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Fic: Drag You Down (Negan x Reader) Part 1.

Yes, I started another story. No, I don’t know why. Blame my muse.

Title: Drag You Down

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: Giving the Alexandrians all their guns left the women of Oceanside defenseless, and you would do anything to keep them safe.

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It had been weeks since Tara had led the Alexandrians back to Oceanside and commandeered all of your weapons, and Natania was still furious. Her anger was less palpable now, but few dared to cross her. Her silent fury assured that everyone gave her a wide berth.

You understood her pain and frustration and had no idea how to make things better. Without weapons your community was weakened. This camp, filled with women and children, was now at the mercy of any nefarious strangers. You didn’t blame Cyndie for helping Tara. The Alexandrians were facing much of the same horrors you had barely survived. Helping them had been the right thing to do.

Weeks turned to months and there had been no sign of Tara or Rick. Part of you feared they were long dead and Negan stronger than ever. Their possible failure left you with a bitter taste in your mouth. The Alexandrians defeat could spell the end of your peaceful safe haven and a return to the Savior’s bloody rule. Your return to Negan.

You saw Cyndie walk past the tables and benches where the children were eating and you moved to follow her. She spotted you from the corner of her eye and you signaled for her to meet you behind the cabin.

“We need to talk,” you spoke softly as she rounded the corner.

“What’s going on?” she bit her lip anxiously.

“We can’t go on like this for much longer,” you sighed, staring off into the distance at the sullen form of your leader. “Natania is no use like this. Without a leader, without guns, we’re sitting ducks.”

“You have a plan?” she wondered, glancing at the happy children and knowing deep down that something had to be done.

“We can’t spare many people, not with Natania practically catatonic” you frowned. “Rachel and the others can take care of the fishing. We need to go scavenging.”

“I don’t think—”

“No, you don’t think!” you interrupted harshly before closing your eyes and taking a calming breath. “Sorry, I just—we need to keep our people safe. You need to keep them safe.” She bowed her head and slowly nodded. You felt terrible for laying such guilt on her, but your fear had taken over. You couldn’t go back to that way of life. You couldn’t see any more people die.

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Truth or Dare

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1440

Warnings: swearing, mention of fears, fluff.

**Slightly predictable, fluffy cuteness. Enjoy.

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It was so peaceful without the brothers in the bunker. They left on a djinn hunt a few states over, which you decided to sit out on. It had been almost three months since you were able to think without Sam bothering you about some research he found or Dean asking you to go on a food run.


It was beautiful.

You pulled your mug of tea to your chest and sighed. The television was off, the lights dimmed. You had no urge to watch a movie or read a book. You could do that when the boys were there. Sitting in complete silence was something you could rarely do ever.

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say i never mattered [2/4] | shawn mendes imagine

requested by @adancer24

word count: 1,286

author’s note: guess who put off studying to write this? lmao hope you enjoy. title is still from “young volcanoes” by fall out boy. if you haven’t read part i, you can read it here.

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Actually, when you thought about it, “break up” didn’t seem like the right term for it. A break invokes the image of a clean snap, from one piece into two, quick and concise. That wasn’t it at all, you thought.

No, it was more of a shatter. A crumble. The fraying of an old thread until every last fiber scattered apart. An explosion that refused to let the dust settle.

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anonymous asked:

Russia would be doing humanity a favor if it just dropped dead like the homophobic shitstain of a country it is. As a gay person you should accept that.

oh yes, tell me more about what I, A Gay, should accept. is it random assholes dropping into my asks to demand I discount soul-stirring contributions to art, to music, to science, to literature, to philosophy–all because a country is being dragged singlemindedly into the past by politicians and craven religious leaders who don’t give a damn about its citizens? how dare you look at a nation with as rich and storied and crushingly human a history as Russia and imagine that the world would be better off without it? furthermore, you prick: the United States has no federal protections for LGBT civil rights. according to GLAD, the first result if you gave enough of a shit about this to google it, fewer than one third of our states have laws protecting the community from discrimination. get off that fucking high horse, and once your feet are back on the ground, maybe do something useful. you know, considering you care so much about the LGBT community in Russia. 

here’s a link to the Russia Freedom Fund, a tax-deductible vehicle that moves donations to various Russian LGBT activist and support groups. 

or if you’d rather give directly:

here’s a link so you can donate to the Russian LGBT Network, which provides, among other services, legal counseling and emergency support to Russians in need.

go on, get moving. I hope your wallet is as big as your mouth.   

Dear kingknowbody,

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did not read my post. Why? Because If you had read the post you would know that using the names of fallen icons, heroes, and, children in the black community was not mentioned, even hinted in its context.

The purpose of the post was to POC who go about their daily lives and have to police themselves about what activities they partake in, because white people deem them stereotypical which in turn gives white racists “evidence” about being right about racial makeup, etc.

It was an encouraging post for all POC, whether Black, Asian, Native American, etc to continue living their lives to the fullest without barring activities, because they are seen as stereotypical and none moral to the white community.

How dare you mention those who have died and fought for equality in your ignorant post informing black people to go back to the plantation. I can promise you they are shaking in their graves at your audacity. Freedom fighter fought for the right to act “black” or however the fuck you wanted without worrying about other cultural rules. You lack understanding of what chattel slavery was otherwise you would never make a joke about sending a human being back to a plantation. Where is your humanity?

Are you daft? Possibly riddled with internalized self hate? CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re holding the POC community back by coinciding with racist viewpoints. Your mother must be so proud. I assume you believe we should assimilate into white western culture than too, hmm? Or possibly that ALL black women are loud and “ghetto” right. Since us POC are so uncivilized, right? Wrong, mothafucka. Take your Uncle Tom having ass somewhere else; please and thank you! While you are at it, kindly read the last two paragraphs of the post again; you know the one that says “fuck you” and also the one that says POC who judge other POC aren’t worth shit?

With that being said, since you are so opposed to POC participating on anything your “white lords” think is unacceptable. Anybody reading your idiotic response to the post can assume that you’ve: never eaten a watermelon or chicken. Also, you must hate all rap & RnB music right? Right. You’ve probably never said the word “nigger” “nigga” or any variation. We all know you stay inside every weekend and never party with your friends, also know as “turning up”. Lord knows you’ve never had any difficulty understanding something in school and have never ever spoken in “Ebonics”, etc etc (:

No one deserves chattel slavery, but perhaps you, with your livid slave mentality, should take a guided tour of what plantation life was really like and get your bitch ass out of those history books written by old white men.

Now, be gone witcha Ol’ Uncle Tom having self hate internalized POC shaming freedom fighter name dropper anti-black blaspheming ignorant head bitch ass.

- Susie The Mothafuckin Moderator Ya’ll

When he questions whether we’re getting value for our money by compensating victims of a literal and cultural genocide how is that not racist? This compensation is the minimum that any government that does this to its citizens is required.

Poilevre is speaking like its so inconvenient to compensate those who had their lives ruined by the Canadian government.

I think First Nations independence and accountability is important but you first have to give people back control over their lives. If you put any other group through a residential school system no one would dare use that kind of language towards the victims.

Speaking of which First Nations communities are hugely underfunded compared to the rest of Canada. This is why their standard of living is so low when compared to the rest of the country.