how did i lose this ever

i am almost two months deep in a chat between myself and @pippims right now looking for a specific conversation, and while this isn’t what i was looking for, i just found a set of messages that reads

kuwei: at least i’m taller than you

wylan: then get off the table and prove it

kuwei: excuse you.  i have a connection with this table now.  i can’t just leave

wylan: *standing next to jesper* well i’m glad you finally found someone

and i haven’t stopped laughing since

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I don't know if you ever answered this, but how did you first get into Naruto and what was your favorite aspect of the series?

Well I first got into it because I was looking for another action shounen anime with a “super power” aspect, because I was looking for a replacement for Dragon Ball. I had been following Shaman King at the time, and while I did enjoy it, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Then I stumbled across Naruto, and the very first thing I saw was Naruto absolutely losing it against Haku:

That made a very good first impression, so I continued watching. Once the episode had finished, I liked it enough to go and check whether or not it had a manga. Thankfully it did, and the rest is history ^_^

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Have u ever fasted?and if you did for how long was it and how much weight did u lose?

Not by choice. I am working towards it possibly though :)

Professor Layton is such a, such an odd protagonist, to actually get popular.

He’s just this soft-spoken, middle-aged professor who strives to be as polite as possible at all times and he wants other people to be as polite as possible, even at his shoutiest he doesn’t really raise his voice or get, like, super enraged or heated or anything, he doesn’t ever seem to lose his cool, I guess.

He’s just, such a purely nice guy, and is so straightforward with how nice he is, like I don’t know if there’s any other protagonists from anything that is the way Professor Layton is what the fuck,

it feels like a genuinely miracle that these games got popular, and I suppose, it’s on the strength of the puzzles and mystery and stuff, but still, the fact that Professor Layton is a widely known name, it fucking baffles me. What did we do to deserve Professor Layton?

Get personal! Ask my Muse incredibly personal questions!
  1. How well do you take care of your teeth?
  2. What turns you on?
  3. What turns you off?
  4. What’s your sexuality?
  5. What’s in your pants?
  6. Ever had surgery, if so, why?
  7. Ever done drugs, if so, what’s your drug history?
  8. What’s one thing you regret doing to someone else?
  9. Have any fetishes?
  10. How’s the parental relationship?
  11. How well do you take care of yourself?
  12. What’s a past pet you had, if any?
  13. What’s a guilty pleasure?
  14. Uncommon opinion?
  15. Ever assaulted someone, and if so, why?
  16. Last person you said I Love You too?
  17. Last person you hugged?
  18. What’s a grudge you’re holding?
  19. Have you ever kissed someone?
  20. Have you ever French kissed someone?
  21. First lover?
  22. Are you in love/in a relationship right now?
  23. Who’s one friend you wouldn’t mind sleeping with?
  24. Are you a virgin?
  25. Who did you lose your virginity too?

For people who are nervous about starting conversations with professors:

I just emailed a guy who is, academically speaking, a huge deal, who doesn’t know me from Adam. Like, my opening line was, “I hope you’ll pardon me for writing to you out of the blue, but…” And then I proceeded to just ask him if he might be willing to tell me some stuff about his recent research, and you know what he did? Replied within two hours with a four-paragraph email full of exclamation points saying how glad he was to hear from me and that I was interested in his work. Now, obviously this doesn’t happen every time, but the worst response I’ve ever received to this kind of communication is an “I’m so busy right now, can I direct you to my colleague Professor So-and-So instead?” Basically, you have nothing to lose. Be polite and professional and reach out. There’s a lot of potential reward and very little actual risk involved.

I don’t post much about my weight loss journey but Words can’t describe how proud I am of myself for losing 94 pounds in the last year and 3 months! Seeing the difference in pictures motivates me to keep going. I feel like a whole new person and it feels great to be so confident in myself and wear the things I want to wear without caring what anyone thinks. Never did I ever think posting my selfies through out the weight loss process would get me 20 thousand Instagram followers! But with your help I’ve learned to love my body and my journey ain’t over, I’m still going 😊💖

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Can we please have Sanvers comforting Kara after the break up. Like... We all hate him but she thought he was special and she's probably hurting a lot right now and could use some older sister TLC at the moment.

She cums hard and she cums loudly – something she’s never done before, with anyone – and she cums so many more times than once that even competitive nerd Alex loses count.

And normally, she’d drift off to sleep.

Safe and happy and peaceful and home in Alex’s arms.

And normally, Alex would press endless kisses to her forehead and they’d whisper to each other – about work, about their teenage years, about their exes, about their adventures, about their terrors, about the random cat memes that Kara would send and Maggie’s latest gym shenanegins with James and her latest pool hilarities with Winn and how beautiful you are and how lucky I am and what did I ever do to deserve you – until they fell asleep.

But tonight, they both lay awake.

Tonight, they look into each other’s eyes and they smile, and then they laugh resignedly, because they both know what the other is thinking.


“I’ll order ahead for the pizza and potstickers. You let her know we’re coming,” Maggie says as she passes Alex her shirt, her bra, and grabs one of Alex’s for herself, a habit that Maggie has never had with anyone else and a habit that Alex loves, loves, loves.

“I lo – you’re… you’re incredible, Maggie.”

“In bed? Yeah, you seem to have informed me –  oof!”

A pillow smacks her shoulder lightly and they both giggle as they languidly pull their clothes back on.

“For knowing. For caring. About Kara. For not… for not being mad at me. For needing to go be with her.”

“Alex, she’s your sister. Of course you need to go be with her.”

“You’ll come too? She’s kind of gotten attached to you.”

Maggie smiles, thinking of the last game night when Kara had encouraged Mon-El to go home and get some sleep, but practically begged both Alex and Maggie to stay, and she fell asleep in both of their arms with a safe, comforted smile on her face that was too rare nowadays.

“Of course I’ll come, if you think she wants me to.”

Alex laughs as she looks down at her buzzing phone, and she holds it out to show Maggie.

Yes. Please bring potstickers, pizza, and your girlfriend.

They hold hands the entire drive over – taking Maggie’s car because Alex’s bike needs an oil change and they’d walked home from the station, and because they can’t bear the loss of physical contact – and they somehow still manage to keep holding hands while carrying three pies and two heaping bags of potstickers up to Kara’s apartment.

She’s curled in a ball and she’s sniffling and she’s red-faced and puffy-eyed when they get there, and she holds out grabby hands for the food and for her sister and for her sister’s girlfriend, but she says nothing, because there’s nothing to say.

“Do you feel relieved at all?” Alex asks softly, only after Kara’s torn through five potsticks and a slice of pizza.

Kara’s lip wobbles and she shrugs and Maggie squeezes Alex’s hand and elaborates gently.

“It’s okay if you do, you know. He was a piece of home. Or, well, closer to home than any human could give you. Because he might be the prince of all assholes – no, not might, he is – but Little Danvers, he knew your language. Your history. And not because you told him about it, but because he grew up knowing them. Like you did. That’s important, and it’s powerful, and it can make you overlook a lot. Hell, Kara, you could kiss him without breaking his nose, you could be… intimate without hurting him. That… that’s special, Kara, those are… those are special things, and they’re hard to… They’re hard to lose, even when maybe we should. It’s okay if you feel relieved, though. It’s okay. You’re not betraying your history. You’re being true to yourself.”

Alex beams at her girlfriend and kisses her sister’s forehead and strokes her hair and pulls her into her arms.

“I’m proud of you, Kara. Do you… your text said he told you he loves you. Do you…”

She nods, and then she shakes her head, and then she nods, and then she shakes her head again.

And then she shovels three more potstickers into her mouth, and Maggie grabs four subtly – two for her, two for Alex – before they’re gone.

“It’s what Maggie said, I think, I… Daxam was… complicated, it was wrong, but if I’ve learned anything about my past since coming out as Supergirl, it’s that Krypton wasn’t all that much to be defended, either. That weapon my father made, Fort Rozz, I… he’s part of home. Not like you, Alex, not – you’re my home, Alex, you’re the only home I’ll ever need, I just – “

“I know. It’s okay, you don’t have to explain. I know.”

Kara sighs her head into Alex’s shoulder and Alex draws her closer and Maggie’s heart warms watching them.

“I just can’t believe it took me this long to realize that he just… I deserve so much better than someone who lies like that, who invalidates me and manipulates me and – that’s what he was doing, right? Am I making that up just because I’m hurt now, I – “

“No, you’re not.”

“Absolutely not – that’s what abusive, gaslighting relationships make you think, Little Danvers, that you’re out of touch with reality, that things are your fault, that you’re making things seem worse than they are…”

“It wasn’t abusive…”

“Alright. That’s okay. That’s a big word, and it’s a scary one. I get it, I do. You can process that how you need to, at whatever pace you need to. We’re here, both of us, through all of it, okay?”

Kara nods slowly, her brain spinning, and Alex kisses the crinkle between her eyes.

“Kara, you’re amazing. And I’m so proud of you for knowing what you deserve. You know that, right? That you deserve only the best?”

Kara sighs and takes her glasses off and rubs her eyes and Alex smiles.

“You are so beautiful, Kara. For yourself. Not for some man to redeem himself for. For yourself.”

“You have to say that, you’re my sister.”

“Well I’m not, and I say she’s right.”

“You have to agree with her, you’re her girlfriend.”

“I – “

“She’s got a point, Sawyer, I mean, ride or die, right?”

Kara laughs softly as Maggie fake scowls up at Alex and kisses her knee.

“I want what you two have.”

“Ugh, just like Brian.”


“Please don’t compare me to – “

“Then please don’t use his phrases.”

“How was I supposed to know he said – “

“You don’t wanna know more, trust me.”

Kara sighs into a laugh and snuggles into Alex’s lap. “Don’t leave?”

“Never, Kara. Never.”

“You too, Maggie?”

“I’m right here, sunshine. I’m right here.”

Kara smiles sleepily – all the crying, all the pain, will knock her right out – as Alex strokes her hair and Maggie wraps her in a blanket.

“I love you, Kara. For exactly who you are.”

“I love you too, Alex. For the same thing.”

Maggie doesn’t say anything – not yet – but in her mind, she repeats their words over and over, because as the three of them drift off to sleep in a bundled, pizza-heavy heap on the couch, she feels that love, too.



“Can you…?” Sherlock blushes. “Can you call me what you called me earlier?”

John’s brow knits as he tries to remember. “What did I call you?”

“You’re going to make me say it?”

“Well, how else would I know what you mean if you don’t say it?”

Sherlock yields. “Earlier…when you came to kiss me good morning,” He hesitates. “I was working on an experiment and you called me a-”

“Busy Bee?”

Sherlock reddens further. “Y-Yes.” He clears his throat. “But could you just call me…?”

John raises his brows slightly. “Bee?”

When Sherlock nods, he ducks his head shyly. “Yes…”

John’s face loses any and all tension, his entire face softens in a way that it only ever does for Sherlock. “Of course,” He smiles. “You’re my bee.” John laughs fondly when Sherlock makes the smallest, shyest sound and covers his face. “My honey bee.”

“Okay, thank you – that’s enough!” Sherlock couldn’t be redder if he tried.

“What the matter, bumble bee?”

Sherlock is about to tell John that the nicknames needed to stop – because there must be a limit to this. It’s embarrassing to be this flustered by simple pet names.

But before he got a chance, he felt John’s face press into his neck. And then, Sherlock felt tiny, tickling vibrations on his skin.

John was buzzing, making soft buzzing noises into Sherlock’s neck. “Bzzz!”

Sherlock yelps and then involuntarily giggles.


Mrs. Hudson is hardly surprised when she comes upstairs and finds the two of them writhing about on the sofa, with John buzzing over Sherlock’s skin and Sherlock giggling into John’s.  

Vampire AU Starter Sentences
  • “Can I touch them?”
  • “Is that a coffin?”
  • “It’s your coffin now.”
  • “I think my fangs are stuck.”
  • “How do I control my fangs?”
  • “You’ll become accustomed to things quickly.”
  • “Am I just your child? Or am I something more?”
  • “So do you have a castle?”
  • “I have to sleep in dirt?”
  • “No that’s just superstition.”
  • “Can I meet Dracula?”
  • “I like the whole vampire aesthetic you have going. That Bela Lugosi picture just ties the whole room together.”
  • “I like that rug. That’s a nice rug. How old is it?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Do I lose my fangs like sharks?”
  • “Can I turn into a bat?”
  • “Please don’t ever leave me.”
  • “You are blood of my blood and all of that silly Bram Stoker mess.”
  • “Y-you’re a vampire.”
  • “Did the fangs give it away?”
  • “Are you hungry?”
  • “I’m hungry for something, but not food.”
  • “I heard that vampires can have sex for days without stopping.”
  • “Can I touch a Cross without it burning?”
  • “You killed me!!”
  • “I turned you! I gave you a new life!”
  • “Why is it that I want you all the time?”
  • “Bite me. Please.”
  • “You are my maker, I do as you say, don’t I?”
  • “As your maker, don’t ever do that again. Ever.”
I was losing my grip and you just stood there, watching me, suffocating and drowning, until I couldn’t make another sound. I was losing me, losing myself, and you didn’t stop me. You knew exactly what I was doing, where I was going, how this would all turn out, and not once, did you ever try and stop me. Maybe that’s why I could never seem to let you back in, because you left me. And even though I pushed and pushed, you were supposed to come back. No matter how far, you were supposed to come back, you were always supposed to come back, but you didn’t. And now, I have no one, because it was supposed to be you. It should’ve been you, it was always you.
—  c.f. // “growing up is full of shit”

Okay, but that text message makes us understand Even so much better. He felt alone, always. And then there’s Isak, who makes him feel alive, makes the loneliness go away, and if any of you has ever felt like Even did, like no matter how many people are around you, you are still so terribly, terribly alone, then you know how terrifying it would be to lose the one person who makes that feeling disappear. God, I love him so much. Please, protect Even.

Look I’m not mad because we didn’t see a malec sex scene. I’m mad because the straight, white couple did. And that sex scene wasn’t even necessary, it didn’t add anything to the story and didn’t show much development, one of the characters involved wasn’t even a main. 

This was a huge step for Magnus and Alec. For Alec, Magnus being the first person he has ever been intimate with is a big step and has been hyped up so much by the promotional team, so for us to only get what we did almost makes me feel robbed.

For Magnus he’s letting Alec in, trusting him, what he feels for Alec is real and he doesn’t want to lose that, he feels vulnerable and we didn’t get to see much of that. They released that still of Magnus showing Alec his cat eyes and we didn’t see that either. 

I don’t know how you guys feel but I just wish that had given malec a little more screen time. Had them talk about it a little more. 

i never thought
i would see a sunrise and sunset
without hearing your voice at least once
it’s been a year now
i’ve counted more than 365
sunrises and sunsets, waiting for you
i never thought
we would ever see a goodbye together,
we did but we didn’t
i never thought i would lose you,
but please tell me
i haven’t lost you,
even if it is a lie,
because i am dying to hear from you
and it would be okay
if i could just hear you say
farewell to me because that would mean
i was worth the goodbye
i don’t know why i am waiting
i know you aren’t coming
because you never left me
because you were never mine
i miss you
i miss how i was with you

I learned a couple months​ ago that Auba always pushes Ousmane, sometimes to the brink of annoyance, when it comes to working harder because he believes Ous should have many more goals under Dortmund

And I just recently learned that Auba also taught Christian how to do the exact chip finish he did against Benfica.

If Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang isn’t the sweetest, most thoughtful and pure man out there, I don’t know who is

Anakin: I am so sorry and ashamed of what I did. I don’t know how I can ever make it up to you but-
Obi-Wan: *dramatically pulls Anakin into a big hug*
Anakin: how can you forgive me so easily? I thought you would be furious with me.
Obi-Wan: I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you had lost your way.
Anakin: I did lose my way
Obi-Wan: But you’ve found it again

16 Thoughts While Watching Kris Wu’s JUICE MV
  1. Okay bad boy!concept mmkay we’ll see what this is all about *claps hands in anticipation*
  2. Lol wait is this how the actually goes song goes?
  3. My heart hurts
  4. I’m not sure how to feel
  5. Why does my child have a tattoo on his head?
  6. Let’s be real, is he talking about hot “sauce” or bbq “sauce”?
  7. “Dude let’s just ride bikes around slowly on film! I promise it’ll look dope bro!”
  8. What bet did Vin Diesel lose to be in this?
  9. I wonder if Kris ever misses those multi-million dollar Exo videos when he’s filming 15 dollar MVs like this.
  10. I feel like if he would have been in “Monster” this would have been his look to be honest.
  11. Not going to lie I’m like very lowkey feeling him in this like okay boi whet yhu gonna do??
  12. Flash cuts to bikini butts….if it’s not Sehun’s butt then I’m not interested
  13. .OOOh I just love all the different set locations!! *side eyes my own self*
  15. That made a real non lasting impression on me
  16. July was better.
  17. I hope Chanyeol reacts to this.
listen I just want people who ship eremin to ship eremin WITH me

I can’t take this near constant stream of ereri, it’s like being pissed on by a stranger who thinks I’m the guy they’ve been messaging on tinder but totally did not communicate their location properly.

Please less piss.

If you post eremin, like eremin, support eremin, or think ARMIN IS IMPORTANT TO EREN, i.e. you have basic reading comprehension skills, please do something to this post.

I may follow you.

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Hell yes! Thank you, don't matter how much dmg you out put if everyone is dead because oh hey that health pack didn't respawn in time or their tanks you know just protected them. What a strange concept haha.

b-b-but i have gold in kills..

-every widowmaker ever who does not dare put a foot on the point to extend overtime

it doesn not matter how good you did if we end up losing anyways dammit!

asks for people with bad eyesight
  • 1: do you wear contact lenses?
  • 2: do you prefer wearing contacts or glasses?
  • 3: are you near-sighted or far-sighted?
  • 4: what is the worst thing about wearing glasses/contacts?
  • 5: have you ever been asked the question “can you see how many fingers i am holding up”?
  • 6: when did you start wearing glasses?
  • 7: how do you feel about people with good eyesight wearing glasses as accessories?
  • 8: would you ever try laser surgery?
  • 9: do you think you look good in glasses?
  • 10: how bad are your contact lens habits? do you sleep with them on?
  • 11: do you ever lose your glasses?
  • 12: the first time you tried to put in and take out your contacts by yourself, how did it go?
  • 13: do you have a contact lens horror story?
  • 14: have you ever broken your glasses? if yes, what did you do?
  • 15: do you ever get the question "can i wear your glasses"?