩ you can’t hear him though, all you can hear is his previous words echoing through your head 
₩ you tell him you’re sleeping in the guest room that night- the only thing you said before locking him out 
₩ when you get up the next morning 
₩ you open the door and see jumin sitting on the ground agains the wall next to your door, elizabeth pulled to his chest 
₩ his eyes were puffy and his cheeks and nose red 
₩ he had a note next to him that he hadn’t finished 
₩ it read ‘I’m sorry’ over and over, tear stains smudging some of the letters 
₩ you sigh, and kneel down to wake him up 
₩ he explains that he thought his father wouldn’t accept you unless you were like the other women and he didn’t want his father to come between your relationship anymore than he already had with the Sarah bullshit 
₩ and you make up but he spends so long reassuring you that he loves you so much, just the way you are 


✞ he was doing it again
✞ he was trying to push you away 
✞ someone had approached you while you were on the street, asking about a ‘707′ 
✞ when you told saeyoung he got so scared and reverted back to his old ways 
✞ trying to push you away so that you ‘wouldn’t get hurt’ 
✞ when you try to kiss his cheek he physically pushes you away (after acting hostile all day) 
✞ and you trip over his wires and fall- hitting your head on the ground 
✞ he’s shocked, you’re shocked 
✞ he reaches forward to try and help you but freezes when you flinch away 
✞ he feels like less than shit 
✞ he feels like death himself. the grim reaper- that’s him. 
✞ he watches helplessly as you stumble to your feet and rush off to the bedroom, locking yourself inside (even though Saeyoung had control over the locks) 
✞ he spends about an hour just leaning over his desk with his head in his hands, thinking over how terrible he had been 
✞ how you deserve so much better 
✞ he was unstable. he was dangerous. 
✞ you were the light. you were everything 
✞ after a while he unlocks the door and sends your robot-cat in with flowers and a note in his mouth 
✞ it’s a handwritten letter from saeyoung, telling you he was just scared 
✞ that he was so sorry. that he loved you more than he could ever understand and he didn’t know how to deal with that yet 
✞ you slowly walk out, seeing him sitting on the ground somewhere, surrounded by the mess that he’d made 
✞ he had thrown all the cushions and pillows on the couch. ripped up the first drafts of the note. he’d even knocked one of his monitors to the ground, shattering it.
✞ you sit with him and talk together 
✞ you make a plan for how you can both deal with these times better 
✞ he promises to spend his life making sure you’re as happy as you can be 


☼ i’m so sorry but i don’t want to hurt this precious roll 


Words: 12k

Genre: Extreme fluff for all you bitter people out there (me being included)

Read more at Service Series 


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you don’t know what you did to me.
you think that you left and that i’ll be okay eventually.
but that’s not true.
i look for you in every man i meet.
i always check if their hand fits in mine as yours did and if it feels as sweet around my neck as yours.
it doesn’t.
i always wait for them to tell me how much they love my laugh and how adorable they find it.
they never do.
i kiss them just to find out if my heart beats faster and my knees get weak just as they did with you.
that doesn’t happen.
so, do you see what you really did to me?
you spoiled me for every other man because all i’ll ever be able to think about is you.
i’ll be with another man and i’ll think about you.
always you.
it’s always going to be you.
—  e.s. // always you.

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Klance, in the elevator/pool. But because Lance is half naked, Keith can see the scars on his back from the explosion incident in the castle. It's too cute the idea of Keith worrying about Lance to miss the opportunity. THANKS!

The scene we all deserved to see in canon. Hope you enjoy!

           “Look, you stay on one side of the pool, and I’ll stay on the other, and we’ll be far, far away from each other. Very. Far. Away,” Keith said. He was exhausted, his patience frayed so thin that Lance’s mere presence felt like a pebble in his shoe, incessantly annoying. Couldn’t he get more than five minutes alone on this ship? Was that really too much to ask?

           Before Lance got a chance to answer, the elevator shuddered and stopped moving. Both of them glanced up in confusion, and then, even worse, the lights blinked out. Lance and Keith looked sideways at each other in the dark and groaned in unison. For a moment neither of them moved, and then Lance took the initiative to bang on the doors.

           “Hunk! Allura! Shiro! Pidge, Coran, anybody?” he called, fist pounding against the door. “Helloooooooooooooooooooo?”

           “They could be anywhere in the castle. They probably can’t hear us,” Keith said. Lance groaned again, even louder, and Keith heard him thump to the floor.

           “This couldn’t have happened ten seconds later?” he yelled.

           “Would you calm down?” Keith snapped.

           “Sure. I’m on a half broken alien spaceship being chased through the universe by a 10,000-year-old emperor of evil, and I just stuck in the elevator. With you.” Lance spat the last out so bitterly that Keith paused. He heard a sigh. “I just wanted to float on my back in the pool in a little peace and quiet, okay?”

           “We all want a break,” Keith snapped, running his fingers along the buttons, hoping for anything that felt like a call button or an emergency light, but there was nothing. He walked into Lance’s seated form trying to get close to the door and heard him grunt and shuffle out of the way. Reaching over him, he tried to get enough purchase on the doors to pry them open, but the slit was far too thin. He couldn’t get his fingers into the gap. He stepped back, frowning.

           “What about the roof?” Lance asked from the floor. From the sound of it, his face was pressed against his knees.

           “What do you mean?”

           “I think there’s an emergency hatch,” he said.

           “I’ll need a boost,” Keith said. Fumbling blindly, he found Lance’s arm, then his hand, and pulled him back to his feet. “Don’t hit me against the ceiling,” he warned.

           “Yeah, yeah,” Lance said. “Here–” After a few awkward moments as the two of them struggled to get into position, communicating with shoves and pulls, eventually Lance managed to hoist Keith precariously onto his shoulders. He stood upright slowly, leaving Keith time to find the ceiling. He had to lean back to avoid crashing into it with his head, making Lance stumble and almost throw them both to the ground, which elicited another round of cussing and snapping at each other until they stabilized. Running his hands across the ceiling, he found something that felt like a handle. It twisted easily enough, but was stuck as he tried to push it up, struggling and pushing against it with as much strength as he had at such an awkward angle. It released suddenly, popping out so quickly that it knocked Lance and Keith off balance and they tumbled to the floor, Lance smacking his head against Keith’s knee as he went. The castle’s typical pale blue and white light flooded into the elevator as both of them lay there groaning. Keith was half-sitting, leaning against the wall, while Lance was face down on the floor, rubbing at his head. Something on Lance’s back caught his eye and Keith frowned.

           There were thin lines of raised skin like an ugly starburst radiating from a point just below his shoulder blade. Whatever had made that scar, Lance was lucky it hadn’t killed or crippled him. Two inches to the right and it would have hit directly on his spine.

           “What’s that from?” Keith asked, gesturing at his back. Lance raised his head slightly, and seeing where Keith was pointing, craned his head over his shoulder.

           “Oh, this?” he asked, reaching his right arm across to point at the scar. His finger just barely reached the edge of the starburst, brushing against the thinnest and faintest lines. Keith nodded. “That’s from the explosion, you know, when Sendak was here? And we supposedly had our ‘bonding moment.’” Keith ignored the last bit, reaching out unconsciously and brushing his fingers lightly over the top of the scar. Lance stared at him. “Uh, Keith…”

           “I didn’t realize it was so close.” He withdrew his hand, eyes fixed on the curve of Lance’s spine. “It could have killed you.”

           “They gave it a try,” Lance grinned, but his smile faltered as Keith’s expression didn’t change. “Hey, it all worked out fine,” he said, pushing himself back to sitting and hiding the scar from Keith’s view. “Hunk and Coran got a new Balmera, Pidge and the mice kicked Sendak’s ass, and you cradled me in your arms or whatever, and we were all fine.” He smiled uncertainly at Keith. “They won’t take me out quite that easily.” Keith finally looked up and met his eyes, bright with confidence and life.

           “Yeah, takes more than an explosion and an invasion by an alien army to keep us down,” he answered, managing to return the smile. Lance’s smile grew into a grin in response, and he held out his hand for Keith to grab. They pulled each other to their feet and looked up the long, smooth elevator shaft. “So… now we have to figure out how to get out of here,” Keith said. Lance pursed his lips, considering, until suddenly his eyes lit up in a way Keith did not like at all. He turned to face Keith with a sly look on his face.

           “Did you ever see that old kids’ film, The Emperor’s New Groove?”

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Harry Styles - Abusive Ex Imagine

[Hope you like it! ]

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Sapphire (Sidlink Oneshot)

Some more sidlink fluff! Requested by @touhouemblem​

Request: “Sidlink and Zora sapphire like how Ruto did to Link in OoT.”
Pairing: Sidlink (Prince Sidon x Link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: G

Word Count: 691

Warnings: PDA

Sidon rolled the ancient sapphire back and forth in his hand nervously. With the countless generations it had passed through, Sidon was surprised that it didn’t seem to show any signs of damage. He brushed his thumb back and forth across the smooth, blue stone, letting himself get lost in thought. Currently, he was waiting for Link to return from his travels and visit the domain once more. With any luck on Sidon’s part, the hero would be here to stay next time.

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Sincerely, Me.

Jughead x Reader

Request: Ooooh can i do a request (jughead x reader) where the reader is kinda loud and seems real happy but then they have a lot of issues with confidence, and they have  a saying that they keep writing to keep them sane, and then a wild Jughead appears and just fluff fluff fluff. I’m sorry I’m bad at explaining things. I really love your writing btw!

Warnings: None, Chuck is there though. 

Word Count: 1,311

A/N: Oh hey look another one based off something in Dear Evan Hansen who would’ve thought. Also sorry it’s so short I just think it’s time to publish this one.


Dear (Y/N),

Today’s gonna be a good day, here’s why:

Because today, today at least you’re you - and that’s enough.

You’re good enough, right now, just like this.

You’re not perfect- and that’s okay.

Sincerely, Me.

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I'm just saying, you could do better

gt;She took a deep breathe, downing the fiery light brown shot and shaking her head. Betty scrunched her nose as the warm liquid made its way down her throat.

Veronica squeezed her best friends shoulder and raised a brow as she shot back her own little glass. She had Betty’s back, she wasn’t going to let her get too drunk and make stupid mistakes all because she was upset. And man was she upset.

The beautiful blonde had stormed into her bedroom, red rimmed eyes and quivering lips as she declared they were going to Reggies party tonight and they were going to drink endless amounts of alcohol. Veronica just stared , fairly certain her eyes were deceiving her, the only indication that this was her best friend was the very Betty like please she had tacked onto the end of her rant.

Okay, if her girl needed to escape something she was gonna be there for her. She had a fairly good idea what was bothering the green eyed beauty anyway. It was the thing that was usually bothering her.

Her boyfriend of six months, Jughead Jones.

Speaking of Jughead, Betty pulled her cellphone out of her pocket, immediately pressing end when the silly picture of her typically moody boyfriend appeared on her screen. She couldn’t do this. Not now, not when the effects of the cinnamon fireball were hardly coming in to play.

It had all started this afternoon. Betty had been on her way out of cheerleading practice, when she saw him, or rather them.

Jughead was leaning against the locker room doors smirking at Ethel as she held onto his arm, showing him something on her phone. Obviously that wasn’t what had made her so upset, it was the lingering kiss Ethel had planted on his cheek that made her want to cry and also rip the shiny orange curls out of her once friends head all at once. To make matters worse Jughead didn’t look freaked out at all, he just slid his hand down Ethel’s arm and rolled his eyes, he finally spotted Betty and made his way over to her.

So she did what any mature, 17 year old girl would do.

She ran.

She ran so fast, her cheerleading skirt flipping behind her, his voice yelling out her name, as tears ran down her face. No. not again. She wasn’t second place. not.again.

She cried all the way to Veronica’s house, she had decided half way there she needed a drink. Or ten.

That brought her back to present day, grabbing a coors light from the six pack in front of her she followed Veronica over to the couch. The alcohol was finally settling in and she felt brave… and pissed.

Tipsy herself, Veronica shook a finger in her face

“I’m just saying B, he can’t do better than you. You oughta give him a call. Tell him how you really feel!”

Kevin was the most drunk of the three and he nodded

“Yes girl. Tell him exactly how you feel, tell him how you’re gonna find someone better tell him you’re gonna find someone cooooolll” he slurred

As foolish as this whole situation was, everything seemed to make sense to Betty and she set her shoulders back

“Ya know what? I think I will. I think I will call him.”

Pulling her cellphone out, she clicked on her first contact, God was he in for a storm.

He answered on the first ring, obviously shaken and relieved

“Betty? Thank god! Where are you? I’m at Archie’s, he said you didn’t even come home from school today! you haven’t answered any of my calls! And why the hell did you run away from me like that at school today?! why..”

Betty cut him off abruptly

“ I’m fine Jughead” she slurred slightly, accentuating every syllable in his name.

His end went quiet and he finally answered

“Are you drunk Elizabeth?” He whispered

She laughed cynically into her phone

“What’s it to you? I’m not drunk, I’m having fun! We can have fun can’t we? Ethel must be so fun right?”

“Ethel? What does she..” Jughead started

“It doesn’t matter, screw her!” She giggled loudly, slapping a hand over her mouth as Kevin and Veronica cracked up, nodding and encouraging her to go on. “Screw that new girl, she’s not crazy like me, I bet you like that. You can have her! I’m gonna go dance!”

“Betty, where are you? I’m coming to get you.”

She shook her head and laughed.

“No you’re not, you don’t care.” She pouted “Maybe you can do better than me Jughead, I’m just saying you can do better. I gotta go Reggie just brought out the keg.” She disconnected
The line. God that fireball worked quickly, she felt light on her feet as Kevin and Veronica dragged her to the middle of the room, joining the sweaty teens dancing.

She had been dancing for what felt like hours, when suddenly a very familiar pair of hands were on her waist, tugging her backwards and into a solid body. She couldn’t think clearly but she wasn’t drunk enough to let someone take advantage of her. She was getting ready to whip around when the smooth, velvety voice of her boyfriend dropped into her ear.

“Hey Juliet.”

She turned to see him smirking down at her, his hips moving with the music still clutching her waist. She was still angry but, god if this wasn’t the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Taking full advantage of the situation she began grinding into him, raising her arms to slip above his head and around his neck. He groaned audibly and she could feel how much he was enjoying this, the proof digging into her lower back.

Suddenly the music switched and the smooth voice of Drake filled the house, she turned her body around and slid her hands down his chest, her tiny fingers lingering and brushing on his zipper.

His eyes widened and his pupils were almost hiding the ocean blue, he let out a low growl and grabbed her hand, tugging her through the crown of people, and into what appeared to be Reggies parents room. As soon as the door slammed shut, he had her pushed up against the door, his hands all over her body as she hiked up a leg giving him better access to her sweet spot, she ran her fingers into his hair, tugging his mouth back up to hers almost painfully. He pulled back surprised, she was never this rough, she was always soft and gentle but this Betty? She didn’t need slow kisses and roaming hands, she needed it hard and rough and she needed it fast.

“Bed.” She growled through clenched teeth, her fingers moving to pull his shirt off, Jughead stopped her, holding her hands in his.

“Betty, you’re drunk. We don’t have to do this.” He placed a hand to her cheek but she quickly swatted it away

“I’m not drunk enough to not want this, I’m perfectly sobered up and I’m saying yes.” With that she shoved him on the bed and straddled him with a familiar ease. She vaguely remembered their first time, the awkward way he couldn’t find the hook to her bra, her trying awkwardly to help him out of his belt. They knew each other’s bodies back and forth now. Smiling slightly, she pulled off the tiny yellow tank top staring down at him as he watched her hungrily.

She dropped her mouth to his and he ran his hands over her smooth naked back, quickly unclipping the back of her bra, ripping off the unwanted barrier.

Things went fairly quick after that, they needed no warming up, as soon as he got her out of her skirt it was over. It was quick for both of them, passionate and hard. It was exactly what Betty wanted and what Jughead hadn’t known he needed.

Laying together after the fact, Jughead dropped a kiss to her head.

“Wanna tell me why you’re at reggie mantles house getting smashed?”

She sighed, stiffening again
“I saw you with Ethel, I saw her kiss you, you looked like you liked it. If you want her, I’m not gonna stand in the way. Maybe she’s what you need.”

He sat up at that, dragging her with him, she clutched the blanket to her chest as he grabbed at her face, “what on earth does that mean?”

She took a shaky breath averting his eyes
“I’m just saying, you could do better.”

She heard him chuckle, causing her to look up into his eyes hurt

“Betty Cooper you are absolutely crazy.”

Her jaw dropped and she tried to tug away

“Oh wow, thank you so..”
He dropped his lips to hers pulling her in for a kiss

“You’re my everything, I don’t want anyone else. Ever. I love you. I love you more than anything in this world, and if you think I would ever give you up, you’re absolutely nuts. Ethel is my friend and maybe she has a crush on me but I don’t care, she knows how much I love you, I don’t think you understand how much you mean to Me. There is no one better than you, I don’t want better when I already have the best.” He smiled that absolutely breathtaking smile and she sighed dropping her forehead to his

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just insecure. I love you too, so much, I don’t want to lose you. Ever.” She took a deep breathe before pulling away “hey how did you get here so fast, I just called you?”

His eyes widened
“Oh shit, Archie drove me in his dads truck, I told him I was just gonna grab you and head out. He’s probably out there waiting right now.” He rubbed the back of his neck, gathering her clothes and handing them to her.

Betty laughed out loud

“Don’t worry, I’ll bet Ronnie found him, I highly doubt they’re missing us.”

I definitely recommend for anyone moving away from their parents for the first time–whether it be moving to a school campus, or into a new apartment with a friend–make a small investment.

Thing is, when your sick in your new adult life, you aren’t going to have mum and dad to take care of you. The first time I really got sick away from my parents was awful. I had a serious stomach flu. And I wasn’t prepared. I ended up having to go shopping for things while I was still sick, because I didn’t even have friends around at the time to go out for me.

So what I recommend is making sure you have some things to help your recovery long before your ever sick. If you like, stick it in an “All That Ails Me” box. My personal must haves are as follows:

  • Some sort of electrolyte source; personally I go for Gatorade or Powerade, but if you prefer something healthier, coconut water is supposedly quite a good source, or you can make your own ‘gatorade’ with some fruit juice diluted in water and a pinch of salt.
  • Broth and broth based soups; if you can’t keep solid food down, broth is a pretty good way to get some nutrition until you can. Broth based soups are also good as you start to transition back into a normal diet.
  • BRAT foods are recommended by most healthcare professionals; they’re easy on the digestive system: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. You can usually keep rice and applesauce on hand and all times. Crackers are a good replacement for toast in my opinion.
  • Anything really with ginger (such as gingerale, or ginger tea) to help settle an upset stomach (make sure to let the gingerale flatten first if you go that route though)
  • Hot water bottle, for aches and pains
  • Make sure you have any medications that help with things like diarrhea or vomiting; tylenol, imodium, etc.
  • Tea; personally I have the Cold Surivival Kit from David’s Tea, which I love and it covers your bases (stomach ache, sniffles, sore throat), and I always try to have medicated lemon tea on hand since it puts me right to sleep and relieves everything from cough to runny nose. But any tea in general is good since they’re easy to get down, provide some nutrition, and the heat can help relieve various aches, pains, and other issues. 
  • Puke bucket; just keep one in your closet for such an occasion. It’s better than hanging over the public dorm toilets or running to the bathroom in your apartment
  • Favourite movie, stuffed animal, music, etc; I mean, you’ll probably have this anyway, and it won’t stop you from puking your guts out, but it may make you feel a little bit better when your sick and have no one to take care of you. 

These are my main suggestions, and probably the most important things, but make sure you take account of what your parents usually do to take care of you when you’re sick and help you feel better, and go out and buy that stuff so you have it on hand and are prepared if you ever get ill yourself. The things needed isn’t going to be exactly the same for everyone, since some people have little things that there parents did differently to care for them, or have other foods that they find do the same thing. Point is, make sure you have it on hand

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Hello there! I was wondering, since I'm at an Art college for Film and wondering how everyone would react to you/MC react to them being an art school student

Sorry, we were a little confused with how you worded this request, but we hope this is what you wanted. :)


  • When he found out, he was so impressed
  • He wanted to go to acting school at one point but couldn’t bring himself to it, so he admired your dedication
  • He thought you were pretty smart
  • He didn’t know what you studied at first, so when you told him you were in film and actually really bad at drawing, he started with the pick up lines
  • “You may not be an artist, but you sure are a work of art.”
  • He’s featured in a lot of your film projects
  • You teach him some technical things about film, since he wants to advance eventually
  • When you both move up in your careers–and relationship–you both make a dynamic duo
  • You handle a lot of the filming when he’s acting
  • It’s your dream to write and film a movie together one day


  • He always noticed you were often insecure about holding his hand
  • You came out and told him it’s because you have paint smudges under your nails and it looks horrible
  • It’s at this point he finds out you study painting at art school
  • He’s so excited to see your work and gets all wide eyed when he can observe it
  • But he gets super shy if you ask him to model for you
  • For a birthday gift, you once painted him fan art of his favorite LOLOL character
  • There was one project where your professor said to paint where you hoped to be in five years
  • Yoosung thought you would be painting flying cars and aliens and things
  • But instead, you painted him and you holding hands
  • It was a confession, really, and you were really scared to show him
  • He choked up when he saw it, because he really liked you and was scared to tell you
  • You framed that picture once the project was graded


  • Jumin was talking about needing a Graphic Designer for some cat project
  • You were still in art school, but you offered your services and he accepted
  • You were glad you could help Jaehee since you knew she was swamped
  • You two worked a lot together on the main themes and designs
  • As she watched you work and continue assignments in school, she truly admired your passion
  • She loved watching you work
  • Creativity just seemed to flow from you, and she was glad when you two were able to bounce ideas off of each other
  • It made her feel more connected to you
  • You bonded and encouraged her to follow her own dreams, no matter how risky
  • She did take your advice and quit the job as an assistant to run her own cafe
  • Once you were done school, she offered you a position for running all designs and promotions
  • You, of course accepted, because you two just seemed to flow better together


  • He gave you a ride one time, but your sketchbook fell out of your bag
  • He found the book, but didn’t know whose it was
  • When he looked inside for a name, he found yours at the bottom of several well-drawn pictures of random people and buildings
  • He returns it to you personally and finds even more beautiful drawings at your house
  • You’re a little shy and explain a lot of them are just projects for art school
  • He asks for the dates for all your exhibitions and art shows
  • He makes a point to attend despite his busy schedule
  • He would drop not so subtle hints that you should draw Elizabeth the 3rd
  • You ask if you could draw him one time
  • He flat out refuses, but then places Elizabeth on the counter with a smile
  • “Jumin…please stop.” 


  • During background check, he found your photography portfolio for art school online
  • But he didn’t think much of it for awhile
  • Sometimes he got a little jealous because you’d spend a lot of time looking at V’s pictures for inspiration
  • He would mope over to you and say that he was always available as a model
  • That’s when you take out your camera and show him candid pictures you took of him and the other RFA members
  • He’s so touched and he wants to print them all
  • He helps you in art school however he can, whether it’s adding features to your editing software or learning how to edit photos himself to help you
  • Also made your website look amazing
  • He would dress in costumes if you ever needed themed photo shoots for a project
  • Those were the most fun, even if he did get out of hand one time…like dressing in a pirate’s costume for an ocean shoot

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Painting Class - A Feysand Fic

Headcanon created by @her-misplaced-wings in one late night conversation and was posted: here

AO3: here

Fic Masterlist: here

Summary: Years after the events of ACOWAR, Feyre opens up a painting shop/studio on the Rainbow and gives painting classes to citizens, free of charge, while Rhys offers to cover their official duties for the night.

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Finally got a chance to sit down & write up my stories from #HousCon :)

I’ll start with my Jensen op. I decided only a couple weeks ago that I was going to take advantage of the location & go full stupid-tourist and go for cowboy hats. I’d always wanted a real one, but since the only time I showed western, I was in 4-H and a helmet is required at all times even in Showmanship. I would never actually get on a horse without a helmet and you shouldn’t either!! But, I digress. Mainly, this happened because there are far too few pictures of Jensen in a cowboy hat for my liking & I’d thought I’d make the most of the opportunity. Hats acquired (which is a story for another time & place) I stepped up to him for my turn and he gave me a rather concerned look. I quickly told him that he could do whatever he wanted with the hat, put it on or not, as I handed it to him. I think he said ok, (it was definitely something affirmative) and stepped into me & put his arm around me. I don’t remember putting my arm around him, but I clearly did. All I remember is thinking ‘grab your brim! look at the camera!!’ Then it was over & he *very* gently patted me on the back (I live for that pat) and we both said ‘thank you.’ I didn’t make eye contact, but I did look towards his face when I said it, so *thumbs up*? I almost dropped the hat when he handed it back to me. Super smooth. I still didn’t smell him. There was a definite strong yummy-man-scent when we stepped around the divider, but I don’t know if it was Jensen, Schmelke or one of the bodyguards. I think it was Chris, since I didn’t notice it when I had my m&g later.

Don’t tell creation that I said this next part, but I finally got to ask him a question in my m&g!! It took all my nerve, but I did it!! I could tell we were running out of time, so I was like it’s now or never get your damn hand up! And he pointed towards me, then changed his mind and picked someone on the other side. I thought that was my chance gone. Then he said last question and picked me. I asked if he ever watches the videos we make on youtube. He said ‘All the time. All the time.’ and explained how when he wants to watch a scene over, he doesn’t want to bother getting out the dvd & just pulls it up quick. He told us about the most recent vid he watched which helped him get through a tough day. He explained how it came up in his recommendations in his ridiculously adorable technology terms. It was the one that was going around with all the actors & directors talking about how great Jensen is. He said it really meant a lot to him to see that, since that’s not really the sort of thing that people tell you to your face all the time, then ‘So, keep making ‘em!’ It was pretty intense having his mostly undivided attention for longer than the couple of seconds you get to interact in the auto line. I just kept saying ‘cool!’ like an asshole for the 2 minutes or so he was talking at me. And smiling. With eye-crinkles. And I don’t know how many of you have experienced how oddly intimate it is to hear his voice not through a microphone. But… damn. 

It really meant a lot to me that he may have seen the vids I make for him. That’s really why I make most of my art: to show people how much I care about them. I just hope he’s not reading the descriptions……

injuries - auston matthews

requested: sort of

warning: like two swears

word count: 1378 (i just kept writing omg it’s so long)

a/n: i based this off of the tor/tbl game where auston got hit and his cute mama wanted a call (his injury will be exaggerated)

*lowercase intended*

Originally posted by wonthetrade

it all happened way too fast.

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Cruel World (5) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 3112

Warnings: aganst, torture, talks about rape ( no rape) and violence

Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta and my friend i love you.

Originally posted by wintersthighs

You feel pain, your whole body is aching and you feel like your head is going to explode. When you open your eyes you don’t know where you are, it is a tiny grey room. You notice that there are no windows or furniture.

The only thing in the room but you is a blanket on the floor, you are terrified. Every single noise makes you jump, you try to calm yourself down taking deep breaths. But it is useless, you are in the edge of a nervous breakdown.

You don’t know how but you manage to fall sleep.

“Wake up.”  You look up and see Ryan holding a bottle of water with a smug smile. You sit up on the floor and he leans down in front of you. You knew Ryan for 3 years and you never were afraid of him, until now. His eyes are cold, he looks furious and you can even see a vain popping out on his forehead.

He hands you the bottle and says “Drink up.” His voice is harsh, you nod glad to accept the water. He keeps staring at you, you feel uncomfortable so you clear your throat and ask “What am I doing here?”

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BTS when their S/O is insecure about their laugh

Hoseok (J-Hope)
He’s actually in love with love your laugh and would constantly be doing whatever he could to hear it.
“Come on jagi, I’m doing this for you I know you want to laugh.” He’d whine nudging you. “Come on, or else I’m going to have to break into your underwear drawer.”

“Okay! No you are not putting on my underwear!” You’d exclaim and take the chance to look at how ridiculous he looked wearing the girliest dress you owned. Complete with ribbons, lace and pink hearts. You tried to hold back your laughter but the first snort escaped your lips and you caved, curling up on the sofa to break into hysterics. Hoseok’s face would turn so bright and full of love and he’d start to prance about your apartment posing dramatically for you and dancing until your lungs hurt and you begged him to stop.

Originally posted by sama-gifs

Actual adorable bean would light up every time you laughed especially if he made it happen.
“No stop hiding.” He’d whine when you covered your face with a pillow. “Why do you always hide your laugh from me jagi?”

“I don’t like it.” Your muffled voice would return and he’d frown, pulling the pillow away. When you look up at his face, you’d frown too. “Smile Jiminie, I don’t like it when you’re not smiling.”

“And I like your laugh Y/N. please don’t hide it from me.”

Originally posted by jikookshandshake

When the two of you were laughing together, the guys would leave knowing you would be going for ages. Between his windshield wiper laugh and your wheezing, the audio in the room could get pretty intense especially as you you both start to laugh at eachothers laugh.

“Stop laughing at me!” You’d whine, still laughing.

“You’re laughing at me too!” He’d argue and for a few seconds, you’d both stop, trying to compose yourself before breaking out into laughter so hard your stomachs hurt and tears spilled from your eyes. “I love your laugh jagi, it goes perfectly with mine!” You couldn’t say anything to that, your weird laughters did strangely enough compliment the other in a way only you two understood. Hearing Jin say such a thing made you feel less hateful towards your laugh.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

This kid is always doing weird stuff and taking the piss out of everything and anyone so it wasn’t surprising that he set you off everytime.
He’d always look straigh over offended for a moment, he always wanted to tease you about your laugh but both knew you were already insecure about it and secretly found it too cute.
His own cheeks would lift as he smiles at your laugh and carries on whatever he was doing, choosing to be even more extra so you’d laugh for longer.

Originally posted by taeaftertae

Namjoon (Rap Monster)
Always so considerate of your feelings, he’d make sure to smile your way everytime you laughed. When you’d see him smiling fondly at you, you always felt more at ease and didn’t try so hard to hide your laughter. Of course around other pepole, you’d try to tone it down but with Namjoon, you no longer held back. He had told you plenty of times that he loved your laugh, it was unique and he could never mistake it for anyone else being happy. Your happiness was his priority and if that meant he listened to your unusual laugh, he’d do so happily. And you never once doubted him.

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

Taehyung (V)
Would be absorbed the second you started to laugh. He always found your laugh infectious and couldn’t help but join in no matter what you were laughing at.

“She is literally laughing because you just hurt yourself, Taehyung.” Yoongi points out one day having witnessed the ordeal. “Why do you always laugh with her even when she’s laughing at you?”

“Ah my jagi has the best laugh ever I can’t help but laugh too!” Taehyung beams making you smile, your embarassment from laughing so hard in front of his friends ebbing. “Even if she is laughing at me, it’s still my favourite sound!” Then he’ll proceed to shower you with affection and cute kisses all over your face making the other boys leave in disgust and your boyfriend’s overly affectionate nature.

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

Yoongi (Suga)
The first time he ever heard you laugh he looked at you so strangely that you immediately shut up and felt like crawling under a rock and dying. It took him a while to realise that he was the reason you didn’t laugh anymore but the second the realisation hit him, he’d work on getting your laughter out again. He would be subtle, not wanting to straight up say he actually did like your laugh he was just surprised at how you laughed, so it’d take him a while but eventually he’d coax it out of you.

“Ah I’m so embarassed!” You’d complain covering your face with your hands after laughing especially hard at his over the top attempt at aegyo.

“Why?” He was laughing too.

“Because my laugh is so stupid.”

“No it’s not. I like it.” He confesses and you look at him seeing a truthful smile on his face. “Why do you think I try so hard to make you laugh?”

“I thought you just like looking like a fool.” You tease and his face drops. You giggle and run off, a smile lifting his beautiful features as he chases after you.

Originally posted by mygslut

Yoongi was such a good bias wrecker that he took over entirely. It’s official, I am whipped for Yoongi. Sorry Tae, you’re second now but you still have a special place in my heart(and bed)

Thanks for the request anon! 

~Admin Chee

Eager To See

Summary: The ride back to the old motel rooms, you stayed in after a successful hunt, always seemed to be quite interesting. Though none of the rides you experienced were ever as intimate as this one. John insisted that Dean would get hard by only watching the two of you get at it and would bug out as soon as possible to get himself off. Only you didn’t know that this now turned into a bet between the two Winchesters.
Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 1508

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader with Voyeur!Dean

Originally posted by mypapawinchester

(ignore the sam and dean in this one lmao)

Warnings: Smut, oral sex, kinda dirty talk, unprotected sex, Dean is watching so if Dean watching John isn’t your thing, don’t read it. 

A/N: This is written for SPN Smut appreciation day! This sucks I’m sorry.


John, Dean and you were just on your way back to the motel from taking out a nest of vampires. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Or at least you thought.

It was normal for you and the Winchesters to sit and talk when you were driving back to motels from your hunts. Especially since John Winchester himself was your lover, your boyfriend as you liked to call him.

But this time the topic you talked about wasn’t so normal. You never thought John would mention something like this, let alone talk with Dean about something like this.

“You know, I know Dean here heard us a lot lately. And I know most of the times he used his magazines or anything like that to get himself off to that in the shower,” John started and you couldn’t help but blush at his words. How did he come up with this so sudden?

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Jerk (Lams)

AN: this is so bad and I don’t even have an excuse 

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hmltntrsh51 @theoverlordofeverything @megabooklover18 Request: Anonymous- Could you do lams for the “make me” prompt where John is being a little brat

Warnings: little bit of sex and swearing

Word Count: 1,500


“‘Lex,” John rolled over. “The light is too bright.”

“I’m almost done,” Alex mumbled.

John sat up and reached for Alex’s hand, trying to stop him from typing. He’d been trying to get Alex to sleep for at least three hours. This was the normal routine in the Hamilton household, of course, but it seemed more frustrating tonight. John had been keyed up all day while Alex spent what was supposed to be a day off on his computer. Again, not unusual.

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Lost Souls

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 

Finding your soulmate isn’t always easy; Zico soulmate!au

Everyone always has this belief that when you find your soulmate, that was it. They became your everything, and it was some fairytale ending. And everyone out there had that soulmate that they were destined to meet. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Not even half the people in this world would find their other half. Even if they did, it wasn’t always romantic. Most soulmates were made to go through this life together because they understood each other. So their relationship could be that of siblings or friends. That’s why no one in this world waited. The chances of finding that soulmate and them being “the one” was not likely. 

So there were three types of soulmates, all identifiable by the color your mark would change to. The most common was pink, for friendship. Often these types would find themselves early in life. Often they’d be of the same gender. Next was blue. Indicated a family type of relationship. The age differences could vary wildly. Sometimes it could be a mother/daughter type relationship. Maybe even sibling relationship. And then there was red for a romantic relationship. 

However, most went through life as if soulmates didn’t exist….

You stared out into the river, watching the boats come and go. The gentle breeze causing your hair to be slightly tousled. It was a lovely autumn day, sun shinning with the occasional cloud. It was hard to resist the urge to spend the afternoon out here.

You began bringing your cup of coffee to your lips, but a sharp pain in your wrist made you lose your grip. The cup and its contents spilled all over the ground. But to you it was unimportant. You clutched your wrist to your chest at the pain. What was happening? Slowly the pain began to subside and turn into an odd tingling. You brought out your sleeve, rolling up your sleeve. The first thing you saw was your mark, the mark that all people had to help identify ones soulmate. Yours had changed. The once black mark had become red. Your heart rate began to increase, they were here. Your soulmate, a romantic soulmate.

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Rain and Warmth - Credence x Reader

This is my very first Credence imagine, so I apologize if it is terrible or if Credence is OOC. If you have any comments just let me know!! Thank you so much for reading. Enjoy! 
This is also my original work please do not steal or use without credit to me. 

Summary: Credence has been kicked out of the house by ML and needs a place to stay away from the rain. The only place he knows to go to is reader’s home. When he comes to you for help your curiosity and worry get the best of you and you learn a lot more about Credence than you thought you would. 

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

Shock was all that was coursing through my veins as I stood in my doorway. The face in front of me was pale. So pale in fact that I thought he was dead, but he wasn’t. He was very much alive and soaked to the bone from the rain pouring outside. 

“Credence? W-What are you doing here?” I asked him as I watched him fidget outside of my doorway. He looked down towards the floor and wrung his hands. Something, I noticed, he did often. He glanced up through his bangs and frowned a bit.
“Ma kicked me out of the house tonight. I was wondering… I was…” He trailed off and looked down again as if what he was going to say was shameful. I gave a soft smile in return.
“Credence if you want a place to stay for the night you are more than welcome here you know.” Credence glanced back up at me again before nodding.
“If you wouldn’t mind..” I gave a soft chuckle and moved to the side of the door. Credence looked up at me finally, and I noticed the faint trace of fear in his eyes. Something was definitely wrong, but I couldn’t seem to place what it was.

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Grind With Me // Peter Parker x Reader

Request: You ketchup hater, please write me a spidey one will ya? (via @bellamyblakesgun )

Pairing: Peter Parker x POC Reader (College AU)
Warning: Fluff, mild thigh riding and dry humping, alcohol mentions, Me screaming in the background as I watch his performance again and again
Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: I know I said no underage characters (AND I FUCKING MEANT IT) but Tom Holland is 20 so all my Peter fics will be a 20+ year old college AU type thing. PLUS DID YOU SEE THAT VIDEO. I’M DECEASED. This turned out to be a bit more sinful than I originally intended I’m not sorry at all. Also…what the fuck are endings?????

Originally posted by kevinkeller

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