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  • wee woo wee woo weE WOO WE OE EW
  • for this request, the rest will come when they do
  • i really love jackson and i really love the idea of boyfriend jackson so this… this was honestly coming sooner or later
  • i think if anyone in got7 were to get/have a girlfriend while in the group i think it’d be jackson
  • i mean he’s a social dude so he comes across a lot of different people all the time, is constantly making friends and i mean come on, look at him
  • he’s gawjus
  • but back to the point at hand!!
  • if jackson did get a gf it would be completely on accident lmao
  • we all know how busy he is so i don’t think he’d deliberately search for someone
  • you kind of just… fall into his lap one day
  • you’re the manager’s assistant
  • you help the manager keep everyone in check on these long ass flights and between the times they head out to meetings and stuff, which is pretty tough job considering you have to watch over seven man-babies at once
  • but it’s probably your favorite job you’ve ever had, as weird as that sounds
  • mainly bc you have a thing for one of said seven man-babies but shhhh we’ll get to that
  • so out of all the boys, you can truthfully say the one who causes you the most grief and laughter is jackson wang
  • jackson loves going off schedule, loves doing things outside of the box, loves pushing your buttons bc he knows you can’t stay mad at him for long
  • you: boys we have a press conference in fifteen minutes
  • jackson: yeah yeah i know but bam keeps kicking my ass in mario kart and i have to show him who’s boss around here- DAMN IT I LOST AGAIN
  • sometimes you’ve had to literally take them by the ear (thankfully with the help of jb and jinyoung) so that you could at least try to be on time
  • but no matter how much you think “this is it. this is the day that jackson wang makes us late” you never are
  • it’s almost like he bends time to his will
  • if he says he has enough time to bleach his hair in the hotel sink then by god he does
  • and he comes to the concert freshly blond, effortlessly 
  • even when he’s playing around if he knows it’s time to be professional he snaps into shape immediately
  • which is a big reason for why you like him
  • it’s pretty obvious you mean well to jackson so whenever the other boys start complaining abt you nagging or something jackson puts on his serious voice and he’s like “she works harder than you think she does, and she wouldn’t nag if you all just did what she told you to do”
  • always comes to your defense no matter what
  • you just happen to overhear some hair stylists giggling nearby you on the set of a photoshoot, talking about how you’ve got a stick up ur ass and that you should stop bossing the boys around like a warden
  • you’re used to comments like that, from people who think that bc you demand respect and functionality you’re “bossy”
  • while it pisses you off, you’ve learned to turn your nose up and walk the other way, turn the other cheek
  • but ohohoho jackson hears these hair stylists on this particular day
  • ever the polite person, he walks up to the group of them, who immediately start fawning over him thinking he needs help with something and he just goes, loud enough for you to hear
  • “I couldn’t help but hear how you were talking about our manager assistant and I want you to know that it’s disgusting the way you speak. she’s a person, doing her job just like you all should be instead of giggling like bullies. in the least, you could be a bit professional”
  • even when he’s mad he’s still articulate and graceful, and doesn’t even give them another glance as they fumble to apologize
  • and then he makes his way over to you, noticing your blatant awed stare
  • and then he smiles and slings an arm around your shoulder “don’t let ‘em get to you, alright? the boys and I know you for real, and you shouldn’t care about what a few people have to say. you’re doing an amazing job keeping us brats in line” and he smiles his pearly smile and rubs your shoulder and oh god his face is so close to yours abort abort abort
  • all you can muster is a quiet, flattered “thank you” and he nods and gently ruffles your hair
  • “i’ll always defend you, (y/n)”
  • it’s only after that do the other boys realize that maybe jackson’s affection for you runs a lil deeper than his friendly nature
  • they test the waters slowly
  • like mark taking the initiative to carry some of your things for you, bambam holding the door open for you literally everywhere you go, youngjae pulling you to the side on break to “get to know you better”
  • jackson doesn’t really have any qualms with their friendliness at first bc hey!!! they finally see (y/n) the way I do!!! this is great
  • but then jaebum adorably make a comment about how nice your hair looks, abt how suiting your outfit is, and he gets a lil too close to be friendly
  • a lil too close for im jaebum unless he’s trying to-
  • and jackson is like oh hell no
  • it’s pretty hilarious what lengths jackson goes to intercepting the others from getting at you
  • if mark carries your things jackson will literally fight mark to hold them instead
  • jackson sprints like half a block ahead to hold the door open for you before bambam can
  • jackson always asks you to sit with him during lunch break and has to take the seat directly beside you
  • in jackson’s mind he’s thinking “ok gotta keep my greasy bandmates off her they’re gonna mess up her game and it’s just gonna bother her”
  • the possibility of him being jealous is not even present in his mind lmao
  • he’s more worried abt how you feel and he doesn’t want the others causing more trouble than usual for you
  • but then one day jackson is swatting yugyeom’s hand away from touching your shoulder and jinyoung just blurts “jackson, stop being so jealous, we know you like (y/n)”
  • it’s… silence
  • you’re staring wide eyed at your phone, fingers trembling, thinking that maybe they knew your secret and maybe they were about to pull a prank on you or something (you’d handled your fair share of hidden camera pranks with these boys)
  • you start to stutter out something to break the silence, not even knowing what you’re going to say when jackson wraps his arm around your waist and goes “that’s right, so leave her alone alright?”
  • inside jackson’s head he’s screaming “WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE”
  • and then jaebum and the others start laughing and go “yeah we knew lol have fun” and disperse
  • leaving you and jackson
  • by yourselves
  • alone
  • jackson slowly pulls his arm back and is spitting out apology after apology, even switching from korean to english to chinese bc he really really really is sorry and damn it if he has to say it in every language he will
  • and even tho he wishes he could actually confess how he feels about you he feels like he’s doing exactly what he was trying to keep the other boys from doing: inconveniencing you
  • in the middle of all his apologies, you reach up and kiss his cheek and he’s stunned into silence
  • honestly where was this tactic before you really could’ve used it during long flights ages ago
  • “… I like you too jackson” “WHAT”
  • you jump at the volume of his voice but then he quickly softens it, holding his hands up to show you he means no harm “sorry sorry i just… i can’t believe… you like me?”
  • you can’t fathom why he would sound so in disbelief
  • i mean nearly everyone loves him, what was one more person?
  • but even under the surprise he’s smiling, flattered
  • “of course. i have for a while. but… i don’t know how this would work, and the manager can’t know about this-” “i understand!! honestly i’m just happy that the feeling is mutual”
  • you’re both awkward, fumbling messes the rest of the day, sharing looks and giving each other smiles when you think no one’s looking, and it’s the most jittery jackson has ever been during a shoot, but he’s elated and he likes you and you like him and everything is wonderful
  • to your surprise, secretly dating jackson is pretty fun
  • he’ll be on stage practicing for an award show and he’ll just sneakily send a heart your way backstage and nobody notices but you
  • the other boys help you two when you want to rendezvous, whether it be blocking and guarding the dressing room so you two can share a bowl of hastily made instant ramen and soda or covering for you whenever you and jackson are mysteriously gone at the same time
  • the best (worst) excuse they’ve ever come up with is “uhhh jackson and (y/n) ate some bad mexican food and have diarrhea”
  • needless to say you two were really confused when the manager and other staff kept asking if you two were feeling “settled” yet
  • when you two get time off tho, dates are always a must
  • it’s kind of easy to hide your relationship bc from what people have seen of you on vlives and episodes of their show you’re a really cool person
  • so like fans def don’t question when you’re spotted hanging out with jackson at the grocery store or when you two go to the arcade 
  • they’re just like “oh yeah jackson is super friendly and (y/n) is super cool and totally not interested in him at all”
  • lol
  • anyone who starts rumors are always shut down tho
  • some fans ask jackson at fan meets if you two are a thing and he just laughs and goes “my girlfriend is igot7!!” 
  • some forget you’re actually a fan of got7 too
  • so he’s not technically lying
  • sometimes your meet ups are spent in the comfort of the dorm, watching movies together, cuddling, and all that good stuff
  • and sometimes they’re short, filled with frantic kissing and wandering hands and other good things ;)
  • during those short meetings jackson is ripping off his jacket, taking a breath to speak between every kiss as he whispers “you don’t know how badly i want you right now”
  • even when jackson is standing on his last leg and he’s been up and busy all day, as soon as he sees you he makes sure to dedicate whatever amount of time he has left to you
  • “you know i care about you a lot, right?”
  • jackson always makes a point to text you at least once a day, and no matter how tired he is he makes an effort to be lively for you
  • sometimes you honestly just gotta sit him down, wrap him in a blanket, pat his head and tell him it’s time to take a break
  • the amount of times that he’s clocked out during a cuddle session is too many to count, but you love the feeling of him squeezing your middle while he sleeps, face buried in your neck as he sleeps peacefully
  • sometimes you’ve just got to remind him that he matters and that he has to take a breath and step back every once in a while
  • a lot of jackson’s idol friends know abt you but of course they’re sworn to secrecy and wouldn’t tell a soul
  • sometimes the boys will be on a variety show or something with other idols and behind the scenes one of the idols will walk past you and go “hey ;)))” and you’re like “????” but then jackson comes over and he’s like “jooheon knows we’re together and won’t stop making that face at me”
  • it’s cute tho bless
  • there are times when you get insecure, wondering what would happen if jackson wanted to break up, and what you two would have to go through to make it less awkward to work around each other
  • you sometimes wonder what would happen if your boss found out about you two, or hell, even the world
  • when you get quiet with him, he catches on fast
  • he just gently wraps you up in his arms and he speaks reassurances in your ear
  • “i promise, no matter what happens, i’ll always defend you. i told you that before, didn’t i?”
  • and when he says this, your heart swells, and for another day, you believe you two can make it

other boyfriend!got7:


college boyfriend!mark

Full House

Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh)
Whatever happened to predictability.
The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv?
How did I get to living here?
Somebody tell me please!
This old world’s confusing me.
With clouds as mean as you’ve ever seen
Ain’t a bird who knows your tune.
Then a little voice inside you Whispers,
Kid don’t sell your dreams, so soon
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a heart (There’s a heart), a hand to hold onto.
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a place, of Somebody who needs you
Everywhere you look.

When you’re lost out there and you’re all alone,
A light is waiting to carry you home.
Everywhere you look.
Everywhere you look.

Three Days Grace {Sentence Starters}

  • “I can hardly wait to leave this place.”
  • “I’ll tell you now, you can’t win this.”
  • “How do you stay so strong? How did you hide it all for so long?”
  • “Somebody get me through this nightmare!”
  • “I can’t escape this hell.”
  • “No one will ever change this animal I have become.”
  • “Don’t put your life in someone’s hands.”
  • “How can I take the pain away?”
  • “Once I had the world, but now I’ve got no one.”
  • “Never thought you’d fall so far.”
  • “No one knows I lost my soul long ago.”
  • “I think I’m better off alone.”
  • “If you want to get out alive, run for your life.”
  • “Did you come here to watch me burn?”
  • “It’s hard to walk when you can’t even crawl.”
  • “No matter how hard I try, you’re never satisfied!”
  • “So what if you can see the darkest side of me?”
  • “I hate everything about you! Why do I love you?”
  • “I can see my life flashing before my eyes.”
  • “I will not die. I’ll wait here for you.”
  • “Wake me up. I’m living a nightmare.”
  • “I feel alive when you’re beside me." 

“Oh look at you,“ the antagonist crooned. “How did anyone ever think you could beat me?” 

I spat out blood and narrowed my eyes. “The power of friendship-”

“-You don’t have any friends, that’s what made it so easy.”

“Yeah, alright, no need to get personal, bastard.” I struggled to reach my weapon with a shaking hand, only to watch it get kicked away with a really quite mortifying casualness. 


“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Your breathing was heavy and you couldn’t regain your thoughts when Raphael kissed you again.

“You could’ve stopped me,” he said between kisses. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in more. He let out a low groan.

His lips were passionate yet slow. He was making you feel more than you’ve ever felt in a long time. He trailed his hand from your cheek to your neck. Leaving a trail of small goosebumps.

“Hey Y- Oh sorry!” You quickly pushed Raphael from where you were standing and faced the door where Izzy and Clary were. Their faces full of shock.
“I was—we” You did a hand motion between you and Raphael.

“So this is the real reason you say we should hang out with Simon,” Clary smirked and looked at Izzy who was probably going to start laughing any second.

“How did you get here?” Raphael stayed calm.

“Simon told us—“Clary didn’t even have a chance to finish her sentence before Raphael used his vampire speed and disappeared from the room.

“Well, I guess you can’t use Simon as an excuse any more” Izzy giggled.

Them Seeing Her in Christmas Lingerie: NCT U

| B.A.P || MONSTA X |


Would quietly come into the bedroom as he didn’t know you were in there and see you change. As quietly as he had come he would turn around and leave the room with a poker-face, trying to delete the sight out of his mind.


A shy little baby until, “But when are they going to be off?” comes out of his mouth.


Would appreciate your beauty while you were dancing around the house to Christmas songs without a care in the world.


Just a shy baby, unlike TaeYong. Would get so flustered that would hide his face behind his hands.


Would be speechless as it was very unusual of you to just randomly come up to him and ask you how did the lingerie looked on your body. Added to that it was the cutest Christmas lingerie he’d ever seen.


He would lose his shit, flip out and then abandon the room as fast as lightning. He was so embarrassed he could barely speak so when the other members asked him what was wrong he could only laugh at his own reaction.

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Your Tordedd art literally makes my heart leap out of my chest like lOOK AT THOSE PRECIOUS CHILDREN,, I'm wondering how blind Tord would manage to get it on with Edd, being blind and everything. I can see Edd gently guiding Tord's hands to his hips and they kiss all soft and then Tord's like "ok haha lets go" My heart


OK SO, i rly like to talk about blind!tord so th a n k s

so yea we’re getting to that ;) but first i imagine Tord and Edd get closer ever since Edd found out Tord ended up blind and super wounded after the end.

Idk how he finds out tho, maybe the so popular headcanon about Edd finding Tord on the streets, but because he had a breakdown back in the base of the red army (idk how the red army would fit in this au tho) and didnt know where to go, surprisingly enough he didnt got killed on his way to where edd found him, because fuck, hes blind and he just walked alone all the way there.

But anyway, Edd finds Tord got blind, right, and hes a good person so even when Tord was a huge dick he feels bad he lost his sight and his arm. So he lets him in in his appartment, first he doesnt tell either Matt or Tom bc they hate Tord and okay maybe Edd should hate him too maybe part of him does but !!! he couldnt just leave him there, blind and in the middle of a breakdown. So that’s how they become closer little by little, Edd starts to loosen up around Tord and sometimes hes like wait remember he blew up the house and killed your neighbor but ugh, he looks so helpless like this and it doesnt even look he can kill a fly. Eventually Tom and Matt realize what is happening and idk what happens there tbh 

So yeah, Edd helps Tord in everything he can, and if Tord lets him, because Tord still wants to feel useful in something, when they had their first kiss, it was kinda like that drawing i just made, and when they want to get further in their relationship is because Tord is just so desperate, he literally yells Ugh, I love you so much and I want to make you feel good but I’m so fucking,,,,,

Basically this au is just an excuse for me to use my headcanon of insecure Tord soooooo

fuck i wrote too much


She's Dirty Dancin' On Me [a Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request: Sebastian smut where the reader ties his hands with his tie and is wearing nothing but his blazer and underwear as she teases and seduces him.

a/n: oh i love my friend for requesting this, love youuuu xxx

How the hell did Sebastian manage to get himself into this one? And how the hell did you restrain his hands with his tie?! The Warber squirms in the sleek brown wood chair, praying nobody will come into the common room. Not a lot of students are here on the weekends; most go home to their families. And thank god, because Sebastian really did not want anyone seeing his dick out on display.

Again, he tugs at the tie, huffing angrily with a snarl. He hates not being in control. The giant oak door creaks open ever so slowly, anxiety bubbling up in the brunette. You slide in, quickly shutting the door behind you. Sebastian’s bright green eyes enlarge when he sees his Dalton blazer on your upper body. Your breasts peek out as you remove your shorts, revealing your thin underwear.

A groan escapes his throat, head bending backwards, eyes still focused on you. He tries pulling his wrists apart, going to throw out a snarky comment, until music erupts from your phone. His eyes squint, hearing the sound of New Kids On The Block’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ begin. “Wasn’t in the mood for dancin’, forget about romancing, ‘cause I already got a lady.” you rap, smirking, slowly strutting towards him. “Wasn’t tryin’ to be flirty, wasn’t feeling dirty, 'til this shorty started runnin’ on me.”

Dipping your fingers in your underwear, his breath hitches, back arching against the chair. His white button down stretches across his chest, becoming almost see through. “With her itty-bitty waist and her pretty pretty face, and the leanest, meanest, baddest, baddest body…” you step out of your underwear, tossing them aside. “Didn’t have no time to waste, she was looking for a test, and she was wanting me to party.” you hum, swinging your legs around his waist.

He bites his lip, panting while he racks his brain for the lyrics. “Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze,” he smirks, bucking his hips up. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up…So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now…” he gasps, feeling your pussy sink down on his dick. The muscles in his back moves, arms hugging the chair.

Licking your lips, you let your hands tangle in his growing sleek light brown locks. After you adjust to his size, you harmonize the chorus with him. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You rock your hips on his, moving your upper body as well. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You start unbuttoning his shirt, causing a moan to bubble inside him.

Following your upper body with his to the rhythm, Sebastian leans into your ear, tugging on it with his teeth lightly. “Now, I ain’t looking for no drama, I don’t want karma 'cause my baby sittin’ in bed at home.” he pouts, bucking his hips up, gasping when cool air hits his exposed chest. “She knows that I be lying and that I be trying to get this shorty with me all alone… Pretty pretty lips and her big 'ol hips, it’s getting hotter when she touches me with her fingertips-” His breath hitches, watching your fingers trace his abs. “And her sexy eyes and those big 'ol thighs…” he says breathlessly, mouth hanging open as you flutter your eyelashes at him. “It’s getting hotter like The Block up in the summertime-”

“Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze.” you sing, letting the navy Dalton blazer fall off one shoulder, giving him a full show of your breast. He eyes it before smirking, bending his neck and taking your nipple in his mouth. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up,” you gasp, bouncing up and down on his dick. “So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now.” you purr, tugging on his hair, pulling him back.

Sebastian glares, stomach scrunching in on itself as he yanks on his restraints. “Now, I know that my girl is alone and she’s been blowing me up on my phone,” he echoes, snapping his hips up, smirking at your whimper. “But I can shower when I get back home, 'cause tonight I’m dancing dirty, yeah…” he hums, nibbling on your collarbone while you repeat the bridge.

A shiver runs through you and you groan, “Sebastian….I’m - ugh!” you cry out, feeling his dick twitch. He nods understandingly, hips bucking up once more, chestnut strands of hair falling in front of his green orbs. Withering, you cum at the same time as he does, chanting his name breathlessly.

“Y/N…” Sebastian hisses, panting while coming down from his high. His pale, sweaty chest rising and falling; he stares at you lazily, broad shoulders stretched behind him. “You… look hot in my Dalton blazer, babe.” he smirks, winking at you. “Just… just one question…how’d you get my tie so tight?”

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UT/SF Papyrus and US/UF Sans and SO are hanging out, an event happens, and the skells make a comment about said event. Thing is, SO found their comment to be the Most Hilarious Thing they've Ever Heard in their Life and literally have their hands on their knees wheezing and coughing from how hard they're laughing, they end up getting the hiccups! How do the boys react?


He just stares at them for a long, long while. Why are they laughing that hard? Was it that funny? Okay maybe he just doesn’t get it. He lets out a hesitant and nervous Nyeh heh… Then his S/O starts hiccupping and he kind of ?????!!?!?!?!???!?????!!!! Did he break the human?? What is happening oh my god someone help him!!!!


He snorts alittle when they start hiccupping, because honestly, what he said wasn’t even that funny?? He watches on, amused as his S/O collapses in on themselves from laughing so hard with his chin propped on his hand. They’re probably in public when this happens. Someone comes by to ask if his S/O is ok. He holds out a hand, “Shhhh, they’re fine. Let them be. Let them be…”


He takes out his phone and starts recording, zooming in on the unglam faces they make as they transcend from ‘chortling, head thrown back’ laughs to ‘wheezing but no sound is coming out and clapping like a seal’ laughs. Every time they start to calm down a bit, he says whatever triggered their laugh attack in an exaggerated fashion to set them off again. He’s so amused by their giggling misery, especially when they start whining about how much their stomach hurts.


He ends up laughing at their laugh then completely losing it at their hiccups. He’s trying to hold back his laughter and ends up snorting. He didn’t understand what was so funny in the first place but his S/O is curled up on the floor wailing about stomach cramps between hiccupping laughs and that’s the funniest thing in the world. And also the cutest. At the end of everything, when all is calmed down, he turns to his S/O and says, “I don’t get it.”
Oh boy, here we go again. His S/O bursts out a giant “HA!” then starts giggling and snorting all over again.

How to repair an underworks binder

(I’d appreciate if as many people as possible could reblog this. This is a really common problem with these binders, but I’ve never seen any posts about fixing them on here before) 

If you’ve ever had an underworks binder you’ve probably encountered the way the material starts to separate once they get stretched out. And if you haven’t yet you probably will at some point, because this is usually what does for them in the end and makes them a bit useless. Mine wasn’t actually that bad when I did this, I’ve seen them get a lot worse.

The material loses it’s elasticity so it doesn’t bind very well. 

To fix this I replaced the back panel with white four-way-stretch lycra, inspired by gc2b binders, which are made entirely of it (apart from the canvas front panel), or something similar 

I’m really happy with how this turned out. It binds better than it ever did before for me (because I got it second hand). The only thing I would say is that it’s a little less comfortable than it was before, both because it’s tighter, and also because the seams dig in a little because I didn’t sew them flat like they were before. And it took me ages to do, but that’s because I don’t have a machine so I did it all by hand. It was worth it though, because the fabric only cost £5 which is a lot less than a new binder :)

I’ll put the details of how I did this under a cut

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Green-Eyed Monster

Prompt by the dazzling sillyeverydays

“You going to slow down on those drinks?” Tori asked you as she handed you two more shots.

“Nope not any time soon.” You replied taking a shot. Dauntless’s favorite tattoo polar was throwing a party and with the new initiates arrival recently things have been nonstop at the headquarters so it was nice to relax for a change and you were going to take full advantage of the opportunity.

“How many have you had?” you heard Eric ask from behind you as he put his hand on the small of your back. Heat rushed to your face. He had that effect on you just from a mere touch.  You were still spinning from making love just before you both came to the party. Eric was a beast in bed and you did not know if you would ever get use to his appetite. There were times when he left you so sore you had to call out sick from training your initiates. You thought you were limber but Eric always seem to prove you wrong.

“I only had three.” You lied. You were actually on your fifth one. Eric pinched your side.

“I can’t have you sloppy drunk. You won’t be able to keep up with me later tonight.” He told you eyeing you. He probably knew you were lying.

“I won’t be.” You assured him.

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You Cheat on NCT

Request: NCT U or older members… Johnny, Hansol, Taeil, Yuta. Taeyong, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Ten… Up to you!!! reaction to finding out you cheated on them, what they would say before ending the relationship. Your reactions are always on point with every scenario. I seriously love your work. I wonder how you would do this and if I’d cry (most likely) LOL.

(I don’t write for the members who haven’t debuted yet so I did the regular members but thanks for the compliments!)


Doyoung: “I think it’s best if we end this now before it gets out of hand, I’m sorry it had to end this way.” Your tears fall freely and you know that you just let greatest thing that ever happened to you walk out the door.

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Ten: “I thought I was the one who had the key to your heart.” He was somewhat grateful that you told him, but it wouldn’t ever mend his broken heart. “I hope that one day, I fall out of love with you.” Tears dropped and landed on your cheeks when his hand brushes against your cheek for the final time.

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Taeil: “You gave up on our relationship for your ex…I thought I meant more to you. But I guess not.” His weak voice is enough to leave you bawling your eyes out as you realize you made the biggest mistake of your life.

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Jaehyun: “You lied to me,” Is what he says when you confess about the affair you were having for about two months, “I thought you were the one, but I guess it’s not meant to be.”

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Taeyong: “Tell me this is some cruel joke and that I didn’t hear you say that.” His hands hold yours tightly and when he pulls away, you cry. “I can’t…I can’t do this..let’s not make it too bad and let’s just break up now.” Too bad? It was already past that when you first decided to cheat, and you couldn’t have regretted it more.

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WinWin: He tugs at his bottom lip with his teeth and lets his gaze linger on your form, shaking from the crying you were doing, “Were you serious when you told me you loved me…or was I just a pawn you used in your chess game? It doesn’t matter anymore because I’m done loving you, goodbye Y/N.”

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Mark: “Don’t do this to me, Y/N. After all we’ve been through?” And you had been through a lot with him and you honestly didn’t have a logical reason as to why you cheated on him. “We’re too young to be in love. That’s what everyone is saying, and I guess they are right. I hope he was worth it.”

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One thing I love about Nanami is that, despite being personally involved in roughly 50% of the Really Weird Shit that goes down at Ohtori, she’s also the one who’s most likely question other people’s weird behavior.

  • “Why does Himemiya keep snails in her pencil case??? Doesn’t anyone else think that’s weird?!?”
  • She’s the only one to ever ask Miki why he does the stopwatch thing
  • “So like… did getting a sword pulled out of your chest hurt or what?”
  • She points out that Utena and Anthy sleeping in separate beds facing each other while holding hands across the convenient built-in hand-holding connector is kind of a weird way to sleep
  • “Why the hell did you tell that story?!” to Juri during the Student Council Balcony BBQ in the last episode

Nanami is a really endearing (and relatable, honestly) combination of being hyper-concerned about how other people see her and her level of knowledge about the world (Nanami’s Egg), and being totally unwilling to accept the world around her at face value.  The other characters fit into the surreal world of Ohtori fairly smoothly and unquestioningly - Nanami runs around breaking everything and revealing just how bizarre it all is.

trying out some ipad softwear while I’m away from my computer with this 10 min doodle, it’s a major WIP (but thats if I ever even go back to this). I wanted to try somthing basic/cute, but I was having a hard time getting a steady hand so my lines a super shakey -.- other than that I thought it turned out pretty well considering it’s my first time drawing with an ipad and using this program (+I did it in about 10 mins w/shakey hands)…

I know I don’t normaly upload any of my own art stuff here but I might start posting some (higher quallity) doodles here in the future. Anyway I hope you enjoy my quick Shep doodle ^.^

1. I love you. I love you. I love you. These promising three words that you only ever told me in hushed voices and behind closed doors. I was more focused on how to get you to say them again, and not how betrayed your girlfriend would feel if she ever found out. (she never did.) I remember feeling so lucky that you even cared about me at all. I made my new years resolution to be someone you could love more than half the time.

2. My hand was out the window, my mind lost on the road. I was too busy humming along to the radio to realize we were speeding down a highway taking sudden turns for the worst. Something had changed. Without warning, you were in a world all your own. The way you looked at me was drastically different. It felt less like a date, and more like a test, and considering where we ended up I can only assume that I didn’t pass.

3. Gut-wrenching sadness, consuming almost every crevice of my insides. It won’t go away. It hasn’t gone away. Maybe it wont. Maybe I don’t want it to. After all, I have to feel something, right? Like the bitterness of the winter air the time you made me walk home alone. Like the wood hitting my knees as I fell to the floor sobbing, crying out to your beloved god in hopes he’ll bring me closer to you. I should’ve known you were never up to loving me.

4. See, see, see, this is all my fault and oh god take me back to that May night so I can fix it. We sat there for hours trying to find the answer to the question we both were too afraid to ask. Why weren’t we working. We both had spent the past few months trying and trying again, I poured my heart and soul into us until I had nothing left and I was clueless as to why that wasn’t enough. But the answer had been in front of us all along, the answer was you. See, see, see, this was never my fault, but you were always so good at convincing me it was, and I was always so good at believing it.

5. Tears threaten to spill from my eyes. A heavy weight has been placed onto my chest. It was as if a giant boulder was laid on top of me and I couldn’t straighten up or catch my breath entirely. I thought it would be me. I thought it would be me. Why wasn’t it me? Given your track record, finding out you have been with the same girl for almost a year now was like a punch to my self-esteem. What do you see in her that you never found in me? I thought it would be me. I wanted it to be me.

6. The calm after the storm. The bruises that painted my body have all healed. My ribcage realigned. Your abusive words made their way out of my head. And while my hands still shake at the slightest mention of your name, I guess that’s just a causality of war. Time seems to be standing still but maybe everything seemed faster with you because you moved so fast I could never catch my breath. Maybe this is how it is. This is how it ends. Everything may not be okay right now, but it will be someday. I swear to god I will make it out of this alright.

Kawaii stickers from Badoodley Kitten!

Hey guys, guess what! badoodleykitten sent me some amazing stickers!!

Along with the stickers she sent me the cutest card.

Ness is an amazingly cute artist! She drew all of these and printed them herself, all the way from Australia! And she even hand cut all of the tiny stickers out @3@

Now let me show you the stickers! :D

They came packaged very nicely, in clear plastic with thick cardstock so they wouldn’t get bent.

I love them sooo much! <3 Just look how precious they are! And she knew I loved pokemon…how did she figure that out…>_>

Everyone go follow badoodleykitten (Ness) and maybe buy some sticker sets from her! Just send her a message :)

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I’m feeling a very big surge of love for everyone in the ir fandom right now, tbh. How did we get to be so graceful in our defiance? How did we get to be so productive in our despair? We got dealt the most unfair hand in EXISTENCE and we didn’t wallow, we didn’t destroy, we didn’t lash out. We banded together and started creating. We are the human equivalent of a nuclear wasteland sprouting a forest overnight. We were massacred, deliberately and pointedly and systematically, and in just a few days we came back better and stronger than ever. 

And doesn’t it make you proud to be a part of such a fandom? Doesn’t it make you proud to have shipped a ship so incredible that people who have long since fallen out of bleach, haven’t given a single shit about the series in YEARS are coming out with new ir work in DROVES just to give them a last salute? Does it not make you emotional that people stopped giving a shit about Bleach, but they never really stopped caring about IR? 

I hate saying this, because it’s trite and empty and more often than not not applicable to these kinds of situations, but who won, really? Who won? Burimyu knows what’s up. The animation studio knows what’s up. Fucking WSJ knows what’s up. At least 90% of the fandom knows what’s up, too. We have art, fic, and support in droves. We have new people and old people popping back into the fandom, communicating, bonding. We’ve literally come together in a way that we never have before, and quite honestly I don’t think I’ll see anything like this again in my lifetime. I feel like I’m watching a ghost city come to life before me. IR did this. 

Who won? We have art, fic, and support in droves. Who won? They’re canon, but they still have to fight for acceptance and support. Who won? They know what’s up, too. They just don’t want to admit it. Who won? We did. 

it’s not easy to remember the past and laugh

or to remember that those brave enough to do so, are hurting too

(in which you’re too focused on what once was, or what could have been, to understand the present)

‘Did i ever tell you that i broke the doctor’s scales when i got weighed for my 3 month appointment? they use some special scales and i was too heavy for them so-’

You’ve long since worked out that he’s saying anything to fill the awful silence - it feels like that is all he can control in this moment.

‘-my dad thought it was hilarious, fed me an extra bottle of milk every day just to see how big i could get. and then when my mum went to pick me up i would have;’ he threw his hands up imitating a vomiting gesture before lightly albeit nervously clutching them back to his chest ‘all over her. dad found it brilliant.’

Michael waits amidst the broken and empty silence for a reaction which he doesn’t receive.

He carries on.

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This happened just now…

My feelings have been negative and as much positivism that’s been fed my way, I wanted to try a new style. Not sure if this will stick but as you can see, I didn’t control much of my hand movement to create this.

It’s almost a reflection of how torn up I’d feel if Ash did marry someone else besides Misty, you might think I’m being biased ever since I came out with the idea of liking Pearl. (hope I used that word correctly) Anyway, this is also just a sketch b/c I found that post about just randomly sketching for a whole year just to say you sketched something everyday. It’s almost like helping yourself get faster as you draw. So that’s why it looks crappy.

43 Minutes - Part 2

Part 2 of 43 Minutes is here! I hope you all enjoy it. :) As always comments, pointers and advice are always greatly appreciated!

43 Minutes - Part 1 can be found here




That’s exactly how Amelia felt as the staff wheeled out a table with a baby boy lying on it, covered by a single white sheet. She watched the boy as he made his final journey out of this OR. 7 months old. He had his whole life ahead of him, yet he was now on his way to a morgue where he wouldn’t ever get to play, or grow or live ever again. She leaned against the wall of the OR, heartbroken, with Owen leaning beside her and holding her hand firmly.

‘I’m so sorry, Amelia.’ Owen whispered to her, ‘You did everything you could, but he was just too far gone. Do not blame yourself for this.’ He tried to look into her eyes that were usually glistening with love and hope, but today they were just empty.

‘7 months old.’ She said without diverting her eyes from the door, ‘My mom told me that I crawled for the first time when I was 7 months old. His mom won’t ever get the chance to see that.’ 

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