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Do you want Sense8 to be renewed? Read this!

Starting petitions and hashtags is great, but Netflix cares about numbers, statistics, and money since this season cost them approx. $109 million.

We don’t have much time. We need to move fast. Really fast.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, GET ONE! The 1st month is a free trial anyway.
  • As soon as you get the subscription, WATCH SENSE8, even if it’s only playing in the background on mute.
  • If you have a subscription and haven’t watched Sense8 yet. DO IT NOW!
  • If you’ve already watched it a couple of times, ONE MORE TIME won’t hurt.
  • If you know anyone who might be interested in watching Sense8, show them how to do it right. It has to be THROUGH NETFLIX, not free streaming sites.

We’re seriously running out of time. With the cast asking us to make noise, and posting absolutely nothing to comfort us, like Brian did with season 1 renewal, the odds are not looking good.

I’m talking we need to do this within 24 hours. If you think it’s not possible, think again. We can do anything we set our minds to do.

This is our chance to practically show the cast and the writers how much we love them and the show, not with a hashtag or a petition, but by actively doing something Netflix can’t say ‘No’ to.

If you love this show, fight for it.

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your comic of long haired mob and reigen is AMAZING! if you dont mind me asking, how did you make the colors in your comics look uniform (ie: blue in that one comic) and yet still recognizable of their original/normal color palettes, did you use a layer mode? or something else?

OKAY THIS IS. a challenging question to answer, even though it’s easy in practice.

The Doozy ABoT comic is a bit of an exception to the rule of how I color in general, but I can show you a glimpse into how that color process went. Also I use Sai for everything listed.

I’m using a picture I haven’t colored/merged yet to show what I mean, since you need to keep the lineart separate for my process to work. You can see how I color lineart here. Here it’s just at 30% lumi&shade.

Ya start with ur flats. Rad. (and always have backup flats on a duplicated layer)

getcha some faded blue set on a grouped screen layer.

Some faded blue on a multiply layer

(this is where i divulge from how i usually color comics, to be continued below **)

Because the comic was a night scene, i leave the darks/contrast as is, since you lose a majority of it in dark scenes, and just apply an orange screen layer where the light’s gonna hit them.

select the inverse of that (with some space to give that weird shade-line in my stuff) and add some more blue on a screen layer and viola! you got my basic process for coloring that comic. and you didn’t even have to do much to preserve the original color palettes in people’s minds.

**back to how i normally color comics (here i used faded purple on my screen/multiply layers)

your average scene is very well lit, so it’s important to show the regular contrast as is. so – you get your sucker all done up, then

you adjust the brightness/contrast/color deepen until it reflects the difference you started with. now u have your original set of hues looking like it got passed through a purple color filter, but functioning better imo.

I personally like it a little toned down, so I add back in some of that reserve flat layer. I eyeball it, but this was around 52% opacity.

Multiply layer where your shades go. (with more faded purple)

Luminosity layer on top of the shades to make that solid line in my darks I was talkin about. (with even more faded purple)

And you can have an optional screen layer in the highlights (by selecting the inverse of your shade layer.) Here I used yellow bc why not. 

That is the other important thing about my art. My shades and highlights are kept to 1-2 colors. Here it’s orange and green

Here it’s blue and red. The simplicity looks better to my eyes.

aight you made it to the bottom go treat urself to smth nice

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Ok ok ok now when I've gon trought your entire Meg and Button tag (yes I'm a freak) I have a question: when did they admit to eachother that they loved one another? Was the first "I love you" an akward experience, a magical one or maybe both or neither? How did either/both of them react?

Now that’s what I call dedication! :O
I have yet to come up with that special moment, however here’s the first time they kinda-sorta confessed about their “more-than-friends” attraction:

flower45689  asked:

I've been meaning to ask you, how do you get the colors in the lineart look so nice and smooth when the lineart is sketchy and cool? I've seen other artists do it too, and I wanted to do that, but when I did, the color shows up behind it and it looks really ugly. Please answer and/or post a video on how you color you art and keep it looking slightly sketchy! I love and look up to your art! Please reply! Thank you!!

Keep in mind i use 

I hope this helps!

Info on new YOI doujinshi

So instead of flying solo, I’m collabing with @tumblngkori again, along with @koukounut and @ateliermuse! We’re shooting for end of May, and doing a PDF release like we did with Pair Skate.  No title yet. 
Contents (tentative):
- 16~18pg comic by me (post-canon, power bottom Yuuri, Viktor still in suit)
- pre-canon Yuuri/Phichit (fantasizing about Viktor) comic by Kori
- pre-canon Viktor/Chris (fantasizing about Yuuri) comic or illos by AtelierMUSE
- illos by Kou

All this is subject to change, of course, if real life rears its head. Again, 18+ only.

All my comic WIP posts for this one will be taggedLike You Stole It”.

Edited to add: couple of WIP panels already on my YOI twitter. You can see how rough my inks are before cleaning :U


keith and allura + growing stronger by letting go of the past

since i have yet to find another post that goes into detail about just how much keith’s arc in ‘the blade of marmora’ and allura’s arc in ‘crystal venom’ parallel one another, i went ahead and did the thing myself !! i find it both curious and kinda enchanting how alike keith and allura are in so many respects. realizing these similarities while re-watching the show was far too riveting not to share my thoughts, so here they are ^^

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A Writer’s PSA

Firstly: I just saw an interesting post made by @caplanbuckybarnes (who I can’t tag, but that’s okay), that inspired both anger and relief in me at once. I was compelled to type out this PSA.

Secondly: I am tagging everyone who has asked to be tagged in The Irrelevance of Napoli SO YOU CAN SEE HOW GODDAMN AWESOME THEY ARE BEFORE I START THIS. 

@thecrownedrose @persephone-is-here-omg @find-me-here2 @captainamerotica @redgillan @angryschnauzer @ursulaismymiddlename @rebelslicious @kittykitty-mewmeww @erisjade @siren-kitten-his @buckyappreciationsociety @kozmicrock @aingealcethlenn @rachelle-on-the-run @thewinterswimmer @vaisabu @inside-lizzys-head @angryschnauzer @melconnor2007 

Thirdly: I am doing this more for the sake of my upcoming fic, Cherchez la Femme, which I have been working on for MONTHS–probably since Septemberish–than I am for Napoli. Also doing this for the sake of other authors who may feel this way, but don’t want to say anything for fear of making people mad. I personally am tired of dealing with my own anxiety about this subject, so I’m getting this off my chest. 


 I am exceedingly frustrated by the majority of attitudes (or non attitudes) I see towards anything that is not a one-shot on here. ESPECIALLY if it’s smut.

I like smut. I love smut. I’ve read some really good smut on here. But… that’s not all I’ve read on here. When I first got on Tumblr, I found some really unique and interesting fics, and I got very invested in them. But lately, the majority of what I’ve been seeing on this site is the same damn thing, over and over and over again. Smut one shots, no plot, no character development, no nothing. Those fics I was invested in were discontinued (temporarily, I hope) in favor of smut one shots, which, like I said, I don’t mind, but ya know… I also do.

Authors are capable of writing more than smut one shots. 

Authors are capable of writing more than smut one shots. And many of them do write more than smut one shots. But I have seen two (2) of the multi-part fics I follow being seriously reblogged. That’s out of A LOT that I happen to read and like. One of my favorites got put on hiatus because there were no reads on the most recent chapter at the time.

Tumblr, seriously, what is going on? Like, I recognize that we all want to imagine ourselves having sex with some version of Sebastian Stan (ME TOO, I AM NOT EXCLUDING MYSELF FROM THAT GROUP) but some of these people have worked ages, ages on these fics. With well-developed characters and plot and settings and serious issues that are worked through. THESE PEOPLE I READ SHOULD WRITE ORIGINAL CONTENT AND GET PUBLISHED. In my world, they would. Because they are that good.

And yet, they get almost no recognition. And it frustrates me, and scares me, and makes me really, really sad. Some might say, “Tumblr is more (something else) than fanfic for me”–which is fine. Please engage in whatever joy may have brought you to Tumblr. But also remember that for others, it IS about fanfic, and they enjoy doing that just as much as you enjoy doing whatever you do. So hit the like button every once in a while. Read more fics of your favorite characters. Some might say, “I have –something that gives me a shorter attention span–, I can’t remember what happened before this chapter/can’t concentrate enough to get through a whole fic in the time I have”–in which case, you are fine, don’t worry about it, not a big deal. Some of you may say, “Works in progress are annoying, I hate waiting for new parts to come out”–and trust me, I’m right there with you. I’m waiting on a few new parts for fics myself (I’m also waiting for Diana Gabaldon’s next Outlander book, goddammit), but that doesn’t stop me from reading and commenting on the parts that are there! Tell the author that you have something to look forward to until the next part comes out! Also, TELL THE AUTHOR IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR THEM TO COMPLETE IT, or ask to be tagged in the final masterlist! We won’t mind if you do it that way! Some of you may just hate longer fics and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that. In which case, whatever floats your boat.

I’m not getting on anyone in the above paragraph to suddenly change your preferences and start reading fics with more than two parts. What I am saying, though, is if you consume, but don’t comment AND reblog (or at least tag and reblog), or if you don’t consume at all and blatantly ignore what authors are putting out there… come on, guys. We put our heart and souls into this stuff. Some of the stuff we write is taken from real life. Some people don’t have anything but their writing to help them get through what may be a really bad stage. Likes, comments, reblogs–writers need these. We don’t all have to be JK Rowling here, but we do hope to see that someone smiles or laughs, or cries, or feels in some way with our fics. 

One of my friends on here was very sad a couple of days ago because she was getting very few notes on even her one-shots, or reblogs with no comments. She has 700+ followers and a taglist that’s a mile long. It made me sad for her, and I can’t even hug her because she lives far away from me. Readers, you don’t have to comment or reblog every chapter of a fic that’s been written, it’s really okay if you don’t, but let the reader know that you like it and acknowledge the work that’s been done. 

I’m still relatively tiny on here, and I definitely need to follow more blogs, so I will now go looking. But, indulge me for a second: If, when I publish Cherchez, I deem it as not getting enough notes, I will make a goddamn video of myself deleting the thing off my computer and burning the damn notebooks. I started by writing this stuff for me. Napoli ended up being about someone I know who recently died. Cherchez was what I wrote when I was coming out of a breakdown. So yes, I write for myself. But as soon as I put it up here, it becomes yours. You consume it, you feel because of it. So really, guys, read all the smut you want. I know I’m going to. But read more than smut, too.


Someone who is a teeny bit oversmutted

(If you want to, you can check my tags for more info)

Just a Warning. (pt. II)

I’m so overwhelmed by the reactions, I cri. 

Pt. I 

You rolled your eyes at yet another Instagram post was posted by none other than the lovely Les. However, you did chuckle a bit when you saw how uncomfortable Harry looked in the picture; her lips were sloppily on his cheek, seeming like an open mouthed kiss that made you cringe while Harry’s smile was forced, teeth not showing. 

“Look at her, she’s about to suck him in.” You tilted your phone towards your best friend. She gave you a sympathetic look, making you shake your head. “No, don’t give me that look.” 


“No. I don’t- I don’t love him, alright?” You sighed, fighting the urge to look through Les’ feed that had multiple pictures of her and Harry, too close for your own comfort. 

“The fans don’t like her.” Your best friend told you, resting her head on your couch’s armrest. 

“I wonder why.” You said sarcastically, locking your phone. 

“Y/N, yo-” 

“I miss him.” You muttered, looking down at your lap, feeling a wave of tears hit you. 

“Awe, Y/N…” She instantly was by your side, hugging you. “I’m sure he misses you so much right now.” 

“Yeah, right.” You sniffled, rolling your eyes. 


Harry nodded absentmindedly to what his girlfriend had been going about for what seemed like hours now, holding his phone close to his face, your instagram account displayed on his screen as he scrolled down your pictures. 

“And there’s this Gucci dress that I need you to get me for my friend’s birthday party. Can’t look like anything less if I’m dating Harry Styles.” 

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes diverting from his screen to the woman in front of him. “You’ve just bought a Prada dress the other day.” He said timidly. 

“So?” She raised an eyebrown at him. 

Harry’s shoulders slumped, shaking his head reluctantly. “Nothing…Nothing.” 

“Anyway, I should be heading out now.” She said, standing up. 

“Didn’t you say you were staying for dinner?” Harry asked her, standing up as well and following her to the door where she was putting on her coat. 

“Something came up. Bye, babe!” And after a peck to his lips, she was out the door. 

Sighing to himself, Harry walked back to his living room, plopping on the couch. It was sudden to Harry when the feeling of how spacious his house really was downed him, being used to having another person around; being used to having you around. 

“Fuck.” Harry cursed under breath, his big hands rubbing his forehead in defeat. 


“Mum doesn’t like her.” Gemma said once she sat on your bed, beginning to put her hair in a ponytail. 

“What?” You furrowed your eyes, handing her a soda can. 

“Les. Mum doesn’t like her. Neither do I.” She shrugged, popping open her can. 

“Oh. Her.” 

“Harry doesn’t love her, you know? He’s just ni-” 

“Nice. He’s just nice.” You chuckled sadly, pushing your knees to your chest as you sat in front of Gemma on the bed. 

“You really need to tell him how you feel, Y/N. One of you needs to grow some balls.” 

“He basically kicked me out last Sunday, Gem.” You informed her, watching as her eyes went wide as she covered her mouth before having a coughing fit, making you reach and pat her on the back. 

“Wh-What?! He did what?” She asked once she recovered, reaching over to put her can on the bedside table. 

“Yup. I told him he was too nice, that the girls he goes out with and gives them his all are always just using him. I don’t know what came over me, Gem, I felt like I was just going to explode and-” You took a breath to stop your rambling before shaking your head, “I just love him, Gem. If he doesn’t love me back, alright. So be it. But I can’t just watch every other girl come and use him and watch him beat himself over it later. I want him happy, Gemma but, fuck he’s driving me insane.” 

“How did that feel?” Gemma smiled softly, soothingly rubbing your arm. 




He should have seen it coming. The signs were there but he was oblivious to it. 

But being in his suit in a party full of important people, his eyes locked on his girlfriend sucking faces with someone else, he felt humiliated. He should have seen it coming. 

Harry could already imagine the headlines, the amount of hate she was going to get. He anticipated her making moves to victimize herself but he didn’t care about what the media would say about this. Harry didn’t care about the stories he’ll find of himself the next morning because standing there, he could only remember your words; your warning. 

So maybe him knocking on your door timidly, feeling almost shameful as he stood in his dressy outfit, disheveled hair and a red nose. 

“She cheated on me.” Was what Harry blurted out once you opened the door at 12 am in the loose braid you put your hair in before you went to bed, Superman pajamas making Harry want to tuck himself in bed with you. 

Fuck being friends. Harry thought.

Instantly, you pulled him inside and into your arms. 

“You were right.” Harry whispered in your hair, closing his eyes as he gave in. “I’m oblivious. A complete idiot who needs his best friend to monitor his every move.” He chuckled softly, wrapping his arms around you tighter. 

“I’m sorry about her.” You whsipered against his chest, blocking out the sound in your head telling you to act mad; to remind him of what he did. 

“She wasn’t worth it.” He shook his head, pulling away. “I’m not sad about her. I’m sad about you. I treated you like shit, Y/N. Kicked you out of my house, what kind of a shit best friend am I? Shit doesn’t even begin to describe how I was with you an-” 

You knew it. He was rambling. And when Harry was rambling it meant that he was nervous about something. And hell, you wanted to let him ramble but your craving lips had thoughts of their own and before you could comprehend what was happening, your lips were pressed to Harry’s. 

You thought he wouldn’t kiss back but the very moment your lips touched, Harry’s moved against yours, his hands cupping your face as he brought you closer, pushing his body against yours lovingly. 

Years ago, if someone had told you that you and Harry would kiss, your response would have been “Ew! He’s like a brother to me”. But now, with all the love you have kept to yourself for the past three years, you wanted nothing but his lips on yours. 

You pulled away to catch your breath, slowly opening your eyes. Harry opened his, a surprised look on his face before his lips pecked yours quickly, his thumbs stroking the skin of your cheek bones. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that.” Harry finally said, kissing the corner of your mouth. 

Flustered, your hands moved to his chest, resting your open palms on his chest and feeling the racing heartbeats that blasted from his chest. “How long?” You asked quietly. 

“Since that time you helped me write Just a Little Bit of Your Heart. Seeing you on that brown chair with my journal in your hands, God, Y/N. I knew my feelings for you weren’t just friendly.” Harry smiled, pulling his head back a little to see your face. 

“What about your girlfriends? You went out with some people in that time.” You said confusingly. 

“We have been best friends ever since we were kids. How would I know that you felt the same way? I didn’t want you to leave me, Y/N,” Harry said. “I don’t want you to leave me.” He corrected himself instantly, a soft smile on his face that reached his eyes, drawing one of your own on your face. 

“So 2 years, huh?” You giggled. 

“2 years. I have loved you for two years and I’ll love you for some more.” He grinned, leaning down to press his lips to yours. “I’m sorry you had to watch me with these girls all these yea-” 

“Hey,” You stopped him, “We’re together now, aren’t we?” 

At the sound of you and him together, Harry grinned, nodding his head. “Together. We’re together.” 


“Yeah?” He replied softly, his hands going down your arms and to your waist. 

“Gemma and Anne didn’t like Les.” You giggled. 

“Les? I don’t know a Les.” He joked, wrapping his arm around you in a hug. “Us being together doesn’t mean I’ll be the big spoon, just so you know.”

“Harryyy..” You whined. 

You can say it. You can tell me that I’m a complete sap. Go on, tell me “H, you’re a complete sap who can’t write angst for shit”. GoODBYE. x 


So, I’ve been dealing with this for the past week. I am unmercifully reporting all artwork I find that is not posted by me. I was made aware of someone who stole my Nathalie comic I did forever ago. I made the mistake of asking them to take it down instead of immediately reporting it. They responded that they would give me credit, so it didn’t matter. I insisted that they remove it, as they did not have my permission to upload it and if they wouldn’t remove it, I would report it. Their response? It was my fault for not watermarking it in the first place. Obviously, talking to them was a mistake. 

As you can see from the screenshots above, every time I have reported it and it has been taken down, they put it right back up. This time, without credit at all. I’m frustrated but I am stubborn and very very petty. I am going to keep reporting this person. 

I have never been involved in a fandom before. This is the first time I have actively shared anything on line. For the most part, the Miraculous Ladybug fandom has been supportive and sweet. I have so many wonderful followers who leave nice messages and are invested in me as an artist. I’ve never really had that before and it means so much to me.

However, I am not tolerating any reposts at all anymore. It is my fault for not watermarking my stuff. Until only recently, I just barely managed to remember to sign my artwork. Going forward, I’m sticking a watermark on it. It sucks that its necessary, and its not going to stop the reposts. Its only going to give me credit where people won’t. 

I created a usage page for people who wanted to use my art. I love dubs, I love amvs, and I love when people want to use them creatively for that. Most of the people asking to use my art won’t read it. And they won’t follow it. Going forward, its not allowed anywhere except where I allow. I’m tired of recieving private messages that basically say, “Hey! I love your art! Can I post it _____?” 

This person is still doing it. They won’t stop. And the mentality that my art isn’t my own because I didn’t stick my name all over it is ridiculous. Even more so that art is free to use just because it is online is disrespectful. One thing I did find hilarious was this: 

This is their profile on Wattpad (I went looking to make sure none of my art friend’s or any more of mine was stolen). I can’t understand how you feel so entitled to art that you ask that your words aren’t stolen yet reporting you is unacceptable. 

I will keep reporting my artwork. And I will keep producing artwork. And I be protective over my artwork.

To my followers that read through this: 

Those of you that follow me because you are invested in my art, Thank you. Your support and encouragement is so wonderful and important to me. Also, don’t harass this person. I will continue to report them and take care of it myself. 

To those of you that followed me to use my art and to repost it: Unfollow me and block me. I’m tired of being used for your popularity. I’m selfish and my art is for me. I didn’t draw it to bring you followers.

TLDR: Don’t repost my art. Don’t even ask.

Chapter 3 of Fanboy is posted!

Ao3 Link

The whole chapter below the cut

This is also an animation I did from one of the scenes in this chapter :)

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Sansa’s safety is at the forefront of Jon’s mind.

Jon’s every encounter with men who have had some sort of relationship with Sansa has so far been confrontational. The extent of aggression in each confrontation varies. During the Battle of the Bastards, Jon saw red in his confrontation with Ramsay. Whether or not he meant to murder him or simply lost control in his rage, it is unclear. What Ramsay did to Winterfell, Rickon, and Sansa is unforgivable, and the rage is understandable. 

There is a particular moment specifically about Sansa where Jon bristles. 

“Fine woman, your sister,” Ramsay says. “I look forward to having her back in my bed.”

A cut to Jon’s face, and there is a quiet rage about him. We see his mouth part ever-so-slightly, and he shifts forward on his horse, as though he means to be closer to Ramsay for attack. Or perhaps the horse under Kit Harington’s bum moved just at the right moment. Still, I am grateful that that was the winning shot in the editing room.

Still, the rage at Ramsay could be explained by anything. He was a vile person with a track record of wrongdoings to most of the people in the North.

The confrontation with Littlefinger, however, was more Sansa-centric, and gives more meat to the bone that is “Is there something romantic in store for Jon and Sansa?”

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You know that post that's been going around where Jason and Dick have an argument and Dick yells "take what's yours and leave" and Jason picks him up? I was wondering if I could maybe prompt something based off it. Like maybe Dick's reaction to Jason picking him up?bc he was so angry and riled up during the fight but what Jason just did was one of the cutest yet corniest things, like how is he supposed to stay mad after that??


Based off of this awesome post by moonfox281


They’ve been screaming at each other back and forth for so long, Dick can’t remember what had even sparked their argument to begin with. Neither of them are willing to back down either.

Things are pretty ugly, but no one has thrown a fist…yet.

Dick thinks he might be the one to do it, if Jason doesn’t get the hell away from him immediately.

“That’s it!” Dick shouts finally, cutting off whatever scathing remark Jason has coming for him.  “I can’t take this anymore. Get the hell out!”

Jason stares at him as the words slowly begin to register in his mind. If Dick weren’t so angry, he would notice the way that Jason’s own anger dissipates out of him as realization of what Dick said, hits.

“Dick,” Jason says slowly.

“No just…go. Take what’s yours and leave. Now,” Dick snaps. His hands are shaking.

“Fine,” Jason says calmly, before walking forwards.

Dick expects him to brush harshly past, and is completely bewildered when Jason reaches for him instead.

Dick’s reaction is too slow, and he mentally curses himself out as Jason… throws him over his shoulder?

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The Rise and Fall of Steve Uchiha

I do not remember the exact year, but it wasn’t as many years ago as one would think. I used to be in this Naruto RP forum (because Naruto RP was and probably still is freakin’ fun) that was one of those rare places that, while not exactly ideal, was still pretty damn good. Sure, the mods had some stinking ego that passed over to the IC end of things, lamentably, but they were tame and could have been leagues worse.

I was a Jounin in charge of a team of three Chuunin, and this forum had a system of subforums that was used to go on “adventures” with your team. It was pretty fun! The Jounin would basically come up with a plot for the mission and the Chuunin had to work their way through the mission, and it allowed for character development, hardships, fire-forged friendships or rivalries, perhaps even conflict (yum!), etc. It was considered extremely rude to post in an Adventure thread, as you were basically hijacking the thread. Long story short, I was going on the planned adventure with my three disciples (and I must mention that the three of them are very good writers) when, out of quite literally nowhere, he appears.

A post by a username we don’t know updates our thread, so we go check it and all we see is one line of crudely written text saying:

“where is my brother sasuke tell me and i wont kill you”

The username was steveuchiha. I was laughing already because it was quite clear that this person had no idea what he was doing, but I actually had to call the NASA base in Houston after checking his character page because my sides reached orbit instantly. thIS KID HAD THE CRUDEST CHARACTER PAGE, IT BASICALLY READ LIKE:

Name: steve uchiha
Clan: uchiha
Age: 13
Abilities: kamehameha rasengan chidori


So I can’t stop laughing like a freaking hyena when one of the Chuunin, irked OOC and infuriated IC (since his character was temperamental), tells him both OOC and IC to piss off.

Those were his famous last words because Steve Uchiha had other plans. In a tad-too-fast response, Steve writes a fULL FREAKING PARAGRAPH OF CRUDE BEATDOWNS, SOMETHING LIKE:

“i grab u and punch u in the face then i throw u into the air and i jump after you and kick u in the tummy then i put you in a special hold and slam u against a tree and then i charge up a rasengan and hit u with it in the face where is my brother sasuke”



“User steveuchiha, this is your first warning: Your character page is insufficient, your character is not approved and you just interrupted an Adventure thread, something that is heavily against the rules. Delete your posts and fix your page or we will delete the posts for you and count it against your tally.”

This, my friends, is where any tale would have ended. It’s where a user would have thought “hey, maybe I should have read the etiquette guidelines”, this is where our homo sapiens sapiens kicks in and we stop fucking up.

But this is not any tale, this is the tale of Steve Uchiha, and he was having none of this bullshit.

So what does Steve Uchiha do?

Why, open a can of whoopass on the admin, of course.


“where is my brother sasuke”

The admin gave Steve Uchiha a 2nd warning.

It was met with yet another whirlwind of combos.

A 3rd warning came and…

This is as far as I am willing to tell you. The rest of the story is better left unheard. The ending is exactly what you all predict, but I think we can all be happier thinking that, even to this day, Steve Uchiha keeps pummeling random people, ever searching for the truth, never giving up on his brother Sasuke.

Here’s one for you, Steve Uchiha. May you find your brother Sasuke.

The best part? There was no Sasuke. This was an AU Naruto setting.

okay but why didn’t jack and silver interact more?

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Which three russian cats are you most fond of

there are so many and i love them all of course but 3 of my favorite are 

Flight Rising Gothic

You see an amazing accent in the AH. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. It’s a one-off. It’s 5000 gems. You check your vault to see if you can afford it. It’s 10,000 gems. You look away for a moment. Now it’s 20,000 gems. Now it’s gone. Did someone buy it, or did it ascend into the ether, a higher being? You will never see that accent again and the creator is inactive. 

Someone posts an excited scry of their dragon as an imperial, talking about how they can’t wait to scroll them into this. There’s been no whisper of imperial scrolls for years. Do you tell them? Do they know? They seem so certain. You wonder what they know that you don’t. 

There’s yet another phoatlshop thread in the forums. The title is a pun that you forget immediately after reading. It’s all just unaltered pictures of dragons, posted one after another.

“Don’t exalt my dragon!” a user shrieks frantically at you, as you move to click the button. “Just give it a good home!” They stand outside your lair, screaming. “I hate it when people buy my dragon just to exalt them!” You have owned this dragon for a year. 

The site shuts down every night at midnight. “It’s to keep them out.” Undel whispers, eyes darting frantically. “It’s to keep us safe.” Safe from what, you wonder. You wait patiently for the site to open up, to let you back in again. 

You put a top hat on your dragon. Ha ha. The economy is in shambles. 

I can’t take proper screenshots rn because my laptop’s acting up like crazy so have stuff I found on Google images instead

okay so I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I can’t keep quiet any longer

everyone calls Semi the Bokuaka love child, right? but I don’t really see it. I mean he’s pretty like Akaashi so there’s that, and the hair? maybe? but honestly not that much at all??


look at Suga

look at Iwa (holy hell it’s hard to find screenshots of him alone on Google)

and now look at Semisemi

seeing them in succession like this, does he not look incredibly similar?? I MEAN

he has Iwa’s eyes except his pupils are a rounder shape (LIKE SUGA’S), his natural hair colour is probably kinda like Iwa’s as well but it falls more like Suga’s hair, just spikier (even though he’s a setter … haha get it because spiky … spiker … aNYWAY), and even if the grey IS natural and just his tips (and eyebrows) are dyed it would still make sense because Suga

now aside from looks, what do we have?? he’s

  • a setter (like Suga)
  • strong (like Iwa)
  • a good server (like Iwa)
  • somewhat aggressive (like Iwa) but he can still be sassy sometimes (like Suga, take s3ep1 for example, the scene with Goshiki)
  • really pretty (like Suga), that’s also looks but shhh

now you could argue that that’s just an anime thing but … well tumblr doesn’t let me add any more images so I can’t show more but look at mangacaps and you’ll see what I mean

so? in conclusion?? I’m not gonna claim anything but Semi is the Iwasuga lovechild, you heard it here first

(or not, I’m sure someone else has already made that assumption. I mean it’s not THAT Farfetch’d. well except for the part where they’re all 3rd years and it’s biologically improbable but listen. time travel is a thing. maybe Semi came back to the past to personally play against his parents. nothing can be proven)