how did i even just make this

sorry but, if you don’t find Choi youngjae of got7 to be the most precious human on this earth than i don’t know how your passing each and every day.

From the top of his head to the tips of his toes, to the point that even his laugh just makes you sit there and wonder what you did in a past life to be even existing at the same time as him. 

youngjae is underrated af, he’s a lil precious bean that we must protect. 

Sweet Tears Pt. 1

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut)

Warnings: Mature themes, abuse, graphic descriptions, violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.  



“Why did it have to start pouring, right when I get out of work?” You say out loud to yourself, walking just a little bit faster with the hope of getting home soon. After a long day of typing up reports, making not one, but two power points for a meeting coming up, and staying over three hours later than you planned at your work, you just wanted to go home. It was dark, and you were freezing in your business attire. Curling up on your couch with some tea and a Korean drama sounded like heaven at the moment.

Your heels splashed through the puddles that were covering the once light gray sidewalk, soaking through all the way to the black tights covering your feet. Passing by a darkened alleyway, a bolt lightning hit the ground, lighting up the world around you. Jumping slightly at the sudden blinding light, you noticed a figure hidden in the shadows. Even if you only caught it for a split second in the corner of your eye, you knew someone, or something, was there.

Standing frozen to the spot, contemplating whether you should check and see what was there, or turn a blind eye and move even faster home, you heard a noise. You turn your head slowly, straining your eyes to see down the pitch black alley, and listened. Another noise sounded through the air, but this time you could hear it more clearly. It sounded like a…whimper? The thought that someone could be hurt, and alone in the pouring rain, compelled you to take a step forward. Slowly, you took your phone out of your bag, and turned on your flashlight.  

Walking further down the alleyway, you reached the middle.Then you saw it, hidden behind cardboard boxes, all stacked and worn down from the rain. A hybrid boy, hunched over and shivering like there was no tomorrow. His black ears laid flat on his head as he stared at you. Eyes darker than the night, met yours with a glare. You stared back at him, his features hard, warning you not to come any closer. Breaking eye contact, you shifted your gaze to where his hand clutched to his stomach, red staining the area around what his hand couldn’t cover. Instantly, you moved closer to him, your phone slipping to the ground with a crash. You couldn’t care less about your phone as you grabbed his wrist, removing him from his wound.

“You’re hurt, you need help.” Your eyes were glued to his blood stained shirt, face filled with worry. Reaching out your free hand, you tried to move his shirt, fingers brushing over his clothed stomach slightly. He flinched at your contact and ripped his hand away from your grasp, the movement causing pain to shoot up his body, making him whimper and slip forward.

“I don’t want, or need, your help. Go back home and play with all your little toys, but leave me alone.”  His words came out as cold as he wanted them too, the pain not making his tone falter in the slightest. He moved his right hand to his stomach again, pushing his left on the brick wall he was leaning against before, in an attempt to get up. Every fiber of his being felt like it was on fire. Waves of a burning sensation coursed up and down his body at every movement he made, causing him to lose his grip and fall.

He closed his eyes, and braced for the impact of the wet asphalt ground. After he had closed his eyes for far longer than it should’ve taken him to hit the ground, he opened them to find himself looking at grey. Moving slightly from his position, he looked up to see what had caught him.

There you knelt, knees on the asphalt, holding him as best as you could with all your strength. He had landed on your jacket, now soaked even more than before, if that was even a possibility.

Your eyes held even more worry in them as you moved a little, trying to hold him up better. Thinking about what he meant by toys, you couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Sure you had a computer at home, but you didn’t have any games on it. As the rain started to pour harder, you spoke again.

“I want to help you, but you need to help me too.” You looked up at his face, features slightly visible in the light an orange street lamp that had turned on. He looked like he could pass out any second, eyes starting to close as his ears falling against his head. His body was becoming limp, making him even heavier as you struggled to hold him up. His weight was too much to carry by yourself, but you wouldn’t leave him alone, no matter what he said to you.

“Please, my house is about a block away. I can’t carry you by myself, but I also can’t leave you here like this.” You looked into his face, pleading him to move. He glanced back at you under hooded eyelids. Your hair was soaked, sticking to your neck. The grey jacket he had landed on was slipping down your shoulders, making your white blouse visible and vulnerable to the rain. The look in your eyes showed only care, and worry, as you never broke eye contact with him, waiting for an answer. His instincts told him to trust you, even if it was just this once.

Using you as his support, he slowly pushed himself up. His black tail wrapped tightly around the dark denim of the jeans covering his left leg. Every move he took caused grunts and whimpers of pain to leave his mouth, the fire shooting through his body starting to become unbearable. Even as he tried to hold the sounds he made back, you could still hear them, making the urge to get him home even greater. You stood up with him, grabbing him so that he wouldn’t fall. Hoping that you could support him enough to relieve him of even the slightest amount of pain.

“It shouldn’t be anymore than a ten minute walk. Hold on a little longer. You’ll be fine, I promise.” You both took slow steps, his weight getting heavier the more he slipped out of consciousness. Tears were stinging his eyes, and pants were leaving his mouth as the pain got worse with every step he took. Your words were the only thing guiding him, all of his senses swallowed in the flames of his pain, making him numb.

The walk seemed to take hours, even if it wasn’t more than the time you had guess it would take. Once finally back at your apartment, you lead him to one of your guest rooms. Carrying all of his weight, and switching the lights on, you set him on the queen sized bed. His eyes were screwed shut, small tears hanging to his eyelashes, as his chest heaved with heavy breaths. Looking at him in the light, you could finally see him clearly.

The ears that laid on the top of his head were black and coated in dirt that inhibited his whole body. The black strands of  hair that his ears ran into, were soaked and wetting the white pillow he was laying on. His face was covered in sweat and rain, painted by a pained expression that drew you back to the situation you were in. Snapping out of looking at him, you quickly moved to his stomach, kneeling on the white carpet floor.

“I’m going to lift up your shirt and look at your wound, okay?” Looking at his face, you asked the question, waiting for his answer. He barely nodded, but you took it as an okay. You lifted up his dark green shirt, eyes widening at the sight in front of you.

His toned stomach was bruised all over. Areas of all different sizes, purple and yellow, could be seen. Tears started well on the sides of your eyes as you kept looking. Not only were there bruises, but there were scratches and burns too. Scars from what looked like multiple types of knives laid on his body.

You reached out a shaking hand and rubbed over on of the largest ones, tears finally flowing from your eyes. As you moved your fingers lightly over the scar, you felt something wet. You froze and lifted your hand to your face to get a better look.

Red stained your fingertips, slowly dripping to the valley where your fingers met. The world started to move faster as you whipped your head back up to look at his stomach again. Seeing a large gash on his left side, you got up and ran to your bathroom.

Quickly flipping on your light switch, you ran over your marble tiled floor, almost slipping in your tights. Once you reached the sink, you quickly bent down and grabbed your first aid kid, rushing back to his side.

His breathing had gotten worse since you had laid him on the bed. His hands gripped the white cover next to him as sweat ran down his face. Opening the kit, you reached in and pulled out a gauze and some cleaning alcohol.

“This is going to be extremely painful, but it’ll keep the wound from getting infected. I’ll go slow and be as gentle as possible” You whispered the words, not even sure if he could hear you anymore. Slowly, you started moving the gauze over his wound.

He slightly tensed as you first cleaned around the wound, edging ever so slightly towards the actual gash. His breathing was slow, but heavy as he took in large breaths, barely conscious. Moving on to the actual gash, you went slowly and lightly, adding more alcohol here and there. Suddenly, you hit over the deepest part of the wound, causing the alcohol to go straight into his flesh.

His stomach tensed up as screams of pain started to leave his mouth. His ears perked up, and his eyes screwed even tighter together, as his eyebrows furrowed in what looked like excruciating pain. The covers started to twist and bundle in his clutch, the thrashing of his legs and head causing them to move from their original way. Tears started to not only stream down his face, but yours too as your vision started to become blurry.

The sight was horrifying, knowing that you were causing him even more pain then he was already in. The sounds of his voice and the knot in your throat that made it hard to breath, caused the room to start spinning. Your head pounded as you tried to focus on getting the wound cleaned and bandaged.Him trying his hardest to be as still as possible, wanting this to be over just as much as you, cause you to speed your movements up.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Was all you could chant as you cleaned the gash on his stomach, the wound larger than you thought. You finally stopped moving the blood soaked gauze, and bandaged his stomach up, tight enough so that the blood still flowing out slowed down.

His screams had stopped, but his hands still firmly clutched the covers. His face was dry of rain, but drenched with sweat and tears. You let your head fall lightly on his stomach, head still pounding as a dizzying nausea spread over you. Soft sobs and gasps for air left both of your mouths, chests shaking up and down in unison with every breath.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Were the only words you were capable of saying, over and over again, softly without fault. It was like a lullaby to both you, and the boy who’s name you hadn’t even had time to ask. Him falling asleep to the sound of your voice, and you falling asleep to the rise and fall of his chest, ended the first night of many more to come.

Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by anon: 48. “Don’t yell.” and Pride

Word Count: 300

Warnings: Angst

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Pride shut the door to his living space, turning around to face you.  He knew that after what he pulled today, that you would be upset with him.  He didn’t blame you for being angry.  He did what he felt was right and he couldn’t go back and change it, even if he wanted to.

“Dwayne what the hell,” you shouted.  “You can’t just put yourself on the line like that!  What if they would have shot you?  Then you had LaSalle lie to me?  Because you thought it would make me feel better?  Have you lost your mind?  Did you even consider how I would feel about this?”

“[Y/N], darlin’, don’t yell,” Pride spoke calmly, reaching for your arms.  “Ya don’t understand.”

You turned away from Pride, sitting on the edge of his bed.  “You’re right, I don’t understand you Dwayne Pride,” you mumbled, resting your head in your hands.  “How can you scold me for doing the same thing a few weeks ago, and then do the same thing to me.  Not only that, but you took it a step further.  You expected them to hurt you, and you didn’t even want me to know.”

The agent sat down next to you, resting his hand on your knee.  “Ah couldn’t tell ya [Y/N],” Pride noted in a hushed voice.  “Ah’d rather have ya be furious with me.  It’s better than you bein’ a nervous wreck.  Ah’m sorry ‘bout what ah did, but ya gotta understand that ah did it for you…”

“I’m gonna go for a walk,” you sniffled, wiping the tears away from your cheeks.  “I’ll be back in a little bit, okay?”

As you left the room all he could do was hope that you would come back still wanting to be with him.

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In response to the current hate towards Lana Parrilla

I usually don’t make serious posts like this but I felt like I had to make this.

@ all haters- please read this before you continue to poison everyone’s feeds with annoying bs. I don’t care what you say, Lana does not deserve this crap. Here are some reasons as to why:

1. Lana was giving her opinion in terms of her character and how her character felt about Hook. She never said that she personally hated CS or Hook (though that doesn’t seem to be the main issue I’m seeing, I just wanted to make this clear)
2. She did not kill SQ so shut up. She said that Hook makes Emma happy, she did not say that she had anything against SQ (in fact she’s shown a lot of support for it in the past) or even mention the SQ romantic relationship so your point is invalid (I’m also seeing people hating on SQers and can I just say- if you’re one of the few shitty SQers then you should shut up too, but if you’re not, if you’re not problematic or horrible then the majority of the fandom like you and respect you, it’s just the arseholes who spread so much hate towards you and your ship)
3. Lana said that stuff bc her “fans” were being downright RUDE. They asked her a question, she answered and she had people shouting in the crowd at her?? That’s not okay- she was asked a question, respect her answer or if you feel the desperate need to scream then please wait until they’ve finished speaking??
4. I love the show very much but can I just say it’s FICTIONAL FGS!! STOP hating on people because of what they think- this goes for whether it’s someone posting about a ship you don’t ship or whether it’s an actor who’s character you don’t like- I don’t give a crap, if you do this then STOP. It’s a shitty thing to do so please stop spreading hate.
5. Basically, to summarise, if you hate on people because they have different opinions on a TV show to you then please do everyone a favour and shut the hell up bc we don’t want to have to listen to you or your bullshit.

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I loved that last jelly Hanzo you did! Made me wanna imagine Reaper or McCree falling for a loyal married woman, spying on them together, wracking their brain trying to figure out how to make her leave him. So it becomes like this big pride thing like he has to forcibly show her how much better he is by making her wet or cum whether she wants it or not? "This is what a real man feels like." "Ya just not used to me. I'll make it fit." Or even " I hope he comes home and see's how perfect we are."

I really want to write this

Every day, every single day you were thankful for your husband. Your life before him had been such…Chaos. You worked with men who… weren’t very good at much except for making trouble, and you felt relieved that now you could live your cookie cutter perfect life with your perfect husband. Well, so you thought. Your past would come back quick to chase you in the form of a man you knew by the name of Gabriel Reyes. He’d appear in your home to remind you of what you were, and how you and him could wreak havoc if you’d come back. You felt flattered but you weren’t much but a low life gang member, but the higher ups from the organization you worked under kept a close eye, especially this man who had an unhealthy obsession with you.

“Reyes I’m flattered, but this is my life now.” You’d sigh, he always came back, like a chronic illness and after a few months you’d come to enjoy his presence in your home. You had no kids, your husband wouldn’t let you work, all you did was clean and watch TV all day. You felt…wrong but when he took his mask off for the first time well, who am I kidding? He was hot…

A strong chiseled chin, skin scarred with years of fighting and battles, each one telling a story that had you captivated.

When he wasn’t around you…he fantasized about you, making you his in every way, just waiting for the day you’d leave your husband and come be his. He eventually shared this one day when the two of you were having lunch, he pressed you against your countertop, looming over you as your heart raced and legs shook.

“Believe me, querida. Fake your death and he’ll move on. Average men like that need average women…not vixens like you.” He smirked, tracing your face with those…clawed gloves that made you shiver below him, your glare turned into a lusty gaze as your body felt weak under him. Your husband was so…vanilla in bed, and you couldn’t have children with his impotency.

“Gabriel, cheating is wrong…” you sighed as he lifted your chin, “I won’t do it…” You sighed as you backed up, only for him to crash his lips against yours, sending your mind into a slight daze that made you dizzy below him.

“Then I’ll have to show you what’s right…” He growled, “My patience is wearing thin.” he panted a bit, lifting your dress skirt, tearing it so he could get a better view of the panties you had under. You began to struggle, you really did try but he was too strong, he’d spread you legs and kneel down to lick you through your panties before just ripping them off and slamming in his own throbbing erection causing tears to well in your eyes.

“I know those aren’t tears of sadness…” He smirked as you moaned, holding him so he could get a better leverage with his thrusts, “It hurts, doesn’t it? I’ll make it fit, you’re not used to it being this big huh…”

“Yes…” You gasped softly as you wrapped your legs around him, “Yes~!” You’d scream as he thrust up, growling in your eat before biting down on your neck roughly causing you to blush a bit, you were liking this too much. And before you could contemplate kicking him off he’d pulled out and bent you over the countertop with a smirk.

“This is what a real man feels like…look at you, shaking.” He smirked, grinding against you, “Should I stop?” He said as he grabbed your hips. You bit your lip, not saying yes but . . sure as hell not saying no…

“Going once…” He let a hand go…

“Going twice…” the other…

“No…” You blushed as your hips swayed a bit towards him.

“No, what?”

“Don’t stop…” that’s all you had to say, if he would ever admit it, he was aching from not being back inside your heat. He pulled your cute ponytail as he thrust in, making you cry out louder with each thrust. Oh fuck, was he not wearing a condom? “W..wait…” You blushed, still on your toes as he wrapped a glove hand around your neck, ignoring you as you felt him hitting all the right spots.

“Look how cute you are under me…” He growled as he slammed up, having to let go of your neck because your legs were giving out from the pleasure, you were already going to cum, you didn’t want it to stop but he just hit harder and hard until…

“Gabriel~!” You moaned, releasing all over him, his lips curling into a tight smirk as he observed the mess you made, he couldn’t help but bite his lip when he finished in you too.

“I hope he comes home and sees just how perfect we are..” He growled, kissing the back of your neck as he pulled out.

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For qotd: in my country (Slovenia) they tryed to legalize marriage and adoption for same gender couples and the Church was strongly opposing that. They said that gays and lesbians will sexually abuse kids. The irony is, there were no reported cases of that, but there were many cases of priests abusing kids. It makes me sick.

I don’t understand how legalizing marriage would make sexual assault happen more tho even if it did happen? Like? If you really think that lgbt people are just sexual predators would we be predators before our marriage was legalized? How would that change a single thing? I don’t get it.

Adoption I get how their bigoted minds led them there but marriage that makes no sense.

Thanks for sharing! 💕

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I love Louis' voice the best. It sounds so boyish yet handsome if that even makes sense! Then Alyn and Leo. I don't really like Sid's or Gile's voice. Byron and Nico didn't stand out. For the suitors' voices how would you rank them? Best to least favorite

HAHHA yes I know a few tumblrs that prefer Louis hehe. and I always send them his voice just to watch them squirm smile :>

Best suitor voice to Least

1. Leo (did you HEAR THAT ORGASMIC surprised gasp he did in 100DP UNF? and when he gets all raspy ughn

2. Sid (I got a weakness for deep voices xD)

3. Byron (deep voices member. mmm~)

4. Nico ( it’s a lil boyish but it has a sexy quality to it when he gets riled up or excited huhueue)

5 Alyn ( hehehe I like when I piss him off xD the gruffness is best xD)

6. Albert (I actually like it about the same as Alyn but *giggle* best when he’s accidentally fanboying over Byron)

7. Rayvis ( He’s got a soothing voice but not enough to really spark me that much)

8. Robert (his is okay but nothing that I really get too excited over tbh)

9. Giles ( it’s still a bit deep so.. that’s a plus but meh….  they make him  so…. MEH  xD)

10. Louis ( DON’T KILL ME ANON-CHAN) (hahaha. it’s the shyish boy tone that just… rubs me the wrong way. don’t get me wrong, sometimes Nico can get like that but not so much. he is still slightly deeper so it’s not as…..displeasing to me personally. but there are times I do like louis’s voice  more though)

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"Why didn't they vlive their sex," bitch you disgust me too, I'm over here trying to stay in my lane aND LOOK WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO ME. 😂 nah but seriously I think that other anon needs to take a joke, I can't imagine how uptight they must actually be. Anyone who can't appreciate some good vkook needs to make a doctors appointment ASAP. You keep doing you, those faceless anons will sadly always be there, but don't forget about the ones who really matter. ❤️


nah boo i aint even worried about the anon, i know i got amazing people like you on deck so im happy! 


Wow! There are no words in the English language for this girl, I’m i infatuated with her smile and how she is. There will not be a day that would go by where I don’t appreciate the love and respect this girl. She has always been here for me since the very beginning. Yes we had a very rough and slow start but I wouldn’t have gone through what we been through and what we are going to go through with anyone else. She knows how I am knows how to treat me and look after me she makes me smile even when I have no reason to, I love how she listens to me when I’m rambling on about something she has no idea about but yet makes out like she on ball with everything hahahah I just love u and I want you to know that. Ur special delicate and most importantly ur mine.
If I did anything right in life it was when i first spoke to you,from then on it was clock work, as the great Steve wonder sang,
Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderful
Isn’t she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we’d be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn’t she lovely made from love
Isn’t she pretty
Truly the angel’s best
Boy, I’m so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I can’t believe what God has done
Through us he’s given life to one
But isn’t she lovely made from love
Isn’t she lovely
Life and love are the same
Life is Aisha
The meaning of her name
Londie, it could have not been done
Without you who conceived the one
That’s so very lovely made from love

I just want you to know I love u more everyday and I can’t wait for the day I put a ring on ur oddly looking long finger 😂😂😂joke 😘 and call you my wife and look after u protect you love u and be ur best friend for the rest of our life’s and may he make it easy for us.


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.


#we don’t talk about this beautiful boy’s insecurity enough #and we should #because isak valtersen blames himself for things that are out of his control #and he’s so blinded by this misplaced guilt that he can’t see #that bad things don’t necessarily happen because of him #(and that maybe he’s worth a small ounce of regret once in a while) #but he doesn’t need to apologize for something that is not his fault #and this small parallel was so important to me #because it’s just that #just a small little detail #but i was so glad someone finally told him that it’s not his fault #it’s not always his fault #and maybe from here on out #after everything he’s been through #after everything he’s accepted about himself #he’ll finally start loving himself enough to start believing that

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

zach dempsey: lucky charm

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x reader

Warning(s): Really freaking cute Zach Dempsey

Word Count: 299

Gif: @joeck

A/N: I really love @joeck, please go follow them!

It was 5:46 and you just arrived at school. Your mom works early and you don’t drive, so you have to leave early too. Every morning you hear the dribble of a basketball in the gym. You usually just play your music and leave it be, but today, you were intrigued. Who was playing basketball at 6:00 in the morning?

You peeked through the door space. You couldn’t see much of the figure, other than sporatic flashes of the baby blue jersey. You crept into the gym, revealing the school basketball star Zach Dempsey. You closed the door behind you as quietly as possible. You stood by the bleachers, watching him dribble the ball. He jumped up and aimed the ball at the basket. He missed the basket entirely.

“Dammit!” He swore. He chased the ball to the gym wall. With the ball between him and the wall, he rested his head against it. He fist pounded against the mats.

He turned around and dribbled the ball across the court. He jumped up, threw the ball and it hit the backboard. Luckily, it bounced into the basket. You smiled to yourself and physically celebrated the shot. You were sure not to make a noise.

He continued playing, making all his shots. He jumped onto the basket, making a slam dunk. He let out a hearty laugh. You clapped you hands, which gained his attention.

You paused. “I hope you don’t mind,” you started. “I heard the dribbling. I just wanted to see who was up.”

He walked to the edge of the court with the ball against his side. Panting, he asked, “How long were you standing there?”

He wasn’t upset that you were there, not even bothered.

“Well,” you checked your phone for the time: 6:13. “Almost half an hour.”

He smiled. “Did you see me missing all my shots?”

You stepped out from beside the bleachers. “I saw one. Then you got back up and made the shots after.”

He walked over to the bleachers, sitting beside where you stood. He tapped the spot beside him, beckoning you to sit. You did so and he wiped his sweat from his forehead on the collar of his jersey.

“Y'know, before you got here,” he panted. “I couldn’t make any shots. Maybe one out of, lemme see, fifteen. Then the moment I was about to shower and give up, I felt completely at ease. Like, an extra rush of adrenaline.”

You nodded, not really looking at him. You always found him attractive. He was a sweet guy– dumb, but sweet.

“It’s like you’re my lucky charm,” Zach smiled.

Slight Changes || Park Jimin

Originally posted by lonastic

Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

“You can’t be serious Y/N, it wasn’t even my fault.” You ignored Jimin’s voice as you stormed away from him and walked into the kitchen. The only thing you wanted to do right now was get away from him, but it seemed that no matter how far you got from him he would just appear right behind you again.

“Yes, Jimin, I am serious. What would make you think otherwise?” Your tone was bitter, anger flooding through you and exiting in the form of words. There was no other way for you to release it so you just had to deal with trying your best to stay calm and not completely flip out on your boyfriend. Jimin sighed loudly before speaking again, causing you to turn around and look at him.

“She was just a fan, fan’s get close. It’s not my fault.” He argued. You rolled your eyes, feeling more anger rise at the fact that he was trying to defend himself over this. The picture had been all over twitter and it seemed that ARMY’s were going crazy over it. They had been tweeting it at you, waiting for some kind of reaction, but you held back until the moment he got home and you could confront him about it.

“It’s your fault that you didn’t try to ask her to move, and it’s your fault that you didn’t mention me, you know, your girlfriend.” You said.

“God you always get like this.” Jimin’s tone surprised you, and you couldn’t help but feel a little taken aback by his words. There wasn’t anything about it that was very different, just a slight undertone of frustration that you weren’t used to. Jimin was always calm with you, even now while you were practically yelling at you he was keeping his normal tone.

“What do you mean I always get like this?” You asked.

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Small message from op:

Okay so I spent the last hour making 10 lgbt+ userboxes. Now, I’ve seen people blow up like “Notice how op didn’t add [insert sexuality/romantic orientation here] but added [insert one of above sexualities/romantic orientations, most likely asexual]” On posts like thisWell guess what, I didn’t search any of the sexuaities nor did I get a list. I just thought of an even number of userboxes to make and was like “Well, imma do this cause im bored lol”. So if I get any of your bullshit discourse on here, imma be pissed. So enjoy~ Everyone is free to use wherever I don’t really care.

Friends that will think this is cool/userbox blogs that might think its cool:

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A beautiful, dark-haired man now approached. He was perhaps a few years older than her, but carried himself so gracefully that she felt small and unmolded before him. His sapphire eyes fixed on Elide, clever and unruffled—and sad. “Kaltain Rompier saved your life? And gave you that?”

He knew her—had known.

Manon Blackbeak said in a faint, amused voice, “Lady Elide Lochan of Perrath, meet Dorian Havilliard, King of Adarlan.” The king lifted his brows at the witch.
—  Empire of Storms, Sarah J Maas, Chapter 57.