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This is coming in a bit late because at first I didn't know what to ask and quite frankly I'm still not sure if this is the right question? I mean- there is no right and wrong question but you know... The right one in my opinion... In any case, I am a 15 year old kid confused with their gender... So my question is, how long did it take you to uh- well "find out" that part of you, to figure out your gender? I'm just asking cause I can't figure out my own etc, you don't have to answer.

Hey there! Thank you so much for your question. My primary piece of advice in situations like these is that you do not need to know right away. Your journey of self discovery will never stop, so you do you. Do what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself and surround yourself with people who will validate that, and don’t worry about the rest.

Reaction to you squirting



Sex with Jin was mostly vanilla. Today however, he wanted to try different things. He would have you blindfolded and tied up, while he was playing around with you. His dick would be slamming into you making you feel so good; squirting was how your body told him. You wouldn’t realise what was happening until you heard a soft giggle from Jin. “I-I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.” You’d say. Taking off the blindfold, he’d kiss you and say “Don’t worry, just tell me how to make that happen again.


Yoongi wouldn’t be vocal about, but you would be able to see the smug look on his face. He’d backtracking everything he did that led you to squirt because you bet he’d want to witness it again. He would crouch down to level with your ear and whisper dirty things while fingering to, trying to stimulate you even more. “You wanna squirt for me again kitten? Do you want me to fuck you some more?” You squirting would ignite a sexy beast in him.


Hoseok’s main aim was to make you squirt. After hearing about it from Namjoon, he wanted to try and see how you would react. Toys, his fingers, his perfect mouth and eventually his cock. He was using everything. After multiple orgasms, your body finally gave in and you squirted violently. High pitched moans erupted from your mouth. “That’s it baby girl. This is what I wanted. That’s like a good girl.” He’d be praising you non-stop. He’d switch positions so that you were on top of him, and slide his cock into you. “Now, say thank you to daddy.”

Rap Monster:

Daddy Namjoon would like it a lot. You squirting would give him an instant ego boost and turn him on even more. You would be shaking and squealing loudly, unable to bare the pleasure. “Keep screaming for daddy, baby girl.” He’d say. He’d fuck you in many more positions just so he could see you squirt again.


The combination of Jimin’s mouth, fingers and thick cock, would make your muscles contract and squirt for the very first time. He’d sit back and give a satisfied smile at his work. Your spasms and loud, high pitched moans would make him so content. After letting you come back down from your high, Jimin would run his finger across your folds “Wow jagiya, you never told me you liked the way I feel.”


Tae would keep sliding his cock in and out of you. You would be squealing asking him to slow down. “Urgh, kitten. You’re so hot.” His finger would come down to your clit slowly rubbing circles to keep your senses alive. His eyebrow would rise up and he’d be calling you names and would be saying things to you. “We’re not done kitten. That was so hot that I need to fuck you some more.” Without giving you a break, he’d flip you onto your stomach and would pound you from behind.


Jungkook would be very surprised at first; he would try and process what exactly was happening. Your loud moans would bring his attention back to you and he’d realise how hot you looked. This would be a sort of learning experience for Kook. After coming to terms with everything he’d say, “Who made you squirt baby? Did I make you feel so good?” You moaning and agreeing with him would boost his confidence level and he’d try and find more ways to make you squirt again and again.

send in requests, guys ✌🏼

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6 and 45 where 6 is said to Molly in Sherlock's nightmare please!

“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

 Oh goodness…PREPARE FOR FEELS!!!!! MWAHAHA!!!

(Bear with me on the weird sudden shifts in the first part. Attempting to write dream-logic is weird…) 

Sherlock listened as footsteps echoed off the tile floor surrounding the pool.

“Did you miss me, Sherlock?” Moriarty laughed. “Admit it. You missed me.”

Sherlock turned to face the man across from him. “How…”

“Oh please Sherlock, don’t be boring,” Moriarty groaned. “It doesn’t matter how. You of all people should know that.”

 He waved a hand to the edge of the rooftop of Bart’s, overlooking the city. 

“I was gone for a while, but now I’m baaaaaaaaack! Back to take care of a little unfinished business. And you know how I dislike unfinished business. Especially between us…We had so much fun together, you and I. I must have gotten carried away…Turns out I missed something. Hard to believe I know…but don’t worry, Sherlock. I always keep my promises…”

Sherlock watched as Moriarty strolled casually around Molly Hooper’s sitting room. “What do you mean…” He shook his head, trying to orient himself.

Moriarty pouted at him from behind Molly’s overstuffed chair.

“Don’t you remember? I told you I would burn the heart out of you,” he replied sweetly, tossing an empty gas can over his shoulder. “And that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Moriarty flicked a lit match at his feet, causing the room around him to become engulfed in flames.

“Sherlock?” Molly’s voice came from somewhere inside the flat. 


The smoke stung his eyes, blinding him as he stumbled towards the sound of her voice. He found the door and flung it open. He blinked, clearing his eyes in the now smokeless room to see Moriarty sitting on his bed casually, his arms around Molly as she sat in his lap, handcuffed.

“It’s always the quiet ones that cause all the trouble,” Moriarty clucked, resting his chin on her shoulder. 

“Let her go,” Sherlock demanded, his voice cracking.

Moriarty smirked. “Mmm no. Can’t do that, I’m afraid. See…as long as she’s breathing, you can beat me. She’s the only reason you beat me before, clever girl.” He nuzzled his nose into her hair, breathing her in. “Deliciously so as I recall…not that’d you’d know anything about that.”

He gave Sherlock a wolfish grin as he placed a kiss to her neck.

“But she was always on your side. Weren’t you, Mols? Even during that pesky doomed little engagement, it was always you, Sherlock. She’d always choose you. E-ver-y time. And that’s the kind of loyalty that just…get’s in the way.”

Sherlock felt as if his feet were glued to the floor as he watched Molly helplessly, her eyes shut tight as the madman held her in his lap, murmuring in her ear.

“Should have told her when you had the chance,” Moriarty chided playfully as he pulled a gun and held it to Molly’s chest. “Say goodbye, Sherlock.”


The shot rang out, echoing off the walls of his bedroom. Molly let out a tiny gasp as Moriarty dumped her to the side. He strolled like a phantom towards the door, a gaping bullet hole through his chest as well. 

“It’s nice having loose ends tied up, isn’t it?” he sighed happily before walking out the door.

Sherlock finally felt himself able to move, though infuriatingly slowly as he tried to rush to Molly’s side. After what felt like an eternity, he was beside her. He placed his hands against the wound in her chest, attempting to slow the bleeding, but she pushed them away, coughing as she placed a cool hand to his cheek.

“I guess it’s my turn now,” she croaked, a gentle smile on her lips as she looked up at him. “Not quite as dramatic as jumping off a roof, I know…”

“Don’t talk like that. You’ll be fine, you’ll see. Just stay with me…You can’t die. Please don’t die…I can’t lose you, Molly. Please…”

“You always mattered most to me too,” she whispered, wiping a tear from his cheek. She gently lifted his blood drenched hand to her lips, pressing a cool kiss to his knuckles as she faded…

Sherlock sat up, gasping for air, his heart racing. He blinked away tears as he looked about his room. Dark. Empty. No Molly. No Moriarty…

A dream… a horrible, horrible dream. That’s all it was… it had to be.

His heart still pounding in his chest, he sprang from bed in a fit of adrenaline, tossing on his coat as he walked out the door and out onto the street to hail a cab.

The cabbie looked at him in his rear view mirror, concern in his eyes as Sherlock gave him Molly’s address.

“You alright, sir?” the cabbie asked as Sherlock fidgeted nervously in the back seat, watching London fly by around them.

“Fine…just, drive quickly…”Sherlock replied, his knee bouncing agitatedly, contemplating if he could have run to her flat faster. “And…don’t mention this to my brother?”

The cabbie smiled quietly. Sherlock always had a way of picking out which drivers were under Mycroft’s employment. He also knew that Mycroft would be fully aware of Sherlock’s location within the hour, whether he said anything or not. 

Sherlock nearly fell out of the cab in his haste to exit the vehicle as they pulled up to Molly’s flat. He tossed some money to the driver with a nod of thanks, doing his best not to full out sprint to Molly’s door.

“Molly?” he called as he hammered his fist on her door. 

He sucked in the cool night air, in agony with every second that passed. He probably should have changed out of his pajamas, in hind sight…He began to knock again when he heard stirrings from the inside.

He sighed in relief as she opened the door, squinting up at him sleepily in her ridiculous paw print pajamas. 

She tossed the cricket bat she was holding back into the corner. “Sherlock do you have any idea what time it—Ooof!” She let out a surprised squeak as he enveloped her in his arms, hugging her tightly.

“Sherlock, are you alright?” she asked into his t-shirt, wrapping her arms instinctively about his waist.

Sherlock nodded quietly against her shoulder, his heart rate slowly returning to normal as he felt her breathing against him. 

“I…had a nightmare about you and..I just…I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“I see…” Molly replied, touched by his concern. “Well, I’m alright… as you can see.” 

She attempted to look up at him, though he still held her so tight it was a bit of a struggle.

“Yes, of course.” Sherlock cleared his throat and released her reluctantly. 

They stood silently for a moment in her entryway.

“I’ll just… head back to bed then…” Molly said after a moment.

“Right. Yes…very good.” Sherlock nodded. “…Goodnight, Molly.” 

He turned and placed a hand on the doorknob. He knew he should leave and head back to Baker Street but…he couldn’t seem to will himself to leave her.

“…Sherlock?” Molly smiled up gently at him. “…Would you like to stay?”

He let out a sigh of relief, a smile spreading across his lips at the invitation. He cleared his throat and attempted a more casual expression as he turned back to her. “If you don’t mind…”

She smiled and shook her head at him, taking his hand to lead him to her bedroom. She knew him well enough by now to know what he needed from her. And tonight, apparently, that was to be by her side and know she was safe.

“It’s just…Baker Street is so far…” he tried to justify, secretly thrilled by the way she led him by the hand.

“Uh-huh.” Molly agreed, not the least bit convinced. 

She climbed into bed and patted the spot beside her. Sherlock climbed in next to her, doing his best to avoid jostling a sleeping Toby at the end of the bed, grateful that she didn’t question him. Sometimes he just needed her…and tonight he really needed her.

To Molly’s surprise he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close to him, but she didn’t comment. Instead she thread her fingers with his and let her toes brush against his leg, warming them slightly. 

“Do you want to tell me about it?” she asked quietly into the dark. 

Sherlock shook his head, burying himself in her hair, breathing in the very real, very much alive Molly beside him.

“Maybe in the morning…thank you, Molly.”

She smiled to herself, taking a moment to just enjoy having him beside her.

“Goodnight Sherlock,” she murmured, pressing a kiss to his fingers, his hand still in hers.

He exhaled quietly, feeling the warmth of her lips on his skin. She was alive. She was alive and she was with him, at least for tonight. 

“Goodnight Molly,” he replied, pulling her a little tighter still. 

He laid awake, listening to her breathing beside him, feeling her pulse beat steadily in her wrist. 

She was safe.

He allowed himself to snuggle into her hair, sharing her pillow, letting the smell of her shampoo lull him into a sense of security and eventually to sleep. Perhaps in the morning he would be brave enough to tell her…tell her everything he’d left unsaid. But for now…he was at peace, feeling for once that he was where he was meant to be. 

(How’s that? It was a bit intense to write…Hopefully you enjoyed it. I have Sherlock bloopers on standby…)

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Do you see Astoria's death as canon? After the cursed child I mean.. personally I'd like to give Draco and Scorpius a better life, so I don't see it canon And also because in most Next gen fanfiction she is the one dying :(

That is a very good question. Something about her death makes Drastoria a very deep couple and it makes us imagining all sorts of stories about them. As someone who enjoys imagining unsaid things and missing moments of these characters through hints, this is a key for the construction of Draco as an adult, his relationship with Astoria and Scorpius… I also would love to see Draco living a better and happy life, and I trully believe he did, because something about Astoria makes me think of how good she made Draco feel about himself too. In my sketches I believe you guys will see him in very good moments with her and Scorpius :)

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baby jeon drabblee pls?? inspired by those epic badass dad saves compilation where a child could've gotten SERIOUSLY hurt but then superman saves the day xD could be any one of the boys but i'm having major yoongi feels these days <3

how about all of them let’s go

you know those compilation videos where the dad is able to save a kid in time before something really fucked up happens in the next? yeah, you’d be able to make a never ending video with all six boys you happen to raise jungkook with.

it first started out with hoseok, who thought it was a great idea to bring jungkook along to his dance classes. little did he know, jungkook has a thing for walking around than just sitting in place and while hoseok thought it was cute… it went from zero to a fucking billion when the group of people he was teaching started to get into the choreography and that involved krumping. 

the possibilities of jungkook being flung across the room was high and right before that could happen when one of his students did a low swipe, hoseok’s quick to jump and grab jungkook into his arms before he lands on the other side of the room safely. hoseok can barely think about his own body when he’s cradling jungkook to his chest. small giggling erupts from the three year old and hoseok’s - “oh thank god. if y/n was here, she would kill me.”

(you saw everything but he didn’t need to know that)

the next was none other than taehyung and jimin who had almost shattered jungkook’s face with a game of tag. ah, correction. competitive tag. what you mean by that is the fact that the boys can’t understand that jungkook is a kid and can barely defend himself in a game against two grown ups. as the four year old makes a quick dash towards the sofa and suddenly slips, about to smack his face flat to the sofa or bounce back to knock his head on the coffee table, taehyung pratically throws himself to the floor and jimin lunges over the sofa. it ends with three of them tangled on the ground but with jungkook safely unharmed with a need to go - “again, again!”

the other odd time it happens is when seokjin, seokjin was in a position placed with yoongi where jungkook was in danger. cooking in the kitchen with a five year old in a hold of someone supposedly capable of keeping him away from harm’s way but one argument and disagreement to another, jungkook’s so close to a boiling pot with a lid ready to burst. seokjin notices this and yells at yoongi to take jungkook away the same time he switches off the fire and the lid starts to tremble with fluids dripping from the sides.

soon the room is filled with steam and heavy breathings, along with two affirmations from one another of the two oldest within the six that we shall never speak of this ever again.

and though, there are times (like those mentioned above) where you’d want to comment or scold them for putting jungkook’s life at risk like that, you can’t. they’re so dedicated and loving to bring jungkook up that sometimes, you’ll let it go.

until you hear - “noona…!”

all hell will break loose then.

“who did it this time?”

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Coming home and hearing a loud "God damn!" from the bathroom. You find Lance in there crying and washing his face. He turns around surprised to see you and keeps trying to wipe his tears away. He sighs and sheepishly admits what's wrong "I'm fine, I'm fine. I just... shit... sorry babe I tried to make you a real romantic meal to surprise you and... " he pauses so you prompt him "And?" He pouts feeling sorry for himself "I got chilli in my eye" and you can't help but giggle at how cute he looks

I love this. Also, you happened to message this just when I had a sore eye, how did you know

Fluffy Friday™

Act 30: Infinity 4 ~ Sailor Uranus/Ten’ou Haruka Sailor Neptune/Kaiou Michiru

Mostly at the moment I’m just appreciating Rei’s face and how deeply I feel it speaks to my soul in these troubling times.



Seventeen reacting to your spraining your wrist

Requested by: @brb2132 

You bet that Seungcheol is going to be going ‘tut tut tut’ while shaking his head. “Ah, Y/N,” he’d ask, “how did you manage this?” I honestly think he’d be a bit maternal about it, being fussy and protective over you after it happened. You’d have to reassure him that you’re fine, and that he doesn’t need to worry, but he’s still going to take care of you until you’re all better.

As always, Jeonghan is going to tease you for it; but only after finding out for sure that it’s not a serious injury. But once he’s had his laugh, he’s going to take care of you, bringing you feel-good food and making you your favourite hot drink, and he’d encourage you to take it easy. Expect him to spoil you, while calling you “his fool” at the same time. 

Joshua is going to scold you gently, telling you that you really need to be more careful. But he’d never sound disappointed, just concerned. He’d also tell you to be more careful in the future, but it’d sound like a polite request more than anything. He’d help you out with simple tasks, to avoid putting any more strain on your wrist (and I think he’d enjoy being able to look after you). 

As soon as he finds out, Jun would go into Mum Mode. I bet you he probably knows the best ways to look after a sprained wrist, and I can imagine him giving you a written list of tips for a speedy recovery. Honestly, he’d probably be the best person to go to with any sort of physical ailment. He kind of reminds me of that one friend who always has everything anyone could possibly need with him at all times. 

Soonyoung would probably make a bigger deal of it than it actually is, let’s be honest. He’d be dramatic about it, despairing about how his precious y/n is in pain. You telling him that you’re fine isn’t going to slow him down, either; if anything, it would make him even more dramatic. But don’t worry, he’s going to offer you help when you need it and make things a little easier on you.

Wonwoo would chuckle at you, shaking his head. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N,” he’d say, shaking his head, “what am I going to do with you?” He’d probably take the time to do things for you, so you can get some rest in order to make a speedy recovery. I think he’d like letting you lie back on the couch while he read to you; he’s an action-over-words guy, so he’d jump at the chance of getting to look after you, just because it’s the easiest way for him to express affection.

Most of all, Jihoon would just be baffled as to how you managed to do it. He would’ve expected you to be more careful, but life happens. I think he’d refer you to someone like Jun, who might have a better idea of how to help you out. But, I think he’d help you out with daily things, to give your wrist a rest (and honestly think he’d secretly love having an excuse to take care of you; the boy’s tsundere.)

Seokmin seems like someone who’d fuss over you, checking constantly if you were okay, or if you needed some painkillers, or some water, or a hug. Although, he might accidentally knock your wrist while hugging you. Which means that he’s going to fuss over you again, and so the cycle continues. But it’s okay, because he means well, and it’s kind of cute to watch him get so nervous that he’s fumbling. 

Look, Mingyu would probably accidentally make your wrist worse. Like he’d ask to have a look at it and next thing you know he’s tripped and pulled on it and now the pain is 10x worse. But he’s just so earnest and genuinely apologetic that you can’t stay mad at him. Probably the type to leave you little treats around as a pick me up, because he doesn’t trust himself around you (lest he ends up being the reason for you getting hurt even more). 

You’re a fool, but you’re Minghao’s fool. He’s not going to let you live it down, and you’re going to have to warn him that as soon as your wrist is better, you’re going to brawl him. He’s going to milk it for all it’s worth; he’s going to tease the hell out of you, because you know what? He finds it kind of cute when you’re annoyed. And, if the sprain was causing you any distress, he’d settle down for a second and try to help you out. 

Seungkwan would probably react similarly to Jihoon, but with more humour. “Y/N, how on earth did you manage this?” he’d ask, sounding almost impudent. “How silly of you!” I think he’d baby you a bit, for humour’s sake; “ah, Y/N, make sure you don’t hurt yourself!” and “No, no, Y/N, let the adults deal with that, we don’t want you getting hurt,” would be phrases you’d hear often. It might annoy you sometimes, but I’m sure he’d tone it down if you asked him to.

Hansol would probably be the one amongst them to make the least amount of fuss about it. Stuff happens, young adults are clumsy, and hopefully it’ll get better soon. He’d ask if there was anything he could do to help you out, and he’d keep checking on you, just to make sure you weren’t puting any undue stress on the sprain. But I don’t think he’d worry about it much, if it wasn’t causing you any great deal of pain.

Look, in all honesty, you probably got a sprained wrist because you and Chan were going something stupid. He’d feel bad about it, but he’s also going to tease the hell out of you because look! He’s fine. If it’s not because of some mischief the two of you got up to, he’s going to do his best to keep you out of trouble, because as fun as as doing stupid stuff is, he doesn’t want you getting hurt. 

Okay, but do you think that Keith admired Lance at the Garrison? I do. He probably saw someone who worked so hard and wanted something so badly that they just kept fighting no matter how many people put him down. He saw someone who was always trying to prove himself, but he also saw a person who was kind and loving to other people. Who made friends easily and always tried to make someone else happy. He saw someone who always made sure to call his family every other day and tell them all about what’s happening at the Garrison and hold back on how he’s being treated by the commanders and maybe even other students because he doesn’t want them to worry- he sees someone who puts other people’s happiness in front of his own.

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yooooooo part 5 was the fucking bomb. i'm honestly jealous of your's and P's writing skills... like HOW do you manage to make us feel like we're in the story?? you and P did so fucking great on this series, and i honestly hope that y'all work on some more pieces together -W


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To the best of your knowledge, have you ever been cursed or hexed? If so, (and if you don't mind talking about it), what were the circumstances? I.e. Did you know this person in real life? Were they close to you? How did you react, (did you reverse it or just remove it)? Of course, if this makes you uncomfortable please feel free to delete this ask.

I’m not uncomfortable talking about it, don’t worry. :)

I have never been cursed. I don’t believe I have given anyone reason to do so, in any case, lol.

Sometimes life kinda gets hard, but I don’t attribute that to curses in any way; I know life can just be difficult.

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okay okay i know you said you aren't gonna comment anymore and you don't have to this is just me rambling my thoughts but like kelleo is cute and all but i feel like there is no possible way they could end together and it would be fine idk idk because i know if you actually did have them as end game you would some how make it work like you make everything work perfectly in your fics and i am always mind blown but yeah anyway i'm also just assuming kellic isn't endgame either because ???

Lmao. So many possibilities with this ending and I STILL don’t know exactly what to do. If I end the story at this part then it’ll end one way, but I don’t know if I wanna make a sequel, and if there’s a sequel it ends a totally other way which will break everyone’s hearts. I just don’t know lol.

it’s been about 9 and a half months since i cut communication with O but. i Still feel a lot of things whenever they come to mind (which is often). the more thoughtful part of me feels pity for them, bc it must be miserable to live a life where you can’t empathize with others and constantly require attention from your “peers”, even if it is to their emotional/mental detriment. it must be horrible to be so inconsistent in self-worth and yet so caught in the throes of narcissism that you feel like you have to destroy other people to edify yourself.
meanwhile, the less thoughtful part of me is caught in this torrent that is equal parts agony and indignant rage. it asks those pointed questions like, ‘how dare they treat me like that after everything i did to help them! how dare they abuse me like that!’ but is also ready to supply pleasant memories that make me ache for the parts of them that made them my best friend. im really ready for all this eternal conflict to stop. i hope to someday be able to forgive them (even if it is just to myself) for all the harm they did to me. i cant honestly say that forgiveness could be issued just yet, but maybe someday

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THE LAST KNIGHT WAS SO GOOD. OPTIMUS' TITTY POCKET. but also I'm sort of amazed at how much people hated this movie. I'm in shock to be honest. I wanted to find some fun gifs and things on here, but everyone is just brutally bashing it. I feel like crap now...

Right??? I’m totally with you.

I guess most people heard about the new writers and overhyped themselves because they were expecting a Shakespeare-level story. The trailers did make it seem like it would be the movie that finally breaks the bad-review curse.

But don’t worry, after a while more fans will have seen it, and soon there will be plenty of fan art and gifsets and stuff that will bury the bad reviews in the tags here on Tumblr!

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Hii, I'm here to help, tho I'm not sure I can 😅 I have a few asks for you: - What's your favourite place in your house, and why? - What do you do on cold winter days when you're free? - Is it as hot at where you live as here? ( It's over 30 °C !!!) How can you take this crazy summer temprature?? - What's your favourite dish? Can you make it? I f yes, you should! Eating my favorites always makes me feel better :3 I hope you are feeling better bit by bit.

aah, thank you so much, anon, both for offering me a distraction and for sending me such a sweet message!! ( ; ω ; ) please know that you did help, and im really grateful for it!! im sending you a huge virtual hug ❤

moving on to your questions!!

- y'all are gonna make fun of me now, but…….my favorite part of the house has always been the bathroom;;;;; growing up with an older brother and an older sister, i always had to share my bedroom with one of them, so i never felt completely at peace in there, and even now that im back living in my parents’ house and i have the room all for myself, it still doesn’t feel like it’s mine. i mean, it’s not like i’ve ever had a private bathroom or anything like that, but when there when i was a child and there were fights in my house, that’s where i usually hid, and then growing up it just became the place where no one would bother me while i was there, so a lot of times i went to the bathroom to just sit inside the bathtub and study;;;;; also, even if i changed house three times in my life, in each of them the bathroom was the one room that was warm in winter and cool in summer, so they have always been a blessing to me;;;;;;;

- cold winter days are one of my favorite kinds of weather tbh, especially because when i have some free time i can curl up in my favorite corner of the couch, with a warm blanket wrapped around myself and a hot cup of tea in my hands!! my favorite thing to do in those moments is either read a book or watch a movie!!

- it is extremely hot where i am as well and I. ABSOLUTELY. HATE IT. we reached 38°C outside today, and when i woke up this morning there were 30°C inside the house, i was HORRIFIED. i know hate is a strong word, but i really can’t stand hot temperatures: no matter how many showers i take, i always feel so disgusting during summer, and my body doesn’t handle the heat very well, so i end up with lots of headaches and extremely low blood pressure, I CAN’T TAKE IT (which is one of the reasons why im often in the bathroom when im home, it’s the only cool place in the house)

- im gonna be the classic italian stereotype right now and say that my favorite dishes are pasta and pizza, and i can make both of them!! i already have a huge bowl of pasta salad (im not sure if that’s how is it called in english??) in the fridge ready for dinner, actually, that’s basically all i eat in summer, because i can’t bring myself to eat anything hot!! thank you for the advice!!

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U

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Have you ever considered doing character fusion art? Sorta like that steven universe thing, except with bnha characters.

Never really thought about doing them before and I dunno why since I love that kinda art??? So here, have the ot3 these were seriously fun

So I just did a post about how I manage my time and my daily schedule and such, and I felt like this part is really important and was getting lost in the minutiae of my day, so I made it a separate post. I was talking about various ways in which my life is not necessarily “normal”, like how I go to bed at 7:30, which people treat as one of my eccentricities, and rightly so. But while it is weird it speaks to the crux of my life philosophy, which I’ve spoken about before as regards dealing with anon hate:

My time and attention are finite resources and they have a value I can bestow where I wish. If something is not necessary to survive, does not solve a problem, or does not provide joy, I stop doing it.

I pay my bills and do my dishes and wash my clothes because you have to do those things. I engage in activism and try to stay current on the news because I believe I have a moral duty to contribute to society, and I run because it’s good for my heart and my body. I have friendships, engage in fandom, play the ukulele, write, go to concerts and movies and art galleries because it brings me joy to do so.

Going to bed early solves a problem for me: I wasn’t doing anything useful with that time anyway, I wasn’t enjoying myself or feeling happy. If I wasn’t getting any benefit from that time, how could I put it to better use? Sleeping is beneficial, so I tried that, and it worked; I get more sleep and I don’t miss anything I can’t catch up with. Work doesn’t make me especially happy or fulfill me in ways we could all wish, but that’s okay. Work is necessary to survive, so I do it. I don’t date much because I tried dating semi-recently and the promise of future joy did not outweigh the lack of joy that dating itself brought to my life; it was painful, ugly, and boring, and so I stopped doing it. 

The dating thing may change in the future, if eventually the promise of a relationship becomes more enticing, but it’s an example of how the pursuit of happiness is non-standard, and you are allowed to weigh the cost against the payoff based on your own personal feelings, not on society’s dictates. Because it turns out when you are doing what makes you happy, when you feel joy, you could give two shits about what everyone else thinks should make you happy. 

Sometimes, what brings me joy is sitting on the couch listening to a podcast I’ve already heard ten times and playing a stupid mindless flash game; I often catch myself thinking “I could be doing something more useful, something cooler, something more active” and remind myself “But this is making me happy, and it’s what I’m capable of doing right now.”

“Does this make me happy” or, if you’re struggling with happiness, “Does this calm and soothe me” is a great metric for what you should be doing in life when you are on your own time. It’s a good way to check in with yourself and lead yourself towards a more fulfilling life on your own terms. 

If you are out at a bar with friends, stop and ask, does this make me happy? Because there is no way in which asking that does not help. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy and if it’s the only time you see your friends, maybe it’s time for a change; you are now free to pursue something that will make you happy. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy but your friends do, and this is one way to bond with them of many, then it’s a cost with a later benefit, and you’ve now become conscious that while you aren’t happy right this minute, you are paying into future joy. And if you like being out at a bar with friends and are having a good time, then you’ve reaffirmed to yourself that you are happy and this is where you want to be. And affirming that you are feeling joy is a great thing to do. 

You don’t have to be happy all the time – but on your own time, when work and chores and the duties of the day are done, you should devote yourself to finding joy in whatever form that takes, be it a nap or a party or a date or your kids or, I don’t know, watching people make fake food on YouTube. 

Believing that your time and attention have value and should only be bestowed on the worthy means coming to believe that you have value, which is so hard to do that I’ll take any shortcut I can get. Devoting your time time and attention only to what is necessary or what is pleasurable means learning a great deal about what you value, and I truly believe leads you to a more fulfilled life.

So when people ask me about time management, I have real tips and tricks to offer – but I think the most important think I can offer is the suggestion that whatever time you have, you should believe it has value because it is yours, and you should direct it appropriately. 

anonymous asked:

Any advice on how to write a heist story something like oceans Eleven?

Well, you can start by watching Ocean’s Eleven, and Ocean’s Eleven, and then Leverage, and then Burn Notice, and then The A-Team, and then Mission: Impossible, and then all the other heist stories like The Italian Job or Heat. Watch, read, uncover as many stories about criminals as you can from fiction to nonfiction to reading security analyst blogs. Read the spy memoirs, the thief memoirs, the fake ones and the real ones. Check out magicians, hypnotists, card tricks, and sleight of hand. Watch the making ofs and director’s commentaries looking for clues behind the thought process of these stories. The hows and the whys as you look into the research they did. Burn Notice, for example, is famous for using stunt props and technological rigs that work in real life. Like using cell phones to create cheap bugs on the go.

The worlds of criminal fiction and spy fiction rely on being able to present (or convincingly fake) a world which feels real. A heist is all about exploitation. So, you need a world with security structures to exploit. You’ve got to know how things work before you can craft a way to break them. Social engineering, hacking, and every other criminal skill is about breaking the systems in place. So, you’ve got to get a baseline for how law enforcement and security analysts work. What security systems are set up to look like. The ways we go about discouraging thieves. Better yet how people behave. Real, honest to god human behavior.

So, you know, pick somewhere in order to start your research. Get an idea of what you want write about stealing, then learn everything about the object, the museum, the city, the country, and its customs as you can.

If you’re setting a heist in a futuristic or fantasy setting then luck you, you get to make all of it up.

Learning the plot structure and conventions of the heist genre is the first step. This means watching lots and lots of heist movies, shows, and reading books. Over time, as you become better at critical analysis, you’ll begin to see specific story structures and character archetypes emerge.

The Heist Story is a genre. Like every other genre, it comes with its own structure, cliches, archetypes, plots, and genre conventions which necessitate the narrative. The better grasp you have of those, the better you’ll be at writing a heist.

For example, a heist story like Ocean’s Eleven relies on a collection of thieves rather than a single individual. The character types are as follows:

The Pointman - Your planner, strategist, team leader, and the Jack of All Trades. Can also be called the Mastermind. They’re the one who can take the place of anyone on the team should they fall through. They’re not as good as a specialist, but they’re very flexible. Narratively, he plans the cons and subs in where he’s needed.

The Faceman - Your experienced Grifter, here for all your social engineering needs. These guys talk their way in.

The Infiltrator - Your cat burglar or break-in artist. Basically, the conventional genre thief. Your Parker, Catwoman, Sam Fisher, or Solid Snake. The stealth bastards, they’re all about silent in, out, and playing acrobatic games with the lasers.

The Hacker - The electronics and demolitions specialist. Usually this is the guy in the van overseeing stuff remotely. Your Eye in the Sky. Their skill set can be split up and swapped around as necessary.

The Muscle - The one who is good at fighting. They’re combat focused characters, usually with mercenary and special forces backgrounds. Though, that’s optional.

The Wheelman - The one who handles the getaway. They’re your often overlooked transport specialists. It’s not just that they can drive, they’re skilled at getting lots of people around, figuring out how to move your valuables, and exiting hostile cities or countries undetected. They get the team in and they get them out.

For an example of these archetypes, I’m going to use Leverage. Nathan Ford, The Pointman (technically, he’s written like a Faceman). Sophie Devereaux , The Faceman. Parker, the Infiltrator. Hardison, the Hacker. Eliot, the Muscle. They all take turns being the Wheelman.

Other examples like Burn Notice: Michael Westen, the Pointman. Sam Axe, the Faceman. Fiona, the Muscle. They all take turns with explosives, Michael will invariably take all the roles during the course of the show.

Ocean’s Eleven has multiple variants of these archetypes, all broken down and mixed up.

You can mix and match these qualities into different individuals or break them apart like in Ocean’s Eleven, and more than one character can fill more than one role, but that’s the basic breakdown. For example, your hacker doesn’t need to be a guy in a van overlooking the whole security grid. One guy or girl with a cell phone can sit in the lobby of a building with an unsecured wireless network and crack the security. Welcome to the 21st century. The skills don’t necessarily need to take the specific expected shape.

What you do need is the basic breakdown:  You need someone to plan the con, you need someone to be your face or grifter, you need someone to break in, you need someone to watch the security/electronics, you need muscle to back you up, and someone’s got to cover the getaway.

These shift depending on your plan, but this is the expected lineup for a heist narrative. The first step of a heist narrative is not the plan because we don’t have one yet. We’ve got an idea. Pick your target. Maybe it’s a famous painting. Maybe it’s a casino. Maybe it’s a rare artifact from a private investor’s collection loaned to a museum for a short period of time. Maybe it’s art stolen by the Nazis during WWII. Whatever it is, figure it out.

The next step is simple. If you want the thing, you’ve got to find a way to get it. This is a big job, your standard thief won’t be able to pull it off alone. So, you gotta go recruiting. Get your team together. Make sure to establish the goals of the different members for joining. Who they are. Their pedigree. One might be an old flame or an old enemy. This is where we lay out some character driven subplots.

When everyone’s together, we’ve got to lay out the plan. Before we have a plan though, we need to establish where the object is and the issues in getting it. Why this has never been done before. So, what are the challenges? Invariably, an object worth a great deal of money will have a lot of security protecting it. Figure out what that security is, who the item belongs to, what sort of retribution do the thieves face beyond what they might expect. Lasers, pressure plates, cameras, security, other career criminals, mob bosses, the rich and powerful, whatever.

After that: How do you get it? Then you’ve got to plan the con, while taking everything into account.

Then, We prep the Con. There will be steps to take before the con can be put into place, your characters taking their positions in plain sight. Stealing whatever pieces you need to make it work. Casing the joint. Etc.

Then: Run the Con. This is the part with the actual stealing. Better known as the first attempt. Things go well, there may be a few mistakes, but things are going well and then we…

Encounter Resistance. While running the con, something goes wrong, pieces fall apart, the thieves come close to success but the object gets moved and they suddenly need a new plan. New information may pop up, it may be one of your artists was running a con of their own separate from the rest. If there’s a double cross in the works then this may be when and where it lands.

We’re ready now, so it’s time hit up: Steal the Thing, Round Two. Your characters put their new plan into play and get about thieving the object of their desire.

Lastly: The Get Away. This is the part where your thieves make for the hills with their stolen treasure. This can be short or long depending on the kind of story you’re telling and other double crosses may occur here. It could be the end of the story or the beginning of a new heist.

Heist stories are like mystery novels. They’re all about sleight of hand and misdirection. You’ve got to keep just enough information on the table to keep your audience on the hook, and just enough information off the table to surprise them later on the twist. Yet, when they go back to re-read the novel again, they’ll find the answer was there all along. They just didn’t see it coming.

If anything, learning how to write a well-done heist or a mystery or any kind of novel in this genre will teach you a lot about how to manage your foreshadowing and create superb plot twists. Like any good con, you need to lay out all the conflicting pieces where people can see them, let them draw their own conclusions, withhold the critical context, and then hit them with the whammy.

Like lots of audiences, new writers (and even some old ones) can get distracted by the shock and awe. They see they’re impressed by the conclusion, not the lay-up. If you want to write any kind of fiction, you need to learn to see past the curtain and pay attention to the critical pieces leading into an important moment rather than the moment itself.

Good writing isn’t modular, you can’t just strip out pieces and run with them because you’ll end up missing the crucial, sometimes innocuous pieces that ensured the scene worked. Like the Victorian Hand Touch, every moment between the two leads and most of their scenes with secondary players are working for that singular instance of eventual, gleeful catharsis.

If you’ve got a plot twist coming in your novel, every sentence from the second you start writing is working towards it. You start laying out your pieces, funneling in your tricks, and playing with misdirection. You may have multiple twists, to cover yourself, divert your audience, congratulate them for successfully guessing your ploy, and reassure their initial suspicions before catching them again on the upswing.

The clever writer is as much a con artist as their characters. The only difference is the target of their con is their audience. The tricks in their bag are narrative ones, and they work with the understanding that it doesn’t matter if someone guesses the end so long as they’re entertained by the journey. A great story stays entertaining long after the audience has figured out all the twists.

So, don’t get caught up in Red Herrings and frightened about not being able to outsmart other people. Tell a good story with conviction and heart about a bunch of crooks out to steal their heart’s desire.

That’s all there is to it.


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