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Reggie Mantle x Reader:  PART SIX THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: This is the last part of this imagine. I am pretty happy on how it turned out, hopefully you guys like it too. I hope it lives up to your expectations. I also didn’t want to drag this longer than it needed.

Words: 1747

Summary: Shizz goes down, but you and Reggie make up.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Some curse words I think

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

You woke up early on Monday morning because you didn’t want to face your parents since they gave you the weekend to think about the contract, but you knew if you turned it down once again they’ll only find a way for you to accept it. As much you as you wanted to be with Reggie this was not the way to do it. He also seemed pretty busy the couple of days, he seemed happy with Veronica and she was your friend and you couldn’t do this.

As you rushed out of your house wind in your hair, headphones placed in your ears as the music distracted you in the humid morning. You focused your eyes on the ground where the dew droplets resided in the grass. As much as you were avoiding him, you needed to speak with Reggie about this whole situation.

You walked in the coffee shop and ordered your usual and kept your slow pace in no rush to get to school.

As you were there early you decided to go straight to the art room and paint or draw something to calm your nerves.

You thought about how on Saturday afternoon Reggie ignored your comment about him only telling you how he felt to please his parents and get you to accept that stupid contract. About how Veronica was so happy with him, probably thinking you set them up; but all you wanted was for them to separate. You hated how you thought this. You couldn’t let your smile come up when you thought about Reggie being a bit jealous of Jughead, but that smile faded quickly as you were interrupted by you art teacher telling you the bell rang and it was time to get ready for your first class.

You made your way swiftly to your locker to collect your textbook, and he was there leaning on it and as much as you wanted to clear things up, you couldn’t face him. You stared right at him and your stomach went crazy, it was an attack of butterflies.

You walked up to your locker and nothing came out of your lips, it’s like you were in a trance.

Until your trance was broken by his mouth as he spoke “Hey, um can we talk?” as he moved so you could open your locker and take out your textbook.

“Not right now Reg” you claimed.

“Then when, you can’t ignore me forever (Y/N)” he reasoned with a desperate look in his brown eyes.

“I know that, but, not here” you signed soon distracted by the bell and you rushed out of there to your first class.

The day went by and lunch was finally here and you made your way to your usual table with Jughead, Betty, Archie, Kevin and Veronica.

All you wanted was your old life back where Reggie was just a friend, where your parents did as much work to ignore you and you were the neutral ground. But that you was gone after this whether you made a decision or not, you were no longer the girl who did everything to please everyone. All you wanted was to suppress your feelings for Reggie, you wanted your old Riverdale back when it was just a happy town.  You were also tired of doing everything for everyone.

You took your seat next to Jughead, hoping your friends would distract you from your thoughts.

That was until everything caught up with you and you wished it never happened, and that you didn’t have to hide it from your friends.

“Hey Reggie” the beautiful raven haired girl cheered while showing off her pearls as he appeared at your table.

“Hey Ron, umm, can we talk?” Reggie directed towards you and you stood up because you might as well get this over with.

“OH MY GOD! (Y/N)” the red haired bombshell squealed as you turned confused as to why she was so cheery and she took you and Reggie into a hug and all your friends gave her puzzled looks.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Cheryl continued.

“What are you talking about?” you questioned looking over your shoulders to Reggie and your friends.

“Oh, come on you tell them, but not me? How dare you?!” she kept on questioning and your brain was so slow it didn’t catch on to what she was referring to.

“What? What didn’t she tell you?” Kevin added.

“Seriously they’re all in on it, well whatever, I know now and I’m so happy for you” she raged.

“About what? What did I do?” you were still oblivious to what she was asking and you wished you hadn’t pushed the answer once she revealed it.

“You and Reggie of course, my parents told me all about it, well I overheard your moms telling my mom this morning. You guys make a cute couple. I’m so happy for you!” you stood there frozen, you wanted to run but your feet stood still and the next sequence of events happened to fast.

“What?!?!” Veronica screeched and the whole table gasped.

“No Ron, I- I- it’s not-” was that came out of your mouth as she stood up and planted a slap on your cheeks and Reggie pushed her away.

“Come on” Reggie spoke softly as tears started to surface on your face and he grabbed your hand to walk away.

“No!” you retorted as you let go and Jughead stood up to get you out of there.

“Let’s go” Jughead spoke as he started to take you away and put his arm around you.

“Norman Bates, mind your own business this is between us” Reggie claimed as he removed Jughead’s arm off you and pushed him.

Jughead hated the way Reggie was sometimes so he pushed him back and they started to fight as you and Archie went up to them to separate them.

“I need time” you spoke to Reggie and walked away with Jughead.

You left school early trying to get away from all of the mess, and you were so happy that your parents weren’t home.

How could they do this? Did Reggie know again and is that why he wanted to talk to you?

“This is all my fault” you proclaimed as you got a snack for Jughead since lunch was kind of eventful.

“Hey, it’s not your fault (Y/N)” Jughead reassured you.

“No, it is. I do everything for my parents to make them happy, so they could be proud of me, but no matter how I do it will never be enough. I want everyone happy that I don’t even think about my own happiness. This was so easy, no matter what I chose my parents knew if they did something about it I would accept it, I am such a pushover.” You ranted

“What do mean whatever you chose? Your parents want you with Reggie? Isn’t that a good thing you like him.” Jughead asked as he furrowed his eyebrow and you knew there was no way out of this one, so you told him the truth.

“Just talk to him, I know I’m not his biggest fan, but I’ll deal for you. Also you are going to need to talk to Veronica, I’m sure she’ll understand” Jughead pointed out as he left you.

You texted and called Veronica so you could talk to her and explain the situation, but she didn’t answer.

You were soon distracted by the knock on your window which revealed the tall handsome Reggie as you opened your window.

“That used to be easier” he chuckled trying to break the tension entering your bedroom.

“I like what you’ve done with the pla-” he stated as you interrupted him. Your body took over as you placed one of your hands behind his neck and pressed your lips on his and he moved his hands to your waist.

The kiss was passionate and slow and you didn’t want it to end.

“I’m sorry about this whole mess, I didn’t think it would get this bad” he confessed as you both moved to your bed and sat there.

“Do you actually like me? Or did you just tell me all that stuff because of the contract?” you mentioned.

“If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have kissed you like that. I promise my feelings for you are 100% real” he added as he put his arm around your waist and you laid your head on his shoulder

“What about Veronica?” you questioned him.

“Nothing happened, I promise you. Not one kiss. I like you, yes I was stupid to call her after the dinner I just wanted to forget about being rejected from the only girl I ever cared about” he chimed in as he kissed your forehead.

“I didn’t reject you, I was just confused. You’re the one that left me, your chose your popularity after you promised you would be there for me and I promised you the same. I kept my promise, whenever you called I was there.” You confirmed as he grabbed your hand.

“No words will ever be enough to show you how sorry I am. You started hanging out with Archie and them, especially Wednesday Addams I- I just assumed you preferred him, and I don’t make the best decisions” Reggie sighed.

“It’s Jughead, and he is just my best friend, if you want anything to do with me you’re going to have to deal with Jughead” You countered as he smiled.

“So you’re saying we can like be a thing? For real, like you’re going to be my girlfriend? I’m going to be your boyfriend?” he said with a smile on his face and you smiled back.

“Yours, no contract, and we have to talk to Veronica and our parents” you explained as you pecked his lips once more.

“For you, anything babe” he concluded as he kissed your hand.

So you talked to Veronica, not expecting her to be so understanding, but once you told her the truth she embraced you in a tight hug and apologized for slapping you.

Later you talked to your parents at yet another dinner, and they were quite happy of course. Although to get under their skin you and Reggie somehow always forgot when their events and banquets took place and sometimes you would take drives to the old cabin and revisit the tree where your initials were carved inside a heart and just be together.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, if you don't mind could you explain what that means because I'm lost, also what trend where you talking about here: "me, being kicked out of school for plagiarism: um you’re not entitled to my emotional labor? find the sources yourself"

um, you’re not entitled to my emotional labour.

No, I’m joking, of course I will explain.

This is a joke about an exchange you might see rattling around tumblr, usually in regards to social justice topics. Someone will ask for an explanation of or clarification on a topic, or advice on how to handle something and they’ll just be told to “educate themselves”, and sometimes told directly that asking is demanding emotional labour of minorities.

(in case you’ve not run across the term, emotional labour originated in describing the extra emotional theatre service workers are expected to perform for customers, but nowdays gets used more broadly to demands for emotional support and processing and free domestic and similar labour which is disproportionately demanded of women and other minorities).

So the joke is about the differing epistemological standards between Tumblr, where that’s appropriate and academia, where you’d actually be punished because you are, quite legitimately, expected to back up your statements.

And the reason that I reblogged it specifically in the meanest way possible is that I do not like the concept of “just educate yourself”. I really, really do not.

This is an idea that comes from a lot of good places, which is what I’m going to start with. But it also gets used in a lot of ways I find at best deeply suspect and at worst fairly toxic, which is why I was reblogging the joke in my nastiest voice.

1. I do think that if you’re going to ask someone for advice directly the polite thing to do is to exhaust your own resources first. The idea that Dr. Google should be your first stop is a good one and I don’t want to bash on it.

2. A lot of this arises from people who get deluged with questions, often invasive, and often repeatedly exerting the right to take a break. AND THAT’S DEFINITELY AWESOME. No one should be compelled to do activism. When someone says “hey can you answer my question” unless you’re actually being paid to educate them, “no” is definitely an excellent and reasonable answer. And if someone tells you their not doing the question answering thing, the only polite option is to gracefully go ask someone else.

3. Some people get tremendously picky about how other people offer them free time and effort and the call to educate yourself comes, in part from people who’ve been offered summaries and curated reading lists and demanded, instead, private lessons. Which is just bloody rude.

BUT, even though “go away and educate yourself” is a totally reasonable idea in many circumstances, as I’ve listed, there are some really icky ways I see some of this getting used.

1. I find the idea that dropping an ask in someone’s open ask box is a “demand” very suspect. Its certainly a request, but there’s no force associated with it. If I’d decided not to answer this, for instance, I could simply delete it. If I kept getting too many asks I could even close my ask box, or turn off anon. You can’t compel me to answer your ask. You can’t punish me for not doing it. (I am perfectly happy to answer this, fyi). Now, the nature of Tumblr means that searching is very hard and its easy to end up deluged with the same basic question over and over. I’m not an education blog, I get few asks and I’ve still been asked what image captions are for 5-6 times. So I get that it can be very frustrating… but its still not a demand.

2. It often seems to carry the idea that finding information is a lot easier than it actually is. Really basic information can be readily googled. But there’s huge amounts of ideas I’ve encountered during fandom conversations, or just floating through tumblr threads, or on ask blogs that I have LITERALLY been unable to find via google, even after a good few hours looking, and that’s for information that I already know. I don’t think this is malicious a lot of the time. When you’re an expert its very easy to loose track of what is and isn’t easy to find for a non-expert. But its still pretty brutal to exhaust your google-skills, go ask something and be told in so many words to “just google it stupid”.

These two aren’t so bad, they’re mostly just a case of conflicting experiences and that happens. But.

3. Even though “go do it yourself” is a great thing to say if you’re looking to avoid activism (and I’ll reiterate I think that’s everyone’s right and you should never feel bad for saying ‘no I’m done/not doing this’ about activism, God knows I do it enough) I see it being used as activism instead. And it gives me a case of the nopes. Because the person who does the educating sets the curriculum. And when you say “go educate yourself” you’re rolling the dice on if the person who does educate them is on your side or not. Especially because it is virtually impossible to fact-check something you’re unfamiliar with. There’s also often a HUGE effort imbalance. Like, sure, it takes me some effort to dig up my “here’s why image captions are a thing” post. And it took me a bit of effort to write it in the first place, but It would probably take the asker a lot longer to google it all up. And that’s a pretty simple topic. I’ve asked activist friends for reading lists before and realistically getting 20-30min help from them has saved me probably 2-3 hours. And the information quality is better on top of that.

4. While this doesn’t happen a huge amount, I see this sometimes attached to very complex issues, or or topics where opinions are very diverse and then it, quite frankly, creeps me out a bit. Because when I see “just educate yourself omg” attached to a post with a strong opinion element, even though it might not be intentional, I cannot help but perceive an undercurrent of “if you were truly educated you’d agree with me” and “how dare you ask for sources, don’t question me, just shut up and do as I say”… and those… those are not good dynamics.

Why him? - G Dragon (Arranged Marriage) Chapter 1

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I groaned as I walked into the building that my father worked in, he had called me earlier and told me to stop by right after school. So here I was walking up to the receptionist and asking her where my father’s office was. I’m also not in the best mood, some asshole at school thought it would be funny to stick gum in my hair, luckily I managed to take it off without having to cut my hair.

My feet dragged the rest of my body towards the elevator, I got in and pressed on the button with the number 25 on it. Why did this building have so many floors? I mentally groaned, and only because someone else was on the elevator with me. Minutes later the door opened at floor 25, once again I asked for directions on how to get there. But hey don’t blame me, I’ve never been here so this was a first.

After being lead to I thanked the nice lady and knocked on the door, “Come in.” My fathers voice rang. I opened the door and let myself in. “Yes father?” I said politely, fixing my posture before he commented on it. He smiled, “take a seat darling” he greeted with a smile. Weird, he never smiled and even less called me darling. I tried my best to not freak out in the inside but this vibe I was getting wasn’t the best.

“You called me and asked me to stopped by” I reminded.

“Oh well yes I did” he started, “I’ve been thinking… You’re getting older and you yet haven’t brought a boy home.” His voice getting a bit stern at the end.

“I don’t have time for boys, my main focus is school. Is there something wrong with that?” I replied as I raised my eyebrow slightly.

“No. not at all. I guessed that’s why you never brought someone home. Which is good.. There’s this young man interested in getting married soon, he’s in his 25s and well since he always focused on his career when he was younger, well he never got a chance to date.”

My heartbeat began to race, “Let me stop you right there dad.” My formal tone nowhere to be seen after what he had just informed me of. “I don’t want a man, I don’t need one. I’m an independent woman and that’s how it’s going to stay.” My voice getting a little higher to emphasize on what I was trying to get through.

“That’s absurd. Every woman needs a man just like every man needs a woman. I told him that I have a daughter who’s just about to exit high school and start college. He was very, very interested. He said he’s willing to marry you. Craziest part is he has no clue how you are, how you look, I think he’s a keeper.”

A cold laugh left me, “You’ve gone mad old man. I’m not marrying anyone just because you want me too.”

“You are marrying him, how dare you question your father?! I’m assuring you a great man who will make you happy and take great of you and your future children!”

His powerful voice filling the room, he was mad of my attitude but I was even more annoyed about his greediness. He wasn’t doing this for me but for him, something told me that behind all of this there was a pile of cash waiting for him.

I got up and pushed the chair back, “You’re crazy, talk to me again once you get your head out of your ass.” And with that I stormed out of his office, pushing and shoving away anyone who got in my path.

What do you guys think of chapter 1? Feedback is always very much appreciated!


Better Than Words (Phillipa Soo x Reader)

Write-A-Thon: Day 2 (Femslash)

Summary: At 3 am, the world is asleep and your best friend has dragged you up to the hotel rooftop to stargaze- but the stars reflected in each other’s eyes are far more captivating than the ones in the sky will ever be.

Words: 2166

A/N: here’s day 2 of the write-a-thon ft me being a hoe for space and sneakily putting in quotes from skam

You’d always loved stars, and space as a whole for that matter. Whether it was simply to gaze at them or to study them, you always found a sense of blissful happiness in the gleaming beacons of light scattered across the formidable vast darkness of the sky.

The planetarium, to say the very least, had been a colossal disappointment, although perhaps that was to be blamed on the fact that you’d set your expectations far too high. But even by lower standards, it was a vastly overrated show.

Perhaps the artificial pleasure of the planetarium was sufficient for some people, but you much preferred the real stars, not a flimsy projection.

You drew out a slow and heavy sigh. In the frigid air, it seemed unnatural not to see the puffs of your breath hanging in the air before you, but the visual had been stolen away by the darkness.

Pulling the stiff blanket tighter around your shivering body, you made one last attempt to let yourself fall into the restless sleep that often came with sleeping away from home, especially in hotels such as this one.

Given the choice, you would have stayed home, but you weren’t granted that luxury. School trips were mandatory, and this overnight stay in Ashland was no exception. At least the school had been kind enough to put you in a hotel room with Phillipa Soo, the only classmate who you felt comfortable enough with to speak to.

“Pippa?” Your voice was a mere whisper, swallowed by the reigning darkness, but it somehow reached Phillipa’s ears.

“Yeah?” she breathed, rolling over in her bed so she could face you.

The night was illuminated only by her eyes, sparkling with a new light as if a fire had been ignited in her, world erupting in forever ardent flames.

“I can’t sleep,” you admitted, your words clinging to the tip of your tongue like a secret that wasn’t eager to be told.

More than anything, you wanted to go home. Back to your own mattress, your own sheets, your own bathroom. To burnt toast in the morning rather than the freshly prepared hotel meals. You longed for the feeling of belonging that lingered behind those walls. The only thing that lingered in the hotel room was the sense of a false comfort.

“Me either,” Phillipa whispered, her voice wavering in the still night.

Your eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness and you could just barely make out Phillipa’s face. Dark hair falling around her pale face in waves, lips turned upwards in the teasing hint of a smile. She was ethereal, almost, as if she’d been sent directly from heaven.

“I barely sleep,” you confessed to her, not intending to speak in a whisper, yet the night demanded hushed tones. “But it’s worse here.”

“Sleep is the cousin to death.” She spoke in soothing tones that greatly contradicted the nature of the statement. “It’s only natural to fear it.”

“I don’t fear it.” You drew out a sigh, selecting your words carefully as if plucking them one by one out of the air. “It’s never come naturally to me, I just can’t turn my brain off. And when I’m far from home, it’s worse. There’s just too many thoughts in my head.”

Phillipa seemed to consider your words for a few moments. “You like space, don’t you?” she asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

You nodded, unsure of where she was heading with this.

“That planetarium exhibit was awful.” She kept her tone light, adding another layer of comfort to the night, and perhaps, you thought, perhaps you could even get so comfortable with the soothing sound of her voice that you could drift off.

“Yeah…” Your voice was muffled, hesitant, not quite daring to make eye contact.

“Hey…” Phillipa spoke softly, struggling to hold your gaze. “How’d you like to look at some real stars?”

“Real stars?” You wrapped your lips around a smile, daring to ask the question. “And how exactly would you go about showing me some of those?”

“Mmm…” Phillipa flashed a small smile, speaking with the kind of unbreakable confidence that you couldn’t deny intimidated you, but the gentle warmth was ever present in her eyes. “What if I told you I knew the way up to the roof?”

You followed Phillipa to the roof, wishing with every step you took that you’d thought to bring a jacket. The frigid air cut into your skin like knives.

You tucked your knees into your chest as you sat just far enough from the edge of the roof that there was no danger of falling. Even with Phillipa sitting right next to you, you could barely see her face: her hair fell in a sheet concealing her from your view.

“How many floors are in this hotel?” you murmured, daring to glance down at the world below you. You immediately regretted it. Your stomach seemed to drop from the top of the building, and your heart rate sped up.

“Don’t look down,” Phillipa advised, her gentle voice washing over you like the tide. “It’ll only freak you out.”

“Too late.” You cracked a smile through your nervousness, but Phillipa could still see the fear in your eyes.

“Look up at the sky instead,” she told you, pointing upwards. You followed the direction of her finger and gazed up at the stars like scattered diamonds against the night sky. You found your worries dissipating as you searched for constellations among the thousands- millions of stars against the pitch black curtain draped over the sky.

You fought back the urge to smile, biting your lip in resistance. You resigned yourself to silence, letting Phillipa fill the quiet. She was good at it: she always laughed the loudest, smiled the widest, and her eyes gleamed the brightest.

“Look at them,” Phillipa continued, referring to the stars. “They’re so small from here, but each of them is even bigger than our sun.”

You nodded, sucking in air as if you were afraid to speak.

In the silence, Phillipa continued to talk, and you let her. You let her lead you farther in, allowing yourself to get lost in her words.

“Imagine it. Those stars, they could have their own planets just like ours circling them. Planets with life.” Her voice floated through the near summer breeze, giving it an almost sing song tone.

“I’d like that.” Voice timid and shaky, you let yourself speak. “I think…” You trailed off as you felt Phillipa’s eyes on you, waiting for you to continue.

You tilted your head up towards the sky and let yourself lose your mind under the stars. Your breathing came in trembling waves. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

“I think I’d like to see one of those planets.” It took a few moments but you finally finished your sentence as you focused your attention solely on your breath.

“It’s easier to pretend that they don’t exist.” Phillipa let herself fall back against the rooftop, lying next to you with a lazy smile dancing across her face.

“I disagree.”

Phillipa raised her eyebrows, amused by the notion. “Do you?”

“Yeah.” You didn’t elaborate, simply letting your words stand alone with no explanation needed. Why disrupt the peaceful silence with meaningless words?

“We can’t possibly be alone in the universe.” She spoke with a reassuring tone, though you couldn’t tell whether she meant it to be directed towards you or herself. “But I think that it would make things easier if we were.”

“Mmm…” You thought for a few moments, waiting to see if Phillipa had anything else to add. “It would be worse to be alone. We’d be so… helpless. Just a tiny little rock floating through space. Isn’t it better to have that constant reassurance that there’s someone- or something else?”

“What good does it do us to believe in life elsewhere?” Phillipa’s voice almost shocked you: you weren’t expecting it to have such bitter undertone. “It’s not like there are aliens here. On our planet.”

“Maybe in some alternate universe there is,” you mused, thinking out loud more than putting real consideration into your words.

Phillipa smirked lazily, letting her lips part slowly. “Don’t tell me you believe in alternate universes as well as aliens.”

In that moment, you had never been more grateful for the darkness: it hid the blush that slowly flooded your cheeks. Even so, you turned away from Phillipa so she wouldn’t see. “Maybe.”

Phillipa spurred up a soft chuckle, the sound ringing out clearly in the still night. She wasn’t mocking you though, you were sure of that.

“The thing about alternate universes,” she began, in the same soothing voice. It seemed as though no matter what she was saying, her voice carried that same gentle undertone. “The thing about them is that the whole concept is just the product of wishful thinking.”

“Wishful thinking?” you repeated, trying to figure out how that could possibly be the source of alternate universes.

“Yeah. Because that’s what people would like to think exists.” The words rolled smoothly off of Phillipa’s tongue as she filled the gaping silence of the night. “If something goes wrong, they have that to blame it on. They can think that the only reason things are going badly is that they’re going fine in some other universe.”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged off Phillipa’s theory in favor of your own. “I think they’re real. I think that somewhere far away, in another universe, everything is exactly the same except… I don’t know.”

“You really believe that there’s really the same Pippa and the same (Y/N) on the same rooftop but you were smart enough to bring a coat?” Phillipa laughed softly, but the sound died off when she saw just how cold you were. “Sorry. Here-” She slipped her own jacket off of her shoulders. “Wear this.”

You pulled her hoodie around yourself and smiled gratefully. You found yourself getting lost in Phillipa’s eyes, and the way the stars up above reflected in them. It was as if you simply lacked the capacity to care about anything but her star sprinkled eyes.

“Y/N?” Phillipa’s voice drew your attention back to reality.


“We should probably get back inside before someone notices we’re gone.” You could almost detect a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“Yeah…” You trailed off, knowing she was right. A quick glance at your watch confirmed that it was almost 3 am, and you couldn’t even fathom the amount of trouble you would get in if you were caught out of bed at this time.

Yet, neither of you made any move to get up. You continued to lie next to each other on the roof, eyes staring into one another’s, and both seeing much more than simply a face in the dark.

“Hey… um…” Phillipa stumbled over her words, cheeks flushing a deep red.

You raised your eyebrows in concern: you’d never seen Phillipa so lost for something to say.

“I don’t actually know that much about space,” she confessed, biting her lip anxiously. “I just… I may have looked it up before we got here. I… well, I knew that you liked space and I thought…” she trailed off.

You’d never felt as much at a loss for words as you did in that moment, and never had there been a worse time for you to forget how to speak.

“I thought it might impress you,” she finished, regaining a small shred of confidence.

“Oh.” You knew that one word wouldn’t suffice, but you didn’t quite know how to respond to a confession like that.

The smooth and confident Pippa from mere hours ago was gone, replaced by the blushing, insecure girl before you.

You reached out across the void for her hand, letting your fingers brush up against hers. You drew out a smile as she slipped her hand into yours. They felt like ice in your hands.

“I just… I’m sorry, but I-”

“It’s okay,” you interjected, cutting her off mid sentence. “I promise.”

She smiled gratefully, letting her eyes flutter shut.

“Hey, don’t fall asleep,” you warned. “We’ve got to get inside. You’re freezing.”

“Mmm…” She smiled sleepily, resting her head on your shoulder. “Would it be wrong to kiss you?”

You faltered, unsure of how to respond to a question such as that one. “It wouldn’t be wrong.” You dragged your words out, giving yourself time to consider what she’d said. “Maybe… you could.”

Her smile widened considerably, and her eyes lit up with a fervent light you’d never seen in her before. But despite it, she still giggled nervously, cheeks flushed pink.

“You can kiss me,” you decided, meeting her gaze. “I’d like that.”

Gently, she pressed her lips against yours, and you swore you saw stars- though perhaps it was the ones up in the sky.

As you kissed her, you found that the best part was that you hadn’t even lied.

so pardon the dust while this all settles in

A G-rated hurt/comfort one-shot set post-framework. 

Because Fitz and Simmons need to talk about it. And this time they actually do. So much has happened, but it can’t change one simple fact: their love. And they can’t let go of that, or they won’t have anything.

IDK… we never see Fitzsimmons talk this much. But sometimes I wish we did.

the name came from this song

As his swirling, foggy consciousness awakens, he feels a tingle running through his heavy, aching limbs. Fitz faintly hears his name being called, but all that registers is the way the voice sounds. He doesn’t think about his name or her name, just way it feels hearing that voice. It feels like coming home. 

The tightness across his chest loosens and he can breath again, except that takes too much thought. Instead he slumps forward like a sack of potatoes, and feels her arms catching him and holding him. While she gasps and quivers quietly beneath him, he clings to her instinctively like a sleeping child hugs a teddy bear. 

At her repeated pleas and prompts, he leans on her shoulder and stumbles forward. 

Getting on the plane is a blur. But when he wakes up again, this time in a bed, she is still there, her fingers entwined with his. She’s staring at their clasped hands when his eyes open.

His voice is raspy when he tries to speak, “J-Jem-”

“Fitz?” She grabs a glass of water and helps him drink, then resumes holding his hand. “Hey… I’m here.”


Her name is his prayer: let this be real. He squeezes her hand, hoping to be certain of her presence. Let her be real, here, and safe: that’s all he needs to know. He wishes he could know that one thing and forget everything else.

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idubbbz imagine part two

Ian breaks through his hazey dream with a sudden realization that he’s extremely warm, his eyes seek out the source of heat, finally landing on the source the events from the previous night flood back quickly. Your arm is over his chest, body pressed against his side, leg over his lap. you’re bundled in his clothes, and he finds your appearance appealing to say the least. Ian stretches a bit, and you stir beside him, Ian watches as your eyes flutter open… you look around the room calmly for a second, then at him. as all of the emotions, all of the memories, and all of the sensations gather up at once you catch a glimpse of the blue haze behind Ian. 9:45 am. you sit up instantly.

“oh God” you say stammering over Ian and off of the bed, you fall onto the floor and scan the ground for your clothes, theyre in a pile in the corner, soaked.

“fuck!” you yell, hands all over the desk, searching wildly for your keys, you remember setting them down at the door.

“what’s going on?” Ian asks, following you out, you hold up your keys.

“work” you say, running to the door.

“im uh, im late. i gotta go” you say, he looks surprised, and confused. you close the door. By the time you get home, change, and drive all the way to work youre an hour late, you offer to stay an extra hour after your shift technically ends, but your boss is lenient and amused that youre late. you are never late, you never let up on yourself either your boss notices how seriously you take your job. you’re pretty busy today, trying to make up for the hour you were gone, but your mind trails off every now and then, you cant help but be distracted by the images in your mind. The sensations are so fresh, the emotions are persistent on making your day a mess. you couldnt be too mad though, you were happy that everything panned out the way it did. the sudden burst of courage led you to a mesmerizing experience with someone important to you…

“excuse me?” you hear, distracted again, you try to push the thoughts from your mind, and focus on your work more. you push yourself and push yourself until you get a headrush. the lightheaded feeling hits you like a train and you find yourself outside on some picnic benches, staring at a tall cup of water and an apple. you cant think of eating anything else. you push through your work day and finally get to leave, you look out onto the familiar road and drive the way you do every day, back to your apartment. you throw your bag onto the couch, and plop down, taking a bit to relax.

“you home?” you hear at the door, you look up, Gwen stands there, smiling, holding a bag.

“i am” you say. “not sure if im alive though” you tell her.

“i have just the thing.” she says, walking in, kicking off her shoes as she shuts the door. Gwen moved in a while after you did, you became friends pretty quickly considering your track record with friends. you have alot in common, sense of humor, humbleness, style. Most importantly, the same taste in food. you watch as she pull sout two big bowls of take out mexican food.

“barbacoa with medium and pico de gallo” gwen hands you the food, taking out her own. your mouth is already watering just hearing those words.

“all I’ve had today is like a gallon of water, and an apple.” you say gwen shakes her head.

“thats not good for you” she says, gwen was gorgeous, curvy, long blonde hair, and the biggest blue green eyes youve ever seen. for some reason, she thinks your just as attractive.

“i didnt hear you come in last night” Gwen says, as she picks the remote up, and relaxes on the couch, everything from the previous night floods back to you.

“yea… i stayed over at Ians” you say quietly. you see gwen turn her entire body towards you, and sets the remote down without picking a show. you pick it up and click on some cooking show.

“really now?” Gwen says, you nod and shrug.

“no biggie right?” you say gwen laughs.

“come on, you’re frazzled, you’re telling me its just from work?” Gwen asks, you cant lie to her, and why should you? Gwen has always been accepting of you.

“we made out a little bit… i stopped it from going further, im not even sure he was into it. i dont know” you mutter out, you’ve been wanting to talk about it all day! now that you’ve got it out, the strenuous feeling in your chest is finally relaxing.

“wow! awesome good for you!” Gwen says “im sure he was into it how could he not be??” Gwen says, happy for you. you shrug.

“Ive known Ian since i was a pre-pubescent nightmare of a child… i dont see how he can see me in any other way” you tell gwen, the honestly of it hurts, putting it into words hurts a bit more.

“wel… how do you look at him?” Gwen asks, you blush instantly… Ian, he hasnt changed much, but at the same time… he has changed drastically.

“i… I’ve always preferred Ian. I feel like he’s changed alot, but at the same time, not at all he’s still the same Ian that would be nice to me when he came over to hang out with my brother… thats another thing, because I’ve known him so long it feels… corrupt” you admit. Gwen nods.

“well… i think maybe all it is… maybe you’ve changed” Gwen says, you look up, quizzical. Gwen nods.

“maybe its your perspective thats different now, you’re older, you see things differently.” Gwen says. you feel a bit selfish, you didnt even think about you being the obstacle. you sigh and nod, giving gwen a little smile. After you eat, and hang out for a while, gwen tell syou some stories about her and kevin, her boyfriend. after a while you both start to yawn, and decide you should turn in for the night. gwen went home, and you changed into your pajamas, staring at the clock in the dark. you sigh as it turns over to twelve thirty. he should be asleep now…you grab your phone and text Ian

“sorry i had to run this morning, had work, tough day talk soon?” you write, its pretty neutral, you set your phone on the nightstand and turn over, closing your eyes. your phone blares and you jump, the ringer is so loud! you scramble to grab it.

“h-hello?” you answer quickly.

“hey,  i was going to text you back but i am… messy. unboxing video, did i wake you?” Ian… you are suddenly shy, very shy.

“uh, no, not technically.” You answer, you hear a faucet turn on.

“liar, youre in bed arent you” he says, you huff a laugh.

“yes, but i wasnt sleeping” you say.

“what were you doing?” Ian asks, you stammer.

“well, i was texting you, i just-” you hear him laugh at your nervousness.

“alright alright, so i was thinking since you so rudely and abruptly deserted me, you could repay me by coming over tomorrow night with pizza” Ian suggests you feel your cheeks warm and know you’re blushing.

“are you going to be playing video games all night again” you ask trying to lighten the situation.

“no, it would be kind of rude to ignore you while we’re on a date” Ian responds. you feel your heart skip. you stammer to find words. ian gives off a chuckle.

“dont worry about the pizza, just be here around eight alright?” he says.

“uh… uh-huh” you manage. a little speechless.

“yea?” he asks, you clear your throat.

“youre not fucking with me are you?” you ask, wondering if its a cruel joke, you’ve always had a crush on Ian, so this just seems a little too good to be true.

“no, im not, honest. yea totally when you get here im just gonna be like “HA GOT EM!’ and some midgets are gonna come out and laugh at you… no, im not that much of an asshole.” Ian says, you laugh at the image and ian chuckles.

“alright go to bed now” Ian says, his way of saying goodbye.

“dont tell me what to do” you say.

“how dare you  question my authority” Ian says.

“i will kick your scrawny ass” you tease him

“scrawny! i am not scrawny! i just so happen to be a healthy adult thankyou very much” Ian defends himself.

“okay healthy adult, goodnight” you say, your voice softer now, soothing, sleepy.

“goodnight, ill see you tomorrow right?” Ian says, calmer as well.

“ill be there” you tell him. hearing the line click after a bit, you hang up and lay your phone on your pillow. you smile softly, happily as you fall asleep.

Everything youre choosing looks weird for some reason, the dresses are just, not you. too small, to bright, too…. too much. you sigh and fall back onto your bed.

“dont give up pessimist” Gwen coaches you. you look up at her and imagine a whistle hanging around her neck, a foam finger with your name and “#1 !!” written on it, a determined smile spread across her face.

“Im not a pessimist” you say, scooting up on the bed and relaxing, your hair is still wet from your shower. your second shower. gwen wanted to put make up on you but by the time she finished, you were horrified. you washed it all off. you sigh and try to think of the last time you were comfortable in a dress. probably the christmas party you were forced to go to, you wore a light blue dress with long sleeves, and you drank about six sweet peppermint drinks only to find out later, by the excessive vomiting, they had alcohol in them.

“thats it!” you say smiling, you dive head first into your closet and rummage through everything.

“i can wear a dress as long as it has sleeves! i have this nervous tick thing” you say to gwen

“ive seen you do it, you count to fives in your hand by squeezing your sleeves!” gwen says. you reach into your closet deeper and pull out a navy blue dress, its kind of short but it has sleeves that are perfect for tugging. you take off the uncomfortable dress and wiggle into the navy blue dress. looking in the mirror. it even fits perfectly. not too tight in the problem areas, and just perfect in all the right areas.

“you look great!” gwen says sitting on your bed. you grin, imagining her foam finger up in the air and her doing a touchdown dance.

you stare at the wood pattern in the door, the paint thats chipping off in the corner. youve been staring for a bit now, youve probably got the door memorized, but you cant find the courage to ring the door bell

“why ring the doorbell? when have you ever rung the doorbell?”  you remind yourself. you take a deep breath, and turn the knob, opening the door.

“hey, you ready?!” Ian is right there. you yelp and jump,hand to your chest. Ian laughs.

“jesus christ Ian! how long were you waiting there to scare me like that?!” you ask, he raises an eyebrow.

“i was just coming to the door to meet you outside, why? how long were you there?” he smiles, you blush.

“i just got here, of course” you say. looking up at him. hes dressed in one of his nicer shirts. a button up, and some nice jeans. you smile lightly.

“you look nice” you say he smiles.

“so do you, a dress huh?” Ian asks, looking at it, you blush.

“yea, i uh…” you stammer, great, you knew the dress was a bad idea.

“you look amazing” Ian says you look up in a flash, hes still looking down, you smile and Ian chuckles, closing the door behind him.

“were going out?” you ask.

“yea, we always get pizza. this is a date, it should be different right” Ian says, walking towards his car, you smile.

“yea i guess” you say, slightly nervous. you get in, and drive down into the city.

“im gonna date you so hard right now” Ian says, you giggle.

“you’re gonna be like ‘oh my god, i just go super dated man, im so dated. like how can i even be this dated wow thanks Ian for this awesome date” you laugh.

“knock it off youre gonna make my face all red” you say, Ian smiles feeling satisfied. you watch as he pulls in front of a small restaurant, and turns the car off.

“the mayflour?” you ask, Ian nods.

“You’ll like it” he promises, you get out and he rounds the car to meet you. the place is small, and dimly lit, the sun is setting outside making it even nicer inside. it looks warm and comfortable. theres no waiting line, or hostess to seat you. Ian leads you to a booth out of the way, and you sit across from him. All of the nerves come up and you try not to look him in the eye, looking around at the restaurant at the cute old timey stuff. Alot to do with baking, lost of old pictures.

“hey folks how ya doing” a woman approaches the table, shes wearing an apron, not a cheesy one, one that she actually uses.

“pretty well thanks” Ian says.

“alrighty great, can i start you off with some drinks?” she asks,

“sure, ill have a coke” Ian says, they both look at you, as you expected.

“ill have an ice water, please” you say she smiles and nods. handing you both a menu.

“ill be right back with that, and to take your order” she says smiling and walking off. you open the menu, but Ian takes it from you.

“trust me, theres only one thing youre going to want, and  after you have it its going to ruin everything else for you” Ian says, confidently, you smile and shrug.

“alright, but if your wrong youre gonna owe me big time.” you say Ian smiles and nods putting his hands up.

“alright, if im wrong, and you hate this specific item… you can… i dont know, paint me green entirely or something?” he offers, you laugh and nod.

“alright, deal” you say, with half a mind to say you hate it just to paint him green. the waitress gets back and you wait patiently for Ian to give up the secret.

“we will have two of your afternoon delight, please and thankyou” Ian says, the woman smiles.

“coming right up” she says. walking off, you smile and shake your head.

“all this secretive stuff is gonna make the disappointment even more disappointing yaknow” you say Ian rolls his eyes.

“you’re such a-” you cut him off

“pessimist?” you ask, he blinks and huffs a laugh.

“im not though, really” you say. wrapping your hand around the glass and looking at the ice, floating around inside the cup.

“i know youre not… just sometimes when it comes to yourself you can be… less that optimistic” Ian says, you glance up at him, who knew he was so observant… you smile.

“ i dont like surprises they give me anxiety” you tell him, he smiles and shrugs.

“guess youre gonna need some xanax then” Ian says, you both laugh and you feel yourself start to relax.

“you two are in luck, fresh out of the oven” you hear the waitress say, you smell it before you see it, sweet, buttery…? you look at the plate she sets in front fo the both of you. a large piece of blueberry pie with a scoop of ice cream on the side melting into the pie, the waitress sets a tall glass of milk by each of you.

“thankyou, so much” Ian says the waitress smiles and walks away. Ian gives you an i-told-you-so look.

“im allergic to blueberries” you say simply, and seriously,Ian pauses for a moment.

“no you arent!” he says, you smile.

“yes i am” you say giggling.

“Ive seen you eat blueberries you freaking liar” Ian says, you laugh and take a bite of the pie… Oh god… he was right… this is the best thing youve ever tasted! its sweet and flaky and delicious!

“huh?!” Ian says, taking a bite of his. you shrug and nod

“its alright” you say acting skeptical. Ian shrugs.

“alright then” he grabs your plate, you laugh and take it back, Ian laughs with you. you calm down and take another bite… mind trailing off.

“when did you see me eat blueberries?” you ask, a hell of a thing to remember.

“oh, oft, long time ago. i think… you had to be at least eleven?” he says. youre a bit surprised, that was quite a while ago.

“uh, your brother and i just got out of school so we were in the kitchen tearing it up looking for pizza rolls, and you were at the table arranging blueberries and pieces of strawberries one by one in rows, then eating them two at a time. two blueberries, two strawberries” Ian says, showing you on his plate by separating two blueberries and popping them into his mouth. you smile… its incredibly sweet that he would remember something like that, you feel your cheeks warm.

“you were borderline serial killer, it was really touch and go there for a while” Ian says, you laugh.

“shut up” you say smiling and blushing. “you know you keep saying things like that and someones going to believe you” you say, scooping a bit of ice cream into your spoon.

“what you dont think im serious?” Ian asks, you raise an eyebrow and give him a look. a look that says ‘i know you Ian’… Ian smiles and looks down at his plate.

“no, of course not… you always seem to know when im joking or when im lying dont you. honestly its one of the things i really like about you. It seems to be all i do anymore, joke around, be sarcastic, act stupid… but you know, when im not like that. you still like me when im not like that… right?” Ian asks, you blink, processing everything, a bit surprised.

“of course i do… i like just, spending time with you. even when youre droned out in your game world, it still seems to be fun somehow” you say Ian doesnt even smile, he seems transfixed on you, he looks away slowly, and you cant seem to rip your eyes away now. the drive back is a little quieter than the drive there, it seems as if the lighthearted tone of the evening has come to an end. Ian pulls up to his house and turns the car off.

“did you mean that?” he asks, you nod, tugging on your sleeves.

“thats really sweet of you” Ian says, you shrug.

“i dont know if its, anything of me, its just how i feel…” you say, trying to shoo it away.

“dont belittle it, its important… you’re important, to me. how you feel is important, i just want to know. i know youre afraid in a sense, but you dont have to be. we always told each other everything that embarrassed us” Ian sounded strange now, needful, he softly drug his thumb across the top of your hand, and you grasped it, holding onto his thumb. you take a deep breath and look at him.

“Ian carter, i have feelings for you, but if you make me profess them to your face every time i see you… ill die” you say, a smile creeps across his face and he chuckles shrugging.

“alright then” he says, the lighthearted feeling seems to be back. you lay your head in his lap while you both relax on the couch, you lit some candles while he was changing into more comfortable clothes.

“what about…. Hawaii” Ian asks, you scoff.

“too hot. i can barely stand L.A. I need to drink more water is all” you tell him, hes running his hand through your hair softly, mindlessly, but you know and youre loving it.

“okay… Idaho” Ian says, you laugh.

“whats even in Idaho?” you ask,

“potatoes” Ian offers, you laugh.

“how about Oregon?” you ask, ian seems to be contemplating it.

“the rain, the clouds, everything green all around you, i bet its gorgeous in autumn.” you say he huffs a laugh that moves your head.

“you seem like youve put alot of thought into this” Ian says, you shrug, moving against him.

“you dont think about where you’d like to end up, when everythings over?” you ask.

“like, when i die?” Ian asks, you shake your head.

“no… just when everything stops. when everything gets peaceful, and you get to relax and be happy. not just ‘oh things arent going wrong right now’ but happy, really happy” Ian looks down at you, admiring your face, the curve of your nose, the squint of your blink.

“thats a hard one” Ian says quietly. his eyes trail down from your face to your neck, he traces circles along your arm, and his eyes flit over your dress to your legs crossed. youre completely relaxed…you nod, and yawn a bit.

you lay down and tug at the blanket to cover you, watching as Ian lays down next to you. neither of you knew, but both of you kind of know what the other wants…. Ian leans in to kiss you, and you kiss him back softly. he leans into you, wrapping you into his arms. you feel the warmth start to build up and relax against him. you kiss him harder, with more meaning, a deep kiss. you break away first as the feeling that caught you off guard last time shoot forward.

“Ian…” a shaky breath escapes your lips, inches from his.

“yea…” he says, calming you you look up at his face in the dark, the only light coming from the white walls, and your eyes adjusting to the night. theres another feeling though, a feeling of need. not only that, you feel so much with Ian, so much for Ian. you feel safe, you feel comfortable, you feel cared for and you feel like you matter.. Ian makes you feel wanted, and secure, and you believe him when he says youre important to him because hes proved it for so long. you kiss Ian softly, and kiss down his cheek to his neck. Ian leans into your kiss softly and sighs, relaxing. your hands drift from his shoulders, to his sides, you tug a bit at his shirt but your still shy. Ian lets you pull it off, helps you get it all the way off, and kisses your neck as you feel his chest. you smooth your hands over his chest, and down to his sides, finally exploring the lower part of his belly. Ian breaks from your skin as you grip his pant-line. you nod your head softly, hair falling in your face. Ian rises a bit, and pulls his pants down, you feel your heart beat quicken as he lowers himself between your legs, he reaches up and gently pushes the hair from your face before kissing you sweetly. you feel him push forward and you let out a sharp breath. your back arches involuntarily and you soak in the feeling of him filling you. almost like an ache being relieved, the relief prolonged again and again with every thrust. you moan as he retracts, breath escaping you as he sinks back in, his lips land against yours and he kisses you deeply, pressing harder against you. Ians hand on your hip, and the other arm braced beside your head so he can kiss your lips, and drag his lips down to your neck. satisfying every inch of you.

“Ian… oh Ian…” you whimper, your eyes tightly shut, hands gripping his waist. you pull him into you again, and Ian moans into the curve of your neck. its a growl of a moan, it fuels your begging.

“please…. Ian… it.. it feels so good” you can barely manage the words as he drives into you again, and again, and again. you feel something building inside of you, as if every thrust from him into you, inflates a balloon more and more.  you dig your fingers into Ians skin, leaving scratches on his back, youre moving with him now unaware it was even happening.

“Ian… i… fuck..!” you groan, pulling him into you, Ian pushes hard and his mouth is at your throat again, flicking and nibbling. you feel the baloon explode, apparently it was filled with pure euphoria. wave after wave hits you, and you call out uncontrollably.

“Ian!!!” with each wave another sharp moan from you, another sharp cry, Ian feels you release and he calms to a stop. kissing you while you come down off the best high youve ever been on. whimpering with the sharp tiny waves of your orgasm. Ian searches the dark for your lips and kisses you through your whimpers, laying beside you and scooping you up, his harsh breathing matching yours. you feel so light, your skin feels electric and your lips are tingling with numbness. you let out a relieved sigh, youve never felt so satisfied before. Ian lays his head against yours, relaxing beside you.

“i…” you try to find words but you cant even express yourself, there are no words for this.

“yea, me too” Ian says, you turn and lay against his chest, very comfortable in his arms. you look down at his arm, hes really holding onto you, his veins are prominent, the way Ian is sculpted has never been so arousing as it is right at this moment. his naked body pressed against yours, after hes drove your body to its limit.  you start to breathe normally, and the high starts to thin out, though it never goes away.

“that was…” you begin “entirely too good…” you say Ian huffs a laugh against your hair, his eyes are closed.

“yea” he agrees, sounds like his sleepy voice starting to take over, a deeper voice. Ian traces circles over your arm, and slowly tugs at you, swiftly hes under you, and your lowering down onto him. an entirely new sensation. you brace yourself, hands gathered on his lower belly.

“fuck… a little warning next time maybe?” you say, eyes shut tight, trying to catch your breath while Ian laughs a bit.

“sorry…” he says, you open your eyes and look down at him, this position is uncomfortable, he can see you all up and down, youve got nowhere to hide.

“ive never…” you start but stop, you feel entirely to vulnerable.

“i figured” Ian admits. youd never been in this position before… youd never been in… any position before. but you werent sure if Ian had “figured” that as well. this was different though, after your massive orgasm you felt as if your muscles were being relaxed. Ian places his hands on your hips, guiding you, you move with every pull.he feels so much deeper now! before it had felt as if he was pushing you to your limit but theres so much more, you bite your lip.

“fuck…” Ian groans, you open your eyes, wondering if youre doing something wrong, but he looks as if hes in a trance. eyes dark and fixated on you. you realize that youre not the vulnerable one here, Ian is. you move your hips, grinding down into him he gives off a heated groan again, he looks as if he isnt in control anymore. you like it, you feel more confident now. you move more and more, grinding into him, sensations shooting through you, new ones, good ones. you cant help it anymore, you moan with every small movement you give. ian looks up at you, the way your sitting on him, arms in front pushing your breasts together, he can look at every bit of you now. the way you’re grinding is putting him in a frenzy, hes gripping you hard now, reaching up your side Ian throws his head back and you feel him push up into you.

“fuck!!!” he groans, you slow a bit, watching his face, feeling his grip. its a sharp pain, but its such a good pain. Ian groans, again, and again… draining himself. his hands soften against you, and his breathing gets harsh. your breathing is quicker too. it wasnt much work, but it was a new work out. you fall forward against his chest. he relaxes a bit, but his harsh breath doesnt stop.

“are you okay?” you whisper. somehow whispering seems right.

“perfect” he whispers back. you relax against him, and your eyelids feel too heavy, youre too comfortable not to fall asleep. soaking in Ians warmth, and soaking up all of the pleasure this night has brought you.


Double Dare Me

Pairing: Newt x Reader
Requested by s-white22
Warnings: Sexual Content
Summary: The Gladers are winding down for the night with a friendly game of truth or dare. 


With the fire burning big and bright in the middle of the field the rest of the Gladers found a seat somewhere near the warmth and started chatting lightly with each other. I made sure to slip between both Thomas and Newt, they were the only ones who wouldn’t get drunk off Gally’s drink and try to unsuccessfully hit on me. 

I was laughing quietly at Thomas as he tried to tell us(with many hand gestures) what him and Minho did in the maze earlier that day. I hadn’t noticed the gaze I was getting from Newt as he watched me in the glow of the fire, smiling brightly at the story and adding in my own sarcastic comments now and then. 

I guess if I had been paying attention, I would have saw that Frypan did notice the gaze I was getting and I wouldn’t have been roped into such an amusing trap. 

“Y/N!” Frypan said loudly, getting the attention of everyone around the fire as they all looked over at Frypan and then slowly over at me. I raised a brow as Thomas stopped his story to turn his sights on Frypan. I finally looked over and Frypan grinned lightly. “Truth or dare?”

I ignored the gloats and grins of the boys around the fire, glancing over at Thomas and Newt with a concerned look. This wouldn’t end well, I could tell. 

“Uhhh…okay…” I started, clearing my throat as I set up from leaning lightly against Newt’s shoulder. “Truth, I guess.” 

Frypan smirked and nodded. “Let’s see….Is it true that….You think Gally has the nicest body in the Glade?” He glanced over at the builder, who simply sat up more now, puffing out his chest as he joined the smirks of the rest of the boys, waiting for the answer. 

Once again, if I had been paying attention, I would have seen the annoyed expression on Newt’s face as he looked at Frypan and the worried look as he looked back at me.

“Not that Gally doesn’t have a…decent…erm…body.” I blushed and tried to avoid Gally’s look. “But I prefer a bit more of a…uh…lanky type…build I guess.”

It was quiet for a moment, everyone stared at me as if I had two heads, but after a minute or so the whole Glade erupted in laughter as they all made comments to Gally and slowly the giggles and remarks quieted down and attention returned back to me once again. 

“Oh…Uhm…Thomas, truth or dare?” 

“Dare, obviously.” He grinned, glancing over at me, waiting for his task eagerly. 

“Alright…I dare you too…” I smirked evilly and pointed at Minho. “Confess your undeniable love to Minho.”

Both Thomas and Minho stared at me, jaws dropped and then looked at each other. Minho, trying hard not to laugh as Thomas tried to explain to me that he didn’t love Minho like that, but eventually, he stood up and walked to Minho, dropping to his knees with his hand clutching at his chest dramatically. 

“Minho! You are the most glorious of all the Gladers and the way you run makes my heart race just like you do when you try and avoid deadly grievers! You are so manly and perfect and I love you so much!” He actually managed to get the fake confession out without laughing, but he cracked at the end and both him and Minho were hysterical as the rest of the Gladers joined in the laughter. 

The game continued around the fire, Gally had to streak through the Glade, Minho was forced to kiss Winston, Frypan had to admit that he once put a lizard tail in Gally’s spaghetti and I had to move to sit on Newt’s lap for the remainder of the game. 

I couldn’t help noticing the Brit’s hand loosely draped on my thigh, his slender fingers dancing circles around my exposed skin. It sent goosebumps up my body, but I didn’t let it show as I tried to stay focused on the game. 

It was Frypan’s turn once again and this time he turned his attention on Newt. “Alright Newt…Your turn. Truth or Dare?”

Newt grinned at the cook and moved up a bit, keeping his hand on my thigh and his other arm circled around my waist. “Double Dare, Frypan.” 

The boys all tuned in with quiet oooo’s as they looked to Frypan, eager to see the great double dare he would give the lanky Brit. 

“Alright, this ‘double’ dare, involves you and Y/N.” Frypan smirked and laughed at the look on my face as I awaited the doom I was just tricked into. Newt seemed curious still as he waited for the task. 

“I dare you both to take your shirts off and spend the rest of the game locked together in the Slammer, nothing else. Just no shirts, no one around…One hour.” 

I couldn’t help the blush that was creeping up my cheeks as I opened my mouth to argue. Newt seemed just as surprised, but he simply slumped back and tried to hide the blush that was forcing it’s way to his face. He cleared his throat and shook his head. “Uh…Only if Y/N is actually comfortable with it.”

“Yeah, Y/N, are you chicken?” Thomas chuckled next to me, swatting me on the arm lightly. 

“What? No! I never back down from a dare.” I said, standing up and tugging my shirt off my body. Thankfully I was wearing one of my better bras, a crimson red with white laze around the top and a black bow in the center. 

The boys around the fire all cat called and grinned, some slapping Frypan on the back for thinking of such a good idea, others complaining that they weren’t going in the Slammer. I turned around slowly to face Newt who had also ditched his shirt and was standing, staring at me with a deep blush on his cheeks. “Uh…well…Let’s go.” He offered his arm and I nodded, following next to him to the Slammer. 

Frypan and Thomas escorted us so they could lock the doors and then grinned through the wood bars. “Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, Newt!” Thomas laughed as he walked off with Frypan. 

“That excludes nothing, Tommy!” I called back, glaring as he grinned mischievously over his shoulder. 

Newt was currently standing in the corner of the Slammer as he looked over at me. “I won’t do anything, Y/N. You don’t have to worry…” He cleared his throat and glanced to the side, trying his best to avoid looking at my shirtless body. 

I smiled and walked over to him. “I never worry around you, Newt. I just feel safe.” I admitted, blushing lightly. 

He slowly looked my way, his eyes gazing into mine. “Really?”

I nodded, looking back into his deep brown hues. “Even sitting on your lap earlier, I never worried about it, it was…nice.”

“I thought so too.” He said a little to quickly, making him break the eye contact to stare at the ground. I chuckled and moved closer. 

“Hey Newt..”


“Truth or dare?”

He smirked and looked up at me. “Truth.”

“Do you like me?” 

“More than you know, Y/N.” He admitted, reaching a hand out to take my own. I squeezed it lightly and smiled up at him. 

“How much?” 

Instead of answering me, the blonde leaned closer and looked from my eyes to my lips. “My turn to ask questions….Truth or dare?”


Show me how much you like me.”

I paused for a minute as I gazed up at him, my blush fading and my confidence slowly growing as I leaned onto my tip-toes. My hand came up and settled at the nape of his neck, fingers twirling through locks of hair as I shifted my weight to lean against his chest. I could feel his arm, shaking, but safe, come up to wrap around my back, pulling me closer. 

Finally, I leaned in the rest of the way, plump flesh pressing against plump flesh, skin against skin as we both moved fast, lips locking as they moved in perfect sync with each other. 

My breath was taken away from the fierceness of his kiss that I could barely keep myself standing and as if Newt read my mind he moved to press me against the dirt wall behind us, the skin of my back flush against the gritty texture. 

Those deep brown eyes of his fell closed as he deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding out to slide against my bottom lip. There was no hesitation or questioning as I parted them, my own tongue meeting him in the middle as if they were dancing in a ballroom. 

His large hand slid down my sides, resting on my hips. I couldn’t help the moan that passed my mouth into his, causing his fingers to squeeze my flesh while his lips tilted down against my own. I could feel the reaction the pleasure of this kiss was causing and I couldn’t help myself when my hand slid from his chest to press my palm against that reaction. 

The gesture surprised him so much he lost the kiss, his head tilting down so he could look at my hand against him a loud groan falling from his lips. We both panted lightly, trying to catch our breath from the passionate kiss we just shared. 

Those brown hues lifted once again to look into my own and I could see the concern in his eyes, as well as the lust, love and excitement. “Y/N,….Can I?” 

His voice was husky, but it cracked at the question, as if he were worried I’d say no. 

My own voice was nowhere to be found, I stared up at him, body shivering in my own excitement and all I could do was nod at him, pulling him into another kiss. 

He wasted no time pushing me up against the wall a little tighter and lifting me up so my legs could wrap around his waist. 

We worked together, not having to remove our shirts, Newt worked to slide my bra off and I worked to undo the belt of his pants along with the zipper. 

It wasn’t long before my shorts and bra dropped to the floor and his own clothes followed in suit. He set me down, taking a step back so he could look me over and all the confidence I had earlier seemed to come back full force and I gave him a sultry look, grinning lightly. “What do you think?” 

He groaned and stepped quickly towards me, once against lifting me up and setting me against the building. “Bloody hell, Y/N. You’re driving me insane.” The lanky boy tilted his hips and I could feel his manhood pressing up against my entrance, causing me to shiver and moan lightly. 

There was a moment of hesitation and he stared at me, waiting for a sign that this was still okay with me. I leaned my head down, plump lips coming into contact with the crook of his neck, parting my lips I grazed my teeth against his bare skin, nipping the flesh lightly. 

That seemed to be enough to fuel him on as he pushed upward and groaned as he slid in with no barrier to stop him. Just as he entered my body we both gasped and stared at each other as fast, vivid memories flooded through our minds of the two of us on a swingset, a first kiss outside of an icecream shop, our first actual time in a tent during a camping trip…So many memories came flooding through, Newt nearly lost his grip on me, but somehow kept me pressed safely against him and the wall. 

I looked at him bewildered just as he returned the look before crashing his lips against my own, his hips finally moving and staring a slow pace as he pulled out and pushed back in. Each movement making me moan into the shared kiss. 

Our bodies moved together perfectly, just as they had done before, before our memories had been stolen. We’d known each other and loved each other for so long and had no idea. But there had always been a connection. 

He groaned out as he set his head against my shoulder, his body moving rapidly against my own, my hips bucking to meet his thrusts. “Y/N, I’m not gonna last….much longer.” He moaned, nipping at my neck. 

I tilted my head back against the wall, panting as I let out sounds of pleasure, my hands running down his chest. All I could do was nod, my voice wouldn’t find any words to respond. 

It wasn’t long before the Brit let out another loud noise of pleasure, one that made me wonder if the other Gladers could hear us, before I felt him reach his climax, throwing me over the same thrill of pleasure as I bucked my hips up once more, screaming out and moving to hold onto the boy as tightly as I could. 

We were both slowly coming down from our sexual high, now laying on our clothes on the floor, holding onto each other as we caught our breath. 

“Truth or dare?”


“Is it true that you love me?”

“More than you know.”

Unfortunate [Damian Wayne x Reader]

Anon requested: “1 with damian???”

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I’m finally finished with it! OwO

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of alcoholism, drug addiction and domestic abuse

Word Count: 899

Prompt 1: “Are you sure he/she doesn’t want to kill me, because he/she looks like he’s/she’s gonna kill me.”

You were a good kid, really you were. There were many less fortunate than you, which was why you stole and did the bad deeds instead of them. You sheltered them from a life of crime, while you took their place.

The kids on the streets didn’t have a home, but every night you’d give them warm blankets to share. They were lovely kids, and it was the least you could do for them.

You weren’t rich yourself. In fact, your mother was a drug addict and your father was an abusive alcoholic, and you lived in the bad side of Gotham City. Both your parents had spent most of the little money they had left on their own pleasures, leaving none for you.

You hated returning home. You hated hearing your parents yell and fight, the way your mother screamed when your father crossed the line, the sounds of bottles smashing and things being thrown. You were strong, but you were still a child. A very frightened child.

The kids on the streets absolutely adored you. You weren’t much older than them but it was clear that they looked up to you as a role model. However, with security increasing and more shopkeepers on the lookout, it was only a matter of time before you were caught.

The sound of rapid footsteps on the wet pavement was masked by the rhythmic drumming of the rain. You wrapped your hoodie around your shivering body tightly as your grip on the container of cookies tightened.

Silently scolding yourself when you saw the dead end you ran into, you quickly jumped and gripped the fire escape, using it to climb onto the roof with ease. You jumped from roof to roof, trying to lose the vigilantes on your tail. You hoped the heavy rain and darkness would work to your advantage.

As you stepped on the edge of the building and prepared to jump to the next, you gasped, feeling your foot slip due to the water. You fell forward, straight towards the ground five stories below, and you closed your eyes and braced for impact. However, instead you felt something wrap around your ankles, leaving you hanging upside down.

You opened your eyes and saw the two vigilantes standing on the ground below you, looking unimpressed.

“I’m assuming you are the ones who tied me up like this?” you began, glancing at the cookies that you dropped when you fell. It now laid on the ground; wasted.

“A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice, but I suppose a thief like you lack the ability to display decent manners.” the shorter one spoke–Robin. He sounded shockingly young, about your age.

“How rude.” you commented. “You two were the ones who chased me down, causing me to slip in the first place.” you exclaimed.

“You stole, committing a crime.” the other vigilante–Red Robin– stated firmly, as if he was scolding you.

“Well I’m sorry if wanting to survive is a crime.” you snapped. Your eyes narrowed at Robin’s furious look. You turned to Red Robin and asked, “Is he going to kill me? He looks like he wants to kill me.”


“Survive?!” Robin growled before Red Robin could answer, “how about actually going to school and educating yourself!”

“Of course! Thanks Captain Obvious, for pointing out that people my age should be at school! Let me ask you something Robin; are you an idiot?” Seeing the glare the boy was giving you, you added to Red Robin, “Are you sure he doesn’t want to kill me, because he looks like he’s gonna kill me.

“How dare you call me an idiot–”

“Then stop asking such stupid questions.” you cut in. “I know I should get an education, but not everyone is as fortunate as you! Do you think I can afford an education? Heck, do you think my parents even give a damn about me? Trust me, if I get a chance I would take it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I can’t see that happening any time soon. So I’m stuck with scavenging and stealing.”

At that, the two males fell silent. You grew impatient, and it was getting incredibly cold that you started to shiver. You shifted uncomfortably; being upside down wasn’t a nice position to be in.

“U-Um… are you just going to stand there? Because I’m sure I may die of hypothermia soon.” you snapped, teeth chattering.

Snapping out of his trance, Red Robin quickly cut the rope that bound your legs and caught you, placing you on the wet pavement carefully.

“Thanks.” you smiled weakly, “you’re nicer than him.” you glared at Robin.

Red Robin shrugged. “Everyone’s nicer than demon spawn over there.”

“I can hear you.”

“I know.”

“So uh… are you two going to arrest me or…”

You saw the two exchange a look, having a silent battle before Robin approached you. He huffed and crossed his arms; he didn’t look too happy.

“I suppose you didn’t have much choice other than to steal, so we’ll let you go… this time.” he stated reluctantly.

You raised an eyebrow. “So there will be other times then?” you teased.

“Wha–do not test me!” Robin exclaimed. Even in the rain you could see the blush on his cheeks.

“Of course. And I suppose I should say thank you?” you continued, smiling slyly.

“Why can’t we arrest her again?”

  • Reborn: Tu casa es mi casa
  • Tsuna: ....
  • Tsuna: You know, I don't speak Spanish or anything, but I'm 100% sure that's not how the saying goes.
  • Reborn: You dare question me under my own roof?
  • Tsuna: This isn't your house.
  • Reborn: You dare talk back to your own father under his own roof?
  • Tsuna: You aREN'T MY FATHER.
  • Reborn: Grounded, reported and blocked.
  • Tsuna: STOP.

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man wtf I want to find someone that sends me messages telling me they love me ): audric can I have your girl

I understand why you’d want her, because my goodness just thinking about her brings a smile to my face. But despite this, I still must say - How dare you even ask me that question! >:(

Demure Dalliance pt. 1 (V, Angst)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3  // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6  // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10

Chapter one for my Detective!Taehyung series!!!! Hopefully this is the start of a good series. My dad Stacy @storiesofthirst helped me w/ the title and I love her. PEOPLE WANTED TO BE TAGGED SO @hyongtae, @unpretty-writer, and @infireation!!!! CAM IS PERFECT FOR MAKING ME THIS COVER AND I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words:  3144

It was very obviously premeditated. No windows broken, or evident struggle to get into the house. Although there was drawers open and clothes strewn about it all seemed…forced. As if murder was the only thing on the mind of the one committing this crime. Taehyung glanced around at everyone in the house, snapping photos of the scene before them. Neighbors left their apartments, wondering just why police scattered around every corner of the floor with their yellow tape.

Taehyung knelt in front of the body, lying on the floor around his own pooling blood. He’d been stabbed multiple times, he knew well enough. It was hard to see the stab wounds from all the blood, but whoever it was left the victim a mess of a person he once was. It was obvious the signature of this murderer was a Chelsea grin, and this was probably the first of many murders, unless they’re caught.

“Wrap him up before he gets too cold.” Taehyung instructed anyone who was listening. He got a languid answer of yes from two men waiting to take the body. He stood, stretching his legs and wafting the air around his nose to drink in some clean air. The body had obviously been dead a good amount of time, from the rank smell filling the home.

Shouting outside the door interrupted Taehyung’s contemplation, so he walked through the cluttered kitchen and toward the front door of the apartment. Taehyung spotted you first, standing outside, arguing and sobbing with a clearly distressed Jungkook who wouldn’t let you spend your last moments with your father, very clearly dead and being concealed away in a body bag for further examination by none other than Seokjin.

“I’m sorry miss…I really can’t let you in there until they’ve done a proper look through. We still need you to come in for questioning…”

“How dare you ask me to come in for questioning when my own dad was murdered!” You cried, hugging yourself. Jungkook looked completely unnerved, but Taehyung didn’t blame him. It was his first real murder case. You were already being difficult and nothing had even happened yet, which was a dread of Taehyung’s.

People were beginning to suspect things, and half of the floor was standing outside with their loved ones safely tucked away behind the doors. It was for their own good, but Taehyung wished they would step up to tell him anything rather than him going to each of their doors separately to question them.

Before it got anymore out of hand, Taehyung was striding to the front door. Pulling the tape up over his head, he made his way toward the both of you. “I’m sorry about my partner, he’s still relatively new and untrained for this sort of thing. You’ll have to excuse the poor manners.”

You glanced over at him, brows slightly furrowing as your bottom lip pouted with a sob. Jungkook didn’t look much different, minus the sobbing part. It would have made Taehyung laugh and poke fun on him, if it weren’t for being on the job and professional mode activated long before stepping on the scene.

“Who are you?” You wondered, crossing your arms tightly over your chest. Taehyung held out a hand, but you didn’t take it. Without much thought, Taehyung dropped his hand to his side.

“Detective Kim Taehyung, I’m head of the case and I will find who murdered your father.” It sounded like more of a threat than anything, but Taehyung didn’t dwell on it too much.

“Isn’t that the point of a detective? To solve crimes?” You blubbered, unable to meet his eyes. Taehyung perked a brow, watching you glance around the halls. If his instinct was correct, you were either nervous because you’d murdered your father, or-


Or waiting for your moral support to arrive. Relieved, you turned to see your friend who was rushing down the hall. Her cheeks were reddened as if she had been running, but it also could’ve been the early morning chill. Taehyung looked away from them, shoving his hands deeply into his trench coat pockets as he backed up toward the yellow tape. Jungkook glanced over at Taehyung, eyes sharp.

“Hyung, where are you going? We need to-”

“Not now, Jungkook.” Taehyung said with unnecessary bite. That shocked Jungkook to silence. Taehyung made a mental note to apologize later, but placed it on the back burner of his mind. “Give her a little time, her father is dead.”

But, Taehyung kept an eye on you, knowing full well that you were a given suspect. You were the main suspect as of yet, but he was still figuring out minor details that could possibly put you off of conviction. Yet, he didn’t feel too good about where you stood in all of this. The very middle.

He went back inside, searching for anything but finding nothing of the sort. It was too perfectly executed, aside from the fact that everything added back up to you. Who else would know their house well enough to set up a crime this well and get away with it, aside from someone living there? What was your motif, though? Taehyung’s head was always dizzy with idea’s as he thought back to everything he had to be on his toes for.
“Get the body back to Seokjin to evaluate. Did anyone find the weapon used yet?”

Taehyung got a unified answer of sluggish no, sir’s from everyone in the room. He sighed, turning his attention back to everything he could possibly see in the house as of where he stood. A picture of a female sat on the living room coffee table, and Taehyung assumed it was your mother. Where was she? Was she even alive?

Taehyung could already tell this was going to be a long case. Unsuccessful if he didn’t get his act together, right this instant. He moved out of the way for the stretcher to allow them to take the body. Taehyung tensed, waiting for what he knew was about to happen.

You screamed from the hall, and a loud thump on the floor confirmed that you were either an amazing actress or completely devastated that the only father you’d ever have was murdered in cold blood. Taehyung sighed, kicking the mismatched floorboard that rattled senselessly. He furrowed his brows, kicking it once more, twice more, and a third-

“-Taehyung? Taehyung!” Jungkook was waving a hand in front of his face, snapping Taehyung out of his riviera. “Are you finished here? We should get back to the station before Yoongi tries to get involved.”

“That won’t happen, I told him to stay out of it unless I asked.”

“Hate to break it to you, asshole, but he’s our boss. Even if you get on your knees and suck his dick he won’t stop himself from looking into it.”

Even if Jungkook was right, he didn’t have to be so crude… Taehyung reached into his pocket, pulling his phone from it. He pressed the first number on speed dial, holding the phone up to his ear.

“Hoseok, I’m going to need you to come pick us up. We have suspect number 1 in our custody and I need to interview her while she’s still emotional and willing to crack under pressure.”

You, on the other hand, finally got picked up off the floor, holding your friend tightly as you sobbed.

“We’ll get through this. There’s no way you’ll be convicted for something you didn’t do. We’ll give your dad a nice service and we can visit him whenever you want” She promised, holding your face against her shoulder. You nodded, trying to level your breathing as she held you.

“Thank you, Ha Eun…” You wiped a few tears off your cheek.

“Will you stay with me until your house is cleaned up? I’ll drive you to work a-” Her voice faltered, her expression souring at the sound of heavy boots clicking against the floor that neared you. You turned your head, merely capturing a glimpse of the mysterious detective from earlier.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry for interrupting.” His deep voice rumbled slowly, speaking every syllable as if it were a word of his own. A faint, harmless smile touched at his lips as he held his hand to you a second time. This time you turned, placing your significantly smaller hand into his and giving a firm shake before pulling away. Ha Eun kept her hands on your shoulders, inching you away from him despite the strides he took to keep close to you.

“Do you mind coming to the station with me for some questioning? I know you’re upset but it’ll be over faster than you know it, and you’ll never be in there again.”

“You’re asking a girl who just lost her father to a murderer to come in and be questioned as if she murdered him?” Ha Eun snapped, attempting to pull you away, but you stopped in your tracks. A good move on your part, Taehyung’s patience was wearing thin already.

“That’s not it at all,” he promised softly, shaking his head. “(Y/N) could give us a clue we may have overlooked to helping find the murderer. Innocent until proven guilty, that’s the rules, Miss. I don’t want to be forceful, but if you keep resisting a professional law enforcer I’ll have to use harsher measures.” He hated using force, but if your friend was going to continue to be a problem he didn’t mind cuffing her and handing her over to Jungkook to deal with. The kid needed someone to bash heads with, anyway. Someone with enough of an attitude was perfect.

“Can’t you just give her some time?” She continued, expression flickering in discomfort at Taehyung’s blatant threat. You felt tired from all the crying, and you stepped out of Ha Eun’s grip.

“I’ll come in for questioning.”

Ha Eun whirled you around to look at her, eyebrows raised to her hairline. “I’m going with you, if you go with him.”

“That’s fine, but you’ll be waiting outside unless you have anything to tell me 1 on 1.” Taehyung checked the black watch on his wrist. Hoseok should be there by now, waiting outside. “My ride is probably here, shall we?” He placed a hand on the small of your back, directing you toward the elevator. Ha Eun placed an arm around your shoulder, pulling you away from Taehyung and standing on the other side of the elevator to evade him. Jungkook had taken the easy way out and left when Taehyung had commanded him too. At least he took orders seriously. Jungkook kept Taehyung’s mind out of unrealistic places and always shot his idea’s down when they sounded more fictional than real world.

Getting downstairs, Taehyung held up a finger to Hoseok, who whipped open the back door of the car for you and Ha Eun. Nodding in delight, Taehyung opened the passenger seat of the car and slid inside. Once you and Ha Eun were in, the car purred to life and was driving at a steady pace down the street.

Taehyung didn’t miss the sideways glances Hoseok was shooting you from the mirror, despite his subtleties. His eyes were cut to thin slits, as they always were when Taehyung had the first suspect. Usually, the first suspects were in fact the only suspects. Taehyung didn’t like to brag, but he’d watched more criminals get put in orange jumpsuits after questioning than leave the interrogation room as a free man or woman. He’d spent days in a room, cracking even the hardest of cases. Nobody denied he was one of the most dedicated men in their sector, obsessed with the greater good of the world over sleeping or eating.

The whole ride there was silent to the point of awkwardness, besides your random outbursts of sobbing, which wasn’t unusual in Taehyung’s cases. Hoseok didn’t pay any mind to it, but Ha Eun was doing her best to shush you as she strained against the tight seat belt. She was doing her best to keep quiet as well, and Taehyung felt a small tightness in his chest at the remorse he felt for threatening her earlier. Yet, he couldn’t be bothered to apologize. It was his job.

Taehyung held the door for you to step out of the police vehicle, leaving Ha Eun in the car to get out herself. He gave her eyes that said don’t-interrupt-anything-or-you’re-in-big-trouble. She visibly gulped excess saliva in her mouth and tipped her head down in acknowledgement. Turning on his heel, Taehyung left her to guide you up the steps to the station and open the doors for you.
“Just down the hall on the right, last door.” He instructed, following you closely. You side stepped the door, allowing him to unlock and open it to let you inside. He held a hand forward, and you walked into the room.

“Sit in either chair, the camera is on right now.” He ordered softly, pulling his jacket off and slinging it onto the back of the chair you didn’t sit in. Placing his hand into his pocket, Taehyung pulled a notebook and simple silver pen free. You sat into the chair, fidgeting with your fingers in your lap as you tried to get comfortable on the cool wood holding your weight.

During the whole time you spoke to him, Taehyung felt as if you were getting nowhere. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but even after you’d evidently had a clear alibi so to say, he still felt like you were leaving things out. He couldn’t fully confirm that you were clear of charge until speaking to witnesses; if there was any.

He pinched his thumb and index finger on the bridge of his nose, taking a deep breath and exhaling for a long moment. 3 hours, stuck in a room with you and you were still so vague Taehyung was almost at a loss of questions. If detectives had a hand book, he’d asked you every question he could and more. There was no way he could let you off, but there was still no reason to keep you in there. If Yoongi was watching right now, Taehyung knew he was going to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter for figuring out nothing.
“(Y/N), I know you’re not telling me something.” Taehyung plainly stated, trying to keep his voice from wavering to the brink of annoyance. He’d been patient for the past 3 hours, from your outbreak of tears to your full on angered shouting.

“What would I not be telling you? I told you, I-”

“I know you said you didn’t kill him. That I can’t confirm with only the evidence you’ve given me.” He sighed, willing himself to not slap the table out of frustration. You were a tough cookie to crack, but he’d get there. Eventually. “Do you know how long it takes to put the criminal behind bars when even 1 measly person doesn’t cooperate with me? Longer than I’m willing to take,

(Y/N). I’m trying to figure out who did kill your father. Who has your dad been hanging out with lately? Is someone at work not getting along with him? How about a girlfriend? Boyfriend?”

Taehyung noted the flicker in your expression at the sound of work being mentioned. You looked down at the plastic water bottle in your hands, gently squeezing it in your grip.

“At work…?” You mumbled, looking up at him through blurred vision. He placed both his notebook and pen down, standing up only to kneel down at your side.
“Don’t be scared to tell me anything.” He murmured quietly, looking up at you.

“I’ll protect you, if someone threatened you. Or-”

“Nobody threatened me.” You promised, letting go of the water bottle onto the table. It was bent bizarrely from how hard you held it.

“So tell me,” he urged you gently, standing up straight. “nobody will hurt you. Not with me here every step of the way.”

“Well, there has been a man at my dad’s work…” You hesitated, voice catching in your throat as a spill of tears fell from your eyes. Taehyung swiveled back to his chair, picking up his pen and scribbling things into it.

“Continue, please.”

“He’s younger… Working at the hotel across the street before my dad. Still, my dad got the job even though he’d been working for it longer.”
“Why did he get that job, (Y/N)?” Taehyung looked up at you, narrowing his eyes slightly in concentration. This was a lot of information for you to be spilling, as if you’d practiced it beforehand.

“My dad had a better record than him? I don’t know…the resume. My dad is older and has been working far longer.”

Record? Does your dad have a criminal record? Did that man you were speaking of have a criminal record? Taehyung would have to check into later. He wrote a little note for it.

“I need a name on this man, (Y/N). Do you know this man’s name? What relationship does he have with your dad?” He was getting closer to knowing things. The familiar itch and anxiousness was returning to Taehyung’s exhausted body when he got closer to knowing significant information to a case.

You exhaled loudly, placing your shaking hands on the table. “His name is Namjoon. I’m sorry, I don’t know his last name. The past few weeks he’s been coming to our apartment and having drinks with my dad. I didn’t really like him…He just seemed so odd.”

“It’s fine,” Taehyung promised, writing as quickly as he could. He tapped the pen on the messy paper, leaving smudges of ink. “I don’t need a last name. Lotte Hotel across the street from your apartment building?”

“Mm, right.” You agreed.

Taehyung wrote down these things, circling hard evidence he’d need and stood abruptly. Your eyes shot up to his, shock freezing you into place.

“Thank you for answering so well.” Taehyung murmured, sliding his arms through his tanned trench coat sleeves. “I have enough information to go on right now. Call me if you think of anything else, alright? Can I trust you to answer my calls if I’ve got questions?”

“…Yes.” You promised, weakly getting to your feet.

“Don’t leave town (Y/N).” Taehyung commanded, gaining a nod from you. He hurried to the door, opening it for you and watching you walk back toward Ha Eun and almost collapse into her arms.

Walking toward his office, Taehyung pulled his phone from his pocket and began to dial a number.

“Lotte Hotel on the line, who’s speaking?”

“This is detective Kim Taehyung from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Do you mind if I come and speak to an employee of yours?”

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