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So the FBI and Homeland Security just released a report saying Russian spy agencies were responsible for hacking all those internal emails from the Democratic National Committee. Julian Assange, on the other hand, is 1,000 percent sure Russia had nothing to do with that. Other smart people without cotton candy hair and pending rape charges also doubt Russian involvement. It’s one of those confusing debates that even the beardiest of computer nerds disagree on. So what’s going on here? Did Russia hack the 2016 election?

I struggle to work my smartphone’s alarm some mornings, so no, I don’t know if Russia “hacked” the election. But they sure as hell found a backdoor entrance to hack our democracy. They didn’t need an army of Mr. Robots – just an army of writers who knew how to generate clickable content. See, almost half of us get our news from links we see shared on Facebook. Which is why, during the election, articles like this flooded our social media like the banks of the Ganges.

That screengrab is from Russia Today, a Kremlin-run news agency. The Kremlin is basically Russia’s White House, which makes RT a Putin-run news agency. He’s using RT and a family of similar sites as the stage for a gritty reboot of Soviet-era tactics.

Russia’s Most Insidious Hack Is Still Happening Right Now

How to train your god

(Loki x Reader)

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“What do you want?” Loki asks, without looking up. He had better things to do than make small talk with every intruder that bugged him. This room almost felt like a train station. People constantly showing up to get on his nerves. Captain righteous and some of the other avengers had been here before, what did one more matter now.  

“Not even going to introduce yourself? How rude.”  

“You obviously already know who I am, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Tell me what you want and leave, I’m tired of people coming here.”  

“You make a lot of people nervous, it’s no wonder they want to make sure you’re not…up to something.” His eyes move up, finally locking with yours, “Is that what they call it now?” A smirk plays along his lips as he stands up, moving around you to take a better look, “Do I make you nervous.”  

“No.” It’s a lie but you can’t show any weaknesses in front of him, it would only make your job harder.  

“I wonder if that’s true.” He pushes, stalking around you in circles to unnerve you.  

He had a talent for that, you had to admit but if you’d be scared so easily he hadn’t send you here in the first place.  

“I was send here to look after you.”  

“By who?” Letting out a chuckle, he stops in front of you, furrowing his eyebrows. There was no one who even had the authority to assign him a damn guard. He wasn’t sure yet if he should find you amusing or annoying.  

“Doctor Strange.”  

“Interesting…I appreciate the concern but I can look after myself very well.”

“That isn’t up to you.”  

“Oh you’re wrong about that dear.” With a move of his hand, you’re left standing with an illusion in front of you while Loki vanishes all in the blink of an eye. He was good. If you weren’t trained in magic that well you’d never have noticed it but you did.  

Your energy ball hits him right in the back, breaking his with ease. Stabbing people in the back wasn’t the honourable thing to do but you never had a problem with that. Sometimes it was a necessity. If you want to beat a trickster you got to have some neat tricks up your sleeve as well.  

“That wasn’t too bad.” He tells you followed by a unamused laugh, “What’s your name?”  


“Well Athena…the pleasure was…questionable, anyway I’ll have to leave now.”

Bright light blinds you and before you can even react he’s gone, leaving you standing in the empty room.  

“Should have guessed it wouldn’t be that easy.” You sigh, shaking your head annoyed, “Looks like I have a god to catch…”

Now that 2016 is finally and thankfully coming to an end, I thought I should thank all the people who at least managed to make some of it amazing, those who helped me, who took care of me, who made me smile and laugh and who made me realise that no matter how difficult life can get, it’s all worth it. This is NOT a follow forever. I did one last Christmas and last July, and I didn’t want to do another one again. If you’re not included it doesn’t in any way mean I don’t like you or your blog, but I tried to keep it limited to those I actually interacted with at some point this year. I also really want to apologise if I forget anyone - there are too many amazing people on here and even though I tried so hard to include everyone I could think of, sometimes it’s easy to forget someone, especially from the first few months of this year. If you think you should be here please do send me a message or something though. Please ignore that basic af edit but I didn’t have time to do anything better 😂

@gigibuffone - Jack!! When you came to talk to me just a little over 6 months ago it didn’t cross my mind you could end up being my best friend. Can you believe we never shut up for not even a single day since then? 😂 Thank you so much mate for all the times you listen to me rant and for being one of the best parts of my 2016. You are amazing in every sense of the word and I hope you know that, you cute doughnut bean ☺️❤️

I know most of you don’t use tumblr anymore but if you see this pasta squad aka anti-bleaching ❌: @swanvika @desciglio2 @fabiantasticschaer @mesut-and-tie @neymessigriziman @loriskariius21 @diesama5 @sampers; thank you all so much for everything. You have become some of the most important people in my life, I know I can be myself with you all without being judged. Your words help get me through hard times whilst no one could make me laugh as much ad you can. We also bond over our love for pasta, and there can never be a stronger bond 😂 I’ll always support you girls through everything and once again thank you. ❤️❤️

@satansfavouritegirl - Sometimes we go days or even entire weeks without talking (mostly because of my awful replying skills) but you will always be such a special friend to me. 🌟 Thank you Ela for being like a sister especially earlier on this year, always taking care of me during rough patches. 💕

@mia-san-fcbayern - Your kind words always helped me through difficult times and I assure you I hold them (and of course you too) very close to my heart. Lis, you are such a sweet and amazing person and you deserve all that’s good in the world. Thank you for all you’ve done for me 😚❤️

@kiararose40 - Fam!! Thanks for being an amazing friend and for listening to me rant all the time. I hope I always was/will be there for you too. You’re the best smol angry ninja friend I could have ever asked for.  💞

There are so so many people who made my 2016 worth it, and that’s really saying something cause 2016 was horrible, so another big thank you goes to the following people!! Whether you checked on me often or even sent me a sweet message just once, I really appreciate. I can assure you that one good word at the right time means more than anything, and everything would have been more difficult without all of you: @alamanyar @alessandro–florenzi @fearlesskiki @incredybala @joherrkimmich @lahmz @leupolz @mypinkisfloyding @neymvrjr @philip-lahmmm @riyadmahrz @robholding @thousands-of-splendid-suns @vitaeternum @zedtheartist  💘💘

Aaaand another shoutout goes to both more friends I made this year/in previous years and mutuals who although I never actually talked to/had a conversation with, we lowkey interact sometimes smjdksn and make me v happy when I see them on my dash. I wish y'all the best: @amantedelcalcio @alexisnchez @aussenrist15 @biggestmoraticablog @boringchelsea @brozukas @buyerns @bxsti @cormacmclggen @cristalski @dimitriipayet @draxlerr @durmerella @fcbayernmess @flashed-football-mind @footballbabesmakesmesmile @gerraaard @gigi-amoremio @gigibuffonforever @gloria13 @hungarynt @kroosmas @leobittencourt @lukaszpiszcat @malta-gozo-comino @margiolys19 @nachofernandez @nemozil @princephilipplahm @rafaeloangelo @ronaldeus @sergioislife @shootballx @sterndesuedens @teamraikkonen @thiagomaia @thomasmxller @welcome-to-a-nuclear-winter  💘💘

I’d also like to thank @iwriteyourfanfiction for writing me the sweetest fic about Mats!! I still have no idea who you are but you deserve the world 😘💕

And last but not least, a big thank you goes to all those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!! I cannot tag all of you here but know you made my day special, and I appreciate every single one of them 💖

And that wraps it up, and I do truly hope I didn’t forget anyone. This also includes any cute anons I’ve received this year - I do wish I could tag you here to thank you but of course that’s not possible, but if you see this know I appreciate 💖 Thank you so much for everything!! 2016 would have been wayyyy more horrible without you all. Of course, even if you’re not included here, I still want to thank ALL of my followers and mutuals. You’re all fantastic ✨ I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2017 from the bottom of my heart, because you deserve nothing less. ❤️

alright, i am honestly irritated by the amount of anons i got overnight who claim that i’ve said that lexa manipulated clarke into something in 3x06, when i am sure i did not say anything of the likes. i didn’t even talk about lexa in any of my posts, so i honestly don’t know where this comes from. but to be sure and to get my perspective across once again, since some people think it’s okay to attack me, while not really reading and understanding my posts. here is how i saw things play out regarding clarke and her decision making and why lexa’s view is the better one than titus’ when it comes to clarke’s personal feelings.

i’ll keep this short. again, here is a fair warning: i’ll not delve into the political themes, but focus on clarke’s decision-making in regards to her feelings only.

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Sevens Sins - Envy

Envy - Gluttony - Greed - Lust - Pride - Sloth - Wrath

We all commit sins to a different degree. Nobody’s perfect, you know. Even our favorite people commit them, probably on a daily basis. So @roguex1979 and Morriggann wondered, ”How do our favorite men sin?“

They decided to expand on the subject and write one shots, each sin associated with one man.

The stories are all independent, none of them following the same story.

Sin with us.

The January sales are nearly over, but did you miss that big deal? Did you friends manage to get their hands on some great stuff for cheap? Are you JEALOUS?? Sin further with Envy!

@roguex1979 and I present Sin #3, Envy

Click here!

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Hello everybody, Rini here! So, as you most likely know, I recently created a poll to help get an idea of the demographics of the hetalia fandom. I was not really expecting it to take off, but it actually did quite well, with 249 responses in 2 days! Unfortunately, some of the information provided could not be used, and it instead just gave me more to sift through, for instance instead of leaving the “how old are you question” blank, a few people responded things like “not telling!” and “how long have you been here” question as “too long” and things like that. It was frustrating, but I appreciate that they filled out the form nonetheless.

So, let’s get started!

  • 246 people answered the question, 3 responses were not usable.
  • The largest amount of people were 16 years (45 people)
  • As seen in the chart above, ¾ people who took the poll were under 18

continued under cut

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Is everyone here seriously so dumb that they can't understand some people might get stressed out when someone blocks them for no apparent reason? I personally get super anxious even though it's just a furry game. I'll be constantly thinking about what I did wrong, trying to figure out how I should be a better person. So excuse me for not liking it when people block me out of the fucking blue, and wanting them to just tell me.

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“S’not a lie–he wouldn’t hurt me anymore. He wants me t’be happy.”

“I can’t get rid of him. I can’t.”

“Things are simple there–jus’ let ‘em be simple. Let ‘em make sense.”

“Why th’fuck did he say that? Why did he hafta say that now?”

“How long has he been lyin’ t’me? When I was with Cemi? Even then?”

“Gods, please come back. Everythin’ made sense when y’were still here. I miss you.”

“I don’t want nobody t’get hurt fer me no more. I can’t take it.”

“I don’ even like pancakes. Stop bringin’ me that shite.”

“I’ve gotta be cursed, right? Some witch cursed me. S’the only explanation.”

“Why s’this shite so messy? Why do people like fallin’ in love?”

“Maybe iffen I find another window–”

“I don’t want no one declarin’ their love fer me, anyroad! I don’ need it!”

“What if he meant it.”

“Do I want him t’have meant it?”

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It's funny how the Roadrat duo and Reaper are "cinnamon rolls" to some people here but apparently Mercy is an evil witch for trying to save Genji and Reaper's lives. Like I get they had negative consequences later on, but she was trying to help them from dying.

 Angela is a super interesting character for a variety of reasons. Shes got a total god complex lol, but that doesnt make her evil or malicious exactly. Just supremely arrogant. She didnt even want to use her rez tech on Gabe, (because it wasnt ready then obviously) but did anyways because THAT WAS THE ONLY SHOT at saving him. She saved Genji because it was the right thing to do/was an obvious immediate asset in ending the Shimada empire. Shes responsible for saving thousands of people lol, and is one of the most genius medical practitioners ever. 

  She created a device capable of rearranging, restructuring, and repairing organic tissue on a molecular level by transforming matter from energy. Like?? Girl is freakin incredible. She made sketch decisions that had consequences but ultimately saved lives. Roadhog and Junk decided they wanted to KILL thousands of people (omnics) because of petty revenge. Period. Sketch decisions versus outright cold mass-murder? Yeah fam, Im sticking with the freaking archangel of medicine/biophysics here.

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"It was balanced (w/a little more toward Lauren)," you're being nice here. L got 50% of the spotlight last night. One thing I noticed & I'm just waiting to happen so I can laugh at some hypocrates (not you, anon) in this fandom: when they put L right in the center of the spotlight just like they did with C, how the Lnizers who attacked C will react & how the other girls' fans are going to react. People freaked out about L not getting solos but went mute when it was D... so they won't even notice

lets see how it pans out

How did we get so lucky to be the people in this fandom right now with people like Jared Padalecki? How were we so fortunate to land in a fandom where the actors use their fame to expose themselves and their struggles to fans and others in order to draw people closer, to encourage them to love themselves first in order to live well and love others? 

Some celebrities use their considerable wealth or their faces or their time to uplift charities and bring attention to important issues, and that’s amazing… but there’s something so strong and encouraging and heart-breaking and beautiful about this huge, formidable man showing that it’s okay to start from a place where you have trouble loving yourself and it’s okay to be fighting and flawed and fearful. Everyone in the world deals with those things, and it’s not weakness to reveal our ongoing battles to others–it’s immeasurable strength, and there are people fighting the same battles the world over.

I’m so freaking thankful for Jared Padalecki. That is all.

escapingreality51 replied to your post: escapingreality51 replied to your post: …

I think it’s a cute way of showing affection and intimacy quickly in conversation… idk, in Danish petnames are very common, so that might affect my judgement! In any case, the scenes we got tonight showed that Robert is the dorkiest dork, showing such open affection and kissing in public?! Like how is this a thing that we have?! they are too sweet and I can’t

i totally get why some people like them but… idk maybe it’s a scottish thing? we’re so reserved over here and i would honestly die using the word ‘babe’ to anyone, even in a joking way tbh! but yes, robert is the most adorable, romantic dork and i am just in awe that he did all that, i think i was just as stunned as aaron haha


11-01-17, Day 4 of 100 Days of Productivity

Today I went to the canteen after school and did some maths work but I didn’t get any pictures, so here’s some less-than-quality pictures of the very beautiful full moon tonight.

We had parents evening tonight and I’m very proud of how I’m doing! I’m targeted an A or an A* in all subjects and nobody seems to be too worried about me ?? Amazing. I just need to spend a bit more time being organised but I can get on top if that fairly easily.

Also thank you for 100 followers! I’m glad so many people are with me this!

When people ask me how I lost the weight..

Everyone usually gets a different answer: I counted calories, I don’t drink my calories, I worked out everyday, I do a martial arts, I don’t drink alcohol, I only eat 1300 calories…blah blah blah

Here’s my problem though everyone knows the fundamentals of losing weight, and everyone’s body is different so even if I word for word describes exactly what I did for the year and a half I was losing weight some one else doing exactly what I did might not work.
So I think I though of a new answer.

I made a decision that I wanted to change my body, and I found the reason that I wanted to. I told my self it was going to take a long time. I told my self I wouldn’t quit just because I didn’t see change. If I had a bad meal I’d fix it next time I ate not the next day. I started with small steps, small changes everyday. And I was self reflective about everyday and every choice I made, making changes where I needed to.

This seems to be the major theme across all fitblr so see. People made the real decision to do it. I’ve tried and failed a million times before making it a month at most before but it wasn’t until I told my self “I’m doing this and I won’t see a change for a year and that’s okay I’m not going to quit” that I was able to do it.

Anyone can do it, you just have to decide to do it instead of making excuses.

People with cluster a and cluster c personality disorders are like ignored at worst no one is running around calling cluster c people (and lbr that post was mostly talking about people with avpd) ableist and the idea that cluster b people somehow have privilege or are given priority over other people with pds is ridiculous did you forget that people with aspd are stereotyped as serial killers and have you ever even seen a post about people with hpd, ever.

and as most people have said that post was legitimately mainly about bpd and about how it dominates pd discourse but guess what that’s because it has a large number of diagnoses and a large community here on tumbly dot com along with being one of the most heavily stigmatized disorders so of course it’s getting talked about a lot trying to undo terrible stereotypes. 

just because there is some higher level of awareness about the existence of a thing doesn’t make the people with that thing somehow privileged. I mean jesus christ almost everybody on the planet knows that schizophrenia exists that doesn’t mean it is no longer a disorder with critical amounts of misinformation and stigmatization wrapped around it. 

how are you going to treat people with bpd like they’re privileged or somehow perpetuating ableism by nature of existing or needing attention when there are still thousands of posts a week telling people with bpd that they’re terrible manipulative abusive infantile psychopaths who need to get over themselves and stop being so melodramatic 

don’t even get me started on the component of the post that talked about lack of empathy like the fact that it treated attention-seeking people as ableist for lashing out while directly discussing the idea of lack of empathy and not caring about other people as if people with cluster b personality disorders couldn’t have low to no empathy and like completely ignoring that aspd is a cluster b personality disorder

Tomorrow is my last day at Bloomberg Businessweek. I started working here 3 years ago and I can’t even explain how much I learned and how important this place is for me. I had the chance to work and learn with some of the most smart and talented people I have ever met, and I still can’t believe some of the crazy stuff we did here ended up getting printed and sent to news stands worldwide… Every. Weeeeek.

I’m leaving only because I want to learn new stuff and do new things. 
So I’m gonna do that.
Starting next week I’m joining Richard Turley on a new adventure.


"Here" by Alessia Cara
  • Aries-"And we'll discuss our big dreams how we plan to take over the planet"
  • Taurus-"But honestly I'd rather be somewhere with my people we can kick it an just listen to some music with the message"
  • Gemini-"Not there in the kitchen with the girl who's always gossiping about her friends"
  • Cancer-"I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room with people who don't even care about my well being"
  • Leo-"I can hardly hear, over this music I don't listen to and I don't want to get with you"
  • Virgo-"I don't dance, don't ask, I don't need a boyfriend"
  • Libra-"Truly, I ain't got no business here but since my friends are here, I just came to kick it"
  • Scorpio-"An anti-social pessimist but usually I don't mess with this"
  • Sagittarius-"some girl's taking about her haters, she ain't got none"
  • Capricorn-"how ever did it come to this, I shoulda never come to this"
  • Aquarius-""I'll be here, somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana"
  • Pisces-"I ask myself what am I doing here?"
Sammy Imagine

Based off the song Dance for You by Beyoncé. It’s set in a different tone than the song at the beginning but picks up near the end.

You’ll never need 2, cuz I will be your number 1

Them other chicks are superficial

But I know you know I’m the one

Sitting in Nate’s room wallowing was not on my to do list tonight, but here I was trying to escape the party going on. Trying to avoid my boyfriend.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Why are you hiding in Nate’s bedroom?” Sammy poked his head through the half open door. Oh Sammy, if only I could tell you.

“Uh I just needed some time away, there’s so many people here you know how I get.” I tried to laugh off the uncomfortable feeling settling in my stomach. He sent me a questioning look.

“Yeah I know but this is different, you’re acting different. Did someone say something to you?” Sammy was a sweet guy even though he didn’t seem like it, always concerned for me.

I shake my head, “No Sammy, I-.” The words were like a lump in my throat and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to say them to him. “All these girls, they’re so pretty and I’m me. I don’t compare to them in anyway, like Stass and you guys are so cute together. The way you guys act. My imagination runs wild I can’t help it.” Rambling my stupid insecurities to the one person who shouldn’t have to deal with them, also not on the checklist.

“Hey don’t say that babe, if I wanted Stass I would have her but I want you. I don’t need anyone else. Those girls just care about my money or what I can do for them. You like me for me. No way am I giving that up.” He grinned, Sammy had a smile that melted my heart and did things to my body I didn’t think were possible.

I just wanna…

Show you how much I appreciate you

Wanna show you how much I’m dedicated to you

Wanna show you how much I will forever be true

“Come here.” I whisper, gesturing to the bed. “I wanna do something for you baby.” This quickly turned from a vent session to I-need-you-now. I didn’t mind.

Sammy closed the door quietly flashing me a smile that turned my insides to jelly. We clashed in a whirl wind of needy mouths and roaming hands. If Sam was anything he was sweet and a hell of a good kisser. I pulled his shirt off and pushed him onto the bed.

“You wanna do this right here?” He laughed nervously.

“Sammy,” I guffawed “We’re not going to fuck on Nate’s bed. I just wanna do something for you. Sit back, shut up and enjoy.” My voice came out sounding much more confident than I was feeling.

He raised his eyebrows but winked at me, “Got it, boss.”

Tonight I’m gonna dance for you

Tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body

Boy I like it when you watch me

Swaying to the muffled music, I slowly lifted my shirt and tossed it to the side. This seemed to catch Sammy’s attention because he was sitting up before my shirt hit the floor.

“Come to daddy baby, let me take the rest off of you.” His voice came out husky, he wanted this just as much as I did. But the show must go on. I shook my head, turning so he was face to ass. Sliding my pants towards the floor earned a groan of appreciation from Sammy. “Take it all off please, I need you.”

“As tempting as that sounds I’m going to have to pa-.” The last words of my sentence trailed off as the door flew open.

“Not on my bed damnit!” Nate screamed. “Please not on my bed, anywhere else but here.”

I hope I did okay for my first imagine, super sorry if this wasn’t what you imagined but it’s what came to my mind.

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i just got waitlisted at my top choice school. i'm crushed. i've worked so hard and i just don't understand. so far i've been accepted to two other schools so i know i'll be going to college, but it still hurts so so much. any advice? how do i get over this? how do i deal with hearing about everyone in my class who did get accepted to this college?

Don’t don’t don’t take it personally. I was also rejected from the school I thought was my dream school, but I coped. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. An admissions decision is a not a reflection of your worth. So many people apply to colleges every year, and colleges might not be able to take all of them, even if they’re qualified. This is especially true for the more selective schools.
  2. Believe that this is all for a greater good. I don’t know if you’re religious or superstitious in any way, but I personally found it helpful to tell myself that I wasn’t accepted for a reason. Who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have been happy there. Actually, even if you don’t believe in a higher purpose, this argument still applies, because:
  3. College admissions are a two-way street. A lot of applicants think that they’re just trying to get into a school, but remember that the school is also trying to build a diverse freshman class that fits the school’s atmosphere. Literally the academic equivalent of “it’s not you; it’s me.”


First of all, thank you all so much! I never thought I’d ever get this far!

Second, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far without some great friends. I’d just like to thank a few (A lot) of people below:

@dailydiadop (One of my best friends)

@dailyjotaroandstarplatinum (Another one of my best friends)

@dailystoneplatinum (A good friend of mine who I’m friends with thanks to the daily Discord chat!)

@dailyhierophantgreen (My and Star’s favorite memelord ^w^)

@dailysmolnareff (Smol, you’re one of the funniest people I know, and your smol pol art is beautiful!)

@dailykillerqueen (KQ is one of my favorite stands, keep up the good work and nyas)

@dailyenricopucci (Oh no, there’s a whitesnake in my boot.. You’re great!)

@daily-caesar (Another friend from the discord chat, 10/10 art)

@weeklyheavendio (You’ve only been in the Discord chat for a little bit, but you’re hilarious, and I love your art!)

@dailyshadowdio (Cake buddy, best cake buddy I could ask for)

@dailyavdol (I’m love you and your unique art Cy)

@dailyjosephjoestar (brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr)

@marinebiologistjotaro (I love your blog so much, I’m also a huge marine biology nerd so I always get a big smile on my face whenever I see a post from you!)

@daily-foofighters ( don’t know you as well, but I absolutely love your art!)

@dailypolnareff (I wish I talked to both of the mods more, you’re both really funny and sweet)

There’s plenty more people I want to thank, but I don’t know if I can list everyone! 

I might do a giveaway or something like that in a few days, but I just wanted to say thank you here first!

-Bubbles (Starmun)