how did i get so lucky omg

ed picks up oswald from the iceberg lounge after a night of celebrating some great criminal accomplishment, and oswald is totally wasted, like he ends up verbalizing his internal monologue of being Constantly Awed by ed and their relationship. ed’s leading him out the door and oswald is just leaning heavily on him like ‘ed!!! omg! ed you’re so handsome and funny and smart, and you’re mine? how did i get so lucky, wowow i love you so much!!’. and ed just smiles a dorky, flattered smile and kisses the side of oswald’s head bc yes i love you too, you silly drunk bird.

Tinder success!

Y'ALL my sugaring life might be officially on hold for now.
I met the MOST PERFECT vanilla guy on Tinder. Handsome, tall, amazing kisser, super successful, no kids, SO SWEET, and he owns a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills.(he got moneyyyyy)
We’ve had four dates, and he hasn’t even tried to bang me yet, but he said he thought I was really pretty and that he really likes me.😭 After our last date, he said I could sleep over since it was pretty late and I’d been drinking, and he totally just wanted to sleep and cuddle. Legit probably the first Tinder guy who’s actually being respectful and trying to get to know me first. What. And he’s super hot and nice. How did I get so lucky matching with him omg.

He’s constantly traveling for work and already brought me a little gift from his last trip(and obviously has insisted on paying for everything we’ve done so far) so I could see this being such an amazing spoiled gf situation.

Pray for me that he’s not just another fuckboy. This is the first man who I’ve been actually excited about in a very long time.

Will update after our next few dates 💕

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Here's a late night thought/imagine for ya. Imagine you're laying in bed with Grayson and he's running his hands trough your hair/massaging your head and you're cuddled into his side falling asleep. And he's whispering "you're so beautiful." "How did I get this lucky to be laying here with you." "I love you so much." "I could stay like this forever."

ok i love my lane guys STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME SWERVE OMG LMAO 😂😂 no but this is so cute oml

*Taylor Swift plays in public*

Person: Oh, it’s Taylor Swift …

Me: *omg yes this person is my new bff. look how excited they are to hear taylor play in public. how did i get so lucky. finally someone who understands me*

Person: … wonder which ex this song is about haha


Superbat take all my Money!!!

Everyone, you  have no idea how excited I am for the release of the upcoming BvS Nendoroids. I am a HUGE nendoroid collector! I have been for years, and these are so freakin adorable. I hope B’s helmet is removable

Also, while looking at one of the sites I often purchase figures from, I found these! How did I miss these cuties? I’ve never bought a Cosbaby figure before, but they even have Wonder Woman!

Still for the sake of my bank, I decided to pass on getting any of these guys so i can afford the nendoroids, and then I saw HIM!

OMG! Look at those red eyes and that superior little smirk! I have such a thing for Injustice S (or whatever DCEU wants to call him), it’s not even funny.

Lucky for  me, they come in a set, so I can have both B and S to tie me down until the nendoroids are out