how dare you try to hold me hostage

Tobias: Yeah, me.

Nate: You know what, I’m not even going to fight you, it’s pointless. My wife has already sent guards to my rescue, and things are looking bad for you. I won’t even list all the punishments that one gets for holding the member of the royal family hostage.

Tobias: I won’t ever hurt you again, but please try to understand me even if it’s hard to explain now. Everything I’m doing is for your own good, because I care about you, and your wife doesn’t.

Nate: Don’t you dare talk this way about Linda. You don’t even know her.

Tobias: I know more than you can imagine. I’m aware how she always puts you down, Nate. You’re better than that.

Nate: Shut up. She’s my wife and I love her, and you? Who the hell are you? Some stranger? Someone who captured me because he’s out of his mind? You’re nothing. I originally had a bad feeling about you, and I wish I listened to my inner voice. My only regret is that I haven’t killed you when I had a chance.