how dare you interrupt me john


Gif source:  John

Imagine saving John’s life during a hunt and afterwards you argue about the other nearly getting themselves killed and how you can’t stand to lose each other, then John interrupts the argument by kissing you.

——— Request for anon ———

“So don’t you dare tell me about the danger, John Winchester, because you threw yourself into it, too, and I nearly lost you thanks to it! If that had happened, I don’t know what I’d do—” you’re cut off from your angry rebuttal to his lecture on why you shouldn’t have saved his life the way you had, all thanks to his lips crashing against yours. You’d been mid-sentence, so the kiss was rough and clumsy, a cascade of lips and teeth trying to find some sort of harmony as you kissed him back just as vigorously upon getting over the initial shock.

John’s hand had reached up to cup your face, so when he pulled back to breathe, he didn’t stray too far, “Can you think for a moment how I’d feel if anything had happened to you because of me?”

Not Food, but Hunger and Sex in BBC Sherlock

At first glance, it is easy to see a ‘food = sex’ metaphor within this show.  However, doing so ignores some pretty great allusions.  The term “appetite” should be used instead of “food” when applying this connection to sex. Sexual “appetite”, it is after all.  We see this manifest throughout the characters, most notably in Sherlock’s case where we hardly ever see him want food.  He gets by on the bare minimum.  

“Let’s have dinner.” - “Why would I want dinner if I’m not hungry?”
(Let’s have sex - Why would I have sex with you when you don’t arouse me?)

“You’ve put on 7 pounds since you got married.”
(John, you’re eating to compensate for not getting laid.)

“Putting on weight Molly [since you started dating Jim]”
(I see your eating as a way to cope with not having sex with your gay boyfriend)

“Mycroft.  Putting on weight again?” - “Losing it, actually”
(You continuously eat as a way of dealing with your isolation from sex - No, I’m doing just fine in that department [how dare you judge me])

TSoT - Mrs. Hudson makes breakfast for a hungover John, and he starts eating only to stop once She starts talking about sex with her spouse. 
(He was fine with the food when she talked about Sherlock, but not when she talked about spousal relations [Mary]) 

“Dinner?” - “Starving.”
(Sherlock, I have such a raging erection right now I need to eat something immediately)

Sherlock disguises himself as a waiter to get John’s attention in TEH.
(LOL Sorry I interrupted your meal, guess you won’t be eating any more tonight)

In TEH, John beats up Sherlock in three different restaurants.
(Sherlock, I’m starving, and enraged that we’re not eating I’M SO HUNGRY WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS FUCKING THIS UP FOR ME)

“John did this thing…. thing with peas… once….. might not have been peas, might not have been him.”
(I had this wonderful experience once and I think it was because of John? I’m not sure, actually, let me think about it)

Sherlock never lets John finish dinner - EVER.  Always starts, never finishes.
(Unrequited sexual desire)