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euphoric - tom holland imagine #3

“You’re sick and Tom is very headset on wanting to hang out with you. Even if it includes surprises.” 

 Type : fluffy shit!

 Warnings : maybe some feels? 

 Notes : I wrote this a few months back but didn’t get around to finish it. Now I did! Enjoy!


It was a particularly cold day. The sky outside was painted a dull grey colour, which matched perfectly with your mood. You had been sick for several days and you were forced to stay at home with the terrible cough you were having. Every time you coughed, it felt like your lungs were about to eject themselves out of your body. So it was good to say that you felt like absolute crap and you thought nothing could liven your spirits.

That was, until you got a phone call from a certain Brit.

You grabbed your phone from under the pillow and slid the green icon without checking who the caller was. Putting your phone on your ear, you let out a weak ‘hello’.

“Y/N! How are you?” The familiar accent rang out. Your eyes widened.

“H-Hey Tom! I’m okay, how are - “ you didn’t even manage to finish your sentence as you let out another painful cough, “you?”

“Woah, you alright there?” He asked.

You tried to suppress the cough that was threatening to come up by clearing your throat.

“Yep, just choked on my juice,” you lied, rubbing your forehead with the back of your hand.

“I’m just fine, I was wondering if you wanted to join little Tess and I on a walk? It’s a nice windy day and we haven’t hung out in forever.”

You winced, pinching the bridge of your nose with your free hand.

Of course, you hadn’t seen each other in so long. Tom was always out of town and busy with his career, so it was rare that the both of you hung out. You had missed him terribly, especially since you had developed a big crush on the boy.

After two months without his presence, he was finally back for a little break. And of all the days he wanted to hang out, he had to pick the day which you had a really bad cold.

“That sounds really nice and all, Tommy,” you absent-mindedly used your favourite nickname for him, “but I’m afraid I can’t really get out of the house now.”

“Oh,” you could hear the disappointment seeping through his voice, “why not?”

“I’m just really busy with homework. I have an essay I’m supposed to hand in at five,” you lied smoothly, resisting the urge to cough.

Tom made a humming noise from the other side of the line and sighed, “okay then. I’ll ask Harry to go with me. Maybe we can hang out soon?”

Your heart fluttered and a blush began to form on your cheeks.

“Yeah, totally. We can go out for lunch. Catch up and all.”

There was a little silence that formed as you laid down, playing with the string on your sweatpants. He didn’t hang up, and neither did you. Neither of you really wanted to hang up. There were many words on the tip of your tongues, but it was difficult to let them out.

Tom finally broke the silence.

“You know, I really miss you.”

You couldn’t help but widen your eyes, surprised at the statement. He had missed you? It didn’t seem like it.

“I miss you too,” you replied honestly, “like a lot.”

“We haven’t seen each other in so long.”

“Feels like forever, doesn’t it?”


There was that silence again. You bit your lip, not knowing if you should say what’s on your mind. You wanted to tell him how much exactly you missed him.

It was so evident in how you acted. How you had spent many days staring at pictures of the two of you on your phone. How you dressed yourself in one of the grey hoodies he had left at yours before he left for Atlanta. How you wrote down about your memories with each other on your notebook so you couldn’t forget them. How you listened to Spotify playlists that reminded you of him. How you tried to watch movies that you saw with him, but not being able to continue them because of the painful ache in your chest from missing him too much.

But you couldn’t.

You were just his close friend.

“Well, we’ll see each other soon. Promise,” you managed to let out after another minute of silence.

You could feel Tom’s smile, “yeah, very soon.”

There was a slightly different tone to his voice and you immediately recgonised it as the tone he had when he thought of something great. Before you could ask him what he was up to, he bade a quick goodbye and hung up the phone.

You stared at your phone, confused. Shrugging, you snuggled into your pillows as you let out another painful cough. You closed your eyes, wishing for the pain to stop.


It was about eight at night when the doorbell to your house would not stop ringing. You woke from your sleep, groggy from the six hour nap you had taken. Confusion took over you as you got up from your bed. You took a  glance at the clock on your wall.

Who was at the door? The postman never came this late, and it wasn’t like you had ordered anything.

All your friends were out of town since they took a roadtrip, which you had hesitantly dropped out of from being too sick.

Your parents were out at dinner since it was their annual date night.

Who could it be?

The person didn’t stop ringing the doorbell, which just added to your annoyance. You adjusted the oversized hoodie on your body and yelled out for the person to wait.

Without looking at the peephole, you turned the door knob and opened the door.

There stood, the familiar brunette standing outside your flat. A beanie was pulled over his fluffy brown hair and he sported his usual get-up, which was a hoodie and a pair of dark blue jeans. He had a shy smile plastered across his face and a bag of takeout in his right hand. In the other, he held a bouquet of your favourite flowers.The sweet smell of the flowers and the scent of Thai food almost made you throw up.


He grinned sheepishly, “hello.”

“What the hell are you doing here?” you asked, your eyes wide open.

Tom’s face fell, “I just.. Just came to surprise you and bring you Thai food. I know how studious you can get sometimes. I didn’t know I came at a bad time.”

You almost slapped yourself. You were acting way too hostile for the situation at hand.

“I’m sorry, no. You didn’t come at the wrong time. I was just,” you didn’t even get to finish as you let out a painful and loud cough.

This caused some alarm from Tom.

“Y/N? You okay?”

You couldn’t answer. Breathing was already getting quite difficult to do. All you did was stumble over to the sofa and plop down on it, holding your chest as you tried to take in deep breaths.

Tom immediately reacted, setting down the flowers and food on the coffee table before rushing to your side. He soothingly rubbed your back as you wheezed. After a few minutes, you finally calmed down and got your breathing back to normal. You thanked Tom softly and leaned back on the sofa, resting your back on the backrest.

“You okay? Need anything? Water, an inhaler, medicine?” He asked quickly, making you wave your hand dismissively. That had quickly silenced him.

The Brit copied your actions and the both of you stared up at the wall above you.

“You didn’t tell me you were sick.” he started.

“I don’t want you to worry. You always worry whenever I’m sick.”

He almost scoffed, “of course I get worried, Y/N. I don’t like it when you’re sick.”

“You have enough on your plate than to worry about a sick friend of yours,” you reminded him.

“I care about you, Y/N. That’s why I get worried too. You’re my friend.”

Those words stung your heart. You’re his friend. And that’s all you were going to be.

“Right. You found anyone special while in Atlanta?” That was your pathetic attempt at changing the subject. You knew how Tom was a charming lad, so it would be no surprise if he had found a girl in America. Even though you knew it would hurt you to know, you still wanted to know.

“Nah,” Tom chuckled, “although, I’ve been keeping an eye on this other girl.”

“Oh,” you raised your eyebrows as you faced him. He was still looking up at the ceiling while you stared at him unknowingly. “What’s she like?”

“She’s nice. Beautiful. Hilarious. Kind. Loving. But she’s also really stubborn. Still everything I ever wanted in a woman,” he let the words roll off his tongue.

“That’s lovely. What else?” you asked, feeling your heart break slowly.

Whoever she was, she was everything you were not.

“Whenever she’s with me, I feel so happy. Like, I can’t even describe to you how happy she makes me. The feeling itself is so..” he couldn’t quite find the words to finish.

“Euphoric?” You finished for him.

Tom smiled.

“Yeah. Euphoric,” he breathed out, letting his eyes close for a bit.

“You know what’s the best part though?”

You hummed, letting him answer.

“She’s staring right at me.”

He lazily turned his head so that he was facing you. He opened his eyes and looked back into your eyes intently. Tom let a small smile crawl into his face, although his nerves were everywhere.

For a moment, it felt like your heart had stopped beating. You couldn’t breathe. He didn’t mean you?

“And,” Tom licked his lips slowly, “I’m wondering if she feels the same.”

The answer to that was quite simple as you leaned in and collided your lips with his. Tom let out a sound of surprise before composing himself, kissing back and practically melting. He touched your cheek gently. Your lips moved in sync as you tangled you tangled your fingers in his hair, slipping off his beanie in the process.

You pulled away and apologized, giggling at his messy hair.

All Tom could do was grin widely, ignoring the fact that he was probably going to get sick from kissing you. He didn’t care, that was all he had craved.

The woman he had loved for so many months had finally kissed him.

She felt the same way.

“She does,” you simply answered.

The feeling in your head was something you couldn’t quite describe as he leaned in for another kiss.

Euphoric. Yes, that was it.

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Because your last post asked for it, I had pizza for dinner and wondered if you could write something about Draco's thoughts on pineapples on pizza 😂❤

Ron: Will you please tell your bloody boyfriend he can’t order pineapple on our pizza?

Harry: No thanks.

Ron: What do you mean no thanks?

Draco: If it’s so offensive, buy your own pizza.  Mrs. Weasley forget you give you your lunch money?

Ron: Fucking what, mate?

Harry:  *deep sigh* you know you can just call her Hermione.

Ron: Well, can we at least get pineapple and ham?

Draco: Again, I’m getting pineapple and pepperoni.  You can’t have pineapple without something spicy.  If you don’t want that, order your own.

Ron: Harry’s the one buying, why are you getting to make all the decisions?

Draco: How much detail, exactly, do you need to understand why Harry let’s me have what I want?

Harry: *leaves*

Harry: *returns 30 minutes later*


Draco: Where have you been? We haven’t even decided on a pizza.

Harry: I thought you said you wanted Thai. *hands Ron an order of sukiyaki*

Draco: But Harry, you said I could have…

Harry: *hands Draco an order of extra spicy pineapple fried rice*

Draco: *looks at Ron*  I win.

Ron: That’s not even the same thing, how is that winning?

Harry: *muttering to himself*  I literally did not die and come back for this.

CREDIT to the gif maker of this gif and to the inspiration behind this imagine

“See you later Ned.” I said, waving goodbye to him.

“Good luck on your gift Romeo!” he shouted. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, a small smile forming. I gripped into the strap of my backpack and headed down the street, bumping into someone.

“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed.

“I didn’t know we were both so clumsy Parker.” a familiar giggle announced. I looked up and saw Y/N.

“There’s a lot of stuff we have in common.” I blurted. She cocked an eyebrow and smiled. My heart did a flip and I swallowed.

“I know we weren’t suppose to give our gifts already but…” she said, reaching into her backpack. She pulled out a small box and handed me a bag.

“Oh Y/N..” I said, handing them back.

“Nah uh. I couldn’t wait. Are you going to open it?” she asked, her eyes sparkling. I smiled and nodded, giving her the box to hold. I opened the bag and smiled.

I pulled out two shirts and a canvas drawing with all three of us: Me, Ned and Y/N. I touched the canvas, feeling the dry paint and outlining the features of us.

“Y/N…this is amazing. How long did this take?” I asked, looking up at her. She blushed slightly and laughed.

“Almost two weeks. But it wasn’t difficult. Besides the time I ran out of paint and nearly stained half my clothes.”

She handed me the box, taking the other stuff and I hesitated. She looked at me in confusion, and I smiled, pulling the bow string. Inside were some new headphones and a new disc for my computer.

“No way! How did you get this?” I exclaimed, marveling at the disc.

“You know my uncle runs a computer shop down in Brooklyn. I did some work for him and he gave me this.” she smiled. I picked her up , twirling her around in a hug and she squealed. I set her down and held onto her, staring into her eyes.

“You’re amazing you know that?”

She blushed and nodded.

“I know I am. You better get home before May kicks your butt.” she giggled, grabbing her bag and waving goodbye.


“MAY! I need your help!” I shouted as soon as I opened our door. I heard clattering and walked to the noise which was in the kitchen

“Jesus Peter! You scared me.” she gasped, clutching her chest and a mess of noodles on the floor. I pouted.

“Sorry May.. I-I just have some girl troubles.” I sighed, helping her clean up. She dropped what she had in her hands and grabbed mine, bringing us both up.

“Girl problems?? Screw dinner let’s get some Thai food.” she said excitedly.

We got down and immediately she tried hounding me into telling her. She even used larb puns which, in my opinion, weren’t half bad.

“So what’s wrong Peter?” she asked, giving up on her larb jokes.

“You know how Ned, Y/N, and I are having our 3 year friendship anniversary tomorrow? I still haven’t made a gift for Y/N and I don’t know how to start.” I sighed. May nodded, cocking an eyebrow.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“I wanted to do something with music since she loves it. I was thinking a CD or an old cassette tape.” I explained. She nodded and took out a small notepad and pen from her bag. She began scribbling down on it.

“Songs she likes or songs that are her?” she asked.

“I wanted to do some on the music she likes. And some on what I think of her.” I swallowed. May smiled.

“You like her Peter. I can tell by the way you look at her whenever she comes by to study.”

“I do not.” I argued, my cheeks burning.

“Okay. Maybe you don’t like her. You might larb her.” she smirked. I rolled my eyes but smiled.

“Okay… Maybe I like her, but that’s beside the point May.” I huffed.

“Well tell me what you like or notice about her. It might help me with the songs.” she said. I nodded and started listing off the things I liked about Y/N.

“I like the simple things she does. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear only to have it fall back into her face…. The way she bites the inside of her cheek or her lip when she’s nervous… The way her eyebrows furrow when she’s concentrating creating-”

“A crease?” May interrupted. I nodded and she smiled, taking notes.

“The way her glasses fall or when a loose hair falls into her face and she blows it away, only for more to come back, making her frustrated. Also the way her eyes light up whenever she gets excited. And her smile…” I sighed.

“Okay calm down Peter. I didn’t ask for the Bible.” May chuckled. I blushed and nodded. May wrote down something else, biting the end of the pen as she thought.

After a while, she handed me what she wrote and smiled proudly. I looked down and saw a list of songs.

“How did you..” I trailed off, seeing some songs Y/N liked. May shrugged.

“What can I say…. I hear her playing her music whenever she comes by. And I may have some more recommendations due to the things you said. But don’t ask for Ned. He’s a wild one.” May winked.

“Yeah… Yeah yeah yeah. Of course.” I said. We headed home and May taught me how to put songs onto a tape while I made another on a CD. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Ned you’re amazing!” Y/N cried as she held into her book. She hugged Ned and he laughed, patting her arm.

“I knew you were missing the second series and my mom’s friend was having a sale. I saw these and knew it was fate.” he chuckled as Y/N let him go.

“Last but not least is Peter.” Y/N smiled. I nodded and handed Ned his present, where he instantly ripped it open.

“Aw sick man!” he said, high-fiving me and showing it off to us. I smiled.

I had given him a new Star Wars Lego Set. The exclusive Yoda one, the one he’s been trying to get his hands on for a while now.

“How did you snag this​?!” he said, disregarding his other gifts. I shrugged.

“Mr. Stark helped me out.” I replied. Ned faked a sob and we all laughed and I felt my stomach tighten as Y/N smiled at me, her doe eyes filled with love. I swallowed and handed her the gift. She opened it slowly and covered her mouth.

“Did Mr. Stark help you with this too?” she asked, pulling out new paint brushes, two different sized sketchbooks and a small book, filled with coupons to the craft store she loved. I blushed.

“He insisted on helping with this but the next one, May helped.” I said, as she took out the smaller box. She opened it and saw my CD and underneath, the cassette tape. She touched her heart and hugged me.

“This is too sweet Peter.” she said. I chuckled and patted her back.

“It was nothing really.” I said. She let me go and flipped through the coupon book as Ned pulled me aside.

“Where are the roses?” she scowled.


“I thought you were going to confess to her?” he asked. I bit my lip.

“Not yet.. I-I can’t.” I sighed.

“I overheard John and his friends the other day… Flash might ask her out.” Ned said. I stared at him and looked back at Y/N.

“You’re not lying?” I asked. He shook his head and I believed him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I’ll get it May!” I shouted as the doorbell rang. I opened it and Y/N stood there.

“Hey Pete. What did you have to give me?” she asked as I let her in. I rubbed my hands together and sighed.

“It’s up on the balcony.” I said pointing behind me. She followed and I looked at May. She gave me a thumbs up and mouthed , “Go for it.”

We stood there, admiring the sunset. I tried making a move but I didn’t know how and I felt how confused she was because she kept asking if I was okay.

“Y/N… I like you.” I blurted out after a while. She turned to me.

“You do?” she asked. I nodded. She came closer and hugged me, surprising me.

“I figured you did.” she whispered in my chest.

“How?” I asked.

“I was listening to the tape and the first song was ‘Crush’ by David Archuleta.” she giggled, looking up at me.

Dammit May….

“I do like you.” I said looking down at her, my cheeks burning. She bit her lip and looked me in the eyes. She stood on her toes and connected her lips to mine, surprising me again. I kissed her back, wrapping my arms around her.

We stopped once we heard someone yell a “yes!” from inside. We turned to look and saw May dancing around. I groaned and Y/N giggled.

“So… Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked. She shook her head no and I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

“I’ll do you one better. Girlfriend and best friend.” she smiled. I smiled and cupped her cheek, kissing her.

Another yes was yelled from inside, along with a woo hoo. Y/N and I laughed, turning away and watching the rest of the day, turn into night.





The Rag Doll - Part 8

Modern AU

Ivar x OC

Words: 3.318

Tag: @float-autumn-leave, @iamwarrenspeace, @sereniti9, @wavesofjoyy, @readsalot73, @irishhiggins.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

Let me know if you wanna be tagged and your thoughts about the history. :)

I was shocked, the Lady is rich, probably richer than the Lothbroks, if that’s possible. We were sitting at the living room, Lady was really nervous, I was even more, but I can’t show that to her.

‘‘What if this is the wrong house?’‘ Lady said with an anxious tone.

“Lady, don’t worry, the butler already told us that you own this house. This is the right place, you have a family Lady, a family that loves you very much.” She hugged me tightly, I think that she sees me as daughter, she same way I see her as mother.

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HI I LOVE YOUR BLOG, IT'S SO CUTE. Anyway, um. Can i, please, request some MTMTE Whirl and/or TFP Starscream with a very smol and kind and cute cybertronian s/o. Like, s/o is so sweet and caring, how did they even end up in this world. And then someone says something NOT GOOD about mech and s/o's in RAGE and they can roast that someone without using any swear words or anything. Like, THAY ARE MINIBOT AND SO SMOL, but when someone fites their bae they're just kike "FITE ME". Sry thats too long ><

Nah dude it’s fine c:



- You two were just doing your things, not really paying attention.

- But when someone said something that set s/o off, it was like hell had become pg rated.

- They went off instantly, arguing with the other and setting up a good defence that couldn’t be denied at all; damn s/o was good.

- Whirl is amazed that such a small bot can have this much anger just explode from them.

- He may also have a boner. Be careful.



- With s/o being a small and silent bot, he never really expected them to enter an argument. Ever.

- So when they get in to an argument so heated both parties are yelling, he is definitely surprised as all hell.

- S/o had enough to back up their claim and easily squashed the other bot; and not a single cuss was dropped from their side.

- A little unruly, but they handled themselves like a mcfuckin champ.

- Starscream is so happy and proud. Bless his s/o.

Language lessons w/ Ten
  • my baby finally got a request after so long!!! <3<3
  • it’s been 84 years since my last ten request i’m so happy lmao
  • btw, the whole request is actually ten and the reader reading each other’s languages, not only thai so yeah
  • and the cutie who requested this told me that her native language is also spanish so i’ll make a mix of spanish and thai words here lmao
  • i’ll translate everything for y’all but it may be a bit confusing lmao
  • but let’s start!!!
  • sooo,,,,,,  (◡‿◡✿)
  • probably this baby was really interested in the culture of your country and your native language even before being both of you started to date
  • he would love to ask lots of things about your country, the culture, your past everything
  • specially if you’re from a different continent, that would be the coolest thing for him
  • and he loves it when you show him photos of idk food of your country or things you do as traditions and that kind of stuff
  • he loves how happy you seem while talking about your hometown and how your eyes shine as you play cute memories inside your head
  • and when you ask the same things about thailand he gets super excited and could talk non stop for hOurs
  • he loves talking about his family and about idk his school and the places he used to go to with his friends and things like that
  • he also loves cooking thai food for you and would always laugh when you fail to pronunce the super long and complicated names of the foods
  • the thing is that him asking you to translate things to spanish or to be constantly asking you to speak for him is something normal
  • and you probably ask him to speak in thai all the time
  • “but y/n, i think i forgot how to speak thai”
  • “dON’T sAY tHAt”
  • it makes me so anxious when he says that
  • fuck no chittaphon don’t you fucking dare
  • lmao, but let’s start with the story now
  • okay sooo,,,,,  (◠﹏◠✿)
  • this little language classes happened because,,,, as i told you,,, he l o v e s hearing you talk in spanish and is constantly asking you to speak for him
  • and he would always try to copy what you’re saying and even copying your accent, and obviously doing it horribly
  • “why do you say it weird”
  • “i’m not saying it weird, that’s you accent”
  • “shut up, don’t ruin my accent”
  • and you would do the same thing whenever he speaks thai, repeating after him and failing terribly
  • “sAdRicAP”
  • “wtf y/n, no, it’s สวัสดี”
  • “sUOriCRaP”
  • “i’m done with you, y/n, i’m giving you thai classes now”
  • and basically that was what happened, lmao (。◕‿◕。)
  • y’all would like to study in the mornings, maybe in a cozy cafe were y’all can be accompanied by warm cups of coffee and maybe some pastries
  • both of you would have matching notebooks and would share pens and pencils all the time
  • and he probably gets distracted easily and ends up doing cool ass draws 
  • or he would put too much effort on his notes, trying to make them seem colorful and pretty and just taking longer to copy
  • “stop procrastinating you ผู้หญิงเลว”
  • “oh, you got it right this time”
  • he probably spent like three classes trying to teach you basic things like the alphabet and then some numbers and then test your knowledge
  • “y/n, try writting my name in thai now”
  • “i can’t even write the romanized ver of your name ten are u kidding me”
  • and then he would make you do the same thing names of other of his family members and friends, and it actually does help you study
  • and when you’re the one giving him activities to do he’s always asking you lots of stuff 24/7
  • “can you remind me how to say seven in spanish”
  • “bro, I wrote it for you in the other page”
  • “yeah i know but i’m too lazy to change the page”
  • “what am i going to do with you,,, it’s siete btw”
  • but after all he would be a great teacher and student
  • he may be always bothering you and being more focused on the pastries beside him that in his notes but you can tell that he does put effort on it
  • when both of you went to your hometown to see your family for idk christmas or smth you could tell that his spanish was pretty good
  • and he could understand lots of the things that your family would say and it left you shooketh
  • and there was a moment when your mom was like
  • “so, chittaphon, how did you learn so much spanish in.. half of a year?”
  • “well, almost every morning me and y/n gives me some lessons, but i also brought some books that help me study and even some classes online!”
  • and you werethere like :O what
  • and then he just smiles at you with that innocent smile of his like “hehe sorry”
  • and that same night before both of you go to sleep and you ask him about it he’s like
  • “i wanted to surprise you! and your family, obviously”
  • “also, you do the same thing with thai. do you think i don’t check your phone?”
  • “wow, giving you my password was a bad idea”
  • “te amo, y/n”
  • “ฉันรักคุณมากเกินไป (i think is i love you too or smth similar idk)”
  • then he would smile super widely as he looks at you with shiny eyes before kissing your lips, still smiling in the kiss
  • fuck that sounds so cute
  • “let’s go to sleep, y/n”
  • “ราตรีสวัสดิ์ (goodnight), baby”
  • okay and the end bc 0 creativity am i right
  • fuck i love ten so muchhh
Putting Things In Perspective

Now, didn’t we have enough closets to stuff our clothes, beliefs, customs, accessories, footwear, perceptions and traditions in; that we made ourselves another to deal with in life, in real situations and not just ‘in our mind’

We, humans, have a tendency to associate words with feelings and imagery of course that is how our memory works.
How roses are always ‘so sweet and pretty in the wild’ and never taste so lovely when you force it down your throat;
Cactus is always 'it’s so thorny, oh no don’t touch it’ and never 'that is how it is as a plant, deal with it’;
Love story with heartbreak is always a tragedy, and never a lesson;
Love story without a heartbreak is sappy and never 'possibly real, possibly true’;
Physical illness is always addressed with, “oh did you take medicine? Oh did you go see a doctor? Did you get the tests done? What did the reports say? Oh my, your hemoglobin is at 10” and never is addressed with “I just met someone with cancer, and you’re dealing with a backache”
How mental illness is always a 'sign of craziness or lunacy or dealt with “there are more pressing issues at hand, like, global poverty” and never, never indicative of 'an emotional problem unaddressed’

You can tell there is something wrong when a guy who is an open dictionary for all kinds of 'stuff’ opens the incognito tab to google instead of “perfect girls dot net”, “how to know if I have depression” or “Top 10 reasons to live”
And someone hustling to make a mark as a food connoisseur, instead of searching for the “best Thai restaurant nearby”, it is “best psychologists, reasonably priced, far away from where I live”

If I tell you that I did not shower today,
you’ll say I do not understand the concept of basic hygiene,
but hey, I don’t even understand the concept of 'sucking it up because the illness is in your head instead of your knee’ or 'coming up with a ’reasonable’ excuse for missing work in the middle of the week’

So when my mother called me for lunch on a regular Saturday afternoon,
I almost stumbled, failing to stuff in the 'food for irrational thoughts’ from the past week inside my ribs and thighs.
Who needs a tender chicken breast when you have an elaborate array of thoughts to keep all your body parts broken and (dys)functional?And then she asked me if the meal had the right amount of salt in it, but I misheard it for sanity, and answered, “I don’t know.”
I asked roses for dessert later on, but she mistook it for broccoli instead,
I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, and that it wasn’t to outdo the taste of my thoughts in my head.
But I didn’t complain.

There is just so much to complain about, like when my voice mailbox complains about being ‘almost’ full.
Well, I am head-neck-arms-shoulders-deep full.
Now I don’t go about notifying people to delete their conversations that I play in my head on a loop. Do I?
That is why you, mailbox, exist. And that is why airplane mode exists.
(gah, that feels good)

Venting out helps, on social media, our timesharing stage with borrowed spotlights,
I use it for a full snap of the fancy, stale, cocoa cappuccino or
a zoomed out snap of my life-deprived eyes; wavy, stress-induced hairstyle;
almost-keeping-it-together smile
but the latter only posted on Facebook with the privacy setting changed to “only me”
or for videos of my dog barking at something I said in response or me talking to the voices in my head, trying to get them to shut up and listen for once;
again, the latter never seeing the light of my phone screen.

My mental health reminder every night at 2:14 am says, “Time to get some Headspace”
Sure it sounds as fancy as requesting one 'Iced Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit and Honey for my mind’
But trust me, it is as ugly as sorting your shit…in the toilet…with a bad case of diarrhea…with the flush not working…in the dead night.

I often think about the time when my bad turned into my worse,
when the 200% fake strong turned into 100% too sick to go out and 100% too tired to speak;
when I started depending on shared, relatable memes on my feed, and chickened out of therapy,
it was no longer “CASH ME OUSSIDE, HOWBOW DAH?” to my anxiety and depression;
it was no longer filled with metaphors and similes, and it was not funny
when I tried to overdose with the only treatment that could save me.

My New Stepbrother!

A/N: Well hello my lovebugs~ how y’all doin? Admin A here bringing you my very first fanfaic! OMG! Yes this is going to be my first long chapter fanfic! I am sooo excited to share with you all and I hope you all enjoy it as much a I enjoy coming up with the plot! I do have some ideas where I want to take this scenario but I don’t want to give anything until you read my first chapter! Kekek 

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Abandoned Chapter 9

INTRO | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 |

One, two, three, eventually four days passed. Making Chanwoo worrisome over Jai. Noticing that the food he had left out, for her was left untouched. Knocking everyday lightly on the door, hoping for a good away at least. But these days, Jai wouldn’t even bother to answer. He stood there, hesitating to knock on the door, instead seating himself next to the door, speaking to the door like a crazy person.

“Jai. Jai, please open the door. Or at least, knock on the door, twice so I know you’re alive.” running his hands up and down the door. Placing his ear on the door, hoping to hear the two knocks. Sure enough, he could hear, two soft knocks on the door. Smiling to himself, wondering what his next move could be.

“Come out, I promise Junhoe won’t be around you. You know you didn’t have to protect me. I’m a grown man, don’t need any protecting.” laughing through his response.

“It feels weird when a girl protects you.” leaning his head on the door, suddenly feeling the door open. Making him fall over onto the floor. Looking up at Jai, standing there, looking pale. Quickly picking himself off the floor, reaching his hands over to touch her face. But getting them rejected, as she turned her face the opposite way.

“Jai what’s wrong? I won’t hurt you,” he’s never seen this sulky side of Jai, and it made him concern.

Clearing her throat, before whispering under her breath. “I’m going to take a shower.” squeezing her way through, and into the bathroom. Standing confused, before turning his attention to the closed door.

Deciding to give her space, he walks over to the living room. Seating himself on the couch, next to Jinhwan. Pulling his hoodie over, while looking up at the ceiling.

“What’s up with you? Still sulking over that girl?” laughing through his respond. As Jinhwan turned his attention over at Chanwoo.

Sighing, while still concentrated on the ceiling, “Nothing. Just thinking about something.”

“Didn’t answer my question. I see you like a lost puppy dog when she ignores you. But I see that smile appear on your face when you see her. Don’t even get me started on Junhoe.”

“I don’t like her. Even if I do, I can’t be with someone like her. Speaking of Junhoe, where did he go?” taking his hoodie off, suddenly remembering about Junhoe’s presence.

“He’s been gone, ever since his little incident with Jai. The last thing he told me he was going, withYunhyeong to finish some deals. I think he said downtown with those Thai mobsters.”

“They went alone!?” picking himself off the couch, looking at Jinhwan.

“Yes, why?”

“Those fucken idiot’s. There going to get killed.”

“Nah they know how to defend themselves. Plus I doubt those mobsters, would kill them.”

“Where is the money you still owe us.” punching him harder, making him cough out blood.

“Huh?” the two man, gripping his arms tighter, as the man took another swing at his face.

“I paid it all off.” spitting out the blood, consuming in his mouth. Feeling disoriented as the next punch came at him with full force.

His body completely dropping onto the floor. Aching in pain, feeling a kick against his ribs. Coughing up more blood, looking up at the man, trying to spit out his words.

“Stop! I think the kid has enough.” One of the men, holding back the other, avoiding to get into more problems.

Kneeling himself down, tilting his head up. Pointing at the other body laid face down, unconscious. “You brought your friend to his death. Sucks, I wish you could have witnessed as he shriveled in pain.” Slapping his cheek, making his head fall onto the concrete. His foot digging into his spine,

“Tell me where the fuck my money is Yunhyeong?!?! I want the money you promised me.” digging his foot deeper into his spine. Making him yelp out in pain, practically crying.

“It’s in my pocket, it’s in my pocket.” crying through his response, as he felt the foot being taken off him.

Patting his head, before kneeling down and turning his body over, digging into his jacket. Retrieving a bundle of bills, stashed in his pocket. Smiling in content at the sight of his money. Tossing it in the air, then catching it. Giving Yunhyeong a glimpse of it, “See why did you have to make it hard. Was that beating really worth it now?”

Bringing himself to his knees, whistling at his henchmen to go ahead without him. “Shake that one, make sure he’s somewhat alive.” the two men following orders.

“He’s not breathing sir.” one of the men, kneeling down, fingers looking for a pulse.

Ruffling his hair, “Aissh. Just leave him there, we got what we needed.”

Turning his attention, to Yunhyeong, gripping onto his pants, shaking him off, “Your family is debt free now Yunhyeong. Too bad you paid that with your friend’s life. Nice doing business with you.” Ruffling Yunhyeong’s hair, before walking out of sight.

Dragging his body, aching in pain, as he dragged himself closer to Junhoe’s body. His eyes watering at the sudden stiffness of his body. Shaking him lightly, watching as his body flipped over, not flinching even once.“

"Junhoe….” shaking him harder.

“Junhoe… Please wake up.”

“Wake up please.” shaking him harder, but not getting a response. Placing his face into his shirt, crying on him, hoping by some miracle he would wake up.

“Junhoe….. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“Yunhyeong, Junhoe! Yunhyeong!”

Turning his attention over, watching as the blurry figure ran closer to him, trying to get a clearer picture of him. Until he noticed,

“Chanwoo. Help him, he’s not breathing!” crying out at Chanwoo.

Turning the knob off. Feeling the water drip off her body, pulling the curtains aside, picking up the towel. Rubbing the water off her body, noticing that she had no change of clothes. Walking herself over to the door, opening it, noticing Bobby standing outside.

“Here for you.” Throwing the clothes at her, standing there frozen.

Nodding, avoiding to talk much. Looking up at him, before hearing commotion happening in the living room.

“Hanbin! Bobby! Jinhwan!” Chanwoo’s voice echoing through the room.

Bobby quickly disappearing out of Jai’s site. Hearing voices chattering, quickly changing into the change of clothes, before rushing out. As she turned the corner, she saw Yunhyeong and Junhoe. Yunhyeong was bleeding from his mouth, with a bucket next to him. Junhoe was motionless on the table, Chanwoo, viciously trying to give him CPR.

Pushing two hands down on his heart, hoping Junhoe would start breathing. Making every attempt frantic, as he noticed nothing happening. His eyes starting to water, at the sight of his stiffness.

“Come on. Come on! Fucken breathe you dumbass.” pressing harder into his chest.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen. I’m sorry Hanbin.” pleading on the floor at the sight of him.

Hanbin didn’t hesitate to kick Yunhyeong in the face. Making him lay unconscious on the floor. “Serves you right you dumbass. Don’t you ever bring us down with you.” redirecting his attention over to Jai, standing in the middle of the hallway.

“You come here, come her!” making his way over to her, grabbing her arm, leading her over to Junhoe.

Jai completely confused at what Hanbin wanted her to do. She looked down at Junhoe, his bloody lips, blood all over his sweater, one eye completely shut. Analyzing all his bruises, and the blood flowing down his hair, down his cheek. Holding back the tears, as Hanbin pushed her closer to his body.

“Give him mouth to mouth.”

Turning herself around, “Why?”

“Why? Because we are all guys, and you’re the only girl. Now do it or I’ll blow your fuckin brains out.” pulling his gun out on her.

“Hanbin stop. Leave Jai out of this!” Chanwoo tries to pull the gun down. But gets stopped, as Jai pushes his hands away.

“I’ll do it.” Turning herself around. Pushing back her wet hair, before planting a kiss on his lips. Pushing air into his mouth, removing them, giving him CPR. After a couple of attempts, Jai felt no breathing against her face. She felt hopeless as every attempt became a fail to save him.

Giving it one more try, suddenly feeling Junhoe, cough as she pulls her lips back. Junhoe’s body frantically shaking on the table, Jai trying to push his body down, trying to soothe him. Everybody’s eyes, watching carefully as Jai soothed him. Slowly closing his eye, his heart beat trying to gain back its speed. Jai couldn’t help but watch helplessly.

“Get him to his room,” Hanbin says, pointing over at Chanwoo and Bobby. She watched as the two men, carried him upstairs and out of her view.

“As for you, go follow them. You’ll watch over him until he gets better.” brushing her over to the stairs.

Walking herself up the steps, trailing behind Chanwoo and Bobby. Before entering into Junhoe’s room. The black walls, highlighted with white lines, perfectly formed across the walls. The small bed in the center of it all, the flat screen tv, headphones scattered on a desk, with an empty photo frame. Bobby bumps into her, as he walked out, meanwhile Chanwoo looked at her, before walking out. Closing the door behind him. Slowly, walking over to Junhoe’s side, analyzing his body, trying to figure out her next move. Pulling one of the chairs, found in the room, scooting it over to the side of his bed. Hesitating to grab his hand, but then lightly placing her hand over his.

“Junhoe. I forgive you. I really do. I know you didn’t mean to hit me. But I couldn’t see Chanwoo get hurt. Seeing people get hurt, hurts me. I hope you can forgive me?” tears falling onto his hands. Suddenly feeling his hand, tighten softly over hers, as if he could hear her. Looking up to see Junhoe turning his head towards her. His black eye, and dried blood on his face, as she wiped away a tear from his eye. Smiling once at him, before calling Bobby.

“What do you need now?”

“Get me a first aid kit and help me get him in the shower.”

“You could do…” being cut off his words.

“Please.” looking up at him, her eyes penetrating deep into Bobby with complete sincerity.


“Owww.” flinching as Jinhwan put pressure on his bruises.

“Sorry but you’re going to need stitches on your forehead bro.”

“Fuck that. I’m fine.” moving away from him.

Jinhwan grabs him and seats him, back onto the couch. “Sit your ass down. I’ll finish it quickly you pussy.”

Yunhyeong closed his eyes, ignoring the rattling that Jinhwan was making.  

“Alright this might pinch a bit.” placing his thumb on Yunhyeong’s forehead, while sliding the need through his flesh.

“Fuckkkkk!!!!!!” cursing under his lips, as he felt the needle penetrate his skin.

“Calm down, the worst is over, your body will get used to the next stitches.” continuing to weave the needle into his flesh.

“Take it easy won’t you.” closing tight one eye, with the other one, looking at Jinhwan.

“What the fuck were you doing Yunhyeong. Thought you were clearing up a deal. Not a debt.”

The silence falling between the two. Yunhyeong didn’t like talking about his past demons. Especially about his family’s financial crisis.

“I had to give them that money. If not, they would take my sister. Kill my family. All my problems with them would just catch up. They know everything about me. Before I met you guy’s, I took loans out for my parents, but I never thought I would get a beating this bad. Especially getting myself almost killed.”

“You were gone for 4 days, though, what did you and Junhoe do during that time? Besides, the two of you almost getting murdered.”

“Oww. Aissh take it easy.”

Clearing his throat out, “We went to visit Junhoe’s mother in prison. Apparently he made an appoint days before. Luckily the day, we went MIA, we were able to go see her. After that Junhoe agreed to follow me to  meet with the loan sharks. Then that’s when Chanwoo found us.”

“Hmm. Junhoe hasn’t seen his mother, ever since she got mad at him for not sending her money. Well anyways, I’m done with you now.” pulling out the needle.

Feeling at his stitches, before looking back at Jinhwan. “Don’t tell anyone about Junhoe and his mother. I swore to him, and I don’t want to escalate problems. You know he’s sensitive about that topic.”

“Who wouldn’t. At least, his father still tries to contact him. My dad is too fucking busy, fucking foreign women.” chuckling under his breath.

“Dude come on. You ran away from home,” being cut off from Jinhwan

“I didn’t run away. My dad sent me here alone to Seoul. Without a god damn penny. It wasn’t a choice, instead kicked out.”

Yunhyeong sat in silence, feeling awkward about the situation. Jinhwan lightly tapping his shoulders, “It’s ok. Things about my past don’t bug me anymore. They did before, but now, it doesn’t. I think about my mom from time to time, but she never took my side. After explaining to her, about the type of guy my dad was. She always told, to stop accusing my father, but deep down I knew she couldn’t leave him. I wouldn’t blame her. That man gave her a life she couldn’t have. If she left him, I and mom would be homeless.”

Before Yunhyeong could say anymore, Jinhwan added more to his story. “That’s why when I look at you, Junhoe, Bobby, and Chanwoo. I can’t help but envy you. You guy’s still have a family, regardless what your problem is with them. At least, they find ways to find you. My mother doesn’t make an attempt to find me.” smiling up at Yunhyeong.

“I guess bro.”

“I’m going to check up on Junhoe. Something tells me his injuries are far worse than yours.” Picking himself off the couch and over to the stairs.

“I’m glad you can meet me here on short notice.”

“Yah no problem. Just give the file already would you.”

“Here. This is your next assignment.”

Pulling the photo out of the manilla photo.

“What does she have to do with this?”

“She’s Kwang Dae’s daughter. She’s vital to this assignment. If Kwang Dae gets Hanbin, we can use his daughter against him.”

“Your one twisted person. He might be an ex-murder, but this is his daughter for crying out loud.”

Slamming his hand down onto the desk, “My son’s life is at risk, and you got hired to do this assignment. Do your damn job punk!”

Chuckling under his breath, turning his attention out to the people outside. “What do you want me to do?”

“Get Hanbin close to her. Get him to trust her, that way, she could get him out of this mess.”

“You understand these two can’t even be in the same room. He practically almost killed her. Plus two other members, like her. Hanbin won’t fight over a girl.”

“Are you sure about that?”

Pushing a photo towards him. Looking at him confused.

“What’s this?”

Tilting himself back in the seat. Directing him to flip over the photo. “Tell me this won’t bring them together.”

Flipping the photo over, revealing two women, with children in their hands. “Is this Hanbin’s mother? But who is this other women?”

Placing the photo down, the man’s fingers pointing at the little girl. “Kwang Dae’s daughter and wife at the time.”

“But. But.. How did they know each other?”

“Hanbin’s mother worked for the force, undercover. Kwang Dae’s wife was alone here for awhile, and we got her to befriend his wife. This photo was taken before she died. Hanbin and Kwang Dae’s daughter share a 3-year gap.”

“But that doesn’t make sense. But if she died, this is impossible.”

“it’s not. Slide this picture in the girls room. Once she see’s this, she’ll have to ask Hanbin about it. Which will leave the two to become closer over this photo.”

“Ok. I’ll do my best sir.”

klaine advent drabble challenge day 11: kink

word count: 872

warnings: d/s klaine, some worries about kink

Blaine really doesn’t know what to expect from his first relationship with an actual real dom.

He’s been dabbling in the D/s scene for years, but had yet to find someone who was happy with his very specific kind of relationship parameters. He didn’t want to be a full time sub, didn’t want to spend his whole time at home naked bar a collar and sleep in a cage like one guy had proposed, nor did he only want to be dominated during extremely rough sex, like another. 

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claquesouz  asked:

Lantern 😉😉😉

lantern - how did you meet your best friend? What were your first impressions of each other?


Oj I think I messaged you or some shit and here we are, lurking in alleys eating Thai and bitching for hours- I honour you then and honour you now XO

[Trans] 151220 SMROOKIES Show

151220 SMROOKIES Show - Ment 1

doyoung: sm’s predebut team who show’s their skill during training, smrookies, meet fans before debut to make good memories by smrookies show. in this year, this will be our last show to meet all of you. today we will greet you again who has come to see us.
rookies: hello. we’re smrookies
jaehyun: today is the day for the last rookies show, but not only that, we also prepared special christmas show

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I got tagged by : @sweetlittleghostie

Nicknames: Sky

Gender: male

Star Sign: cancer 

Height: about 5′4″

Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Animal:Cows 

How much sleep do you get in a night? a lot if i can, some times not at all 

Cats or dogs? Dogs but cats have there moments 

How many blankets do you sleep with? 2-3 and thay have to be heavy, even if i’m dying from heat I need the weight.

Dream trip: Harry Potter world at Universal Studios

Dream Job: any thing where i’m creating and teaching 

When did you make your account? a month or two ago

Why did you make your account? because I was jealous of my little getting to post cute things related to DDLB so I made a blog so I could do the same 

How many followers do you have? 82

I tag : @cultoddities @sasusak-lover @goth-little @binkydonut @little-academy @liittle-red-prince

anonymous asked:

Would you mind sharing your gym story? How and why you've started, reactions, break downs...?

Of course, I’m gonna do it now just before I go out chillin with my friends and drinking protein shakes.

When I was young, I did a lot of sport. I tried everything, from tennis to boxing. But I never found something that I would spend more than 1 year doing it.

Then I tried thai boxing, I did that for 3 years. It was an AMAZING experience. Going on the ring is a feeling I never felt, even skydiving was nothing compared to fighting.

It was 3 years ago, I first started fitness/bodybuilding to gain power and knock out my opponent. I was first introduced to fitness by a very good friend of mine. First I wasn’t taking it seriously, I was going like “body building that’s bullshit, me, I’m a real fighter” lol.

But my friend was doing it like super serious. Never skipping a workout, eating big meals (we knew nothing about nutrition at this time) and motivated as fuck. At that time I was doing an internship, and I remember spending hours talking to him about motivation (yeah that’s bad). We were quoting Greg Plitt, Eric Thomas, Arnold Schwarzenegger all day. So at the end of the day, we were always pumped to kill our workout.

After a few weeks like that, I fell in love with the process. I mean, I started reading a lot about nutrition, workouts and supplements. I remember the first time I bought a protein powder, I was hiding it from my parents… good old times. 

The past 3 years, I’ve been going crazy about fitness. I made a lot of mistakes but I learnt from it. One of the most important lesson I learned, is to filter what information you get from people/internet. Fitness is a HUGE industry and lot of people will try to sell you their products or their bullshits.

That’s why I decided to build Gymaholic ->

Since the beginning of my fitness journey, I started noticing some patterns:

  • When you start fitness, you gain a lot of confidence (be aware this confidence can become “too much”)
  • People start noticing it and see you differently (yes they do)
  • You stop being a drama queen and you’re motivated to do anything and everything
  • People care about appearance; when you walk into a room, people look at you … a lot (srs)
  • You understand that this lifestyle is not only about building a body, it’s a way of life
  • People know NOTHING about nutrition/supplements, it’s our job to teach them
  • And you finally start wondering why you didn’t start earlier

I could say a lot of things about how fitness CHANGED my life .. and I’m not trying to sell you anything. Try it and you will understand what I’m talking about!

We’re all gonna make it!

Visit our new website ->

myotparmada  asked:

How about professor!derek awkwardly flirting with fire fighter!stiles after he puts out a minor fire in the university.. Lab? Or something like that (this is weirdly specific, I'm sorry)

So, this isn’t exactly what you asked for. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll like it anyway. 

Rating: g

Tags: teacher!derek, firefighter!stiles, awkward flirting

Shit. Derek feels himself grow hot when he sees the firefighter outside the door to his classroom. Of course it’s Stiles who comes. It’s always Stiles who comes to the school to talk about fire safety. Stiles is always in a good mood, always letting the kids look at his equipment. Derek understands why Stiles comes, he’s great with the kids, but why does it have to be Stiles? Stiles with his arms and hands and eyes and pouty lips.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Oliver is staying with Felicity and they are acting like a married couple so much that even Diggle and Roy notice it and say something about it. Or maybe Diggle talks to Oliver about how thay act like they are married but without the benefits?

“Felicity, I have an early meeting tomorrow. Could I shower first in the morning?” Oliver asked casually, watching as she packed her bag.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure,” She nodded, leaning forward to put her monitors on sleep mode. “I finished folding the laundry you did yesterday - thanks for doing that, by the way - and put clean towels in the hall closet.”

Roy and Diggle shared a look.

“I’m sorry, did I miss something?” Roy asked, looking from the blonde to his mentor. “You two live together now?”

“For now,” Oliver corrected. “Since I lost the Queen Mansion, I’ve been staying at Felicity’s until I can find my own place.”

“Oh, Oliver, I was planning on cooking salmon for Friday night’s dinner. Do you mind picking up olive oil sometime this week? I think we’re out,” She mentioned. “Huh. Oliver. Olive oil. That’s funny.”

“Sure, and I’ll see if the farmer’s market has some of that fresh salsa you like too,” He grabbed his coat and started patting his pockets. “Huh. I think I left my keys at home. Do you-”

“Yup,” She said, jingling the keys in her hand. She tossed it to him, and turned back to her monitors.

“Please don’t tell me I’m the only one freaked out by this,” Roy muttered to Diggle, who shook his head.

“It’s like their married,” He whispered back.

“Yeah, but without the benefits,” Roy smirked.

“I heard that,” Felicity and Oliver said together. 

[TWITTER] 151129 Jongup - #youngwildNfree Mention Party

Mention Party start! #youngwildNfree

“@dreamerbarkness: @BAP_Jongup How do you feel about releasing a new album?” I am really really really excited, nervous and like that.

“@kimdohees: @BAPJongup Oppa, is it true that the galaxy is expanding? #BAP #MATRIX”  I learned that it is but is it really true..?

“@yume_yhdyjz: @BAP_Jongup I am an examinee!!!!!!!!!!! So please support me!!!!!!!!!!”  Do the best you can fighting!

“@upin5959: Why aren’t you sending me a mention? Jongup-ah give me an exclamation point #youngwildNfree @BAP_Jongup” I won’t fall for something like this.                                 !

“@wonzelo: @BAP_Jongup How is my profile picture? #BAP #MATRIX #youngwildNfree” It is provoking.

“@888_Sarang: @BAP_Jongup Sawadicap (hello) I am a Thai fan I miss you so much.” Sawadicap!

”@dhjung_1004: @BAP_Jongup The person who gets to talk to oppa is using up all of their luck in life. Lucky girl I am jealous.” It is actually you ba-dum-ba do-bi-do-ba

“@baby_Remember_: @BAP_Jongup Oppa, in galaxy there are a lot of planets right? I am the satellite that circles around the most pretty planet which is you then what would you call me?” A satellite

”@tbals95: @BAP_Jongup Did you miss me?” Of course I did. But who are you?

“@Hyun_011: @BAP_Jongup Please shoot me hearts ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I will really fly/jump because I am so happy #youngwildNfree #BAP” pew pew

“@kimhara20: @BAP_Jongup Did you your dinner end? Eat well!” [t/n: the fan typed in broken korean]  My dinner is end.

“@wldms13200043: @BAP_Jongup Oppa if you send me a mention once I will have today as my birthday.” Happy birthday Jieun-ssi.

”@byzelea: @BAP_Jongup Oppa looks like GENOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #BAP #MATRIX #youngwildNfree” I like onepunchmen 

“@cutekittenisdae: @BAP_Jongup Speak English… simply…. hi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” hello it’s me

”@leeeeyy2: @BAP_Jongup My hand is shaking while mentioning outside ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ noo there is only 30 minute left #youngwildNfree" It’s cold outside please go in soon.

“@strong_takechan: @BAP_Jongup Hello !! How are you??“ i’m fine thank you and you?

”@MATOKlS: @bap_jongup i love you reply to me please i love you” me too

”@95N0206: Fineㅠ I will just sleep. @BAP_Jongup #youngwildNfree #BAP” Okay, goodnight.

“@Bongsu_ni: @BAP_Jongup Please say “I love Sookyung” once…ㅠㅠ Why won’t you do it to me” Sookyung-ssi, I love you

”@forever_bap0126: @BAP_Jongup Oppa, I want to sleep happily by receiving your mention ㅠㅠㅠㅠ please say something like goodnight ㅜㅜㅜㅜ" Goodnight.

“@cooingbap: @BAP_Jongup Oppa… my twitter is broken right…” Delete it and re download it 

“@jongmeup: @BAP_Jongup Knee is cold is expose a lot often? hehe #youngwildNfree” [t/n: The fan typed in broken korean.] So.. uh… knee…

”@2012731_: @BAP_Himchan A little 6th grader who likes oppa is now becoming a high schooler. Please give me a sharp advice. @BAP_Jongup" Time really flies by. Studying is studying but most importantly, memories! Challenges yourself to many things.

“@___UP26: @BAP_Jongup Oppa~ Do you give mentions to Japanese fans too?” It’s been awhile~

“@dawl_98: @BAP_Jongup I will write a poem for oppa
A deer-like eyes cherry-like lips
That bright smile is like a moon
The way you dance looks like a tiger that is dancing at night
Where are you going?” Thanks

“@92_yuux: @BAP_Jongup I want to cry really…#youngwildNfree” don’t cry

“@jongupS2: @BAP_Jongup I became a senior in high school now. I already want to give up #youngwildNfree" never giveup

“@NeukE_: @BAP_Jongup Oppa I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ can you hear me???!!??!?!?!” I see it but I can’t hear it

“@Alice_boo_: Jongup-ah. We are the same age let’s be friends.“ Your genealogy will get twisted if you are friends with someone of 94th liner when you are a fast 95 liner. Be careful.

”@_ching0214: @BAP_Jongup I am a Hong Kong fan. I miss oppas ㅠㅠ” We will come see you guys.

“@rinokorea: @BAP_Jongup What is your favorite Japanese word?” Sakura

”@daehyun0628_: @BAP_Jongup Please say Yein-ah let’s stay together… I want to hear a reply from Up oppa before I die please" Yein-ah, is your last name Yun?

“@NitaNovia7: @BAP_Jongup Hello. This is Sandara Park ~.~ *go crazy* #youngwildNfree” Hello Sunbaenim


“@jonqupmoon: @BAP_Jongup You won’t reply me…” reply!!

“@B_b120127: @BAP_Jongup Is this the place where they grant wishes?? How about saying goodnight?” Goodnight!

“@ShuHui1016: @BAP_Jongup Jongup-ah I am a Thai fan~~ Please reply to me~~ Please ㅠㅠㅠ” Hello Thai fan! Have a good day!

”@jiyuuu419: @BAP_Jongup There is only 5 minutes left ㅠㅠ please wish me happy birthday ㅜㅜㅜ" Happy birthday!

“@tokiyajpg: @BAP_Jongup what did you last eat? #youngwildNfree”tangsooyuk

“@0116_0307: @BAP_Jongup I can’t sleep because of B.A.P..I didn’t even get a reply.. Wow.. I really feel suffocatedㅠㅠ #youngwildNfree” It’s time to sleep!

”@Arabyu020695: @BAP_Jongup UPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oppa, as days pass on by, I miss you more. What should I do? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ” We will meet one day.

“@mintletter_: @BAP_Jongup Jongup oppa recommend me a midnight snack #youngwildNfree” Everything is delicious during the night 

“@baphdn0127: @BAP_Jongup Reply back to me once before you go to sleep ㅜㅜ I will get your reply and be the number 1 ranking in my school :)” I will check your report card

External image

“@u_gennie: @BAP_Jongup Ah… 1 minute….. I really can’t do it can I…” There is no such thing

“@B_A_P2744: @BAP_Jongup *crying noises* It ended ㅠㅠㅠ It ended without me getting anything?? Ahhh ㅠㅠ #yougnwildNfree” No

“@jeonwonooo: @BAP_Jongup This is the last chance. Jongup…ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ look over here” I saw it!

“@clocchan: @BAP_Jongup hello from Italy! Ciao! #youngwildNfree”  oh! bye~

“@bhdyjh: @BAP_Jongup At 1004…. and Young, Wild & Free… Yes then there is no more other chances right..? Today is late? Love you.. ♡ #youngwildNfree” You are the last customer

I wanted to reply to everyone but.. Anyways BABYs really really thank you I am really happy I will go to sleep now, goodnight Watch this and sleep

(trans cr. @_StrongBAP. take out with full credit)