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#10 Hoseok! No particular au but something angsty beyond belief! 💕❤️

thank you for requesting i hope you like it! i made this the final part of the fuckboy!hoseok drabble miniseries, i hope you don’t mind! 

10. “Tell me it’s not true.” 


part one | part two

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Endgame part 3 - Jughead x Reader

A/N: HERE IT IS LOVES I made it longer as a make up for it being so late xx  Part 1 Part 2  

Also this has some parts of the newest episode (Jug’s birthday) but not exactly like the episode, I don’t want Cheryl and V to have beef so I cut that out and made it that they just crash the party for the lols ;) don’t hate me xx

Warnings: Fighting, swearing, angst, drinking etc

Word count: 3687

You got home and set up the couches for Archie and Kevin, then you and V cried about your failed love lives.

Then there was a knock at the door

You were still quite drunk, so the knock made you do a double take, you turned and counted how many people were in the room, Archie, Kevin, Veronica, Me. Who else was there?

You stood up and stumbled towards the door, you opened it slowly, hoping it wouldn’t be Jughead or Betty, they would dare show their faces, would they?

You were greeted by Chuck Clayton, “Chuck?” you asked, never in your life did you expect Chuck to be on your front door, “What’re you-” before you could finish your sentence, you noticed Reggie sitting on the ground, head leant back against the wall.

“What happened to him?” you asked as you noticed the bruises on his face, the blood coming from his nose and mouth, and his hand all cut and bruised.

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Forgotten (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by two anons: “could you do a imagine/fic about grayson being really busy with youtube and work and his girlfriend being hurt about him not having time to hang out but also feeling conflicted about being mad at him since its his job and he loves what he does?” and “could you make an imagine about Grayson forgetting a date because he was out with his friends or something?”
Word Count: 1,347
Warnings: None.
A/N: I felt like these two requests could go together, so anons, I hope you enjoy this xx

Lately it had been weird between you and Grayson. You had been busy with school and he had been busy working on creating bigger and better things with Ethan. At first it was fine, you had seen each other maybe two, three times a week, spending every spare moment together. But when you graduated, you began feeling like you had to see more of him.

He had been getting busier, which resulted in you seeing each other once a week, and if you were really lucky, twice a week. You never expressed your thoughts to him though, because it was after all his job and he loved what he was doing. You never wanted to be the one who put a stop to that, you loved him too much.

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Sirius Black x Reader

After the reader wakes up to find Sirius gone after an one night stand, she finds out he’s been taken to Azkaban. Twelve years later, he shows back up.

Warning: smut.

Y/N groaned softly as you stirred away. The sheets was wrapped tightly around you, you stretched you arm out to find the other side empty and cold.

The door to her room opened, Lily entered. You brought up the sheet up and covered your naked body. “Lily!”

She smiled. “Sorry, dear. Sirius isn’t here. Anywhere in the dormitory. He’s gone.”

“Where is he?”

She sighed deeply. “They came early this morning. He told us not to wake you up until later. He was taken to Azkaban.”
Twelve Years Later

“And now, aim your wand, speak clearly now, and do the swish and flick. Just as professor Flitwick taught you. Okay, class dismissed. Don’t forget your essays on the Grindalow is due on my desk tomorrow morning. Procrastinators beware.”

You loaded up your assignments and shoved them into you messenger bag, meaning to grade them later. You waved your wand to close the chalk board and to have the erasers clean themselves. With another wave, you closed the windows and locked the door as you left.

You waded up the stairs to your apartment, hearing the water run. Strange. You hadn’t left it running. You waved your wand, it silenced.

Finally at your cluttered desk, you took the papers out of your bag and began grading them. The water turned on again. Then it dawned on you;

Someone was there. You slowly stood and walked toward the bathroom, going as slowly and softly as you could. There he stood in an filthy Azkaban prison uniform. He was cleaning himself up.

“Who are you?” You raised your wand at him.

“Whoa, hold on now,” he raised his hands in surrender. “Let me explain.”

“Explain nothing. You’re in my house. You’ve escaped from prison.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me,” he said. You didn’t lower your wand or cower from him. “I don’t know you. Get out.”

“You mean to tell me, you don’t remember our last night together?” He took a single step forward, keeping an eye on your wand. “The love we made together. The countless moments we had basking in each other’s bodies. I remember the soft sounds you’d make, Y/N, as I kissed your neck.”

“Make your point!” You shouted.

He took another step. “I had Lily come to you when you woke up the next morning and tell you I was being taken to Azkaban.”

You gaped. No. It was him.

“Sirius?” You lowered your wand a little.

He nodded. “Hey, love.”

You didn’t feel love. You felt nothing but pure anger toward him. You raised your wand and shot a spell at him. He ducked as the wall behind you exploded. You short another spell, missing him again.

You threw your wand down, rushing to your desk. You picked up your teaching books and began hurling them at Sirius.

“You complete git, Sirius Black! How dare you come back here!” You launched another book, which he swatted away wth his hand. “You loathsome little rodent. You foul, evil piece of- You- you.” You couldn’t find the words to insult him. “Why did you leave? What did you do that was so bad that you couldn’t show your face around here for twelve years? I went without answers for twelve years, Sirius!”

You walked to him, you body flush against his. You pointed your finger at him. “How dare you show your face after twelve years.”

“Let me explain!” He raised his voice. “Will you stop throwing things?”

You stopped, breathily heavily. You sat down on the bed. “I couldn’t answer you, love. I was framed for murdering Innocent people in a crowded street, I was arrested the moment I woke up. I wanted to wake you to come help me but they would think you an accomplice. I only did it protect you.”

He walked to you and knelt in front of you. “I only did it for you.”

You kept silent. “Y/N, do you remember the last night we had together? That memory that I had with you kept me alive in Azkaban. You kept me alive, dearest.”

Sirius lifted your chin and presses his lip to yours. You could feel the passion, just like when you both were younger. You felt him pull you up by your hips. Sirius took your hands and wrapped them around his neck, wrapping his around your lower back.

There you both stood, in each other’s arms softly kissing and exploring each other’s bodies again. Then, you pushed him away. He looked confused, concerned even. You took a step back and peeled off your shirt and slipped your pants down so they pooled around your ankles.

You stepped to him again and pulled off the Azkaban shirt that held faded stripes and a six digit number. His body was still the same. He was just a strong and lean as the night before he left. Sirius’ lips found your neck and he sucked lightly, giving it soft nibbles. You rubbed your hands up his chest and around to his back. You threw your head back and sighed as Sirius found your sweet spot.

“I missed you, dearest,” he breathed. “I always wondered when I would see you again.”

He lifted you onto his hips, your legs around his waist. He led you to the bed as you kissed his shoulder. Laying beneath him, he broke away from making love to your body to take off your bra. He latched into your breast, messaging one and sucking on the other. You arched your back into him, letting out a loud moan.

“Sirius, God.” You moved his face from your chest to your face. You attacked his face. Kissing every inch of it. Becoming courageous, you flipped him onto his back. He gave your a surprised expression.

“You always said I was full of surprises,” you said, smiling. You shoved your tongue into his mouth, exploring the same waters as twelve years ago. You sucked his neck and down his chest. Looking him in the eyes, you pulled down his pants and underwear as slowly as you could.

“Y/N, please,” it was agonizing to you too, but you wanted to tease him. His erection popped up once his pants were removed. Smirking at him, you took it into your mouth. His hips bucked forward as you hollowed your cheeks. “Y/N, love. Keep doing that.”

You had never seen him this way. Helpless. Writhing beneath you. Practically in pain for you to make love to him. You rubbed your hand up his shaft, back down and began pumping really fast. You wanted him inside of you so bad, but you figured to wait. Sirius let out a loud moan, arching his back. His member twitched as you mouth released him.

Sirius gave a low growl and flipped you harshly onto your back. “You tease. Luckily for you, I want you too bad to tease you.”

He reached your panties and ripped them off of you, literally. He look up at you, seeing how you were anxious for you. He spread your legs and dipped his head between him, shoving his tongue into your folds. You let out a shout of delight. He licked up your folds, going faster to see you moan louder.

“Sirius-” He knew what you were wanting, so he pulled away. He grinned when you opened your eyes in disbelief. You squirmed uncomfortably as the knot in your stomach burned.

He pulled you legs toward him and crawled back up to you. He position himself at your opening and looked at you. You nodded profusely. “Please.”

Sirius shoved himself inside of you. You screamed due to no warning. He pounded relentlessly into you, sweat forming on your bodies making you slick against each other. Sirius’ breath was heavy as he continues to thrust himself into you.

“Go faster, Sirius. Harder!” He smirked, kissing you neck again. He buried himself into your hair as he got closer to his end point. “Y/N, oh baby. Yes. Yes.”

The headboard rocked against the wall as Sirius picked up his pace even further. You were a sweaty, moaning mess under him. You knew he was enjoying every second. Sirius held down your hips to cause more friction, which worked. You felt him twitch inside of you as you became close.

“I need-” you squeaked. You breathing was labored and quick. “I know what you need. Let it go, baby. Come around me.”

You obeyed, finally releasing the burning sensation that had been formed in your stomach. Sirius let out a string of curse words as he let himself go. He stayed above you as he caught his breath. You combed your fingers through his hair as you came down from your high.

He pulled out and laid beside you,
Pulling you into him. “I believe half of that was due to a lot of built up anger and waiting.”

You giggled at his comment. “Twelve years of it. If I wake up and you’re not here, I’ll be in Azkaban too for murdering you.”

Sirius kissed your shoulder. “Don’t worry, love. I’m not going anywhere.”


Should I do an teenage to adult smut like this one with the other marauders?
Don’t Deserve You

Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)

Pairing: Teen!Remus Lupin x reader

Request: “Could you maybe do a Young!Remus one shot based on song “Don’t deserve you” (as in Remus thinks that he doesn’t deserve reader because of his furry problem)

A/N: @skymundane477​ thank you so much for this request, I really like this and I hope you do too! Just wondering, would you like me to start tagging you whenever I post Remus fics?

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(I swear to Durin I’m marrying this gif. Sadly I don’t own it, credit to owner)

You’re the first face that I see
And the last thing I think about
You’re the reason that I’m alive
You’re what I can’t live without

Remus blinked groggily as he woke up in the uncomfortable hospital bed. There were two things that he noticed immediately; the pain slowly spreading to every part of his body, and the girl asleep in the chair by his bed. Her hair fell across her face, but he could still see the worried expression she wore even as she slept. She had a loose grip on his hand, a grip he knew would be vice-like as soon as she woke.
“Hey,” he croaked, squeezing your hand weakly. Your eyes fluttered open, and you nearly fell out of the chair as you tried to get your blood circulating again. Your eyes landed on your boyfriend, lying in the hospital bed covered in blankets and scars and bruises. Your grip on his hand tightened as he smiled weakly at you.
“How’re you feeling?” you asked worriedly, running a hand through his messy light brown hair. It was just one of the perks of having a werewolf boyfriend, having to wait and worry every full moon about him. You knew, however, that you couldn’t love anyone else more than you loved Remus.
“Bit sore,” he mumbled. “You know what would help? A kiss,” he said, grinning cheekily. You rolled your eyes, pressing a gentle kiss to his chapped lips anyway.

You never give up when I’m falling apart
Your arms are always open wide
And you’re quick to forgive when I make a mistake
You love me in the blink of an eye

“I could have hurt you, (Y/N)! Hell, I could have killed you!”
Tears stung at the backs of your eyes, threatening to spill as you helplessly watched your boyfriend pace back and forth in front of the fireplace. It had all been a simple miscalculation; you’d all thought the full moon was due in two days’ time, meaning it was alright for you and Remus to take a walk outside alone the night before. You’d both gotten a nasty shock when he started to transform, and you an even nastier one when he’d lashed out at you. You didn’t have it in you to tell him that he’d left a deep gash on your arm, he was beating himself up enough as it was.
“Remus, it wasn’t your fault!” you told him. “Neither of us knew that was going to happen!”
He stopped his frantic pacing to turn and stare at you, tears flowing thick and fast down his scarred cheeks. “I’m a monster,” he whispered. You got to your feet, standing directly in front of him and holding his face so he had to look into your eyes.
“Say that again, Remus John Lupin, and I’ll show you which one of us is the monster,” you threatened. “Anyone who ever dares to even think that you’re a monster is signing a contract to get cursed into next week by me, and that includes you.”
He smiled slightly at your fierce loyalty to him. “(Y/N), I’m not safe to be around,” he said sadly. “You saw how bad I got.”
“Yes, I did see that, and yes, it did get bad,” you replied. “But you know what I see now? I see a boy who regrets everything that happened, who would never hurt anyone. That’s the boy I fell in love with, Remus.”
You wrapped your arms tightly around him, smiling softly as he rested his chin on top of your head and held your waist gently. “And that’s the boy I’m sticking with,” you whispered softly.

I don’t deserve your love but you give it to me anyway
Can’t get enough
You’re everything I need
And when I walk away
You take off running and come right after me
It’s what you do
And I don’t deserve you

The Marauders’ Christmas party was always brilliant, but tonight there was something missing, you thought. Looking around, you saw James and Lily slow dancing, Peter by the snack table, and Sirius trying to get Marlene McKinnon under the mistletoe. But no Remus.
Leaving your goblet by your chair, you quietly left the classroom your friends had “borrowed” for the night. Your feet made little to no noise as you crept through the draughty corridors, reaching a small spiral staircase that you’d never seen before. The sunset shone through a beautiful stained glass window, your boyfriend’s silhouette visible halfway up the stairs.
Wordlessly, you sat down beside him and took his hand in yours, watching the sunset while you waited for him to speak.
“Why aren’t you with the others?” he asked eventually.
“I could ask you the same thing,” you replied. He sighed wearily.
“I just spoil their fun. It’s better if I’m not there.”
You nudged his shoulder gently. “It’s not better for me. You really think I want to watch Marlene turn down Sirius without you there laughing beside me?”
He shifted his gaze to where his fingers were intertwined with yours, brushing his thumb over your knuckles gently. “I don’t understand why you want me there,” he murmured. You lifted the hand you weren’t clasping his with, turning his face so that he would look at you.
“Because you’re not just my boyfriend, you’re my best friend,” you whispered. “And I love you more than anything in the world.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Even more than chocolate?”
“Hey, one step at a time,” you joked, smiling when he laughed. “See? There’s that smile I love. Now c’mon, we’re going back to the common room and making a pillow fort.”
Remus smiled to himself as you ran on ahead, in awe at the way you could make him this happy so easily. Not even his best friends could do that, and yet one lame joke from you would have him in fits of laughter. You just had that effect on him.

Your heart is gold
And how am I the one that you’ve chosen to love?
I still can’t believe that you’re right next to me
After all that I’ve done

Remus smiled down at your sleeping figure, curled into his side on the sofa by the fireplace, both of your Charms essays lying unfinished and forgotten about on the table. A few loose tendrils of your hair tickled his arm, but he didn’t ever want to move you. He shifted carefully so that his legs were up on the sofa too, your head resting over his heart. He placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, rubbing your back soothingly. He chuckled when you mumbled something incomprehensible in your sleep, moving even closer to his warm figure.
It still amazed him that he never woke up in the morning to find out it had all been a dream. He was clever, but he could barely get his head around the fact that you’d chosen to love him, and more importantly that you’d never changed your mind about him. Right now, with your sleepy breathing tickling his neck and your head over his heart, he found he was starting to believe in it. He was starting to believe in you.
“Hey sleepyhead,” he teased as you stirred slightly, your eyes opening slowly. You wrapped your arms more securely around him, burying your face in the crook of his neck sleepily.
“Hey yourself,” you tried to retort, a loud yawn slightly ruining the effect. Remus chuckled, kissing your forehead again.
“You’re adorable when you’re sleepy,” he told you, grinning.
“Shut up, I’m wide awake,” you mumbled, your voice muffled slightly.
He smiled, massaging your scalp gently, knowing that it would send you straight to sleep within minutes. “No you’re not,” he said as another yawn escaped your lips.
“Stop doing that,” you grumbled.
“Doing what?” he asked innocently.
“Being right,” you mumbled. “It’s…annoying…” And just like that, you were sound asleep. Remus nuzzled the top of your head gently, letting his own eyes drift shut at last.

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An imagine where Y/N is going on a date and Josh is rude to the guy because he's jealous. The date ends up being terrible and Y/N comes back all upset and Josh is there and comforts her. Then they kiss and end up admitting their feelings?

Yay, thanks for requesting! I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope it’s what you wanted.

Bad Date (A Josh Dun Imagine)

Trigger Warnings: Language

You studied yourself in the smudgy bathroom mirror, trying to smooth down your wild hair. You wanted this date to go perfectly. You had a stroke of bad luck when it came to first dates, but you had a feeling tonight was going to be different.

Stepping back to look at your reflection, you had to admit, you looked pretty good. Your white sweater hung effortlessly across your shoulders, accented by the gold necklace you got for your birthday. You carefully applied a layer of lipstick to top it all off.

Tapping your fingers nervously on the counter, you glanced at the clock. Thomas wasn’t coming to pick you up for another half hour, but you could already feel the nerves beginning to bubble up in your stomach.

“Relax.” You told yourself. “It’s just a date.”

Your mini pep-talk was interrupted by a sudden buzzing in your pocket. Josh was calling. Glad for something to distract you from the butterflies, you picked up the phone.


“Hey.” Josh’s voice crackled through the line. “You left your jacket at my house the other day. Can I swing by and drop it off?”

“Yeah, sure.” You replied.

“Okay, cool. Be there in 20. Also, do you want to go see a movie later?”

“No good. I have a date tonight.”

“Oh.” There was a pause. “Okay.”

“But we can totally reschedule.”  You sputtered, feeling bad that you let him down. “Are you free Sunday?”

“Yeah,” He chuckled weakly through the receiver. “Sunday it is. Be there soon with the jacket.”

The line went dead, and you went back to fiddling with your hair, hoping that Josh wasn’t upset.

Roughly twenty minutes later, you heard the familiar knock on the door. You swung it open, revealing your best friend, clad in a black hoodie and jeans.

“Hey Josh.”

Instead of a reply, His dark eyes grew wide when he saw you. “Wow.” He breathed. “You look…wow”

“Do you think the lipstick is too much?” You questioned, suddenly self-conscious of your outfit.

“No! No, you look great.” He assured you, a hint of embarrassment in his voice. “What time is your date?”

“Thomas should be here to pick me up any minute.” You replied, playing with the sleeve of your sweater. “Thanks for bringing my jacket.”

Josh looked down at his shoes. “Where did you meet him?”

“A mutual friend set us up. I actually haven’t met him yet; I’m hoping to make a good first impression.”

“I can see that.” Josh mumbled, casting a quick glance at your outfit again.

Ignoring his comment, you ushered him out the door and onto the porch. “You should probably get going. Thomas is going to be here any minute.”

Almost as if on cue, a sleek black car pulled into your driveway next to Josh’s beat up sedan. You watched as a tall, twenty-something man emerged from the driver’s seat, clad in a button down top and sunglasses. His hair was styled into a perfect wave, and when he saw you he flashed an award-award winning smile. You felt your cheeks growing warm, and quickly dashed down the steps to meet him.

“Hi.” You greeted him breathlessly, trying your best not to show how flustered you were.

“Hey.” He beamed, the corners of his lips rising up into a smile. He tucked his arm around your shoulder, leading you toward the passenger door of the sports car. “You ready?”

Before you could reply, Josh had sauntered down the porch steps and stood directly in front of your date. He looked Thomas over and scoffed. “You look like you stepped straight out a fraternity.”

You felt your face flush, and gave Josh a don’t-you-dare-ruin-this-for-me glare.

Thomas didn’t seem to mind the snarky comment. “Ha. Well, I was in a fraternity in college. Cornell, actually. But that was years ago.”

Josh didn’t respond, but instead gave Thomas the dirtiest look he could before heading back to the porch.

You made a mental note to lecture Josh when you got home as Thomas opened the car door and you slipped inside.

“What’s up with your brother?” Thomas asked nonchalantly, hopping into the driver’s seat and putting the keys in the ignition.

“Josh? He’s not my brother.” You laughed at the thought. “We’re just friends. We’ve known each other since middle school.”

Thomas gripped the wheel tightly as he backed out of the driveway, his voice dropping. “So, are you two dating or something?”

“No! No, We…we’re just good friends. I’m sorry, I don’t know what go into him. He’s normally super sweet.” You picked at your nails uncomfortably and tried to steer the subject away from Josh. “So, where are we going?”

“I thought we could try that new Italian place downtown. I hear they have great pizza.”


The restaurant turned out to more than just a cozy little Italian place. Candles and rose petals accented every table, and the dim lights and soft music gave off a swanky, romantic vibe. All the waiters were dressed in black and white uniforms, and the tables were filled with fancy-looking couples in black attire. You looked down at your sweater and jeans and suddenly felt very underdressed for the occasion.

“Like it?” Thomas asked, pulling your seat out for you with a charming grin.

“Yeah,” You sat down and he pushed your chair in. “I just didn’t expect anything this fancy on our first date.”

“What can I say,” He winked, sitting down opposite you. “I’m a man of surprises.”

You decided to split a pizza, and Thomas ordered a bottle of red wine for the two of you. When the waiter left, Thomas turned to you, smiling, and you noticed he had slight little dimples.

“So,” He began. “Where should we start?”

The conversation went quite well. You told him about your family and he told you about his job. Apparently, he was a lawyer, and a good one at that. He had graduated top of his class in college, and worked for a prestigious law firm in the city. He was charming and funny, not to mention he had a great taste in movies. You couldn’t believe how well the date was going. Maybe you weren’t cursed with relationships after all.

As you chatted over your pizza, the conversation casually turned to music.

“Do you play any instruments?” You asked Thomas across the table.

“I play drums. I’m not bad actually,” He boasted. “I have a good sense of rhythm.”

“That’s funny, my friend Josh plays the drums too. He’s in a band actually. Ever heard of Twenty One Pilots?”

Thomas tapped his fork against the table and stared down at his pizza. “Nope.”

“They’re pretty good, you should check them out sometime.”

“Can we stop talking about Josh?” Thomas asked you, his voice sharp.

His sudden change in mood startled you and you froze. “What?”

“It seems like he’s all you ever want to talk about. Josh this, Josh that. Don’t tell me there’s nothing going on between you two.” His bitter words cut into you like knives. “You know what? Do me a favor. Next time, don’t go out with someone and make them think that things could work. The only relationship you want is one with your precious little Josh.”

“Thomas…” You whispered, fighting back the hot tears forming in your eyes. “I really like you.”

“Apparently not. All you want to do is talk about Josh.” He hissed. “I don’t know why I thought this would work out.”

Grabbing your purse, you hurried off toward the bathroom, biting your tongue to keep the tears from flowing, but Thomas wasn’t done. He turned toward you and issued final blow.

“Bitch.” He called after you loudly. “No wonder you can’t keep a guy.”

That was it. A loud gasp escaped your lips as you pushed open the bathroom door, tears falling freely. You thrust yourself into the nearest empty stall and sat down, sobbing. Everything had been going so well. Why did you have to go and ruin it?

Pulling your cell phone out of your purse, you dialed Josh’s number and waited, listening to your own ragged breathing in the silent bathroom.

He picked up on the second ring. “Hello?”

“Josh.” You choked. “I need you to pick me up right now.”

He immediately understood what had happened. “Hang in there, I’m on my way.”

Never had you been more relieved to see Josh’s old, beat-up car than when it pulled up in front of the restaurant. You climbed into the passenger’s seat, avoiding eye contact, and wiped your nose on your sleeve. Josh started the car and you sat in uncomfortable silence for a while as he headed back toward your house.

Josh finally cleared his throat, breaking the awkward silence. “I take it things didn’t go well.” His voice was soft and full of concern.

You stared down at your lap. “He called me a bitch and caused a scene in the restaurant.” You whispered your voice hoarse from crying.

Josh didn’t reply for a moment, but gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles turning white. “What a douche.”

“Thanks for picking me up.” You sniffled.

He nodded. “I’m sorry it had to be under these circumstances.”

The rest of the drive was quiet, but no so much awkward, just peaceful.

The moon cast a soft glow across your street as Josh pulled into the driveway. He cut the engine, and everything went silent.

“Josh?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper.

He turned his head toward you, eyes full of worry.

You looked down at your white sleeve, now smeared black with makeup. “Do you think it’s my fault I can’t get into a good relationship?”

“No.” he breathed. “You’re funny and sweet and- and beautiful. You’re too good for all those idiots that broke your heart. You’ll find the right person, I’m sure of it.”

You looked up at him for the first time since he picked you up. “Do you really mean that?”

“I’ve never meant anything more in my entire life.”

A feeling came over you then; a feeling you had never felt before. In that moment, you felt sure that everything was going to be okay, that you were invincible. Before you could stop yourself, you had your arms around Josh’s neck, your lips pressed against his. You felt him melt against you and you pulled him closer. He was so warm and soft that you never wanted to let him go.

This–you realized–this is what you wanted. Not some prissy frat boy. You wanted Josh.

When you finally let go, you were both breathing heavy. All the pain of the last few hours had been forgotten.

Josh looked up at you, his eyes bright, grinning from ear to ear. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

You couldn’t contain the shy smile that crept onto your face. “Me too.”

Happiness Is...

GOT7′s JB / Jaebum ; fluff

“So what is happiness to you, Im Jaebum?”

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The moment i knew

This song, in the right mood, can punch me in the gut. Who hasn’t has that moment, either at the time or in hindsight of “oh…..this isn’t working”? It’s the best of the Red bonus tracks

Not sure who’s to blame for this but the lyrics and the way Taylor sings it makes me want to punch them. Honestly how DARE they ruin Taylor’s birthday for her. Unforgivable. Kick them in the balls/cunt. With steel toe boots.

What do you say
When tears are streaming down your face
In front of everyone you know?
And what do you do when the one
Who means the most to you
Is the one who didn’t show?


And they’re all standing around me singing
“Happy birthday to you”,

 Can absolutely choke me up if I’m in the right mood.

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Can I request a angst/smut scenario based off the song ' I hate this part right here' by the pussycat dolls where you're married to Taehyung and all you do is fight and he catches having sex with Jin and hears Jin telling you he loves you which sends taetae into a rage pulling Jin off of you in a middle of a kiss and saying a few choice words to him and he wanted to make you forget what Jin did to you happy ending please(I've been watching a LOT of movies and shows like this lately help me 😭)

Oh dear Lord… all this smut…. Anyway, enjoy!~
- Devi *^^*

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[Warning: Explicit Content + Swearing]

i hate this part

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You should have lied - Part 2

Part two of my Jensen imagine. I really hope you all like it and maybe y'all want a part three? Tell me!


p.s this is not my gif, credits go to the owner! 

Summary: Basically a two part imagine of the time the reader spent with Jensen. Flashback turns to present and happiness turns sadness.
Pairing: Reader x Jensen Ackles
Warnings: heartbreak

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Your Highness

**I am rereleasing this as I was unhappy with how the last one turned out. Sorry for abandoning the last one for so long but I’ve written more than 20 chapters of this ready to go so here’s a long rereleased first chapter for you to enjoy!

Summary: Kira is Her Royal Highness the Princess of Monaco, but when her country is under constant threat of being conquered she is offered to England as a bride in exchange for their protection. 

Chapter 1

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