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Go see Power Rangers!

Seriously, this movie is so entertaining. It’s a good old-fashioned hero origin story that focuses on the team building and personal growth of the characters! It keeps all of the good, nostalgic parts about Power Rangers but put so much heart into it. It very clearly is done in homage to and out of love for the original series and did not feel like a cash grab at all. They also didn’t go totally Michael Bay with it–it’s not a dark movie, just relevant and heartfelt. 

Also (kind of spoilers but it’s about characters and it’s a big reason you should see it) …

The Blue Ranger is black AND on the autism spectrum. And none of the others ever make a big deal about it! And it actually proves to be a strength, and he’s never made out to be less a part of the team because of how his mind works. 

The Yellow Ranger is queer! There’s a conversation around the fire where it becomes really clear, but her sexuality is also never made an issue of. She doesn’t have a romance (but neither do the het characters), but she’s allowed to be a hero and awesome as heck. Her development isn’t about her being lesbian (or another unspecified non-het sexuality), but she is, and the movie doesn’t avoid it!

ONLY ONE TEAM MEMBER IS WHITE. And yeah, it’s the Red Ranger, but he’s the only one. And there’s minor, minor flirting between him and the Pink Ranger but it never becomes A Thing. The entire team besides him is diverse across multiple intersections (whether socioeconomic status, race, sexuality, or ability). Also, the actors are in their very early twenties, not late twenties or thirties, so they passed as teenagers much more easily and their arcs felt so real. 

Basically, the way this film tackled diversity was the way we were taught to do it at the MadCap Retreat. Let diverse characters simply exist and no make every story be about their ~struggle~. But at the same time, don’t ignore the unique challenges that their intersections might bring to their everyday lives. 

There are places the film could improve. There was a bit too much ableist language (mostly “crazy” and “insane”–though thankfully none of this was ever directed at the Blue Ranger). But overall it was a nice, nostalgic, diverse update on a franchise I really enjoyed growing up. 

Hey guys ^_^ so i recently hit a 100 followers which is incredible, I don’t even know how that happened tbh but thanks to everyone who did follow me, I love you all lots <3

In these few months I’ve been on tumblr I’ve met lots of wonderful people and I’m grateful for all of them. They make me smile on a daily and I love them so so so much!!! The following peeps are all of those amazing people, my friends are in bold and the blogs I especially enjoy having on my dash are italicized 

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I keep having perfect hair moments at the dumbest times like at the gym or before bed or when I’m playing Skyrim by myself.

My “workout” is so pathetic I wouldn’t even call it that or tell you what I did. Yet my body is sore. God, that makes me feel pathetic. Don’t you know how strong and awesome I was before this back debacle?

All I’ll say is, I did what I could do. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do more. That’s Michelle for you.


 lumón scene from the karol & ruggero challenge video

Cleansing & Charging Crystals

Many of us use crystals in their craft. Maybe you just like the way they look, how they make you feel or what they represent. But did you ever pick up your favourite crystal and left it at home because it just didn‘t feel right? Well, maybe it‘s just time to cleanse it. The things we carry around each day pick up the same energies we feel or experience in some way, so they need time to rest. This feature can also be used to give said crystal more strength or your desired property.


Charging & Enchanting

In the end suggestions and ideas from those posts are not something you have to do. Do what feels right but keep in mind that some crystals can break or fade under some circumstances. Always do your own research and check out the links below.

How not to charge and cleanse your crystals

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can i get some advice possibly? im away from my long distance soon to be wife and i cant return for atleast another 2 months and it hurts every day. we're also both poly, while i really dont want any new relationships until i move in, she's currently interested in a local girl and she fell for her a week after i left (she says this has nothing to do with me leaving btw) and i said yes to them kissing despite it hurting me, i did so to make her happy and a no would hurt her more than it does me

lying about your being ok and sacrificing your happiness will definately make her feel genuinely worse than saying “no”. 

you genuinely need to talk to her about this hurting you. if both of you are going to be married you need to communicate about how this hurts you, and talk to her about what can be done.

best of luck to you

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Actually Mark didn't stand up for what Felix did, he stood up against treating someone like complete trash (which I think it's everyone's basic human right NOT to feel that way). Even if someone does something wrong, stooping to their level by being a jerk only hurts you in the end. Fire doesn't put out fire, forgive and forget, treat others how you wish to be treated, etc. Moral of the story, be kind to those who aren't kind to you. THAT'S how you make the world a better place.

Actually nazis do deserve to be treated like complete trash and so does anyone who defends them case closed

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The most exciting thing I've done? Basically taking a plane to Boston by myself when I was 15. I did all of the security protocols by myself. IT WAS SO EXCITING BECAUSE I WAS ALONE AND I FELT LIKE AN ADULT. Tbh I look forward to the same feeling when I attend a university (preferably the obvious one). But I felt so free and scared and I just love an adventure like that. I love going into the future without knowing what's going to happen. I live for the adventure I guess.

It is nice to do new things by yourself AP, i relate to that feeling you felt when you did that! 
I have traveled alone in plane myself and i know how pro you feel when you make it past the customs and your like fuck yeah. 

I’m sure going to university will be a whole adventure by itself, you will have fun. It will have challenges but it will be totally worth it. 

Adventure into the unknown my friend.

What Springs Forth

I stare at the boy sitting across from me on my bed. “… What? How?” My voice is thin, scratchy.

“I fixed some bindings because I’m jaysome!” He grins.

The grin almost makes me feel like before. “Stop. It hurts,” I get out, scrambling back against the wall.

“Huh?” He looks baffled.

“Your smile. You –  jaysome. It hurts.”

“But jaysome isn’t a hurting.” He pouts. I’ve never seen anything like it. Or him.

“What are you?”

“I’m Jay! Oh, and that’s also a what,” he says proudly.

“… I was – are you an angel? Is this Heaven?”

“Nope! You were going to break bindings. So I fixed them for you!”

I stare at him, show him my wrists. “You weren’t here last time.”

“I’m here now.” And he says it not like a fact, but like an absolute.

“Why are you here?” I whisper.

“Because I thought you might need a friend and I’m really jaysome at making friends!”

I flinch back. The grin fades.


“My life is mine, the way it is. You’d – you’ll change that. With your weapon.”

“Jaysome isn’t a weapon,” Jay protests.

“Maybe not for you, not to you. But it – I don’t – I can’t be who I was before. It’s not allowed. They know my secret. My parents. And they – you stopped me –.” I can’t find any more words to meet the look in his eyes. Understanding. Sadness. An acceptance that takes my breath away.

“I was doing a helping.” He scratches his head. “I could make them forget if you want! People like to forget things all the time, even that they are jaysome!”

“And the price?”

He sighs. “You people always want those. The price is being jaysome. Not now, but later.”

“I can’t –.”

“You can.” He holds my gaze, and this smile is – different. Stranger. “Jaysome isn’t something you can be, not all the time. Not without being changed a lot, and you probably don’t even have a splanch in the first place.”


“Sorry. I’m trying to –.” His eyes unfocus. “Consider jaysome. Consider just happiness. Consider what springs forth if you never let yourself be.”

“Be happy?”

“Just be.”

“That’s not –.”

“Jaysome is something people are, not something they do. If all you want is darkness, it’s what you’ll get, and it’s going to hurt.”

“Hurt who? Me? My family?” I almost spit out the last word.

“It will hurt. Surely that’s enough?” he says, and the gentleness in his voice is uncompromising.

“I can’t –.” And I don’t even know what I mean. I look away, and he’s not there when I look back.

Mom knocks on the door not long after. No jokes. Nothing nasty. She doesn’t know my secret; I can see it in her eyes. After she leaves, I just sit. Stare into space. I don’t know what Jay expected. I don’t know why he helped me. But what springs forth is tears a few minutes later, and they hurt.

And they help.

And they hurt.

I wrote a thing in the comments of CoBC, but I wanted to send it to you on here too. I wrote too much and it won’t fit in the ass box though. So here it is.

I, oh my god, I can’t even begin to make words to tell you how much you mean to me TST. I feel like I’ve been following this fic from day 1 (even though I think you were probably already a good 10 or so chapters in when I did). Through YOUR friends, I found new people that I loved listening to, and reading their brain’s flowers.

Like I said, I can’t come up with the specific words to tell you just what the end of this story means. I love it, everything is put together, and even if sad it is also happy. It’s a conclusion that’s real. I am so, so heartbroken that there won’t be more, that I somehow won’t be able to just follow these people through every little event and slice of their life forever. That’s how invested you’ve got me into these characters. You’ve made them your own, but you’ve also made them THEIR own.

Thank you so much for this amazing reading experience, TST. I’m so glad that you found your way out from the darkening drape of depression, and I hope that one day I can find my own direction out. I will eagerly follow your budding literary career (and hey, maybe I’ll even help one day once I’m settled in with a publishing house). G'bye for now, Auntie.


Hey man. Getting to the end of a thing is fucking tough and I feel that. The sequential method of this story - that you get it chunk by chunk, week by week, means that you have been going through this like development of these characters and plot more or less right alongside me, more or less also in real time. That’s a fucking wild narrative thing, man. That’s a wild experience. It’s cool and it makes it all seem so much more real, but the ending  is tough.

That said, I mean, isn’t it nice to have endings? To have a complete story without loose threads? There’s a kind of beauty to that, I think. (Although I’m still gonna write you kids some epilogue oneshots, promise). I hope you keep fighting them bad brain chemicals, my guy. I’ll still be here, and I hope you will be too. 

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Will you do Ren and Nona from Oxenfree in 2C or 1C please? Btw your art is awesome! I'm really like your style.. n stuff... kbye..

Is this want you wanted?

Just making sure, because I don’t know what it is, so Had to look it up… Hopefully this is correct!

And, I did it friendly looking, like their friends, because I don’t know what the relationship their is between them two, personally, (Wanna know how I would feel about it/know it personally?) So… yeah! (Hopefully you know what I meant… Bad at explaining!) Enough of my rambling!

Sorry! Here you go!

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Hey Elzear, I hope you are doing well. If you have time, and spoons, would you be willing to advise me? How did you get comfortable wearing your ear defenders in public and not feeling like a construction worker. My SO says that I look weird, but I know that blocking the noise of a public place would benefit me. But I am afraid of people staring at me. Is there a "baby steps" kind of way to introduce myself to wearing them in public?

Honestly they look similar enough to headphones that people don’t really care. You should probably talk to your SO though cause it’s not good that they are making you feel uncomfortable for wearing something that helps you

lore memes pt1

The amount of dumb shit I have to take out of the final drafts on these posts is absolutely astounding. Here’s a small compilation for your memeing pleasure, some from posts not yet finished. Expect a pt2 at some point in the future.

–“The Alpha will McFucking Ground You™.”

–“I’d punch a man for the ocean, I don’t give a fuck.”

–“Groudon did the macarena and that’s how volcanoes were formed.”

–“Confirmed for Godfather of the Bird Leaves.”

–“Suicune knows how it feels to chew 5 gum.”

–“The flashy horns are definitely compensating for something.”

–“Fun? Not on my watch, you fucking fucks.”

–“Hercules bodyguards for a bunch of Memelords™.”

–“What kind of person stays awake when they could be ASLEEP?”

–“I guess I just like making flower crowns and shit.”

–“The Void Daddy™ consumes naughty universe breakers.”

–“Moon Bat is surprisingly good with diplomacy.”

–“Laser tag in space is Palkia’s specialty, complete with universal rifts.”

–“ICE ICE BABY plays at all times as part of global warming awareness.”

–“Hoopa lives to fuck shit up, much like the honey badger.”

–“You can’t beat Victini, much like you can’t escape existential dread.”

Episode 2: The Beginning

Pan almost died today.”

“WHAT?!” Felix exclaimed out of the blue, making you jumped. His loud reaction was as if you had just dropped a bomb on him. Well, you did gave him one, figuratively of course.

Feeling the need to defend yourself, you quickly spoke up before he could ask the foreseeable question. “It wasn’t my decision!” You raised your hand, as if ready to take an oath. “I swear. I wanted to tell you as soon as I got a hold on you but Pan stopped me.”

“Damn it, Pan.” Felix mumbled under his breath, but loud enough for you to hear him.

“How is he now?”

“He’s recovering. I treated him with the spring water.”

With that being said, Felix pushed the door slightly to take a look at Pan who was sleeping soundly on his bed. Assured that Pan is now out of harm, Felix stepped back outside and went back to where you’ve been standing all the while.

“Quick thinking on your part to use the spring water. What happened actually?”

“Somebody fired an arrow at us. It was supposed to hit me but Pan pushed me out of the way. Instead, it grazed his head, leaving such a deep cut.” You paused. “If not for the obligation to save him, since he saved my life, I wouldn’t even bother myself about it.”

“Nahh… I know you don’t mean that.”

Yes, Felix is right; you would not leave Pan to die no matter what he has done to you in the past. Perhaps because of the sense of humanity inside you. Or perhaps you have started to forgive him for his mistakes and embraced the living here in Neverland. But regardless of what the reason might be, you were not ready to admit to anyone that you do care for Pan, even if you tried hard to bury it deep inside your heart.

“Well, I’m glad both of you are safe now… But who the bloody hell fired that arrow anyway?”

You shrugged your shoulders, telling Felix that you had no idea who was behind the attack. “I wanted to find out more but Pan was bleeding too much that I had to forget about it for a while.”

Felix looked up to the trees before he said, “Come.” And off he went into the jungle, leaving you speechless at your spot.

You quickly snapped yourself out of your daze and ran up to him. You pulled him back, forcing him to turn and face you. “Where you think you’re going?”

“To investigate further, of course.”

You let go of your grasp on his arm and continued to speak. “How about tomorrow morning? Night is almost upon us and it will soon be too dark for us to even see what’s in front of us. Besides, Pan entrusted us to see to the boys while he’s out. And you know what Pan will do if anything happens to them while they are in our watch, right?”

With your words starting to sink in, Felix nodded, starting to see sense in your reasoning. “Alright, then.”

Both of you started to make a beeline for the camp. Upon reaching, you found the boys resting and wiping away their dripping sweat from their face. You could only smile as a sense of glad filled you, grateful that they are well and healthy, though a bit worn out from carrying out a whole day of activities.

The night went on like any other night; the usual celebration with the boys playing with the drums and a feast to celebrate the victor who won the game earlier. Naturally, there were questions around asking for the whereabouts of their beloved leader. But before you could come up with a lie to hide the truth, Pan emerged from the forest. He seemed better. Though not as energetic as he usually is.

Next morning, you walked over to Pan’s treehouse before the boys were awake. Just as an act of courtesy to tell him rather than to disappear from sight. Wouldn’t want history to repeat.

You knocked on the door twice as you called out for Pan.

No answer. Maybe he’s still sleeping. Oh wells. I’ll tell him later over the walkie.

You wanted to walk away but unconsciously, you found yourself knocking on Pan’s door once more, like it had a mind of its own. In an instant, you pulled your hand back. What the hell did I just do?

Before you could turn back and run away, the door creaked open. You peeked inside to see Pan standing on the balcony as he looked out to the beautiful view of Neverland.


You walked over to the balcony and stood beside him. You took in a deep breath, exhaling through your mouth, trying to give yourself some courage before asking for his permission.

“Why have you come to see me?” It was then that you realised you have stayed silent for quite some time.

“Oh. Urm… Felix and I… We won’t be joining you guys for today.”

Pan turned to you with a surprised look on his face. “Why?”

“Urm.. There is… urm… something that… aahh… we need to settle first.” You cursed in your heart, mad for not coming up with a better excuse that night.

He raised his eyebrows. His expression told you that he is not believing every word you’ve just said. You continued to speak, trying hard to convince him. “Is there anything you two are hiding from me?”

“Not really.”

Pan gave you a look that it’s hard for you to decode. Though, be it that he approved it or not, you still want to go ahead with your plan. You have to get to the bottom of the whole matter and find out the culprit. Both your life and Pan’s are in danger.

And one thing too. Pan knows all about that strong head of yours. He knows no matter how he hard he tried to stop you, you will always find a way to get what you want. “Alright, fine. You guys can go. But can I ask one thing.”

Your heart leaped for joy, though, surprised at the same time that Pan gave you his blessings to go ahead with whatever you had planned for the day. “Sure. What is it?”

“Are you and Felix like…” Pan hesitated.

“Like what?”

“You know… like… lovers?”

You chuckled, feeling his query to be a ridiculous one. “No, we’re not! What gave you that idea?”

Somehow, you knew this was something that you shouldn’t have seen but did Pan just heaved a sigh of relief? But why? Urgh. There’s no time to wrap my head around this silly matter now.

“Nothing. Go ahead with your plan then. Just remember the rules.”

“Yeah yeah… Be back before sunset and call you out if there’s any problem. Got it.”

“Good girl.”

“Gosh. You sound like a father.”

“Yes, that’s what happen if you have a stubborn girl under your care.”

With delight, you ran away from Pan and into the woods to the spot where Felix had determined the previous night for you to meet up.

“You talked to Pan?”


“How did it go?”

“It went well, though.” Felix looked surprised, not expecting that answer from you.

“Wow. That’s a first.”

Why do you have such little faith in me?”

“No.” Felix laughed at your silly assumption. “It’s just… Pan always said ‘No’ to you. So it’s kinda rare to see him allowing you to do whatever you want.”

“I know, right! Even I was surprised myself.”

“Well, at least he wouldn’t be worried.” He paused. “Come on, let’s go and get to the bottom of this.”

And off you two went, going deeper into the jungle to find the answer that you seek.

Yupps. A slow episode today.

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Previous Mipha ask anon here! I just remembered that Sidon would've been young at the time of post Calamity Ganon! Gah! My mistake! D: Mipha would be watching over her brother as a spirit wouldn't she? Some headcannons about how Mipha feels about her brother's s/o after Calamity Ganon?

*arrow through the heart* Why you gotta hurt me like this?

-Mod Pinks

Spirit! Mipha on Sidon’s s/o (After Calamity Ganon)

  • A bit uneasy the first time she sees the s/o and Sidon together
    • Did they legitimately like him? Did he like them? Was this forced? Did they feel pressured? Were they social-climbing?
  • She starts to keep a close eye on them, wanting to make sure everything is okay
    • may or may not giggle a bit watching her brother fumble a few times
  • And then the night of her death arrives
    • And she seems them comforting Sidon, helping him.
    • And she is won over
  • Really likes the fact that s/o helps her brother out so much, and that Sidon has found someone he really can trust
A matter of infinite hope - Chapter 3 - MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 3 Summary: Jack feels compelled by Phryne’s confession to make one, or two, of his own…

Huge thanks to everyone for showering me with such amazing encouragement and comments for this fic! You make me want to confess how anxious I was about posting this, and so glad that I did!

Also a massive thanks to @robinv-ellacott for championing this idea from the start and reviewing and editing every word!

Finally, extra special thanks again to @izzyandlouie for creating this still shot for me especially for this post! You are a star!

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How did you make your version of hetaoni? like what game creator did you use? I kind of wanna make my own rpg but I don't know how to do it!! (Also I love your art style and the little sprites in game!!)

(adm: Hello there, friend! I used RPG Maker VX Ace to work on it! As for the sprites, I used GameCharacter Hub! :DD I’m happy you like the sprites and my art, thank you!! I wish you luck in making your own game! If there’s anything you need help with, feel free to ask and I’ll do what I can!)

My mom always told me that loving is about give and take, accept each others differences, never lie to them and never take em for granted, i have broken all those things in my life especially to all the girls that i have committed a relationship before, because I was not sure of everything, yeah i know what a total jerk, a lot of people hurt me, i was wrecked and i thought that i can’t be my old self again. But i guess destiny has its own way of saying that i will find someone who will make me feel like i am home, i am safe, and i feel loved. and she came, she did came, she brought happiness and rainbows in my life as well as darkness and tornado’s that i can’t control. She changed me completely, I’ve been the best version of myself, because of her, i learned how to love again and live my life fully.

-You gave me reasons to stay, 12:33PM

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Literally henke posts one thing of then eating and then, a friend posts another photo and suddenly it's too much, the heterosexuality is too much.. It's boring. Like it's truly and entirely dull that one photo brings you to tears like this every. Single. Time. LMAO I can't. Look how straight he's being eating and sitting down. It's not that deep. Fucking chill.

Anon. It’s literally not THAT deep. Here I am having to answer this while having a nice brunch in public *sigh*. You’re being boring stopping by whenever I tweet anything that hurts your feelings. *taylor swift voice* Please keep me out of this discourse. All I did was indirect people calling them ‘their parents’. I’m sure Lea never asked to be idolized by people who know nothing about her either, and it makes me uncomfortable that you guys are putting so much pressure on a 17 year old. Leave her alone.

Please @ me next time or show me where I said anything about ‘heterosexuality’ instead of leaving me pre-written essays whenever I say anything… This reaching is getting a bit too much.

For the last time, I love and support Henke. I do not care about what he does in his personal life, because I’m not entitled to it. It’s NONE of my business. All I care about is him being happy and having a good career and portraying Even Bech Næsheim for as long as possible. I’m not a creep obsessing over him as a person and over his friends in real life. I simply adore him and respect his work and passion and enthusiasm and love for his fans. He seems like the most genuine and giving person ever. His sexuality is none of my business and none of yours either, geez… Let it go.

I will not answer any of the asks related to Henrik’s personal life anymore. All I want is to reblog cute gifsets, cry, and write fic. I don’t know why you keep including me in this boring discourse that does nothing but create drama. 

Alt Er Love.