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You’re the one I want to tell my kids about 20 years from now when they ask me what love is. I wanna tell them about this annoying guy who always want to catch my attention but little did he know that i am always waiting for him to notice me. I will tell them how i laid my eyes on you and how my heart beats for you for the very first time. I want to tell them that true love still exists and i found it to you. I wanna tell them about how we met, our roller coaster love story, our adventures together, all our memories and how we took care of each other’s heart. I wanna tell them how i fell in love with the most amazing person in this world. I wanna tell them how you took my breath away every time i look at you and how you can melt my heart with your love. You’re the one i’ll tell my kids how a wonderful person you are and how i love everything about you. I’ll tell them about this man who thawed my ice in my heart, that you’re the only person who made it. I’ll tell them about you, about the man i love, about their hero and tell them it’s their father.
—  An open letter for my future love

“I water my lawn every morning and birds come to get worms out of the wet ground. If I ever miss a day, the ground will be too hard, and the birds will sit in the yard and call out because their babies are hungry. That’s how I’ve felt my whole life. Like a bird calling out for food. Thirty years ago I went on strike in this same square. We weren’t getting paychecks. There was no money for bills or food. At the time my sons were one, eight, and nine. So we decided to go camping. I’d go fishing on the lake every night and catch two trout. That was enough to feed the four of us. We did it out of necessity but it was beautiful. My sons are in their thirties now. All of them have flown away. But they remember those times with happiness.”

(San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)

Pride & Prejudice (2005) Sentence Starters

“Good heavens…. People.
“Have you no compassion for my poor nerves?”
“If every man in the room does not end the evening in love with you, then I’m no judge of beauty.”
“How can you tease me so?”
“One of these days, someone will catch your eye, and then you’ll have to watch your tongue.”
“Miserable he may be, but poor he most certainly is not.”
“Count your blessings. If he liked you, you’d have to talk with him.”
“I wouldn’t dance with him for all of _, let alone the miserable half.”
“Do you like to dance?”
“I thought poetry was the food of love.”
“What do you recommend to encourage affection?”
“No, men are far too easy to judge.”
“Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony, which is why I will end up an old maid.” 
“Her Ladyship demands it.”

“You’ve liked many a stupider person.”
“All the world is good and agreeable in your eyes.”
”So which one of these painted peacocks is _?”
“I could more easily forgive his vanity had he not wounded mine.”
“Your skills in the art of matchmaking are positively occult.”
“I’m no longer surprised at your knowing accomplished women, I rather wonder at your knowing any.”
“Our surest way of disappointing him will be to ask him nothing about it.”
“Would you find pride a fault or a virtue?”
“No excellence can be acquired without constant practice.”

“My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.”
“How happy for you, _, to possess the talent for flattering with such…delicacy.

“What a shame, for I dearly love to laugh.”
“Believe me, no one would suspect your manners to be rehearsed.”
“Dear, oh dear. You must be the shame of the regiment.”
“Oh, _, do you never think ill of anybody?”
“These are the kind of delicate little compliments that are always acceptable to the ladies.”

“It is my intention, if I may be so bold, to remain close to you throughout the evening.”
“It would be most inconvenient, since I have sworn to loathe him for all eternity.”
“Please advise me on what you would like most to hear.”
“Oh no, I prefer to be unsociable and taciturn.”
“I hear such different accounts of you as puzzle me exceedingly.”
“I hope to afford you more clarity in the future.” 
“She’s just shy and modest.”
“Men are eaten up with either arrogance or stupidity.”

“There are few of us secure enough to be really in love without proper encouragement.”
“We are all fools in love.”
“I will not and I certainly never shall.”

“He does not know her character as we do.”
“I am perfectly serious!”
“There are few people who have more true enjoyment of music than myself.”

“You give your opinion very decidedly for so young a person.”
“With 5000 a year, it would not matter if he had warts and a leer.”
“You know perfectly well I do not believe marriage should be driven by a lot of money.”
“Only a man truly confident in himself would admit to that.”
“Can’t help but feel at any point someone’s going to produce a piglet and make us chase it.”
“You have insulted me in every possible, and can now have nothing to say.”
“Headstrong, foolish child!”
“If they are amiable, they are so easily led that they have no minds of their own whatsoever.”
“You’re free to go off and be jilted yourself.”
”Please understand, I cannot accept you.”
“Oh, for heaven’s sake, _, don’t look at me like that.”
“Not all of us can afford to be romantic.”
”I think that’s the most unforgiving speech you’ve ever made.”
“I must confess, the view from where I sit has been rather grey.”
“I’m well enough acquainted with you to know that I cannot alarm you even should I wish it.”
“I do not have the talent of conversing easily with people I have never met before.”
“What on earth have you done to poor _?”

“I have struggled in vain and can bear it no longer.”
“I love you… Most ardently.”
”I am very sorry to have caused you pain.”
“Is that your opinion of me?”
“Take care, that savors strongly of bitterness.”
“Can you die of happiness?”
“You may ask a question, I may choose not to answer it.”

“What are men compared to rocks and mountains?”
“Do you not think him handsome?”
“How can I ever make amends for such behavior?”

“You must know… surely you must know it was all for you.”
“One word from you will silence me forever.”
“You have bewitched me, body and soul.”
“Your hands are cold.”

sometimes i catch myself staring into the distance and i’m sure i look super cool and pensive but i’m actually just thinking about how frederick is clearly wearing a collared shirt and tie under his armour

what the fuck, frederick. why did you wear a full suit and tie to war. did you think you were going to have to officiate chrom’s wedding in the middle of a battle? actually that’s pretty plausible

Celaena Magic Hint?

I’m currently rereading Throne of Glass when I stumble across this,

“The King of Adarlan had outlawed it all-magic, Fae, faerie-and removed any trace so thoroughly that even those who had magic in their blood almost believed it had never really existed, Celaena herself being one of them.” (Page 31 of Throne of Glass)

Does this mean that Sarah literally told us that she had magic in her blood in the first thirty freaking pages?! If so, how did I miss this? Did anyone else catch this? Am I just unobservant?

Trouble in Paradise (rules of recognition pt 4)

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, alcohol, swearing, angst(ish)

Summary: You receive a call you rather wouldn’t; Sebastian has a thing or two to say about it. 

God, Seb. Don’t you ever get tired?” you heaved as he rolled off you, chuckling as he landed with a grunt to the mattress next to you.

“Sure” his chest moving rapidly with heavy breathing. “Need a break now”

“A break?” you laughed, still trying to catch your breath. “Jesus. Not that I’m counting, but that was round five?”

“Ah, six, actually”

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What I love about Renora is that, even though Nora loved the shit out of Ren for god knows how long.. Not once has she ever pushed it, or even bothered him with it. 

Not even once did we ever catch her forcing it on him at all.

(I mean, Rwby Chibi was cute, but not canon)

Sure, she did things out of love (Pushed him out of the Paladin’s path in Volume 3, held his hand in V4 E10 for comfort,)


She literally just waited patiently until he was the one to make the first move. She never asked him constantly about becoming a couple. His safety and happiness came first, and i think thats so adorable c:


when she left,

Your friends told you to stay, to keep fighting for something you were unsure of its capacity to hold you in its hand, caressing your ego because you knew, sometimes, you can’t reign over it. 
The beating of your heart were very loud, very distracting to the voices in your head.
You were propagandized by the lustrous light in front of you.
So young, so naive, so employed to catch the light that you didn’t realize you had been standing in front of the mirror the whole time.
I wonder how long it took you to apprehend the beauty behind it all; the light is from and within you.
When you’re a step away from killing yourself, the light dimmed. 
The darkness devoured but the inside of your arms twinkle like little stars, and you learned that pain can be beautiful, like she did.

The day she learned how to live without you, you stopped feeling alive.
Everyday, you learn new words but the only one you remembered was her goodbye. Spinning, whirling around your head you can’t think of better ways to explain home than to say her name.
When your sister said her name out loud you freaked out because you thought her name was only safe in your mouth but she had a way of wringing your tongue from the sweetness of her company; explained why your mother stopped cooking, you said you weren’t hungry.
Museums were your safe place after she left that it reminded you that other things have histories too.
You stopped listening to musics because every song you’ve ever known of was her favorites and every melody sounds like her voice.
Your curfew was before sunsets; the sky reminded you of her eyes.
You were always torn between staying home on a Friday night or going to a party because while silence made you miss her warmth, crowds made you search for her.

You’ve missed her, haven’t you?
Her face, her silence, her silly jokes, her reckless behavior, her depth, her warmth, her emotional nights, her cheerful days, her surprises, her hands, her shoulders, you’ve missed her so bad.
And badly enough, she let go of the thoughts of you.
She is now another beautiful chapter you wish would lasts longer than forever, while you’re just another book at the top shelf of her library she wouldn’t reach for. 

sing, o goddess—
the epic starts with her
crossing the threshold
of a book store,
stealing everyone’s eyes,
rendering all the words
in the world
there are:
entire passages
dedicated to how
she is the only thing i see,
to speculation
as to her origin,
for how did one such as her
come to be?
(who is she?
was she carved into life
a la galatea?
or did she rise from sea foam
as dear aphrodite?
is she a witch? a goddess?
or is she a hallucination?
i think she may be a siren song).
there are:
extended similes
that liken her to the sun,
that compare her brief visit
to the life cycle of a star
(nebula, main-sequence star,
supergiant, supernova,
black hole
black hole
black hole).
there is:
an ekphrasis
for her image
(a spring garden in full bloom,
a sunrise, a sunset,
a time-lapse, timeless,
lovely, so lovely,
this poem is for her,
for the fairest, καλλίστῃ)
and it remains
burnt across the back of my eyelids
months after,
—  O.M., dear stranger i hope we’ll meet again and you’ll tell me your name so i can fill in all these blanks in my poetry / from the list of people i’ve fallen for
What I’ve learnt after my first semester of university

Now that I’ve had my first university exams and finished a semester, I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learnt and how I’m going to improve. 

  • Keep up with lecture notes from the beginning. I started a few weeks in and never quite managed to catch up
  • While making notes, combine lecture notes with information in textbooks
  • Actually make you understand the notes you’re writing up
  • Make quizzes on quizlet as you go along and not near the end a week before exams
  • Use quizlet on the train  
  • Bring a flask of tea more often to avoid the temptation of expensive hot drinks
  • 9am-5pm lectures are the worst. Especially on a Friday, but they are survivable
  • Go to more lecturers. Even if I did catch up the ones I missed and watch them online. It’s easier to understand the content after being there, taking some notes and listening
  • Aim to finish coursework at least several days before the deadline so there’s more time to proof read
  • Always start coursework before you need to because unavoidable things could happen or you might underestimate how long it’s going to take
  • Do the prereading, it’s fine if it’s just minimal and looking at the lecture slides. Better still, read a textbook chapter on a topic
  • Know exactly what’s going to be in exams and exactly what you need to know from the beginning
  • Plan rest days after coursework is due for motivation and to stop burnout. Just rest and do hobbies on these days 
Looking For Alaska Starters!
  • “That didn’t happen, of course, Things never happened the way I imagined them.”
  • “No one can catch the motherfucking fox.”
  • “Now, about this Jesus fellow…”
  • “I know so many last words. But I will never know hers.”
  • “I’m really not up for answering any questions that start with how, when, where, why, or what.”
  • “Y’all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.”
  • “He honked my boob!"
  • “This is so much fun, but I’m so sleepy. To be continued?”
  • “I’ll have more time for reading when I’m old and boring.”
  • “I’d finally had enough of chasing a ghost who did not want to be discovered.”
  • “I’m just scared of ghosts, _____. And home is full of them.”
  • “That deep, can-still-taste-her-in-my-mouth sleep.”
  • “If people were rain, I’d be a drizzle and she’d be a hurricane.”
  • “You never get me. That’s the whole point.”
  • “Could the two people who are making out please be quiet?”
epic meme battles of history





Hey Robbie, you know what’s rotten? Your Rhymes. Lazytown was like 10 years ago so get with the times. Black and Yellow is my philosophy and there’s more to me than you’ll ever see. I spent 1 long day outside of my hive and man oh man did it open my eyes. I see now that you’re not number one; you can’t even catch Sporticus son! You’re a joke. You’re flat. You’re all used up see? Like Cassius Clay I’m gonna float like a butterfly and sting like ME

Ouch! I’m stung! I’m dazed; I felt the tiniest pinprick but I’m not even phased. Pretty good trick that you pulled there son; but just sting and you’re already DONE. And how about history? I looked in the dictionary and saw your name next to iron-y because it would take a fool like you to throw shade about age when your last claim to fame came in the ninteen nine-tees. No man, me? I’m relevant. The kids that watch my shown ain’t even grown up yet. I got my whole life ahead of me, and swagger to spare. You got your honey, but I’ve got something better. It’s the entire Bee Movie except its actually funny.





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CHARACTERS & PAIRINGS: Sebastian Stan X Reader, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Stan Lee

SUMMARY: You, a new Marvel heroine with a table catches the eye of Sebastian Stan. How will things turn out when your panels are joined?

WARNINGS: Really bad writing but fluff and blushy shit.



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I literally have no words for how much I’m in love with @kazliin‘s Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches and no I definitely did not discover and catch up on it all in the span of two hours no siree (spoiler: yes I did) 

Something I love about legion (tbh theres a lot that i love) is that you can rewatch the episodes multiple times and catch something new like the third time watching
Like in the first episode they already showed that David can read minds, the second episode (I think) shows Kerry going into Cary, episode three you learn The Eye’s name is Walter for the first time (I noticed this is something a lot of people seemed to miss???), in episode six apparently Kerry and Cary are playing the table tennis and at one point there isn’t a ball but there’s the sound of one, and in the same episode, when Amy is saying that mean stuff to David a bug crawls over her hand, like I love these kinds of shows
And for the most part i think this isn’t stuff that’s hiding in the background, they throw it right in your face and you can still miss it
It’s like when you read those sentences that have a word missing or something but you still read the word as if it’s there and only notice its not once it’s pointed out

you know what i really want? unrequited love plots. i want all the heavy breathing when a character is sitting next to the one they love. i want all the paranoia of “oh my god, did they catch me staring? do they know i love them? oh my god, what if they find out?” i want the bitter jealousy of watching the one they love with someone else. i want the drunk confessions of “BUT I LOVE YOU. I HAVE LOVED YOU FOR SO LONG AND YOU ARE SO BLIND YOU CANT SEE IT” followed by complete embarrassment. i want the angst of a completely ruined friendship. i want the questioning of “how didn’t i realize it?” i want the pain of knowing one’s feelings ruined the best thing they ever had. i want the realization of “i was taking you for granted but i want us”. i want the wondering if those are just pity feelings. i want it all.

thickness1988  asked:

How did Fenix and granger hook up. I try going back in your tag to very beginning but I couldn't find it.

shhhh.. there’s no need to go back. but askjhasd hook up how though cause they met when she was about 16 and their relationship matured overtime from their friendship. Granger had taken to Fenix because of his fondness towards Dupree and Fenix’s infatuation lead her to cling to him everywhere.

Jailhouse Fuc-Uh rock

Dean x Reader

Summary; You and Dean go undercover in Dwight Correction Centre, Illinois to catch a rogue Reaper, luckily for you two, the prison houses both Men and Women together.

A/N: So, after seeing the gifs of Dean in Prison again it spurred my muse to write a one-shot about the Reader and Dean in prison together, now I did my research and there was a Prison that temporarily housed both Men and Women convicts before closing in 2013, it was based in Denver – Illinois however I have absolutely zilch idea on how accurate this would possibly be so lets just take the accuracy with a pinch of salt!

Word Count: 4,318

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Dom!Dean, hand-on-throat sexy action but not too intense, Violence

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“Well, personally I thought that it took you a little while to get here but looks like you finally made it” you said from the back of a riot van.

“Can it princess, you and your lunatic boyfriend enjoy your time in there together while you still can before the trial where you both get put away, apart, for a long, long time” the driver warns you.

You roll your eyes and shake the shackles that are binding both your arms and legs which are attached to the bottom of the van “yeah I’m sure we will.”

Dean just shakes his head, sat next you and in the exact same position “y'know, we robbed four stores before you amazing cops made your appearance.”

“Shut the hell up, didn’t get away though did ya?”

You and Dean both share a look before deciding that it’s probably best if you do cram it for now, so how did you end up here?

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