how dare you question me

someone: *points out that a black highlighter makes no fucking sense*

jeffree star: you fucking piece of shit. how dare you question me, your makeup queen. you’re a fucking bully and you’re ugly and you should worry about you’re own ugly face rather than my products. did you know I have a dog named daddy? you’re kinkshamjng me and kinkshaming my products. I’ll have you know I cummed ALL over my black highlighter yesterday when Nathan shoved it up my ass. fucking cesspool

A conlanger is someone who invents fictional languages for movies and TV shows, languages like Dothraki, Na'vi, Klingon, or Pornese. Besides turning our escapism into subtitles-ridden reading assignments, the biggest problem with conlanging is that your linguistic baby will ultimately have to be delivered on screen by actors, some of whom will end up dropping it on its head.

For example, in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, Christopher Lloyd plays Kruge, a Klingon commander trying to simultaneously murder Kirk and the Klingon language.

Lloyd’s Klingon delivery is so wooden and features so many unnecessary pauses between each word that I’m shocked the movie’s big twist wasn’t that Kruge and Kirk were long-lost twins. Does this make Christopher Lloyd a bad actor? Let me answer that with another question: How dare you? Christopher Lloyd is a goddamn treasure and a powerhouse performer. He just has trouble putting his heart into made-up lines that must sound to him like a jammed printer.

They don’t prepare you for this kind of stuff in acting school.

5 Incredible Acting Feats That Should Have Their Own Awards

  • someone: How are you?
  • what I say: I’m fine
  • what I mean: Did anyone actually hear the song Fake You Out by twenty one pilots? because that song is the ultimate jam. It has the BEST melody, a SICK beat, MIND-BLOWING lyrics, and mashes genres SEAMLESSLY . how is it possible for Tyler Joseph to put all my fears and insecurities in one song AND still make me want to dance? did anyone else hear the same song I did? because if so then you wouldn’t have to ask me trivial questions like “how are you” when you know I haven’t been okay since I first head that song with Vessel’s debut. how dare you ask me such questions. 2 years later I am very clearly still not over that song and it blows my mind how under-appreciated I feel that it is. I even under-appreciate Fake You Out until I hear it after a while and freak out all over again because, like I stated previously, it’s the ultimate jam.
Fic tease -- chapter 19 of Fallen Angels

Coming to a dash near you on Tuesday – Amora acting badly!

“By all that’s holy, Amora, let me down!”
“No. Not until you learn you can’t stick your dick into everything that has curves and breathes.”
Balder winced when she jabbed him hard in the diaphragm and his chest heaved with indignation. “How dare you question me. I am a prince of Asgard and your lord!”
“My lord. Yes — that’s another thing that will have to end, my golden prince.” Amora prowled around her husband as he stood tiptoe in the center of their bedroom, hands magically bound over his head, stretching him out. “I grow tired of humoring your outsized opinion of yourself. I am stunned I have endured your idiocy for so long. Odin’s perfect son. Ha! Odin’s third son — and by far the stupidest.

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  • Reborn: Tu casa es mi casa
  • Tsuna: ....
  • Tsuna: You know, I don't speak Spanish or anything, but I'm 100% sure that's not how the saying goes.
  • Reborn: You dare question me under my own roof?
  • Tsuna: This isn't your house.
  • Reborn: You dare talk back to your own father under his own roof?
  • Tsuna: You aREN'T MY FATHER.
  • Reborn: Grounded, reported and blocked.
  • Tsuna: STOP.

So I made this comic based off of what I think Yandere-Chan would do if she had a high reputation during this part of the game. Please no hate. I know this might not happen but, hey, I can imagine, right? The lines go as follows:
Yandere-Chan: If you cared so much about the school, then why didn’t you come after the first murder?
Megami: How dare you ask me a question like that?!
Kokona: Yeah, where were you.
Budo: Yan-Chan is right!
Musume: Like, where were you?!
Megami: It doesn’t matter where I was!
Midori: I want to email Yandere-Dev about this!

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How dare you! Happy Birthday, Angel?! Holy shit, woman! You're making me question my principles of being anti-assplay! Just... wow. I literally started to drool while reading that. Bravo.

*clears throat* you should question any principles when it comes to Cas 😂 in my opinion anyway hahah. It was definitely um…hard to write, writing smut just does this weird thing to my brain. Butttttt thank you lol! I’m glad to hear that I’ve killed you lol (In a good way 😉)

Question Game!

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Rules: answer the questions then tag 20 people you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Lena
Nickname: Nana, Le, Ena, Len, and my personal favorite Thirstmaster69
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Orientation: Bisexual
Favorite fruit: Mango
Favorite season(s): Summer
Favorite book(s): No idea lol i cant read
Favorite flower: SUNFLOWERS!!!
Favorite scent: Fresh baked cookies
Favorite animal: DOGGOS!!!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Hot cocoa pls
Average sleep hours: Lol what is sleep? like idk 2 hours 
Cats or dogs?: DOGGOS!!!
Favorite fictional character(s): How dare you ask me this question.
Dream trip: Away from America
When was your blog created?: Like a month ago.
Number of followers: uhhhhh 97?? 98??? im not sure i dont look at it hahaha
What do you post about?: I rp, post pictures and legit thirst over them in the tags, get bullied by @belovedcerulean then go back to rping and thirsting over Jyushimatsu
Do you get asks on a regular basis?: sometimes ye
Aesthetic: Idk tbh LOL jyushimatsu is my aesthetic
Favorite band/artist: I have way too many lol Nicki Minaj is one favorite, Beyoncé and Shakira 
Fictional characters I’d date: Jyushimatsu, Nishinoya Yuu, Kinoshita Hisashi, Narita Kazuhito, and many many many many more
Hogwarts house: No idea someone pick for me lol

Tagging( You dont have to ): @homeruun @karismatickitty @karisumadensetsu @violetxwhispers @heartfelthomerun uuuhhhhh and whoever else yeye

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you got a house, doesn't matter what size it is but you can only bring 3 fictional characters from anything, who would your 3 be? pass it on.

God, you’re making me choose between my chiLDREN HOW DARE YOU OMG HARDEST QUESTION EVER WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME???

But like, okay. If I had to pick, I’d like to think I’d choose Hunk from Voltron, Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, and Link from Twilight Princess. For very practical reasons.

Hunk, I’d pick because he seems like a cool guy, wouldn’t make a huge mess, would be pretty chill as a roommate. Plus he can cook, I mean seriously cook, this guy made a meal out of alien ingredients hes never seen before and he totally won the hearts of the masses you kNOW this kid has talent which is like, a big deal for me because while I can cook, that doesn’t mean I can cook well. Also he’s an engineer who can fix things, which seems like a really useful person to have around. PLUS he gives great hugs. So yeah, Hunk is a must.

Honey Lemon would be a fun roommate to have because I would totally want to be able to borrow her clothes. Plus I think she’d be fun to hang out with, and you gotta have someone who can hang out with you and watch disney movies and jam along to the radio with. And Honey Lemon strikes me as that kind of person. She’d be the fun roommate who’d always be up for some kind of wacky hijinks, but she’d also be responsible enough to know when to tone it down before we wake up the neighbors. On top of that she’s a brilliant chemical engineer, so she probably mixes a mean drink, and she’s a fashion designer so she’d probably be amazing to do a team cosplay with. Them’s the goals, anyways.

And last, I’d want Link from Twilight Princess for two reasons. One, he seems the true handyman type, so if something in the house breaks and Hunk and Honey Lemon don’t know how to fix it, Link probably would. Or he’d be able to jury rig something to at least keep things working. But more importantly, he can turn into a big fluffy wolf that you can cuddle with. And that’s why Link absolutely HAS to be one of the people in the house, no doubt about it.

So yeah, I guess those are my choices? But then again, there are so many other characters who would make the coolest roommates…


@korrinbelle​ how dare you tag me in this

Rules: Answer all the questions, then add one of your own, and tag as many people as there are questions

1) Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi

2) Disney or Dreamworks?: Both

3) Coffee or Tea?: Both

4) Books or Movies?: Books

5) Windows or Mac?: Windows

6) D.C. or Marvel?: Marvel

7) Xbox or PlayStation?: Playstation

8) Dragon age or mass effect?: Dragon Age

9) Night Owl or Early Riser?: Early Riser

10) Cards or Chess?: Chess

11) Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla

12) Vans or Converse? Converse

13) Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar?: Lavellan

14) Fluff or Angst?: Fluff me up bitch

15) Beach or Forest?: Forest

16) Dogs or Cats? Cats

17) Clear Skies or Rain? Rain

18) Cooking or Eating Out? Cooking

19) Spicy or Mild Food? Spicy

20) Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas? Christmas

21) Would You Rather Forever Be A Little Too Cold Or A Little Too Hot?: Cold cold cold I have a hoodie collection and winter clothes i love winter and i live in florida

22) If You Could Have A Superpower What Would It Be?:  Super speed

23) Animation or Live Action?: Animation

24) Paragon or Renegade?: Renegade

25) Bath or Shower?: Bath. I fall asleep in hot baths 90% of the time

26) Team Cap or Team Iron-Man?: Team Iron Man

27) Fantasy or Sci-Fi?: Fantasy. I’ll delve in a bit of Sci-Fi once in a while but more well versed in Fantasy.

28) Do You Have Three or Four Favorite Quotes If So What Are They?: “It’s not whether you can or can’t. It’s whether you do or don’t.” “Struggle.” “Hakuna Matata.” “I am not where I want to be, but thank god I’m not where I was.”

29) YouTube or Netflix?: Youtube

30) Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?: Harry Potter

31) When Do You Feel Accomplished?: When I finish a task or something I was working towards comes into fruition.

32) Star Wars or Star Trek?: Ehh I’m okay with both. No real strong feelings one way or another.

33) Paperback Books or Hardcover Books?: I love both. The sturdiness and nice feeling of a hardcover but the welcoming softness of a paperback both have its positives.

34) Fantastic Beasts or Cursed Child?: Fantastic Beasts.

35) Rock or Pop Music? Alternative Rock

36) What Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life?: My friends and my cat

37) Mountains or Sea/Ocean?: Mountains

38) How Do You Express Yourself?: My words

39) What’s The First Book/Film That Really Counted To You?: The Artemis Fowl series and Sherlock Holmes books. 

40) What’s Your Element (Air, Water, etc.)?: Earth

41) If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Go?: Venice or Japan

42) If you had any job in the world, what would it be?: A novelist

43) If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

1. Super Speed

2. To be able to make a living writing books

3. A house in the country completely paid for and with several acres of green land.

44) If You Had To Eat One Food For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?: Salad

45) What’s Your Patronus?: I feel like a canine of some kind. I love cats but I think I personally identify more with dogs on a personality level.

46) Would You Kill Yourself And Save Your Friends or Kill Your Friends and Save Yourself?: Kill myself

47) If You Had To Become A Mythical Creature Which Would You Be? Merman

48) What can you make with origami? Cranes

49) Have you ever invented a food or drink style? (or at least thought you did?) uhhh not really. most of what i make is pretty standard.

My question:

50) What is your first memory?

tagging: nah man that’s way too much. If you wanna, you can. besides most of the people I want to tag have been tagged anyway. I’m too lazy for this.

please imagine sesshomaru being a begrudging leader of the yokai community bc of his status and strength and then using this power to be like 

‘siGH yeah okay just like don’t….don’t do the eating humans thing….just….don’t question me on this one’.

he says because it’s smarter for them in the long run as human get more destructive power to not actively bring the heat on them and like, just fucking chill and also how dare you question me you peasant.

but the main reason for him is bc he’s constantly looking for rin’s reincarnation and IT’S ALL READY HARD ENOUGH W/O YALL FUCKING KILLING PEOPLE KNOCK IT OFF.

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i bet you cant even name 10 of halestorm's songs you bitch



  1. MZ. HYDE
  12. I GET OFF