how dare you say that about river

im so fucking annoyed some dickhead lost his ring in the river so i was like hey i’ll get it. so i did, and i got attacked by a bunch of frogs and it almost fucking killed me, we barely got out alive. so i say ‘heres your ring, how about a reward’ and he was like ‘what the fuck. fuck you. how dare you ask me for a reward’ LIKE. COME ON. I ALMOST DIED TO FROGS FOR YOUR RING

Chance of A Lifetime - Tom Holland Imagine

Request: Anonymous - Hi!! I’m new to your account, but I love it! So could I get a Tom Holland imagine where the reader wins the RDJ contest and that’s how they meet? And could it be where the cast becomes protective of reader and fluff? Thx :)

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count:  1,244

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: This request was a lot of fun to do. : ) There was many places that they would be filming so I chose the first set they did which was in Georgia. 

~This was long overdue I apologize.


Hang with Robert Downey Jr. on the Next Avengers Set.

Our lucky contestant is posted down below so be sure to check it out to see if you’ve gotten the chance to meet Iron Man himself:

“The lucky winner of the our contest is Y/N L/N”

You couldn’t believe your eyes. You had to re-read it several times to make sure this wasn’t just a dream. You were going to meet the one and only Robert Downey Jr. You have now gotten the chance to meet Iron man himself in person! Even if you were just 20 years old, you still fangirled all the way. To anyone else it would have looked like you were having a seizure or just gone crazy. Since you lived alone, you could act any way you wanted, and right now you were over the moon. 

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That Haleb engagement speech though...

Caleb: And I know we drifted apart for awhile and we almost ended up with other people which would’ve been a disaster…

Me: I seem to recall you being perfectly fine with Spencer????? Boi where you going with this? 

Caleb: Because I would’ve spent the next 50 years of my life kicking myself for losing the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

Me; So you’re saying my baby Spencer was a MISTAKE?! HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!?! 

Caleb: I couldn’t imagine my life without Hanna


diana-san  Haikyuu!! 265

I always feel like we are getting the wrong idea of Kenma, like sure he doesn’t enjoy physical activity, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good at it or at least good enough at it to fool other people. I can’t wait to see how this arc pans out because I’m 100% here for it.

(Looks like the English scanlation is still not out yet, so beware of spoilers ahead! Thought these are ~character spoilers rather than plot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

I had a think about the chapter (whilst I cooked dinner lol), so I shall borrow your reply to jot my feelings down!

  • Kenma is not physically strong. That is a fact so there is not gonna be a sudden reveal about him being as hyperactive as Hinata but merely staying low key all these years. Ch 265 discloses that Kenma used to develop fever after difficult training camp and matches. I am sure he is fitter now, but energy wise he is average, thus if the opponent purposely makes him run around the court, he will tire out. 
  • Kenma is Nekoma’s only setter. There is no Suga waiting on the sideline! So he CAN’T tire out!!!!

Consequently, I suspect the key theme in Kenma’s arc will be “the reason I play volleyball”.

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Anon Request: Can you do one where you go on a camping trip with him and you two have been sending signs you like eachother for a while and stuff I’m sorry I don’t know what else, but I love your imagines, they’re so good!

Looks like today you were going on a road trip! Your best friend invited you and some of your friends (including (C/N)) to go camping. You were so nervous, so many things could happen on this weekend with (C/N). You would either embarrass yourself hardcore, or romantically bond with (C/N). You were really hoping for the second option. You and (C/N) really seemed to be hitting it off lately, you were flirting and he would sometimes hold your hand and hug you. You didn’t wanna mess that all up over one weekend. 

You had all your little sports bags filled with clothes ready to go. You hear a car honk it’s horn several times queuing you to leave and tell your parents good bye.

“Could you have honked the horn some more, I could barely hear it,” you jokingly say as you enter the tight packed car.

“She think she has jokes,” (Best/Friends/Boyfriend) chuckles out, “take a seat, any seat.”

“She doesn’t have much of a choice, she’s gonna have to sit by me,” (C/N) says pulling your hips to the only seat available.

“Jeeze,” you laugh, “so are we good?”

“Yup! You were our last stop, funnest weekend ever day 1 let’s go,” (Best/F) says excitedly.

The car ride was amusing but long. Maybe you all shouldn’t have left at 5:30 P.M. Sitting by (C/N) made it all the more great however. He would tell you jokes, whisper in your ear to make fun of your other friends (his hot breath tickled your neck and left goosebumps on your skin), trace shapes on your thigh with a feather light touch, and when an hour had passed by, he let you rest your head on his shoulder.

“Tired?” He asked you with a slight smile.

“Yeah,” you answer.

“Well it looks like we’re here,” (F/N) says.

“Great, atleast my loser boyfriend didn’t get us lost,” (Best/F/N) says as she gets out of the car.

“You loser boyfriend can hear you!” (BF/Boyfriend) says as he too exits the car.

“It’s already dark, what can we do now?” You ask.

“Skinny dipping,” (C/N) suggest as he steps facing directly behind you ‘tazering’ your sides.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you,” (His/F/N) says while laughing and eyeing you the whole time.

“Shut up,” he responds while laughing too.

“I say we get camp set up first, and then we can play truth or dare,” (F/N) says with a devious grin.

Everyone agrees, and you all set up camp. There are two tents, one for the guys and the other for the girls. So, three people would sleep in each tent. When you all finish, one of your guy friends sets up the fire and some logs for you all to sit around the fire. When you arrive, (C/N) pulls your hips to sit next to him like he did when you were entering the car, and your friends roll their eyes and smirk. You begin to play the third and fourth rounds and it’s getting really fun.

“Okay (F/N). Truth or dare?” Your best friend asks mischievously.

“Dare!” Your friends name responds confidently.

“I dare you… to… run around the campsite in just your underwear. So I hope you were wearing boxers instead of briefs,” she laughs.

“Is that all you got? I was gonna do that anyway,” he says. He runs around and completes the dare. It was (C/N)’s turn.

“Truth or dare (C/N), don’t wimp out on me! I just rand around here half naked,” his friend states.

“I’m a man, c’mon. Obviously I’m gonna do a dare.” (C/N) replies while slinking his arm around you when he stated that he was a ‘man.’

“Since you’re getting so comfy with, (Y/N) over here… I dare you to kiss her. Right here on the lips,” his friend said while mocking him.

(C/N) looks at you for approval, and you just nervously smile and shrug your shoulders. He grabs you and stands you both up, cups your face in his hands and breathes you into a kiss. He stops, looks at you again, and kisses you harder while biting your lip and breathing heavily like you were his only source of oxygen.

“I said a kiss not a makeout!” His friend laughs and says.

“Dude I said I’m a man did I not?” He responds.

You cover your mouth and sit back down. You don’t want anyone to see how big you were smiling and how red you were getting.  But later, the whole night, (C/N) sort of ignored you. He never once made another move on you like he normally would. He didn’t talk to you look at you, he was only with his friends. How could he just kiss you like that and not talk about it? Maybe it was just a dare. You, like all of your friends were in your tents, but these thoughts haunted you so much you just wanted to take a walk.

You got really deep into the walk when it started to get colder. You were only wearing a pair of shorts and a thin cardigan. You had to wrap it around you as you walked because the wind was getting to be too much. You hear mumbling like someone’s talking to themselves, and you find out it’s (C/N). You can’t quite here what he’s saying but he’s alone and he sounds upset. You try to get closer with out being seen until you step on a branch that made the loudest noise ever.

“Who’s that?” He shouts. “Seriously come out!”

“It’s just me,” you say nervously as you approach him. “What are you–” you take a quick sniff of him. “Were you drinking? Are you drunk?”

“I’m not drunk I’m just a little buzzed,” he replies.

You knew it, he was only holding one bottle after all and the smell wasn’t that strong. He was still in his right mind. 

“Why are you following me anyway?” he asks.

“I was just taking a walk and then I saw you and, and I just I feel like there’s something wrong,” you admit. He look at you and looks back down to his feet in silence. “There is something wrong isn’t there. Was it the kiss?”

“I guess,” he says.

“Well elaborate, I’m not gonna be upset or anything, just be honest with me.” you say.

“I was going on raving about how I was such a man,” he says as he starts to pace around waving his bottle in his hand, “but what kind of a ‘man’ can’t even have the guts to tell the girl he adores how he feels with out the help of a little alcohol,” he confesses throwing the bottle into the river in frustration.

“Me?” you ask. He looks at you like you were disappointed in him. “(C/N), you should know by now that I feel the same way,” you say with a smile holding his hands. “I would’ve waited way longer than this point for something to happen between us. All I really care about is that we’re together.”

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah,” you say while hugging him. “And next time, you don’t need a dare to kiss me.”

“Well thanks for the permission because that’s how we’re spending the rest of our weekend,” he says and winks at you pulling you back into his arms.

Feedback please I feel like I’m getting worse at writing imagines. )):

Fight For Love.

Requested by: taytayzgray :)

Can you do a one shot where me and Ashton are married and we get into a fight but it’s like right before he goes on tour. I’m pregnant but I haven’t told him and I was going to but we then we had the fight so I couldn’t. While he’s on tour something goes wrong with the pregnancy. My friend takes me to the hospital and calls Ashton and him and the boys come. You can finish it however you like

This is so long (2,977 words to be exact) but I hope you like it :)

You were lonely. You’d been lonely for a while now. You thought that feeling would end once you got married and it did for a while but now the honeymoon faze was over. Now it was fights every two minutes over stupid things like why you didn’t put the remote on the couch instead of the table and why you wouldn’t go out with him anywhere anymore. You were tired of being yelled at. You were honestly just tired. Maybe it had something to do with the pregnancy hormones.

You had planned it all out, down to the last detail of how to tell Ashton why you weren’t feeling up to the adventurous outings the two of you used to partake in, why you weren’t up for arguing back when he started yelling, that he was going to be a dad. You were nervous, of course, you knew he wanted to be a dad but lately with the way he’d been treating you, you weren’t sure he wanted you to be the mom. It wasn’t until he came into your home, slamming every possible thing that he could that you knew you’re hard work was going to go to waste. He slammed the door, throwing his jacket to the floor instead of putting it on the rack that was literally right there. He kicked his shoes off, dropping his bag near them with a resounding bang before looking up to see your widened eyes, a little shocked at his actions. He groaned.

“Oh what now?” For two people who had been married less than a year and a half, the hostility was unimaginable.

“Nothing, I was just going to see if you were alright…” You trailed off, “But obviously not so never mind.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” To be fair, you both had short fuses and used to, you could fight with the best of them but being two months pregnant really took a toll on your energy in actuality.

“I just meant that you seem upset Ash. I’m worried about you.” You responded softly, looking at the floor.

“We leave on tour in a week.” Your head snapped up. What? “Don’t give me that look. You knew with the new album coming out and everything that we’d have to leave.”

“Alright, yes but I figured you’d give me a bit more warning. You don’t have to be so rude about it.” That was definitely the wrong thing to say.

“Are you serious? I come home, absolutely exhausted, and the first thing you do is start questioning me?” He growled, pushing past you to grab a beer from the refrigerator.

“I didn’t even say anything! Don’t be ridiculous.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes as you quickly became fed up with his attitude.

“You didn’t have to! Honestly, I want to go out tonight, celebrate the success of everything we’ve done but if I even mention it you do that. Stop with the pensive looks.”

“Well I’m sorry if I just don’t feel up to going out. Some people like to relax, Ashton.” You narrowed your eyes.

“Relax from what? You don’t do anything. You don’t have a job.” His voice increased and you had to take a deep breath. That one hurt and he knew it.

“I don’t have a job because I switched college majors and becoming a lawyer is kind of difficult and time consuming, alright?” You deadpanned, turning to leave the room before anything else hurtful could be said.

“Time consuming? Too time consuming for you to actually have a conversation with me at night?” You whirled back around. You should have just kept going but you didn’t take kindly to his accusations.

“I try! But every time I do you just yell at me. I get you’re stressed Ashton, I do, but you don’t have to take it out on me.”

“Oh, don’t blame me for getting upset. You always take these sly digs at me ‘did you hurt your hand today? It looked messed up at your last performance.’ Or ‘Did you eat today? You’re starting to look thin’. What do you even mean by that?” He growled, downing some of the cold beer before slamming it onto the countertop.

“Those aren’t sly digs. What the heck? I asked because you complained about how your hand had been hurting you, I wanted to make sure it was alright. And it looked like you hadn’t eaten in days, there’s nothing wrong with being thin but you looked like you hadn’t eaten in days Ashton. I was only worried.” You defended. You didn’t mean for it to sound like you were insulting him but you knew both his drumming and his body were two of his biggest insecurities.

“Worried or judgmental?” He didn’t want an answer.

“You know what, sometimes I wonder why you even married me if all you wanted to do was criticize every little thing I do.” You didn’t actually want to say that but you were fed up and lonely. So, so alone. You saw him tense, his jaw clenching as he ground his teeth together.

“If that’s how you feel, then why don’t you leave then? Because I pay for everything?” He spat and it took all of your might not to burst into tears right then and there.

“If you actually think that about me, maybe I should leave.” Your voice was soft. Dangerously close to being an unheard whisper compared to his booming tone.

“Go for it. I won’t stop you.” You couldn’t meet his eyes. “Guess it’s a good thing we never had kids. That way you couldn’t be as judgmental towards them as you are to me, couldn’t leave them like you’re leaving me just because things got hard instead of the pedestal life you’re used to.” The tears were unstoppable now, flowing down your cheeks in rivers of anger and sadness. How could he say something like that when he knew how insecure you were about being a mom? You put a hand to your stomach, not daring to say anything about the baby inside of you as you glanced up, noticing him standing there with a hand over his mouth as he looked at you with wide eyes.

“I-I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have said any of those things, baby…” He gasped out, reaching for you but you took a step back not wanting him to touch you. The emotional pain you felt right now was worse than anything you’d ever felt. “I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t realize how mean I had been lately until now. I can’t believe I said that. You know I don’t mean it, you’d be a great mother. You’re a great wife. It’s no excuse, but I’m stressed and worried about tour. I haven’t been acting like it recently but I really don’t want to leave you right now. I should have just told you but instead I took all of it out on you. Please, forgive me. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” He reached for you again but you took another step back, and then a few more until your back hit the wall. “Baby girl, please. I’m sorry.” He was looking at you so sincerely but all you could hear were his words: Guess it’s a good thing we didn’t have kids… couldn’t be as judgmental…couldn’t leave them…pedestal life you’re used to… And a part of you knew he was stressed, heck, you’d probably said meaner things to him when you were just dating and stressed but the way he’d said it, so honestly, so angrily. It had you second guessing everything as you kept your hand over your stomach.

He was looking at you with such sad puppy eyes, his own tears beginning to fall, but you didn’t feel any remorse for stepping away from him. You couldn’t when your heart felt so broken, so numb. You finally took a deep breath, wiping under your eyes before straightening your back.

“Have fun on tour.” Your voice sounded so lifeless, even to you. “I’ll stay at my friends place for a while.”

“No, don’t.” His voice cracked, “I didn’t mean it baby, please. I didn’t mean it.”

“Maybe not. But you said it and that has to count for something.” You turned, already heading for the front door. You weren’t going to be treated this way. It didn’t matter if he was your husband, it didn’t matter if he was stressed, or if you were carrying his child, or if he didn’t mean it. He said it. And you didn’t deserve it. Even if him calling after you, begging you to stay made your stomach flip. But not your heart. Oh no. Your heart was already numb.

You ended up at Michael and Calum’s place, sandwiched between them on the couch as they whispered soothing words to you, telling you how stupid he was and how bad of a mistake he made when you blurted it out for the first time. You had wanted Ashton to be the first to know but life had a funny way of happening.

“I’m pregnant.” They went completely silent, eyes widening as they looked at you.

“Does he…?” Calum didn’t have to finish his sentence. You already knew.

“No.” Michael gathered you in his arms, lifting you into his lap.

“Sh, don’t cry. We’ll figure it out, alright? We’ll help you.” He promised.

“I want to have this baby. I am having this baby.”

“Alright love. We’ve got you.” Calum’s hand curling around you as well as you sat in a group huddle.

“I may not be the best person in the world but I will be the best mother. Even if I have to go it alone.”

And they promised you wouldn’t have to. You knew they meant it. No matter what happened between you and Ashton, they would be there for you.

They left for tour a week later, letting you completely take over their house for the time being. You had ignored Ashton’s phone calls, texts, and his frantic voicemails to both you and the boys as he tried to figure out where you had gone. A single text a few days after you’d left completely silenced him.

To: Ashton

If you keep calling me, I will block your number. But hey, maybe you wouldn’t mind seeing as I always leave when things get hard. Maybe I’ll call you when I need someone to wax my pedestal.

He hadn’t texted back but you knew he got the harsh message loud and clear.

You didn’t show up to say goodbye at the airport as you had done for your entire relationship and the worst part was, the fans picked up on it with questions of where’s your wife? Doesn’t she always say goodbye? And Why do you look so sad Ashton? Is everything alright?

Michael had your back as he made up some lame excuse about school work and early goodbyes. No one had seemed to inform the very confused Luke about anything yet.

It was only a few days after they left that you noticed something was wrong. Your stomach was cramping and you had a bad feeling as you grabbed your keys, driving to the hospital as fast as possible.

The second you walked into the waiting room a dizziness hit you and you felt a wet sensation. Looking down, you saw blood on your jeans right before you fell to the ground as you fainted.

You half woke up to quiet talking, a hand grasping yours so hard you thought it was going to break as you heard a muffled conversation.

“…Extreme amounts of stress…Exhaustion…Blood loss… the pregnancy…hard on her…”

“But the baby?”

“… baby is… fine.” And that’s all you needed to know as you drifted back to sleep.

You officially woke up about twenty four hours later when the drugs they’d given you had worn off. The first thing you saw was a curly head of hair, an unshaved beard, and dark bags under closed eyes. Ashton. His hand was still gripping yours (you knew you’d recognized that feeling earlier.) and you blinked owlishly at him. He looked like he’d been crying. He also looked like he hadn’t been taking care of himself. You gently pulled your hand from his, sluggishly placing it in his hair instead, patting down the tendrils softly as he snored lightly. His eyes were restlessly moving behind his eyelids and his lips were in a serious pout.

“Ash.” You croaked, throat cracking as the dryness that could only be accompanied with a long nap burned your throat. You tugged at his hair lightly as you spoke again. “Ash, wake up.” He woke up with a start, eyes wide as they came to his eyes. You hand dropped from his head to beside you once again and you didn’t have the energy to pick it back up. They gave you the good stuff apparently. His wild eyes found yours once he moved his hands and it took him a good ten seconds of staring to actually realize what was happening. Then it was a flurry of motion as he tugged you into his arms, his soft sobs filling the room as you wrapped your arms around his muscular shoulders, pulling him as close as possible as you began to cry too. The reality of the situation hitting you both hard. His hand clicked the button to call the nurse, remembering what the doctor said before pulling you even tighter into him.

“The baby.” You cried and he tugged you even more gently into him.

“The baby’s… we don’t know.” He mumbled, swallowing back his sobs as you began to cry harder. He needed to be there for you. “The doctor said you were going to be fine but the baby needs to be monitored for a while. Alright?” The door swung open before you could respond, the doctor and nurse shuffling in.

It was a week before you were released from the hospital. You and Ashton hadn’t really talked, both leaning on each other and the boys for support. You laid in his warm arms at night and he held you as close as possible. The doctor said it was stress, exhaustion that caused your body to react the way it did.

He said you were lucky.

He said that you were both lucky.

He said the pregnancy would be hard. That morning sickness was going to suck and that touching your toes would be a thing of the past.

He also said that your baby, yours and Ashton’s baby, was going to be just fine as long as you took care of yourself.

And that was enough to put a permanent, if tearful, smile on your face as well as Ashton’s.

You went home with him knowing that you were still too weak to take care of yourself and there was no way either of you could handle being away from each other right now. It was later that night as you sat curled up on the couch, one hand over your stomach out of habit, the other holding your favorite coffee mug (that held tea instead of coffee of course.) as you watched TV that he finally brought it up.

“I’m so sorry.” Came his tired voice from the armchair in the corner of your living room. He had simply been watching you since you both migrated in here after eating lunch. You looked up at him, pushing away some of the hair that fell into your eyes.

“For what?” You questioned, eyebrows coming together in confusion. He made his way to you, taking the mug before sitting it and himself on the table in front of you.

“I should never have treated you the way I did. I should never have taken my stress and insecurities on you. I know you were only worried about me but I just couldn’t see past myself to what you actually meant. This is my fault. I take full responsibility. If I hadn’t of- umph.” He shut up as your lips pressed to his, forceful enough that he got the hint that you wanted him to stop talking but gentle enough to show your forgiveness. You pulled away, seeing tears build in his eyes as he looked at you with so much love.

“You shouldn’t have treated me that way, no. But the thing is, I do the same thing when I’m stressed. We take it out on each other and that’s not healthy. We need to find a better way whether it’s talking it out or writing it all down, it doesn’t matter. We just need to fix it. But don’t blame yourself for the whole thing. The circumstances of everything is so messed up so how about we forget the past and start over with the blessing we still have.” You spoke softly, taking his hand and placing it on your stomach.

“How did I get so lucky as to have someone as amazing as you?” He questioned, catching your lips in a quick kiss once again as you smiled at him.

“You’ll be a great mom. I promise you.”

“I think you’ll be a pretty great dad.”

And you had work to do, things to figure out before your little baby arrived (“I don’t care if he’s one of your idols Ashton we are not naming our child Joel.” “But babe…Fine. If it’s a girl can we name her-.” “No.”) And you had a lot of feelings to work out. But you knew that your days of being lonely were over and while you also still had some forgiving to do, you could handle whatever came your way. (Except for dirty diapers. Ashton was going to have to deal with those.)

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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