how devious

I wonder if there was ever a year in Hogwarts history where Every. Single. First year was sorted into one house. Like, maybe they didn’t even all belong there. But after like, the tenth kid was sorted into Hufflepuff (for example) The would-be Gryffindors are like, “hah, this’ll be a great joke let’s all ask the hat to be puffs. And the would would be Slytherins are laughing cos going into Hufflepuff would means no one suspects their pranks and plans and how very devious. And the would-be ravens go along because it would be an interesting experiment to see how this changes the school dynamic. And Snape is just like, FUCK they’re all Hufflepuffs help me and sprout is just BEAMING and also more than a little confused and McGonagal and Dumbles figure it out right away because they see those kids who are wearing remarkably Marauder-esque faces laughing over their brilliant seven year joke and Flitwick is confused because everyone keeps figuring out the riddle and all the lil puffs study in the ravenclaw common room when they want peace and quiet. And Hufflepuff always wins the house cup because there’s so many of them now. And over seven years all these kids that would be divided figure out that they even each other out and kids who would have been in four different houses are all best friends.

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.9

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                                                 Part N I N E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: hi hi!!! gabs is back with another part. im so, so happy that everybody is enjoying this series. i made this part a bit more intimate, so i hope that makes everybody’s day (lol). tysm for all the support n love. 100 notes is the goal, but ik yall know this ! x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,

                                                      I M A G I N E 

Arrival to Ireland, 13:02 P.M.

“We’re actually going to a party today,” Calum told you as the two of you started unbuckling your belts. People were already rising from their seats to scoop up their carry-ons and exit the plane. “We’re to head out in a few hours, but we’re leaving from the hotel.”

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Love Means Having To Sacrifice.

Request from @isabellsantiagoI don’t know if you are still taking requests but i’ll try. My request is a Peter Pan x reader when she is the daughter of Hades bu she is good, very powerful, and she lives in Storybrooke and when the group (including her) needs Pan because of a new threat they hate each other at first but she starts falling in love with him and Pan act like he doesn’t like her back until she gets really injured to protect him and he saves her life with the true love kiss. Please consider my request :)

Note: I had so much fun with this one so I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. 

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 2247

Warnings: Violence, blood, angst (but then some fluff so don’t worry lol!)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine.All credit goes to their creators <3

“Whether we like it or not we need his help.”

You weren’t saying anything as you stood inside Granny’s Diner with the heroes of Storybrooke; you despised the fact that you were even having this conversation. Although you had never met the person they were speaking about you knew all too well how devious and manipulative he was…..hardly sounded like someone you wanted to ask to help.

He had already managed to get out of your father’s grips….out of the hands of Death himself.

You may not have followed in the footsteps of Hades, having chosen to go down the good path, but that didn’t mean that you didn’t care for him. He was still your father and the fact that someone had managed to get the better of him infuriated you.

“[y/n] are you okay with the plan?”

Regina’s voice pulled you out of the daze you had unknowingly gone into but the frown upon your face didn’t change as you responded.

“I guess I’m gonna have to be. It’s either that or I lose my magic.”

This was all down to Rumpelstiltskin, your father should have destroyed him when he’d had the chance, at least then you wouldn’t have to be turning to a demon of a boy. The former Dark One was determined to rid this realm of magic entirely, aside from his own, meaning that he would be unstoppable and would have control over everyone here.

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America Singer Week 
Day 5: America & Kids


America & Eadlyn

  • Eady was always a Daddy’s girl because she needed to step into his shoes one day and spent most of her days following him about but when Ames comes in for mother-daughter time, it was the best thing ever. 
  • America calls her Kitten just like Shalom used to call her. 
  • Ames was the one who taught Eady Spanish. She taught her daughter  lots of things, how to play the piano - though Eady cannot carry a tune to save her life - and without realising it, Ames got Eady into fashion. 
  • One day as a little girl, Eady was sneaking around in her mother’s room when she sees the maids going over dress designs with America for an event and it sparks her interest. She then follows the maids to the needlework room to see them bring the dresses to life. 
  • She goes back to her mother’s suite with an awe-filled expression on her face and Ames sees this and asks about it.
  • After finding out, Ames is the one who gets Eady her first sketchbook and colour pencils. 
  • Most of the time, their life is a bed of roses but even they can’t be all perfect so of course, there is going to be fights. Eady is just as headstrong as America and we know that Ames always clashes with headstrong people like her (Magda, Aspen, Clarkson) 
  • Just like all mothers and daughters, they get into fights over the littlest things and Maxon is left to clean up after their blazing trails of tempers. 
  • The important thing is that at the end of each fight, they always make up.
  • Both America and Eady are so excited when Kerttu comes out being a redhead because Ames has always wanted a little redheaded girl and Eady loves how her daughter looks just like her mother. 

America & Ahren 

  • While Eady is a Daddy’s Girl, Ahren is a classic Momma’s Boy. His first word was literally Amedica! (yes that is an intentional typo) because he hears Maxon yell that a lot of times when Ames gets up to her usual trouble.
  • Her petname for him is Angel because before he got his golden locks, he used to be have really pale blonde hair that circled his head making it look like a halo. 
  • He literally goes to Ames for everything; girl trouble, piano, violin lessons, ballroom dancing lessons to impress Camille with. Ames is the one who teaches him French as well.
  • Ames was the first one he turned to when he realised he liked writing. It started as a small interest because he wrote Camille. Later he realised that it was his passion and he couldn’t breathe when he wasn’t writing.
  • She gets him his first personalised notebooks and stationary. She helps him seek out local writing competitions and asks him to submit for every one of them. 
  • Ahren doesn’t want to win on the account of being a Prince so Ames and him come up with a pseudonym which is so obvious, they are surprised that no one figured it out. 
  • It was Aaron Singer. 
  • Throughout his whole life, he has always turned to his mother and told her everything. There was no secrets between them. That’s why Ahren’s departure and elopment was such a huge blow of betrayal because there was literally no warning. It was the one time she didn’t know what was going on in Ahren’s head. 
  • She felt so lost and the shock of it all almost killed her. (THANKS A BUNCH AHREN!)
  • Of course she doesn’t blame him when he finally does come crawling back to ask for forgiveness. 
  • Because he will always be her Angel and even angels make mistakes sometimes. 

America & Kaden 

  • Kaden is also a Momma’s Boy but isn’t as dependant on America as Ahren is. Kaden has always been independant.
  • Especially with his studies which is how America came up with the petname Smarties after their favourite candy to share together and on the account of him being so intelligent.  
  • Ames was the one who introduced him to Gregory’s diaries. Since then he spends all his time in the secret archieve library, he even tries to work out how the computer works. (Spoiler alert, he ends up manufacturing computers and making them a norm again). 
  • While she is closer to Ahren, she does check in on Kaden in the library occasionally. They always end up on the floor reading something together. She also helps him with the computer.
  • She is also his fencing partner, she taught him the violin and he mastered both Spanish and French just like his mother. No one knows this but he is the real singer in the family after his mother. The other Schreaves can’t carry a tune to save their lives (Eady could to a certain extent but is nowhere as good as Ames or Kaden). 
  • Ames is the happiest when Kaden married Josie because at one point or another she genuinely thought her baby boy was going to build a robot girlfriend at one point or another. 

America & Osten 

  • Everyone would think these two would be the closest but no, they are too alike which makes them clash all the time. She calls him Mini Me because of that. 
  • She lowkey hates that she produced a mini version of herself because at this point she knew how problematic she used to be and now it’s reflected through Osten who is twice as active because he is boy. 
  • But she loves how smart and devious he is  because he could hold his own for a boy his age. 
  • So while they do clash sometimes, they also get along marvelously especially if they have an agenda against something. Which is why everytime Daphne visits, she loses a piece of jewelry right till she has to go back to France and then they mysteriously show up in her car seat that is leaving for the airport. 
  • She is always proud to see that Osten is becoming a fine young man, possibly better than she was at that age. He knows how to have fun but also knows his limits. 

EDIT: I was just too happy to be done with this long ass headcanon list that I forgot to tag my dear friend @not-your-dear who helped me figured which of the Schreave kids would lean more towards America and which would be closer to Maxon

Shu Sakamaki - Dark 5

/screen fades to limousine/

Yui: (Shu-san invited me out today…..that’s rare)

Yui: (even so, where is it that we’re going?)

/Screen fades, scene changes to dressing room/

Yui: (dress shopping….)

Yui: huh….?

Shu: they say there’s nice costumes here. Hey, do you have any suitable dresses?

Lady: yes, of course

Yui: a dress…?

Yui: (for me? Why so suddenly…)

/Lady walks back in/

Lady: how about this?

Yui: (wow….what a lovely dress…)

Shu: ………

Shu: ….no. The color is too dark, it’s not suitable. It should be more pale

Lady: okay….how about this?

Lady: pearls are decorated around the chest area, it’s the most popular in our shop

Shu: the color is good but, not the length. It’s still a little long

Lady: then… about something with more lace?

Shu: well….I guess that’s fine. Hey, why don’t you go try it on?

Yui: this is, for me…?

Shu: ha…., I said we came to buy you your dress. What are you going to do if you have nothing to wear?

Yui: well….

Shu: you understand, hurry and go. or are you going to change your clothes here?

Yui: …..I’ll go and change….!

Shu: –ah, then. Also, the decorated dress over there. Its unexpectedly suitable

Shu: Also take measurements. Because i’ll probably have to order the next one soon

Yui: (measurements….!?)

Lady: certainly. ……ok, please go here

Yui: th,thats…!


/screen changes to a dressing room/

Yui: (what on earth is going on…)

/screen fades black/

/scene changes to limousine/

Yui: (mn, I’m tired….)

Yui: (I wonder how many dresses I wore…..I don’t want to think about that….)

Shu: the preparation was very quick, did you not find it to be very good?

Yui: but, why did you suddenly get me a dress….

Shu: There is a party at the Vibora castle. You’ll be participating as well

Yui: eh!?

Yui: (I’m, going to the Vibora party?)

Shu: Reiji, wanted me to take you along

Yui: Reiji-san…?

Shu: Aah. You have that woman, cordelia’s, heart

Shu: Cordelia, was part of the Vibora clan. It seems convenient when you have something like that

Yui: …..but, I know nothing about the Vibora clan…

Yui: (is that alright…?)

Shu: really, I’m not expecting you to do anything. It’s not good to force you, so

Shu: aah, however I will tell you that there is only one person… should be aware of, right?

Yui: aware….?

Shu: that’s right. … aware that you are mine and only mine

Yui: ….!

Yui: (….how devious. To say such a thing so suddenly…)

Shu: kuku….whats wrong? why is your face all red?

Yui: …….

1 - it’s nothing

2 - because, Shu-san….

Choose -> 2 - because, Shu-san

Yui: because, Shu-san….

Shu: …..hmm, are you saying it’s my fault?

Yui: ….! th-that’s not what I meant….!


Shu: even if you say that, what’s going on? Your face, it’s becoming increasingly more red


Yui: ……

Yui: (Shu-san, is mean….—!?)

/car horn, skidding sounds/

Shu: ….!

Yui: Kyah..!!

Shu: that was sudden, what happened…?

Driver: …..just now, something came out of nowhere….

/car door opens/

???: —sorry, sorry. that was more rough than expected….

???: well, don’t be alarmed. I just want to talk a little

Shu: ……..

Yui: (who is….this person…?)


When the car door opened, there was a [strange]1 boy. He was [smiling]2. But, his eyes didn’t match his smile at all. When I noticed, I grabbed Shu-sans [sleeve]3 without thinking. Then I noticed, the demon that should have been in the driver seat had disappeared. The boy exchanged a look, and then another man came in and grasped the handle in front of him. I wonder who this boy is, and what will become of us.

Choose: 1,3

Oswald x Reader- Little Princess (Rated M - smut and sinister acts)

So here it is! After all the opinions on where I should take this story, here’s the result!! Thank you all for your input!! Please read the warnings under the cut. Please really please!

You are Sal Maroni’s daughter, caught in the crossfire of Oswald’s planned revenge after your Father gave away his biggest secret to the woman he cherishes most in the world…..

This is a really sinister Oswald, please proceed with care!

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The Heir’s Champion (snippet)

So, almost two weeks ago, I saw this magnificent gifset by haliastone​ and was promptly struck with inspiration.  What was supposed to be a fluffy oneshot soon spiraled far, far out of my control and I unfortunately didn’t have time to finish before camp nano started.  Hopefully, by posting a snippet of the 7.5k I already have written here, I’ll hold myself (and perhaps some of you will as well) accountable for finishing it.


Harry stood in the entrance hall, mind still whirling frantically through the events of the evening in a hopeless, dizzying whirlwind.  He’d daydreamed about entering the tournament, fantasied about it, but that’s all it had been.  A fantasy.  A daydream.  The reality of the Triwizard Tournament, facing competitors who had three years more experience and instruction than he did in tasks that sounded dangerous in front of hundreds of people…

And people would think he’d done it on purpose.  The looks in the hall, the reactions of the various headmasters and professors, his brief conversation with Cedric…they’d all only served to make the point as clear as possible.  Would anyone except Ron and Hermione believe him?

Harry reached out and placed his hand against one of the stone walls off the castle, trying to take comfort in the sensation that he associated with home as he tried to force his thoughts into some sort of order.

“Diggory’s an idiot you know,” a familiar, cultured voice said.

Harry’s head jerked upwards and found a tall, handsome young man emerging from the shadows, aristocratic features furrowed in distaste.  The silver badge on his robe gleamed in the torchlight and dark eyes filled with a tenderness that was still utterly unexpected after all these years.

“Tom?”  Harry asked, taken aback by the Slytherin’s presence.  “What are you doing here?”  Then Harry’s brain finally caught up with his ears and he frowned.  “And Cedric’s not an idiot.”

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David Tennant and Graham Norton - down through the years

Sagittarius Slytherin Moodboard: Sagittarians can get sorted into House Slytherin. And not always as Quidditch players, either, although there have been jokes made about how the Hat will sort big, tall Sags into Slytherin just to pad out the team. Slytherin Sagittarians are sorted primarily because of their ability to dream; these Sags have a vision, and with the support of their House, can channel their energies to great achievements. In return they give their House something priceless beyond rubies: a sense of perspective. Temporary failure is not humiliating to the Sagittarius Slytherin, merely a temporary setback in pursuit of a goal. They can laugh at themselves even when other people are laughing at them, and of course that turns the joke on the idiots who came up with it in the first place. (How devious.) Although bright, these Slytherins will coast through their classes if they can get away with it; they’d rather envision the future than attend to the details of the present.


Caroline x Sister!Reader

“Why can’t I ever go to any of the parties?” You sighed and flopped onto your sister’s bed as she searched through hair ideas on Pinterest.


“Because you used to be too little.” Caroline sighed and glanced at you as you poked her scree to point out an elegant looking up do.


“But I’m not too little any more, besides I got an invite from this guy he seems kind of cool.” This caught your sister’s attention and Caroline glared at you.


“Guy, what guy?” She huffed and frowned when you didn’t answer. “(Y/N) Forbes you told me when you kissed Jeremy Gilbert on a dare and didn’t want anyone one to know so who exactly have you been speaking to?”


“Um… he’s British and he I dunno spoke like those dumb movies we used to watch, the ones with the puffy dresses.” You hummed and she swallowed when you vanished to your room and reappeared with an invite of your own.

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Love and Marriage

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Paring: past SamxJess, SamxReader, Liam (OC), Ava (OC)
Word count: 2,020

Part 10 of Chocolate Cupcakes

“They’re my kids.” Jess glared. “Not yours.”

Your eyes didn’t leave her, and you didn’t back down. “Ava? In my back pocket, get my phone. Call your dad, he’s under ‘Sam’.” You felt her little fingers slip your phone out. “For one, it’s not your day, and secondly, I know this is just you trying to control something that you can’t.”

Ellen Harvelle, the director at the preschool, stepped out from a neighboring classroom. “Ladies, good afternoon. Is there a problem here?””

Jess sneered at you, “I’m trying to pick my children up and she won’t give them to me.”

“Daddy? Y/N said to call you. Mommy is here, she wants us to go with her, but me and Liam want to have Chinese in the living room,” Ava said with a pout.

Ellen looked between you and Jess, and you looked over to her. “For one, Tuesday is Sam’s day with the kids, and we have plans. Secondly, he’s suing her for full custody. I’m not handing them over without either a court order, or Sam’s say so.”

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Brownie Thief

Summary: Someone stole Youngjae’s brownie, so you and Youngjae start interrogating the other members of GOT7 to find out who the thief is.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2231

Requested HERE

Youngjae walked over to the refrigerator in GOT7’s dorm. He opened it up and searched through it. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he started frantically searching through the different shelves and drawers. “No, I can’t believe it’s gone!” he exclaimed.

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Bambam: Claimed (M)

Yo yo yo guys, it’s my baby Bambam’s Birthday! I decided that I’d write some smut for him, but the story actually has nothing to do with his birthday. But I had a lotta fun writing it cause it was so different. This is what I do when I should be doing my requests, but hey enjoy it anyway! 

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You slammed the glass down with a loud clank. You inhaled sharply and a burp followed. It was your ninth shot tonight. Drinking your problems away was routine when you were in a relationship with someone who didn’t love you. Why stay with a man who came home late every night? Or stay with a man who has multiple sex partners? But you couldn’t leave him. You couldn’t leave Im Jaebum. No matter how many times you told yourself you would. The sex was amazing, he could be caring when he wanted to, but he was a bad boy. You were, unfortunately, always falling for the bad ones. You waved for the bartender and he poured another shot. Before you could lay down the ten, a fifty was placed on the table.

“Drinks are on me for the next hour.” You wearily looked at the man who covered your alcohol tab. He was cute, no, handsome with plump lips, dark raven hair and piercing brown orbs. Just like Jaebum. No way was he good news. You downed the shot and thanked him. Hey, free drinks. When did you get so lucky? “What’s a delicate flower like you doing all alone in a place this dangerous?”

Dangerous? This bar? You hadn’t known. It was your first time here since Jaebum always found you at your old bar. You needed a place he wouldn’t trace you to.

“I’m trying to escape reality. Why else would I be on my 11th drink?” You threw your head back, the hard liquor going straight down your throat, “Why are you talking to me?”

He slyly smirks, “Because you look like you need someone to talk to, to take your problems away.” His hand caressed your back, comforting you, “Tell me what’s wrong.” His voice was soft but there was an undertone to it, one you couldn’t make out. Nevertheless, you told him.

“Well for starters, my “boyfriend” cheated on me. Again. Fucking Im Jaebum, what gives him the right to be with me but he goes sticking his dick into another girl’s vagina. Who the fuck does he think he is? And why the fuck am I still with him? Why can’t end it? WHY AM I SO FUCKING STUPID?!” Your voice grew louder with every word and to anyone you looked like a typical drunk girl. Little did they know, you could hold your liquor quite well.

“You’re not stupid. Jaebum is not the kind of the boy a woman like you should be with.” He squeezed your shoulder, maybe it was a sign, or a warning.

“You know him?” He nods, his eyes grim and dark.

“I know him. I know him well…what do you say to getting out of here?” Getting away from Jaebum is just what you needed and the gentleman seemed nice enough, besides, you knew how to defend yourself.

“Sure, let’s get out of here.” You grabbed your purse and slightly stumbled out of the bar with the man trailing behind you.

The man wasn’t his name though.

“My name is Bambam. No, it’s not my real name.” Could this dude read minds or something?

“Y/N. Where exactly are we going?”

He caught up to you with long strides and shrugged nonchalantly, “I figured a midnight stroll would help calm you. Y’know? Dissipate your anger.”

“I’m calm, thank you.” You stated in a matter-of-fact tone. You pull a cigarette from the carton in your purse and light it, taking a long drag from it.

“You shouldn’t do that,” He grimaced and continued, “It’s not good for you.”

You blew out the smoke and frowned, “What are you, my father?”

He ignored your rhetorical question and your defensive tone didn’t really seem to bother him, “You humans don’t live as long as you think.”

Your eyebrows drew closer together in confusion, “What do you mean by you humans? Last time I checked you were a human too.”

“That’s what I said, us humans.” You were 100% sure he didn’t say that but you didn’t argue. A terrible headache would follow if you yelled too much.

You took another hit of your cancer stick and exhaled the smoke. Bambam steps slowed and you were little ways in front of him. “Take me to your house.” You didn’t need to look at him to get his approval, he was already leading you to his living place.

He didn’t live in a house, but a condo. It was nice and it made you wonder what he did for a living to afford such a comfy spot like this.

“Make yourself at home.” He takes off his trench coat and makes his way to what you think is the kitchen. You kicked off your shoes and plopped down on his plush sofa. Your joints were aching, probably from the long walk to his condo. Your mind wandered to Jaebum. What was he doing? Did he come home? And if he did, did he know you were gone?

‘He’s probably with one of the girls he has sex with behind my back.’ You thought drearily.

“Drink this, it will help you feel better.” His booming voice almost made you jump out of your skin. You sat up and examined your drink. It was dark red and filled to the brim. It was by far the darkest drink you’d ever seen.

“What is it?” You took it from him carefully, cautious of spilling it. You sniffed it and the smell was intoxicating. He nodded and you looked at him, eyes searching for his approval.

“What’s the worse that could happen?” You asked him aloud and drank. You realized how devious his smirk was after you took a gulp from the liquid. Your sight becomes blurred and it’s hard to focus on him. You drop the wine glass and before it shatters on the hard floor, he swiftly catches it.

“It’s bad to waste good blood, Princess.” His voice is much deeper now, more sinister.

Your body is limp and he picks you up, carrying you to his bedroom.”W-what did you do t-to me?” Your usual demanding voice is now soft and barely audible.

“You drank V blood. But don’t worry, it relaxes you.” In a situation like this, you didn’t want to be relaxed, but maybe it was what you needed though; to take your mind off of  everything that was happening to you.

“What a-are you going to do me?” He lied you on his bed gently and warmth instantly consumed your body.

“Why, I’m going to fuck you of course.” The thought of having his body pressed against your was amazing, even if you were temporarily paralyzed.

And it didn’t stop the fact that you were growing wet.

“First, I’m going to start off slow by teasing you with my fingers and tongue. Then I’m going to pound your tight little body so hard, the neighbors will know my name. After I’ve left bruises on your body and leave you limping, I’m going to send you home to Jaebum and let him see how I’ve marked his territory, claiming you as my own. Doesn’t that sound nice?” His deep chuckle sends goosebumps down your spine and you know that even when you shouldn’t enjoy this, you will.

Besides, he had a way with words.

His hands were soon all over your body, pulling off your shirt and tugging down your tight jeans.

“I see why he wants you all to himself.”

‘But I’m not the only one he wants.’ You bit your lip and wiggled your toes. The feeling in your body was slowly coming back and you were glad. You wanted to feel everything he was about to do to you.

“That may be the case, but don’t worry about him. I can give you all the pleasure you need and desire.” You were pretty sure you didn’t say that out loud, but everything that happened tonight was surreal. So you didn’t dwell on it for too long. All the anticipation was building up and by now you were ready for him to do whatever he wanted to you.

“Cute, I can smell your arousal.” Your tan skin grows hot and you’re more than embarrassed. Shit, were you really that wet?

His fingers hook into the sides of your panties and you can feel yourself throbbing. He pulls them off your legs and you’re exposed to him. “You’re so damn sexy.“

He dips a finger into your wetness and you mewl. His touch must be extremely pleasurable if you can feel it through your slightly paralyzed state. “You’re tighter than I imagined.” He reaches his other hand up to rip off your bra. Your breast are freed and you want to whine. That bra was expensive! 

Your thoughts are interrupted when he curls his long digit inside of you, causing you to moan out his name. He sinks another finger inside of you and his thumb toys with your clit, rubbing it in small circles. He moves slowly and you can’t help but to want more. 

“Faster, please.” He pinches your thigh and you groan. 

“What did I say? I’m going slow, agonizingly slow until I think you deserve more.”

‘Fuck, tonight’s going to be the longest night of my life.’

He smirks and you close your eyes. He has the same smirk as Jaebum and both left you equally hungry for them. Your body jerks as you feel his tongue take a swipe at your clit.

“Oh my gosh, Bambam! Please!” Your pleas were basically unheard since he didn’t speed up. He only gave slow licks despite how much you begged for him to go faster. His fingers were still working inside of you while his soft tongue worked wonders against your sensitive bud. You were a moaning mess and you were about fed up with his shit, “Please, I’ll do anything you want…” Your glazed eyes gave you an innocent look that he took into consideration. 


“Anything.” Your mobile hips thrusts themselves on his inactive fingers, looking for release but he held you down instantly. 

“If you want me to make you cum, break up with Im Jaebum.”If you were a sane person, you would jump at the opportunity to end things with that man. To finally be free of the hard times he put you through. No more lying and cheating if you left him. But you weren’t sane, not completely. Here you were with a man you barely knew. A first name is what you knew of him, and it wasn’t even his real one. He gave you a glass of V blood, as he called it and in your hazy state you couldn’t tell what it was. It was just so spell bounding. A sane woman would not let a man she just met fuck her. 

But you weren’t sane.

“I’ll do it…just fuck me please.” Would you really do it, or were you only saying it so that he’d waste no time pouncing on you?

His close were off in milliseconds and in a different situation you’d think that humans were incapable of doing that. But you came to terms that this man was indeed, not human.

“You have such a beautiful body. Shame I’m going to bruise it.” Your legs squeezed together and you were suddenly able to move your whole body.

Sitting up quickly, the blood rushed to your head and you groaned. You look down to see the bed soaked where your juices were pouring out. Shit, you really were that wet.

“Now that you can move, are you going to run away?” His smirk shows that he’s clearly testing you. Even if you were to run, he’d catch you with little to no problems.

“No, I want you to do what you promised me.” 

“Uh uh uh. You don’t make the decisions here, I do. If you want my cock oh so badly, pick up your phone and call him, tell him you’re done with him.”

Should be easy enough, right?


You picked up your phone with shaking hands and dialed his number slowly. This was for the best, you’d finally be free. His phone was ringing, you could hear the dial tone.

“Where are you?” His voice was surprisingly rough. He was angry and anybody could tell.

“I’m with a friend.” Your phone was snatched from you and Bambam held it to his ear.

“Some friend, huh, Jaebum.” His voice held a possessive edge to it and you wonder what Jaebum’s face looks like right now. 

“Bambam?! What the hell are you doing with my girl?” You can hear him shout through the phone and you just want the conversation to be over with already.

“I’m fucking her, what do you think?” You blushed, could he have been any more blunt about it? He threw you back the phone and you barely caught it. “Do it.”

You licked your lips and gulped, “JB…I’m breaking up with you. I can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry…” You kept it short and simple, not wanting to draw it out.

“Y/N wait! You don’t know how dangerous this man is! He’ll su-” You pressed the red button, not wanting to hear anymore from him. He was always trying to tell you what to do with your life but no, not anymore.

“Now, where were we, kitten?” The pet name turns you on incredibly and you’re right back in the mood. His strong hands pull you to the edge of the bed, your legs spread apart.

‘Bout fucking time.’ You thought as he rubbed your folds with his shaft. He hasn’t even entered you yet and you’re already arching your back. He grips your thighs tightly while staring into your eyes and inserting himself into you slowly. Biting your lip, you moan wantonly. He was way bigger than you thought but the stretch felt amazing.

For the first time, you heard his breathing speed up, “I understand why Jaebum can’t get enough of you.” He didn’t give you enough time to respond before he’s deeply pounding into you, hard and slow. Every thrust knocks the wind from your lungs. You’d never had sex so passionately before.

His hand leaves your thigh and he brings your body close to his. Your chests are pressed together and you’re staring into his eyes which were filled with lust and now a crimson color. Enticing is what they were. You lean in to kiss him and his lips respond immediately. You didn’t know what came over you but his lips were calling your name and you couldn’t get enough of them.

You roll your hips and he grips your ass, kneading your cheeks roughly. “Can he ever make you feel this good? Does he know how to please you like I do?” Your moans weren’t enough for him and he smacks your ass hard.

“No!” Your fingers run through his hair and you tug on the strands, loving the way he moans your name. His hips move at rapid speeds, different from when he first started. Sweat gathers at the crown of his forehead and you swear he’s the sexiest man you’ve ever seen. He was so bad, but you loved it. You loved how he used you to get at Jaebum but you didn’t care at the moment. The only thing you truly cared about was how good his pulsating cock felt inside of you.

Your walls clamped down on him and you knew what was about to happen. Your eyes roll back and in no time, you’re extremely close to climaxing. “I’m about to cum!” His lips attacked your neck and your voice is three octave higher than it should be.

The distinct vein in your neck is driving him crazy. He inhaled your scent and he marveled at how delicious you smelled. Your walls suffocated his dick and he knew you were cumming.

He sank his fangs into your neck without warning and the sweet blood rushed into his mouth. He’s moaning against your neck while you’re screaming as your orgasm takes over. The pain from his canines mixed with your explosive climax made you feel as if you were on cloud nine

So this is what he was, a vampire. ‘How cliché.’

His tight grip on your arm was gone as your body fell back on the bed. Just when you think he is done, your body is flipped over and he’s pounding into you from behind. He wraps your hair in his fist and yanks your head back.

“I told you I wasn’t stopping until I bruise your body and you’re limping out of here. I mean what I say.” 

Bambam was beating into you so roughly, you felt like the bed was going to break. He slapped your ass repeatedly and you knew you weren’t going to be able to sit down comfortably for a while. His other hand wrapped around your throat, slightly cutting off your air supply.

It was a new feeling and it was definitely a good one. Your strangled moans and his heavy grunts bounced off the walls along with his slick skin slapping against yours. You were breathless and he let go of your neck, oxygen rushing back into your lungs.

Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you were about to cum again. “Bambam…” Your tiny voice called out to him but he didn’t stop his restless attack inside your walls. You help his hand that was now grasping your hip tightly, imprinting you. You squeezed his finger and you came with a groan.

Seconds later, hot liquid shoots into your warm cavern but he didn’t stop. Not until your pussy was throbbing and you were stuck in that position when he pulled out. You gasped for air with your eye shut tight, his seeds leaking out of you and onto the blanket.

“You’re mine now. I claimed you and you’re filled with my cum. What do you think will happen?” He chuckles darkly but you can barely focus on his words before you pass out. The only thing on your mind was how sore you were going to be when you woke up.


I ain’t never wrote smut like this before. Lol sorry I posted it so late, I was at work all night :( 

Happy Birthday Bambam! Let’s dab at our wedding okay? 

P.S thank you for the 1.5K! Love you lots :*

A Quickie Before Work

This was requested anonymously and they asked for:

Could you write something Jerome Valeska x Reader involving hot sleepy morning voices and maybe some sexy times idk

Title: A Quickie Before Work

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Lots of smut

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i always forget how good the st trinians films are

like- basically about how radical, scary, and devious teenage girls can be

cast 95% teenage girls and women

champions annabel’s struggle against her terrible father, who she eventually outsmarts and leaves for her found family

also let us not forget rupert everetts performance as camilla fritton, which quite frankly is a national treasure

“Harry.” Harry glanced up from his phone when Y/F/N sat down across from him, her arms crossed and a smirk ghosting over her lips.

“Y/F/N..” He trailed off, his eyebrows furrowing at how devious she was looking at that moment. He knew her expressions well enough to know something fishy was going on. “Can I help yeh with something?” 

“Yes, you can.” Her smirk grew even wider as she leaned back against the couch, subtly nodding over to where you were standing. “Y/N wants to ask you out but she’s too shy. And don’t look in her direction because I promised her I wouldn’t tell y- Harry, I said don’t look!” It was too late - Harry’s head whipped around to look at you, a smile plastered on his face when you gave him a wave and a sheepish grin. (Y/F/N had told you she was only going over to Harry to tell him a joke you had told her earlier. Obviously that was a lie.) 

“She wants t’ go out with me?” Harry asked in shock, his head tilting a little. 

“Duh! And I know for a fact that you feel the same way about her, so I’m really not sure what’s holding you two back.” Y/F/N muttered, rolling her eyes. She had been trying to get you and Harry together for months, and the both of you weren’t even doing anything, so she clearly had to do something. “I’m not sure why she wants to go out with an idiot like you-” 


“-but you seem to make her happy, and I like seeing Y/N when she’s cheerful.” 

“Hey guys! Thought I’d join you. Niall’s getting sick of my jokes.” You plopped down on the couch next to Y/F/N, taking a sip of your drink. “What are we talking about?” 

“We’re, um..” 

“I’ve already made a reservation for dinner tonight, so make sure to dress up.” Y/F/N hummed, checking a notification on her phone. 

“Wha.. What are you talking about?” You asked cluelessly, looking over when Harry let out a nervous laugh. (He really really liked you and didn’t want to say anything to screw up.) 

“Hm? Oh, you guys are going out.” 

“Wait, Y/F/N, you can’t just force Harry-” 

“Trust me, I know he’s willing.” Y/F/N grinned, standing up and grabbing your wrist before dragging you over to sit down next to Harry. “Oh, don’t be mad at me, Y/N! This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.” 

Sometimes there were perks of being friends with Y/F/N.  

“And I know how much you guys want to make out with each other so I’m going to go talk to Niall.” 

Never mind. 


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goodbye revenge week - day 5: favourite relationship
“there’s always going to be a   n o l a n   and  e m i l y