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euphoric - tom holland imagine #3

“You’re sick and Tom is very headset on wanting to hang out with you. Even if it includes surprises.” 

 Type : fluffy shit!

 Warnings : maybe some feels? 

 Notes : I wrote this a few months back but didn’t get around to finish it. Now I did! Enjoy!


It was a particularly cold day. The sky outside was painted a dull grey colour, which matched perfectly with your mood. You had been sick for several days and you were forced to stay at home with the terrible cough you were having. Every time you coughed, it felt like your lungs were about to eject themselves out of your body. So it was good to say that you felt like absolute crap and you thought nothing could liven your spirits.

That was, until you got a phone call from a certain Brit.

You grabbed your phone from under the pillow and slid the green icon without checking who the caller was. Putting your phone on your ear, you let out a weak ‘hello’.

“Y/N! How are you?” The familiar accent rang out. Your eyes widened.

“H-Hey Tom! I’m okay, how are - “ you didn’t even manage to finish your sentence as you let out another painful cough, “you?”

“Woah, you alright there?” He asked.

You tried to suppress the cough that was threatening to come up by clearing your throat.

“Yep, just choked on my juice,” you lied, rubbing your forehead with the back of your hand.

“I’m just fine, I was wondering if you wanted to join little Tess and I on a walk? It’s a nice windy day and we haven’t hung out in forever.”

You winced, pinching the bridge of your nose with your free hand.

Of course, you hadn’t seen each other in so long. Tom was always out of town and busy with his career, so it was rare that the both of you hung out. You had missed him terribly, especially since you had developed a big crush on the boy.

After two months without his presence, he was finally back for a little break. And of all the days he wanted to hang out, he had to pick the day which you had a really bad cold.

“That sounds really nice and all, Tommy,” you absent-mindedly used your favourite nickname for him, “but I’m afraid I can’t really get out of the house now.”

“Oh,” you could hear the disappointment seeping through his voice, “why not?”

“I’m just really busy with homework. I have an essay I’m supposed to hand in at five,” you lied smoothly, resisting the urge to cough.

Tom made a humming noise from the other side of the line and sighed, “okay then. I’ll ask Harry to go with me. Maybe we can hang out soon?”

Your heart fluttered and a blush began to form on your cheeks.

“Yeah, totally. We can go out for lunch. Catch up and all.”

There was a little silence that formed as you laid down, playing with the string on your sweatpants. He didn’t hang up, and neither did you. Neither of you really wanted to hang up. There were many words on the tip of your tongues, but it was difficult to let them out.

Tom finally broke the silence.

“You know, I really miss you.”

You couldn’t help but widen your eyes, surprised at the statement. He had missed you? It didn’t seem like it.

“I miss you too,” you replied honestly, “like a lot.”

“We haven’t seen each other in so long.”

“Feels like forever, doesn’t it?”


There was that silence again. You bit your lip, not knowing if you should say what’s on your mind. You wanted to tell him how much exactly you missed him.

It was so evident in how you acted. How you had spent many days staring at pictures of the two of you on your phone. How you dressed yourself in one of the grey hoodies he had left at yours before he left for Atlanta. How you wrote down about your memories with each other on your notebook so you couldn’t forget them. How you listened to Spotify playlists that reminded you of him. How you tried to watch movies that you saw with him, but not being able to continue them because of the painful ache in your chest from missing him too much.

But you couldn’t.

You were just his close friend.

“Well, we’ll see each other soon. Promise,” you managed to let out after another minute of silence.

You could feel Tom’s smile, “yeah, very soon.”

There was a slightly different tone to his voice and you immediately recgonised it as the tone he had when he thought of something great. Before you could ask him what he was up to, he bade a quick goodbye and hung up the phone.

You stared at your phone, confused. Shrugging, you snuggled into your pillows as you let out another painful cough. You closed your eyes, wishing for the pain to stop.


It was about eight at night when the doorbell to your house would not stop ringing. You woke from your sleep, groggy from the six hour nap you had taken. Confusion took over you as you got up from your bed. You took a  glance at the clock on your wall.

Who was at the door? The postman never came this late, and it wasn’t like you had ordered anything.

All your friends were out of town since they took a roadtrip, which you had hesitantly dropped out of from being too sick.

Your parents were out at dinner since it was their annual date night.

Who could it be?

The person didn’t stop ringing the doorbell, which just added to your annoyance. You adjusted the oversized hoodie on your body and yelled out for the person to wait.

Without looking at the peephole, you turned the door knob and opened the door.

There stood, the familiar brunette standing outside your flat. A beanie was pulled over his fluffy brown hair and he sported his usual get-up, which was a hoodie and a pair of dark blue jeans. He had a shy smile plastered across his face and a bag of takeout in his right hand. In the other, he held a bouquet of your favourite flowers.The sweet smell of the flowers and the scent of Thai food almost made you throw up.


He grinned sheepishly, “hello.”

“What the hell are you doing here?” you asked, your eyes wide open.

Tom’s face fell, “I just.. Just came to surprise you and bring you Thai food. I know how studious you can get sometimes. I didn’t know I came at a bad time.”

You almost slapped yourself. You were acting way too hostile for the situation at hand.

“I’m sorry, no. You didn’t come at the wrong time. I was just,” you didn’t even get to finish as you let out a painful and loud cough.

This caused some alarm from Tom.

“Y/N? You okay?”

You couldn’t answer. Breathing was already getting quite difficult to do. All you did was stumble over to the sofa and plop down on it, holding your chest as you tried to take in deep breaths.

Tom immediately reacted, setting down the flowers and food on the coffee table before rushing to your side. He soothingly rubbed your back as you wheezed. After a few minutes, you finally calmed down and got your breathing back to normal. You thanked Tom softly and leaned back on the sofa, resting your back on the backrest.

“You okay? Need anything? Water, an inhaler, medicine?” He asked quickly, making you wave your hand dismissively. That had quickly silenced him.

The Brit copied your actions and the both of you stared up at the wall above you.

“You didn’t tell me you were sick.” he started.

“I don’t want you to worry. You always worry whenever I’m sick.”

He almost scoffed, “of course I get worried, Y/N. I don’t like it when you’re sick.”

“You have enough on your plate than to worry about a sick friend of yours,” you reminded him.

“I care about you, Y/N. That’s why I get worried too. You’re my friend.”

Those words stung your heart. You’re his friend. And that’s all you were going to be.

“Right. You found anyone special while in Atlanta?” That was your pathetic attempt at changing the subject. You knew how Tom was a charming lad, so it would be no surprise if he had found a girl in America. Even though you knew it would hurt you to know, you still wanted to know.

“Nah,” Tom chuckled, “although, I’ve been keeping an eye on this other girl.”

“Oh,” you raised your eyebrows as you faced him. He was still looking up at the ceiling while you stared at him unknowingly. “What’s she like?”

“She’s nice. Beautiful. Hilarious. Kind. Loving. But she’s also really stubborn. Still everything I ever wanted in a woman,” he let the words roll off his tongue.

“That’s lovely. What else?” you asked, feeling your heart break slowly.

Whoever she was, she was everything you were not.

“Whenever she’s with me, I feel so happy. Like, I can’t even describe to you how happy she makes me. The feeling itself is so..” he couldn’t quite find the words to finish.

“Euphoric?” You finished for him.

Tom smiled.

“Yeah. Euphoric,” he breathed out, letting his eyes close for a bit.

“You know what’s the best part though?”

You hummed, letting him answer.

“She’s staring right at me.”

He lazily turned his head so that he was facing you. He opened his eyes and looked back into your eyes intently. Tom let a small smile crawl into his face, although his nerves were everywhere.

For a moment, it felt like your heart had stopped beating. You couldn’t breathe. He didn’t mean you?

“And,” Tom licked his lips slowly, “I’m wondering if she feels the same.”

The answer to that was quite simple as you leaned in and collided your lips with his. Tom let out a sound of surprise before composing himself, kissing back and practically melting. He touched your cheek gently. Your lips moved in sync as you tangled you tangled your fingers in his hair, slipping off his beanie in the process.

You pulled away and apologized, giggling at his messy hair.

All Tom could do was grin widely, ignoring the fact that he was probably going to get sick from kissing you. He didn’t care, that was all he had craved.

The woman he had loved for so many months had finally kissed him.

She felt the same way.

“She does,” you simply answered.

The feeling in your head was something you couldn’t quite describe as he leaned in for another kiss.

Euphoric. Yes, that was it.

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My New Stepbrother!

A/N: Well hello my lovebugs~ how y’all doin? Admin A here bringing you my very first fanfaic! OMG! Yes this is going to be my first long chapter fanfic! I am sooo excited to share with you all and I hope you all enjoy it as much a I enjoy coming up with the plot! I do have some ideas where I want to take this scenario but I don’t want to give anything until you read my first chapter! Kekek 

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[Trans] 151220 SMROOKIES Show

151220 SMROOKIES Show - Ment 1

doyoung: sm’s predebut team who show’s their skill during training, smrookies, meet fans before debut to make good memories by smrookies show. in this year, this will be our last show to meet all of you. today we will greet you again who has come to see us.
rookies: hello. we’re smrookies
jaehyun: today is the day for the last rookies show, but not only that, we also prepared special christmas show

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klaine advent drabble challenge day 11: kink

word count: 872

warnings: d/s klaine, some worries about kink

Blaine really doesn’t know what to expect from his first relationship with an actual real dom.

He’s been dabbling in the D/s scene for years, but had yet to find someone who was happy with his very specific kind of relationship parameters. He didn’t want to be a full time sub, didn’t want to spend his whole time at home naked bar a collar and sleep in a cage like one guy had proposed, nor did he only want to be dominated during extremely rough sex, like another. 

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anonymous asked:

The only non-korean I've seen do it right in kpop is Alex from rania. I know everyone has their own opinion on her but tbh she didn't do it in a lobbyist way. She signed to a kpop company and joined a kpop group with korean girls. Moved to Korea and is learning the language and culture from Korean people. It doesn't seem like an accessory but she's actually a kpop member. Yeah she might be a token black girl but she as a person is treating korean culture with respect (it seems)

I mean, I’d disagree with her being the only non-Korean person. There’s quite a few non-Korean Asian people in kpop doing what she did and even more. Like REALLY going above and beyond. Lisa from BlackPink, Jackson Got7, pretty much all the Thai and Chinese people who have ever been in Kpop. 

I do feel like she did it right (in some ways, I don’t know much about her to really go into full detail about how much she really put the effort in) I guess because I don’t think that was really ever her intention, she kinda got scouted and was like” Hmmm maybe I’ll take this opportunity”. they came to her if I’m correct.

myotparmada  asked:

How about professor!derek awkwardly flirting with fire fighter!stiles after he puts out a minor fire in the university.. Lab? Or something like that (this is weirdly specific, I'm sorry)

So, this isn’t exactly what you asked for. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll like it anyway. 

Rating: g

Tags: teacher!derek, firefighter!stiles, awkward flirting

Shit. Derek feels himself grow hot when he sees the firefighter outside the door to his classroom. Of course it’s Stiles who comes. It’s always Stiles who comes to the school to talk about fire safety. Stiles is always in a good mood, always letting the kids look at his equipment. Derek understands why Stiles comes, he’s great with the kids, but why does it have to be Stiles? Stiles with his arms and hands and eyes and pouty lips.

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind sharing your gym story? How and why you've started, reactions, break downs...?

Of course, I’m gonna do it now just before I go out chillin with my friends and drinking protein shakes.

When I was young, I did a lot of sport. I tried everything, from tennis to boxing. But I never found something that I would spend more than 1 year doing it.

Then I tried thai boxing, I did that for 3 years. It was an AMAZING experience. Going on the ring is a feeling I never felt, even skydiving was nothing compared to fighting.

It was 3 years ago, I first started fitness/bodybuilding to gain power and knock out my opponent. I was first introduced to fitness by a very good friend of mine. First I wasn’t taking it seriously, I was going like “body building that’s bullshit, me, I’m a real fighter” lol.

But my friend was doing it like super serious. Never skipping a workout, eating big meals (we knew nothing about nutrition at this time) and motivated as fuck. At that time I was doing an internship, and I remember spending hours talking to him about motivation (yeah that’s bad). We were quoting Greg Plitt, Eric Thomas, Arnold Schwarzenegger all day. So at the end of the day, we were always pumped to kill our workout.

After a few weeks like that, I fell in love with the process. I mean, I started reading a lot about nutrition, workouts and supplements. I remember the first time I bought a protein powder, I was hiding it from my parents… good old times. 

The past 3 years, I’ve been going crazy about fitness. I made a lot of mistakes but I learnt from it. One of the most important lesson I learned, is to filter what information you get from people/internet. Fitness is a HUGE industry and lot of people will try to sell you their products or their bullshits.

That’s why I decided to build Gymaholic ->

Since the beginning of my fitness journey, I started noticing some patterns:

  • When you start fitness, you gain a lot of confidence (be aware this confidence can become “too much”)
  • People start noticing it and see you differently (yes they do)
  • You stop being a drama queen and you’re motivated to do anything and everything
  • People care about appearance; when you walk into a room, people look at you … a lot (srs)
  • You understand that this lifestyle is not only about building a body, it’s a way of life
  • People know NOTHING about nutrition/supplements, it’s our job to teach them
  • And you finally start wondering why you didn’t start earlier

I could say a lot of things about how fitness CHANGED my life .. and I’m not trying to sell you anything. Try it and you will understand what I’m talking about!

We’re all gonna make it!

Visit our new website ->

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Oliver is staying with Felicity and they are acting like a married couple so much that even Diggle and Roy notice it and say something about it. Or maybe Diggle talks to Oliver about how thay act like they are married but without the benefits?

“Felicity, I have an early meeting tomorrow. Could I shower first in the morning?” Oliver asked casually, watching as she packed her bag.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure,” She nodded, leaning forward to put her monitors on sleep mode. “I finished folding the laundry you did yesterday - thanks for doing that, by the way - and put clean towels in the hall closet.”

Roy and Diggle shared a look.

“I’m sorry, did I miss something?” Roy asked, looking from the blonde to his mentor. “You two live together now?”

“For now,” Oliver corrected. “Since I lost the Queen Mansion, I’ve been staying at Felicity’s until I can find my own place.”

“Oh, Oliver, I was planning on cooking salmon for Friday night’s dinner. Do you mind picking up olive oil sometime this week? I think we’re out,” She mentioned. “Huh. Oliver. Olive oil. That’s funny.”

“Sure, and I’ll see if the farmer’s market has some of that fresh salsa you like too,” He grabbed his coat and started patting his pockets. “Huh. I think I left my keys at home. Do you-”

“Yup,” She said, jingling the keys in her hand. She tossed it to him, and turned back to her monitors.

“Please don’t tell me I’m the only one freaked out by this,” Roy muttered to Diggle, who shook his head.

“It’s like their married,” He whispered back.

“Yeah, but without the benefits,” Roy smirked.

“I heard that,” Felicity and Oliver said together. 

[TWITTER] 151129 Jongup - #youngwildNfree Mention Party

Mention Party start! #youngwildNfree

“@dreamerbarkness: @BAP_Jongup How do you feel about releasing a new album?” I am really really really excited, nervous and like that.

“@kimdohees: @BAPJongup Oppa, is it true that the galaxy is expanding? #BAP #MATRIX”  I learned that it is but is it really true..?

“@yume_yhdyjz: @BAP_Jongup I am an examinee!!!!!!!!!!! So please support me!!!!!!!!!!”  Do the best you can fighting!

“@upin5959: Why aren’t you sending me a mention? Jongup-ah give me an exclamation point #youngwildNfree @BAP_Jongup” I won’t fall for something like this.                                 !

“@wonzelo: @BAP_Jongup How is my profile picture? #BAP #MATRIX #youngwildNfree” It is provoking.

“@888_Sarang: @BAP_Jongup Sawadicap (hello) I am a Thai fan I miss you so much.” Sawadicap!

”@dhjung_1004: @BAP_Jongup The person who gets to talk to oppa is using up all of their luck in life. Lucky girl I am jealous.” It is actually you ba-dum-ba do-bi-do-ba

“@baby_Remember_: @BAP_Jongup Oppa, in galaxy there are a lot of planets right? I am the satellite that circles around the most pretty planet which is you then what would you call me?” A satellite

”@tbals95: @BAP_Jongup Did you miss me?” Of course I did. But who are you?

“@Hyun_011: @BAP_Jongup Please shoot me hearts ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I will really fly/jump because I am so happy #youngwildNfree #BAP” pew pew

“@kimhara20: @BAP_Jongup Did you your dinner end? Eat well!” [t/n: the fan typed in broken korean]  My dinner is end.

“@wldms13200043: @BAP_Jongup Oppa if you send me a mention once I will have today as my birthday.” Happy birthday Jieun-ssi.

”@byzelea: @BAP_Jongup Oppa looks like GENOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #BAP #MATRIX #youngwildNfree” I like onepunchmen 

“@cutekittenisdae: @BAP_Jongup Speak English… simply…. hi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” hello it’s me

”@leeeeyy2: @BAP_Jongup My hand is shaking while mentioning outside ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ noo there is only 30 minute left #youngwildNfree" It’s cold outside please go in soon.

“@strong_takechan: @BAP_Jongup Hello !! How are you??“ i’m fine thank you and you?

”@MATOKlS: @bap_jongup i love you reply to me please i love you” me too

”@95N0206: Fineㅠ I will just sleep. @BAP_Jongup #youngwildNfree #BAP” Okay, goodnight.

“@Bongsu_ni: @BAP_Jongup Please say “I love Sookyung” once…ㅠㅠ Why won’t you do it to me” Sookyung-ssi, I love you

”@forever_bap0126: @BAP_Jongup Oppa, I want to sleep happily by receiving your mention ㅠㅠㅠㅠ please say something like goodnight ㅜㅜㅜㅜ" Goodnight.

“@cooingbap: @BAP_Jongup Oppa… my twitter is broken right…” Delete it and re download it 

“@jongmeup: @BAP_Jongup Knee is cold is expose a lot often? hehe #youngwildNfree” [t/n: The fan typed in broken korean.] So.. uh… knee…

”@2012731_: @BAP_Himchan A little 6th grader who likes oppa is now becoming a high schooler. Please give me a sharp advice. @BAP_Jongup" Time really flies by. Studying is studying but most importantly, memories! Challenges yourself to many things.

“@___UP26: @BAP_Jongup Oppa~ Do you give mentions to Japanese fans too?” It’s been awhile~

“@dawl_98: @BAP_Jongup I will write a poem for oppa
A deer-like eyes cherry-like lips
That bright smile is like a moon
The way you dance looks like a tiger that is dancing at night
Where are you going?” Thanks

“@92_yuux: @BAP_Jongup I want to cry really…#youngwildNfree” don’t cry

“@jongupS2: @BAP_Jongup I became a senior in high school now. I already want to give up #youngwildNfree" never giveup

“@NeukE_: @BAP_Jongup Oppa I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ can you hear me???!!??!?!?!” I see it but I can’t hear it

“@Alice_boo_: Jongup-ah. We are the same age let’s be friends.“ Your genealogy will get twisted if you are friends with someone of 94th liner when you are a fast 95 liner. Be careful.

”@_ching0214: @BAP_Jongup I am a Hong Kong fan. I miss oppas ㅠㅠ” We will come see you guys.

“@rinokorea: @BAP_Jongup What is your favorite Japanese word?” Sakura

”@daehyun0628_: @BAP_Jongup Please say Yein-ah let’s stay together… I want to hear a reply from Up oppa before I die please" Yein-ah, is your last name Yun?

“@NitaNovia7: @BAP_Jongup Hello. This is Sandara Park ~.~ *go crazy* #youngwildNfree” Hello Sunbaenim


“@jonqupmoon: @BAP_Jongup You won’t reply me…” reply!!

“@B_b120127: @BAP_Jongup Is this the place where they grant wishes?? How about saying goodnight?” Goodnight!

“@ShuHui1016: @BAP_Jongup Jongup-ah I am a Thai fan~~ Please reply to me~~ Please ㅠㅠㅠ” Hello Thai fan! Have a good day!

”@jiyuuu419: @BAP_Jongup There is only 5 minutes left ㅠㅠ please wish me happy birthday ㅜㅜㅜ" Happy birthday!

“@tokiyajpg: @BAP_Jongup what did you last eat? #youngwildNfree”tangsooyuk

“@0116_0307: @BAP_Jongup I can’t sleep because of B.A.P..I didn’t even get a reply.. Wow.. I really feel suffocatedㅠㅠ #youngwildNfree” It’s time to sleep!

”@Arabyu020695: @BAP_Jongup UPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oppa, as days pass on by, I miss you more. What should I do? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ” We will meet one day.

“@mintletter_: @BAP_Jongup Jongup oppa recommend me a midnight snack #youngwildNfree” Everything is delicious during the night 

“@baphdn0127: @BAP_Jongup Reply back to me once before you go to sleep ㅜㅜ I will get your reply and be the number 1 ranking in my school :)” I will check your report card

External image

“@u_gennie: @BAP_Jongup Ah… 1 minute….. I really can’t do it can I…” There is no such thing

“@B_A_P2744: @BAP_Jongup *crying noises* It ended ㅠㅠㅠ It ended without me getting anything?? Ahhh ㅠㅠ #yougnwildNfree” No

“@jeonwonooo: @BAP_Jongup This is the last chance. Jongup…ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ look over here” I saw it!

“@clocchan: @BAP_Jongup hello from Italy! Ciao! #youngwildNfree”  oh! bye~

“@bhdyjh: @BAP_Jongup At 1004…. and Young, Wild & Free… Yes then there is no more other chances right..? Today is late? Love you.. ♡ #youngwildNfree” You are the last customer

I wanted to reply to everyone but.. Anyways BABYs really really thank you I am really happy I will go to sleep now, goodnight Watch this and sleep

(trans cr. @_StrongBAP. take out with full credit)