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Part 2 of @vldangstweek: March 19th-Failure/Insecurity

Lance isn’t stupid.

He knows, alright. He knows he talks a lot. He knows he’s loud. He knows his voice grates, he knows he’s too exuberant, too desperate to be friends. He knows he wears his heart on his sleeve and shows it all too fast, too freely. He knows he’s just too much for people.

(That doesn’t stop him from wishing, though.)

He tries, sometimes. To be quieter, to be calmer, to be…less. He tries so goddamn hard, but it doesn’t matter because he always, always ends up reverting back to his regular self anyway. It doesn’t seem to matter what his intentions are, he always says the wrong thing, always takes a joke too far. It’s clear he just don’t know when to shut up.

(He can’t actually remember anyone telling him that in so many words, but it’s pretty clear that people think it, from the way they stop talking when he walks in a room, to how in group projects his suggestions are ignored, to his just total and complete inability to make lasting, meaningful relationships with people that last longer than a month before he’s inevitably replaced. He doesn’t blame anyone for it, though. It’s fine. He doesn’t really like himself, either, so it’s not a surprise when others don’t.)

Of course, that doesn’t make it hurt any less when he sees it happen. He’s still not really surprised, though, as he watches Hunk drift further away and get closer to Pidge and Keith. Sure, he’d…well, he’d hoped, for a while, and after the Garrison, where Hunk stuck pretty close to him, back when Pidge didn’t really want anything to do with them, he’d thought that maybe…but it didn’t matter.

He’s glad that Hunk’s finding people he cares about, who care about him in return, who don’t always say the wrong thing and make matters worse. If Hunk is happy, then Lance can’t begrudge him that. Pidge has been happier, too—more prone to smiling or making jokes, and less afraid to squeal over new tech she finds. How selfish would someone have to be to be bitter about that?

(About as selfish as Lance is, he’s discovered.)

Still, no matter how much it hurts, it’s still a relief, of a sort, to know that he was right. He hates not knowing what’s going to happen, and even though this whole situation really sucks and he might feel a bit like his chest is being crushed and his hands won’t stop shaking and his stomach feels sick and it’s late at night and he’s crying and he just can’t stop and it’s hard to breathe, at least he knows that he was right.

He’s a placeholder, you see. One of those characters in a show that exists only to serve as an old childhood friend that’s mentioned maybe once in a flashback and never again. Sometimes, when he looks at his life, as he sees everyone drawing away, he feels like he’s watching a movie—one he can interact with in some capacity, but not such that he has a lasting effect on the plot.

(It’s literally never occurred to him that when these people on his team and even his family tell him they care about him they mean it, because he while he can see how deeply they care for each other, it seems like a physical example of that old ‘sounds fake but okay’ meme from when his grandparents were young whenever they try to pretend to direct any affection towards him. It’s pretty clear they’re making it up as soon as they feel they’ve satisfied their daily quota, anyway.)

Lance is, and always has been, an afterthought. An “oh wow it might be awkward for just the two of us to hang out since I haven’t seen you in six months—maybe we should invite Lance, too, because he hung out with us back when we were all still living near each other and is pretty good at just spewing out enough words to keep it from being awkward” kind of thought. He doesn’t expect people to think of him, to try to reach out. He’s used to being the one to reach out, to try to get together, to reminding people that he exists.

Most days, that’s okay.

(Well. It’s not, but if it’s all he’ll get, then Lance will take it.)

Most days, when he watches people he hoped would care about him slip away, he can ignore it and move on.

(He can’t, he never could, but he lies to himself all the same.)

Right now, though? Right now, watching Hunk—Lance’s favorite person in the entire universe—draw away from him and grow closer to Pidge, who’s only rarely showed any sort of affection towards Lance, hurts more than he’d ever expected it could.

He can take Shiro not liking him. He can take Keith not caring about him. He can take Pidge’s annoyance, Allura’s dismissal, Coran’s lack of attention—Lance can take a lot.

He thought he’d be able to take when Hunk inevitably left, too.

(Clearly, he was wrong. Again.)

Maybe he’s not as smart as he’d thought, after all.

(If he was, then maybe he’d know what he needed to fix to get people to stay.)

(That’s the worst part, he thinks. He could at least try, and see if that helped any, if only he knew what it was about him that chased people off—it could be one of a thousand things, or it could be all of the thousand things, and Lance just does not know.)

But in the meantime, he’ll get up and smile and pretend it’s fine and he’ll watch as Hunk and Pidge spend more time together, and he’ll draw back and maybe this time the mice won’t scurry out of the room, and maybe he’ll at least have them for company.

(He just wants someone to stay, but he doesn’t blame anyone for leaving.)

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Clarke has grown to think of Bellamy as a brother, nothing more. That's apparent right now. Who knows what will happen in s5? And although Eliza may be against it now... that too may change going into another season.

Apparent to whom, exactly?

Was she thinking of him as a brother when he had his arm on her shoulder and his body right next to hers, speaking into her ear?

Was she thinking of him like a brother when they were flirting on Unity Day?

Was she thinking of him as a brother when she buried her head in his shoulder every damn time they hugged?

I mean, really? Does any of that look like something you’d see a sister do with her brother? Even the lengths of the hugs themselves say that she doesn’t think of him like a brother. Because they go on for. fucking. ever. Watch those scenes again. When’s the last time you’ve hugged your brother or seen someone hug their brother for that long? Pulling them closer all the while?

And, really, what is the basis for the “Clarke thinks of Bellamy like a brother” / ”Bellarke thinks of each other in a platonic way only” line of thinking anyway?

It can’t be that they never show physical affection to the other, because they do that all. the. damn. time. 

It can’t be that neither have said the words, because while they haven’t said the elusive “I love you”, they’ve spelled it out in countless other ways. And on Clarke’s end (because that’s the basis of this ask), Clarke has only said the words to her previous partners when they’re on their death bed or literally on the other side. And yet people had no trouble believing Clarke was in love with Finn or Lexa.

It can’t be that they haven’t had any romantic moments, because they have. They’ve just been extremely subtle, given that their relationship has also been subtle.

Because, here’s the thing: the show has been paralleling Bellarke to the canon romances of the show from the very beginning.

Clarke comforting Finn after he kills a reaper?

Looks pretty damn similar to Bellamy reaching for Clarke after torturing Lincoln to save Finn.

Clarke running to and then hugging Finn when she finds out he’s not dead?

Looks nearly identical to Clarke running to and then hugging Bellamy when she finds out he’s not dead.

Abby comforting Kane after the City of Light is destroyed when he’s distraught over everything he did?

Looks similar to Clarke comforting Bellamy when he’s distraught over everything that he helped cause in Arkadia.

Abby kissing Kane’s cheek?

Looks similar to Clarke kissing Bellamy’s cheek.

Lincoln caressing Octavia’s face?

Looks a lot like Bellamy caressing Clarke’s face.

Octavia cleaning Lincoln’s wound and holding his hand?

Looks very similar to Clarke looking at Bellamy’s wound and holding his hand.

Hell, the entire Bellarke goodbye in 2.16 is a giant ass parallel to the Linctavia goodbye in 1.10.

Clarke wrapping Lexa’s hand?

Is shot in the exact same way as Bellamy wrapping Clarke’s.

Clarke showing worry when Roan has a spear pointed directly at Lexa’s heart?

Is shot in nearly the exact same way as Clarke showing worry when Roan has a sword pointed directly at Bellamy’s throat.

(And these aren’t even all of the examples–not by a long shot!)

So, here’s my point: if the Clexa scenes, and the Kabby scenes, and the Flarke scenes, and the Linctavia scenes are meant to be read as romantic, why wouldn’t the very nearly identical Bellarke scenes be meant to read as romantic or on-the-verge-of-romantic or definitely-more-than-just-friendship?

Because they haven’t banged yet? That would make 98% of the Clexa scenes not romantic and ~70% of the Kabby scenes not romantic.

Because they haven’t declared their love? That would make all but one of the Clexa scenes and Flarke scenes not romantic, all of the Kabby scenes not romantic, and nearly every single Linctavia scene would not be romantic!

Who knows what will happen in season 5? Hell, who knows what will happen in the second half of season 4! Bellamy and Clarke are very quickly verging on the path toward romance.

And, as for Eliza, she most definitely isn’t against Bellarke. Yes, I’m sure she’s a bit sick of the media (and a portion of the Bellarke fanbase) being so Bellarke focused and not focusing on the current storylines.

The way Eliza has handled Bellarke has been exactly as expected for a storyline that hasn’t quite broken. She has been completely supportive of the relationship as it stands on the screen right now: two people who are each other’s rocks, who center each other and support each other and care very deeply about each other.

Of course she isn’t shouting from rooftops about Bellarke! Actors only do that for two reasons: it’s the ship currently happening (like how Ricky was all during Linctavia, or how Paige and Ian have been with Kabby and how Chris has been with Marper…and how Eliza and Thomas were all during Flarke and how Eliza and Alycia were all during Clexa and how Eliza still is while Clarke is still in mourning) or when it’s never gonna happen and they’re trolling (like Bob and Richard have done for Murphamy). It is the actors’ job to promote the show and the story being told, but they’re also allowed to have fun and joke around with things they know won’t give away future storylines.

The second the episode drops where there is 100% Confirmed Facebook-Official Bellarke Romance™ you bet your ass you’ll see Eliza (and Bob) be completely on board.

(Like I legit can’t tell if you’re a Bellarke shipper who honestly believes Clarke thinks of him like a sibling but think maybe in S5 that’ll change, or if you’re anti-Bellarke but acknowledge that the show might go there but hasn’t gone there yet…either way, sorry for this long ass rant. I had feelings.)

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hey so i just saw a post that said steven universe is the worst kind of show because it's full of faux progression. it's supposed to have positive female and race representation, but the gems don't actually have any gender or race. and it's supposed to have positive lgbt representation, but there's only one canon healthy gay couple and they're rarely seen on-screen. what are your thoughts about this?

i feel like that kind of statement neglects both the crew’s intentions - which is to bring representation to cartoons - and how representation works. if thousands of girls see themselves, and feel like it’s ok to love like pearl, ruby and sapphire do, then a never-mentioned-in-show ‘technicality’ isn’t gonna stop that. if black girls find a role model in garnet, the gems being aliens isn’t gonna stop that. i don’t think the sci-fi angle ruins representation, and i feel the agender argument is often brought up to like… “de-gay” the show, which is ridiculous both because of the amount of gay non-binary people out there, and because the gems i mentioned have only shown attraction to other gems (/human women, counting mystery s).

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like… this isn’t subtle, debatable or baiting. it’s not trying to score “points” with anyone. it just exists, naturally, as a form of love in the show. and remember that steven universe isn’t a romance - it’s a kids show. there’s probably never gonna be a couple we see every episode. 

in the same vein, i feel rose quartz, lars and sadie are interesting, nuanced characters who are probably bisexual (especially rose, like… her interactions with pearl. all of rainbow quartz. crew statements. “both of you”). we have mr smiley and mr frowney, if you want confirmed gay human characters. if indian girls see themselves in connie, that’s representation. if kids feel like it’s ok to be neither a boy or girl, like stevonnie, that’s an amazing step forward too. it’s interesting to hear ruby and sapphire are “rarely” shown onscreen, considering how many complaints i’ve heard that we see them “too much” compared to garnet, and that their episodes focus “too much” on their relationship.

regardless, the representation is completely intentional. rebecca sugar is cartoon network’s first female show creator, and openly bisexual herself. plenty of the crew are non-white and non-straight, and they care deeply about creating more diverse cartoons. the crew have talked about this many times. they’ve been transparent about rupphire and pearlrose being canon. matt burnett said on stevonnie, after seeing how much they meant to people, that he now wants to include them in more episodes - this was way back in the day, and he’s since made good on that. they’ve also been clear they don’t want to take representation from anyone: it’s ok to think of gems as a “one-gender race”, and it’s ok to think of them as girls - they call each other girls, after all. 

you can argue about how those characters are portrayed, or how a certain issue is tackled, of course… but you cannot deny that the intention is there. the show’s representation in a mainstream cartoon is trailblazing in many ways, and no matter if you’ve suddenly decided su sucks because of whatever other reason, we should really give some credit where due. 

Hey, it’s me. You probably don’t want to hear from me, but this is the last time. Promise. Just hear me out, okay? You and me, one last time down memory lane.

I’m sorry how everything turned out, how we can’t even keep a text conversation past ‘how are you’ and 'good.’ How everything seems to be tainted by some ulterior motive, and everything feels like heartbreak. But I don’t regret any of the time spent with you, and I hope you don’t regret any of the talks we had until 3AM or our friendship.

I hope you know that even though we can’t look at each other, I’m still here for you. If you call, I’ll be on the other end of the phone. Always.

I care deeply about you, which is why this is the last time I’m calling.

—  voicemail #1 // c.h.

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Look those different reactions and emotions from Sam and Dean toward Castiel in that clip(12x19)! I mean, it's the perfect comparison between REACTION from a BROTHER (Sam) and an ANGRY BOYFRIEND!!! How can anyone say otherwise???

You mean the husband / brother in law dynamic?! 

I’m paraphrasing you, sorry, you said brother, and they are very much like brothers in a way but also I feel like… not? Sam and Cas do care about each other deeply but they don’t really interact like brothers, most of their interactions are through Dean, when they do bond in ONE episode out of the 100 Cas has been in they STILL talk about Dean, like, a lot….

And they care but they’re not, like, anywhere as they both do for Dean. We are continuously shown the difference, eg. Sam isn’t that worried about Cas being dead in seasons 7 or 8 in comparison to Dean who is literally wallowing in booze and thinks he is seeing him everywhere, when Dean tells Sam “its not an IT, its CAS” etc, when Lucifer was possessing Cas and when Cas has been missing this season Dean is sleeplessly researching, going out of his mind, using all his coping mechanisms etc and Sam is supportive of Dean and saying “he’ll be fine”… pfff.

it’s the standard brother in law - person - spouse dynamic IRL and in fiction.

I love how CLEAR they are making it this season. I harp on about this all the time, which is probably why you messaged me ;)

I also love how they made this super clear with Saileen too! Which I discovered today was canonically scripted as a love interest *sighs contentedly*.

All the parallels *sighs again*…. but here how when Eileen is in emotional trouble Dean looks at Sam…

 kinda like…

Sorry for the terrible gif quality - I can’t gif well!

So yeah, I’m actually kinda weirdly disappointed by this promo as I was hoping for more unadulterated relief on Dean’s face before the anger considering he’s been out of his mind worried and looking for Cas in the corpse columns… but then I guess it’s because I try not to but I have my own expectations of what I speculate for this episode. I do definitely see more of the angst though and it getting stronger hopefully through the episode til its finale….

Also @godshipsit pointed out that the scene looks like it has been cut and Sam is kind of hovering in the background…. like he has a lot this season re: Dean / Cas moments.

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And nothing more than in *THE ANGEL LOVE STORY EPISODE* 12x10…

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It’s just such a brother-in-law/brother wants to stay out of domestic squabble thing. It’s fantastic!

Will & Wolfgang

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  • Will is cop. Wolfgang is criminal
  • Will believes in justice and law. Wolfgang is like ‘fuck the law’
  • They are literally standing opposite from each other
  • But they share something in common and that is…they’ll protect the ones they care and love whatever the cost may be
  • What I love about season 2 is it showed more interactions within the cluster. Each character brings different and interesting dynamics with other cluster members
  • I mean I adore every single connections that my babies have with each other, and that’s why I’m going to post about these relationships among characters
  • But I’d say that the relationship between Will and Wolfgang was one of my favorites. I’ve been dying to see them working together as a team. and here we are!
  • I think the fact that…even though they stand against each other when it comes to justice/law, they accept and understand one another for what they are, care for each other, and work together for their cluster – that’s what makes their relationship so complex and interesting

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers)

2x02 Who Am I?


– that line right there. That made me fall in love with Wolfgang again! I think it also shows how deeply the cluster cares about each other. And hearing THAT from Wolfgang…it just explains everything. period.

– I mean come on. My babies, the cluster looking out for each other like family…it’s just…my God…it’s so beautiful. I can’t take it!!!!

2x03 Obligate Mutualisms & 2x11 You Want A War?


– YES! YES! YES! This is exactly what I was hoping to see in season 2! Seeing them take in charge during Sun’s jailbreak and revenge on her brother. I mean they’re both used to these kind of situations, so no surprise, but still UGH!!! I was so excited to see them both working together!

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet


Wolfgang: Will, no! Stop.

Will: This is our LAST chance!

Wolfgang: If they put bullet in you, it will be.

– I really liked this moment because this time, it was Will who tried to get Whispers and got furious for it might be the last chance. And it was Wolfgang who stopped him. It’s quite surprising cause I would say, normally it’s reversed, you know.

– Normally it’s Wolfgang who’d try to do something reckless or dangerous, and Will would be the one stopping him saying things like “calm down first. There might be other ways. We’ll come up with something”. So it was great to see their roles kinda switched in that situation (it also showed how Wolfgang truly cares about his cluster member…btw I wish there’s a gif for that)

I don’t know how to describe their relationship in one word. At first, I was like “frenemies?” and then “nope. that’s not it” lol. I mean, literally, they are cop and criminal - which makes them enemies - but…THEY CARE FOR EACH OTHER! I MEAN THEY EVEN HAD SEX (in their minds)! lol.

A response to the LGBT+ Community in the comments

After hearing the messages from the Tumblr Community, I was informed by a few tumblrs about how wrong I was in who I was apologising to. I should have apologised to the LGBT+ community rather than the fandom, for the real issue was what was happening in reality, not the fictional world. 

In reality, your community have been subjected to all sorts of painful things; bullying, insensitivity (like my earlier comment and initial ‘apology’), harassment, assault, and were even killed for being who you are. It is a subject close to all of your hearts because it’s who you are. You have been attacked from several tiers and groups in society, so I realise and understand why you are so protective of one another. To have me just treat it in a trivial manner by putting it on a pedestal to a popular ship is offensive, rude, and disrespectful. 

What I did earlier with the apology was misdirected, and not enough to repair the damage done. I was naive enough to think that I should be apologising to the YOI fandom when really it was the LGBT+ community that were the most offended. Someone kindly pointed out how fetishisation of same-sex relationships is only there for pleasure, which in reality, its more than just interactions for pleasure in the media, but the formation of a relationship between two people who love each other deeply. Furthermore this person pointed out how I came across as someone who only cared about what was happening in Russia because of the characters, not for the actual genocidal activities that were happening there. It comes across as a shallow, tasteless, and really lacking in a genuine reason to reblog and comment. In fact, it was as if I really didn’t care about the issue at all. 

I wanted to bring people together to fight this atrocity through a Fandom. I thought it’d be a springboard to raise awareness of this issue in the anime community. However, what I received in my inbox demonstrated how shallow I was to use a ship as a reason to fight against the atrocity, but instead, the issue is the right to be who you are and love who you want. You are human beings, not just a mere fetish or fantasy. It was a horrible move on my part, and I am deeply ashamed that I didn’t pick up on this earlier, and apologised to the wrong people. 

So, if anyone out there is still angry and outraged for what I did twice, I hope this apology and explanation will help you understand what I did, why I did it, and what I’ve learned from you guys. You guys pointed out a serious flaw in my thoughts and behaviour, and I thank you for helping me reflect upon myself. I am sorry for what I said and done. You don’t have to take the apology, after all I said the wrong things twice. But I just want to put it out there how upset and ashamed I am to what I did. 

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Hello,what at do you think about Gray willing to use lost iced shell? Did he know he was going to use it when he promised Juvia an answer?

No, I truly don’t think he had planned to use it at all at that time. 

To me, this does not look like the face of a man who is thinking, “yeah, I’m going to kill myself, and erase myself from Juvia and everyone’s memories forever. Can’t wait!” 

No, to me, he looks happy and confident. He had something else planned to defeat both END and Zeref (and I hope we see Gray properly fight in the next few chapters to finally show off more of his devil slaying magic). Plus, if he had intended all along to use lost iced shell, there would be no reason at all for him to bring up Juvia’s feelings, and tell her to expect an answer after the war. If he was planning on sacrificing himself, he would never have broached the subject in the first place, because there would have been no “after the war” for him. 

So, I think he learned Lost Iced Shell during Avatar as a last resort move. Should everything go to shit, well then, at least he could always fall back on this. And the fact that he upgraded it, so that his memory would be forgotten, was out of consideration for his friends, and certainly for Juvia. He knew it would hurt them, and that was always his biggest reason to not use it previously.

That’s why I firmly believe this doesn’t have any connection/affect chapter 453 at all, or the promise to give Juvia an answer. I feel like Mashima wasn’t thinking that deeply about any of this beyond: 499 (and the aftermath, with Gray going on a rampage) was meant to show how much Gray cares about Juvia, and strongly hint at his reciprocal love for her; while 522 and 523 were meant to patch up the rift created by Gray and Natsu attacking each other/redeem Gray for targeting Natsu for being END, and show how much Gray loves Natsu/show that these guys truly are best friends. 

So, Gray’s attempted sacrifices in chapters 499 and 523 were meant to highlight Gray’s most important relationships: The one with the girl he loves, and the one with his best friend. That’s it. 

In any case, I’m just glad Natsu is always there (whether physically, or as a reminder in Gray’s head) to stop Gray from performing iced shell, because really, Gray? Really? (and really, Mashima? Iced shell? AGAIN?) I get the rationale behind it, but if he thinks magically removing himself from people’s memories would seriously ever really fully work (especially on someone like Juvia), then he is sadly mistaken lol.

Tokyo Ghoul :re Ch. 125 Thoughts

A little bit late but here are my scattered thoughts:

1) I’m super mad at myself for not noticing that the entire “are you a virgin” talk was foreshadowing for this chapter.

2) Never in my wildest dreams would I have EVER thought we would get such explicit content from Ishida-sensei. Honestly, this chapter seemed like a doujinshi I would have loved to read, but to think this is canon! For crying out loud this is the same man that censored a kiss twice, let alone make an entire chapter dedicated to Touka and Kaneki having sex.

3) Contrary to some beliefs, I do not believe this chapter was in any way fan-service nor useless use of sex; I solemnly believe every single detail Ishida-sensei puts into his work has a deeper meaning whether it appears to us instantly or a few chapters later. It seems like Ishida-sensei has been intending on bringing Touka and Kaneki together for quite some time now, but if his sole purpose was to tie the knot between them, he would have done it at the very end just like any other cliche anime/manga with different gendered protagonists. And we know that TG as a whole is not coming to an end anytime soon seeing as we have so many things left unanswered. And not to mention, Tokyo Ghoul is NOT a shoujo, so romance would not be thrown around meaninglessly. So why would he choose to do this now? Here are some of the reasons I have thought of:

A) Maybe, just as many of us have theorized, Touka would end up falling pregnant; seeing as how they had sex and all; and this would definitely have an enormous impact on the story’s plot.

B) This chapter is so extremely important for the development of Kaneki and Touka’s relationship. Firstly, it was extremely satisfying to see Kaneki going for kisses and being on top for once; since every other romantic gesture between them has been initiated by Touka. This just proves that Kankei wanted Touka just as bad as she had wanted him, but he buried those feelings deep within him, and I would say he did it for many reasons: fear of rejection, his personal insecurities, his shyness and his denial as to protect himself from vulnerability. He simply does not want to expose his obvious pain and suffering and share it to others. However, this is exactly what Touka was trying to do. In a sense, she wanted to tell him “Hey, it’s okay to let people in sometimes, you don’t need to bottle everything up anymore, I know you’ve been through a lot, but you’re not alone okay? I’m here with you” -And she did accomplish getting her message across, but maybe sex might not have been the way I’ve wanted it to happen, but hey, at least it worked. And this leads us to the part where Kaneki starts crying mid-sex. This poor boy has been deprived of happiness for so long that when he felt it once again he couldnt help but cry. It was the first time in a while that anyone reciprocated his feeling of love. This is exactly why Touka is perfect for Kaneki. These two go way back and practically grew together. They witnessed each other’s pain and suffering and were always there for each other when they needed.Touka knows how broken Kaneki is and she wants to be there for him, to comfort him and to ease his pain. This chapter all in all isn’t some vulgar sex scene, it withholds so much importance and depicts the love these two have for each other.

C) Could tragedy be following Kaneki even more strongly after this experience? Kaneki finally realizes how much Touka really means to him and it would shatter him to pieces if anything were to happen to her. Seeing all the Touka death flags this is not unlikely. Whoops.

D) The road to happiness???? Could this experience begin regaining Kaneki’s confidence? Could this experience shape up Kaneki once again and make him hold his head up high and create his own path?? In the very first page of this chapter we see a butterfly and at the very end it seemed as if Kaneki had grown wings. Maybe all this time when Kaneki was engulfed in darkness he was just in his cocoon. Maybe after this chapter he’s come out of his cocoon and can finally spread his wings and fly.

4) I love how the past few chapters were filled with TouKen moments showing that even if it was a tiny bit, development was occurring between them. Therefore people can’t say that the sex scene came out of nowhere. I also love the fact that they took time to fall in love with each other. I also love how Ishida makes them canon when they become adults; as they become capable of handling these sorts of steady relationships and enough character development occurred. You see, they didn’t just happen to fall in love, they grew to love each other. (Un-related but this is one reason I don’t expect AyaHina to become canon, *or as canon as TouKen anyway* is because even though they deeply care about each other, they’re still children and need more time to grown before actually getting together.
Top 5 OTPs

(in no particular order) Got tagged by @lucielhyung to do this challenge~ 

1) Usui x Misaki - Usui is always there for Misaki. He saves her whenever there’s trouble and providing company when things are tough for her. Misaki is always doing things on her own through hardwork and effort while Usui supports her no matter what. Misaki cares for Usui and wants to help him with whatever she can do. Together they make each other a better person. Someone like Misaki will always be perfect to Usui. 

2) Gray x Juvia - These two support one another when things are rough while going through different obstacles that lead them to where they are today. They both will put their life on the line for one another, as long as the other is alive and well. Both support each other through tough times and make each other a better person. 

3) Natsu x Lucy - These two have been through so much together and will risk their life for the other person. They care about each other deeply and lead each other to better themselves. Best friends and soulmates are what I describe these two. 

4) Kousei x Kaori - The love these two have for one another ties in with their passion for music. They support their love for music and one another when it comes to anything they choose to do. Kaori was meant to be in Kousei’s life to lead him to the light. Kousei and Kaori have such a beautiful relationship that revolves how impacting music and love can be to a person. 

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5) Kou x Yoshioka - First loves can be so beautiful, that’s why I love these two so much. Even though they separated, the distance didn’t stop what they felt about one another. The conflicts that arose in their lives overcame in the end since they loved each other no matter what. 

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I tag @darkblueangel95 @unboiled-noodle @marcelkat @xnightdx @drawingtrains @insanessence @musicclover95 @caughtinawebofdreams to do this post! You don’t have to if you don’t want to~ <3

They noticed everything,
the first signs of my attraction towards you, the way a smile appeared on my face when I talked about you, how I turned my head for a split second when you were near, just to get a glimpse of you.
They could identify every detail of you that wasn’t perfect, point out how bad of an influence you were, how ‘us’ could never last, that we weren’t meant for each other and brought each other down.
They knew exactly how much having you in my life hurt me, how you getting yourself into trouble affected me and how many nights I cried because of you.
They saw how I cared about you and the ridiculous ways in which I tried to impress you, just like they always ‘knew’ how you felt about me and how clearly they could explain that you were just playing me.
But the one thing they didn’t get was that I truly, honestly, deeply loved you
—  What they didn’t notice
63. “Can I kiss you?” | JT

Requested by: @silver-tongued-liar

“63 with Jason Todd please!! I love your work!! ❤❤”

63. “Can I kiss you?”

Warnings: little Arguing | fluff? | mention of blood

A.n: I’m so happy that you love my work, love!
Hopefully you like this one as well 🌹


You couldn’t hold yourself, as you stood again and grabbed the phone. Trying to call him again only to meet with a voice mail.

You know Jason’s night job, And it scared you.
You’d always hear your heart swill at the sight of
Him coming home late, hurt and tired.
Which for tonight, wasn’t an exception at all.

He came around 3 am as you were fighting sleep on the couch.
“Jason? ” you stood up slowly as you took in his full appearance.

He had a bullet inside his shoulder, his left eye was covered with a blue and purple bruise, and his knuckles were torn and blooded.
He stood there, his helmet long gone as his good arm held his shot one, he groaned in pain as you ran to him and helped him reach the couch.

“What the hell jason?” You were angry but you asked softly as you went to get the first aid kit.

“I know you’re annoyed, but-”

“Heh, annoyed? No, I’m far more than annoyed! You look like death Jason!”
You regretted saying that as he stiffened under your touch.

You grabbed your tweezers as you began getting the bullet out.
He clinched his jaw in pain and when you noticed you kissed his chest. “I’m sorry that it hurts.” You said in almost a whisper.

He smiled a bit and nodded. “It’s not really your fault, so I kinda deserve that. I should have been more careful.” His voice was tired and weak as he placed his hand on your cheek,
“You are very beautiful,”

You just giggled as you stood up and walked to the fridge to get some frozen beans and went back, giving the iced plastic bag to him.
“How much blood did you lose, Todd? Because I think it’s serious.” You joked as he placed the cool bag on his eye, but never forgot to give you a glare.

“I love you so much and I care very deeply about you, at least accept the flirt.”

You laughed but nodded as you took his hands in yours and brought it up giving each knuckle a feather kiss as Jason stared at you with adoration.

He let go of the bag as it fell on the couch and grabbed your face, making both your faces very close to each other.

“Can I kiss you?”
He asked in a whisper, and you couldn’t help but nodded lightly.

It wasn’t the first time you two share a kiss.
But it felt almost as special as your first one.

He pulled you on him so you were setting on his lab as one of his hands slipped down and grabbed you by the waist while the other held your face in place as his lips and yours touched.
It was gilt with passion and love, Jason had this power where he could make you feel strong and powerful sometimes, but other times like this, he made you feel small and vulnerable but every time you both shared a kiss he made it his goal to make you feel loved and you made sure that he know just how loved and wanted he is.


Pair: Bucky Barnes x Female! Reader

Word Count: 1132 

Warnings: Angst….I guess…? 

A/N: I hit another follower milestone so to celebrate, I wrote a fic! It’s not amazing since I wrote it all today but hopefully you all still enjoy! :) 

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Bucky still hesitated when it came to opening up to others or meeting new people.  He had built very high walls for himself especially during his time with Hydra.  Hydra turned him into something he wasn’t, they made him fear all emotions other than hate making him an unbeatable weapon.  Although he knew that his title as “The Winter Soldier” did not truly define him, it clearly made many fear him, himself included.

When you were first introduced to Bucky with the help of Steve, Bucky immediately fell in love, however, just the thought of him being in love made him immediately push you away. Feelings scared him and he couldn’t afford to harm a person like you, someone who was so kind, genuine, and selfless.  So Bucky did what he does best, he built his walls higher shielding himself from you.  

You knew that Bucky was distancing himself from you, however, you were determined to help Bucky in any way you could.  You saw how he was suffering both mentally and physically.  You could see how his cheeks grew more sunken in or how the bags under his eyes grew darker and how the colors of his once piercing blue eyes slowly turned to a dull grey.  

You decided to help him in any way you could whether it was make him a cup of tea in the morning, give him a bottle of water after a workout, or simply send him a smile whenever you two crossed paths.  You knew it wasn’t much, but you thought that could at least break the barrier between the two of you.  

Bucky noticed the little things you did, how he always woke up to the smell of green tea lingering in his room or how a mysterious bottle of water would end up on the side of his towel when he was in the training room or how your eyes lit up every time your eyes met.  However, the more you pushed towards helping him, the more he stepped back.  

Bucky began locking his bedroom door before he went to sleep so you couldn’t give him your daily tea.  He began working out during times he knew you weren’t in the tower and eve if you were there, he would make sure the gym door was locked as well.  He made sure to not make eye contact with you whenever you two walked past each other in the hallway.  Bucky knew that he had to keep pushing you away.  If he didn’t, he would only fall more in love with you and hurt you which was the exact opposite of what he wanted to do.  

No matter how hard you tried to help Bucky, the man you cared about deeply, the more he pushed you away.  Your feelings for him grew everyday you stayed at the tower.  You didn’t know why since the two of you barely exchanged a couple of words.  However, he was a mystery, a mystery you desperately wanted to solve.  

After several weeks of you trying to help Bucky, you slowly began to give up.  

You stopped waking up ten minutes early to make him a cup of tea, you stopped tiptoeing to the training room with a bottle of water in your hands, you stopped smiling at him when you both saw each other down the hall.  You slowly stopped making an appearance at the tower all together.  The room in which you were staying at slowly became more vacant as the days went on until your room was completely packed and cleared leaving only the scent of your perfume lingering in the air.  While no one really noticed your slow disappearance, Bucky did.  

After you had officially left, Bucky almost felt a sense of relief.  As much as he hated to admit, he knew that if you were no longer at the tower, you would not be in danger because of him.  However, as time continued to pass, he felt empty inside.  He missed the smell of green tea that woke him up in the morning.  He missed watching you try (and fail) to discreetly place a bottle of water by his belongings.  He missed hearing your laugh echo throughout the tower, or seeing your smile which always made him feel warm on the inside, and how you never seemed to worry about what others were thinking of you.  

Bucky realized that the more days spent without you there, the more he began to want you.  He thought you not being there would help him get over you and over those unknown feelings but instead it became worse.  Bucky began to go insane, insane over the fact that you weren’t there, that your laugh could no longer be heard, or your smile was no longer seen.  

And when Bucky reached the brink of pure insanity, he went charging through Steve’s door almost demanding him to say where you were, where you had gone, where he could find you.  

“I don’t know Buck.  The last time I talked to her she said she would be in Manhattan.”

Before Bucky let Steve say another word, he left the tower and left his place of hiding.  When he was on the streets driving past thousands of people, he didn’t seem to care, he didn’t seem to care what they were thinking, he didn’t seem to care if people knew who he was or who they thought he was.  The only thing on his mind was finding you.  

When he arrived in Manhattan, he immediately stopped at your favorite coffee shop that he heard you always talk about.  He frantically looked around the place to see if he could spot you through the crowds of people.  

Suddenly, the sound of your laugh made him freeze.  He could recognize your laugh anywhere.  He turned to face you, a sense of relief washing over his body, however, once he took another step forward, he noticed that you weren’t alone.  He saw the back of another man, another man who was making you smile, another man who was making you laugh.  

And when Bucky saw this he stopped dead in his tracks.  He began to get furious at the other man who was able to make you smile this way.  However, he knew that he had no right to be mad, you were happy, and that’s all that should really matter.  

So Bucky turned around, got back on his motorcycle and took one last glance at you.  He memorized the way your hair flowed with the wind, the crinkles on your face when you smiled or laughed, and how your eyes lit up every time you spoke.  Bucky smiled, a thing he rarely ever did, and left.  

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Just when you think, okay, last week STAR WARS fandom was pretty good for fic, but it definitely can’t keep doing that every week, when n o p e, fandom puts out more fic that leaves me incoherent in both joy and suffering at the same exact intensity as previously. I will put this fandom up against so many others for fic that makes me feel things and leaves me feeling like, yes, this fic satisfied something in me in the way that fic, at its best, is meant to do!

In All The World by Ammar, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 76.6k wip
   The story of how Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi tamed each other, from Naboo to Anakin’s early days at the Temple.
Sun Kissed by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin & cast, nsfw, past sexual assault issues, 81.7k wip
   Being on a world that supports slavery is one thing. Buying a slave and bringing him into Republic space is entirely another.
time to change the road you’re on by wreckageofstars, obi-wan & anakain & ahsoka & cast, 27.3k wip
   The end of the Clone War is near - the fall of the Republic even nearer. Anakin Skywalker, caught up in the events that lead to the rise of the Empire and the loss of everything he holds dear, finds himself sent nearly two decades into the future.
Let’s Kill Hitler by updiddlyupup, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 6.1k wip
   Even in times of war, it’s not usual to wake up with a different Jedi Master than the one you had when you went to sleep.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, sith!obi-wan/sith!anakin, 4.3k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, ahsoka & obi-wan & cast, 69.8k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Ghosts of a Future Not Yet Past by LurkingCrow, obi-wan & luke & cast, 4.2k
   On Mortis the boundaries between past, present and future are paper thin. As he ponders the unexpected vision of his former Master, Obi-Wan gets a visitor from the other end of the temporal spectrum. Feels ensue. Otherwise known as the “excuse to give a certain Jedi all the hugs” fic.
Calm down, Anakin by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 1.7k
   Obi-Wan finds a better way than meditation to calm Anakin down.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka, 1.1k
   Pants and shirts flew through the air as Ahsoka sat perched on her master’s bed, watching him frantically panic over his wardrobe.
A Walking Shadow by lilyconrad, obi-wan & anakin & padme & luke & leia & palpatine & cast, 74.6k
   It is five years into the Empire’s ascension, an order built on the blood and bodies of the Jedi. None survived, they say, and the handsome, icy profile of Lord Vader plastered across every Imperial city leaves no room for doubt in the minds of many. But Vader knows there is at least one left, one that escaped him on Mustafar all those years ago.
A Time For Thought by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel, obi-wan & luke & leia & han, 1.4k
   “The Princess is right.” General Kenobi speaks up. “While on the Death Star, I was informed that a tracking beacon had been placed on this ship. Open the hidden compartments, Solo. We are not out of danger yet. The tracking beacon must be destroyed.” “You were informed?” Luke echoes the General, looking confused. “By who?”
absolute power by cosmicocean, leia & luke & han & ben & cast, 8.6k
   In the end, she takes the offer. In time, Luke will come to regret ever leading her to it. Where Leia becomes Empress with the intention of doing good, and falls so far.
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & cast, ~1k
   Anonymous asked: I don’t think you’ve done a fic for where Chancellor!Obi-Wan actually present the evidence and starts the corruption investigation?
Ben and Grandpa Go Camping by darthnickels, vader & leia & ben, 2.9k
   post-ROTJ AU. Leia takes her young son to the one man she hates most– the man who may be the only one in the Galaxy who can help him
untitled by legobiwan, obi-wan & dooku, ~1k
  The Count took his napkin and dabbed at his mouth, placing it on the table and leaning back in his chair. “So tell me, Mr. Hardeen. How did you manage to kill the Jedi Obi-wan Kenobi?”

full details + recs under the cut!

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Barney caring about Robin

“Because I love you.”

If, anyone thinks that Barney never did anything for Robin than you’re wrong. He’s done plenty of sweet, selfless things for Robin because he wants to make her happy. She’s done things for him too, but I just want to point out that Barney has always, no matter how much she breaks his heart always put her first above anything else including himself. He, cares so deeply and wholly about making her happy, her happiness comes first and that’s how it always was with her. No, matter what they went through or go through together they always support, appreciate, care and love each other with everything they got.

Love Triumphs Part 18: End of the Convention

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

To say you were relieved that photos went well would be an understatement. Each fan, or group of fans were nice and courteous, even when asking for awkward, and sometimes the weirdest poses you had ever heard of.

Soon, you were once again in the green room, Jared and Jensen at your side as you took a little break before the two men went onto the stage for their panel. Relaxing against Jared’s chest, you watched as Jensen strummed his guitar.  "You’re really good at that.“ You told Jensen, feeling Jared stiffen a little behind you. "What? He is.”

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salsadipalicious  asked:

you always have quality ships, i didn't even stop to consider Wrench and Marcus

Why thank you for the compliment!

Wrench and Marcus have good chemistry, they goof off a lot together and also nerd out over stuff together, which would be good enough on its own but Wrench is clearly a very private person, so to ship him with someone it’d have to be someone he’s shown to deeply trust. Good thing there’s also the FBI mission which shows how much Marcus and Wrench genuinely care about each other (and the rest of Dedsec). I don’t want to spoil anything by saying more, but based on their interactions I feel they’re a good fit for each other.

Also I find Wrench’s dorky getup genuinely adorable… I am very shy & anxious so I relate to characters who hide behind masks all the time.

EDIT BECAUSE I THOUGHT OF MORE SHIT: also whenever Wrench argues with another character, Marcus is almost if not always the one to get in the middle to break it up, at which point Wrench immediately backs down or tries to convince Marcus of his point using less aggressive language. It’s a nice way of showing through interaction that Wrench feels genuinely understood by Marcus, and even goes so far as to feel betrayed when he takes someone else’s side. Also, whenever Marcus has an idea or pulls off something cool, Wrench tends to be the first to get excited or chime in with praise.

Hey guys, remember when James Barnes and Natasha Romanoff started doing the smoochy smoochy again? Because they still care very deeply about each other and how much they love and support each other is and always has been a canon fact? BECAUSE THAT HAPPENED. RECENTLY. THAT TOTALLY HAPPENED. So, you know. Just reminding you that that happened. Because it did.

ok i see ppl are also loving the new archie comics and i’m just….

the appeal of archie is that it’s like perpetually the 1950′s with fun characters and silly drama

like take the lipstick incident: i live in a suburb, and there’s like 0 ppl i know who actually has stuff like that happen to them, but the foibles and antics the gang usually goes through is more in tune with the realities of being a teen

like occasionally someone cynical and judgmental will come through and the gang will just look at them and say “why do you have to be like that”

like they’re similar and different and whatever and they deeply care abt each other like veronica can be superficial and flaky and a bad friend but when it comes down to it, she always makes amends and realizes what’s right

betty doesn’t know how to say no to people and sometimes lets people walk all over her but she just wants her friends to be happy and succeed

archie is a clod and a klutz and can sometimes be thoughtless, but he cares about his friends and betty/veronica and always apologizes for messing with weatherbee’s stuff

jughead is happy-go-lucky and ridiculously anti drama but he has a nice friendship with betty and he really likes archie and just wants to have a nice time and also he would sell his soul for a hamburger

reggie is a jokester who has a serious mean streak but the good influence of the gang always helps to rein him in, though sometimes he messes things up with archie for fun, he’s always called out on it and always settles back into his groove with the gang

moose isn’t the brightest but he wants to learn and his big heart makes up for what his mind lacks and he’s always very open and friendly unless it comes to reggie messing with midge

dilton is always earnest and willing to help, he loves science and making ridiculous inventions and he befriends betty because she loves to learn too

chuck is an aspiring cartoonist who’s always happy to help his friends and likes playing on the team for his dad, and he makes little comic books of his friends to give them as gifts

kevin keller is an easy-going all american average joe kinda guy who just happens to be gay and goes through the same romantic foibles as archie just with guys and always enlists the gang’s help on his romantic endeavors

there’s so many more characters i could go in depth on but i’m really tired of people acting like the original comics characters don’t have any depth and aren’t as good as riverdale or the new comics. the new comics are entirely different, none of these are anything like archie and the appeal of it

edgy is not better, and one show might unravel an eighty year old comic book chain