how did i not notice him before omfg

PP 3 rant + spoilers obvs

I watched Pitch Perfect for the second time yesterday (this time in English) [I’m German] and five things

1. I completely missed the moment where Theo asked Beca to hold hands -> forward to me thinking it might be a special screening and there is more Bechloe coming up (why did I even think that xD)

2. Theo’s accent shocked me lmao, I wasn’t ready to hear him talk. I sat there and was like “Omfg what”. My friend confessed to me during the movie that his voice made her aggressive xD

3. I felt like the movie was shorter, idk why. As if some scenes were cut shorter than before. Weird ik

4. I noticed how much Theo was into Beca, it was kinda adorable but, ya know, wrong person. And Chicago still doesn’t seem very into Chloe. He was always politely listening to her ramblings (idiotic that Chloe would act so weird around someone she likes, she doesn’t act that way around Beca) but he never seemed to made a move or show any interest apart from that. I really hoped he had a girlfriend, because that’s the only reason for me that he was acting like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. I was the only Bechloe fan in this screening (apart from my friend). It kinda disappointed me because a week before I wasn’t the only one that screamed “No” or made noises of protest whenever Chlocago came on screen or, ya know, that kiss happened. I felt kinda alone :( But everybody laughed when Beca rejected Theo’s kiss so.. I guess that kinda made up for it?

I feel more disappointed in this movie after this screening. It’s weird xd