how did i take such good pics

i feel good today i volunteered at the farm and helped them (the girl i volunteer with and my therapist) figure out how to do something on the computer and they all acted like i was a genius lmfao

i didn’t take any pics tho and i’m sad cuz the cats were hanging around and the deer is so big now 

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How do you get such expression and life into your characters? I've been trying to do it but I can't get the hang of it

Here are some posts I did on expressions: (x) (x) (x) I hope you find them useful! To be fair, it’s much easier to experiment with characters you’re already familiar with and pretty comfortable drawing.

The easiest way is to take pics of yourself and study your features. Don’t be afraid to emote a lot or make silly faces!
Here are some quick Buttons’ I did just now, referencing photos of myself. If I had to draw these emotions from memory, they would look much more boring and cliche. Still recognizable, hopefully, but less personal. (This would probably be more interesting if I had my photos attached but I’m a tired grease monster atm so naaah.)

Tyren, Tyren, Tyren................

A shit load of people keep asking for my opinion on Tyren. Instead of answering all the different asks, I’m just going to put it in a post , to answer all the questions about them, at the same time. So, here it is…

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I don't understand what Louis is implying by taking pics with important people in Columbia??

Why does he need to imply anything. What you failed to notice is that The VP of Columbia posted that pic, Louis did not. Louis Tomlinson is not only a part of the biggest boyband in the world , he now is also a successful solo singer who is making big waves in the EDM world. He is further a good businessman and has a huge and powerful fan following. Mike Mathewson understands how important Louis is, n wants to show that he met him. Its called networking and understanding the power players.

The Things She Carried

Part 5. Closer and Closer

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 2400+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @squirrellover1967 @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @barneybrigade @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @iliketowrite02 @stormisamystery @itschelseabennett @samdean-67 @jensen-jarpad @27bmm

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I tried to go for a darker, more gothy look! Did I pull it off? I think my whole head just looks… big. Like The Red Queen big.

Also, fun fact, these heels were the first pair I ever bought! They’ve survived many years of abuse haha. They’re also about a size too big, so I can’t really wear them out and about. Oh well, I can still take pics in them!

I need to up my makeup game. I’m to a point now where I think I do a good job, so I need to learn how to be more artistic with it. To mold and sculpt my face better, and to get cleaner eyes and lips. Off to YouTube it is!


Requested by anon.

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Wade is in the chat. So… Language, among other things.

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has invited Peter, Loki, Wade.

Y/N: I am bored. What are you guys up to? Any pranks?

Wade: I’ll show you.

Y/N: pls no.

Wade: Peter take a pic of me.

Peter: We’re in the same room. Do you have to ask over the chat?

Wade: I’ll pose so that it looks it was taken without me knowing but we both know that’s not the case.

Loki: Mortals.

Wade: How do I look?

Wade: Wait, let me take off my mask.

Loki: I’ve never seen you without your mask before…

Wade: Does it look like I don’t know you’re taking the pic?

Peter: Here.





Y/N: Wade, looking good as always.

Loki: He looks constipated.

Wade: To answer your question, I am having a lovely evening in.

Wade: With the Unicorn.

Loki: How disgusting! You dare fornicate with a stuffed animal?



Peter: But you did…

Y/N: I remember Thor telling me a rather strange story involving Loki and a horse…


Loki has left the chat.

Wade: I love pissing him off.

Wade: Excuse me.

Y/N: Where are you going?

Wade: It’s time Loki meets an old love.

Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: It’s a good thing Wade can’t die.

Peter: Are you still bored?

Y/N: Not when I’m talking to you :)

Peter: Do you think Steve would mind if I came over and hung out? You know, since Wade ditched me.

Y/N: Why would Steve mind? You don’t need his permission.

Peter: I know but he’s really protective over you.

Y/N: He’s still butthurt after the whole, uh what are people calling it now?

Peter: A Civil War.

Y/N: Oh yeah! Since you sided with Tony.

Peter: But I would have never hurt you!

Y/N: You and I were on opposing teams and we had just met. Steve and the rest didn’t know that.

Peter: I took a hit that was meant for you from Vision in front of Steve and he and the rest are still on edge when I’m around you.

Y/N: Wait, you did what?!

Peter: Nothing…

Y/N: Peter Parker, don’t you EVER get yourself hurt trying to protect me.

Peter: I would take a flying truck from Scott to the face for you! Haha, you know, cause he threw one…

Y/N: PETER. Now is not the time for jokes!

Peter: I wish I could see you right now, you look so cute when you’re mad.

Clint has joined the chat.

Clint: Hello youngsters WHAT THE

Clint: Y/N, MY CHILD

Y/N: I’m not …






Clint has added Steve, Bucky, Wanda, Sam, Scott.

Peter: I’m scared. So scared.



Peter: I think Y/N is those things!

Clint: Then say it.

Peter: Y/N I think you’re beautiful and ethereal 💙 



Y/N: Told ya.

Steve: You got a job, kid? What’s your plans for the future? How many kids do you want? You okay with NO kids? Would you build a house with your bare hands for Y/N?

Peter: I’m still in high school Mr. Rogers…

Bucky: I don’t trust him, Steve! I don’t! He caught my arm! MY METAL ONE!

Peter: To be fair, it was in self defense!

Y/N: Whoa, Peter. I didn’t know you were that strong.

Sam: Nice going, Bucky! Now Y/N is impressed!

Wanda: Maybe we are being too harsh to Peter?

Scott: Is Peter allergic to ants?

Peter: I’m terrified now.

Y/N: Scott. Don’t. You. Dare.

Wanda has added Pietro.

Wanda: Brother, tell the others that they are being impractical.

Pietro: … Father?


Clint: You are no son of mine!

Pietro: But Wanda is like an adopted daughter to you, yes? And she is my sister, yes? That makes me your son, yes? Since I am her brother, yes?

Clint: Yes!

Clint: I mean no!

Pietro: I am only joking :) It is okay. I know how you feel.

Pietro has left the chat.


Clint has left the chat.

Wanda: Sometimes I am glad to have made a new family with all of you… But other times I am not. Too much weirdness.

Wanda has left the chat.

Peter: Ummm Y/N, I think it’s best I don’t visit today.

Y/N: No! You are coming over. Steve, Bucky, Sam, Scott. You will NOT do anything to Peter! OR ELSE.

Sam: Or else what?

Bucky: Ooooh I am so scared.

Y/N: :) You’ll see.

Y/N: Peter, Tony will let you know where I am when you reach the base. I have some thing to take care of.

Y/N has left the chat.

Bucky has been disconnected.

Sam has been disconnected.

Scott: OMG




Scott has left the chat.

Steve: Listen, kid. Before I leave to rescue Bucky and Sam, I just want to let you know that we welcome you to the team and we have nothing against you for siding with Tony. It’s just that, Y/N was always the youngest member and we grew to be very overprotective. Don’t take it personally. We just don’t want Y/N getting hurt.

Steve has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro has added Wanda, Vision.

Pietro: I have finally lost Clint.

Wanda has added Clint.


Clint: My son!

Pietro: Leave me alone, old man!

Pietro has left the chat.

Vision: How rude of him to address my future father-in-law like that.

Wanda: I don’t think Pietro likes you that way.

Vision: Wanda… That is not what I meant…


Clint has added Tony.


Wanda: Here it goes, again.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony: I have no words.

Tony has left the chat.

Saga on Ice - Yuri on Ice Karatsu Tourism Collaboration

Saga on Ice is a special tourism collaboration held by the city of Karatsu in Saga Prefecture, as Karatsu was used as the model for Hasetsu, Yuri’s home town in Yuri on Ice. Saga prefecture is right next to me(I live in northern Fukuoka), and although I’ve been to Saga city I’ve never been to Karatsu. I’ve always been meaning to explore Kyushu some more given how much time I’ve spent living here, and given that this event was going on over Golden Week and @hideoutfromreality​ was visiting I figured it was a good chance. 

What I knew: The Karatsu tourism organization are really excited about Karatsu being featured in an anime and want to take advantage of it with some limited merch.
What I didn’t know: The Karatsu tourism organisation are really, really excited about this and kinda went all out lmao. I was surprised at how much they did to attract YOI fans to the place.

Anyway, I bought a little Viktor with me, so here’s my photo report of the things we saw.

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"Mr. Scientia will see you now.”

NSFW Ignis Headcanons

Where do I even begin? Well for starters, let me frame my take on Ignis as a reference point and expand from there—He’s Christian Grey minus the being an abusive, insecure asshole. A cool, collected dom who takes pride in both the control he exhibits and the control you relinquish to him. 

I may have also accidentally given him a cuckolding kink but that’s a tale for another post — this one already clocks in at close to 1,500 words and I needed to control myself…

More under the cut.

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Lunch Date With Yoongi

A/N: I’m going to attempt to do a thing hope you don’t mind weeeee

Originally posted by jeonsshi

  • lunch dates with yoongi and you wouldn’t be planned.
  • like the two of you would just be sitting on the couch, your head resting on his shoulder and legs intertwined, watching tv or just on your phones
  • then your stomach would just start growling
  • he hears and he starts to chuckle
  • you play along, pouting and groaning
  • “i’m so hungryyyyyy!” “Yoongi feed meeee!”
  • “feed yourself i’m busy”
  • “no you’re nottt, you’re just on your phone!”
  • “exactly”
  • you sit and pout some more, trying to think of what you could eat
  • then, a light bulb would go off in your head
  • “you wanna go out to eat?”
  • he doesn’t look up from his phone but he stopped scrolling, so you knew he was considering what you said
  • “maybe…will you drive?”
  • “if you pay”
  • “deal”
  • you jump off the couch and onto your feet
  • “Yayyyy!”
  • he just rolls his eyes
  • but you knew he was also looking forward to it
  • so after chauffeuring yoongi to the restaurant, the two of you would sit down
  • same side of the table, cause you’re both lowkey clingy like that
  • like, yoongi would never admit it, and he’s always saying how “annoying” you are
  • but you know deep down he loves every bit of it
  • he’s the type of bf to always have his hand on your knee, or always has to be holding your hand, or even just sitting super close to you and pressing up against you to the point that he might as well be sitting on your lap
  • but every time you point it out and say how cute it is, he just glares at you
  • “you’re annoying”
  • “you love meee”
  • “no”
  • yet, he never lets go of your hand, or never takes his hand off your knee so??????
  • anyways, the two of you are sitting by eachother, sharing a menu and trying to decide what to order
  • you look over your options, and everything looks so good to you because of how hungry you are
  • “oh, I want that! And that! Oh that looks so good, can we also get that?”
  • “let’s start with one thing each, then we’ll order more”
  • “but im hungryyyy”
  • “stop eating with your eyes”
  • you pout, cause you know he’s right.
  • “fine”
  • he’d nod, keeping his eyes on the menu.
  • so y’all order your food (btw you’d be the one to order, while yoongi nods in approval and simply orders his drink)
  • but you two order your food, and while you’re both waiting, you two would do lowkey super cheesy stuff
  • like you two would play little table games
  • or dare each other to eat a handful of salt
  • or take a shot of hot sauce
  • stupid but cute shit like that
  • if not that, you two would just talk about random stuff
  • “did you do the laundry?”
  • “i thought it was your turn to do it?”
  • “no, It’s my turn to fold this week”
  • “well, shit”
  • yoongi also doesn’t like to admit how much he admires you
  • like you know it, you know he’s lowkey your biggest fan
  • but he doesn’t ever really say it
  • so, one of the things yoongi loves to do, is take candid pics of you.
  • like his phone is filled with them
  • he’ll take one literally anywhere and everywhere.
  • so he’d take a candid of you at the table
  • and then immediately set it as his lockscreen
  • not his wallpaper though, cause that’s a pic of the both of you
  • “did you just take a picture of me?”
  • “no”
  • “yoongi, i see it on your screen”
  • “that’s not you”
  • “what- YOONGI YES IT IS”
  • “no”
  • then you’d start teasing him
  • and say how cute he is
  • “aww yoongi, you’re so sweeettt”
  • “stop”
  • “you’re such a good boyfriendddd”
  • “I know I am, but stop”
  • but you’d ignore him, and just snuggle up to him while he sits there unamused
  • but you know he’s smiling
  • then after a while, your food would arrive
  • you two would eat, mostly in silence cause y’all are hungry
  • one of you might mutter something about how good it is while your mouths are full of food
  • “it’s suh guhd”
  • “huhm?”
  • “i seh it’s suh guhd”
  • “wuh?”
  • then you’d swallow your food, “I said it’s so good”
  • “ohhmmm” he’d say, nodding with food still shoved in his mouth
  • when you’d finish eating, the two of you would skip out on dessert
  • cause 
  • you know
  • dessert’s at home AMIRITE? *WINK WONK*  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • and by that I mean you two would go home 
  • change into your super baggy pajama clothes
  • grab that giant tub of ice cream in the freezer
  • two spoons
  • and plop yourselves back onto the couch.
  • after that, the two of you would most likely fall asleep on the couch together from food comas
  • overall you two would just be domestic af
  • but you love it 
  • you love everything about your guys’ relationship
  • the sarcasm, the teasing, and the super lovey dovey shit you two lowkey adore
  • you know, it may not be the most ideal kind of relationship for some people
  • but for you two, its perfect
  • and you guys wouldn’t have it any other way

Thank you guys for reading! I wanted to kind of jump on the bandwagon and try this kind of, style, of writing I guess? Idk I just would see other writers doing scenarios and writing them out this way and I thought it was so cool and casual and stuff. Idk, I just wanted to try it out.  Let me know if you want to see more of this kind of writing? Or maybe you absolutely hated it and never want me to write like this again cause I suck? Whatever it is just let me know, lol! Hope you enjoyed! ♡

-Kat ღ

Dating Mark Tuan(Got7)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Hope you like this! I want to say sorry in advance incase this is weird I might rewrite this bc I am on too much caffeine right now and a little hyper in general today

  • okay let’s start way back when he started crushing on you
  • You’d start off as friends
  • but then one night, let’s say three a.m y'all got some burgers
  • Caps, hoodies, facemask and everything, not looking fine at all
  • you stuffed your face ugly eating your burger
  • ending up with a little sauce in the corner of your lip
  • and he was like “C'mere I got u”
  • and then he was looking at your lips
  • a napkin in your face
  • initally trying to remove the sauce but damn your lips looked kissable
  • and you’re just like
  • “Bruh u done or?”
  • and he suddenly blushed and was like “wtf Mark” to himself and just laughed it off
  • ”I was just mesmerized by how chapped your lips are. Use a chapstick smh”
  • ”You’re not Jinyoung stop trying”
  • so and after that he would look for more physical closeness but if anyone commented on it he would get all defensive like
  • *puts arm around you*
  • “Aww Markie-Pooh is hugging his crush”
  • and suddenly he drop kicks Jackson to the ground and is like
  • “Ew!!!1! Crush??? on thEM????”
  • cue awkwark silence and whimpering from injured Jackson and everyone is just like “wtf Markus”
  • and he would always stare at you for longer than necessary and think about how pretty you looked and how he’d like to trace your face with is fingers and how your lips look so soft
  • and suddenly he would just shake his head and mutter under his breath and everyone is concerned because he be acting like a psycho
  • and then he would tell Youngjae some night while they were laying in their room
  • and because it is Youngjae he would just kind of scream and be like
  • “YOU LIKE Y/N?”
  • and the whole dorm heard it
  • great Youngjae now Mark is annoyed and embarrassed :/
  • So then the whole band knew and pressured him to tell you
  • and he did
  • he just took you out and was like
  • “I like you”
  • and you were like “lol ok. I hope the fuck you do”
  • but he was serious an suddenly you were like “oh”
  • but then you told him you liked him too and he was like “GRReAT LET  ME TAKE U OUT ON A D8?”
  • and you went to that burger place and then he asked you to be his gf and you said yes
  • fast forward:
  • there’s dead silence or you two laughing like dying seahorses
  • nothing in between
  • ”are you ever jealous?”
  • ”why?”
  • ”because…”
  • ”Mark don't”
  • ”Every lady wants a piece of me”
  • ”One more time and I will break up with you I am not even kidding”
  • when you two fight it’s like
  • are you giving each other the silence treatment or just chilling already?
  • no one knows
  • sometimes you don’t know
  • and then other times
  • especially when he messed up and you ignore him
  • he’ll just
  • take off his shirt hug you from the back and whisper
  • ”I know you want me, let’s start talkin”
  • and you don’t know wether to slap him bc what a fuckboy or well…fuck him
  • both if y'all kinky
  • I’m so sorry
  • Papa Tuan loves u probably
  • also probs send you baby pics of Mark
  • or tells you things you can use to roast Mark
  • like ‘little cock’
  • ”Hey little cock how you doin’ today?”
  • ”I’m good how ab- HEY”
  • “You sure weren’t complaining bout that cock being little last night ;)”
  • he is very possesive of you
  • and gets jealous easily
  • ”Did he just look at you?” while throwing his arm around you
  • ”Mark he was like 8 and we’re at the candy isle”
  • leaves so much of his stuff at your place
  • not his shirt so you can wear it but like
  • his socks
  • ”Mark I am sitting next to you, you could hug me instead of Jinyoung
  • ~insert sassy Jinyoung comment abt you being jealous~
  • having a cuddle threesome bc Jackson
  • ”Stop bullying Yugyeom. No wonder he is becoming just like you, Jesus”
  • as he said he wouldn’t want to annouce his relationship until he got married most of your dates would be pretty lowkey
  • neither of you would mind though
  • If you two are alone at the dorm or your place and you see a spider it’s over
  • ”We should call JB”
  • ”Or you could be a strong woman and go get that spider”
  • ”Why me?”
  • ”Feminism”
  • hearing him swear
  • often
  • like… very often
  • ”if I die I want you to date Jinyoung”-You
  • ”if I die I want you to live alone with your 6 cats”-Mark
  • always slapping your butt
  • and grabbing it
  • and squeezing it
  • and stroking it
  • and you get the gist
  • gives you his hoodie
  • ”I’m not even cold”
  • ”Take it that’s romantic”
  • then when you put it on he pulls the strings of the hood until he only sees the tip of your nose
  • and laughs and you’re just like
  • ”Wow very mature Mark” :/
  • but it’s funny tho
  • according to the members he farts the most so you’re probs comfortable farting around each other
  • burping contests
  • he’d be proud when you win
  • ”Hey Mark can you bring Coco next time you come?”
  • loving Coco and giving her all your attention
  • ”Yeah now that she is here you can leave btw. Love u. Bye”
  • having some reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally inconspicuous couple item
  • like rings
  • but like silver rings that could be from H&M that have your initials on the inside
  • no one will ever know or suspect though
  • romantic Mark
  • like when he got you said rings for your anniversary
  • fuckboy Mark
  • ”Hey lil lady, wanna play Titanic? You’ll be the ice berg and I’ll go down” ;) ;)
  • ”Hey babe, my parents aren’t home”
  • ”Mark you live in a dorm with ur band members what are you on?”
  • being able to tell he spent too much time with Jinyoung when his disses get better
  • baking together
  • ”Let’s start being healty”
  • ”Does homemade burgers count?”
  • ”Absolutely!”
  • watching movies together
  • ”Mark I don’t want to watch a horror movie!”
  • *slowly puts the movie on staring u dead in the eye*
  • ”I will pour Sriracha into your anus while your asleep. Try. Me. Little cock”
  • Suddenly a sappy movie seems like a great idea to him
  • asking you if the selfie he shot is too hoe to post on Instagram
  • ”yes”
  • ”If that’s what you think I will post it :*”
  • posting really lit or racy pics when you want to see him suffer
  • or make him jealous
  • but when he sees thru your lies he’ll be like
  • ”if ur tits are falling out of all your shirts I can buy you new ones babe ;)”
  • dammit
  • buying wigs for the two of you so you can have dates outside
  • My handsomeness is so striking even if they don’t know I’m an idol they want to know me because I am so beautiful”
  • teaching you how to skate
  • laughing when you fall
  • throwing your shoe at him in return
  • ”I wanna bang you on the table”
  • ”But it’s stuffed with my paperwork”
  • Pouty Mark
  • ”And it’s where we eat”
  • poutier Mark lifting his Shirt
  • *sigh* “FINE”
  • ”I wanna have sex but I don’t wanna move”
  • ”We could nap now for half an hour and then commit later?”
  • ”Sounds realistic”
  • no it doesn’t y'all sleeping through
  • Overall: Having a lot of fun with each other and feel no need to have constant conversation and you two are loving towards each other in your own way that no one else needs to understand

guys I met Bastille yesterday with some other people in their M&G before their concert in Madrid and let me tell you how it went because they were so nice to every one of us like omg.

first they shook hands with all of us, then I took my jacket off cos I was boiling (literally) and Dan saw my t-shirt.

Dan: wow did you do that?! your t-shirt.

me: yes!


Dan: *comes closer and takes a pic of the tee*

Dan: but how much time did it take you?!

me: about… 3 and a half hours I think.

Dan: wow, that would take me like 3 days *laughs* it’s so amazing.

then they talked to us and there was a boy who brought some drawings (like me) and Dan took the time to look at them and he was sooooo nice. then I showed my drawings to Kyle, Woody and Will and they were like “wow these are so cool!” “amazing!” “girl these are soooo good!” and then Dan came and screamed “WOW SO COOOOL”. they asked me if I wanted them to sign the drawings (I did 18, one for each Wild World song, but I couldn’t do Shame as I didn’t have enough paper), and when I told them I wanted to give the drawings to them they just were like “wow thank you so much! these are so cool!”.

after that before they (and we) had to go, I asked them to sign some bigger drawing I had (the one in the pic). when I first handed it to Dan he went like “wow this is so cool! you’re soooo good, girl!” then told me “I love the style, I love it so much” and then we took some selfie. I handed the drawing to the rest of the guys and I can clearly remember Kyle saying “this is so awesome” and then Will and Woody saying something like that.

we had to leave then so they said goodbye to all of us. Dan hugged everyone but before hugging me he said “girl you’re amazing, thank you so much!” and I think life stopped for me in that second.

honestly I love them so much, they just gave me the best day of my life.

EXO Reacts - Finding a Selfie of You and Another Guy (Cousin) on your Phone

Anon : “Can i please get Exo’s reaction , when they find selfie of you and some guy (who appears to be your cousin later), pretty please? <3 TT”

((Ooooooohhh, jealous then embarrassed EXO coming you’re way whooooooo!!)) 


(He’d try to bring it up casually. He doesn’t want to come off as possessive but he isn’t going to just let it slide. With an elaborate plan, he finally asks.) “Hey, who’s this on your phone? Oh, your cousin? I would’ve figured. He’s very good looking, so he must be related to you.” *smooth AF*


(Despite being mostly laid back, there are times when he’s frantic. Especially when it comes to you.) “Hey, what’s this for? Do you know him? Ohhhh, you’re cousin! I see now… I’m gonna go now, okay bye.” *hides in a hole of embarrassment for a week*


(He tries to play it cool, not wanting to let the picture bother him, but ends up thinking about it all the time. When he finally ends up asking, he feels more shocked than relieved when it’s your cousin.) “That’s… your cousin? He’s really good looking!”


(Like Xiumin, he tries to be casual about it, but he doesn’t end up being as smooth as he is when he tries to bring it up.) “So… who’s this? Oh, I just really like his pants is all, haha.” (He’s relieved to know that it’s just your cousin, but ends up receiving the pants he supposedly liked for his next birthday)


(He’d be a bit worried at first, but wouldn’t bring it up until he had concrete detail. Eventually, when he finds out who he really is, it feels like a huge weight is taken off his chest, but he never says he ever had a worry in the first place.)


(He knows you’d never cheat on him, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have some fun with it.) “Um, who is this? Are you cheating on me?! I can’t believe you! That’s it!” (Just before you try to collect your thoughts on an explanation, he gently kisses you on the forehead.) “Save it. I know more than anyone that you’d never do that…. But delete that picture anyways, please.”


(He actually barely notices when he scrolls through your camera roll, and even makes a comment.) “Ooh! Who’s this? His hair is really cool. Should I do my hair like this for our next comeback?” (He knows you’d never cheat.)


*speaks up immediately because he’s direct like that* “Hey, who is this? This guy? Is he a past lover? A present one?” (You have to interrupt him to even get a word in.) “Is he– O-oh? Cousin, ah… Sorry… You know how I am when it comes to you… heh.”

D.O. -

(He’s silent about it. Of course, he trusts you way too much to even think about you cheating on him or anything like that… but he deleted the pic from your phone just to take precautions.) “Hm? Oh your cousin? That photo? No, uh… I didn’t delete it. Maybe you did on accident.” (Good thing he’s a good actor.)


(He automatically jumps to conclusions, but doesn’t say anything about it. He would be a little sad, but would want you to be happy.) “Am I not enough for her? She deserves the best… I’m just not good enough. Damn it…” (After finding out it was your cousin, he unexpectedly holds you tight, sighing into relieved kiss. All of that worrying was for nothing.)


(He wants to be really subtle about bringing it up, so he doesn’t verbally. He leaves the phone on next to his nightstand with the screen on the picture before leaving to go to the kitchen to let you find it. When he comes back and you explain who it really was, he laughs nervously about jumping to conclusions.) “Oh? Your cousin? That makes so much sense! Sorry I doubted you.”


(He thinks nothing of it at first since he’s pretty sure you wouldn’t but then when he finally meets the guy, he gives him this death glare the whole time… only to find out he’s your cousin and ends up apologizing for no reason.)

((I really like how these turned out. I guess I really like the more angsty reactions XD))

Some things I love...

1. I love how their individual shots were the opposite of the first picture we saw, like how GG was smizing and CP was grinning and then they switched in the pic together. 

2. I love how in their second picture GG was smiling the same genuine big ass smile as he did the first time. Like has this boy ever smiled this big? Lmao. 

3. I love how comfortable they look with each other. Like they could take pictures all day. How easy it looks, how they just seem to fit. 

4. I love how good they look together!!

5. I love how if you look really close it seems like he pulled her closer in the second pic because there’s less distance between them. 

6. I love that he couldn’t help but grin. 

7. I love that he posted it on his IG. 

8. I love that she liked it. 

9. I love that he used the grinning emoji. 

10. I love all the positive comments and I love how real it looks. There’s a lot of fakeness on his IG wall… so it’s refreshing to see something really genuine and beautiful; friendship, love, respect, adoration… I just love it!

anonymous asked:

Hi love! I'm just getting into sugaring and I wanted to get your advice on profile pictures? I don't have any good pictures of me from traveling or anything :( How did you get started?

I’m vain, so I take pics pretty much everywhere I go and I always ask my friends to take pics of me. I already had a pretty good collection when I got started. You shouldn’t take your pics all at once because it’ll be obvious that your clothes, makeup, and surroundings are the same. If my makeup is looking crazy good, I’ll even change outfits and go to a different area of my house for selfies, but that’s just because Im extra as hell. Mirror pics are really easy, and great for sugar profiles because it’s easy to hide your face. If you feel awkward having your friends take pics of you, you can set up your phone with the timer on and it’ll look like someone else took it for you. Your pics don’t have to be in fancy locations or anything, just make sure your outfit looks expensive, and put together. Having a variety of types of pics is very important. Here’s a link to my post with examples of what kind of pics to add to your profile.


[redraw // old]

redraw of some Daniel Platzman fanart I did back in July 2016.


ok guys: time for some motivational speech. as you can see, all types of art take their time, it’s not just talent (you don’t necessary need talent to be good at something), it’s mostly hard work. I can’t count how many drawings or sketches I’ve done since last year, but I can assure I spend drawing at least 4 hours a day, even more sometimes. now I’m quoting something this ^ guy in the pic once told me: “don’t get discouraged when you aren’t where you want to be, find small ways to improve […] keep grinding. keep creating”. and now I say the same thing to you all: don’t give up on something you love just because you don’t feel you aren’t good enough. work hard and you’ll see how that pays off after years, months or even just weeks. be patient, work hard, find a way to get where you want to be. x

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Do you have any pics of you WITH your fiance? Does she have a tumblr/how did you two get together? I'm sorry if this is nosy but I love it when people gush or talk a lot about their s/os and every time you share a story about her I feel warm??? Like I feel the love, dude. Ahsjfklflfpprlrp *slams fist on table* DO A GF/WIFE TAG

HI ANON! I had a lot of pics (well, several) on my last phone but it was stolen when my purse was so sadly I lost a good majority of them. ;a; I will take some soon! She’s been saying we need to anyway!! And I’ll post them here when I do because her beautiful face deserves sharing. 

Anyway, she has two blogs, a personal @godownsouth where she posts content half-similar to my main, and she also runs @fuckyeahsemematt, the companion to my fuckyeahukemello/ @worthiestsuccessor blog. We made those in like… freshman/very early sophomore year of high school LOL. I love her blogs.

This is so corny but she always says it was love at first sight… Our whole lives we lived a few streets away from each other but were in separate school districts until my parents transferred me to her district because I got in trouble for fighting/shoplifting/etc and her school was a lot smaller. We “met” at freshman orientation (I don’t remember this but she swears on it) anyway we were playing a stupid “get to know you” game where you form a long line of about 40 people, take a huge roll of toilet paper (shit you not) and the first person passes it over their head to the person behind them, the next person passes it under their legs to the person behind THEM, then over the head, under the legs, so on and so forth; you have to get to the end of the line without breaking it, first team to do it wins… apparently I leaned under my legs and said “hi” when I passed her the toilet paper and she said she immediately loved me and wanted to be with me ever since that moment LOL SO CHEESY!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s not a super-spiritual person but she always says you can tell so much about somebody by looking into their eyes and that she looked into my eyes and like… felt like she knew me, and had dreamed about me before. HIFUSHDIuhasjkdhasdjh I can’t make this shit up I tell her what a goof she is all the time… I love her so much.

But we definitely didn’t date at first, I was literally SO MEAN and wild in high school I brushed her off and ignored her and tried to set her up with people I knew cuz I thought she was some annoying goody-two shoes fhjsadh (she is a goody-two shoes)… she just followed me around trying to be my friend long enough that we became fuck buddies, then she asked me out a million times till she broke my cool guy facade and I agreed to be her girlfriend. There’s so many stories I could go into but this message is SO LONG ALREADY. 

THIS IS SO CUTE THO ANON, just wanted to let you know as soon as I got it (yesterday? day before?) I just had to show it to her, I was like awww, look babe, you got a fan. ;3 She thought it was adorable. Love you anon, I’m glad my silly ramblings can somehow express how much she means to me. Every day I just realize more and more how thankful I am to have her in my life. xoxo


Life at last! (he/him!)

Oh my gosh I’m so happy with how this all came together… it was such a fun costume to make and I was worried it wouldn’t work out (especially considering I’m tragically pre-op and had to cover my chest entirely; also since I’d be with/around children I decided against adding the glittery star on Beef’s crotch at least for now, if I ever take this outfit out again I’d add it…), but I’m honestly so happy with it omg…. You can’t tell in any of these pics and I didn’t feel comfortable just taking a pic of my ass but I also had the “tail” that Beef has on; it was really glittery and sparkly!

I was warned by my entire family that no one would know who I was because of the obscurity of the character but that didn’t make it any less fun?? I went to the dentist and then spent all day at school in costume, then I took my 10 year old sister trick or treating, then I was on candy duty for like an hour. It didn’t matter if no one recognized me (or if they did they didn’t say anything). Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love being able to dress up as my favorite characters and feel good about how I look and have fun!!

My mom helped me so much too I shouldn’t not give her credit tbh… she was the one who helped bring Mister Mistoffelees to life last year and I knew I could count on her to help with this again and she really really did oh my gosh. And Paul Williams actually responding when I tweeted him a pic made my day omg!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


So here’s the skirt withe several different tops. And varying degrees of awkward because I just don’t take as many pics as I used to (which is probably a good thing).  Because of clearance & my birthday $15 off coupon, I paid about $9 for it.  Did I mention it’s my very favorite blue (even though the color’s not quite right in the pics)?

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headcanons for the rfa members reacting to their s/o falling asleep as they watch tv together?

Yoosung: -Prob lets her rest her head on his lap
-Pets her hair while she sleeps
-Whispers sweet nothings into her ear the whole time
-Ends up falling asleep with her
-They wake up all cuddly and it’s just pure bliss

Zen: -Really into watching her sleep and watch her face while she dreams to make sure they’re good dreams
-Also quietly sings songs (especially love songs) to ensure the sweet dreams happen
-Grabs a blanket for her so she is xtra cozy

Jumin: -Carries her back to bed and tucks her in
-But before that he takes a mental pic of her sleeping face and thinks f u c k how did I get so lucky
-Also if Elizabeth 3rd is cuddling/sleeping with her too would risk waking you up to take a picture and keep it in his wallet

Jaeehee: -Makes sure that she’s super comfy
-F O R E H E A D K I S S E S
-Does her best to not move too much so she woke wake her up
-Smiling like an idiot to see her resting and taking care of herself

707: -Mostly watches her while eating his chips
-Mutes the tv to ensure silent uninterrupted sleeps
-He. Takes. So. Many. Pictures.
-Makes sure that the security cameras capture the whole thing cause of how cute she looks