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Request from anons: “Dear sam part 2?” “AGH FEELS SO MANY FEELS part 2 to Dear Sam please? Xxxx” “Dear sam part 2?” UHM SHOUT OUT TO THE JACKS FOR THE INSPIRATION ON THIS

Part 1

Sammy’s POV

“Nah the first date was enough. She just didn’t spark to me. I don’t know. She didn’t seem to be the one, you know?” I told the guys. “You’re not supposed to be looking for ‘the one’ Sam. You are too young to be looking. I thought you were just looking for some fun!” Rupp said. “I was but then going on all these dates, it’s, I’m over it just to have fun. I feel like I’m ready to settle down. No more fuck boy shits.” I took a sip of water. “Uh, Sam? You’re going on how many dates with how many different girls and how many have you taken on even a second date and want to stop being a fuckboy? Sounds like a fuck boy to me.” J noted. “Fine whatever. But all these girls just isn’t who I’m looking for.” “And who are you looking for?” G leaned forward, asking me. “Y/N..” Swazz blurted out. “Nah nah nah. Her and I are way over. She was an amazing girl, don’t get me wrong, but I need something different. I guess.”

All of a sudden, we hear the front door open and close. “Extra extra, read all about it.” Nate walks in, flipping through the mail. “Mail for you, for me, for you, for you, for you, and for you.” Nate reads, handing them off to me and Swazz. Nate sits down on the recliner, “Oh, and this, my good sir, is for you. Special delivery from Y/N.” He hands me a notebook. Dear Sam, I read the cover. I started flipping through the pages really fast to get a glimpse, “What is this?” I looked at Nate. “That,” He points at me, “Is for you to find out.” If you want to figure it out fast, open to the last written page.” He sits back, watching me. I gave him a confused look and read the last written page in the notebook. “What?” I felt myself get confused half way through. I felt my heart stop beating, “What the fuck is this? Is this a fucking joke?” I started yelling at Nate. “No Sam. She’s serious.” “No. She doesn’t mean any of this! YOU MADE HER WRITE THIS!” My anger started getting worse. 

“I MADE HER WRITE HOW SHE REALLY FELT AND WHAT WAS BEST FOR HER! SHE’S HURTING MORE BECAUSE OF YOU! SHE DOESN’T WANT TO BE FRIENDS BECAUSE SHE CAN’T STAND BEING HAPPY FOR YOU AND ALL SHE IS, IS BE MISERABLE! HER HEART IS STILL HEALING FROM THE HURT YOU CAUSED HER!” Nate yelling back at me, standing up. “SHE’S THE ONE THAT BROKE UP WITH ME! SHE’S THE ONE THAT WANTED TO BE FRIENDS AFTER! HOW DID I HURT HER!?” “She broke up with you because you started becoming SELFISH and CARELESS. You SUFFOCATED her! You gave her no options in who she can be friends with. You gave her no freedom to do shit she wanted to do! She was MISERABLE! And the only reason why she said she wanted to be friends was because she would be KILLING herself if she didn’t know what you were doing with your life.. Going on dates, fucking other girls, seeing someone else. She wanted to know so she wouldn’t have to sit up all night thinking about it!” Swazz joined in. 

“No! Fuck you guys! Her and I are still going to be friends and I am still going to see her on a regular basis! And I’m going to tell her that!” I got up and start walking towards the door. “No Sam!” Nate and Swazz run to me, blocking the door. “You are not going to ruin this for her! She needs time to heal her heart! And the only way is by keeping your distance! She will talk to you when she’s ready but for now, LET HER BE IN PEACE!” “FUCK OFF!” I tried pushing them off, “NO SAM! DO YOU CARE ABOUT Y/N?!” “OF COURSE!” I struggled to push them off. “THEN CARE ENOUGH TO GIVE HER SOME SPACE!” I froze. “If you love and care for her enough, you would give this to her.” Nate sighed. “It’ll take some time to get used to, but you will be fine. And she will be fine. We’ll be there for her.” He pointed at all the guys and himself. “We’re watching out for her. Don’t worry….” I felt tears filling my eyes, “Promise you’ll protect her and be there for her, every single day…” My voice cracking. He puts his hand on my shoulder, “We will man. She’s safe with us.. Bet.” “If I write her one letter, will you give it to her? And that’ll be it. I promise.” He thought for a second, then nodded. “I-i’ll give it to you in a few days. I need time to think about what to write…” I stuttered, walking to my room. 

I lied on my bed, remembering about my relationship with Y/N. All the good and bad times. I opened my laptop, looking through screenshots and typed notes I used to write whenever I felt angry at Y/N or any type of emotion basically. I came across the last note that happened to be our break up. I read over it and started feeling all these emotions. I started writing,

“Dear You,

I’m sitting here thinking about things to say. Thinking about us. Thinking about before. I remember the night we fought. You were so fed up with the fight that you up and left to go to a party. 

Missed calls and ignored texts and I stayed up all night stressing, with you on my mind. Happens every single time we fought. But the next morning when you’d come back, the last fight would be put in the past. I’m sorry I couldn’t trust you. I’m sorry all I felt was lust for you. But I still loved you. So what do we do now? Everything we built, we broke it. It’s all shattered and broken. I can’t get you outta my head. It’s all falling down. But you still kept things from me. And I thought you were the one. I guess things changed and it was never because of the fame. We just lost interest. One day you’re here, the next day I’m missing. Were we ever going to be consistent? Were you ever listening? I felt so distant. But you were gone in an instant. Looking at your eyes, it’s easy to see that something was hurting you so bad. We were so happy together, so satisfied. Listening to my voicemail, hearing your name next to mine. I wish I could just turn back time… 

But I can’t. And I’m sorry that I can’t. I wish I could take away your pain but that’s for you to take care of. I’m still here for you. I’m still waiting for you on the other side of this friendship, when you’re ready. You say you were the problem? We were both the problem. We both had issues. And we both took it out on each other. Find a man who is able to take care of you on your hardest days and celebrates with you on your best days. Remember to always love yourself. I hope one day you find your peace and finally start being happy with life. Even if it means never coming back into your life again. Keep your distance for as long as you need. My forever still means something with you. 

I do hope this isn’t goodbye forever. 
Heal your broken heart.
Love, Me.”

I felt all my emotion just flush, folding up the letter. I walk out my room, “Took you only 6 hours.” Swazz looked at his watch. “Here.” My dull voice filled the room. “Mind if we take a read?” All the guys look at me, as I shrugged, sitting on the couch. The Jacks took the letter, reading it. “Shit. You mind if we make this part into a song?” J pointed in the middle of the letter. “Sure.” I shrugged, J taking a picture, saving it for later, handing it to the rest of the guys for them to read. After they read and passed, Nate put it in an envelope and put it in his pocket. “I’ll make sure she receives it. You’re doing this for her Sam.” He looks at me. “For her…” I whispered. 

[There will be no continuation to this imagine]