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Finished up the rest of Karasuno while taking a break from homework and midterms~ cuz Haikyuu gives me strength in bleak times 

First set of Karasuno volleydorks

Set of volleyball dorks outside of Karasuno

Which Daddy?
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(I’ve never written a daddy kink one before so sorry if it’s kinda bad??? and i haven’t written really in a while so sorry if it’s not the best!!! and this went into a way different direction then i intended but oh well, i hope you like it haha) (and sorry i cant remember how to do the read more thing.You can delete this I just wanted to let you know cause it’s been a while since I did anything like this!)


You’re at dinner with both your dad and Niall, your boyfriend, and you ask daddy to get you a drink but they both stand up….

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I love SQ, really, but sometimes i think that Daisy cares about Lincoln more that he cares about her. Like he would leave her the second shield becomes too much for him. He's with her now because yeah, he likes her a lot and he doesn't have anywhere to go, but i'm not sure how much he is willing to give her. I'm just scared that he'll break her heart

I understand this concern. This show has really, really conditioned us to distrust the guys involved with Daisy and I am so with you – I cannot stand to see her hurt again. But I don’t agree with you about Lincoln.

Right now, the whole reason that Lincoln is even a part of SHIELD is Daisy.  Everything he does – every moment in the lab with Jemma, every test in the field with May, every lecture he is definitely receiving from Coulson – it is all because of her.  Seriously, the guy would be happy to be off doing what he can for Inhuman’s on his own.  Sure, SHIELD offers more opportunities than being alone would – but don’t think for a second that he wants to be there, or even that it isn’t already too much for him.

We already know he doesn’t want to be a field agent, and that he struggles to control his powers every day.  We know that this is hard for him and we can assume that he doesn’t trust Coulson anymore than Coulson trusts him.  His whole life was destroyed because of the last organization he was apart of, and Luke reminds us time and time again that the only person he trusts is Daisy. But he participates and does what he has to to fit in regardless, taking orders from Coulson and working in the field with May – even though it is probably safe to say he is expecting things to go south at literally any moment. 

I also can see him leaving SHIELD, but not for the reasons you’ve put forth.  We’ve seen what a strong moral compass Lincoln has (did anyone else notice how he looked guilty before he even insulted Daisy during their argument omfg I can’t deal with him), and we’ve seen the lack of control he has when he is trying to serve his perception of justice.  We also know that SHIELD isn’t exactly a consistent true north of morality. I think that it is easy to see Lincoln disagreeing completely with a SHIELD –> Inhuman moral move (or something along those lines), getting fed up and not being able to convince himself to remain a part of the organization because of that.  But it is important to remember that leaving SHIELD ≠ leaving Daisy, and could you really endorse him staying with another organization doing shit he doesn’t agree with just to stay with Daisy? He has more of a backbone than that, and I would lose quite a bit of respect for his character if he stayed at SHIELD under these conditions.

Lincoln adores Daisy, and he has from day one – and so far there hasn’t been a single thing that he wasn’t willing to give for her. He got abducted by Hydra and nearly killed protecting her after knowing her like two days, literally let his whole world crack around him on her word alone, agreed to join another organization he didn’t trust because she offered it, and stayed on the run because he thought it would help keep a terrifying Inhuman-murderer away from her.  Up till now, practically everything he has done has been for or because of Daisy. As of now, she is his whole world.

I’ll always worry about Daisy and protecting her, because she will always be The Most Important Thing to me.  But I love Lincoln, too, because it is clear that he feels the same way.  Frankly, I’ve more often thought that he cares about her more than she cares about him (which isn’t true either, by the way). There is nothing to worry about. I fully believe he would do anything for her, and vice versa.