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#30 It’s Not What It Looks Like

*Pietro’s P.O.V*

“What the hell do I do about her? Oh god do I love her, I am so happy she is my girlfriend and everything but I just feel like it’s not enough and I don’t know if it’s too early to propose and I have already given her a promise ring a few months back.” I sighed collapsing further into the chair of her sister’s bedroom her looking just as confused as I was.

“Pietro I really, really think that maybe it is times, you love her, and you need her in your life clearly, so, I think you know the next step is to get a ring. You have the measurements of her finger from the promise ring no?” Wanda went to continue but from the looks on my face she knew I had no idea what the measurements were. “Go find a ring of hers and get the measurements genius” she ordered rolling her eyes and signalling for me to go. I sped into y/n’s room as fast as I could not stopping for about four minutes until I found one ring of hers, hidden away in a drawer, it was quite beautiful too, I even stopped to admire it. Big mistake. As I turned around I was faced with a really angry y/n. Oh god how did this look?

“It’s not what it looks like” I blurt out, okay well that makes me look even more guilty. 

“Oh please explain then” y/n spoke harshly. Oh god think. Oh no Pietro not that. 

Before I could control what was happening, I found myself down on one knee with the logic that if I was going to do it, might as well do it now. “Y/n” I spoke, my words wobbling like crazy, I am surprised she could even make out the sounds. “Will you marry me?”

Y/n began to cry and for a moment I thought I had truly upset her until she began to nod her head, whispering out a quiet yes before puling me up and kissing me. “I was looking for your ring size and I could not remember what size you were so I was going to get it from this”I gestured towards my hand as she nodded. “But it doesn’t matter anyone, c’mon lets go get my princess the ring she deserves


Part One

After the night you had dealing with Dylan, you were exhausted. So you slept through most of the next day. 

And Dylan, well he slept through most of the day as well, seeing as he was sleeping off the drugs the doctors had given him. 

You did wake, when your whole bed shook as Dylan flopped into it.

“What?” you moan. 

“I think we need to talk.”

You roll over, looking Dylan. Now, in the afternoon light, Dylan’s bruises look more prominent and hit cuts appear harsher, sharper even.

“Oh, Dyl, I’m so sorry,” you say sadly. “I still can’t believe they did that. I’m so sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?”

“You- you don’t remember?” Suddenly, you become extremely worried. How could he not remember getting the shit beaten out of him? Well, you reconsider, maybe that’s actually best

“No, I remember… I think I might remember too much actually.” 

“Too much?” you ask. Then it dawns on you and you feel your face turn a magnificent shade of red. 

“Yeah, so I think I should be the one apologizing.”

“Oh god, can we just call it even and never talk about it again?”

He smirks, “I’d say yes, but we still need to talk about how you kissed me.”

“Oh, my god,” you moan. “Are you shitting me? You’re the one walked in on me naked. Hell, you even said you were ‘in love’ with me,” you mock. 

“Yes, I did,” he says seriously. 

His tone shuts you up. This cannot be happening, you think to yourself. You’ve always told yourself that nothing could happen between the two of you. 

After his last serious girlfriend dumped him, he had to move into your place. Of course, this just solidified how you two were only friends. Friends being the key word. 

Hell, you two have been bring people home for months. A fact too awkward to bring to the table. You couldn’t move into a relationship with him with all that. 

Hence, there could be no relationship.

Not a romantic one.

Nope. None. 

But his tone is suggesting that he wants to ignore all that. 

“Dylan-” you warn.

“Y/N,” he repeats in the same tone.

“If what I’m thinking your thinking is correct, then the answer is no.”

“Well, then you’re wrong because what I’m thinking is that it’s been a long time coming so the answer should easily be yes.”

“Well that’s nice and all but-”

“But nothing. We’re best friends. We care about each other. In more ways than one. We owe it to ourselves to try,” he argues.

“’We owe it to ourselves to try’? How cliche is that?”

“Extremely. That’s why it needs to happen.”

You sigh. “Look, it’s too soon after being forced to wake up to have this conversation. I haven’t even had my morning pee.”

“Well, I have three things to say to that. One, I don’t think I need to ever know about your morning pees again. Thanks for that information. Two, it isn’t really morning. But I’ll give you the fact that you just woke up. But, just so you know, number three is that this conversation isn’t over. Really, it’s just beginning.”

“Oh brother, I gotta stop showing you chick-flicks.”

A devious grin plays across his lips, “Just you wait.”

He winks and then settles into his helpless, I-fought-for-you act. You allow it, getting him his medicine and food and whatever else he needed. 

But in the back of your mind, all you can think about is how he said he’s in love with you.

He’s in love with you. 

Getting back on the parents

Title: Getting back on the parents
Summary: You and Dan join your family on a holiday going to your cabin and there´s this big party thrown so you get mad and Dan tries comforting you.

Warnings: Family problems, smut

Word Count: 0,8k


They fucking did it again.Your family was known in your neighbourhood for throwing big parties almost every weekend and being drunk on a daily bases. You had grown to live with it, but this time it was different. It was christmas and practically your whole family was down there. Aunts, uncles, cousins etc. Thank god it was a big cabin.

The main reason you were mad was because this was Dan’s first time meeting your mom and dad and they said maybe three sentences to him before they poured themselves a drink. You were embarrassed of your parents and apologised to Dan over and over, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Jesus, Y/N. It’s alright, just calm down. Honestly I’m just glad I didn’t have to go back to my house for christmas. My family is not perfect, so I don’t expect yours to be either” Dan said as you two sat on the bed in the wood coloured room.

“But Dan, listen to them! They’re crazy drunks and is ruining christmas right this moment without even caring.” I said frustrated and mad. “It will all be okay by christmas eve, which is another two days till remember. I promise it will be okay” He said comforting me in his arms.

“Well, at least my drinking isn’t as bed as theirs” I said laughing and heard him giggle. I was kind of a partier myself, but not as bad as them. “Come on, let’s lay down.” He said and we laid down on the bed pulling a blanket over us, not bothering to take our clothes off.

“The noise is still kind of bothering me tho…” I said. “The good thing is that they won’t know if we make some noise too” He said winking at me.

“Daniel, are you suggesting what I think you are? And with my parents right downstairs… drunk” I said getting on top of him. “You’re such a badass” I said whispering into his ear, starting to kiss his neck.

A soft moan escaped from his mouth. I left kisses all over his neck while slowly grinding on him. I felt him getting harder and harder every second, which was turning me on very much as well. I took his shirt off starting to leave kisses all over his stomach until I reached his pants. I bit my lip as I took of his pants, leaving him in his boxers. I went back up to kiss his beautiful lips while palming him, taking my shirt and pants off shortly after. “Stop teasing, please. Oh god, Y/N”

I got back to his waist, quickly taking his boxers off and freeing his cock. “How bad do you want me?” I asked before starting to jerk him off. “So bad, baby. Please, suck me off” He said leaning his head back in pleasure as I took him into my mouth. I took as much as him as I could without gaging and by now he was a moaning mess. He grabbed my hair pulling me further and further down while saying my name, including “Fuck” and “Oh my fucking god” a lot.

I liked looking up at him, seeing how much he wanted me. The lust in his eyes, oh god that turned me on. “I’m gonna cum” He warned and did just a moment later. For the first time ever, I swallowed it all. Most times I would just swallow a little and spit out the rest because I honestly hated the tast of sperm. I’m not even embarrassed to say that because no one really loves the taste of cum.

“Good girl” He said and gave me a smirk. I winked at him before I walked over to my bag getting out the lube. “Oh, you’re in that mood today” He said looking at the bottle. “Well, get on your fours” He commanded me and I did as he said.

He put some lube on his cock and then on my ass. I squirmed at the coldness but soon got used to it. “You ready, baby doll?” He said and I nodded at him before he slowly pulled himself inside me. It was of course uncomfortable at first, but after a few thrusts it was pure heaven. Our loud moans filled the room and I didn’t even care how loud we were.

Dan put two fingers on my clit, rubbing  slow circles. “Oh my gosh, Dan. I-I’m gonna cum” I said feeling very close. “Me too, baby” He said and that’s when I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Soon after he did too and we both fell on the bed exhausted and sweaty, breathing heavily.

“Well that is definitely a good way to get back on your parents” Dan said and we looked at each other and started laughing.


Gosh, I’m so bad at endings. I’m so sorry, hope you liked it tho!