how did i get so lucky omg

BTS Reaction: Their Girlfriend Being Too Short To Kiss Them

Anonymous said: Bts gif reaction to you being too short to kiss them without them bending down a bit?

A/N: Omg I’m literally fetus sized and this request made me so happy. Hope you like this!! Thanks for requesting!! <3

Jin: *giggles and bends down to kiss your nose and then your lips* “Jagi you’re so cute oh my god!!”

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Suga: *doesn’t show it but lowkey loves it* “Jagii, come here and give me a kiss” *smirks*

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Namjoon: *constantly teases you and doesn’t bend down just to make you beg* “You want a kiss baby?? Too bad then” *smiles innocently*

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Hoseok: *boy be losing his shit every time you tag his shirt to signalize you want a kiss* “OMG IMMA KISS YOU IN SEC BUT YOU’RE SO CUTE OMG”

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Jimin: *highkey loves it because it makes him feel more powerful*  “Jagi we’re short couple goals ayeee”

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Taehyung: *picks you up instead of bending down to kiss you because he finds you so cute and he feels the need to return the cuteness* “How did I get so lucky?? You’re so adorable babyyy”

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Jungkook: *he constantly teases you and he ain’t even sorry* “Sorry baby, I am not into dwarfs..Grow a little taller and then ask for a kiss”

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((I’m so sorry for this gif omfg))

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my coworker is pregnant and she smokes! She actually told me that she doesn't think it's a big deal because "I smoked during the first 7 months of my first pregnancy and my son was born fine! I think those doctors are just overly cautious. Pfft." First off just because he's physically fine you don't know he's mentally fine, secondly even if you did get lucky the first time how do you know it won't be different with this baby??? I'm so scared for her kids omg

Please don’t smoke people. I lost my mom, dad (who was up to three cartons a week), all my grandparents, and my uncle to smoking related issues. I know it’s hard to quit but it’s harder on your family that will miss you when your gone.

This is a genuine plea for all smokers to try to quit and not necessarily to this poster specifically.


Homecoming- Joavin AU

Title: Homecoming 

Pairing: Joavin (Joaquin Desantos x Kevin Keller)

Length: 531 words (Sorry it’s so short!)

Genre: Little bit of angst, fluff. 

Warnings: None 

A/N: So, this is really short, but everyone was asking for a fic so here it is! I’ll do a longer one soon but I definitely wanted to get this one out because SO MANY of you were asking. I was very flattered that, that many people wanted me to write something! Enjoy! 

It was the morning of homecoming and Kevin Keller had been pacing around his room all morning. He knew that he was going to take Joaquin, but he wasn’t sure that Joaquin wanted to go. Joaquin would want to keep up his Southside Serpent reputation, Kevin was convinced. 

“Kev, you okay?” his dad knocked on the door. He walked in and saw Kevin pacing and trying very hard not to bite his nails. “Kev, what’s going on?” Kevin continued to pace but answered.

“I’m alright, just thinking about what shoes I’m supposed to wear with the suit I bought for homecoming.” He lied, he knew if his father found out he was dating a Serpent, he was done for. 

“I liked the ones you picked out when you bought it, but if you’re second guessing, I think the black dress ones would go just as well.” Mr. Keller said and patted Kevin on the shoulder. Kevin flashed his father a small smile as he walked out the door. 

Soon, Kevin heard knocking at his window. He turned around to see Joaquin hanging on tightly to the window ledge. He rushed over to the window to open it and as soon as he did, he was greeted with a kiss. Joaquin pulled himself in through the window into the bedroom. 

“Hey, preppy.” he greeted once he was inside and had detached his lips from Kevin’s. “You okay, you look worried.” He took his head and led him over to the bed. The two sat on the edge, Joaquin rubbing circles into Kevin’s hand with his thumb. 

“Ummm…” Kevin hesitated, not knowing whether or not he wanted to bring up what was making him so nervous. But he realized that it was Joaquin, his boyfriend, he could trust him. “So, I was just nervous that you only asked me to the dance because I wanted to go, and now you’re having second thoughts because it will ruin your reputation…” he quickly spoke and Joaquin was overwhelmed, but once he had heard what Kevin had said, he had been a little hurt.

“You think that I care more about my reputation than I do about you? Kevin, do you know how important you are to me?” He asked running his free hand through his hair. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I wouldn’t be worried about my reputation more than I would be worried about whether or not you’re happy.”

“It’s just, this is the first time I’m bringing a boyfriend to a dance, I wanted to make sure you wanted to be there too. It wouldn’t be as fun if you weren’t enjoying yourself.” Kevin explained looking at his feet. 

Joaquin stood up and pulled Kevin up with him. 

“I’m the first boyfriend you’re taking to a dance?” Kevin nodded. Joaquin sighed and kissed Kevin’s cheek. “Then this dance will be special, and I really want to go. It may not be my scene, but I think I’ll have a good time.” Joaquin reassured him. Kevin smiled.

“Joaquin Desantos, how did I get so lucky?” he asked and pressed his lips to Joaquin’s.

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

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justin during blowjobs

so justin would definitely be holding your hair back in a ponytail and be bringing your head back and forth, I feel like he’d get aggressive when he was getting close and you’d have tears in your eyes from the reflex, he’d have his head thrown back and would be grunting and moaning your name softly saying how much he loves you and “how did I get so fucking lucky” after he would pull you up to him and say “thank you baby maybe I should repay you hmm” and he would give you the best fucking repayment you could ask for , hell yes the boy works wonders with his tongue

ed picks up oswald from the iceberg lounge after a night of celebrating some great criminal accomplishment, and oswald is totally wasted, like he ends up verbalizing his internal monologue of being Constantly Awed by ed and their relationship. ed’s leading him out the door and oswald is just leaning heavily on him like ‘ed!!! omg! ed you’re so handsome and funny and smart, and you’re mine? how did i get so lucky, wowow i love you so much!!’. and ed just smiles a dorky, flattered smile and kisses the side of oswald’s head bc yes i love you too, you silly drunk bird.

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I'm in a polyamorous relationship and its so good???? Like the communication and shit is 👌👌👌 I'm legit so fuckin happy like my partners are so lovely and we get to have cuddle-piles 😍😍😍 idk I just wanted to gush a bit to someone 😁😁 (also both of my partners are beautiful and intelligent and im like hOW did I get this lucky omg?)

You: The communication is good
Me: God Bless, they’ve found the only true Life Hack

I’m happy for you!!!

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Omg, my girlfriend and I just went to her grandparents house and I met her family, they were so nice. And I spooned her while we watched the fireworks. And after that we slept on an air mattress together cuddled up to each other. Can I just say that she is so cute while she's sleeping? Omg, her cute freckles and her soft hair and her thick lips, how did I get so lucky? How?!?!


Tinder success!

Y'ALL my sugaring life might be officially on hold for now.
I met the MOST PERFECT vanilla guy on Tinder. Handsome, tall, amazing kisser, super successful, no kids, SO SWEET, and he owns a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills.(he got moneyyyyy)
We’ve had four dates, and he hasn’t even tried to bang me yet, but he said he thought I was really pretty and that he really likes me.😭 After our last date, he said I could sleep over since it was pretty late and I’d been drinking, and he totally just wanted to sleep and cuddle. Legit probably the first Tinder guy who’s actually being respectful and trying to get to know me first. What. And he’s super hot and nice. How did I get so lucky matching with him omg.

He’s constantly traveling for work and already brought me a little gift from his last trip(and obviously has insisted on paying for everything we’ve done so far) so I could see this being such an amazing spoiled gf situation.

Pray for me that he’s not just another fuckboy. This is the first man who I’ve been actually excited about in a very long time.

Will update after our next few dates 💕

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drarry hc in which draco always tries to take harry's glasses off his face with the excuse that he wants to clean them, but in fact draco simply loves to see the greenish glow of his boyfriend's eyes without the lenses in the way (even if that stubborn blonde will never admit that out loud). I JUST THINK ABOUT THAT A LOT AND WANTED TO SHARE W/ YOU

omg yes!! i can just imagine draco sighing in fake disgusting and being like “god potter, your glasses are filthy!” and just taking them off harry’s face. and harry is just like “uh ok” and just lets him bc whatever draco is just weird sometimes. and draco wipes the lenses on his shirt but peeks up at harry’s face so he can see his bright green eyes and he just smiles to himself because harry is so perfect and how did i get so lucky. and then he simply gives them back to harry, and harry takes them and puts them back on. but then he pulls draco in and gives him a kiss because draco doesnt need to admit it because although harry may be oblivious sometimes, he always 100% knows everything about draco malfoy and whats going on in his head

You’re cute when you’re mad (ERIC NAM)

Type: Angst/Fluff

Request: omg omg eric nam angst/fluff where he’s mad for the first time but you think he’s cute and you guys end up being all lovey dovey (I’m so glad you started Eric Nam requests)

Summary: you’re even cute when you’re mad, how did I ever get so lucky?

Dating someone was stressful, being busy was stressful, and being famous was stressful but you guys never seemed to get mad at eachother and just enjoyed being together instead of fighting or yelling. So when he came barging into your apartment with a scowl on his face you got worried “aw what’s wrong baby?” you cooed turning away from the bowling pot on the stove “nothing” he mumbled taking a seat at the island burying his head into his hands. “Are you sure nothing’s wrong Eric?” you ask wording differently “YES Y/N I am sure nothing is wrong” he tells you making his speech very clear and you turned the stove off, moving the pot to a cool burner turning to him. “Alright I was just asking because you never walk in here all grum-” “WILL YOU STOP AND MOVE PAST IT!” he yells looking you in the eyes.

He seemed shocked by his own actions as he saw the blank stare before walking to stand next to his chair “babe I didn’t mean it I swe-why are you giggling?” he asked as he watched a smile catch on your face. His hand slid behind your head so you were looking up at him “you’re just really cute when you’re mad” you tell him staring into his eyes. All his anger seemed to vanish and a smile rose on his lips.

He stood up and took your cheeks into his hands “how do you do that?” he asks “do what?” you asked back laying your hands onto his and proceeded to run your thumb along them. “You always have this way to make me smile when I should be mad at something, or when I’m sad you’re there with my favorite things, or when I just want to be alone I somehow want you there with me” he listed off “there’s just so much you do that makes me happy and smile. I just feel blessed to have you” he continues. His hands felt the heat pick up off of your cheeks and he could tell he made you blush “don’t smirk after that cute speech, it makes you seem cocky” you tell him as his face fell and he let out a laugh “I didn’t even know I was, I’m sorry” he said as he leaned down and caught your lips with his. As he pulled back he placed his lips onto your forehead and the two of you rocked slowly.

“I really love you Y/N”

“I really love you too Eric”

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U seems like a super nice person, like I bet anyone in your life is just constantly like "omg how did I get so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life"

Omg this is so sweet I’m gonna cry thank u so much

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I just looked at your Instagram and first of all you are STUNNING I wanna make a fan blog about you omg and secondly how did you manage to take that shadowy picture you posted on July 3rd? I see those done so much and they're such cool pics, Bella's last IG that you just posted has the same sort of effect. I can never get the light right!

Lol, I’m literally crying, thanks.

That’s sunrise lighting! Sunset would have the same effect which is probably what Bella has if the picture was taken around the time she posted it. That was actually a lucky shot because I was in a moving car lol, but when the sun hits you directly it makes it orangey and the shadows stick out a lot. I don’t know about filters with Bella but I used Reyes (and then turn it down, I never use it at a hundred) which dives a warm cast, too, and then up the contrast/saturation and lower the brightness and highlight. Just because I like it a little softer than how Bella posted hers. 

Use Your Mouth

Scenario: first time giving oral for Yunhyeong

Rating: Mature [ ! ]

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You wanted to do this for him.


Your hands were shaking as you waited for Yunhyeong to come home. This was the first time that you tried taking initiative in the bedroom, it was something that you had never done before. Doubt swarmed in your mind, what if you failed at pleasuring him and you just embarrassed yourself? Oh god, you would feel so bad if he forced himself to lie and pretend to like it. It seemed a little late to change your mind now as you looked at what you had been preparing the whole day.

The turn of the door knob interrupted you from further negative thoughts.

Yunhyeong froze in his tracks when he saw you. He couldn’t help but grin at the scene laid out before him. His eyes hungrily roamed your body exposed in all its glory.

Yunhyeong cupped your face and his thumb ran over your cheek. You leaned into his touch earning a small smile from him. As much as you would’ve liked to stay in this position you knew that his lower half was starting to react to your seductions.

“What’s the special occasion?” he asked.

“Just an experiment.” You noticed him bite his bottom lip hearing your reply.

You rejected his attempt to kiss you earning a small eyebrow raise.

“Let me be the one to pleasure you today, baby.”

With a burst of confidence you wrapped arms around his neck and engaged him in a kiss. Yunhyeong’s hands were at your back pushing you to come closer and feel his chest. You felt his tongue trying protrude your mouth, but you wouldn’t allow him. You were the one always being teased now it was your chance to get back at him. He let out a small pained whimper at your rejections, so you finally allowed his tongue to enter. Taking the opportunity Yunhyeong suddenly grabbed the back of your neck and shoved his tongue inside your warm mouth. He was more rough this time than usual and you weren’t shy to say that you liked it this way.

A thin string of saliva connected your lips after the separation. You stared into his eyes as your hand trailed down and into his pants. He looked confused yet starved for what was coming to him. Your thumb rubbed the tip for a bit before fully pumping his shaft. You earned a groan from him making you even more confident in your approach. Any doubt was washed away with Yunhyeong’s moans.

Yunhyeong’s breathing started getting uneven. He rested his head on your shoulder before sucking on your neck. In a matter of moments, he had found your sweet spot behind your ear. As much as you would’ve liked to be dominant one, in the end Yunhyeong always made you whimper in pleasure. However, you also noticed him groaning and squirming as your pace on the pumps sped up by a bit. You used his precum as a lubricant for faster sliding.

You were both turned on faster than either of you would admit. Yunhyeong’s panting was getting heavier and you could see that he couldn’t take anymore of the light-handed pleasure you gave him. He desperately needed a release. With one hand he guided your nimble fingers into his most sensitive spot and with the other he grabbed your chin to cover your mouth with his. Yunhyeong’s chest was heaving up and down. The kiss was sloppy yet incredibly urgent. He gasped against your mouth as you wrapped your fingers tighter around his shaft.

“Babygirl, use your mouth - I can’t take it anymore.” you heard Yunhyeong groan out.

He grasped your shoulders and gently pushed you down to go on your knees. You let out his manhood and finally saw it in all its mighty glory. In a state of awe you couldn’t see how Yunhyeong was looking at you with a lustful gaze. Licking your lips one more time, you gently grazed your teeth along the tip sending Yunhyeong in a state of pure sexual frustration. You were stealing his breaths with your mouth covering his most sensitive part.

Looking at you like this in the heat of the moment turned him on beyond measure. You were losing yourselves in each other, your peaks rapidly approaching. You were both getting off to each others images and moans. Yunhyeong was coming apart above you. His entire body tensed before he spilled into your mouth, you stayed still and swallowed like a champ. Yunhyeong growled through clenched teeth and bit his lip. 

“Thank you, baby. You are the best, how did I ever get so lucky?” 

You two sealed the deal with a kiss afterwards.

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You're honestly so kind just for the sake of being nice. And when people compliment you you're honestly so appreciative about it? How did the world get so lucky to have you in it. I hope everything works out for you because your kindness is what inspires goodness in others. You are no doubt a wonderful, friendly, beautiful inside and out woman who encompasses all the lovely traits of Hufflepuff house and you do all of this just by being yourself. ☺️

oh my gosh. I read this three times, and I still can’t stop smiling. my heart has melted. 

thank you so much omgg :”) this is so kind of you to say tbh omg tysm for taking your time and hdksfs AND MAKING ME SMILE AND i don’t know what to say. i’m just smiling so much 💗💗 thank you ahhhh <33 

I just adore letting people know they’re loved and that their message means so much to me - because they actually took time from their own life, to say something so sweet to me. it’s one thing to think someone nice about someone, but another to actually say it to them. even if they’re having a nice or a bad day, a compliment is a compliment, and it’s the cutest thing ever. :D

but no ok. thank you. aaah you’re so beautiful fsdhkfs ty ty I adore you so much omgg. I love the way you worded this. I now have read this seven times. i’m crying thank you 

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Finally Omg omg omg i couldn't believe how beautiful Tom was yesterday at the premiere. In person he is 10X more handsome more attractive, I wish i was more lucky to have a picture with him , those autograph collectors were very annoying and kept pushing . His wife was also pretty

Im so glad you got to see him thats amazing!! ☺️☺️ did you get anything signed or a chance to say hi or you just saw him from afar? Yeah autograph hunters are annoying. Idk why they even bother collecting autographs i feel like its not worth as much??? but theyre obnoxious and aggressive and rude. Sorry you had to deal with that :( charlotte is #goals!!! Did you meet her at all??

Swim team girls vs non swim team girls
  • When a guy walks by in a speedo: (swim): Sup dude
  • (Non swim): ASDFGHJKL DICK!
  • When someone does butterfly:
  • (Swim) ugh, I hate that stroke
  • When a girl passes by in a one-piece:
  • (Swim) Oh that's so cute! I love that color
  • When someone snaps their goggle band:
  • (Swim) I have an extra pair
  • (Non swim) Swim without them.
  • Guy walks by and has abs:
  • (Swim) hey -insert dudes name here-.
  • When someone gets placed in the good lane:
  • (Swim) Lucky.
  • (Non swim) Ohhhhh he's cute. *points to random guy*
  • I MAY have over done it on the non but really, this is pretty much how it goes when I bring my friends to swim practice.