how deeply they care about each other

And people talking shit about Laurel?? Fuck you. Yes they were in a short relationship, but they cared deeply for each other and SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH HIS SON/DAUGHTER??? And not only did they care about each other romantically but also in a platonic way. They were FRIENDS for I don’t know how long (maybe 2 years?), they were there for each other for a long time. Like you can’t tell me that all five of them were friends because that’s bullshit. Connor and Michaela didn’t give two fucks about Wes, nor they were his friends. Laurel was his friend and so was him to her. So fuck you for being so insensitive and not validating the emotions of a person that NOT ONLY LOST HER BOYFRIEND, BUT THE FATHER OF HER CHILD AND HER BEST FRIEND.
And people blaming her for his death because her father did it??? Like she didn’t do anything, it was her father and blaming her for something she didn’t do (especially the death of Wes) is disgusting.
At least she gave a crap about Wes and try everything she could to gave him what he deserved. The fact that people were upset with her for grieving is disgusting. And people saying she was overreacting, she was not, she was literally the only person (apart from Annalise) that actually grieved because she was literally the only person that actually had a relationship with him (apart, again, from Annalise). And she was damn right to be angry about blaming everything on Wes when they were all guilty and when there were thing he didn’t had anything to do with (Rebecca).

(I’m obviously angry, btw)

Hey, it’s me. You probably don’t want to hear from me, but this is the last time. Promise. Just hear me out, okay? You and me, one last time down memory lane.

I’m sorry how everything turned out, how we can’t even keep a text conversation past ‘how are you’ and 'good.’ How everything seems to be tainted by some ulterior motive, and everything feels like heartbreak. But I don’t regret any of the time spent with you, and I hope you don’t regret any of the talks we had until 3AM or our friendship.

I hope you know that even though we can’t look at each other, I’m still here for you. If you call, I’ll be on the other end of the phone. Always.

I care deeply about you, which is why this is the last time I’m calling.

—  voicemail #1 // c.h.

I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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The part where Victor and Yuri see each other again really got me. The second they spot one another, they start running. They don’t break eye contact at all as they run along, as though they are worried the other would disappear. It just goes to show how deeply they care for and need each other.

But what I really love is how desperate Victor looks as he races towards the door. We are always reminded of how Yuri admires Victor so much and how much he needs him. We are always told about Yuri worrying that he will lose Victor. But here we’re shown that Victor feels the same way. Yuri isn’t just some fan he chose to train while he figures out his next move. Yuri is someone that Victor cares about deeply. They were apart for a day and Victor was so desperate to hold Yuri in his arms again.

Victor loves and admires Yuri just as much as Yuri loves and admires him.

isak, responsibility, & mental illness

ok since i promised to do more metas! here’s a s3 parallel i haven’t seen anyone mention but i think is a really important indicator of isak’s character development/educating himself about depression/mental illness:

in episode 3, when vilde approaches isak about the invites for the rave pregame and he tries to come up with an excuse to get out of hosting, he uses linn as that excuse because of her depression. i don’t know how well isak and linn really know each other or get along, but i think his instinct to blame her is deeply related to the way he’s used to using his mom’s illness as a burden and an excuse. we’ve all seen isak do it in s1, deflecting responsibility for telling the school about eva and p chris by using his mom’s episode, and he also does it to excuse his blowing off the boy squad and emma’s pregame earlier in ep 3. this isn’t to say that isak doesn’t care about his mom - he clearly does, and her health obviously makes life stressful and complicated for him. but, rather than being there for her, educating himself, trying to understand, he victimizes himself.

and that mentality manifests in other moments.

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Friendly reminder that Lucas Friar’s favorite thing in the world is when Riley Matthews talks to him, and that she is the sole reason he survived in New York. I will never understand how anyone can say Riley has not had a positive impact on Lucas’ life. I also can’t comprehend why people find it difficult to believe that Lucas chose Riley. I mean she has so many amazing qualities; she is kind, gentle, funny, quirky, gorgeous, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, curious about the world around her, cares deeply for the people she loves, stands by what she believes in. I can honestly go on and on about how incredible Riley Matthews is. I completely see why Lucas would be taken with her. We know for a fact that Riley is really important to Lucas. Those words came from his own mouth. What I truly love the most about Rucas is that they bring out the best aspects of one another’s character. It is more than evident that they make each other happy. In relationships happiness should always come first; that is why Rucas is important to me. I just find their relationship to be beautiful in every way humanly possible. I believe in them wholeheartedly.

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you always have quality ships, i didn't even stop to consider Wrench and Marcus

Why thank you for the compliment!

Wrench and Marcus have good chemistry, they goof off a lot together and also nerd out over stuff together, which would be good enough on its own but Wrench is clearly a very private person, so to ship him with someone it’d have to be someone he’s shown to deeply trust. Good thing there’s also the FBI mission which shows how much Marcus and Wrench genuinely care about each other (and the rest of Dedsec). I don’t want to spoil anything by saying more, but based on their interactions I feel they’re a good fit for each other.

Also I find Wrench’s dorky getup genuinely adorable… I am very shy & anxious so I relate to characters who hide behind masks all the time.

EDIT BECAUSE I THOUGHT OF MORE SHIT: also whenever Wrench argues with another character, Marcus is almost if not always the one to get in the middle to break it up, at which point Wrench immediately backs down or tries to convince Marcus of his point using less aggressive language. It’s a nice way of showing through interaction that Wrench feels genuinely understood by Marcus, and even goes so far as to feel betrayed when he takes someone else’s side. Also, whenever Marcus has an idea or pulls off something cool, Wrench tends to be the first to get excited or chime in with praise.

headcanon that doesn’t involve grimsley getting kicked out of the elite four (don’t do this to my boy)

his fellow elite four members and champion insisted he take a break because they all care so deeply about each other and grimsley was just. looking worse than ever. he’s actually pretty touched by it all.

anyway, he’s in alola specifically because he’s actually traveling with cynthia, because hey, caitlin is close to cynthia. actually, they’re all pretty familiar with her. so he goes with her to alola and gets some horrible sunburn because look at how pale this guy is but still when he comes home he’s looking better than ever and everything is fine.

It’s only fair and in line with their obvious parallels to each other that Phoenix would endear himself quickly to almost every Ace Attorney: Investigations character while Miles is forever the one being teased.

Raymond recognizes Phoenix as ‘that man’ ™ as well as the boy from Gregory’s stories about the friends Miles made at school. He soon realizes that Phoenix returns Miles’ admiration and that he cares very deeply about him. It’s easy to like the man with how he invests himself in others’ well-being.

Kay latches onto the chance to get to know ‘that man’ ™, and WOW, he’s really nice! Sure, he gets easily as exasperated as Mr. Edgeworth at her, but man is it easy to see how early and much he cares about her - knowing her for only for about a few hours. And it’s more than that she’s a friend of Miles. He just cares. Plus she gets to know Trucy and they bond over the hijinks they do! She’d make an awesome thief for the truth if she ever wanted to expand on her magician’s act.

Sebastian gets another Dad. Phoenix adopting other people is just a thing he does. (I don’t know Sebastian as well so I haven’t got any ideas for him yet.)

Phoenix even manages to endear himself to Lang’s people. Lang is baffled to no end about how that happened - especially that they like Phoenix so much that they give Lang dirty glares if he bothers the man. So he has to accept that the defense attorney now has taken up the ‘mom’ act next to his own ‘dad’ act as long as he’s going to work next to Interpol / stands under their protection.

It helps that he witnessed Phoenix break down a steel door by himself on the third day after meeting him. So that prosecutor pretty guy has at least good taste in friends.


About Shaun Gilmore and rejection

So here’s a thing that’s been on my mind since the amazing episode 58: Matt Mercer talking about boundaries and respect and how important they are.

We know that Gilmore isn’t just attracted to Vax - there are much deeper emotions and genuine affection there. Probably even love, even if it hasn’t been explicitly stated (though heavily implied - fighting Thordak for someone you just have a crush on seems pretty fucking unlikely). We also know that Vax cares deeply for Gilmore, probably loves him too, but his heart truly belongs to Keyleth (according to Liam). 

The relationship between Vax and Gilmore has never been one sided, they both pursued each other until Vax decided to put an end to it - because he wanted to be honest with Gilmore about his feelings and not play games. The level of respect he has for Shaun is immense, but it is always difficult drawing new lines when you’ve been that close with someone. He’s the one that got away, so to speak. I think we all feel that Vax hasn’t been great at keeping himself within those lines at times, and it is on those occasions that Matthew Mercer’s portrayal of Gilmore becomes so massively important. 

Shaun Gilmore wants to be with Vax, this is painfully obvious in every interaction between the two of them - but from the moment Vax told him no, he hasn’t taken advantage of any of Vax’s… indiscretions. Physical closeness with someone you have a romantic interest in is a very powerful thing, and not once has Gilmore let his own emotions guide his actions in these interactions with Vax. He respects his decision, he respects Vax’s boundaries. 

And when that bloody Titanic “Jack I’m flying”-esque scene plays out between them, with Vax lifting him up in the air, praising him, hugging him with both his arms and wings (REALLY?!) - Gilmore still tries to keep his distance. Trying to be respectful, to not take advantage or liberties, so mindful of the fact that Vax almost just died and his exuberance shouldn’t be misconceived as a romantic invite. Even though he’s still in love with him. Even though they used to flirt with each other like teenagers. This is the polar opposite of “nice guys” muttering about “the friendzone” and shaming girls who don’t want to date them. This is everything true love and care about a person is about, and it is so fucking important.

(and keep in mind, Gilmore saw Vax naked like 10 minutes prior to this - how’s that for a circumstance that could compromise the purest of people?)

Gilmore could so easily have been bitter, or distant. But he’s better than that. Matt Mercer have decided to show us all what it means to handle rejection with grace, to have it not change your view of a person, and how it is possible to hear fifteen “yes” in a row but still instantly respect the first “no”. I for one couldn’t be more grateful. 

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Klavier wants to learn some Khurainese phrases to use when he visits and/or impress Apollo, so he asks Nahyuta to teach him. Nahyuta fucks with him by teaching him really weird, explicit, and/or threatening phrases instead

girl hope ya like it. my insults are never as good as yours tho. warnings for bad language.

Nahyuta would never understand why Apollo always grumbled and complained so about Klavier Gavin. He was kind and cared so deeply for Apollo, and they clearly made each other disgustingly happy. Which was why Nahyuta decided to meddle with things a little.

“Ja, okay, how would I say, ‘You have beautiful eyes’?”

Nahyuta answered Klavier, speaking slowly and enunciating each syllable clearly for him. It took Klavier some time to master the Khura’inese phrase, but he repeated it back a few more times.

Little did Klavier or Simon (who was sprawled on the luxurious sofa, laying on Nahyuta’s thighs, exhausted from the journey to the kingdom, not caring he was so clingy) know, but Nahyuta had just taught him how to say, “Fuck me sideways until Sunday, so I can’t feel my legs.”

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I love the relationship between Tyrathan and Vol’jin so much.
I love how they grow fond of each other, tend at their injuries and become close friends, in a moment so terrible for both of them.
The things Tyrathan says to Vol’jin before the final battle with the Zandalari melt my heart, and I was moved to see that he was at the pyre.

But at the end of the book, his choice has hurt Vol’jin, and although I have 1000 heacanons about the possible ways they could have met in the years after the events of Shadow of the Horde, Tyrathan never showed up untill now.

I cope with the pain this ship gives me with this silly thing, I think every Darkspear is somehow protective of their Chief, like a big family.
Like ‘oh, hey, are u the human who made Vol’jin suffer?’ *low growl*
Zjan isn’t very happy to see him here now, but you never really know about  the relationship of others and you should not interfere.
Keep your thoughts for you and let him mourn

INFP Relationships

INFPs present to the world a tranquil and calm outer appearance. They have simple desires when it comes to forming connections with others. All they really want is for somebody to see how special they are. How unique and capable they are. They don’t want other people to change them nor do they want to change those around them. They see each person as an individual that needs special treatment.

The INFP feels their connection with those they bond with very deeply. Their feelings are very intense which is not found so commonly in other types. They care very deeply about those around them and can have a habit of falling ‘in love’ with their friends. This doesn’t mean that they lust over everybody more that they very deeply feel connected.

Cautious, but Sensitive and Protective

They are very sensitive to other people’s feelings so they will help nurture those around them. They sincerely want to help them feel good about themselves and want the best for them.

The INFP is very cautious when forming new friendships and bonds. Once they are committed the INFP is fiercely loyal and can be very protective. They will open up their core and allow others to know how they are feeling. Through sharing feelings, memories, and dreams the INFP bonds with people. This makes them feel very connected to those they care deeply about as they do not share this with just anybody.  

When Things Go Wrong

The INFP is generally very relaxed in their relationships until somebody violates one of their values. When this happens the INFP will behave very uncharacteristically by becoming harsh and distant. This however upsets the INFP a great deal.

*cares too deeply about Marius/Cosette*

I feel like people might care more about Marius & Cosette and how embarrassingly cute they are if more adaptations included: 

  • Their “first argument” with Marius mad at nothing and Cosette being bemused and a little bit frustrated because this happens when they haven’t even talked to each other yet so she has no idea why handsome boy is being an offended idiot. 
  • The way they only kiss once and then they spend their time talking to each other. 
  • The time they giggled like adorable idiots for so long after Marius admits he used to think she was called Ursula 
  • The two hours where Marius bangs his head against a tree while Cosette cries because her father wants to leave for England. 
  • two hours. seriously. I just. 
  • Cosette tending to Marius while he’s sick after the barricades.
  • Cosette cheekily saying that she’s got Marius so she doesn’t need a maid. I’m not going into kinky territory, i’m not but …
  • Cosette holding her new husband at night because he has nightmares he doesn’t want to talk about, Cosette whispering reassurances and not asking about those names that pass through Marius’ lips sometimes. 
  • Marius holding his wife as she mourns her father and apologizing for hours and hours because it was because of him that Cosette couldn’t spent those last months with her dad, and Cosette feeling so angry at Marius and herself, feeling so guilty and lost and clinging to her husband. 
  • Marius and Cosette having only each other in the world as the people who truly cared about them and are not abusive (looking at you Gillenormad) are dead

They’ve got so much potential as adorable dorks in love. When people ignore them, include them only because they feel they have to but spent so little time on them, when they’re called boring, or idiots, or annoying, or WORSE (looking at all the people who ever said Cosette and Marius should have died. AREN’T THERE ENOUGH DEAD PEOPLE IN LES MIS why them if you want to kill more Thénardier père is still fucking alive at the end of the book and a slave trader NOW WHO’S FUCKING WORSE), it hurts my soul. I love those romantic babies. I want them to be healthy with each other and support each other and love each other for the rest of their lives. 

Gravity Falls: Mabel Pines [ESFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Mabel’s first concern is the feelings of others, the emotions around her, whether everyone else is having a good time. She expresses her feelings the moment they come into her head. She cares deeply about how she’s perceived by others, whether it be her family, her boyfriends, her best friends, or her enemies. She usually encourages peace or truces rather than confrontation (“Why can’t you just hate each other in silence, like girls do?”). She has a tendency to try and apply her own absolute morals to other people, such as in the short segment where she forces upon Stan an inability to lie, convinced that her own concepts of morality are right for someone else despite Stan’s very different circumstances. She’s full of positive energy and always trying to make things pleasant for other people; when she takes over the job of being ‘boss of the mystery shack’, she lets the other employees do whatever they want to keep them happy and ends up being walked all over and taken advantage of. She needs Dipper around in order to be happy and fears being left alone without him.

Introverted Sensing (Si): She has a lot of trouble dealing with change in her life. She’s always lived in the same room with Dipper; they’ve always been inseparable, and if that will change in the future, she doesn’t want to try and handle it. She likes her traditions and her comfort foods and items; she’s more open to new ideas and possibilities than an Si dom might be, but she still bases most of her opinions of others on how they’ve behaved in the past, and most of her crucial decisions on how things have been before. She loves making memories and preserving them in her scrapbook, and often reminisces pretty clearly on what she’s seen. When she’s put in charge of the Mystery Shack, she bases her plans off of an old book, and ultimately defers to Stan’s tried-and-true methods to get things done.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Mabel’s ‘silly’ or ‘weird’ way of looking at the world allows her to solve puzzles that baffle other people, simply by looking at them a different way. She’s always open to new and fun possibilities, so long as the fundamentals of her life stay in place. She’s very creative in finding new ways to have fun, and makes quick connections between the clues she’s provided. She’s always willing to give people a chance and optimistic about how they might change for the better in the future. She often quickly perceives the potential of a new relationship (“I call bridesmaid!”) and makes her contingency plans.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Logic and analysis are not Mabel’s strong suits. She’s smarter than most people assume, but she doesn’t like to detach or talk about things and people in a purely objective manner. She’s frequently bested by Dipper in games of analysis and strategy. She sometimes looks for loopholes and logical inconsistencies in what people say in order to ‘win’ or sort out what they’ve done wrong. She tries to avoid reality, preferring to escape in a world of fun and fantasy (literally towards the end).


So I see a lot of brilliant meta’s based on subtext and clues and stuff about why johnlock is going to happen (all of which are super amazing and clever) but for me the strongest piece of evidence that supports tjlc is that without it the show doesn’t really have a plot anymore.

We know that there will be at least one more season (most likely two), but at this point we’ve already been shown over and over again how loyal john and sherlock are to each other and how much they do love each other (even if it is platonic). So if that’s all it’s ever going to be (just a really close friendship), then what’s left to tell?

This show has never been about the cases - it’s not even labeled a crime show, it’s a drama. It’s about the characters, and their relationships. So what is supposed to be the climactic point now that john and sherlock have so openly demonstrated to us how deeply they care for each other? Sure, they have a few issues to straighten out and we could theoretically continue to flesh out their friendship, but given how much has changed each season so far, i don’t think further demonstrating the strength of their friendship is a strong enough plot to justify an entire season’s worth of drama.

S4 won’t be about rebuilding mary and john’s marriage. Even if you believe that they’re truly in love, even if they actually do work on their marriage, that won’t be the central conflict because as mofftiss have repeatedly told us, this show is about sherlock and john.

So if the next step in their relationship isn’t developing from friendship into romance, then what’s left to do? Considering how difficult the show is to actually make (what with all the conflicting schedules etc.) and how much respect mofftiss have for ACD’s stories, i can’t believe they would bother continuing it unless they had a really great, character driven plot in mind.

The only logical explanation for a sherlock and john based plot that would cause major drama and continue developing the characters is johnlock.

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Its not only the touchy tae but u can notice that tae shows a lot more emotions when it comes to jk. I saw a stage vid (hyyh epilg) where jk is talking and crying and all the member would stand next to him and listen but it was just tae who turned to him and looked to him.. it seems he rlly wanted to go to him but he couldn’t comfort him in that moment. So he turned back.

moments like these really just get me off guard. like, when they see each other at their lowest points. all the members deeply care and love one another and even jungkook stated he cries whenever he sees his hyungs upset. but the fact that jungkook full on burst into tears when taehyung was talking about his granny and then the fact that taehyung always seems so hesitant to go over and comfort jungkook. like we saw how he literally went ‘fuck it’ when they won artist of the year and just hugged jungkook. hhhhhhhhh

Smarkle is so precious that I cry. Their development throughout the seasons is both subtle and sweet. You can tell they care deeply about each other and that they are very much in sync when it comes to their relationship. I love that Smackle helps Farkle be the best version of himself he could be. I love the way Farkle helps Smackle become more open to others, but doesn’t push any boundaries. I love that they have a lot of meaningful conversations. I love that Smackle at first, felt uncomfortable being hugged by Farkle but now she loves hugging him. I love their little (huge) height difference because it’s a perfect for forehead kisses. I love how they call themselves the Smarkle Corporation. I love that they can be very playful with each other. I love how supportive they are of each other.

I love Smarkle. Smarkle is such a precious and beautiful ship.