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Foxeye: A Lucien ACOWAR Fic, Part 1

Setting: The Spring Court

Summary: Feyre is home in the Spring Court, but Lucien can’t shake the feeling that she’s not being entirely truthful about her experiences in the Night Court.

Ship: N/A

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,658

A/N: This fic is relevant parts of ACOWAR from Lucien’s perspective. I may not do every single scene, but beware!! SPOILERS GALORIOUS!!

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lookerdewitt  asked:

do ishimaru for the ask meme bc i love him and u love him and we all love him

  • do I like them: no. no. fuck you. how dare you accuse me of- yeah ok i love him hes my darling hes all of our collective darling. my boy????
  • 5 good qualities:
  1. works!! so hard!!! i believe in this boy!!!
  2. really believes very hard in people..
  3. passionate!!!!!! feels so much!!!!!!!!! puts all his heart into things!!!
  4. hard to put into words but… strong willed but willing to change his position on things??? like, ok, i see watching tv and playing video games is a good way to relate to friends, i see!!
  5. dweeb. uh i know this sounds weirdly like an insult for the good list but i… love his dweebishness.
  6. (bonus) correctly thinks scarves are good.
  • 3 bad qualities:
  1. hey please,,,, think before you speak even once,,,,,,,,,, have some Tact
  2. can be very judgemental sometimes??? hmm, chill, its ok
  3. hey boy please take care of yourself……. i worry about you
  • favourite episode/etc: obviously this doesnt really apply easily but im still gonna be cheeky and say If, because he honestly has very good moments and also he gets to live. (also him being very earnestly worried about missing class in one free time is…. pure)
  • otp: eh im not big on ships for him but when ishimondos good? its good
  • brotp: oh man him and sakura definitely. i dont care the game itself gives no material for them they’d be great??? also maizono and aoi and probably sonia and gundam and twogami and what im saying here is that he needs all the friends????? let him friends!!! (also, veilcrew.)
  • ot3: ok uh. ishimaru/kenshiro/sakura/aoi. big poly pile where they’re not all dating all of each other but are still pals linked in a poly chain. look, it seems like it would be Nice.
  • notp: ishi/celes. like, not only bad, but like exclusively horribly stereotypicaly hetero??? why so.. terrible…
  • best quote: “It’s not geniuses that change the world. It’s ordinary people who make every effort they can.” a good boy……. 
  • head canon: if he ever ended up playing some video games hed take completing them entirely very seriously before moving onto the next one. no, he cant check out the new kirby game, hes still focused on finishing his pokedex in sun!!!
Two Promises

Conclusion. Part 1 is here.

Anonymous asked:

I don’t know if you would be interested but I was just hoping to request something where you are betrothed to Elrond but you are in love with Thranduil and he is in love with you? Maybe where you have to admit your true feelings to Elrond or something? || More Elf fics || Fanfiction Masterlist || Thanks Anon.

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I thought you were going to be
my happily Ever After,
I thought our love was Perfect.
but you ended up
being my Fallout.

You took my Porcelain heart
and Decided To Break It.
Oh, how I wish I kept it
All To Myself.
Beside You,
I felt Alive Again.

I still remember playing
Truth or Dare,
and then you said:
“Lover Dearest,
I Cross My Heart,
and promise you
that I will always be
Good To You.”
Then, you wrapped your
arms around me and
all I could think was:
“wow, there’s
No Place Like Home.”

But now, you don’t
Say Anything,
and I would give everything
just to go back to September,
when I was Beside You.

—  “It’s all apart of my Masterpiece Theatre” by (DS)
Now I love you even more

Title:  Now I love you even more

Word Count: 2060

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Bobby

Request:  Please part four on the fake boyfriend please I love your writing soo much so thank you

A part four is completely necessary, my dear, you can’t just leave us with that cliffhanger! I’m absolutely heartbroken, a hundred sarcastic thank-yous for your fantastic writing! Your blog is incredible!

A/N: Again I got so many requests for this part you guys are insane. And I’m probably insane as well! This part is probably the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever written and I really hope you like it. There will be definitely a part five! I promise.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

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“Why don’t you finally tell me what happened between you and Y/N?”, Sam demanded from his older brother and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “You haven’t said her name even once since you are back from that wedding. It’s been almost two months now, Dean.”

Dean only grunted from his seat and took another sip of his ice cold beer. Since he was back from the wedding he used to sit there a lot. He didn’t wanted to go out anymore and he wasn’t concentrated enough during hunts. There were dark shadows under his eyes and Sam literally had to force Dean to take a shower. To eat dinner when it was time for that. To go to bed.
He didn’t moved much. He didn’t talked to Sam.  He didn’t even talked with Bobby who started to get worried about him. 

Sam knew that it wasn’t because of what was going to happen. They were still trying to save Dean and the latter hadn’t looked that desperate and heartbroken before they had met Y/N. No, Dean’s bad condition had something to do with what happened on that wedding and Sam couldn’t help but think that he’d warned his brother about all of this. 

“Dean!”, Sam tried again and his brother only shrugged and continued to stare on the tv. He was watching some medical tv drama and didn’t seemed to pay much attention to the words of his younger brother. It hurted Sam to see him like that. It hurt him almost more than the thought that he was about to lose him. Forever. 

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What We Learned In a Year of Bisexual Blogging

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of bisexual-books. It’s gone by so fast, we’ve met some incredible people in the bisexual community, and read some fascinating books.   But most of all, we’ve learned a lot - about books, about tumblr, and about the process of blogging. 


There is still a deep and abiding need for more bisexual literature and literary criticism.
When we started this blog, Sarah and Ellie thought it would be the two of us and the handful of friends that we’d peer pressured into following us on this silly adventure. So we’re still awestruck that we have over 4,600 followers and picked up a third contributor, Evan.  Clearly, Bisexual Books is an idea whose time had come!

There are more bisexual characters than you would think
Time was we could count the number of bisexual books  on the fingers of one hand.   In the last year we’ve found TONS of bisexual characters – but no one ever uses the word bisexual!  Book jackets, publishers, and characters use euphemisms – “no labels,” “batting for both teams,” “hearts not parts.”  

It’s like we’re stuck in a 50s-era pulp.  Bisexuality has become the sexual orientation that dare not speak it’s name.  Half of what we do here is play detective with overly vague book jacket copy to find out if this ‘sensual cutting-edge coming-of-age exploration about how love comes where you least expect it ’ is about a bisexual person.   

People like free stuff. Like a LOT.   
You probably love free stuff too, so go check out our 1 year birthday give away.

We’ve gotta do something about all this transphobia guys  
Despite decades of bisexuality being defined as “attracted to same and different genders,” cissexist and even downright transphobic definitions of bisexuality are pervasive.   And no wonder – even in our literature, we use phrases like “attracted to both genders” or “attracted to men and women.” In Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution, Shiri Eisner records instances of transphobic language in some of our most foundational works. Bi literature doesn’t do enough to challenge monosexuals and baby bisexuals to question their cisgender worldview. Bisexual literary criticism should be challenging the transphobic language that makes trans and non-binary bisexuals invisible.

Monosexuals think they’re so original
Oh good God this.  More than once, we’ve seen instances of monosexual authors who think they are being sensitive to the needs of bisexuals, or telling new edgy stories about bisexuals, when in reality they are recycling the same old biphobic tropes that make our eyes bleed. These authors aren’t necessarily malevolent, but they are so painfully unaware of bisexual stereotypes that they actually think they are being original.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. 

People love to gush about gay and lesbian literature (particularly YA) for being  “more than just coming out stories.”  Isn’t it great to have romances that “just happen” to have some lesbians, or  epic fantasy adventures that “just happen” to have a gay guy??  This is all code for “we’re sick to death of hearing gay and lesbian coming out stories because they are so damn common”.  Once upon a time, they nearly dominated gay and lesbian literature. 

But that was important dammit!  Coming out is an important part of the queer experience, both personally and in literature. Coming out stories were the bedrock of gay and lesbian literature; it was a part of proving that gay and lesbian people (and characters) exist. Once you establish the narrative of coming out and acknowledge that gay and lesbian characters exist, you can start telling other stories – romances, and dragons, and spy thrillers and historical and everything else. 

 But bisexuals? We’re still trying to get that coming out narrative. We don’t have those foundational stories about people who have to struggle to identify as bisexual when the world insists we either don’t exist or we’re really just confused or skipping through the daisies with our bisexual privilege or whatever. And what we’re left with are flimsy characters who act as thought the word bisexual doesn’t exist or beat around the bush with euphemisms. 

We need more coming out literature – both for bisexuals who are going through the process themselves, and so we can finally have stories where it is okay to use the word bisexual.

Don’t drink and blog.  
Or maybe we should do it more.   Take your pick.  

So Happy Birthday, Bisexual Books.   And thanks for all of our amazing followers who have made the last year possible.  

 - Ellie, Sarah, and Evan

It was just a dare - Luke Hemmings One shot (Dirty)

Sorry if this isn’t as good a quality as the others, it was kind of rushed. I would really appreciate suggestions for the next one shots as I’m finding it hard to keep coming up with ideas on my own, plus your suggestions can help me give you what you guys want. I will also be adding more one shots to my blog by reblogging other one shots that i personally like so look out for those xx

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the signs as quotes that i read once.
  • Aries : the world all alight with his sights, his sounds.
  • Taurus: please take your time and take it slowly; as all you do will run it's course.
  • Gemini: to be guided nor misguided in love, nor brokenhearted.
  • Cancer: the things that seem to matter less, are the ones we put on show.
  • Leo : to be unafraid of all the things I used to fear, before I knew I shouldn't fear them.
  • Virgo : in all our wrongs, I want to write to him, in a time where I can find him.
  • Libra : your hand reaches mine. We kiss tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly.
  • Scorpio : her heart played like well-worn strings; in her eyes, the sadness sings of one who was destined for better things.
  • Sagittaurus : how I envy so the half of me, who lived before love's due, who was yet to know of you.
  • Capricorn : to love is a dare, when hope and despair, are gates upon it hinges.
  • Aquarius : I am a word he has heard but never seen for himself.
  • Pisces : in a sea of strangers, you've longed to know me. your life spent sailing to my shores.
  • (KUDOS to anyone who knows who wrote these poems. they are not mine but the one who made them is amazing X3)

ohwwhuv  asked:

Unrelated extra review point: HOW DARE YOU WITH THE DESCRIPTION OF THAT HOUSE. Up until this point, given Mob's perspective, the house seemed like a somewhat decent structure. It's uninhabited and cold, but it seems fairly livable otherwise. YOU TRICKED US. OW. REIGEN CAN'T EVEN BREATHE HALFWAY THROUGH THE DOORWAY, AND MOB HAS BEEN LIVING HERE FOR YEARS. The smells, heaven help that child, are so intense it makes Reigen gag just from gasping. How has Mob lived this??? (1)

HOW HAS IT NOT BEEN STATED UNTIL NOW JUST HOW BAD THIS PLACE IS? We all knew about the corpse upstairs; shame on me for not predicting this kind of environment. but STILL. You bring Reigen in and suddenly he’s our window in to what this place is REALLY LIKE. How scary Mogami is to the average person. How horrible a living space his house is. The leaks, the DUST. ANOTHER THING, THE CHAIRS. I saw the one chair being used and my heart shattered. THE ONE LITTLE CHAIR. the others havent been used long enough for there to be DUST POOLING AROUND THEIR LEGS. Way to make that point sink in. How dare. I. H o w D are. I’m considering shoving future reviews into messages because you write too dang well and I have too many emotions. Apologies for the multi-part ask spam. KEEP UP THE GOOD. 20/10 would die again            

(A Breach of Trust: Chapter 5)


Thats exactly the role Reigen is playing here! Our outside eyes to be like “holy shit this is horrific”. And the house was certainly in better shape 4 years back, at least in terms of rot and smell. But Mob’s been living here uncared-for for all those years. In a house without running water. Mob’s dead to the smell at this point.

Unrelated but I’m laughing real hard at the phrase “We all knew about the corpse upstairs” like… Yes, Janice, we KNOW about your corpse already…god…