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"You can trust me," Lance/Shiro, definitely involving gossip of some kind *side eye*

When you needed gossip, the mice were always on the top of their game, and by extension, Allura was too sometimes. When in doubt though, one could always find a local gossip reel in Pidge. 

Maybe it was the fact that she crawled through the air vents on a semi-regular basis, or maybe it was the fact people tended to forget she was even in the room at times or slept int the most peculiar of places. She had some dirt that honestly she would prefer not to know.

It was no surprise she knew Shiro and Lance were dating. Honestly she would of expected Shiro and Keith, but nope, the knot was tied between Shiro and Lance. How did she know? Well she caught Lance initiating a make out session with Shiro when they thought they were alone in the training deck. They weren’t. Oh no they were not. I mean maybe Keith and Shiro were a thing? Polyamory was a thing, but she was pretty sure it was just Shiro and Lance. Like 99% positive on this.

So yeah that was burned into her retinas. She honestly didn’t mind their kissing, but like a make out session was kind of personal? And also very weird to think about? Especially when like they formed Voltron and oh god she should just stop herself now before she goes down that train of thought.

Surprisingly, Lance wasn’t all that boastful about that in public. It was probably Shiro who lingered a bit too long, stared off into the distance a bit too much or laughed when really no one was laughing. At least it was during downtime though, and never when it mattered most to be focused. Priorities were obviously in place.

Shiro also seemed a little bit better emotionally. He wasn’t like, a brick wall of self-deprecating humour and dismissive thoughts about himself. So yeah there was positive coming out of this, so that was like a very good thing. As long as like she didn’t catch them doing something she definitely did not want to see, she was cool. 

Pidge had sort of claimed a corner of the castle to herself. She’d seen people come and go, some didn’t notice her, others did. Coran always did. Of course he’d lean down to her and ask her how she was doing. If she was alright, should she really be resting in the corner of the castleship and other worried mother-hen things. Then he would move on to more pressing things, things that bothered him.

“Have you seen Shiro, or Lance for that matter? I’ve been trying to find those boys to help me with something, but they’re always missing whenever we need them most.” ‘When ever we need the most’ equating to ‘whenever we need them to do some really tedious shore that honestly I could do, but really don’t want to do and I think they can learn from this.’ Yeah. Just mother-hen things.

From the corner of her eye she noted the fidgeting form of a green jacket and a white tuff of hair peeking out. They must of noted she noticed them, because they attempted to move further away.

“Nope. Haven’t seen them. Have you tried checking in with Hunk?” She offered up. 

Coran hummed. “I did, just came back from him actually. I could check the bridge again, or see if Shiro’s in the training deck or up on the bridge with Allura. Do you have any suggestions where I could find Lance?”

“Flirting up Allura probably.” Coran sighed, and she was sure she heard Lance choke on his own spit and Shiro covering a snort. Or an eye roll. She couldn’t really tell who did what, but she was positive on the Lance choking thing though. She’s heard him chock before, she’d recognize that sound anywhere.

Coran thanked her and walked off. When she was positive he was gone, she called out to the two lovebirds. 

Their hands were intertwined, and when they noticed that fact, they quickly released the grip they had on one another. Pidge rolled her eyes, but could easily understand if the guys weren’t ready in divulging their status. No pressure. But.

“You can trust me.”

They tentatively looked to one another, before reaching out their hands again.

“I mean I did kind of see you two make out on the training deck.” She smirked when she saw Lance’s scandalized look.

“I told you there was someone.” She heard Shiro hush into Lance’s ear. 

“But yeah no pressure if you don’t want to tell the others your secrets safe with me. That being said, if you want some other gossip,” she leaned in, slowly lowering her computer screen, “you know who to call.”

“Are you saying you’re providing us with free blackmail material?” Lance asked incredulously.

“Yeah, but at a cost.” As if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

Pidge.” Now it was Shiro’s turn to be the scandalized. 

“We’ll keep that in mind.” Lance grinned.


Lance waved Pidge off and tugged Shiro along with him, they chatted for a bit and suddenly stopped. Pidge raised a curious eyebrow, to the action, and saw Lance with almost a shocked look on his face, but one that was also about to contort into a howl of laughter. 

They stood in front of her, obviously in front of her, and without another word, Shiro leaned in for an obnoxiously long kiss, meant specifically to piss her off. She groaned her annoyance out very loudly, slammed her computer shut and walked away.

Yeah they could trust her with their secret, but didn’t mean she didn’t have any other dirt on them.

Can we talk about the fact that Dana Scully studied physics as an undergrad? The show never does anything with this beyond mentioning it in terms of her thesis or time travel and fic tends to be the same way (though would love recs of I’m totally wrong about that), but honestly…who does that? What is a Navy, Catholic girl doing deciding at age 18 in 1981 to study physics? Did she go down the list of STEM majors looking for the one that was least likely to contain women? Was this some weird, Dana Scully way of questioning her faith (smoking cigarettes in the bathroom with the professors most skeptical of the existence of god)? Did she actually want to study math or philosophy except she couldn’t tolerate that those disciplines didn’t have some kind of grounding in the real world? Was this the Dana Scully equivalent of taking art history? Like “I don’t know exactly what I’m interested in but I like the humanities and art history sounds cool.” Maybe she just liked it and shrugged off any thoughts of whether or not she was supposed to but even then…how did she get into it? Did she stand on the prow of a ship as a kid as some dashing engineer indulged the little geek by telling her about wind speed and knots? Did she pore through her dad’s books on astronavigation and weirdly physics was the discipline that made her feel close to him? Military people respect the science that gives them shields and projectiles, not that wishy washy warfare of chemistry.

Why did Dana Scully study physics.

worth the wait // stiles stilinski

Summary: Both eager to lose their virginity, Stiles & Y/N find out that some things are worth the wait

Requested: yes

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language & smut


“So let me get this straight-” Stiles sighed as he rested two fingered on his right temple. “You’re telling me that the darach is taking virgins as a form of human sacrifice?”

Scott nodded his head.

“Well isn’t that just great!” Stiles threw his arms in the air as he raised his voice. Y/N stayed quiet as she swallowed hard.

“You know what this means don’t you?” Stiles prompted.

“What?” Y/N asked.

“Not only are we going to die, but we’re gonna die as virgins.” He explained to his friends who exchanged worried glances.

“Actually, I’m not a-”

“Don’t you dare say it Scott.” Stiles fumed. 

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dating Mingyu would include

Note: this is my first time so please bear with me

Also note: the reader in this is shorter and younger than Mingyu.

  • if you’re smaller a lot of teasing
  • “Hey jagi can you reach up and get me-oh wait.”
  • lots got glaring BECAUSE of the teasing
  • him using you as a arm rest
  • “Mingyu stop.”
  • “No, I’m comfy.”
  • calling you short evERY DAY
  • being the little spoon when it’s time to cuddle
  • having him cook you food even if you decline
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • “Just try this!”
  • “No.”
  • “Just do it.”
  • “Ugh, fine.”
  • him spamming you with texts when he’s away or even at practice
  • “I miss you.”
  • “You’ve only been gone for a hour Mingyu.”
  • “So?”
  • Him freaking out whenever you call him oppa
  • “Babe, can you say it?”
  • “Say what?”
  • “You know what.”
  • You’d stare at him confused until you realized.
  • “No.”
  • “Jagi.”
  • -note the ton of pouting-
  • “Nope.”
  • After he’d just stop asking and continue to pout.
  • Which you eventually gave into.
  • “Oppa.”
  • You have no idea how happy you made this child by calling him that.
  • Him always wanting to play with your hair or do it.
  • “Babe can I do your hair?”
  • “What? No.”
  • “Please?”
  • “No, the last time you did it I had a huge knot that we had to cut out!”
  • Holding hands, literally everywhere.
  • Like, you’d be in the supermarket and he wouldn’t let you go get milk without him.
  • “I just need to go get milk, wait here.”
  • “No, I’m coming with you.”
  • “Mingyu, you’re not a child.”
  • He’d end up coming with you, gripping your hand so you don’t leave him alone.
  • You know that post about if a dog could talk?
  • Yeah, that’s Mingyu.
  • Being best friends with the Seventeen members.
  • Mainly Wonwoo.
  • He practically lives at your house.
  • “Babe, can Wonwoo come over?”
  • “When did you ever have to ask?”
  • “Good point.”
  • “and when was the last time he didn’t come over.”
  • “Right.”
  • Listening to the members say how gross he is.
  • “He’s still in the bad habit of wiping his snot on us.”
  • “You thought it was bad when he did it to Jun’s hair? It got on my face!”
  • “Not only that, he’s constantly talking about your sex life.”
  • **NSFW below!**
  • Speaking of your sex life
  • Your two were inseparable
  • Like a few times you just spent the whole day in bed.
  • And you weren’t just watching TV.
  • With Mingyu it’s unpredictable how the night goes.
  • Sometimes he wants to be passionate, sometime rough and possessive.
  • him constantly complimenting your body
  • running his hands along your curves
  • kissing up your skin until he meets your lips
  • expect his head between your legs a lot
  • he’d probably expect something in return
  • but he won’t make you
  • lot of heavy breathing instead of moans
  • some moans but not a lot
  • “you’re so beautiful”
  • “how’d I get so lucky?”
  • “Mingyu.”
  • “yeah?
  • “Shut up?”
  • anyways
  • dating mingyu would be 
  • fun
  • exciting
  • very passionate
CS FF: Say You Won’t Let Go

Summary: Emma struggles to accept Killian abandoned her, as Snow lends her advice and support.  Meanwhile, Killian fights to get back to Emma.   (My version of things.)

Rating: G

Note: So this is how I would write things if I wrote the show.  I fully expect Emma to feel abandoned because of her past issues, but I did not like that second sneak peek.  While drunk Snow might be amusing, that’s not who Emma needs right now and I don’t believe Emma would just try to move on so quickly, no matter how much she was hurting.  So this is pulling bits and pieces of what we know from the promo and sneak peeks.  Also, I have no clue how Jasmine, Aladdin, and Agrabah fit into this story, so I am not even going to address it.  I just wanted to make it so Killian could get home, they could reunite, and work through things.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Say You Won’t Let Go: Part 1/1…

Emma sat in the dark in the living room all night long.  She hoped that he was just out getting some air, doing some thinking, putting a bit of space between them.  She never imagined that he would leave her.  Abandon her like everyone she ever loved who had come before him.  Not him.  He was the one person who would never do that.

Every time she heard even the slightest of sounds, she jumped up from the couch and ran to the door, throwing it open.  And, every time, her heart sank into her stomach at the sight of an empty porch and snow falling before her.

The house seemed so empty without him.  When she had bought this house as the Dark One, the house Killian had chosen for them, she had imagined it filled with her family and with him.  She had even imagined their future children running around it.  She had never imagined being alone in it.

Emma didn’t go upstairs until the sun had risen into the sky.  She moved to Killian’s chest that sat on the floor in their bedroom.  She opened the top, her heart sinking once more.  A bag and some of his belongings were missing.  

Her worst fear had come true. He had abandoned her.  He had left without saying a word.

Emma reached around her neck and removed the necklace with the ring hanging on it that he had given her.  While he was in the Underworld, she had used it to feel close to him, to feel connected. After all they had been through, how could this be how it ended?

Tears stung her eyes, as she clutched the ring to her heart.  

“Where are you, Killian?  Please come back to me.”

Killian pounded his fist against the porthole.  

“Bloody hell!  I need to get off this damn vessel!”

Nemo sighed.  "I realize you are frustrated, but abusing my submarine will do you no good.“

Killian’s eyes flared at his old friend.  "You don’t understand.  Emma’s going to think I abandoned her.  If I hadn’t changed my mind, then I was going to call her to say goodbye. To explain that I would be leaving until I could be the man she deserves.  I knew I couldn’t bear to tell her face to face.  I would lose my courage to leave.  But then I spoke to Snow and I knew that leaving was not the answer.”

“I’m sorry things happened the way they did.”

“Emma is going to think I am just one more person who abandoned her.  I always swore I would never be that man.  And she is in danger.  Gideon won’t stop until he has eliminated Emma.  I have to find a way to get back right now!”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible.  We need Kraken’s blood to be able to cross realms, of which we have none.”

Killian sighed heavily and sank down onto a barrel.  "Every minute I spend down here is killing me.  And I might never see Emma again if Gideon has his way.“  He paused and met Nemo’s gaze. “We need to get that Kraken’s blood.”

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Normal Life

Originally posted by couplenotes

Request: Can I get a request where Dean and the reader get sent to an alternate world where they are married with maybe some smut? 

A/N: Hey guys! So I’m super excited to have gotten a request and to be able to make something so far, I got so excited that this one is a bit longer that my normal stuff! 

Warnings: Language, a bit of angst?, fluff. (I’m still trying to get better at smut tbh.)

Words: 2,134 (Holy cow)

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can you do one where killua is the one who drank the truth potion

Well, the thing with Killua is that…like…hm. Okay. You’ll see, I guess.

Harry potter au, continuation of this

The truth potion Gon handed over was pretty much the least impressive thing Killua had ever seen.

“This is it?” he asked, just to make sure, because the infamous potion was a simple see-through kind of liquid in an equally simple and see-through flask.

How boring. Weren’t truth potions supposed to be really powerful?

“Mhm, that’s it,” Gon said and Killua popped the cover off. His boyfriend jolted up straight as Killua brought the flask to his lips. “AH, KILLUA- DON’T!!!!”

Killua grunted as Gon threw himself on top of him. “Get off!” He shoved Gon’s heavy weight away and took a large swig of the truth potion before Gon could tackle him again.

Gon was gaping wordlessly at him when he finished swallowing.

“Huh.” Killua frowned at the bottle, tilting it to one side so sunlight could filter into the glass. “It doesn’t taste like anything. I mean, I don’t know what I was really expecting, but-”

“Killua!!!! What were you thinking?!” Gon wailed. “That was really dangerous! Do you feel anything?!”  

Killua thought about it for a few seconds. Then he shrugged. “Nope. Did you?”

“Um. I felt…tingling in my stomach, and when it went down my throat. And every time I talked I could feel it, too.”

Killua let out a huff. “Figures.”

“What is it?” Gon asked, worry knotting his brow. It was almost cute how anxious Gon was for his safety, Killua thought with a slight smile. But there was no need to freak out over something as trivial as this.

“My family tested all sorts of potions out on me and my siblings when we were younger,” Killua said. “I’m pretty sure I’ve told you that before. So, it figures that a truth potion would be one of the things they made sure I was immune towards.”

Gon frowned. “How do you know you’re immune though?”

“My name is Evans,” Killua said bluntly. “I have black hair like every other member of my family. I hate chocolate frogs. I-”

“Okay, I get it!” Gon yelped, waving his hands in front of Killua’s face.

Killua grabbed Gons’ wrists, pulled them down and grinned evilly. That grin morphed into a smirk when he saw Gon gulp in fear.


“I’m dating Zushi,” he said plainly and nearly laughed out loud at the pure and absolute horror that flared in Gon’s gold-brown eyes.

“Don’t joke about stuff like that,” Gon said weakly. He actually looked sick at the thought, something that only made it harder for Killua to hold back his snort of amusement.

“Stupid,” he said fondly. “Are you ready to hear the truth, now?”

Gon grimaced. “Am I?”

Killua let go of Gon’s wrists and slowly slid his hands up to grip Gon’s arms. He let his expression soften and he knew Gon could feel the difference this time in the way he relaxed in Killua’s embrace.

“I’ve never been interested in anyone but you, Gon,” he said, ignoring the ugly blush that was rising to his cheeks. “And that’s the truth.”

Gon’s answering beam was blinding.

“It’s called Akai Ito, sweetheart. No matter how many knots or tangles it may ger on the way, you’re bounded to someone with an invisible and indestructive Red string.”(redrawing of something I did months ago)

I remember Obatchan (my grandma) telling me about Akai Ito when I was like, four years old. The first thing I said was “but how can it be Red if it’s invisible?”. I still dont know why but freaking love this concept of destiny and love.

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A Date With Death

[WARNING: Instance of animal death, mild gore.]

Phillip Toomey could see a man just in the peripheral of his vision. This man was tall and wore a finely tailored suit, the kind you see wealthy businessmen wear because they’re the only ones that can afford such a luxury.

The man stood out in this part of the city where those with money didn’t dare to venture, especially at night; for fear that they might get robbed whether that be by pickpocketing or a mugging at gunpoint.

Knowing this, Phillip couldn’t help but think maybe he was FBI but that’d be ridiculous, the FBI knew how to blend in and then there was this man, so out in the open and not even trying to go unnoticed. Though it seemed as if no one was sparing even a moment’s glance at him and Phillip thought it strange.

With a shake of his head, Phillip grabbed a newspaper off the stand, threw a one onto the counter, and made his way to the nearby coffee shop to grab some breakfast and a latte as he always did before going about the rest of his day.

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Girl’s Night

Summary: Nat and Wanda conspire to get you and Bucky together by getting you a little drunk during a girl’s night in.

Prompt(s): @canumoveyourseatup-no: So I looked at the prompt list and thought 4, 12, and 22 would make a hilarious combination with killer B. Or you can just choose one or a combination of two or whatever your heart desires.
4. “I’m too sober for this.”
12. “She’s hiding behind the sofa.”
22. “Did you just hiss at me?”

Warnings: none! This is all fluff and fun. :D Swearing maybe?

Word Count: 2368

Author’s Note: Ok these prompts are adorable. I’m sorry love I could only manage the first two. Hopefully you like it anyway. This was fun. :D

Originally posted by hothothotgg

You sat on the couch with your feet curled up, tangled with Wanda’s, a bowl of popcorn between you both and an enormous pitcher of margaritas on the coffee table in front of you. It had been far too long since you’d had a girl’s night so the two of you took full advantage while most of the Avengers were off shaking hands at some elegant Stark event.

Sam heard your peals of laughter from his room down the hall and came to join the fun. “Margaritas!” he sang with a slight dance, before pouring himself a glass from the pitcher.

“Hey Sam,” Wanda greeted as you tried to stifle your giggling.

“You ladies sound like you’re having fun, mind if I join?”

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56. For Me- Iris West x Fem!Reader

(gif credit: irisandtheflash & unknown)

Summary: Iris is always worrying over you. After every fight with a meta she fusses over you and helps patch you up but not without her lecturing you. Sometimes you wonder why she cares so much, she’s your best friend but she’s fiercely overprotective…..which doesn’t help your crush on her at all. 

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Kwon Jiyong/ G Dragon X Reader
WARNING: Drug use, smut, and all around general rudeness.
He’s been known to take pictures with people that don’t remember having even met him, but the ones he left you were different.

It was already afternoon by the time you woke up on Sunday. Panic set in suddenly when you realized you weren’t in a familiar bed, but subsided fairly quickly  when you spotted your suitcase in the corner and remembered that of course you weren’t, because you were in a foreign country. You’d come to Jeju by invitation of Chaelin to celebrate her 25th birthday. The two of you had been inseparable during the two years she’d lived in Paris on her own but hadn’t seen each other very much since. She would always stop to see you when she was traveling nearby for work, but it was hard for you to make it to South Korea very often. There just wasn’t time for it in your schedule or money for it in your wallet. However, when you opened the priority envelope from her a few weeks earlier with an invitation and a plane ticket, you dropped everything.

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Whatever Your Heart Desires

Summary: Dan’s always been a huge advocate of surprises, and Phil could never guess the extremities of them. These birthday surprises in particular, however, took the cake. 

Word Count:  5016

Warnings: fluff, a mild birthday drinking scene, mentions of sex, and a whole lot of feels

Notes: Happy Birthday to our beloved son, sun, and angel bean Phil Lester! The universe blessed us with this man thirty years ago, and hopefully it will bless us with him for many more. Here is my contribution to the montage of birthday gifts for Phil-we love you!

This fic was edited by the lovely @victorianhowell, and this beautiful cover art edit was made by my good friend @the-phil-to-your-dan! Thank you both!:)

I really hope y’all enjoy this, and if you do, feel free to shoot me a message or ask-feedback is always appreciated!

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Prompt: “one where reader just had a break up with her abusive boyfriend and kirk becomes her new one?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,273

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, physical, emotional, and mental to varying degrees.

Author’s Note: This story has been eating at me for a while. It was incredibly challenging to get into this mindspace and ultimately to write this piece. I have mercifully never been in an abusive relationship, so I am not sure how this would realistically play out. I want to extend my gratitude to my friend who shared some experiences with me so that I could try to make this sound in some way correct. Please heed the warnings here. We’re getting pretty much exactly what Anon asked for. Take care of yourselves. I pray that you can find someone, either a partner or a friend, who makes you feel as safe as you deserve to be.

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Oxygen - chapter 5

Pairing: Jaehyun x (female) reader
Genre: romance, fuckboy!au
Summary: He took the oxygen away from your lungs and you let him. You let him unfold you when you promised yourself you wouldn’t. You let him inside when you knew you shouldn’t have. He ruined you and you gave him permission to do so.

Previously - here | Next part - here

Originally posted by taesyong

“Hansol! Open this door! Ji Hansol!”

You banged on the door to get his attention. No one even looked your way because they were so used to it. That should bother you, but you didn’t care. You needed to talk to him!


“You really need to stop doing that.”

Well this wasn’t Hansol.

“Are going to come in?” Johnny asked moving over to let you by.

You felt your face heat up as you walked in and muttered an apology. You looked around and saw another boy, but it wasn’t Hansol. Where was he?

“Hansol’s getting some help from the teacher. He said he’ll be back soon.” Johnny said laying down on the bed.

“I didn’t know you were here.” You said taking off your jacket.

You felt so embarrassed. Maybe because Hansol isn’t here to make it better or that there was someone you didn’t know sitting in front of you and your first impression probably wasn’t a good one.

“Jaehyun’s at practice and I needed a quiet place to think.”

You looked away and huffed.

“Well you don’t have to tease me about it. Who is this?”

“This is Ten, Ten this is Hansol’s best friend Y/N. The one Jaehyun is interested in.” Johnny explained casually.

You almost choke on your own saliva at what he said. How much did he know? It’s not like you didn’t expect him to know, but how much does Jaehyun talk about you? The thought of it made your stomach tie in knots. You assumed it was in disgust and not endearment.

“You’re more beautiful than I imagined. He talks about you all time. I can see the appeal.” Ten said winking at you.

Oh when is Hansol coming back?

“You’ve really got Jaehyun hooked. I’m surprised actually, he’s never wanted a girl this bad before.” Hansol said turning towards you.

“Well there was Sunhi, but it didn’t work out very well.” Ten explained sitting next to you on Hansol’s bed.


You’ve never heard of that name. At least not here. You didn’t think she was in any of your classes and Jaehyun’s never mentioned her on your daily jogs. You felt something bubble in your chest and you tried to push back the feeling. There was no way you were jealous, you couldn’t be. But you just couldn’t keep your curiosity at bay. Who was Sunhi?

“Could you tell me more about her?”

“Nah, I think we’re gonna go run the track.” Ten said standing up.

That little shit! You followed them out the door and called out for them, but it was no use. They ignored your calls and turned the corner. They were probably laughing at you, but you couldn’t focus on that. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket.

“Meet me at the basketball court Princess ;) - Jaehyun”

“How did you get my number??”

“I have my ways. Hurry! - Jaehyun”

You rolled your eyes and made your way out the door. Maybe he’ll be able to answer your question.

Who was Sunhi?

You walked inside the school’s basketball court. You were still impressed by big it was. You’ve only been to at least two of the games here. After seeing almost the whole female student body swoon over Jaehyun you decided this wasn’t the place for you. The only reason you’re here now is because Jaehyun requested to see you. Usually you’d avoid him at all costs, but maybe he’d mention that Sunhi girl. Ugh! You shouldn’t even be worried about it! For all you know they could’ve just been messing with you. They were Jaehyun’s friends after all.

“You wanted to see me?”

“You came! I didn’t think you would!” He exclaimed holding the basketball he was shooting hoops with.

“What do you want?”

“I was wondering if you decided on an answer. You know, for the party?” He asked walking up to you.

He was clad in basketball shorts and a grey t-shirt that clung to him showing his biceps. Oh what you would do to cling onto- no! No! You will not think of him that way! He doesn’t even deserve to be thought of that way!

“I’m not going.”

“Why not?” He asked quietly. He looked like a kick puppy when you told him your decision. It tugged at your heart and that was something you hated.

“I told you, it’s not my thing.”

“I’ll make a deal with you. If you can make one basket then you don’t have to go, but if you can’t not only do you have to go, but you have to be my date.” Jaehyun said smirking at you and passing the ball.

Alright, how hard could it be? Your older brother used to play basketball so you knew a few tricks. You dribbled around him, but when you went to shoot Jaehyun pulled you into his chest causing the ball to miss the basket.

“You’re such a cheater!” You exclaimed playfully punching his arm.

You felt his breath against your neck when he laughed. The hairs on the back of your neck rising and goosebumps covering your body.

“Don’t worry I won’t force you to go. I respect your decision.”

“You do?” You questioned softly. He hummed in your ear and kept your back against his chest. You couldn’t move. You were frozen in your spot as he gently swayed your body from left to right. You closed your eyes at the feeling.

Suddenly you felt something soft on your neck. His lips pressing against the exposed skin. You gasped and craned your neck so he had more access. A small moan escaped your lips when his teeth lightly captured a small patch of skin.

He spun you around and looked into your dazed eyes. He licked his lips taking you in. Jaehyun slowly leaned down and connected your lips. Desire, frustration, and passion into the kiss. They were so soft and fit perfectly with your own. His tongue licked your bottom lip and that was when you came to your senses. You pushed him away and covered your mouth. Tears swelling up in your eyes.

“Y/N? Did I do something wrong? Talk to me.” He cooed reaching out to you.

You shook your head and ran out of the basketball court. You needed to find Hansol. You weren’t able to keep your tears locked away and they fell down your cheeks. What the hell did you just do?

Ties that Bind pt. 8: Life on Pause

The Sequel to Never Say Never

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega Reader (On Pause for now)

Warnings: sadness still

Word Count: 1.3k

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Bucky stayed away for weeks. The first week was the hardest. He couldn’t fall asleep and kept having nightmares. Once in a while he’d fall asleep and dreamed that you never cheated on him, but then he’d wake up and felt even more depressed after. After a while, he stopped feeling anything at all. He locked himself in a room during his rut and spoke to no one after. Frankie tried multiple times to talk to him and see if she could change his mind about her. Bucky denied her every time she asked. To his relief, Steve sent Frankie out on missions to keep Bucky at peace. He spent most of his time hidden in his room and refused to see anyone. Nonetheless, everyone else tried to get him to talk to you. But he refused. He just couldn’t. He wasn’t ready and he didn’t know if he would ever be ready to see you again. He roamed the halls of the compound alone at odd hours and spent the twilight hours at the gym taking his anger out on a punching bag. Natasha had approached him one day and leaned against the wall closest to Bucky,

“What do you want?” he asked without stopping his jabs.

“It’s Y/N,”


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Winchesters Don’t Giggle

So, @misswhizzy and I were having this discussion the other night about giving Dean a back rub, and whether he might be ticklish… and this sort of happened… Liz, this one’s for you :) <3 Tags under the cut

“Ohhhhhhh…..” Dean groans, loud, crawling slowly up the length of the mattress before collapsing on his face. “Everything hurts.”

You rub the sleep from your eyes as you sit up, reaching for his shoulder. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“Shapeshifter kicked my ass. Like Danny Glover says in Lethal Weapon, I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.”

You crawl out from beneath the covers, leaning over to kiss his cheek. “I’m sorry, baby.” You pull gently on his button-down, sliding it down his arms and tossing it to the floor. “Here, let’s get your shirt off, I’ll rub your back.”

He moans again, whether at the thought of a massage or just moving enough to remove his t-shirt, you’re not sure. You go to the bathroom cabinet and grab some baby oil, then climb back onto the bed, carefully straddling him and sitting down on his upper thighs.

“Just close your eyes and relax,” you say softly, and he shifts a little beneath you, settling in. You pour a little oil in your hands and rub them together, warming everything before touching him, and he lets out a long sigh as you run your hands lightly over his shoulders, then down until you reach his waist, distributing the oil over his smooth, tanned skin, admiring the light sprinkling of freckles dusted over his body. You move back up to his neck, rubbing a little harder now, dragging your fingertips down his neck and across the curve of his shoulders, smiling at the little noises he’s making, not bothering to try and hide his pleasure.

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A Hairy Situation

Anon Request:  This is probably soooo typical.. But can I request a BuckyxReader where they end up having to share a bed (mission with limited sleeping space?) And she gets her hair tangled in the joints of his mechanical arm? *has long hair and wonders about this*

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, and you may die laughing.

Word Count: 1,488

A/N: Just, promise me you guys will tell me how hard you laughed. Because my stomach hurts. Enjoy! - x.T

Your name: submit What is this?

           You, Bucky, and Steve had all been shipped out to a seaside town in Greece. You were supposed to take down a leader of a large terrorist group that happened to be in the area. Well, you usually arrived the day before at the destination, before receiving the full set of orders the next night.

           The three of you guys had been squished into a small two bedroom house, which was fit specifically for missions. You don’t know how HQ managed to get all the tech in the house so early, but you didn’t want to know.

           After a long day of scouting stealth routes to the target, you were ready to shower and go to bed. It was hot in Greece, and being in the sun all day left you sweaty and baking in your uniform. The two soldiers came into the house smelling heavily of body sweat and something else that wasn’t very appealing to a woman’s nose.

           Steve unclipped his shield and sighed, “I’m going to shower.” He then disappeared down the hall, carrying his shield with him.

           You muttered, “Good, you smell like ass.” Bucky was downing a glass of water and managed to hear you, he choked on the water, and slammed the glass down. The water sputtered out of his mouth and into the sink, and he began coughing and laughing.

           “You okay there, Barnes?” You asked, trying not to smile as you raised your brows at him. He was leaning against the granite counter and recovering from the coughing fit he had. Bucky wiped his mouth and nodded, his eyes closed, and a huge grin on his face.

           Bucky’s voice shook, “Y-Yeah, I’m good, Y/N.” He sat up and set the glass in the sink, not trusting himself with drinking water at the moment.

           “Alright, I’m going to go change,” You pointed to the hallway, “Promise you won’t choke on water out here by yourself?”

           “Yeah, Y/N. You can go.” He rolled his eyes, and you shook your head as you made your way down the hall. At the end of the hall, there was only three doors, and one door was for the bathroom.

           You groaned, “I don’t want to share a room…” You opened the door nearest and saw that Bucky had already put his stuff on the bed, and you guessed Steve would’ve put his stuff in the other room. The real decision was who you would rather spoon. You bit your lip and decided on Bucky, because knowing Steve, he would be suffocating you against him.

           “You left your stuff on the couch.” Bucky came walking down the hall behind you with your duffel bag for the mission slung over his shoulder. He brushed past you into the room he claimed, and set the bag next to his. Bucky turned towards you, “We are sharing a room, right?”

           You nodded slowly and moved over to the bag, getting your mind off the fact that you will be sleeping next to the amazing specimen beside you, by hoping Steve saved some warm water for you. You unzipped the bag and finally replied, “Yeah, just promise me you don’t sleep naked.” You would actually really enjoy it if he was naked, but you had to keep up your façade.

           “I promise, I don’t sleep naked.” He chuckled, before he shot you a wink, “Sometimes.” You gaped at him, before lightly punching his metal arm. Bucky had a shit-eating grin on his face as he bent down and kicked his boots off, he picked them up and set them next to the nightstand. He then began unstrapping his vest and you quickly grabbed your clothes, knowing damn well that Bucky would have no shame, and get changed in front of you.

           You ducked out of the room and saw Steve’s bedroom door was closed, so you were glad he was finished in the bathroom. Locking the bathroom door, you sighed, and kicked your shoes off. You were going to enjoy this shower, before you head off to bed.

           By the time Bucky slid under the covers next to you, you were already passed out cold. He watched your peaceful form, a tender smile garnishing his features, as he took the moment to really admire you. You were vulnerable and Bucky enjoyed seeing you like this; your features slackened, your hair sprawled over the pillow, and soft snores escaping your mouth.

           Bucky leaned over to kiss your temple, before he whispered, “Goodnight, darling.” He then flipped over and let out a deep breath, allowing himself to relax, and yet hoping he would wake up with you in his arms.

           Your eyes fluttered open and you shifted, before you froze. You and Bucky had gravitated towards each other during the night, and you were tucked against his body, with his metal arm draped loosely around you. Bucky was nuzzled into your hair, his warm breath fanning over your neck, and your legs were tangled with his.

           You went to lift your head and your hair was yanked roughly, you yelped, and collapsed against Bucky. He jolted beneath you and he moved his face out of your hair. Bucky shifted his metal arm and you whimpered, “Bucky! Don’t move!” He froze and looked down at you, his face awfully close to yours.

           Bucky furrowed his brow and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

           “My hair is stuck in your arm…” You sighed resting your head against his bare chest. He bit his lip, trying not to laugh, but his stomach kept convulsing. You knew he was struggling to stop himself from laughing at you. You groaned, “Go ahead, laugh your ass off..”

           Bucky chuckled and shook his head, “No, I can’t. I’m sorry, but how did this happen?”

           “I don’t know?” You shrugged, “I guess we sleep cuddled.”

           “You sure about that, darling?” Bucky quirked an eyebrow, and you glared up at him. He then looked at his left arm, seeing your hair knotted within the metal divots, and he visibly winced. “Let’s try and get you free.”

           Bucky clutched you to his chest, with his arm wrapped around your back, trying to help you get your hair out of the divots in his metal arm. He kept chuckling every time you made a painful yelp, when he accidentally tugged your hair too hard, and you finally slumped against his chest. The body heat between the both of you made it hot, and Bucky’s skin was clammy.

           “Buck, we might have to get Steve..” You whined, your forehead was pressed against his bare shoulder. He smiled and rested his cheek against your hair. 

           Bucky chuckled, “He’s not going to let me live this down, darling.” He rubbed your back, keeping his metal arm as still as possible for you. The metal was locked up tightly and he hadn’t been able to relax the arm.

           “Who cares at this point?” You huffed, “I already ripped half my hair out with it stuck in your damn arm.” Bucky rolled his eyes and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

           He then shouted, “STEVE!”

           It was quiet for a few moments.

           The soldier blasted through the door, shirtless, and pant-less with his shield in hand. He looked around the room frantically for any signs of danger, before his gaze fixed onto you and Bucky clinging to each other in the bed. Steve furrowed his brow and asked, “Why did you yell for me?”

           You turned your head, wincing when your hair was being tugged, and said, “Because my hair got stuck in his metal arm and we can’t get it out.”

           Steve set his shield against the wall before a huge grin spread over his face. “Your hair. Got stuck. In his arm.” He then doubled over in laughter, and Bucky snorted.

           You glared at Steve, and snapped, “Can you just help?”

           “Yeah—Yeah, just…I’ll be right back.” He chuckled, before stumbling out of the room. You sighed and relaxed against Bucky, knowing things will be a bit different now that you had been sidled up to each other for thirty minutes straight. Possibly, all night.

           Bucky asked, “Now that we’ve been like this for a while, can I say something?”

           “Go for it, Barnes.”

           “I’m surprised you haven’t felt my boner yet.”

           “JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES!” You screamed, and scrambled away from him. He threw his head back and began laughing so hard, that he didn’t even realize your hair was freed. You forgot all about what he said, and leaped off the bed, raising your arms in victory. “I’m free!”

           Steve came walking back in with a pair of scissors in his hand and stopped when he saw you standing in the middle of the room, and Bucky about pissing himself in laughter on the bed.

           You pointed at the scissors in his grasp and asked, “You were literally going to cut my hair?”


Home is a Feeling You Can’t Get Back

Title: Home is a Feeling You Can’t Get Back

Genre: Angst

Member: JB (Jaebum)

Summary: Being his girlfriend was no walk in the park. Mental health and well being is more important than having to suffer because of disrespectful fans. All the pressure and stress has built up and is about to explode… for better or for worse.

Originally posted by sugaglos

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Colours Pt. 3 (Calum)

PART 1 | PART 2 

||in which you are childhood friends who have grown apart, only to be brought back together again.|| 


Grey is the colour of doubt, confusion, neglect and balance. Some people see the world in black and white and others see the different shades of grey in between. 


A shitload of soda, popcorn and 2-day old chocolate cake later left Dan spread-eagled on the bed beside you, snoring peacefully.

You had just finished your movie marathon consisting of an interesting medley of both horror and comedy films and needless to say, it left Dan exhausted. He instantly made his way  from the beanbags around your TV  and collapsed on your bed, even before the credits had started rolling.

You were in no mood to complain though, because this gave you some much needed time to think. After what happened, the thought of seeing Calum again left you in a haze of confusion.

You weren’t sure where you stood with this boy. Was what happened merely a one-time thing that was lost before it even began or was it something that was  actually worth saving?

You picked up the television remote  from the corner of the room and tossed it in frustration, watching it bounce off the wall and hit you back in the face.

Fuck. You mumbled, rubbing the sore skin of your eye.

You took this  as a sign to retire, shutting off the television and your bedroom lights, climbing into your bed beside Dan.

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