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pt. 1 hey! i was watching the part where rick tells carl that he was going to tell him about his relationship/feelings for michonne but "it just happened, last night". idk if this is a reach but do you think that if the couch scene hadn't played out

pt2. like it did, rick might have asked carl for his blessings first since he sees how close carl and michonne were? it seems like rick knew for a while his feelings for michonne i’d love to see your opinion on this!

Sorry it took so long to get to this.

I agree! I believe Rick had acknowledged and accepted his feelings for Michonne first. He was waiting to see if she felt the same; he needed to know that she felt the same before he took it further. He wanted to make that shift in their relationship, but he needed to make sure that Michonne was ready. This is why I think he would not have spoken to Carl about his feelings until after he and Michonne were on the same page.

While he knew how close they are to each other, Rick would not do anything to jeopardise their relationship. While they already lived as a little family unit, Rick taking his relationship to the next level with Michonne meant that some things would change in her relationship with Carl. I believe Rick needed to consider these things first, which I think he did. I think he spent the two months realising how in love he was with Michonne and praying and hoping that she felt the same. I think he stayed up at night after they would talk for hours and smile to himself at the thought of her being his partner in every single sense of the word. A mother to his children. A lover to him. He had to get it right. For her; for Carl. For their family.

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I think he and Michonne would have spoken about how they would tell Carl that they were now together. They would have lay in bed after making love smiling, with their fingers entwined and legs entangled, talking about the best way to tell Carl in the morning. But then this happened and it was glorious!

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The fact that Michonne looked awkward and Rick said later “I was gonna tell you about me and Michonne” makes me think that Richonne agreed that Rick should be the one to talk to Carl. Just look at her! She was not going to be the one having that conversation!

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I love this family so much! I can’t wait for more scenes with them.


idk how many of u care about anime stuff but i MUST SCREAM SOMEWHERE OK i just found out dgrayman actually has new episodes out and dont think ive ever been so close to hyperventilating as this very moment holy shi t i cant breathe its been years YEARS, Y E A R S i–im gonna  cryyyYy real live teaRS

Natsu and Lucy’s reunion

Am I the only one disappointed with Natsu and Lucy’s reunion? Gray and Juvia’s was great, but seriously. Mashima is the master of showing emotions in his drawings, and Natsu expression before Lucy appeared and after is the same. He only said her name, and he did the same to Happy, and he knew he was alive.

I understand that is expectable, since he was so emotionally and phisically tired, but I hope he does react somehow after he wakes up. Like giving her a big hug, cause he’s relieved. Or the opposite, saying how scared he was. Like expressing in words how happy he is that she’s alive. Or the opposite, saying how scared he was. We won’t see surprise or shock coming from him, but I hope he does something out of happiness, or something else.

if i failed to see something in his emotions, explain it to me nicely, I don’t wish to receive hate for an opinion, pls

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How would the Mukami brothers react to their s/o being an angel? I hope you're having a nice day or night, mun. ❤

  • Ruki: “An angel?” His eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it! He tilted his head, “Can I see your wings? Do you have wings? All pictures of angels have wings, so…is it true?” He wanted to know everything. What angels did, how they felt, if they could get hurt too. He was very interested in you for hours. 
  • Yuma: “You’re an angel? So…what do angels do..?” He had a light blush across his cheeks, he had a child-like look to him when he asked the question. It was like he was watching a fairy tale unfold before his eyes.
  • Kou: “AN ANGEL?! Wow! Let me see your wings! AH! THEY’RE SO PRETTY! Can I take pictures? Please?!
  • Azusa: “So cute….can I…touch them..?” He extended his hand out to your wings, he smiled as his fingers brushed them. 

Thank you anon! I hope you’re having a wonderful day/night too!

When Will This End Anon?

Anon, I have to say, I was pretty optimistic that we were reaching the natural conclusion and that what we were seeing was what many had predicted, worse before it gets better.  But honestly, with the way Hedwig has been handled, with the constant reinforcement of Darren’s straightness, I am starting to lose hope that we are anywhere near the end.  And I do often wonder, why is Darren allowing the bearding to get out of control?  Why is Darren allowing publication after publication to remind us of how straight he is while playing a transgender role? Because even at its worst during Glee (Listen Up), he still had control. He still did not allow kissing photos.   And excessive “loving” couple photos like we get now.  Holiday photos.  Vacation photos.  And to that I question, what happened post-Glee that changed everything?  And why have the games gotten much, much worse? And I think to answer that you have to ask yourself why is Darren still engaging in these games?  And I think there are multiple factors.  And sorry, this got way longer than I intended.

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Long Time No See || Closed ||

@d-va-meka-online continued from x

Before the stream ended, Lena lazily unwrapped one of her hands from around teh slim legs to show a thumbs up to the camera before it shut off.

“Hey.” She mumbled, closing her eyes again as the hand went back into its position. “I missed you.”

Okay this wasn’t the most comfiest thing in te world but she was hardly ever comfortable when she had to be in her harness. The spinal support killed and so did how tight the straps had to be. Nothing was 100% comfortable but she wasn’t going to reveal her actual stabiliser or scars even to her girlfriend yet. Not with how conspicuous they were and the risk that action posed every time she did it.

Comfort versus safety.

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Magidreamz did this already but I wanna see how you would do it. Hehe. (I'm soooo greedy forgive me)Titus confessing his future s/o with the help of Sphintus egging him on and Aladdin on the sidelines so confused. Thanx!

They did a pretty good job on this one tbh, I remember reading it lol. I also really love their blog ahah >w>

Sorry it’s so late. I know you sent this in long before some of my finished requests, but I’ve got it now! 

(Y/n) was chatting calmly with Aladdin. The two of them had recently become fairly good friends and she found that she enjoyed conversations the two of them shared about magic and the Ruhk. Neither one was exactly prepared for what happened next. Titus had bumped into her, so, naturally, she turned to apologize. He laughed it off and she turned to apologize to Aladdin for abruptly halting their talk, but he was gone. Grinning over her shoulder, Titus saw Sphintus push Aladdin around a corner, give the blonde boy a grin and then a thumbs up. “Sphintus, what’s going on? I was talking to-”The blue haired Magi was hushed quickly as Sphintus peered back around the corner cautiously. Titus and (Y/n) were talking calmly, and it was obvious there was no confessing going on what so ever. 

Sphintus waved his arms and made some sort of gesture when he finally caught Titus’ eye, implying that he needed to hurry up. “Sphintus, what’s going on?” Aladdin was quickly pulled back out of sight by the other boy and hushed again, much to his dismay. He peered over the top of his friend’s head to see Titus blushing and shifting around nervously. “What’s Titus doing? Is he blushing? Can you hear anything they’re saying?” He had so many questions that (Y/n) over heard them and started to turn around when Titus grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into a tight embrace suddenly. “(Y/N), I REALLY LIKE YOU!” Sphintus and Aladdin nearly fell over. Sphintus was laughing so hard at the botched confession and Aladdin, evidently, had had no clue for his other friend’s feelings towards the girl. “Since when did Titus like (Y/n)? Is that what this was all about?” 

The (h/c) haired girl laughed a little nervously and hugged the boy back, still having not been let go of just yet. “T-Titus, I-I like you too, but…” She squirmed a little, “you’re crushing my ribs..” He quickly let go and apologized a thousand times, his face bright red. 

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Now, I love Glenn more than anything. His character was amazing and I'm sad to see him go. The whole thing with Daryl, I see why he lashed out but Negan was very strict. I think the reason he killed Glenn was because Glenn lashed out first in 6x16. Remember how negan said he'll shut that shit down? Then he hit Glenn and said 'no exceptions' just like before. Either way, I'm sad Glenn and Abe died.

glenn’s outburst was a free pass negan literally said “first one is free” and also like no daryl literally had no reason to lash out negan’s one rule in that situation was basically “don’t fucking act up” and what did daryl do? he acted up. try again.

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Character ask: Huang, Amaro

I already did Amaro for another ask, so I’m doing Huang here.

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Amaro because of Huang being Nick’s support system as he works through his identity and his divorce (and he’d be good to Gil and Zara), and honestly, in an odd way, Munch. Like I picture both of them complaining on a Sunday afternoon post brunch bitching about the legal system, like having a similar view but coming to it in a completely way and being sass pots to each other.

friendship them with: Benson (before the 3.0 years and some of the 2.0 years), Carisi, Rollins, Fin, and Munch. I don’t know if I see him and Stabler being friends but they’d get along okay if they had to for a case or to not beat the crap out of each other. I did like how they are candid and frank with each other, that made for a great dynamic on the show.

general opinions:  BRING BACK HUANG, BRING BACK HUANG, AND BRING BACK HUANG!!! George Huang was a fantastic and well written, diverse character, why did he leave?! It’s almost like the writers wouldn’t have known how to write a strong, insightful, gay asian man or something….which sucks because Huang brought so much to the table! Like, I want to be his friend.


Tokyo has become a cruel and merciless city—a place where vicious creatures called “ghouls” exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropolis live in constant fear of these bloodthirsty savages and their thirst for human flesh. However, the greatest threat these ghouls pose is their dangerous ability to masquerade as humans and blend in with society.

→ Imagined Tokyo Ghoul Book Covers

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Could you tell us the story how u met robin and/or how you became friends like you know tell us the story of how please? ps. thank you I love you so much I watch your videos everyday.

I first saw his work on youtube with his rocket ship grumps remix animation and LOVED it. I couldn’t believe someone was able to make such fluid 3D animation things like that on youtube. I then watched a lot of his other work and was interested in seeing if he maybe wanted to do one for me so I messaged him and we got talking and that’s how the Jack in Space animation came about. We didn’t really talk again after that. 

Shortly after that I had mentioned in a video about maybe getting an editor at some point, which prompted him to message me again saying that if I ever DID go ahead with hiring someone that he would like to volunteer his time and services. I didn’t really have anyone in mind before that but I was surprised he wanted to considering how much talent he had. so we talked it over and when I was going to the NYC Creator Summit this year I asked if he wanted to trial run some videos. I was just back from PAX East and needed help prepping or I wouldn’t have made the 2 a day schedule while gone. 

The rest I guess is history. He’s been editing since May now and I couldn’t be more happy with him. He’s incredibly gifted and he’s super hard working and he really cares. He always puts the channel and the content first and foremost and knows how important it is to me. The best part though is that he’s become a very great close personal friend too and I’m very happy to have him in my life :)


this took longer than it should have

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#protect baby hobbit Roland Hood at all costs

Let’s see what we can find about the crimes that Sherlock solved/investigated after his return. From the crime wall:

1. Lion’s Mane (Yup): 


Sherlock investigated (or at least started looking into) the case of Lion’s Mane after he returned. Of course, I might have combined two or more cases in this image. But I am going on an assumption that since the papers are tacked nearly on top of each other and separate from others, they all relate to Lion’s Mane. The way I see it is, the photograph next to the news is that of a man, who (most likely same man) is standing by his car at sea-side in the bottom photograph.

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