how did anyone even put up with me

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Bucky:</b> *sits down next to Clint on the living room couch* I'm either dealing with an extreme case of sleep walking or Nat is trying to propose to me...<p/><b>Clint:</b> *furrows his brows* I don't see how those two things can even be related in any way.<p/><b>Bucky:</b> *pulls a tiny box out of his pocket* I found this ring under my pillow. So either Nat put it there or I murdered someone in my sleep and took it.<p/><b>Steve:</b> *comes around the corner with Sam and freezes when he spots the box in Bucky's hand*<p/></p><p/><b>Sam:</b> *nudges Steve* You okay there?<p/><b>Steve:</b> *takes a deep breath* Did you show that to anyone else, Buck?<p/><b>Bucky:</b> *looks up and raises a brow* No, just Clint. Well you and Sam now. Why?<p/><b>Steve:</b> I was planning on proposing to Y/N tonight.<p/><b>Sam:</b> Oh shit.<p/><b>Clint:</b> Finally!<p/><b>Bucky:</b> *sighs out in relief* Oh thank god. I didn't kill anyone then. Wait...why did you put it under my pillow?<p/></p><p/><b>Steve:</b> Y/N is always in my room. They would have found it.<p/><b>Sam:</b> I have so many questions.<p/><b>Bucky:</b> I don't want to know any of the answers.<p/><b>Clint:</b> I do.<p/><b>Steve:</b> Really guys?<p/></p><p/><b>Bucky:</b> *gets up and hands the box back to Steve before leaving* Good luck, punk.<p/><b>Clint and Sam:</b> *start bombarding Steve with questions*<p/><b>Steve:</b> *groans*<p/></p><p/></p>
An open letter to my first love

Fuck you.

You were more than I could’ve ever deserved or even asked for. As clichéd as it sounds, I never thought I could meet anyone quite like you at all. But I did. And in the 2 short years that I’ve known you, you’ve made me open myself up in a way I had never done with anyone in my existence.

I loved everything about you, from the incredible way you viewed the world, to how much thought and care you put into the things you love. I have never cared more for or loved anyone as much as I have you.

So, fuck you. Fuck you for pretending you felt the same way when you hadn’t for a long time. Fuck you for all the times you ignored my messages, and for all the times you were blunt and condescending when I came to you for support. Fuck you for the unbelievably shitty presents, which I loved anyway because they came from you, and the half assed efforts you put into this relationship in general. Fuck you for apologising for doing all of this without me saying a word, but still doing it anyway. Fuck your cute and dumbass habit of completing other people’s sentences, and actually having a really fucking annoying voice, and never bothering to make me cum in bed. Fuck you for being a dick to me, despite me travelling to a different city just to see you, when we decided to end things. Fuck you for telling me that you loved me back when you knew you didn’t.

But more importantly, fuck you for the incredible memories we have together, and all the stupid jokes we had. Fuck the way that your lips smirk before you laugh, and your incredibly beautiful ocean blue eyes and how self conscious you are of your hair. Fuck you for the way you kissed me the first time we saw eachother again, and how you would sigh when I would leave a lipstick stain on you each time we kissed after that. Fuck you for all the jazz songs you sent me that reminded me of you, and the sweet words you would say that would make my heart melt into a puddle onto the floor. Fuck you for the way you muttered in your sleep when you would lie in bed next to me, and the seemingly perfect way that your body fit into mine.

Fuck you for making me love you, and thus making this so difficult to deal with now. And fuck me, for believing that you had the ability to actually love me back.


A broken heart.

what just happened

movie: the maze runner
character: newt/reader x reader/newt
rating: comical, bit fluffy references to smut
plot: a strange device turns up in the glade that swaps bodies over unfortunately two best mates end up swapping bodies and have to try to act like each other till they work out how to get back 

newts pov

the glade was quie like normal now i was putting the tools back in the shed from gardening today when i hear a voice behind me “evening shuck face” the female voice says i know who it is my best friend here Y/N technically she did just insult me but thats what he do and before anyone thinks anything no i don’t like her as more than a friend sort of alright i do its the only girl how can i not “evening klunk brain” i say in reply turning to face her we both then walk of to get some dinner sitting with minho, thomas and chuck just discussing normal stuff till the alarm for the box went of it’s late today we all run over as the box opens there’s not much in it just one small thing in the bottom alby jumps down and gets it its a small metal object looks odd like nothing i’ve ever seen before there’s a note on it that alby reads out “this should mix stuff up a bit, two people alone together in a space then activate” he reads 
“so who’s gonna see what it is” gally asks at my side 
“suggest Y/N she’s good with the weird stuff” i say its true using the window into the maze Y/N analysed the grievers helping us to understand them she was good with weird stuff  
“sure” alby says passing it to her “but on no condition activate it” at that everyone begins to disperse after a while of talking to some of the guys i look around for Y/N but she’s not around she must be in her room with the thing so i bid the guys goodnight and go up to her room in the homestead i don’t bother knocking  as i often don’t and just walk in and sit on the bed she’s working with the thing on her desk looking deep in her work “hey” i say

“hi” she replys not turning or even moving at all

“so what you found out about the thing” i ask 

“nothing” she replied

“what do you mean nothing” i ask

“i have found out nothing” she says turning to face me “this thing is sealed shut i cant open it there’s no clue as to what it is now get out” she says

“why” i ask

“because apparently two people in a room makes this do something i don’t what to activate it by accident with you in here as well newt i don’t have a clue what it will do” she says

“well how do you activate it” i ask

“from what i can tell each person holds a end of it press the button on the top and it does something” she says 

“well why don’t we try” i say

“no you heard alby on no condition are we to activate it” she says

“but if there’s nothing more to do why not try if it messes up we learn if alby asks it went of by accident” i say

after a long time of Y/N obviously thinking “what the hell” she says standing up with the object in her hand we both take one end of it and stand ready to find out what the hell it does she presses the button and i blacked out oh god please don’t say im dead oh Y/N you killed us or maybe not my eyes clear and i stand but everything seems strange different i can’t quiet but my finger on it though i look at my self to see if i have and injuries and what the hell i have tits what the bloody hell i look around the room to see a boy tall blonde laying on the floor passed out he then wakes up and looks at me confused “oh god” he laughs but its Y/N’s voice “im in your body and your in mine brilliant” he/she says

“what the hell thats me” i ask

“yeah newt this is what you look like” im just gonna go with Y/N says

“what then im in you” i ask

“yeah, now get over here and lets get back to our real bodies” Y/N says

we both then get the device and hold it like we had before i press the button and nothing Y/N then pressed the button and nothing “please don’t tell me this is happening”Y/N says

“what, what what’s happening” i ask

“if my assumption is right were stuck like this we can’t change back” Y/N says 

“then what are we gonna do” i ask

“i think we will have to stay like this till i can work out how to get us back” Y/N  says sitting back down on the chair working with the thing again i just sit back on the bed busy admiring this new form running these hands around everywhere to see what this bodys like i cant help but stare at this new chest 

“NEWT”Y/N shouts

“what” i ask

“stop it” Y/N says very annoyed 

“stop what” i ask

“stop staring” Y/N says

“ im not staring im investigating” i reply 

“well cut it out, you’re not gonna have that body for long so just sit quietly and dont touch anything” Y/N says very angry how can i just sit quietly i have time in the body of a girl how can i not be curious i’ve never seen any girl but Y/N   well i probably have i just don’t remember.

“i cant help it Y/N im curious im sure you are” i say to Y/N

“no im not newt, i don’t care about what your body looks like i have to work on getting us back into our right bodys before you get a bit too curious” Y/N  says sighing and yawning obviously tired

“if you want we can go to sleep and work all day tomorrow” i say

“fine but we both have to stay here we can’t risk someone finding out what’s happened” Y/N  said standing up and walking over to be sat on the bed beside me or well her this is confusing 

“so how are we gonna do this” i ask

“i dont know i hope i can fix us tomorrow but if i can we need some rules as we don’t know how long its gonna take” Y/N says

“fine” i answer

“first hands off at all times for both of us no exploring okay

two we need a alibi as to why we will be spending so much time together and sleeping in the same room i suggest we are fake dating” Y/N says well i like that idea 

“fine were fake dating” i say rather happy about it i then move so im leaning against the headboard making a face to try and tell Y/N to join me in bed but Y/N just gets up and lays on the floor whatever this is gonna go well isnt it.

time skip

i was woken up by Y/N in my body a strange thing to wake up to she was shaking me frantically obviously somethings happened “what, did you work out how to get us back” i ask

“no slightly more important problem” Y/N said panicking

“way wow okay slow down that problem” i ask

“i need to bathroom” Y/N says

“so” i ask a tad confused as to the problem 

“do you need reminding newt im in your body your in mine” Y/N says 

“no i know that what’s the problem okay sure you need to bathroom so go” i say

“newt, think about what the problem may be” Y/N says

“no explain” i say

“one: the bathroom is a load of guys with there junk out a place i have made a promise never to enter okay

secondly: i can’t use the bathroom i dont know how to” Y/N says 

“what do you mean you don’t know how to” i laugh

“i don’t know how to use the bathroom with this thing” Y/N says “it’s weird”

“hey you said hands of no exploring” i say a bit concerned of she’s seen it

“yes but i need the bathroom newt how do you guys do it” Y/N asks

“im not explaining” i say

Y/N pov

“im not explaining it” newt says

“why not” i ask

“because you shouldn’t have looked at it Y/N i didn’t look at any of your stuff last night did i” newt says

“no you had a very look look and a feel around didn’t you” i say

“i did not” newt says sounding in pain 

“what’s wrong now” i ask 

“i dont know just a lot of sudden pains” newt says putting his hand on the bottom of my stomach oh no if its what i think it is im not changing back yet a while if its what i think it is and by the date i would guess it is my period brilliant if newts getting it not me now i want to see him tell me im over reacting like he always does now he can see what i have to go though “is it like a sharp pain like someone stabbing you with lots of knives” i ask

“yeah” newt answers laying on the bed girping my stomach  

“okay i have a theory, drop your pants” i say

“WHAT” he says very alarmed

“newt its my body drop them” i say again

“why” he asks

“because i wont know the answer till you drop your pants” i say “but keep your eyes shut i don’t what you looking newt” i say 

“fine” he sighs before undoing the pants i always wear and shutting his eyes okay i know just from the state of my knickers i know yep i started this morning okay even if i fix the device im waiting till after this week so he gets to know what it feels like i then put the pants back properly “yep as i suspected” i say smirking

“what’s wrong with me or well you” he asks

“my body is on a period newt you have to deal with it because you always say i over dramatise it so you deal with it now” i laugh 

“oh god does it hurt this much every time” he complains

“yep plus your gonna be bleeding and mood swings and cravings al that good stuff” i laugh happy its not me

“what am i met to do Y/N “ he asks

“well you need pain killers, tampons and bed” i say

“right what the hell is a tampon” he asks very confused  i then walk over to a draw in my room and get on out and throw it at him i can tell by the look on my face he has no clue “you stick that up your well my downstairs and blood doesn’t go everywhere” i say

“ah” he says dropping it out of disgust

“or you can but a special sort of towel in your knickers” i say

“option two” he says 

well this is gonna be a fun few days isnt it i just hope i can fix this thing and get back to my body and i still need the bathroom i dont know how im gonna get around having to see it oh god im gonna have to see newts,,,,thing  

oh great.

EXO M Next Door Part 5
  • Xiumin: Frankly, I'm surprised we're letting you be our cleaning lady considering all the stuff you've already stolen.
  • Luhan: I love you
  • Chen: We've decided we're going to call you Beijing Gal instead of your name, to really emphasize how little you mean to us.
  • Lay: You mean a lot to me. I'll always care for you.
  • Luhan: OMG shut up Lay did anyone tell you that you could speak
  • Suho: Can you tell your brother to stop texting me? How did he even get my number?
  • Luhan: Oh, I gave it to him. I stole it off Xiumin's phone.
  • Luhan: There was a bug.
  • Chen: Well, this meeting has been deeply disturbing. Thank you for your time, Beijing Gal. Please leave now so we can gossip about how weird you are.
  • Luhan: I'll go put some condoms by Xiumin's bed. You never know what could happen~
  • Xiumin: In all honesty, we should probably be calling the cops.
  • Lay: She's just misunderstood!
  • Suho: Her brother just texted me that he misses my morning breath. Can we go back to Korea now?
  • Lay: Ask him if she likes one of us!
  • Suho: Seriously?
  • Chen: Lay, you're awesome, but have you not been paying attention at all?
  • Lay: I bet she likes Kai. Darn him! He's so handsome. Aren't you jealous, Xiumin?
  • Xiumin: Lay pls

I just want to put this out there, because I feel like it, and because I feel like it’s not really what people think of in terms of me (or anyone tbh) loving Jess and Rory (I have no idea whether or not this is an unpopular opinion, I just know how I feel, so here we go). I love the idea of what Jess and Rory could have been, had they ended up together, so much more than anything we were shown onscreen. Never once while watching season 3 or season 4, or even season 6 in a way, did I want it to end differently. I was sad, because it’s angsty and depressing as all hell, but I never thought that it should have gone a different way. I never thought Jess shouldn’t haven’t left or that Rory should have. It needed to happen the way that it did because it wasn’t right yet. The time wasn’t right for them. I full heartedly believe that they were the right people for each other. They are the person who can benefit the other the most, and who can make them happiest, and the tragedy of them is that they were never given that chance. They were right for each other, but not when they were actually given their opportunity. They needed to grow up separately in order to end up together. The reason that people don’t end up together when they’re young is because they haven’t become the person they need to be to fully commit to another person yet. I think that a lot of people (especially in the show…) saw them as the “bad boy, good girl” trope, but they never saw themselves that way. They just just held an unambiguous understanding of each other; they saw all of each other’s potential and were adamant about the other reaching it, they wanted the best for each other whatever that may be. They made each other happy, despite all of the conflict shoved down their throats, but it wasn’t their time. It wasn’t because they were too different, it was because they hadn’t been allowed to grow into their similarities yet. They ended up in such a genuinely similar place. They have similar careers, similar friend groups, similar ambitions, similar interests. The similarities were there all along. They’re what they saw in each other, that others couldn’t, and what drew them together in the first place. Their time was never right, until it was, and then it was thrown away. So of course I want them both to be happy and I’m offended that anyone would say otherwise. I want them both to be happy which is why I didn’t want them to end up together before the series ended, and why I want them to be together now, and why I’m upset that all that potential happiness was ripped away from them. They had to wait to be right together but it wasn’t because they weren’t right for each other, it just wasn’t the right time, and that doesn’t make them less compatible or less good for each other, it makes them indelible and and persistent and perpetual and long-withstanding. I’m not sad about what they could have been, I’m sad about what they should be, but what they’re not.   

PLL pilot

Did anyone else notice how Spencer says “Careful Aria, take too much and you will tell us all your secrets”
Then Ali says “Friends share secrets, that’s what keeps us close” she then says to Aria “drink up”
We know Ali put pills in the drink to get the girls to sleep and that’s why her telling Aria to drink up makes sense but 
Something (even before knowing Ali drugged them) has always rubbed me the wrong way of Spencer phrasing it as “take too much” as opposed to “drink too much”
This is one of the very reasons that I feel like Spencer had been in on the plan.
Also, it makes me wonder if Spencer and Aria had a secret they were keeping from Ali and Spencer was warning her not to spill.