how did he even get that nickname

Attraction To A Stranger [Jason Todd x Reader]

I got this prompt from a post by @otpprompts​: “Person A sees Person B in the waiting room of an airport and tries to get in touch with them without actually talking, eventually managing to slip a paper with their number in the book Person B was reading. How all of this happens is up to you. Bonus if Person C is the one helping Person A.“

A/N: When you think you write too much for Jason but then remember that’s not possible. (Fem Reader)


Jason was sitting, bored as all hell, in the seats outside his gate. Roy sat next to him hat pulled over his face, trying to get a few minutes shut eye. Jason sighed leaning into the back of his seat, just people watching.

He was unamused by anyone until a [h/c] haired girl with the most stunning [e/c] eyes sat in an open chair across from where he was. You had a set of headphones in, completely oblivious to anyone and everyone around you. Observing as you would gaze at the gate and check your watch.

Jason found you absolutely stunning. Every move you made entranced him. Even more amazing when he saw you pull out a book he found to be one of his favorites. Watching as you turn each page eagerly, looking forward to how the plot continues onto the next page.

He just wanted to get up, sit in the seat next to you, and strike up a conversation. But for some reason he just… couldn’t.

So, he just continued to watch.

“Dude you look like a stalker.. Or a crazy boyfriend. One of the two” Roy interrupted Jason’s staring. He shot the archer a glare. “I don’t look like a stalker”

“Kind of do the way you’re staring at the poor girl.” Roy whispered. Making Jason roll his eyes before they landed on the stranger again. “Just go talk to her”

“I.. I just… I don’t know” Jason crossed his arms shrugging. Looking at Roy he saw he had a shit eating smirk, “You’re scared to talk to her” he teased.

“What? No! I’m not scared to talk to her. I just… don’t want to interrupt her book” Jason glanced over looking for an excuse.

“Yeah, whatever you say Jaybird. Then I guess you won’t mind if I went over there and talked to her, maybe asked her out got her number” Roy’s smirk widened as Jason sent another glare. “Fuck you Harper”

“Ah, there it is. The truth comes out. Jason’s nervous to talk to a girl.” Roy shook him by the shoulders, leading Jason to hit his hands away. The movements catching your eye, chuckling upon seeing the exchange before looking down at the page once more.

“She just looked at us by the way” Roy commented, making Jason’s eyes widen and look at you once more. “Just go over there already, aren’t you the one who girls swoon over?”

“Shut up” Jason shook his head, running a hand through his hair. Messing up the white streak. “Well what if you got her to talk to you, pace around her, maybe drop something to catch her attention?” Roy offered up some suggestions. 

“Why do I feel like I’m in middle school with a crush? I’m a grown man I should just walk over there” Jason pinched his nose as if he were getting a headache. 

But he eventually did what Roy said, just trying to get your attention. Tried to drop something by you, and ‘accidentally’ bumped your seat. However, you were to entranced in your book and deafened by your music to notice.

That was until they heard your phone begin to ring, watching as you picked it up from the space at your side. Pulling out your headphones and setting your book on the open space next to you.

“Hey Mom” Jason heard you speak for the first time and was even more attracted to you. “No, I’m just sitting at my gate. There’s still some time before boarding.” you continued to talk on the phone. 

“Now’s your chance, slip your number in her book. She’s facing away from it.” Roy was indeed right, you had your attention turned to a window opposite the direction of your book.

Jason nodded, scribbling down his number on a piece of paper with a small note. Carefully he strode over, staying out of your vision. Sticking the paper on the page your bookmark was and backtracked to his seat.

Leaning against the armrest, waiting for you to find it. As you continued to talk he ended up pulling out a book of his own, phone stuffed in the pocket of his leather jacket. 

“Alright Mom. Yes I’ll be careful. I love you too. Bye.” Hanging up the phone with your ever worrying mother. You grew up in Gotham, of course you can handle yourself elsewhere. Chuckling you picked up your book, opening it to the marked page.

Though when opening the book a small folded sheet of paper fell into your lap. Confused, you unfolded it reading the contents.

‘Hey, so I’ve been trying to get your attention but it seems you like that book about as much as I did when I first read it. I’m across from you if you’re up for a date some time.


You looked up from the note to see two men. One with red hair that was scrolling through his phone and the other with black hair and a white streak through it. Both were rather attractive but the one with the black hair was just gorgeous in your eyes.

Hoping for the best you typed in the number and sent a message. 

Jason felt the phone buzz in his pocket and dug it out. Clicking the screen it lit up to reveal a message from an unknown number. Not noticing the smile grow on your face as you watched the screen.

“That’s one way to give a girl your number. But a name might be nice to know first deary.. -_^

Jason looked up at you with a dumbfounded look, you covered your mouth giggling before removing it and waving at him. He grinned before beginning to tap the screen.

“Jason Todd. Your turn doll”

Chuckling at the nickname you answered quicky.

“[F/n] [L/n]”

Looking up you saw his buddy looking over his shoulder before he smirked and stole the phone, swiftly typing on the screen.

Reading the message you let out an audible laugh, muffling it with your hand.

“About time he got to talking to you. But how about instead of this texting shit, you sit with us on the flight. Get to know Jaybird audibly.”

After you stopped laughing you responded.

“It’d be my pleasure. I’d love to talk to ‘Jaybird’” 

Jason visibly blushed at the use of his nickname Roy had for him, even if it was only through text.

Though one thing he was looking forward to was hearing you talk to him with the same smile you had been talking on the phone with earlier. Little did he know about how this would be the start to something he’d forever treasure.

Seven Years || Sebastian Stan

Relationship: Sebastian Stan x AU!Reader

Summary: Sebastian has always been a small part of your life, coming and going every few years. After the countless nights you’d spend together you’d fall more and more for him every time, tonight it no exception. 

Warnings: mild angst, fluff, drinking, age gap (but it’s like a five year one), smut (18+)

Word Count: 2400 words 

A/N: I just wanna apologise for my lack of posting but I started uni a couple weeks ago and it’s been my number one priority and it’s been a lot more hectic than I thought it would be so I will try to post as much as I can I promise and I’m so sorry again! xx

I also used this picture from TIFF as inspiration and I’m super angry that as a Torontonian I have not met him

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pink bubblegum / reddie

“and when you’re blue, i’m red, i wanna kiss your neck n’ make you purple all over”

a/n: hi this is my first lil imagine thingy on this account, so i hope you enjoy! i’ve aged the boys up, to about 16/17, because i’m slightly uncomfortable about writing make out sessions between 13 year olds??

summary: richie and eddie were finding their homework boring, and richie suggests a slightly different activity,

pairing: richie tozier x eddie kaspbrak

warnings: swearing (unsuprisingly), kissing, fluff?

it was a cool autumn evening in the small town of derry. richie tozier and eddie kaspbrak were sitting at the park, both boys trying to grasp the concept of trigonometry. richie slammed his textbook shut, letting out an exasperated groan. 

“jesus christ, i’m never gonna get this!” the curly-haired boy exclaimed. he looked at the smaller boy beside him, resting his head in his hands. richie had noticed the way eddie ran his fingers through his hair, also seemingly frustrated because of the work. richie didn’t even know why he was noticing small actions like that, but he seemed to be doing it a lot lately.

“it’ll be okay, rich. you’ll get this in no time. but, how ‘bout we take a lil break for a bit?” eddie spoke, his doe eyes meeting richie’s, which were magnified due to his coke-bottle glasses. richie quickly nodded in agreement, and looked away for a moment. he felt his stomach tighten whenever richie looked at him. or, said his nickname. or, when eddie did anything, really.

“i have an idea, my little eddie spaghetti.” the curly-haired boy spoke up, locking eyes with eddie again. eddie rolled his eyes at the nickname, but before he could protest, richie spoke up again, feeling those butterflies in his tummy. “earlier today, i heard you talking to stan and mike about never being kissed, no?” richie began, a shit-eating smirk spreading across his lips. eddie felt his cheeks heat up and become a deep red.

“s-so what? are you gonna make fun of me? besides it’s not like you’ve kissed anyone either! i-” eddie began to defend himself, but was cut off again.

“eddie, i’ve had my first kiss already, but this isn’t the point.” richie rolled his eyes, as if it were obvious that he’d kissed someone. for some reason, eddie felt his stomach drop. he became jealous, seemingly out of nowhere. he didn’t want richie to see, though, and took a sudden interest in all of the random scribbles on the bench the pair sat at.

“who did you have it with?” the small boy asked timidly. he still chose to focus on the bench, waiting for an answer.

“oh, eddie boy! i thought you knew! it was dear, old, mrs. k.” richie smirked, eddie looked up and rolled his eyes, lightly punching the taller boy in the shoulder. richie smiled proudly at his joke, noticing how red eddie’s cheeks were.

“i kid. i’ve actually never had my first kiss. i know, shocker, the playa himself hasn’t even kissed anybody! oh, the humani-”

“was there a point to this whole conversation?” eddie interjected, before richie could finish his dramatic wailing. 

“right, yes.” richie nodded, a sudden seriousness laced in his tone. he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and eddie couldn’t help but admire him in that moment.

“i- um, i was wondering if maybe… possibly… you’d wanna share your first kiss with me?” richie asked quietly. his cheeks flushed, as he waited for a response, the worst case-scenarios playing out in his head.

eddie, on the other hand, was completely shocked. his complexion was for sure beet red, and he felt his heart begin to speed up. all the little boy could do was nod quickly.

richie wasted no time on putting his slightly chapped lips on eddie’s soft ones. both boys’ minds and hearts were racing a mile a minute. eddie brought his hands up, one of them gently cupping richie’s cheek, the other resting gently on the base of his neck.

the boys’ both turned their heads to get a better angle as richie pulled eddie into his lap, his hands carefully placed on eddie’s waist. his thumbs softly traced circles into the smaller boys’ hip bones.

surprisingly, eddie swiped his tongue across richie’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. richie happily complied, opening his mouth for the boy. eddie could taste bubblegum and cigarettes on richie’s tongue, and he honestly loved it.

richie pulled back after a moment or two, both of the boys needing to catch their breath. their foreheads rested on one another’s; their eyes still closed. 

“not bad for your first time, hm?” richie asked in a hushed tone, his gaze not meeting eddie’s yet. he felt like he was on top of the world, a whirlwind of butterflies in his tummy and a red blush adorning his freckled cheeks. he couldn’t forget how eddie tasted of sweet strawberries, probably because of his chapstick.

“was amazing. ten out of ten, would make out with you again.” eddie joked, the two of them giggling softly. eddie pulled his face away from richie’s, but stayed on the boy’s lap. eddie loved how red richie’s cheeks were, and he was sure his matched. 

eddie leaned forward and pressed soft, feathery kisses to richie’s cheeks, trailing down to his neck. he felt richie jump slightly at the neck kiss, so he did it again. richie let out a noise, making eddie proud for some reason, eddie then tried something risky.

the small boys’ slightly swollen lips began to suck on the curly-haired boy’s sensitive skin, making richie grip eddie’s waist even tighter. eddie squealed, pulling away to look at richie. he’d left a bright purple mark on the boy’s neck.

“eds, we should save that for another time.” richie hummed and winked, making eddie roll his eyes for the millionth time that evening. richie pecked eddie’s nose as eddie got off of richie’s lap. he didn’t even feel the need to correct richie about the nickname at the moment.

“oh man, now i get to tell everyone that my first kiss was with the richie tozier. i’m gonna make everyone in derry so jealous.” eddie spoke sarcastically with a dumb grin, looking up at trashmouth himself.

richie scoffed, pretending to be offended and putting a hand over his heart. “you love me, loser.”

“mmmhmmm,” came a joking response. the two carried on like this as the sun set, before richie walked eddie home.

the night definitely didn’t go as planned, but it was worth it.

a/n: pls let me know what you think!! i’m literally so tired rn so this is possibly shitty but uhhhh yeah! see ya’ll next time?? idk how 2 end author’s notes?


(I hope you don’t mind that I made this a Modern AU and I’ve put two prompt requests into one as two had the same request! No.8 )

Send me more prompts either here or here

Eddie had no idea why he was so nervous. It was just Richie. His Richie, his best friend. Trashmouth. They’d hung out countless times before. However even Eddie knew that this wasn’t like any of the other times they’d hung out. For starters, none of their other friends were going to be there, it was just the two of them. Second they were going out for dinner to the new Pizza place that opened up and then they were going bowling, and third, it was a date.

Richie Tozier, his best friend since fucking pre-school, and the guy whom he’d had feelings for since he was at least fifteen had asked him out on a date…and it was not followed up by some rude joke about his mom.

He checked himself in the mirror again, making sure that everything was perfect, and he glanced at the clock on his bedside table. 6.55pm. In five minutes Richie would be knocking on his door to take him out. He was picking him up in his car that he’d spent all summer saving up for. Personally, Eddie thought it could use a good clean with extremely strong disinfectant but he didn’t say anything because the car had meant so much to Richie. It was something had he’d gotten all by himself, all because he worked hard for it.

He was broken out of his thoughts by the doorbell ringing and he reached into his pocket and pulled out his inhaler, taking a puff. Even though a few years ago he’d found out that he actually didn’t have asthma, having the inhaler there to use was a comfort to him. He was also very touched to find out from Bill that Richie keeps a spare inhaler in his bag, just in case Eddie loses his.

He heard his mother answer the door and a familiar voice float up the stairs, “Hi Mrs K! Looking stunning as usual, is that a new dress you’re wearing?” Eddie rolled his eyes as he heard his mother scoff and warn him to have Eddie home before midnight.

He took that as his cue to head down the stairs and when he saw Richie at the bottom, leaning against the wall with his trademark smirk, his glasses just falling down his nose slightly, Eddie swore he felt his heart stop. “Wow Eds, you brush up nice, hoping to get lucky?” He teased, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Instead of Eddie smacking Richie, or glaring at him like he usually would, he just blurted out, “Did you know that when hippopotamus’ are upset their sweat turns red?” Eddie could swear his face was bright red at this point. What was wrong with him? He cleared his throat, as Richie let out a very light laugh.

“Good to know Eds, you really are full of surprises aren’t you?” Richie fixed his glasses and opened the front door, “Ready?” Eddie just nodded and followed him out of the house and towards where he’d parked the car.

Eddie stopped short as he took in the vehicle in front of him, as it was spotless. Not a single ounce of dirt that Eddie had noticed before could be seen and he realised that Richie had cleaned the car out completely just so Eddie would feel comfortable sitting in it. This fact alone made him fall just that little but more in love with his best friend, not that he’d tell Richie that, not yet anyway. They had to get through this date first.

The ride to the restaurant wasn’t as awkward as Eddie thought it was going to be, they talked about school, and the football tryouts, and Ben and Beverley’s new found relationship. Hell they even talked about Stan and Bill who’d been together since the beginning of Sophomore year. Richie even made his fair share of ‘your mom,’ jokes that earned his glare from Eddie.

When Richie pulled up outside of the restaurant however, the nerves from before came back, setting in the pit of his stomach. What if he messed up? What if he said something and Richie realised it was all a big mistake asking him out? There was too much riding on this date, Eddies heart was literally on the line and it scared him a little.

“-arth to Eds?” Richie’s voice broke through his thoughts and he glanced up to find Richie mere inches from his face, prompting another blush to rise up his cheeks. “You’re such a cutie when you blush Eds,” he offered him his arm, “C’mon.”

“Did you know that in 2015 more people were killed from taking selfies than from shark attacks?” He blurted out and Richie blinked, looking perplexed for a moment before he grinned.

“Better not take any selfies then huh? Wouldn’t want to deprive the world of this awesomeness would I?” He winked and gestured to himself, pulling Eddie into the restaurant and they were led to their table.

And that was how the rest of the date went from there on in. Whenever Richie made a comment in regards to how Eddie looked, how cute he was or even mentioned one of the many nicknames he had for him, Eddie would blurt out another random fact.

“Did you know Heart Attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday?”

“Did you know bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun?”

‘Did you know that movie trailers were originally shown after the movie, which was why they are named trailers?”

Yeah, you get it.

Also not to mention he got pizza sauce all over his shirt, spilled a glass of water and tripped over his shoelaces when he went to use the bathroom. Richie was never going to want to come out with him again and they hadn’t even made it to the bowling yet.

Richie however, was taking it all in his stride. It had taken him to when Eddie started rambling about bananas to figure out that his best friend was nervous. Extremely so, and Richie thought it was the cutest thing ever. Damn, he had it bad. Once he’s paid the bill, much to Eddie’s protest - “I asked you out Eds, therefore I pay.” - they headed back out to the car. They stopped by the door and Eddie looked at his shoes again. “Ed-“

“Did you know that a baby-“ he was cut off by Richie’s finger on his lips, effectively shutting him up. He held back the urge to comment on how many germs would be on Richie’s finger that was now pressed against his lips as Richie looked as though he was going to start talking.

“You don’t have to be so nervous Eds,” he said simply, no joke behind his words as he removed his finger

Eddies mouth opened and closed a few times before he sighed, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Richie- it’s just I tend to spout out random facts when I’m nervous.” He pressed his back up against the car and looked down.

Richie frowned and reached a hand out to tilt Eddie’s face back up, so he was looking at him, “Don’t be sorry,” he said softly and Eddie couldn’t look away. Richie face was so close to his and all he desperately wanted to do was lean forward and close the distance between them, but he didn’t.

A comfortable silence stretched out between them before Richie spoke up again, voice much softer than Eddie had ever heard it before, “Forgive me if I’m misreading things-“ he stopped and Eddie’s eyes widened, opening his mouth to ask Richie to finish the sentence, when a smirk broke out on his face, and in pure Richie fashion he finished, “But do you want to make out?

Eddie’s jaw dropped as he registered Richie’s words and could barley manage a nod before a pair of chapped lips were covering his own. Now no mental preparation or discussion could ever have prepared him for the way Richie’s mouth felt on his, and he didn’t even think about how many germs would be in mouth, on his tongue that was-oh- that was running along his bottom lip, coaxing his lips apart so he could give Eddie a proper kiss. None of this closed mouth shit.

When the need for air was too prominent, they slowly pulled away, but instead of taking a step back, Richie pressed his forehead to Eddies. Eddie opened his eyes- when had he closed them?- and met Richie’s with a soft smile on his lips. They stood their in silence for a while longer, enjoying each others company before Richie spoke up again, “You’ll come with me to homecoming right?” He asked and Eddie’s stomach did flips because he knew that Richie hated all those school dance things, but Richie knew that Eddie loved them.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “Yes of course.”

“Wanna skip bowling and make out in the back of my car? Maybe if you ask nicely you’ll get to see how long my wang really is!” Richie suggested with a waggle of his eyebrows, earning him a smack to the arm from Eddie. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding!”

Eddie just rolled his eyes and got into the passenger seat, “If you beat me at bowling I might just let you kiss me goodnight Tozier.”

“Oh it’s on.”

MariChat May Day 12: Sleepover

This is for @sybaritismfics!  She’s another talented fellow author, who offered her friendship.  :)

“Marinette, why is Chat Noir climbing in through your window?”

Marinette turned from her screen to look at a very bemused Alya, and then at the black cat who was now sitting frozen in shock on her bed. She should have expected it, really.  As much as they were both at her house, it was a miracle that it hadn’t happened already.  But this was Saturday night, and Chat usually didn’t come on a Saturday unless he had to miss Friday, so having Alya stay over that night should have been safe.  What was he doing here two nights in a row?  

“Earth to Marinette?”

She blinked, and realized that Alya was still staring at her expectantly. “Uh, patrolling?” she said intelligently.

Chat’s eyes darted in panic between them.  “Yeah, patrolling!  I was just conducting an in-depth patrol, visiting totally random citizens in their homes, but, um, I can see that there’s no akuma here, so I’ll just, uh, be on my way—”

“Oh, no you don’t!”  Alya leapt up and grabbed his tail, catching him with his torso already half outside.  She coiled the end of it around her fist and tugged, smirking.  “If you don’t stick around, then you’re going to leave poor Marinette to face interrogation alone.”

Chat sighed and dropped back to the bed, pulling the trap door closed behind him.


“Don’t ‘Alya’ me, M,” she tossed back, making herself comfortable on the chaise.  “You’re the one who’s been secretly meeting with one half of Paris’s super duo.  And don’t even try to tell me this was the first time.  That cat has obviously been here before.”

“Ok, so, maybe he’s been here once or twice before—”

“The cat’s out of the bag now, Princess.”  He dropped to the floor next to where Marinette still sat in her desk chair, and leaned his head against her knee.  “You might as well come clean.  You know the Ladyblogger better than I do, but even I know she’s not gonna quit till she gets her scoop.”

Alya’s eyes had lit at his use of her nickname, and Marinette groaned.  “Now you’ve done it, you mangy cat.”

“ ‘Princess’?  He has a pet name for you?  Girl, how long have you been holding out on me?”

“A while?”  She shrugged.  “I don’t really remember when it started.  And it wasn’t that often at first.”

Alya’s hands twitched on her phone, like she was itching to start recording this like an interview.  “How did it even start?”

“I was out on my balcony one evening, and I saw him vaulting around the rooftops.  I said hi, and he came and sat on my balcony for a while, and…”  She shrugged again, and thoughtlessly dropped her hand onto his head and began to absently scratch his ears.  Chat pushed his head into her hand and closed his eyes happily under her ministrations.

Alya noted both of these things with interest, but didn’t interrupt.

“And I came back,” Chat said without opening his eyes, “because she’s good company.  And she feeds me.”

Alya laughed.  “Marinette, don’t you know better than to feed strays?”

“Well, I do now,” she laughed.

“Hey!”  He lifted his head to glare at her indignantly.

“You know I’m only teasing, Chaton.”  His expression eased, and he put his head against her knee once more.

Alya’s brows climbed up into her hairline, but she still didn’t comment.  “So why didn’t you tell me that you’ve had a superhero visiting your bedroom, Mari?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged yet again.  “The first time, I thought it was a one-time thing.  And what was I going to say, ‘Chat Noir just happened by my balcony yesterday, and kept me company for a few hours’ ?”

“A few hours?”

“We were bored.”

“Uh huh.”

“Whatever.”  Marinette waved a hand dismissively.  “I just didn’t mention it.  I mean, I told my parents, because I didn’t want them to freak out, but it…just didn’t really occur to me to tell anyone else.”

“I’m glad she didn’t,” Chat put in quietly.  “If it got out that I like to come here, it might put her family in danger.  And if it got out that she’s a friend of mine, it would definitely put her in danger.”

“I guess I can see that.”  Alya nodded thoughtfully.  “So, you guys are just…friends?  What do you do?”

“Whatever, really.  Play Mecha Strike, watch movies, do homework…”

“I help her with her physics.”  Chat grinned.  “And model for her when she needs a muse.”

“With, or without the suit?”

“Alya!”  Marinette just knew that her face was scarlet.

“What?  It’s a valid question.”

Chat laughed, and waggled his brows suggestively.  “With the suit, this time.  But next time?  Who knows.”

She pulled her fingers from his hair, and nudged his head with her knee.  “Ugh, Chat, I think it’s time for you to go.”

“Do I have to?”  He pouted.

“Yes.  Go.  I’ll see you…another time.  Ok?”

“Fine.  A cat knows when he’s not wanted.”  He stood and winked at Marinette with his back to the chaise, so that Alya wouldn’t see.  Then climbed the ladder to Marinette’s loft bed, and pushed open the door in the ceiling.  “See you later, Ladyblogger.  Goodnight, Princess,” he called down, and then he was gone, the door closed quietly behind him.

Alya turned back to Marinette, who was still staring at the skylight with a soft smile.  “Marinette Dupain-Cheng, are you dating Chat Noir?!”

BTS react to your daddy kink

Listen, i don’t have a daddy kink….
but when it comes to namjoon,
thats a whole different story oops.

thanks for requesting! 
fuck. writing this made me feel so many things.


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

It’d probably be a casual day when the two of you were having a regular conversations when it suddenly turned into sex talk. The two of you were on the couch with your feet swung over his lap whilst he had his focus on the video game on the TV in front of him, when you mention your daddy kink he would be taken completely off guard. Jungkook turned his head to look at you, urging you to continue talking about this kink of yours, wanting to learn how to please you in a new way, he listens intently while his fingers aimlessly rubs circles on your thighs…


Originally posted by eashmo201

Taehyung would be pretty turned on but can’t help but burst into a fit of giggles because he hadn’t expected such a kink from you. Taehyung is a pretty softie in bed during the first few times (in fear of hurting you) but after hearing you had a daddy kink he would change it up a bit, making himself more dominant in order to make intimacy a pleasurable experience for you.


Originally posted by amsimaria

When you two were having an intimate night, you would have accidentally moaned the nickname daddy. This turned him on so fucking much, his groans and grunts would get deeper and lower as he made it his mission to make you call him that for the rest of the night.

Ah, fuck.. that’s really hot.. can you call me that again


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon


Having a daddy kink and dating Namjoon is like the perfect duo. Namjoon is the kinkiest and most dominant member in bed. He would bronze in all of pride as he leaned back from where he sat, smirking at you and patting his lap.

fuck. come here and sit on daddy’s lap


Originally posted by no-ass-namjoon

Hoseok wouldn’t really realise how into the nickname he was until he actually heard you moan it for the first time. He would be so fucking cocky about it, becoming way to prideful about the way he made you feel so good.

What was that baby? what did you call me? moan it louder


Originally posted by carress-me-oppars

Honestly, i don’t think Yoongi has a daddy kink but he respects your kinks and preferences to the point where he’ll let you call him ‘daddy’ if it helps you get off better. He’d want you to enjoy sex with him even if the nickname doesn’t really affect him half as much as it affects you during intimacy. 


Originally posted by jhopefluxo

I legit cannot imagine Seokjin having a daddy kink, he’s so sweet and vanilla to me. But i think that he’d really value your opinion when the two of you are being intimate, so he would take this kink into consideration and try it out. Sometimes Seokjin would be SO into it that he’d go beyond even your expectations ;)

                                                   -bangtan angels-


Pairing: Reader x Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
Warnings: !SMUT! Swearing
A/N: I never specify which version of Kurt this is about. For me it felt more like comic!verse Kurt, but you can just use your imagination on which ever one you prefer ~~~~
Your mutation: Healing factors 

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GOT7~ When their S/O Calls Them “Baby Boy”

shallowyetsleek said: Hey I requested a reaction a while ago, and I loved it (thank you ) . Could I ask for another got7 reaction ? One when their S.O calls them baby boy

A/N: You’re very welcome for your last request anon, thank you for sticking around! Also, sorry this one took so long!{♥‿♥} please dont h8 me m8

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Im Jaebum

When you called him baby boy, Jaebum would kinda just look at you *gif* and be like, “oh really”  then I could seen him getting all seductive and sexy

“I think it’s the other way around. Do you remember last night, Babygirl?”

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Mark Tuan

He’d probably get all shy and his ears would turn all red and it’d just be so friggen cute. Although Mark might be the “quiet but rough in bed” type, he is still a little cinnabun  

“Shh, b-babe.”

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Jackson Wang

Wouldn’t even phase him. Jackson is all about them nicknames and shit like that, he probably wouldn’t even notice it but if he did, he’d think it’s the cutest thing ever

“How are you so cute?”

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Park Jinyoung

Jinyoung is someone who like his muscularity so might not like it but if you’re just teasing him then he’d probs get jokingly defensive and throw some shade. Prepare for teasing war

“Remember that time I said I thought you were cute? I lied.”

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Choi Youngjae

I don’t this would phase him simply due to his soft nature. He’s probably so use to this that he’d just act cute and call you Baby Girl. All-in-all you guy would end up cuddling

“Awe, Babygirl.”

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He’d pretend to be offended and look at you in disbelief. He’d joke about it and stuff like you damaged his ego somehow but in all honesty he wouldn’t really care because you’re his princess and he loves you.

“Wha? How could you!?”

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Kim Yugyeom

He’d just look down at you (assuming you’re shorter) and start giggling like how he does when he doesn’t know what to do. Yugy would probs pull you into his chest and act all cute as he hugs you

“Ahh, Jagi, I love you.”

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My Snivellus | Severus Snape

Words: 1,494

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: Young Severus Snape x Reader

Warning(s): lots of intense kissing (I guess?)

Requested by anonymous:  Snape request: y/n is best friends with the marauders (specifically James and Sirius could even be Jame’s sister or like a sister if you’d like) and she secretly starts to date sev. They get caught making out (or more if ur okay with nsfw) by the marauders who are in a state of utter shock.

A/N: Oh my God, Louis Garrel as young Snape is everything I ever wanted in life. The man is so perfect, I can’t! Anyways, I hope you liked it and that I got your request right. I love writing about my Sevvy sooo much! Lots of love and kisses! 💖

You were chatting with one of your friends in the courtyard, when your eye caught a glimpse of a tall figure running back inside. Immediately, you recognized his identity and ran after him.

After struggling to reach him, you finally see him enter an empty corridor and follow him. “Severus! Wait!” you cried after him.

Before he could get any further, you snatched his sleeve and cornered him into the wall. “Sevvy, what’s wrong? Why are you running?” you looked up at him, concern written all over your features.

He sighed at your use of nickname, if only you knew the effect you had on him. You gently used tilted his chin back to get a better look at his face and gasped at the sight.

There was a garish bruise under his left eye, as if someone had punched him and it wasn’t hard to tell who did it. Yet again, he had fallen a victim of the infamous Marauders.

The boys were your friends but honestly at times you wondered if they even had a heart. How could they do something so cruel and unjustified?

“What happened?” you traced over the bruise with a feather light touch, careful not to hurt him.

“I don’t wish to talk about it.” He avoided your gaze but it was something else that caught your attention, his knuckles were red and swollen and there was blood dripping on the stone floor.

You quickly grabbed his hand, inspecting the cuts. “Sevvy…” you whispered brokenly, “Did they do this to you?”

He didn’t answer you, but his silence was enough to make you understand before he quickly pulled his hand out of your grasp. “Can I go now? I have class.” he didn’t give you time to respond before he started walking away again, only for you to run to him and hug him from behind.

It was painful seeing him this way. You wanted to help him more than anything, but if he kept pushing you away there wouldn’t be much you could do.

He froze at the contact as you clang onto his huge form but you felt him shift in your arms and face you, hugging you properly this time. It was comforting for him; your touch, your smell, your very presence somehow made it all better.

After staying like that for a while – simply holding each other as your breaths were the only thing that could be heard – you were the first to pull away. You took his hand again, gently touching the cuts and making him wince.

“Sorry,” you muttered, “We need to get this cleaned up.”

“Why? So that Madam Pomfrey can start asking questions again?”

With a sympathetic smile, you brushed your lips across his knuckles and right then he could feel his heart thud against his ribcage.

His eyes searched for yours. “Why are you so nice to me?”

You smiled again, the most beautiful sight he had ever witnessed – he wished he could make you smile all the time. “Because you’re my friend…” You replied with that sweet voice of yours that took his breath away but he couldn’t help but cringe at your words. A friend was not all he wanted to be to you.

“-and because you don’t deserve any of this.” You caressed his hand gently.

He scoffed at your statement and you raised an eyebrow, “You don’t! And just because you’re in love with Lily doesn’t mean that James has a right-“

“You think I love Lily?” you looked up to see his eyes that had widened in shock.

“Well, yes! I mean, I think even Lily thinks you love her. Why, don’t you love Lily?” you cringed at the way you stuttered and before you could process what was happening, his lips crashed on yours.

Frozen in place, all you could do was stared at him wide-eyed as his lips moved on yours and seeing your lack of response, he pulled away quickly.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know…Bloody hell, I messed up!” he rubbed his face in frustration.

”W-what about Lily?”

“For Merlin’s sake, Y/N! I don’t love Lily, I could never love Lily. It’s been months since she even talked to me last. I want you! I-I love you…”

You couldn’t find the words to answer him as you saw his hurt expression at your rejection. “I knew this was a stupid idea. Just forget I ever said anything, alright?”

You watched as he quickly grabbed his bag from the floor and motioned to leave but before he could go anywhere, you practically jumped on him, causing him to fall against the wall for support but his hands quickly found your hips as he balanced both of you.

You wrapped your legs around him and he held you close, closing the distance between your bodies as you kissed each other fervently. Your kisses were hungry and sloppy and your noses bumped every time but it was perfect.

You tangled your hands in his ebony locks as you felt his tongue tracing along your bottom lip, asking for permission that you quickly granted him. Your tongues moved in perfect sync, taking the time to explore each other’s mouths.

Finally, you parted for air and your foreheads touched as you both panted. You tilted his chin up a little to get a look inside his onyx black orbs that were so uniquely beautiful.

You smiled at him, making him stumble over his words again. “I…I didn’t think you felt the same…”

Instead of answering him, you nuzzled your nose against his and he shut his eyes, cherishing the pleasant warmth your body emitted.

Suddenly, Sirius and James burst into the corridor and their mouths fell open when they spotted you in Snape’s arms. James’ first instinct was to pull out his wand, pointing it at Severus who quickly let you slide back on the floor.

“Y/N? What-“ the boy with the glasses yelled but he was interrupted by Sirius.

“I swear you greasy bat of the dungeons, if you don’t back off from her right now…” he immediately hurried to attack Severus but you stood in the middle, pushing him back with a force you didn’t know you possessed.

“What is wrong with you?” you screamed at them and you must have looked pretty intimidating, because you could see both their faces drain of color. They had never seen you so angry before, it was scary really.

“What is wrong with us? What are you doing with Snivellus?” James yelled back at you, but Sirius kept his focus on the black-haired boy next to you.

“What did you to do to her?”

“Leave him alone, he’s done absolutely nothing wrong!” you yelled back and you could feel tears sting your eyes. Why couldn’t the people you loved just get along for once?

Taking a deep breath to calm down, you lowered your voice. “I love him.” You spoke more confidently than ever, your hand reaching for Severus’ and you interlaced your fingers with his longer ones.

Sirius looked at you in disbelief and then back at Severus, “You slimy git, you did something to her! Slid some kind of love potion into her drink, did you Snape?”

You huffed, “For Merlin’s sake! Why can’t you accept it?”

“You? And Snivellus?”

“Snivell-dammit, Severus! Severus is a great person, the only good person in this room right now, to be honest! And my life is none of your business!” you finished triumphantly and grabbed the tall boy’s hand, pulling him away from the two idiots you called friends.

You walked back to the Hufflepuff common room in silence, but your hold on his hand never broke. When it was time for you to go inside, he plucked up the courage to speak.

“Did you mean all that?” he asked you in a whisper while you opened the door.

Grinning from ear to ear, you turned to him. “Of course I did, Sevvy.” You stood on your tiptoes to place a kiss on his jawline, where you could reach.

“Come on, let’s get those cuts cleaned!” you guided him inside and thankfully the room was empty, not surprising though considering you should be at class right now.

Pulling out a healing kit, you used alcohol to make sure his wounds wouldn’t get infected.

“But they are your friends…” his voice was lower than usual – he sounded so vulnerable.

“Well not for long if they continue acting like this.”

Hearing your answer, his face lit up with one of those rare smiles he kept only for you and he kissed the inside of your wrist.

“They won’t stop bugging me, you know.”

“Sevvy, if they touch you again, I will hex them into oblivion.” You poked his nose lovingly and you both laughed.

“My badass Hufflepuff.” He smirks at you, “I love you.” He said again, this time with more confidence.

“I love you too, my Snivellus.”

 I couldn’t resist putting in a second gif, he’s sooo handsome!

BTS reaction: their s/o randomly adopting a dog.

little-psycho-ghost asked:

 If you have time, could you do a reaction to their s/o randomly adopting a dog?



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Jin would give you an entire lecture about how dogs are a big responcibility, how they are like kids and you need to take care of them and how you’re way too lazy to take care of the dog by yourself. 

“But,” he said at the end of his speech, “that doesn’t mean we’re not keeping the dog. It’s just way too cute! Now let’s go buy the poor doggy some food!”


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Yoongi wouldn’t say anything and let you keep the dog. He would pretend that he doesn’t care about the dog and that it’s not a big deal, but on the inside the dog would be jumping with happiness every time the dog climbed on top of him and licked his cheek and if it ever gets sick he would take a day off just to take care of it, even though he would never admit it.

“Hey Y/N, I know it’s really late and you have work tomorrow, but I need to check on the dog, how’s he doing? Did you give it it’s medicine?”


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Hobi would instantly fall in love with the dog. He would love the dog so much somedays you would feel like he’s paying more attention to it than he does to you. He would also use the dog on you every time you’re mad or sad, he would take the little ball of fluff and bring it to you, placing it in your lap.

“I read somewhere that dogs make people happier,” he smiled placing the dog in your lap, “it definetly works for me, so I think it would work for you too.”


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Namjoon would sigh and roll his eyes when you first bring the dog home, annoyed that you brought home yet another animal. But he would slowly start getting more attached to the dog than he did to any of your previous animals, he would start buying it clothes and calling it nicknames that didn’t even make sense sometimes.

“Come here Mr. Carrot!”, he would call the dog whose name was Johnny.


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Jimin would be completely confused what to do. He would love the dog and think that it’s extremely adorable but he wouldn’t really know how to take care of it. This means that the two of you would constantly be googling stuff about the dog.

“Jagi? The dog has been sleeping for 3 hours straight now, should I be worried?”


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Tae would see the puppy as a very important milestone in your relationship. He would think of it as his child - constantly dressing it up in fancy dog clothes and feeding it fancy dog foods. But having a dog with you would make him really happy, because we all know how much he loves children which means that he would absolutely fall in love with the dog.

“Jagi, you’ll be such a good mother of our future child!”


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Jungkook would NOT like the dog. The only reason why is, because he would be extremely jealous of it. He would be the kind of boyfriend who wants the be the only one and the only thing who you love, so sharing you with a dog wouldn’t be an easy task for him. But even if he is jealous he would still let you keep the puppy, because he loves how happy it makes you.

“Jagiya! Leave the dog alone and come spend some time with me!”


On My Way Home

Title: On My Way Home. The Promise. Part 2

Summary: Dean deals with the aftermath of the letter that changed his life.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (very briefly, also mentioned), Jo Harvelle (very briefly), Benny Lafitte, Leslie (OFC, only mentioned), John Winchester and Marry Winchester (only mentioned), Bobby Singer (very briefly mentioned), Lexie (OFC), Lisa Braeden (mentioned)

Word count: 6065

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Another letter (way shorter though, I promise). Mentions of an almost-fatal car accident and death of a parent. There are a few more warnings but I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone so look at the tags in the end if you want. :)

Author’s Notes: Wow. So here it is. The second part to “The Promise”. I’m sorry this took me so long, guys, but I fell in love with the first part and I wanted to do this story justice (also, life has been kind of crazy lately). Anyway, I’d really like to thank all of you for the love and support you’ve shown for this fic. It means the world to me and I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed working on it.

(Flashback is in italics). Read part one here. 

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“Where are we going?” Y/N breathed out, her hand in Dean’s, a bright smile gracing her beautiful features as they ran together, twigs and branches scratching their skin, trying to slow them down.

The corners of his lips quirked up in a cheeky smirk.

It was hard to believe, really, but life had been good to him lately. They were almost ready to graduate, Y/N had gotten accepted into Columbia and, with his dad and Bobby’s help he’d be able to follow her to New York and start working as a mechanic like he’d always wanted.

And, thank God, she was doing better. The days she’d spent laying on a hospital bed, wounded and bruised, were long gone and she was happy and lively once more, had that spark in her eyes that made him fall in love with her all over again.

“You’ll see.” He winked, giving her hand a squeeze for good measure.

“But the other guys, they’re going to-”

“Don’t worry ‘bout them. They’re too busy to notice we’re gone.”

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Whenever anakin smiles I get sad because he looks so sweet but also so broken and I just wish he could have had the happy ending he deserved He got redemption sure but endured so much pain along the way

Sorry for taking so long to answer you. I’ve a lot of feeling on this and I wanted to get my head straight first :P

The thing is, Anakin was not happy.

“And Anakin smiles. Not a smile like the Emperor’s. Or a crazed grin like Darth Maul’s. Not even a smirk that Anakin might have shown Ahsoka back in his Jedi days. But a real smile.The smile that only Padme ever saw. “ - Beware the Power of the Dark Side by Tom Angleberger

This is terribly sad. Anakin was not happy. He never truly was. For some degree of lasting happiness to be achieved, safety is necessary. And Anakin was a creature of fear. He never felt safe enough in any environment or in his own skin to be able to feel safe, accepted and happy. He joked and laughed around his Padawan, his Master, his troops, etc. but there was always a wall between them. There was a vast space separating what Anakin felt and what Anakin expressed. And in that space we can find Jedi rules, military protocols and Anakin’s traumas.

“What should he be afraid of? Except— Fear lives inside him anyway, chewing away the firewalls around his heart. Anakin sometimes thinks of the dread that eats at his heart as a dragon. […] But Anakin’s fear is another kind of dragon. A cold kind. A dead kind. Not nearly dead enough. […] The dragon whispers of what Anakin has lost. And what he will lose.” ROTS Novelization

I think we can all agree that this is not the thoughts of a happy (or healthy) man.  However, behind all this there’s an even bigger tragedy: almost no one noticed it. And those who did didn’t anything about it. There’s this really interesting video on Youtube about how Anakin was perceived by those close to him and how he never showed signs of happiness (I don’t have the link but as soon as I find it I’ll share it here). Some may say, yeah that’s the Jedi way. But it wasn’t. Anakin unhappiness wasn’t normal and there’s one Jedi who noticed.

“So she sassed him, or invented nicknames that were guaranteed to get under his skin. Sometimes she even deliberately flouted his wishes. Anything to break him free of sorrow or frustration or some bleak memory he refused to share.” Ahsoka Tano. “Clone Wars Gambit: Siege” by Karen Miller

“So … what was her brilliant, sometimes volatile Master feeling now? Eyes drifted half closed, Ahsoka breathed out a soft sigh and let her growing Jedi awareness touch lightly upon him.  Impatience. Concern. Relief. Loneliness. Weariness. And grief, not yet healed.” Ahsoka Tano. “Clone Wars Gambit: Siege” by Karen Miller

“[Ahsoka] chewed her lip while she waited. Tried to read the thoughts tumbling through his mind. But when he wanted to, Anakin could hide himself completely. For all the good his face did her right now he might as well be a protocol droid.” Ahsoka Tano. “Clone Wars Gambit: Siege” by Karen Miller

Anakin was good at hiding his deepest fears. And Ahsoka could do much else about because of her “traineing” and her status. However, I have hard time believing that the mighty senior Jedi didn’t noticed this either. I don’t buy it. they were pretty straightforward about Anakin’s “shortcomings” (fears) when he was 9. Why would they not see it now he was older? They stopped looking or they stopped caring? Was a “broken” chosen one better than no chosen one?

So here’s part one of this tragedy. Anakin was unhappy. People close to knew it. And yet only three being who put Anakin’s happiness above their own goals: Shmi Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, Ashoka Tano.

“If you do love Anakin, you must let him go. He can’t love you and be a Jedi. And he was born to be a Jedi. He has a destiny greater than you or I can imagine. If he is not free to pursue it, a great many people may pay a dreadful price. Is that what you want?”  [Padmé] blinked rapidly, banishing tears. “And do you love him so little you would have him condemned to a lifetime of loneliness, all in the name of some prophecy not a one of your precious Jedi Council can say for certain is true?” – Obi-wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala (Wild Space by Karen Miller)

“Feeling helpless, she chewed at her lip. She didn’t know what she could do to make anything better for him. She couldn’t heal his grief for the clones who’d fallen under his command, or the civilians he’d been unable to save. She couldn’t make him less tired, or order him home to Coruscant where his mood always lightened. She couldn’t promise the war would end soon, with the Republic victorious.”- Ahsoka Tano (Wild Space by Karen Miller).

Part two of this tragedy is that most of Anakin’s pain and unhappiness could’ve been avoided if the people in power had done the right thing.

Little Dancer (M)

warning(s): smut

theme: You and Hoseok are preparing for your dance competition, and things get heated once you two are left alone.

word count: 2.2k

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

“So then why stop?”

“Who said I was going to?”

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Reasons to love Dragon Age Origins cast

You guys seemed to like the DAI one (for whatever reason)…

Which is here:

So heres more garbage below, if you feel like wasting your time :”)


– Thinks Blight is like a party

– Until it actually goes wrong

– Thinks of his mentor like a father


– (Actually you cant.)

– Wow game, you are an asshole

– Is really sweet and precious

– And a dork

– Stfu Alistair you know I´m right

– Just wants to be accepted and not made fun of

– Says the sweetest things and makes non single women compare their boys to him probably

– Compares you to a rose

– „Why cant he be real???“

– Bish, he is too good and innocent for this world

– Afraid of responsibility

– Like #relatable I get you man…

– Doesn´t want to be the king unless you tell him to „go for it boo“

– Loves dogs but would probably deny it.


– Much sarcasm

– Some of the smartest dialogue

– Can make you look stupid without putting effort into it.

– Could also kill you

– Changes into animals

– But her true form is still the best

– You probably like her outfit one way or the other

– (Cant believe hers is the only concept art that made it into the game…)

– Likes jewelry

– And deserves all of it.


– Makes fun of Alistair.

– And everyone else

– But you just can´t hate her

– Hates love

– Until you romance her

– Holy shit she´s great at it then.

– But the ending hurts.

– It´s okay, she´ll be back

– Protect her from her mom


Ohhhh boi, here we go

– That accent

– It makes even the straightest people go gay for him

– Smooth as fuck and he knows it.

– Thinks he doesnt deserve to be loved

– Is actually a precious cinnamon roll

– „I feel terrible and I wish to cry. May I rest my head in your bossom“

– Sure why not.


– What do you mean I´m playing as a guy. This guy has love to give for everybody

– Flirts with everyone, it´s great

– Tattoos

– Ugh that accent is still great

– Actually the most loyal romance tbh

– And cares about you

– Like a lot.

– So much so that if you die, he doesnt love anyone again.

– Deserves all the happiness


– Wants to help

– Because she had a dream about the end of the world

– Thinks the god sent her to help you

– Actually believes it


– Likes your hair, even if you´re fukin bald

– Sweetest

– And her voice is sweet too tho

– Asks about your current boyfriend/girlfriend

– Best sis you could ask for.

– Doesn´t wantto kill anyone

– Not even an assassin sent after her

– Or the person who sent them.


– Doesnt want to be like her ex and wants to move on

– Loves you

– So so much



– Doesn´t like you

– Or anyone

– Or anything

– Haha got you. He actually is the sweetest later on.

– Calls you „kadan“ how cute is that dude

– Tol but precious


– Also took cookies from a boy because he didnt want him to get chubby

– Played „I spy“ with himself while waiting to either starve or get eaten

– Sad because he lost his sword


– He named it „Asala“ which means „soul“

– Has cute dialogue with your dog

– Literally so clueless but so smart you cant understand him if you tried

– Makes you sound dumb for asking questions

– „I should have stayed in that cage“

– So done with you.


– Holy fuck a dwarf

– Finally

– Tough little badass

– Dont call him little though

– Could kill you

– So drunk

– Worst dwarf ever, it´s great.

– Actually the best cause his town is full of assholes

– Probably drunk all the time and if he stopped hed be like „how did I get here“

– Loves the surface tho

– „It´s sodding great. No one has any idea who you are or what you´re doing“

– Love him

– „That dog. Sodding thing took my pants“
– Oghren, you´re wearing your pants


– Loves his wife even if she did bad things. And left him. And cheated on him. And went crazy.

– He´s too good. It´s sad

– But is still a smooth mofo with Felsi

– Let him be happy.


– Calls you an „it“

– How does this not insult me

– Has a „nickname“ for everyone

– Is a rock

– jk, is a golem

– Trolls everyone

– And hates squishy things

– And pigeons

– And anything that has feathers and wants to take a crap on her

– Gives no crap herself

– Actually genderless

– Don´t question it

– Too good for you

– Wears crystals into fights


– Also has a boner for Sten

– You know it´s true

– Also makes you look stupid, its great


– Ayyy mama of the group

– Nah, she´s actually pretty cool

– And saves your sorry ass whenever you take her along, admit it

– Was a healer before it was cool.


– She´s too good, even Oghren and Zevran tried to go for it

– Scolds you about your relationship, but then later on totally ships it

–  Asks Alistair if he knows where babies come from

– Like, Wynne why


– Could probably tell you anything about wine


– Is a dog

Happy bark

Disapproving whine

– Could tell Zathrian was a (semi) bad guy before we could

– Just wants to play

– But ok, am i the only one who is afraid to take him along sometimes?



– Actually makes Morrigan break her tsun act for a few moments

– Is a tsun himself kinda

– But loves you above all

– Protect him


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word coun
t : 4 863
warning : smut
summary : Reader’s parents (leaders of the werewolf pack in Portland) and Kai’s parents arrange a marriage to grant peace between the supernaturals in Oregon. Both Kai and Reader are 17 years old at the time. On her 18th birthday something happens for the first time.
*gif by lightwoodxalec

Getting married at seventeen had been the last thing Y/N had expected to happen to her but her parents, the leaders of one of the largest werewolf packs in Portland, had decided a unity with the Gemini coven would grant stability and peace between the supernaturals. Y/N’s mother had broken the news to her barely a month before the actual wedding and until the point the girl got to the alter, she had had no idea who was to be her husband.
Turned out her parents had chosen Malachai Parker, someone she had vaguely known for years because they went to the same high school. Kai always kept to himself and they had rarely interacted but Y/N couldn’t deny how hot he was. However he also acted immature and annoying at times, which was why after the wedding, she mostly kept to herself.
After their wedding, Y/N’s parents helped them get their own place. Both of teenagers still had trouble believing they were actually married, mostly because arranged marriages hadn’t been a thing for centuries but after all the bloodshed between the supernaturals in Oregon, their parents had found a peaceful way to put an end to it. During the past few months there had been no attacks and their ‘treaty’ appeared to be working. Though there was one thing the young couple still hadn’t done…
* * *
Kai looked at his wife, sitting on the other end of the couch, reading a book while he sat there watching her unable to tear his eyes away. Y/N was beautiful, kind, understanding and with heart big enough for everyone. During their time together, he had come to like her. Perhaps even love her, in his own way. Feelings weren’t easy for him to understand but he knew he felt something for this girl. She didn’t look at him as if he was an abomination for being born without his own magic, but as someone who deserved to be treated with respect and that was enough for him to start falling for her. He wanted her to like him and since it was her birthday that day, he decided to make something special for her, to surprise her and see her smile. He loved her smile, her laugh and seeing her eyes sparkle every time she saw something she loved. He loved the way her brows furrowed every time she was focused on something, how her nose crinkled when she was hiding something and the way she ran her fingers through her hair every time she was nervous. Kai loved all those little things –
    “Hey, Y/N ?” he asked cautiously, knowing she might get upset with him for interrupting her while reading. Y/N glanced up from her book. “I um – I know it’s your birthday today and I – Do you want to go to dinner … or something ?”
    “Are you asking me out on a date ?”
    “Yeah, I um … I guess I am.” he smiled nervously. “We never really got to go on one before we got – married.”
Y/N smiled at him. “I’d love to go on a date with you.”
    “You would ?” he asked surprised, the corners of his mouth twitching. Y/N nodded. “Okay, um … be ready by eight. Or is that too late ? I have no idea –”
    “No. Eight is perfect. What should I wear ? A dress or –”
    “It's your birthday. You can wear whatever you want. Even converses with your dress. I know you love doing that.” he winked at her. “Hey, does you agreeing to go on a date with me mean you are starting to like me ?”
Y/N moved a little closer to him, closing her book. They gazed into each other’s eyes for a long moment and the corners of her mouth twitched. His girl looked so stunning in that instant, her pink lips pressing together and her eyes sparkling, he felt compelled to kiss her, but fought back on that urge.
   "Perhaps.“ she trailed off, glancing at the clock. “I’ll go um … find something to wear. Do my hair and stuff.”
Y/N got up, ran her fingers through her hair and took a step right past him when he gripped her wrist, making her turn around. Almost three months spent with this girl … his wife, and even though most times she kept to herself, it felt nice to have someone in his life who doesn’t flinch every time he touches them.
    “Whatever you chose to wear, however you decide to make your hair – you will look stunning.” he said softly, seeing her cheeks flush a bright shade of red. 
    “Thanks.” she gave him a small smile.
Kai’s eyes followed her every movement as she made her way up the stairs, and he smiled to himself. Perhaps that night will change things between them for he better and he won’t feel so alone anymore. As soon as the sound of her bedroom door closing reached him, he got up and headed towards the kitchen to prepare.

Around 7.45PM he waited for her at the end of the stairs, nervously playing with his hands when he heard her coming and his breath got caught in his throat the moment he laid eyes on her. Y/N had chosen a short light blue/white fluffy dress, which she had decided to wear with her favourite converses. There was next to none make up on her face and in that moment she looked so much like an angel, he could almost see white feather wings on her back.
    “Wow.” he smiled widely at her as she made her way down the stairs.“You look absolutely breathtaking.”
Y/N smiled shyly at the ground. “Thank you. Not so bad yourself.” the corners of her mouth twitching. “Blue huh ?”
Kai looked down at his shoes for a moment, realising they were matching – he had chosen plain jeans, a white shirt and blue plaid shirt. “I like blue. Same as you, apparently.” he smiled, awkwardly putting his arm around her waist.
    “Are you going to tell me where are we going ?” she asked curious as they got outside the house and headed towards his car. 
    “No. That’s um … a surprise.” he smiled, holding the door for her. “You will love it. At least I hope you will.”
It was shortly after sunset and the skies still had that pink/purple glow when the car pulled out of the driveway and they headed out of town. Neither of them talked much on the way, but both kept stealing glances at the other every few seconds. After about a half hour on the road, with nothing besides trees and occasionally a forest animal around, he pulled over in the middle of nowhere.
    “Where are we ?”
Kai grinned at her and pulled out a blindfold from his pocket. “Somewhere special, but I can’t let you see just yet. You stay here and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
    “If you ditch me, I swear –”
    “I will never leave you, Y/N.” he said gazing into her eyes before tying the blindfold, brushing his fingers against her cheek right after. “Never.
Y/N listened to the car doors open and close, then to Kai’s footsteps heading away. Hearing him say he’d never leave her, the way he had said it had made her heart skip a beat. A small smile spread across her face thinking about him. Her husband wasn’t at all what she thought he was when they got married. There was a lot more than meets the eye with him and she had come to like him. No, not like. Y/N had started falling for him. How can she not ? His smile was literal sunshine, his eyes were capable of driving her crazy with one look and those dimples… there was something about him that drew her in like a magnet.
A few minutes passed and Kai came back for her just like he had promised. He helped her out of the car, wound his arm around her waist and held her hand with his other hand while leading her somewhere. Her heart was about to leap out of her chest but it wasn’t excitement that caused it, at least not completely. It was because of the way he held her towards him, how gentle and careful he was she doesn’t trip over something. He never said a word on their way to wherever they were going, but feeling his breath on her neck was enough to send butterflies in her stomach. No one had ever made anything special for her and there he was – surprising her in more ways than one.
    “Ta-da.” he said, removing the blindfold.
    “Oh my God.” she covered her mouth with her hands. Stars glimmered overhead and on the ground a large blanket was spread with lit up candles, rose petals, all her favourite foods and even a bottle with wine. Everything was so absolutely perfect, she completely forgot how to speak for a moment. “You did all this for me ?”
Y/N turned towards Kai, who looked at her with excitement and anticipation in his eyes. For a second he glanced at the ground, pressed his lips together then smiled at her. “D-do you like it ? I know you like star gazing and nature, and cupcakes and –”
    “I don’t like it.” she placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed his cheek. “I absolutely love it.” she smiled. “Thank you.”
Kai smiled at her and bent over, getting one of the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. He stuck a birthday candle in it and light it up with magic he had siphoned a couple minutes ago from the wedding present his father had given him – a small dark object, only to be siphoned in the time of need. Or in this case, when he wanted to impress his girl. “Happy Birthday, Y/N.” he smiled nervously. “Make a wish, little wolf.”
    “Hey, I am only 7 months younger than you.” she playfully punched his shoulder, loving her nickname. Y/N closed her eyes, blew the candle and swiped some of the frosting from the cupcake right after before tapping Kai’s nose with it, giggling at his expression. How did he get so lucky ? Surely he hadn’t expected to like her, but he did. He hadn’t expected there would be anyone who appears to like him even in the slightest, but there she was. Her smile and laugh brought him happiness like he never thought he’d experience. Not after the way his family treated him all his life.
    “I love those.” she took a bite from the cupcake while he held it for her. “Absolutely love them. If we weren’t already married, I’d probably ask you to marry me.”
Kai laughed under his breath, wiping away frosting from her nose. “Come on, lets sit down. You know, there is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight.”

*       *       *

They laid on the blanket, their hands almost touching while they looked at the night sky completely losing track of time, watching meteors enter the atmosphere one after the other. They had rarely spent that much time together, talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company and Y/N couldn’t deny how good that felt. A part of her wanted this moment never to end –
    “What are you doing ?” wondered Kai, watching her with mesmerised look on his face as her eyes closed.
    “Making a wish.” she playfully hit his chest with her hand.
    “Such a child.” he teased, unable to tear his eyes away from her. He watched her lips move silently as she mouthed her wish and felt the same urge to kiss her but stopped himself, afraid he’d ruin the moment. “What did you wish for ?”
I wish our friendship or marriage or whatever that is, to always be like this – filled with happy moments and laughter. That we will always will have each other to rely on. she repeated her wish in her mind.
“Can’t tell you, or it won’t come true.” she turned towards him. Y/N brushed her palm against his cheek while they loningly gazed into each others eyes. A small smile spread across his face and he placed his hand over hers, closing his eyes for a second enjoying her touch when the most unexpected thing happened and he felt her lips on his for the first time since their awkward wedding kiss. It was as if she had read his mind and his initial surprise dissolved quickly. His lips moved ahainst hers, hungry for more as she pulled him closer. Kai placed his hand on her waist and pulled her against him, their bodies pressing each other so tight, they could feel the other’s heart trying to leap out of their chest. Their lips found their rhythm quickly, as if they had kissed all their lives, not just once. Y/N rolled on top of him and his hands instantly found their way on her hips, slipping under her dress while she grounded against his crotch.
It was a completely new feeling for her, all of it, and she couldn’t get enough of him. Or the way his hands moved up and down her body until they found their perfect spot on her waist, making her move faster on him while she sucked the air out of his lungs. The longer they kissed, the more they both craved the other until they rolled on the ground again and Kai ended up hovering over her for a few moments before Y/N pulled him down for another kiss. They kept making out and things heated up between them. Their hands were all over and before Kai realised, his hands had slipped under her dress going higher almost to her heat, but he stopped himself and then had to pin her hands on either side of her head, seeing how she couldn’t keep them away from him. 
    “You – you kissed me.” he said out of breath. “I thought you didn’t like me. Why would you kiss me? Specially like that.”

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Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include...

anon ask : Dating Veronica lodge would include please?

A/N : hi im sorry this took so long but i forgot to post and edit this yesterday (even though i finished this like a week ago lmao) so here ya go anon!!

Masterlist / Ask me

Originally posted by riverdalesource

  • you guys became best friends when she first arrived 
  • you weren’t exactly social, but you were friends with archie and betty so thats how you got introduced to veronica 
  • you became super close friends after she told you about her dad 
  • you became sort of like her anchor? 
  • everything was going well until you started having feelings 
  • at first you didn’t notice, but jughead pointed out how you get all dorky around her 
  • “-yeah and veronica’s reaction was so cute and-“ 
  • “well duh, you’re in love with her, of course you think EVERYTHING she does is adorable” 
  • “i’m in what now???”

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Not The One

Authors Note: I present you with a imagine similar to arranged marriage but it just has a twist ;) Also, I just hit 1k followers so I’m giving away personilzed headcanons and imagines!!! Enjoy the imagine ;D

Word Count: 1230

Draco x Reader

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anonymous asked:

How would the UF bros react to the S/O sleeping in really random places?

UF Sans: Sugar, please. That’s his job. 

But he does get a great idea. A “how to annoy boss” idea. Something that will annoy him more than being called boss seriously instead of just a fun little nickname.

Every time he sees you sleep in the cupboard, or on top of the shelf or below the couch (how did you even…) he picks you up and puts you on an even more ridiculous place to sleep. Like taping you to the wall. And then takes your old sleeping place for himself. 

Papyrus shakes his head in despair every time he comes home to that kind of bullshit.

UF Papyrus: Datefriend, why must you torment him like that.

He just wants to cuddle up with you when you two go to bed. Just hold you close before he has to get up again in the morning, which is very early for the few hours he usually sleeps. But he still enjoys lying next to you, even if only for a few hours.

But you barely ever come to bed by yourself. He waits for you. And waits longer. Which isn’t very long honestly, he is very impatient. And then he goes to search for you. And finds you tangled in the curtains, or on the stove, or inside his tall sink, and not the cupboard below the sink, the actual sink itself. Fast asleep, not a care in the world.

He usually just picks you up wordlessly and knocks Sans off whatever shelf he decided to sleep on this night, on the way back to the bedroom.

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a Kevin accidentally meeting Joaquin's closest friends/gang members oneshot? Like would it go well/friendly teasing or more threatening? Thank youuuu

This Is Not How I Imagined It

Or, Kevin meets Joaquin’s ‘family’

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: mentions of gangs and mentions of violence

Read it on AO3

Note: all of the gang members and Joaquin’s brother are made up by me. These are my characters. All of Joaquin’s family life here is completely headcanon.

Kevin didn’t know when he had become the kind of kid who made out in the back of bars. He used to roll his eyes at the couples that would grope each other during school dances or behind the shelves of Riverdale’s library. Yet, here he was, in the back of a Southside bar, with his tongue down his boyfriend’s throat. Speaking of, Kevin swirled his tongue around Joaquin’s, mimicking something far dirtier and prompting the serpent to moan and press their hips together. Kevin smirked, his hands running all over Joaquin’s body before finally resting on his ass and gripping it firmly. Joaquin broke apart, tossing his head back with a moan that rushed straight to Kevin’s pants. Kevin attached his lips to the shorter boy’s neck, sucking and biting.

Suddenly, Kevin felt a short vibration. He ignored it in favor of continuing down Joaquin’s neck. Still, the vibrations persisted, coming from Joaquin’s back pocket, where Kevin’s hand was resting. He still ignored it, but Joaquin broke away, swatting Kevin’s hand and reaching into his pocket. Kevin didn’t get a glimpse at the caller ID before Joaquin hurriedly untangled himself and began to walk away.

“Don’t move a muscle, I will be right back.” He called over his shoulder before answering the call, moving away for some privacy.

Kevin slumped against the wall, annoyed that some stupid phone call was keeping his boyfriend from him. His super hot serpent boyfriend, who he had been very close to taking someplace more private. Kevin sighed, growing colder without the heat of Joaquin’s body shielding him from the draft. It was Kevin’s first time being in this particular bar, but it looked very similar to the other Southside bars Joaquin and he had attended. There were two pool tables down at the end farthest from where Kevin was standing, a rickety bar with even more rickety stools, and, right by the door, a snake slithering around in a large tank. Kevin shivered a little when he looked at the snake, not completely comfortable around the creatures yet.

Kevin was getting impatient. Joaquin had been gone for far too long, and he was slightly concerned about the four young serpents who had been staring at him ever since Joaquin had left. Kevin knew that he looked out of place in his charcoal sweater and blue button up, but he normally didn’t attract much attention from the other serpents. He kept his head down. But these four were staring and whispering and not even attempting to be discrete about it. Kevin swallowed nervously, but smiled at the group anyway, trying not to get beat up. Apparently, Kevin fucked that up because the group of serpents began to walk towards him.

“Hey there, preppy.” The tallest of them started. He was taller than Kevin, something that didn’t happen often, with white-blonde hair, and a scar running from his bottom lip to the edge of his chin. He was clearly the leader of the group. Kevin was immediately wary of the nickname, it was what Joaquin called him; how did this kid know that? Could it be a coincidence? It had to be.

“Um, hello?” Kevin questioned cautiously, “do I know you?” He shuffled back a few inches before his back touched the wall. This time, a small, yet still somehow intimidating, girl with jet black hair spoke.

“Nope.” She grinned. “But, damn. We sure know a lot about you, Kevin.”

Kevin gulped. This definitely was not going to end well. “Actually, I was just leaving. I’m sorry for bothering you.” Kevin made to leave, but was blocked by a short, chubby, ginger boy. In any other setting Kevin would have smiled at a boy who looked like him, winking and hoping to make him blush. But not in this bar. Not when the boy in question looked like he could easily kill Kevin, despite the red locks and rounded cheeks.

“You aren’t going anywhere. We need to talk to you.” He glared at Kevin, the taller boy and small girl following suit. It was only now that Kevin realized that the fourth member of the group hadn’t walked over to him. Behind the three serpents in front of him, a boy, with hair that matched Joaquin’s, but who was quite a bit older, leaned against the wall, talking in the phone in hushed tones. Kevin didn’t have time to give this anymore thought because the three serpents that were paying attention to him, closed in, forming a semicircle around their prey. Kevin stood tall, however, attempting to appear confident.

“Well if you know my name, it’s only fair I know yours.” He stated, and was surprised at how convincing he actually sounded.

“A joker, huh?” The blonde chuckled, but offered an answer. “Name’s Finch. This here is Winston, and the lovely lady is-” He was cut when the shirt girl elbowed him in the gut.

“Keep your comments to yourself Finch.” She spat back. “I’m Millie. Not that it means much to you.” She glared at Kevin, clearly not as impressed by his feigned confidence as Finch had been. Winston was the next to speak.

“Look. You are not part of this world. You aren’t a serpent. You couldn’t even pretend to be one of us.” He scoffed, reaching out and teasing the sleeve of Kevin’s sweater. Kevin resisted the urge to yank his arm away.

“So just keep that in mind.” Finch continued, “We know you think that you understand Joaquin, but you don’t. We are his family.” He paused and Millie picked up where he left off.

“And we are not the kind of family that quickly forgives. Hurt him, and your fate will be worse than that blossom boy’s.” She snarled. Kevin was sure she was going to hit him, or at least shove him a little, but at that moment, the kid from the wall hung up his phone and pushed through the circle, making him eye to eye with Kevin. He brought his hands down on Kevin’s shoulders menacingly.

“Here’s the bottom line, Keller, you hurt my little brother, I hurt you.” Kevin couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped him. This was not how he wanted his first impression with Joaquin’s brother to play out. He had been expecting dinner, maybe some light hearted chatter before explaining that he really did like Joaquin and wasn’t planning on screwing that up. Instead, here he was. In the back of some seedy bar, pressed against a wall, just hoping not to get the shit beat out of him.

“Damn it! Sebastian! What did I say about accosting my boyfriend?” Kevin smiled at the familiar voice as Joaquin rounded the corner. “Is this why you called me? To keep me occupied while Finch, Will, and Millie threatened Kev?” He questioned, pushing past the other serpents and grabbing Kevin’s chin, checking his face to make sure there were no bruises. “Are you okay, Kev?”

Kevin smiled and nodded, amused by his boyfriend’s worry. “I’m fine Joaquin. Just a little surprised, that’s all.” He lowered his voice, “This wasn’t really how I imagined meeting your family.”

“Wait. What?” Wilson interrupted, reminding Kevin that the gang members were still standing there.

“Uh, this isn’t how imagined meeting Joaquin’s family would be.” Kevin repeated.

“You imagined meeting his family?” Millie questioned further.

“Well yeah. I mean he’s met my dad. I assumed I’d be meeting his brother soon enough.” Kevin was confused by their reaction. Were they not threatening him a mere minute ago?

“So you guys are like serious?” Finch asked, backing away slightly to give Kevin and Joaquin some room.

“Of course we are, dumbass.” Joaquin interjected. “What? Did you think I was dating the sheriff’s son for shits and giggles?” This prompted laughter from the group, including Sebastian.

“Kevin?” Sebastian inquired.

“Um, yeah?”

“Take good care of my little brother, okay? He deserves to be happy.” As he said this, Sebastian reached over and mused Joaquin’s hair.

“He deserves everything.” Kevin muttered, looking at Joaquin as if he’d hung the moon. Sebastian chuckled, throwing his arm around Finch and leading the group away from the two boys. “You deserve everything.” Kevin repeated, taking Joaquin’s chin in his hands.

 “I have all I could ever want.” Joaquin responded, “I’ve got you.” Joaquin pressed their lips together gently, and Kevin couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face.

Please let me know what you thought! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in any future Kevin/Joaquin fanfics that I write.

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Preference "Their favorite pet name for you"

(Yay for our faves making us internally screaming of joy XD Wooo for Arat being added :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Kitten”. It was naughty but cute enough for him to show you that he truly cared for you. He still called you all sorts of different loving nickname but this one, it was as if he wanted to let you know that you were his little pet and that you’re his only. Also just seeing you turn around and answer him so eagerly with your eyes lit up, only made it his favorite even more.

Daryl-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Sunshine”. Although, he’d be shy to use different nicknames to call you, he loved calling you this way. Just seeing you smile and turn to look at him or hear your voice responding back sweetly, made him feel as if you knew how much you meant to him and it because of it, it didn’t mattered if people heard him, making it his favorite.

Rick-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Darling”. He loved that it would let you know how important you are to him and it shows how much he loves you. He called you by other nicknames but seeing you getting all excited or just returning him the feeling by responding back with another sweet nickname for him just made him feel even more special, making it his favorite.

Merle-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Sweet cheeks”. Sure, he did love to call you by the naughtier ones, like “Sugar tits”, “Hot Mama” and all, on a daily basis but this one being a sweet and loving one, seems to indicate his true feelings for you and how he loves you rather than just being his horny self, making it his favorite.

Glenn-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Beautiful”. That’s what he’d see whenever he would look at you and he just loved to let you know as he needs to talk to you. He might call you by other cute nicknames but considering, this one always made you smile and blush, making you deny him about being so, he just loved it even more.

Carl-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Cutie”. Whenever he would look at you, it seems you were always wearing something cute or acting in a way that just made him want to pull you in for a tight hug. Not to mention, that whenever he would call you that, it would seem you would smile more and actually go over to him for a hug, making it his favorite.

The Governor-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Gorgeous”. It seems that whenever he would look at you and mostly your eyes, he felt that it was the only word to describe you and just had to call you that way. He loved calling you by different names as well but that one seems to have a more romantic and loving effect on you, making if his favorite.

Abraham-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Pretty princess”. He just loved making you feel small and taken care of so he just had to call you that way. He also had to add the “pretty” part to it as well since he just loved letting you know that you were beautiful to him. It would also make you giggle and get shy, making it his favorite.

Eugene-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Babe”. It was simple and it let you know that he thought that you were hot to him. He just loved that he could say it as casually as possible and still make you blush or get all excited to hear him, that he had to stick to it and make it his favorite.

Ron-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Perfection”. That’s what you were to him, sure you were beautiful and pretty and all but he just couldn’t seem to find anything better to describe you. He loved that he could call you that way and make you all smile and get all loving at him, making it his favorite.

Jesus-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Cuddle bunny”. You were just so cute to him, he could only call you his bunny to perfectly describe you. However, he would love adding the word “Cuddle” to it as he would just want to remind you that he loves being hugged by you, making it his favorite.

Dwight-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Boo”. It was cute, short, simple and it describes how sexy you were to him as well. He loved the other nicknames too but this one seemed to make you smile even more and not to mention that you would always answer back to him so much more sweetly, making it his favorite.

Morgan-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Love”. That’s what you were to him and how he felt about you whenever he would look at you. He’d sometimes love to add any other word like “My” or “of mine” just to make you feel special and to let you know that you were his, making it his favorite.

Shane-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Baby girl”. It was flirty, sexy and cute, just as you. When he would think about you or see you that’s what first comes to mind and that’s how he’d address you. Plus seeing you smile and getting all shy just made it even more worth it, making it his favorite.

Milton-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Sweetie”. It was simple and seemed to fit you perfectly. You were just so kindhearted to him, he just had to remind it to you. He loved that you would always answer him back with a cute nickname for him back as well, making it his favorite.

Aaron-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Sugar”. You were sweet to him and what else than that nickname could fit you any better. Of course, he would also love to add other words to it just like “lips” or “pie” just to be cuter or make you feel even more loved than you already are, so of course it makes this his favorite.

Gabriel-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Angel”. It wasn’t because it fits with his faith or his beliefs or anything but it really was just what he felt like you looked like whenever he would look at you. He would love to also add the words “My” or “Of mine” or even “Little” to it just to make you feel even more loved and let you know that you were his, making it his favorite.

The Wolf-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Dummy”. It wasn’t because he thought you were dumb but it’s more like he loved teasing you and having to act like he had to do everything for you. He’d love to see you get “mad” at him and just suddenly add the word “My” before saying it, only for you to completely change, make it his favorite.

Noah-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Ducky”. It’s simple and a rather cute way to call you not to mention that you are adorable to him. It made him smile to see you get all excited to hear him call you that way and he just loved to hear you reply with a shy answer, making it his favorite.

Simon-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Doll”. He just thought it was cute and sexy to call you that way. Not to mention, that you are a perfect as a doll to him. He’d always love to add other words as well such as “baby” or “face” afterwards just to be cute or sweeter to you and let you know that he loves you, making it his favorite.

Ezekiel-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Precious”. He just felt that’s what you were to him, whenever he would look at you or think about you. Not to mention, that to him you were way too valuable to lose so he needed to let you know that he felt that way, making it his favorite.

Benjamin-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Pumpkin”. You were just so sweet and bright to him that you would remind him of a pumpkin out of all things. He’d love to see you get all smiley with him whenever he would call you in loving ways and definitely this one made you get all shy, making it his favorite.

Heath-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Giggles”. You just made him laugh and smile so much that’s the first thing he thought of calling you. Not to mention, how contagious your laughter was, it only fit you even more and made it his favorite nickname for you.

Caesar-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Muñeca”. He just like to talk to you in Spanish, well at least lovingly. You were just as pretty as a doll to him so it was the most perfect way to describe you in another language for him. It also made you smile and get all loving with him, making it worth even more and obviously his favorite.

Spencer-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Honey”. It was simple, cute and sweet to call you that way. It also made him feel as if he could be even closer to you than he already is, which only made him have to call you more often that way than by any other nicknames, making it his favorite.

Richard-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Sweetheart”. When he would look at you or think about you, the first few things he’d think about were how sweet and sincere you were, making him have only that word to describe you so perfectly. It made him smile to let you know of his feelings and making it his favorite.

Nicholas-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Sweet thing”. It was cute and nice to call you that way and he just thought it was the most perfect way to describe you. He loved seeing you smiling back at him when he would say that, making it his favorite.

Gareth-His favorite pet name for you among many would be “Little dove”. He just liked making you feel as if you were fragile and that he needed to take care of you. It would always seem to make you smile and be gentle with him, making it his favorite.

Michonne-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “My everything”. That’s what she felt that you were to her, her everything. It made you smile and so happy that she just couldn’t resist but usually refer to you that way to be sweet to you, making it her favorite.

Maggie-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “My star”. She felt that way about you whenever she would look at you and think about all the things you went through together. You shined for her in the darkness and what better word to describe you than “Star”, making it her favorite.

Andrea-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Pudding”. It was cute and flirty for her to call you that way and just loved seeing your reaction. She just loved that you would be sweet to her back and use another nickname for her as well, making it her favorite.

Jessie-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Dork”. You just made her laugh and smile so much, she couldn’t help but think of you as a dork or rather her dork. It was just her jokingly expressing her love to you and as you would innocently answer her back, it only made it even more of her favorite.

Beth-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Button”. You were just as pretty and cute as button to her that she had to call you that way over any other nickname. Not to mention, that you would always be sweeter to her whenever she would do that, she couldn’t resist using it more often and gradually making it her favorite.

Sasha-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “My all”. When she would look at you or think about you, that’s what she felt like you were in her heart. As it would make you smile at her to hear you, it only made her want to say more often and obviously becoming her favorite

Rosita-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Tiger”. She liked to make you feel more confident and strong but still be quite flirty, so what better way than to call you that way. She liked that you would smile and try to deny you were any similar to a tiger just to make her keep going and for you to flirt back, making it her favorite.

Enid-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Cookie”. She just thought it was cute to call you that way and liked it so she kept it simple. She’d notice it would make you smile and for you to use your favorite nickname for her, making it her favorite.

Tara-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Hottie”. It was cute yet flirty enough to make you realize that she still feels the same about you no matter what. As you would get shy and answer back sweetly to her, it only made her keep going and obviously became her favorite.

Carol-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Pookie”. It was just sudden for her, she had caught you being adorable and just had to call you that way. Since whenever you would act similarly to back then, she’d just have to call you like that again, making it her favorite.

Arat-Her favorite pet name for you among many would be “Hot stuff”. She just felt like you were hot to look at so what better way to describe you than exactly what you were to her eyes. As you’d get bashful and try to deny it, it would only make her tease you even more, making it her favorite.