how did i not know this photo existed


When sharing a photoshopped image (especially an image that was manipulated without the model’s knowledge or consent), think about the message you’re sending: Their body wasn’t good enough, so it had to be “fixed.” Their body didn’t satisfy your need for beauty or sexual pleasure, so rather than find something else to look at or taking the time to question your own tastes, you instead adjusted them.

A person’s body is not an object that can be molded and changed according to your wants. No one is obligated to cater to you, just as you are not obligated to cater to others - Using photoshop to alter another person’s body is just another way of saying that they exist for no other purpose than to appeal to you. That’s a twisted mentality to take on.

All images on the left were found in tumblr’s #fitspo tag while all images on the right are the originals. Before reblogging or sharing fitspo, please consciously ask yourself: Is my motivation and inspiration being derived from how much I respect this person, or by how much I’m attracted to them? Are you more interested in the body or the person? And most importantly: Did this person consent to having their photo spread online in this manner? If you don’t know and if you aren’t willing to look up this information, then it would be best not to reblog.

my heart lets nothing die. even the small wars interrupt my sleep. i wait for people to ask me what’s wrong and then i lie. i stayed home four weekends in a row because i didn’t trust myself to say the right thing. i’m just not the life of the party. i’m trying to live with that. the worst thing that happened to my family happened three years before i was born. i don’t know how to keep answering the same question. i’m impossibly alone. i made myself this way. i stared at someone from a distance to see if they’d ever look my way. they didn’t. they went on with their life and did not know they existed to me at all. i wonder sometimes if my heart will always feel this far from me. i heard someone say something terrible and i counted the ceiling tiles to make the world stop spinning. i considered my body and how it’s changed. i wrote to a person i never had the chance to meet. sometimes i have to stay away from the old photo albums because it just gets too hard. i don’t know how to forgive myself this time around. when people look at me i wonder if they notice the parts of me that are gone for good. they don’t flinch but that means nothing. i still have dreams about a country that forgot about me in its sleep.


i recently realized that i haven’t talked nearly enough about my favorite football commercial of all time, the commercial of my heart. i’d like to deeply apologize for that, and for anyone who might not have seen this masterpiece from 2003 (the date in the youtube description is wrong) before due to my silence. please enjoy what is truly the greatest work of commercial art, and art of any kind, of our times, featuring:

  • peak early aughts feathered hair heartthrob beckham
  • raul as the noblest, most put-upon sheriff in the west (with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos from hierro, mori, and GUTI) 
  • tiny arrogant smooth-cheeked baby iker
  • rivaldo as the man-in-black outlaw?????!!!!
  • oh and gary neville is there too, “acting”
  • seriously you guys this whole thing is a giant becksillas wild west fanfic come to life how did this exist almost A YEAR before beckham moved to madrid 
  • wait wait wait but the end is probably the best part 

HI ROBERTO CARLOS - please call becks a gringo again thnx

do i have a million dumb promo and behind the scenes photos taken from this commercial? am i going to be posting them here forever because nothing makes a bad day better than seeing roberto carlos splayed out like the crankiest forties pinup girl ever, or raul and the team giggling like fifteen year olds playing their first round of strip poker? 

come on. you guys should know me by now.

The RFA + V and Saeran go outside/ on a walk with their s/o

Maybe some pretty fluffy headcannons to start off this blog?


-This child has been playing so much LOLOL
-Please take him outside he’s practically forgotten what the sun feels like
-Once you’re finally able to drag him outside, you guys stroll around a forest area nearby
-After a bit, he gets super hyped and energetic like a puppy
-“Look, ____! A butterfly!”
-”That looks like a boss I fought yesterday.
-You hold hands after you two almost get lost
-Which happened more than once
-Eventually, you get pumped enough to match his hype
-It’s like the sunny weather is giving you both so much energy and it’s really refreshing
-You start playing tag and you almost tripped and broke your face a couple times
-When Yoosung saw you stumble over a tree root, he would stop running to check on you
-You took the opportunity to tag him and run off with a grin
-After a while you’re both tired from running and avoiding all the tree roots sticking out of the ground, you lay together against a nice looking tree that just blocks the sun
-Comfortable silence fills the air while you both sit, your head on his shoulder
-Yoosung would definitely be open to going on more adventures with you
-He leans his head against yours and just enjoys the fresh air


-Rehearsals have taken up a majority of his time lately
-He’s preparing for a role he’s not really familiar with, which has him a bit stressed
-That, and his costar has been really stubborn and difficult to work with
-When he gets off of rehearsals early one day, you immediately suggest going outside for a walk to clear his head
-He’s honestly pretty tired, but he wouldn’t pass up getting to spend more time with you
-So, you both set out for a public park
-As you walk around, you two talk about anything and everything that comes to mind
-Zen gives you some top notch theater gossip
-“And then the makeup artist used the wrong shade of foundation and they looked like a ghost”
-In exchange, you tell him a few jokes and funny stories to make him laugh
-Thankfully it works (his laugh is heaven omg)
-You find a little shaded picnic area with a few tables
-Zen goes to get some drinks from a vending machine, and you sit at one of the tables to wait for him to return
-Drinking your beverage, you both watch the sun begin to get low in the sky
-Some children scream and play in the background a bit of a distance away, but it doesn’t bother either of you and you continue the conversation
-Overall, your little alone time really helped him get his head back in the game, and you can just tell by his newfound inspiration his performance will be amazing


-Oh god
-Please let her have a break
-You notice how obviously stressed out she’s been, and you decide that she needs to go out and get some fresh air
-When you bring up the idea of taking a walk, she was a bit surprised, but in a good way
-She, of course, agrees
-You lead her to a small park a little ways away from your home
-There’s plenty of benches to relax on, which you make her do so when you notice how tired she is
-You insist that she lays down, and she rests her head on your lap as she talks and vents about her day
-“This guy had me running back and forth all day long without a break”
-Being the supportive partner you are, you listen intently to her whole ordeal even throwing in a few sassy remarks
-“Geez, what a jerk. You deserve so much better.”
-Jaehee falls asleep on your lap without you really realizing it at first
-This girl barely gets any sleep at all so you gladly allow her to nap there. You even get annoyed when loud people pass by you two
-*Death glares at every loud noise*
-You eventually have to wake her up when it starts getting late however
-She nods when you explain that you should be heading back home, considering the time
-”Thank you for taking me outside, ___. It was very relaxing.”
-Mission accomplished


-Stop sitting around and go outside for once
-Seriously, even though this boy doesn’t hack for a living anymore, he still lazes around the house all day everyday
-His unhealthy eating habits make it even worse
-So you force him to go outside with you
-He groans at first and doesn’t really want to go until you convince him
-“Oh. I just wanted to spend time with you, but I guess if you really don’t want to, I’ll just go out by myself…”
-*pouty face*
-Saeyoung is instantly on his feet next to you, holding your hand and leading you to the door
-You walk along the sidewalk of town, going no where particular
-Saeyoung tells you a few stories, cracking a few jokes along with them
-You can’t help but laugh at his exaggerated tales
-The clean air in his lungs makes him feel rejuvenated
-“_____, I’ll race you to that stop sign”
-“Saeyoung, there’s a bunch of other people on the sidewalk-”
-Saeyoung takes off running cheater
-You start sprinting after him
-Who knows, you might’ve had a chance to beat him if he hadn’t gotten a head start and the sidewalk was clear
-You tried your best to keep from bumping into or disturbing anyone walking along
-Saeyoung, however, did not
-He just wanted to beat you so he can rub it in your face later
-You kind of apologized on his behalf to all the people you passed that were giving him dirty looks
-Out of breath, you finally made it to the stop sign
-You start lecturing him on cheating and bumping into people and he just kisses you in the middle of your sentence
-Before you can get grumpy about it, he adds “That’s my prize for winning” while smirking triumphantly


-Jumin had been a bit down lately
-He had ideas for new projects that fell through for one reason or another
-When he came home one day with a frown that wouldn’t go away, you decide to take him out on a walk
-He agrees, unable to say no to you and your cute little puppy eyes
-You walk together in silence for a minute along the road until you ask him about his day
-That’s when he starts opening up and ranting and venting about everything that happened today
-It explains why he’s been frowning so much
-Clean air is always a good way to clear your mind
-You don’t feel trapped like you do indoors
-Jumin realizes this
-After his little rant is over he looks over at you and sighs a bit
-“We really should do this more often. It’s very pleasant.”
-You smile up at him happily, and he can’t help but smile back
-How could he not smile when the love of his life is right beside him
-“Of course!” you assure him, “Anytime you want to take a walk, just let me know!”
-He gently runs his thumb along your hand intertwined with his


-V has been wanting to get new photos
-Some for selling, some for keeping
-It’s a nice excuse to ask you to join him outside
-He takes you out to a lovely forest on a clear, sunny day
-He leads you through despite his poor eyesight while holding your hand tightly but gently
-You ask him where he’s going, but he says it’s a surprise
-You shrug it off and enjoy the scenery a bit before V stops walking
-“We’re here” he announces with an adorable smile
-When you look forward, you see a big meadow filled with rainbows of flowers
-Your mouth opens slightly in shock at the beautiful landscape
-How did you not know this magical place existed??
-“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” V smiled at you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders
-You don’t answer, you just kiss him lightly on the cheek and continue beaming
-V sets up and starts taking photos while you sit beside him and watch
-You’re a bit distracted, watching the wind blow the flowers into a wave-like motion before you hear the camera click again
-You look over at V, and the camera is facing you
-“Sorry,” he says bashfully, “I just wanted to capture the beauty of the love of my life.”


-You’ve been wanting to do something special with Saeran
-He’s been upset lately, and you can tell
-“Hey, Saeran, let’s go outside.”
-Saeran just kind of grunts in response from his spot on the coach, playing a game on a handheld
-“Please? You need to get out of the house a bit more. It can get suffocating, staying inside all the time…”
-You manage to convince him one way or another, so you bring him out to a park
-Guiding him along, you lay down in a field
-He doesn’t join you at first. He just stands there with a grumpy frown until he notices that you’re staring up at the sky
-His eyes drift up to see what you’re looking at
-Fluffy white clouds float peacefully along the bright blue sky
-Saeran gets lost in the sight, and eventually gives in and lays down next to you
-You bring up that he’s seemed a bit off recently
-That’s when he opens up
-He tells you everything that’s been bothering him
-Worry, anger, regret; all of it
-You listen intently, surprised that he’s actually comfortable enough to explain all of this to you
-When he’s done talking, you stay silent. You don’t want to upset him by babying or pitying him too much
-The sky and your presence are enough to calm him down
-The longer you two watch the sky together, the more he can feel the weight lifting off of him
-Now he knows exactly what to do when he feels troubled

The Arrangement - Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: Part 2 of 3

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: The arrangement between them had been working just fine until Quinn realized she wanted more.

Warnings: Some minor swearing

Author Note: The second part in The Arrangement. You can check out the first here. It’s been forever, I know. And I did have nearly all of this finished for some time now. But things just got in the way. There WILL be a third part coming, and I don’t mean in another 9 months from now lol.

Quinn smiled politely up at her date as they stood in line at her favourite cafe. Those kind brown eyes met hers and a sweet grin crossed his lips. He was handsome, with his dark brown hair longer on top and shorter on the sides. The leather jacket and motorcycle boots was a stark comparison of the caring man that had picked up her groceries when she ran smack dab into him outside the store. She liked the edge, though, especially the motorcycle he promised to take her out on one day.

Of course, that would mean their first date went smoothly, and it had only just started. But she hoped it went well, hoped that she would fall for those warm eyes like she had the startling blue pair she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about.

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DID YOU SEE THE NEW PHOTOS OF NICKY INCLUDING A CAMEO FROM HIS NAKED THIGH??!!! HIS HAIR IS CURLY, HIS PALE THIGH IS NAKED, I'M GASPING, AWESTRUCK & IN TEARS: IS THIS HOW OVI FEELS ALL THE TIME?!! trekronorline(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)162279243635 trekronorline(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)162282047945




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Do you know how many times I was shown this photo of Nazi book burnings in history lessons? (quite a few)

But exactly never did anyone tell me that many of the documents being burned were taken from an organised Nazi raid on the Hirschfeld Institute which advocated for, medically helped, and researched people of gender and sexual minorities (aka queer and trans people)

Instead, the same school that showed me this picture taught me that trans people are new and are missing from history because either we didn’t exist, or we didn’t exist openly. Bullshit. Openly trans and queer people have always existed and some of us have always been vocal.

White, cis, male western, able-bodied, heterosexual history is not neutral. Black history, queer history, disabled history, women’s history, non-western history  are not separate narratives and should not be viewed as being additional extras, sidenotes to the history of straight, white, cis able-bodied men.  

You underestimate how angry this makes me

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so happy for you that you got to see cmbyn! do you have anything else to share about it?? anything or everything haha :)

thank you!!! i’m from spain and the release date has been pushed until february (which i’m sure is a crime and violates human rights in so many levels) so i don’t know what i would’ve done if i had to wait that long!!

some thoughts under the cut! beware of little spoilers!

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“Eddy, I have my doubts that your brother would offer us sanctuary.”

Edd’s mood took a fast 180.

Wow, Edd has never met Bro and yet he feels so uneasy about him. 

I have a head canon that Edd moved into the cul-de-sac right when Bro was kicked out. Edd never saw him because his parents wouldn’t let Edd out from their site as they were afraid of what he did in his elementary school. 

Everyone else has some knowledge about Bro. They either fear or adore him. With Eddy, Edd notices that it’s a little bit of both. Eddy claims that he’s this hero. So, why hasn’t Edd seen a picture of him, heard his name, and Eddy’s parents never seem to mention him?

The Christmas special displays a wonderful example about Bro’s existence. He’s not home for Christmas. And when Eddy was scouting around for his presents he looks in a chest in his attic. There is only a photo album of Eddy’s baby pictures.

Tell me, how did you feel about Bro before seeing the movie? Did you think there was something off about him? Or have you always adored him and wanted to see him over what could have been under Edd’s hat?

Bro’s true nature was staring everyone in the face the whole series. I know Edd will be on a major guilt trip for not noticing sooner. Still, he feels that there is something off about this legendary brother of Eddy’s. 

Edd is the only one out of his friends who is an only child. There is Ed who has a rather dysfunctional, abusive relationship with his sister, and Eddy’s fake amazing relationship with his older brother who is never there. 

Edd researches about everything. Even siblings. Edd wants a sibling so he won’t feel so alone and unwanted. 

Eddy disregards Edd’s doubts as he pushes their faces very close together.

Edd and Eddy’s face fit so perfectly together.

Eddy then brags about his close relationship with his brother. Their relationship is apparently so close that they can read one another’s minds.

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Stop worrying yourself about facts

I’m sorry to say that, I really am

Yesterday a photo began circulating claiming to be the crowd for Trump’s rally in Arizona.

It was, actually, a photo from Cleveland of a parade from a few years ago.

This was easily searchable and anyone who lives in Phoenix or Cleveland could tell you as much.

“Don’t they know the internet exists?”  “How did they think they’d get away with it?”  “Why do they keep lying like they won’t get caught?”

It doesn’t matter.

Because you are not the person the lie is meant to affect.

The lies aren’t to convince you or anyone with any amount of real world sense left of anything. The lies are there to keep that bubble up among that core group of rabid, loyal Trump fans who want to believe it so they will. It’s not about pushing the narrative onto a larger scale, it’s about keeping those fanatics satisfied. It’s about wrapping a warm blanket of a false reality around their shoulders to maintain their surety that they’re still winning. It’s not about informing the country or spreading mass propaganda. It’s only about keep the fury going, at least through 2020.

“Here’s some articles from snopes and politifact that tell the truth”  “Those are liberal run sites that don’t want you to know how great Trump is”

“Here’s a picture of the crowd next to a picture of Cleveland for comparison”  “Photoshopped”

“This person was there and can tell you-”  “They were paid by Soros to lie”

“Here are several news sites reporting on how that’s not reality”  “Fake news.”

Do not waste your energy or mind on fighting this with common reference check tactics. They do nothing but waste your time. They’re going to believe the driver of that car was actually a liberal terrorist, they’re going to believe Trump has massive amounts of people at his rallys, and they’re going to believe millions of illegal aliens voted for Hillary because they want to believe it. Anything that challenges their world view is rejected, no matter what.

If you want to fight it, I don’t have any tactics to offer. This is beyond my capability. All I can say is if you have a limited run of energy or ability and you want to fight this administration, don’t waste yourself on this end. It’s a brick wall and pounding on it will only hurt you.

Outlander Fans: Fangirl or Close Your Browser

Public locations. Say it again with me now: PUBLIC LOCATIONS. Set pics are inevitable whenever a show films in public locations. For most shows this is an accepted and understood result of not filming on a soundstage. Why is something considered fine by other shows absolutely abhorred by Outlander production? Why are fans made to feel bad for getting excited about a glimpse into a TV show they love and won’t see for months? If you’re an Outlander fan who doesn’t like seeing these pics for some reason? Close your browser.

Outlander has a problem: It thinks it’s a special snowflake. So special, in fact, there’s an embargo on filming. Most sophomore shows would embrace this interest/exposure. It keeps the show relevant to fans. It generates excitement and buzz. WHY ON EARTH would you not want your fans to be excited? WHY ON EARTH would you not want your show to have buzz, even if the season doesn’t come out until 2016? That’s a GOOD thing. WHY ON EARTH would you want to alienate fans by coming down on them for something that is perfectly normal? DO NOT talk to me about spoilers when your official Twitter account spoiled a MAJOR SERIES CHARACTER by announcing her casting. Complacency is the enemy here. If fans stop caring, that’s when production should be alarmed. Talk to me then.

Since Starz is unwilling to promote Outlander, since there’s such an embargo on filming, it is then up to fans to seek out unofficial set pics or other things to maintain their own personal interest and excitement about the show. Starz is just one giant flop. Where’s the promo for the DVD release? The CD vol. 2? Where are some BTS pics from Season 2, NOT Season 1? Leading up to Season 1 they did a good job of courting us with BTS tidbit but this season it’s as if we’re a burden. That is terrible. Right now the only person we hear from is Sam Heughan, so nice work Starz/SPT for leaving your job up to an already busy cast.

These pics will be shared. Early and often, without restraint. So anyone deluding themselves into thinking they’re going to be Terry’s best friend by alerting her about these photos, policing or blocking fellow fans, or actually being upset/heartbroken about their existence on her behalf needs a serious reality check. The woman already cried uncle. She knows it’s futile to try to stop this tidal wave of photos because today Czech Outlander fans did us all proud!

Whatever. The photos from today renewed my excitement about this show. I won’t apologize for looking at these photos, for sharing them, or for getting excited about them with my Outlander group.

Remember, Starz and Outlander, without your fans you’re just making really expensive art essentially for your own egos. But I’d give some serious thought about how alienating them impacts your pocketbooks as well. Because we’re the ones who buy subscriptions and CDs and DVDs and our excitement floats the show because you are incapable of doing it yourself.

Making of soot..

So I received a couple of questions lately about Fuliggine and to answer I’m going to make a “making of” post, telling also some trivia about the comic. Ready with a cup of tea, let’s get started. 

I wrote Soot many many years ago, to feature in a collection of other spooky stories by me, it was mainly inspired by my childhood memories and by the magical creatures of soot in Ghibli’s movies

One of my uncles has a big old house in the mountains, we used to go there often and my grandparents too, on vacation. Differently from the kid in the story I was never alone, always playing with my borthers and cousins there. The big house was full of misterious places which triggered our imagination. We invented a lot of games and they were like enchanted moments. They lasted one day or two then they could not come again, because something just changed: one of us had to leave, we were on a bad mood, that room was closed, bad weather, or simply lost interest…

But I don’t like to make things in order to have one and only meaning, or at least this was not the purpose of this comic. So we can’t be sure that it was just the boy’s imagination, that coming out of the chimney and seeing himself all black by soot he pretended to be a black animal and had fun. And then because the chimney gets all new by the chimneysweep, he could not imagine it any more. 

Maybe soot is really bewitch… yes, this is also possible. He says that at the end: what he knows is just that he never transformed again. 

So I will not say that my comic is about how imagination works for children, but it is largely inspired by this. And secondly, every other interpretation is open and accepted. After all is a little spooky story.

Here is the storyboard..

There are some differences from the comic, like first animal was the cat, second the cockroach and then the crow, I inverted them because I thought the flying scene was more impressing for a beginning. 

That house exists!! Unfortunately I lost the photo which was my reference, I did it myself. This other photo is just an exemple, very closed to the original house as you can see. It is the kind of tipical architecture of the old houses here. I just love it, it’s like real life Ghibli Studio. 

The first concept for the stove was a bit more detailed. I wanted the type of old stove of South-Tyrol. It’s very big but the chimney is not so big so that a boy can climb it, like a fireplace chimney. But a fireplace has no door, I could not create the right situation with it. So I dealt with the issue drawing a sort of oven for pizza..

Well, I originally meant to make the cat episode more adventurous, hunting a mouse, jumping on trees, but then I looked at my cats and they answered to the question what cats like to do mostly, of course, sleeping. Isn’t it so?

 You know no old man can turn their spine in that way, maybe no human being can.. it’s 180 degrees or what, this makes me laugh every time I see it. Anyway, Giovanna is the actual name of my grandmother. 

And with this important information I’m finished, I hope you guys liked this post even if it was a bit long, I hope that I have fulfilled your curiosity. I’m eventually considering on making a video version for a second time, leave a comment if you please, and stay tuned for my next comic coming next month. Ciao!    

iKON Reacting To You Braiding Your Child’s Thick Hair

(This is for my poc ikonics out there with that good thick hair I know ya’ll exist and I love you very much) ~Admin Gray

Bobby (Jiwon): He’d watch and smile at how cute you both looked, you focusing on their hair and your child sitting still in your lap with their legs crossed, he’d probably have a significant amount of photos of it.

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

B.I. (Hanbin): Would be curious if the braids looked tight and wonder why you’re hurting your child’s head, but then he realized you knew more about maintaining thick hair than he did 

Originally posted by kanqyoon

Junhoe: Seems nonchalant about it but he’s actually paying attention to your technique so he knows how to do it as well, especially for those days that you wanna relax or you aren’t here

Originally posted by vinegarboy

Donghyuk: Like Jiwon he would take photos of you and your child, would probably have way more photos of the both of you then you have of him and your kid.

Originally posted by justmevip

Jinhwan: Would watch and try to braid your child’s hair once then end up just pulling and tangling their hair, would also possibly be lowkey salty because of how easy you made it look.

Originally posted by verygood-climax

Yunhyeong: I don’t think it would be his favorite hairstyle on your kid but he wouldn’t hate it

Originally posted by lk0n

Chanwoo: Wouldn’t really care but he’d be interested when you braid different patterns or add good scented products into your child’s hair.

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TextsFromLastNight (1/?)
  • [Text] I'm just going to ride dicks all the way to the to the gates of hell.
  • [Text] Dude, fate has brought her to your penis.
  • [Text] Playing pong against a girl who fucked my ex boyfriend so that's how my nights going.
  • [Text] I did not know male screamers existed until now. Good for him. Good for my ego.
  • [Text] You ran out of his house yelling "I got the goods!" Then you pulled toilet paper rolls out from under your shirt.
  • [Text] Did you just correct my grammar and then send me a photo of your dick?
  • [Text] I can now say I know getting hit in the face with a flying tortilla is not fun.
  • [Text] I was giving him a blowjob but we had to stop because he started crying when his cat walked in and started staring at us.
  • [Text] I'm six Popsicles away from an existential breakdown.
  • [Text] I'm sitting in the shotgun seat of my car on full recline trying to pretend everything is ok.
  • [Text] I have his gate key so know he has to see me again.
  • [Text] I never thought my selfie stick would come in handy for nudes.
  • [Text] i would stab him if he didn't just tell me he is a priest.
  • [Text] Have you ever gotten so angry that you stripped in public?
  • [Text] Too bad I can't un-pee in his body wash.
  • [Text] He fell asleep on top of me after sex. For 3 hours. Poor guy worked too hard.

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whenever I see Sheploo's face and remember that it was based on a real person I'm like "such beauty can't be real" and then I look at Vanderloo's photos and I can't understand how such a face can exist, what did we do to deserve that gorgeous face

I know???? 

And Vanderloo only gets better as he ages oO

holy shit, right???

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hi! I was wondering if you know any good harry/luna fics and/or if you have any headcanons about them? :)

Hi anon! 

Okay, so you’ve probably figured out that H/L fics are fairly rare, especially fics with H/L as the main pairing, which is very sad - but there are some good fics out there. And I have a lot of H/L headcanons that I’ve developed over the years.


a really good reclist of fics on livejournal, of which my personal favourites are:

Forgetting Alone by ladyaeryn - Harry and Luna talk at Bill and Fleur’s wedding, and she gives him hope for the upcoming war. This is a really nice snippet that showcases why H/L works so well and the potential they could have had. (As a side note, ladyaeryn’s a really great writer, I’d recommend looking up more of her fics)

Optical Illusions by museinmotion - Harry and Luna read the Quibbler together. Just really cute. 

Rainy Days by musemotion - a little bittersweet, where Luna muses on various rainy days in her life. 

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by delicifcced- a morning in the life of Luna Lovegood. Really interesting take on Luna, and I love the interaction between her and Harry in this one.

Goodnight, Mr Potter by aikakone - only read this if you’re in the mood for very sad H/L AU, but it is really well written.

The Quiet Place by ruskbyte - this is one of my all time favourite HP fanfics, set 500 years into the future. It’s not H/L centric, but H/L features and is definitely worth reading.

Then on AO3, there’s also:

Magic by Tiraen - Harry takes Luna to Disneyworld for their honeymoon, in a bit of pure fluffy sweetness.

Accidentally on Purpose by Bravenclawsome - Oneshot of Harry and Luna after Slughorn’s party. Really sweet AU. 

Fragile Maps by zauberer_sirin - Harry disappears after the war and Luna’s the one to find him. A what-if moment between the last chapter of DH and the epilogue that’s really beautifully done.

Dancing Shoes by theygo - moments from Luna’s life, told from the perspective of her dancing shoes. This is a really lovely fic, beautifully written and very poignant.

This list is getting very long, so I’ll stop there for now! But if you look around, you will definitely find some really nice fics out there.

As for headcanons, well ….

(this post got ridiculously long, so I’ll put the rest of it under a read more)

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Exo fighting with their daughter

Anon asked: Exo’s reaction to fighting with their daughter after she did something wrong/bad.


I’m going to do some (or maybe even all of it) that will include their daughter arguing about the punishments that they get for what they did. (This might become more of punishment related reaction then actual fighting)


Xiumin: *contemplates whether he was a bit too harsh with his punishment to ground his daughter and take her electronics away for a week after the fight but then remembers what she got in trouble for* “a month with no electronics or hanging out with friends for shoplifting, seems like a fair enough punishment to me”


H/D/N: “I’m not the one who smashed the pictures in the hallways!” *she screams in his face for the seventeenth time during the fight*

Luhan: “BULL! You’re the only one who has been in this house within the last three hours and three hours ago those pictures were perfectly fine”

H/D/N: “how do you know I was the only one here huh!? Mom could’ve done this or a burglar! How dare you accuse me of doing this!”

Luhan: “BULL BULL and more BULL. Your mother loved those photos just as much as I did so she’d never smash them and tear them to pieces + she’s been at work since 6 a.m this morning so it wasn’t her & this house has some of the highest, best security in existence, if there had been a burglar I would’ve known immediately. It was you who broke all of our family photos and I know it so don’t try getting yourself out of trouble with your pathetic lies!”


H/D/N: “I’m not the only teenager in the world who has driven after having a little bit to drink! nothing happened anyway so I did nothing wrong! and you’re a bit of a hypocrite. I bet you’ve driven while under the influence before so don’t think that you can get away with trying to punish me for doing something that you’ve probably done in your past!”

Kris: “You really think you can argue with your own father about this? You think that just because nothing happened that means that what you did wasn’t bad? You really think your ‘argument’ will get you out of trouble? HAHAHA, how about no!”

Suho: *tries to have more of a professional “sit down and think about the situation” talk with his daughter but his daughter escalates the talk to a fight that he desperately tries to avoid joining*

Lay: “You beat up two, TWO, of your class mates just because they took the last  pieces of pizza in the lunch line. I though I raised you better than this!”

H/D/N: “I paid two dollars to the teacher to make sure that I got a piece of pizza for lunch and those idiots took what I paid for so they deserved it!”

Lay: “You say that they deserved to be beaten up, well I say that you deserve to be grounded for a week. Your mom can also come up with further punishment for you when she gets home”

H/D/N: “You say that I deserve to be punished, well I say that I deserve to have a different dad who’ll agree with me and support me for standing up for myself! I HATE YOU!” *his daughter screams as she runs to her room and slams the door* 

Lay:  *actually super hurt by what his daughter says, he looks up the stairs of the house where his daughter ran and mumbles to himself* “deserve a different dad who’ll support her?….Oh you know, like I do but only when she’s being good…. who does that girl think she is?”

Baekhyun: “Punching an old lady who was walking down the street just because she was quote on quote “too slow for your liking”…!” *Baekhyun reads from the police report that he received upon bailing his daughter from the police office*  “this is ridiculous h/d/n!! This is the third time this month that something like this has happened!”

H/D/N: “what’s ridiculous is that I keep on getting in trouble over stupid, unimportant stuff”

Baekhyun: “unimportant!? Stupid!? You think that an old lady being sent to the hospital with a broken nose because of you is stupid!?”

H/D/N: “yes stupid! StUPid, stupid, StUpId, STUPID, Everything I get in trouble for is stupid!!!!”

Baekhyun: “well the way you’ve been acting and what you’ve been doing is STUUUPIID. next time you get in trouble with the law neither I nor your mother will be bailing your STUPID butt from going to jail”

Chen: “don’t even think about trying to get out of your punishment. What you did was wrong and fighting with me about it was even worse so you’ll go through with the punishment whether you like it or not”

Chanyeol: *him and his daughter fight for hours until late in the night about how her going to a strip club underage, with fake id’s, with her friends was bad… against the law bad is she had gotten caught by anyone other than him. Finally the fight gets to the point where they’re both wondering around the house in utter frustration and anger towards each other, banging their heads and grumbling against random objects and looking at each other with anger. Chanyeol trying to figure out what he’s going to do to resolve this situation and how he’ll punish his daughter while his daughter thinks of how to get herself out from punishment that she knows is coming*

Kyungsoo: *Kyungsoo and his daughter fight and fight and fight forever without end until Kyungsoo reaches his final boiling point and explodes, unconsciously yelling at her to “SHUT UP!” his uncommon temper and highly raised voice frightening her into silence and obedience*

Tao: “you really think I can’t tell the difference between you hanging out with a group of friends and you hanging out with a group of gangsters who’ve been going around criminalizing the city?”

H/D/N: “painting graffiti on old buildings is not “criminalizing the city” dad! Graffiti is just art, it’s not like we’re going around selling illegal drugs and beating innocent bystanders up or anything! They’re not bad people! I can hang out with whoever I want!”

Tao: “clearly you need to be educated on how graffiti is a form of vandalism which makes not only those people you’ve been hanging around with but also yourself forms of criminals” 

Kai: *Kai would be upset about having fought with his daughter but when she had started screaming at him when he was lecturing her about what she’d done wrong he’d had no choice. He’d stand in the spot he’d been standing in while lecturing her, giving out angry and upset huffs of breath as he attempts to calm himself down after sending her to her room*

Sehun: “do you think that I yelled at her  too harshly?” * he’d ask his wife after the fight* 

H/W: “no, she had brought the fight upon herself by starting it so yelling at her for it as justifiable”

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Do something about Louis seeing Harry's another man photos for the first time

Alright, in honour of that launch party tonight, let’s see where this goes.

Louis is present at most photoshoots Harry does. He can’t help himself - he always has to be there, has to see how Harry is doing, has to be there to be proud of the man that he has been allowed to call his for almost six years now. It’s one of the privileges of dating one of the most wanted men in the world: 100 percent of the time, Louis is allowed to see him dart around in various stages of undress professionally as well as at home.

With the Another Man shoot, however, Harry was adamant on it being a surprise, on doing this one thing on his own, save for the article that he made Gemma write. 

It’s another one of those moments that Louis wishes they were actually out and free to do what they wanted, that he could be the one to write about who Harry really is. Not that he’s nearly as eloquent as Gemma is in her writing. Or that he’s known Harry all his life (even though it does feel like that sometimes). 

He has Harry for the rest of his life, though. And at least they’re getting there. Slowly, sure, but the finish line is getting closer and closer each day.

Not that it matters. Nothing does, not when Harry is standing in front of him, swinging back and forth on the tip of his toes with a mischievous look twinkling in his eyes.

“H,” Louis says impatiently, reaching out for the magazine he’s holding in his hands. Harry steps aside calmly, causing Louis to grab for nothing but a handful of air. “Love, c’mon. Show me already, won’t you?”

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Harry says, raising an eyebrow smugly. 

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