how did he even get that nickname

im still so shook

can you believe that thomas and newt were literal friends before the maze like they had inside jokes nicknames and even trusted each other with everything .Newt had the right to reject thomas he didnt have to befriend him as a kid he was of course the suspicious one who was being isolted along with 3 others but not once did he ever let that get in the way. Can you also believe that despite having their memory erased and years passing thomas and him still built up that same friendship no matter how far apart they were.In the maze newt could have joined gally in turned on thomas or he could have just left thomas alone never acknowledging or bothering with him but he did the opposite. He kept thomas strong and motivated and always made him feel loved despite their current situation.Essentially that bond they had before the maze was recreated but it was stronger then before and i think thats beautiful.

He was actually kind of annoying at first. He kept trying to make conversation with me before discussion because I was always the first one there.

He is actually completely different when teaching though. He gets pretty serious and focused. He clearly knows a lot and is super smart from what I can see. This was really surprising from someone who behaves like him….but I admired his intelligence and diligence in his studies. He definitely earned his TA position aha.

However, he is super clumsy too…

He’s knocked over lab equipment and broken things every lab session. Some glass was broken and it accidentally cut me. It wasn’t bad, but Namjoon was so concerned. He refused to leave my side as he told some students to get the nurse. He even paid for all the fees for the broken glass equipment and kept checking up on me via email.

A lot of TA’s don’t care if a student gets a small cut or pay for their fees. Namjoon cared though. He genuinely cared about my wellbeing despite only knowing me for a couple weeks professionally.

Of course I fell for him. He’s studious, sweet, and makes me smile.  ♥

It only got worse once we started having one on one study sessions….that dork….that cute dork….

100:  Ok prompt is “Sweet Cheeks” because in the spoiler art by Cassandra Jean one shows Magnus’ phone when Alec keeps calling. The contact name is Sweet Cheeks, so how did Alec get that nickname? Thanks doll, love your writing!!!

by: Anonymous

Author’s Note: Weekly update wuahahaha. Even if it’s just a shorty.

It was a habbit Magnus hadn’t noticed until Alec had pointed it out.

“You’re really obsessed with my face, aren’t you?” he said a book in his lap while Magnus was peppering Alec’s cheekbone with kisses.

“Hmm…?” Magnus made, his lips vibrating against his boyfriend’s skin.

“At some point you’re always kissing my face. Even when I’m not participating.”, he raised his book in clarification.

“Really? You observe weird things.” Magnus responded. “Your cheeks are just so sweet I can’t resist. Like apples. Or strawberries.

Actually…” he continued. “Perfect description of you.”

“What?” Alec snorted. “Sweet cheeks?”

“Sounds absoluetely perfect.”