how did it make you feel

i just expect too much is all. i don’t understand how other people don’t have the inherent need to be close to people. they go through their lives without deep conversations and they’re fine with it. “how was your day?” “fine, how was yours?” “good.” it’s a simple life, sure, but a life i don’t know how to be a part of.

because it’s hard to live a simple life when you’re so complicated and everything makes you feel strongly. so when i get too close to people, i share everything. i tell them the whole story about my coworker’s relationship troubles and about how my old one is getting engaged. about the conversations i had with my cat, smoking weed in the back bedroom, how my mom asked me if i wasn’t in my room because i was eating oreos and i said yes. i tell them every pointless story that happened in my day, about how i have a test this week and how i’m studying the heart and hey wait did you know that a heart murmur is just a sound different than wub dub, the sound of your heart valves closing as blood flows through them? i tell them about how i slept on khalid’s album, everything my friends told me about the last time we were drunk. i tell them everybody’s secrets, including my own.

when i get close to people, i get really close. i leave no room for anyone else. they become my number one priority. i drop everything for them and i expect them to drop everything for me. but that’s the thing, you know, when you go too far for people - you can only have one person you go too far for, otherwise you’re sacrificing your mental health, and i know that, so it was always you to me.

i guess what i’m saying is you were my person. and i guess i was never yours. and it feels like a part of me is missing because you never shared yourself with me the way i shared myself with you. you can tell anybody “good” but i can’t tell everyone about the time i called the cops on my dad when i was 14. i try to reach out to other people but i am too afraid to get close because i know what happens when i get close and it usually ends up with me facing rejection or ignoring everybody else. and even if i could, nobody feels like you. nobody acts like you. nobody is you. you are irreplaceable to me. but i can’t be close to you anymore even if i wanted to be because you’re not you anymore; our relationship has changed.

so i’m stuck in this reality where i can’t even reach out to you anymore. it doesn’t feel the same. we’re different people now. i don’t feel anything when i talk to you now. there’s nothing but splinters and empty space. and this is what i always wanted - to get over you, but i’ve never felt so alone. it feels like my heart is breaking all over again.

because who do i tell these things to now? who can listen to me talk the way you did without telling me i’m being annoying, without telling me to shut up? you know, it’s okay when i’m happy. but when i’m down - and i mean really down - who can i share my deepest fears with without oversharing?

so i share a handful of stories to every person in my life because i don’t have anybody to tell everything to anymore and the people in my life still say i talk too much but there’s just. so much to say. i don’t know how people don’t turn 2 minute stories into 15 because there’s so much that happened to me today between the people i saw in traffic, the smell of the rain, the new shoes i bought online, what i learned in school. and i feel like if people don’t know every single thing about me, they don’t even know me. getting close takes a lot of vulnerability. and nobody’s ever known me the way that you did. and nobody’s ever left more drastically.

so i don’t light up the way i used to because i don’t know how to be interested in things when i can’t tell you about them. small things aren’t enough. food doesn’t taste as good anymore and i don’t like school anymore and my favorite songs make me cry and everything makes me cry, really, and i don’t know how to open up.

because loving you is like forcing a square peg into a circle. you don’t fit into my life anymore and it kills me.

“Did your dead boyfriend Steve tell you that?”

Does anyone else wonder if that scene where Bruce talks shit about Steve to Diana one of the reshoots Joss Whedon did? Think about it: Patty Jenkins’ Steve Trevor treated Diana as an equal and respected her feelings and intelligence, and didn’t just treat her like a sexy woman who knew how to fight (AKA he never sexualized her for simply existing despite numerous opportunities). The character of Steve Trevor is also a part what made Wonder Woman such an impactful movie and is one of the most popular characters in the DCEU.

Joss Whedon tried making a Wonder Woman movie where the lead was Steve Trevor, but not the Steve we all know and love. No, that Steve is your basic fuckboy self insert which the internet almost threw up upon being exposed to. He sexualizes Diana unnecessarily, treats her like crap, and demeans her when she tries to help people. Overall, what Joss Whedon would do if he ever actually met Wonder Woman.

Jenkins!Steve is widely praised and beloved while Whedon!Steve was met with disgust. Is it that much of a stretch to assume that when given the opportunity to, he’d try to knock Jenkins!Steve’s image down a peg using the closest creepy white man self insert portrayed by fellow perv Ben Affleck?

Bruce practically berated Diana for having lingering feelings of pain and guilt surrounding Steve’s death because she dealt with her grief in a way he didn’t deem correct. JFC the overwhelming theme of “women are better off with strong ‘alpha males’ like Bruce rather than with sensitive and caring men like Diana’s ‘dead boyfriend Steve’ because ‘women’s emotions are irrational’” was everywhere whenever Bruce and Diana interacted.

The sooner Joss Whedon gets kicked out of Hollywood the better off female characters everywhere will be

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But how do you get Paid to write ;u;u;u; Asking for... a friend

A lot of odd jobs found here

some supplementary income from my patreon

One on one commissions like the ones that paid for Chevalier Noir (NSFW link)  

and a steady supply of beautiful, engaging romantic fiction from Voltage Entertainment USA 

I feel like it should be worth noting that I wrote for about 12 years for $0 beforehand to build up the skillset I currently have. I’m only 26, I’m still very young and inexperienced and while I’m a professional, I would never say I’m an expert. I have a lot of learning and growing yet to do.

Happy Beersgiving/Merry Beermas.

Since I am lazy af, I did not want to make this at all very difficult, because I know if it was then I’d be out. So if you read this post and are interested here is how to enter!

First and foremost, we have to have be mutuals as of 11/17/17.

Entry? Between now and next Friday (11/24/17) take a selfie with a beer, and tag me and mention Happy Beersgiving/Merry Beermas. I will then gather all the names and randomly select a winner (possibly 2 depending on how many entries). You of course have to feel comfortable enough to give me an address in which I can ship to you. I can assure you that I am far too lazy, and unmotivated to stalk you. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

Pretend you’ve got a four year old constantly asking you to stop and look at something they’ve got in their hand. You know they don’t mean any harm, but after a while it gets annoying and tiresome to have to continually stop and turn around and figure out what the child wants. That is how I feel when hearing people talk to me, and around me, constantly, without making sure they have my attention first.

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did you notice the difference between sam and dean. sam's noticing how much lighter dean is because cas but sam is still :/ because mary's gone. i know dean cant possibly be 100% okay but at least hes better and theres such a contrast between him and sam with who they need in their life to feel better. but i didnt need the team to split up already

ikr, the difference is so blatant and that was actually something i was nervous about at the start of the season because i thought they would make dean be more upset about mary or equally upset but the difference is so glaringly obvious. sam was happy in the first scene but his mood is the same as it was last week. and dean, my son, the scene where he first walked in the room and started talking about all the cowboys with the biggest smile on his face afgldskj. it just makes me so happy because theyre finally showing how important cas is to dean :’) and how he needs cas to be happy. both times, in s11 and s12 when cas was gone in the second half of the season it showed how dean was really down especially in s11 because he didnt know if he could get him back or not. now they’re really just hitting it home. ah anon, you’ve made me emotional and now im rambling im sorry jafkldhsg


• coffee shop date w/ yoongi •

// requested by @mxxnlightjimin 🌙✨💓

- he would literally always be up to get coffee

- ‎it would probably become a routine 

- ‎somehow always knows what you’re going to order??

- ‎casual conversations about plans for the day, recent experiences, random thoughts, everyday troubles and stuff 

- ‎but comfortable silences are a thing too

- ‎reminds you of just how much he loves coffee each and every time 

- observing people at the shop and making up background stories about them

- ‎after the date you’d feel energetic and lively again thanks to the caffeine and relaxing time

((no one cares but there’s this thing i wanted to do for a long time now to try to change something that i’m really unhappy about but never did bc i was too scared. now i finally feel ready and i’m really motivated to do it but i need free time and school is probably going to take up 100% of my time for at least the next 2 weeks odjdiejx i hope i don’t loose my current mindset about it until then!! i also hope all of you feel brave enough to try out something new once in a while!))

my masterlist in case you care :)

aaand my requests and inbox are always open!!

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Oh gosh, I love the genderbend fics! How about young!Genji and Lucio waking up as females?

Thank you! As people are probably noticing, I am suddenly remembering to add the Noodles to the Shimada pieces I make now. 

Young Genji:

  • Didn’t wake up feeling any different
  • In fact, she didn’t know for probably thirty minutes
  • She sat there in bed, trying to take herself up
  • Totally unaware of the suddenly long green hair she was sporting
  • Or the fact that she now had a chest
  • What did alert Genji was when Soba started freaking out
  • She had been asleep beneath the covers, and when she crawled out for a moment she only stared
  • Then she started bouncing around, making this loud, shrill chirping that almost sounded like screaming
  • Aghast, Genji picked her up and hushed her gently
  • It took Soba only a moment to realize that it was Genji, because of her smell
  • When Genji hugged her, that was when she first noticed her chest
  • Running to the bathroom, Genji was stunned as she stared into the mirror
  • Breasts were practically spilling out of her shirt, and her hair was long, green and a mess
  • Soba poked her head down Genji’s shirt as if to double check, before sitting on her back legs on Genji’s shoulder and staring at him in the mirror, chirping and making little growly mewls of confusion
  • Genji was more afraid of what her father would say
  • So immediately she snuck to Hanzo’s room, hoping Hanzo would help
  • Honestly? Hanzo laughed for probably a good twenty minutes
  • Genji ended up beating him with his pillow while he laughed
  • At last, Hanzo said that it would be best to hide it for now
  • This is how Genji ended up obtaining her Bedouin outfit, which she said would be necessary as Hanzo and her prepared to take a spiritual trip
  • Unfortunately, Genji never did return to a male
  • But she remained an excellent fighter, and her father eventually came to turns with it, deciding it would be easier to keep Genji in line and continue the Shimada line
  • As for her periods, well…who the fuck thought it’d be okay to let a woman on her period carry around a sword? basically a huge ass knife. Genji is basically a badass, tempermental gangsta on her period



  • This was probably the worst thing that could happen
  • Or so said her manager when Lucio woke up that morning
  • Honestly, Lucio was pretty chill about it
  • Waking up with this puffy head of her, she pouted as she tried to get it into dread locks
  • Unfortunately, her hair was so long that she had to call in a professional to do it while her manager freaked out
  • Having boobs were nice
  • Lucio soon understood why women played with their own boobs so much: it was just normal. He didn’t think about it, not even in a guy sense. Soon he was just holding his boob because he could
  • (And I’m sure most of ya’ll ladies out there know what I mean -squeezes boob for no reason except that it exists and is squishy~)
  • Lucio didn’t think it was terrible
  • Life was full of mysteries and this was one of them
  • Before having gone to the manager, Lucio had tried singing in her room
  • It had still been fine. She was still an excellent singer
  • The problem was that the manager worried about how Lucio’s fans would feel about this
  • While maybe there could be a spike in the male population’s interest, a lot of Lucio’s fan’s were girls
  • Lucio said that while she loved playing for the fans
  • It was only as good as the love she put into it
  • And Lucio was happy with her work, male or female
  • She was determined to go through with the concert
  • It was so hard to explain this to the fans that night
  • But honestly, they loved Lucio so much that it didn’t matter to them
  • Plus, most of them were so willing to go gay for female lucio
  • I mean, who wouldn’t?
  • So when Lucio played that night, all of them cheered
  • The manager was so thankful that the night went by without a hitch
  • For awhile the manager tried looking for solutions to help Lucio return to her normal body, but when the record sales jumped tremendously, the manager almost begged Lucio never to be a man again
  • Lucio didn’t care, as long as she could continue making music and helping others in the world
  • Prompt 14: Yamamoto reminds Gokudera of his wrongdoings. Making Gokudera think back on his treatment of you. He feels like shit, but is hoping you are willing to forgive him. All of the past comes to light. Gokudera’s arranged marriage, and how he can never disobey Tsuna’s orders. However, this time he did.


Your message has been forwarde-

Gokudera clenches the phone tightly in his palm, ending the call. You had not picked up, of course, just like all the other times he called.

Ever since the day Yamamoto and him had been in your apartment, all Gokudera could think about was your expressions. The way you had looked so tired and exhausted from everything, and the guilt gnawed on him constantly, knowing he was the main cause for your state.

It was hard though, forgetting everything.

He dreamed of you, at night. The you in his dreams was always smiling brightly at him, giving him encouragement and soft smiles that warmed him, relaxed him.


Sometimes, the dreams would take another turn, with you writhing underneath him like many nights before, but this time you would whisper things to him, filthy and arousing. It would prompt him to go harder, faster, but it would all dissolve when you take his face into your palms, a wide smile on your face as you loudly and clearly say,

I love you

On those nights, Gokudera would wake at night, clenching onto the cold sheets around him and wondering where you had went. Then it would all hit him, and he’d be unable to sleep, knowing that the you in the dreamworld was not real. The real you was avoiding him and probably wanted him to disappear so you could go back to normal, to a world where he never existed.

It hurt, that he could not stop his feelings for you.

Valentina was just a business relationship. Nothing had ever happened between the two of them, even though she had tried numerous times for something to spark. It never did, and never would. He could not see her in the same kind of way that he saw you, Valentina could never make butterflies in his stomach and his mind go crazy, no matter how cliche that sounded.

She just wasn’t you.

Gokudera’s feelings weren’t important though. It did not matter what he wanted, because the Vongola was his pride and home, so it would always be the one thing that he would sacrifice for. At times, like this one though, he wondered if it was worth it. Worth the pain that came with knowing that he could be with someone who makes him so happy, but not being able to because his duty was so important to him.

“What are you doing?” The voice interrupted his thoughts, immediately bringing him into a sour mood. He didn’t even glance at the person, knowing exactly who it was.

“Keep your eyes on the road, Yamamoto.” Gokudera snapped back, putting his phone back in his jacket. The two of them were on their way to one of the warehouses to check on the “product” and make sure nothing was wrong. Their supplier was new, and that meant untrustworthy.

It was silent for a moment, but of course, Yamamoto can’t be quiet for long.

“You were calling [Name], weren’t you?” His voice was calm, but there was an accusatory tone in it, irking Gokudera.

“None of your business.”

Another stretch of silence between them, only the slight hum of the car to fill it in.

A quiet intake of breath.

“Just give up on her. You said it yourself that you can’t be with her, so stop torturing her with these mind games. She finally was able to get over you, but then you had to go ahead and ruin it.”

“What? Angry that I ruined your chances of becoming her knight in shining armor?” Gokudera could see the tension that filled Yamamoto’s up at Gokudera’s words, but he kept his voice even and controlled.

“Just because I have feelings for her does not mean that I’m going to let them overshadow her own well being. She’s driving herself mad with all these thoughts lately. She’s my friend, and I want to see her happy.” A sick feeling came to his stomach at Yamamoto’s words. Compared to Yamamoto, Gokudera was a selfish person, wanting to keep you for himself and not let you think of anything but him. Yamamoto at least showed that he cared more about you than himself, but from what Gokudera has shown, he was just an asshole to you.

“Hmph, at least I didn’t sleep with her at her weakest moment. Such a friend you are.” It was a low blow, but Gokudera couldn’t find anything to argue about to him. Yamamoto’s jaw was tight and his fingers were turning white on the steering wheel. He didn’t say anything back.

It was quiet once again, but a tense stillness in the car. Both of them were angry, and neither wanted to admit to their faults.

“You’re getting married Gokudera, just let her go.” It was a quiet, tired plea, seeming to just want this to end. He knew that he should, should just let you be happy with Yamamoto. But he couldn’t…wouldn’t


Gokudera didn’t give any reaction, just let his mind wander. When he had met you on that day, he never would have imagined that you would be the cause of so many complications in his life. He didn’t realize that he would fall so deeply in love with you, but he did.

Maybe… just maybe… Gokudera could be happy once in his life. If he just told Tsuna his feelings, maybe he could get out of a loveless marriage and be with the one person who made him feel so alive.

Even now, Gokudera was thinking about defying his leader, not going through the marriage. Would he be able to have the courage to do it? Tsuna was someone he respected so much, but it was this once that he just wanted to do something for himself, wanted to be happy.

“Yamamoto…” Was it worth it? Were you worth breaking a marriage to a potential ally? Yamamoto gave him a questioning look.

Your smile flashed into his mind, a radiant, warm, smile. A small smile came to his thinking about running his fingers through your hair, and how the two of you could just relax on your couch together, just staring into each other’s eyes for hours.

“Turn the car around. We need to go back to HQ.” Yamamoto narrowed his eyes at Gokudera. Turning back, he kept going on the original path before he seemed to come to a conclusion in his mind. Sighing, Yamamoto slowed the car down, and started to turn around.

“As always, you do what you want.” Yamamoto said under his breath, but there was no bite to it. There was no point of it, he knew that he couldn’t win. Even if he was the better choice.

“This better work Gokudera, and you better make her happy. Or I’ll steal her back from you.” Gokudera smirked at Yamamoto’s words, not believing them for a second.

“You can try all you want, but I won’t be letting her go for as long as I’m living and breathing on this Earth.” Gokudera crossed his arms, settling back on the seat. Yamamoto didn’t reply, he didn’t need to.

You were finally going to be his once and for all. If you wanted to run away, there was no way Gokudera was going to let you. He was doing the impossible for you, and there was no way that he was going to let it not work out.

[Name], you better prepare yourself.

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(the coolest) fan has seen your post and is so pleased that you got that ghost you were looking for. he's nearly as lovely as you are <3

You are the sweetest little cookie in existence and I don’t think you properly comprehend just how angry (in a good way, I cannot feel hurtful feelings towards you) and confused it makes that you did something this *kind* to me without revealing yourself.

Angry (in a good way), because dammit I want to shower you with love and affection and tell everyone I know about you.

Confusion, because people nice? To Pop?? Without expecting anything in return??? It’s a foreign concept to me, dude. Like, you probably thought I was hyperbolizing when I said I cried for 30 days straight. That’s true. I didn’t cry for 30 *days* straight, but after having a really awful time of it when you did that, well, let’s just say I was definitely crying happy tears long enough for RL people around me to take notice.

I’m just not used to people being *NICE* to me. I’m the one that’s nice to people, that’s just how it it’s always been. I can dish it out all I want, but to expect it in return? Aw. Pshh. Expecting kindness makes you an asshole, apparently. *rolls eyes*

I’m glad to say, though, I’m starting to think a little differently. There are nice people out there, and it’s not wrong to expect kindness. (Though there is a difference between respecting yourself enough to know you deserve basic human decency, and having a head full of hot air and becoming a raging cuntmuffin when people don’t lick the ground you walk on because AH you TOUCHED IT, but I digress. This is a happy thankful post, not a salty post).

And you know what? It is possible for lil ole grumpy Pop to feel important. To feel wanted, needed, all those fun words. It’s possible for people to like me.

*tackle hugs you*

Thank you, friend.

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Howdy! I'm wondering if you consider any of the dlc for New Vegas as canon for your courier? I did not. I had all four be just game related. My courier never was to those places nor had those events happen to him. Maybe as a sort of fucked up dream with Old World Blues, however. That game is too amazing to brush off lol

I did, but i changed the timeline since i last talked about it, since i changed a small thing in his narrative. Ive went to how they came out chronologically now in fact! Ive seen a lot of people ignore them before though. I think its great that they put what little backstory for the courier in the dlcs, so you have the ability to either take it or ignore it. The only thing i wish they were able to do was tie them into the main game even more then they did, not having many interactions afterwords with them kinda makes it feel static.
With gabriel i actually imagine stuff i actually did translates to how he deals with it. In hh i avoided the main quest and explored the whole park, dragging it out way longer then i needed it to be (its the shortest dlc of them all) so i just imagine him doing the same thing lol. So i also add to it outside of what the game gives. I have a notebook full of notes that i try to hash out to be concrete, since there are some periods in his timeline that are kinda “stagnant” and empty, and i want to make him have reasons for what hes doing, not just him being clueless and doing it just because its a quest in a game that im playing…if that makes sense!

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All this just makes me sad I feel bad for everyone involved and the community as a whole. It looks so bad and the fact that like that post you just did was for something CLEARLY for one's own personal enjoy just is gross ya know? Like even if they made a mistake in using the wrong account there is just so much that is shown that they haven't(possibly won't) talk about that it just so wrong(let alone like how do you misuse an account that much?). I just hope some money gets to those charities:/

Some of the people who bought zines have indicated that they would like a refund so they can personally donate that money to Stonewall Japan and the True Colors Fund

We fully support these charities still and would encourage anyone who can donate to do so since we no longer know whether they’ll be getting money out of this. 

I kinda dislike those interview questions that ask Korean artist if they ever make English version of their songs. I feel like this type of question puts pressure on them. even from what i heard and seen the video namjoon was kinda startled by this question that he was trying to find the right words to say. I wouldn’t know how to feel if they make English version of their songs. like its okay to try new things but I just don’t want them to feel pressure to make English version of their songs.

how does everyone feel about this? would you be okay that they did music in English?

I’m not against it, I just don’t how I feel about it.

younghyun’s treat

pairing: younghyun x you

genre: fluff

summary: one day, younghyun came home with you in his hoodie

with winter quickly approaching, temperatures were starting to drop pretty quickly. the apartment was chilly despite the fact that the heater was on. you were pacing throughout the household looking for your favourite hoodie, but cussed aloud when you realized you had put it into the washer. you spotted younghyun’s yellow Urban Outfitters hoodie and immediately put it on, making yourself feel all comfy and warm on your shared bed.

even though he had only left for work this morning, a few hours had not gone by without you missing him. as cliche as it sounds, the hoodie smelled so much like him which made you indulge yourself in his scent. 

“you look like you’re enjoying yourself over there,”

you jumped at the sound of another voice in the apartment. startled, you turned around just to be met with younghyun smirking, while leaning against the door frame. 

“how did you get here? I didn’t even hear you come in!”

he chuckled, as he walked over to the dresser to place his rings that were pulled out from his fingers. he ran his fingers through his tough hair, that had been forced to stay intact with the help of a huge amount of hair gel. he took off his outer wear and draped it over a chair, leaving only a white t-shirt on.

“you were enjoying yourself too much to even hear me come in,” he spoke, before jumping onto the bed. he propped himself up to his comfort and placed his head on the bedrest.

“since when did you start wearing my clothes?” he asked. instinctively, he scooted nearer towards you till your knees were touching. younghyun soon realized that he was starting to get fidgety. he had never registered the fact that you could look so cute in his clothes, especially when he could see the hems of his hoodie touching your knees. he could feel his heart do somersaults as his urge of snuggling you up increases highly everytime he lays his eyes on you.

“all the time when you’re not home, younghyun. it’s a little big, isn’t it?” you grinned sheepishly, and at that very moment, he could feel his heart burst. you had worn countless of his hoodies and shirts, but have never once been caught. his clothes often carried his scent, which was the main reason why did it in the first place. he had a great fashion sense too, which came in as a bonus.

“you should take it off,”

looking at your startled expression, he let out a laugh that bounced off your walls, echoing  throughout your apartment.

“i’m joking! it’s just that you look so cute it pisses me off,” he said. everytime he looked at you, he was reminded of how cute you were and how he would love if you were to wear his clothes all the time. imagining you with his clothes on made him feel all tingly, unable to contain the urge to squish you even further.

“younghyun, you really scared me there and i thought we actually had a problem because i’m never gonna stop stealing your clothes,” you joked and stuck your tongue out playfully.

“the only problem is that you look so adorable in my clothes, and it makes me want you to wear it all the time,”

“well, younghyun, you’re in for a treat,”

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I hope you don't mind these kinds of questions, but with the mish-mash of skins you made, did you make multiple swatches of the skin and add different swatches of Rope's lips to each one? If that makes sense? I'm trying to figure out how to add lip colour to skin overlays and keep it looking good on different skin tones but I have a feeling I might have to add a different colour to every swatch. Thank you very much!

I don’t mind at all, nonny. The skin I posted is a default replacement, so it just uses the textures of the lips. The original lips did have color, but I made them black & white in PS, because the color won’t look good on all skin colours. Hope that makes sense.
I’m on mobile atm, but I’ll link @cupidjuice’s wonderful tutorial later. Just follow that one and you’re good to go.

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How do you learn to love again? my girl just broke my heart and I don't want to move on

Honestly, I have to wait until I meet someone else who makes me feel the same as what the person who broke my heart did. It can be as long as it wants and I still won’t fully get over someone until I meet someone else. But i’m honestly horrible at letting go and it’s not healthy. 


1. I can’t update as much as I used to at least for this month bc I’m having prom in a few days followed by a three-day camp. Even during December I’m not really free because I got a part time job LMAO but I’ll still try my best to update regularly!

2. Literally no one gave any suggestions for a 1000 follower celebration thing which is kinda sad bUT STILL if y’all have any ideas for a 1000 follower celebration, feel free to tell me about it! :)

3. I know some of you guys had O levels this year, too, and I wanna know how well you guys think you did so just feel free to tell me that too HAHA

4. I’ll open the request box for a day (I’ll make a separate post for this lmao bc I know not many people will read this)


Originally posted by queenc-x

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Hi!! I’ve been following your blog for awhile I love it so much!! Anyways I wanted to say that I’ve had a side studyblr for a few years now (@almondfoam) but I’ve never felt part of the community. I used to post some OG content but it never got notes which was discouraging and I’ve made a few introduction posts but they weren’t noticed. (1/2)

(2/2)I feel like an outlier and I know that seeking validation isn’t good but it’s been over 4 years and I made my blog as a source of motivation but now I’m just disheartened. Since I made my blog I have gotten a total of 12 reblogs. 12 Is that what everyone goes through at first? I feel like other studyblrs interact with their followers more and they help eachother out. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Anyways how did you get to be so involved? What can I do to make this better? Thx doll!!

This is probably not what you want to hear, but I really have no clue. I did pretty much the same thing as you–I made an intro post and some original content. Maybe it was luck? 

A few things that may help:

  • Tag your posts with tracked tags 
  • Post at a time of day when more people are active–you can check this if you have an Instagram business account. My followers are most active around 6 am and 2 pm (PST). 
  • Reach out and talk to people, not just for “networking” but to make friends!