how dare you be cute with this hair

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Imagine Leo's hugs, every time you would show your face at the lair entrance he would outrun Mikey and hug you tightly saying he had missed you. He would do this regardless of how much time you two were apart, it could even be a half hour and he would still do it. His brothers would be puzzled and would always tease him about it but he wouldn't care, he loved feeling your soft skin and smelling the sweet smell of your hair.

You like teasing sleep deprived me, don’t you

FUCKING CUTE ASS SHIT. I’d probably be running to hug him too, meet him halfway even, oh my god. I’d love to just nuzzle my face into his skin and it’d be so cute if he even spun me around sometimes, that is what I live for.

how dare you do this to me i s2g

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Send me a ”hey” and i’ll do this:

1. First impression: OH NO THEYRE CUTE

2. Truth is: I WANT TO SEE YOU

3. How old do you look: 16

4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES HOLY SHIT LIGHT IN PANTIES

5. Have you ever made me mad: YES HOW DARE YOU LIVE IN SWEDEN


7. Have I ever had a crush on you: YES


9. Name in my phone: ELIZ ❤️❤️

10. Should you post this too?: HELL FUCKIN YEAH

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my head canon the other day was just after harry was wearing the leopard print blouse, and i was imagining them sitting in bed, louis on his iPad playing with harry's hair and sipping tea as he scrolled through the YSL catalogue going "hmmm this one has, it'll bring out your eyes". its silly and little but it made me smile anyway x

wHY. How dare you. This is so cute. 


Some people are so cute it’s ridiculous.

Like. How dare you know how to play the ukulele and adopt a pig. What the fuck is wrong with you, why would you make tea and coffee when people come over and have a million board games instead of video games. Get out of my face with your colorful hair and piercings and amazing smile.

Why are people cute?

 layladearing replied to your postlayladearing replied to your post:(To Zack, I’m…

[ txt ] Please don’t tell them what exactly happened. It’s embarrassing. [ txt ] Well it’s not exactly my body that is stuck, but rather my hair. It’s tangled around sth, and I can’’t properly turn to get it loose.

             「  —— ★ ☆ 」

      Mildly amused snickering.

[ txt ]: You’re just a handful, aren’t ya?

[ txt ]: Gimme a few minutes and I’ll be home, kay? Behave yourself until then.

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sorry, but i saw a post from you and it says something like "sooo a thing happened to me for a second... a felt cute" and idk, but it sounded like "FOR A SECOND FOR A SECOND FOR A SECOND" and i felt the urge of shaking you til... til idk what u.u OH MY GOD GIRL! HOW DARE YOU?!?!?! if i had your eyes, only your eyes, i'd be the happiest person in the world and i'd felt the cutest girl ever! n your dental appliance matches your eyes, and your hair omg, everything!! you are stunningly cute

I don’t know what to say🙈 thank you so so so much! I bet you have some beautiful eyes too! Thank uuuuu hun😘😘😘 love for you my sweet angle☺️

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Okay first of all you lil shit how dare you. I hate it when you wear those cute fucking outfits and how you have such a good fashion taste. I hate you and your fucking hair and your fucking smile I just hate you okay? I have one question: why havENT YOU ASKED ME OUT YOU LIL PRICK? HUH? WHY? MY FRIENDS SAY YOU LIKE ME UNLESS YOURE A LYING ASSHOLE WHY WONT YOU HOLD MY GOD DAMN HAND AND KISS MY CHEEK YOU SOGGY CORNDOG I HATE YOU

You should write an anonymous letter to anyone you like in my ask pls just write to get thing off your chest, rant, scream, cry, do whatever you like. it’ll help you feel better I promise

reasons why louis is such a little cute hedgehog (bc he is).

first of all, read the definition of hedgehogs:

“a small nocturnal Old World mammal with a spiny coat and short legs, able to roll itself into a ball for defense.”

and then compare it with louis..



(please, i can’t find anything what can compare spiny coat i dare you)


short legs?

able to roll itself into a ball for defense?

(just enjoy how similiar they are) 

(i meant louis and hedgehog)

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Do all the primary numbers and you can decide if you want to do truth or dare or both

brUH you are my kind of person, I like you

1, truth: Who was your first celebrity crush?

I feel like probably a Jonas Brother I’m trash

I have just discovered that 1 is not in fact a prime number but it’s too late now, full steam head!

2, dare: Refresh & send an anonymous compliment to whoever’s at the top of your dash

Could do anon but it’s a rad blog so I don’t mind

3, truth: What are your favorite things about appearance?

I mean it sucks to just pick three but: awesome hair, ethereally cool eyeliner, cute great thighs that look really great in short shorts

I’ve already done 5!

7. truth: How many hours did you sleep last night?

Maybe 8? It was a miracle tbh

11 has been done!

13, truth: What’s your most irrational fear?

The dark sometimes. It just freak me out

I already did 17 toooooo

19, truth: What’s the first thing you remember having to keep secret?

That time Joey pooped himself in the ballpit at Chuck E Cheese during his birthday party. I wasn’t gonna rat.

23, dare: Put your music player on shuffle and (without listening) write the lyrics of the chorus to the first song:

We’ll never be rooooooooyals (royals)

29, truth: What are your worst habits?

I just asked my sister and my mom and both of them said that I kind of sigh after I laugh and it’s really annoying???? So that’s a bummer

ask, anon

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Hi can I get a ship please? I'm tall, tan, dark messy, wavy/curly hair, dark brown eyes and I'm really adventurous, I love rock and punk rock, and I'm really shy and I'm nice to everyone . I'm a bit of a daredevil and go extreme when it comes to doing dares that involves stunts, I just learned how to ride a skateboard and now I'm addicted!

So, omg he’d like love ur shyness, he’d think it was so cute and he’d be
overprotective like always and i think you’d find it suffocating bc he’s not ur
dad but omg he’d love your adventurousness bc he is to an extend 
and whenever steve dares you to do something silly bc its steve he’d try
pull you away but it wouldnt work like hey who do u think i am and he’d 
obsesses over ur hair, like twirling it around his fingers and you’d make his heart
palpatate like all the time with your daredevilness but he wouldnt mind bc it keeps him alive and omg he’d love ur niceness? like he wants a genuine girl not some tough as nails greaser, thats for dally.  and yes pls i hope u liked it, if u still dont know who i ship you with check the first letter of each line:-)xx ily

I don't even care

I can’t stop smiling
And fuck. It’s all your fault.

How dare you

Come into my life and fuck everything up.

I can’t get through a goddamn day without thinking of you.

Fuck metaphors.

Fuck this shitty ass poem.

I’ll just say it.

I really like you.
I might love you.

But fuck you.

I love you smile, and that stupid dot on your face that makes me want to tear my hair out.

I love your eyes and your cute large hands and your crazy fucking height.

And I don’t even care if you fuck up my life.

I’ve been fucking up for years.

In fact, please come screw up my life.

Just stay, so I can appreciate you.

Because I would be so ecstatic to just watch you go on and on about something stupid.

Fuck, I don’t even care.
Do what you want.
I don’t even care.

Do something.

Because I’m dying here.


me: i have nothing but respect for this man

me: that little fucking shit i hate him so much how dare he dye his hair black again

me: omg i fucking love this man look at his smile hes so cute 

me: what do u mean hes 38 lol no hes like 14

me: i respect this man with my entire life


I haven’t talked about the cutie in a while but then again I hardly talk on this shit stain so go figure.

Anyways how dare this girl!

How dare her cut her long hair that made her so cute and sweet looking and make it short that when pulled back it makes my heart doki doki too hard and reignite those crush feelings like goddamn3!

I hate you but I want you to be mine!

k done.

PS - Hella sucks that I’m crushing on her…AND…her brother.

Like what the fuck is in their genes!

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Vessel josh has died and been replaced with a flame haired pod person

im crying you nerd how dare… both pods are beautiful but vessel pod is cute and then flame haired pod is badass jusT UGH AGONY

“Miss July Grows Older”

How much longer can I get away
with being so fucking cute?
Not much longer.
The shoes with bows, the cunning underwear
with slogans on the crotch — Knock Here,
and so forth —
will have to go, along with the cat suit.
After a while you forget
what you really look like.
You think your mouth is the size it was.
You pretend not to care.

When I was young I went with my hair
hiding one eye, thinking myself daring;
off to the movies in my jaunty pencil
skirt and elastic cinch-belt,
chewed gum, left lipstick
imprints the shape of grateful, rubbery
sighs on the cigarettes of men
I hardly knew and didn’t want to.
Men were a skill, you had to have
good hands, breathe into
their nostrils, as for horses. It was something I did well,
like playing the flute, although I don’t.

In the forests of grey stems there are standing pools,
tarn-coloured, choked with brown leaves.
Through them you can see an arm, a shoulder,
when the light is right, with the sky clouded.
The train goes past silos, through meadows,
the winter wheat on the fields like scanty fur.

I still get letters, although not many.
A man writes me, requesting true-life stories
about bad sex. He’s doing an anthology.
He got my name off an old calendar,
the photo that’s mostly bum and daisies,
back when my skin had the golden slick
of fresh-spread margarine.
Not rape, he says, but disappointment,
more like a defeat of expectations.
Dear Sir, I reply, I never had any.
Bad sex, that is.
It was never the sex, it was the other things,
the absence of flowers, the death threats,
the eating habits at breakfast.
I notice I’m using the past tense.

Though the vaporous cloud of chemicals that enveloped you
like a glowing eggshell, an incense,
doesn’t disappear: it just gets larger
and takes in more. You grow out
of sex like a shrunk dress
into your common senses, those you share
with whatever’s listening. The way the sun
moves through the hours becomes important,
the smeared raindrops
on the window, buds
on the roadside weeds, the sheen
of spilled oil on a raw ditch
filling with muddy water.

Don’t get me wrong: with the lights out
I’d still take on anyone,
if I had the energy to spare.
But after a while these flesh arpeggios get boring,
like Bach over and over;
too much of one kind of glory.

When I was all body I was lazy.
I had an easy life, and was not grateful.
Now there are more of me.
Don’t confuse me with my hen-leg elbows:
what you get is no longer
what you see.

—Margaret Atwood

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Yo I'm here for the dating thing. I have shorter dark brown hair. I'm like 5 foot 3. I rlly like reading, cuddles, cats, and forts. Also I enjoy random facts about everything. I'm emo trash as well so there's that.

how dare y ou be tALLER THAN ME?!?!? also yeah you sound cute c:

Repost, don’t reblog.

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name: Michelle

preferred pronouns: She/her

sexuality: Really really demi

zodiac sign: I don’t like this question

taken or single: Single. [skips through the somebody please think i’m cute woods, ROFL]

three facts

  • I am really super excited about my teal hair, like you don’t even know
  • I dance and I am good at it.
  • I had the most fantastic Harry Potter Birthday parties. You have no idea.

how long (months/years?): LARP and things two years, tumblr 5 months
platforms you’ve used: Tumblr, Skype, face to face ;)
best experience: ASKFDGL, so far either the tango or the pun sex thread… judge me, I dare you

muse preferences:

female or male: Yes. I like a wide variety of thinking to try and portray.

favorite face: Um. I’m so bad at this. I really don’t care much. Natalie Dormer is gorgeous. Or Idris Elba.

least favorite face: I’m not much into blondes as a rule? But then, I don’t really care one way or the other. Pretty is pretty.

multi or single: Single is easier, but I want to exercise Dyann more on the twins. And then there is the secret potato. But he only has one thread so the fact that I have multiple NPCs is just a thing.

writing preferences: 

fluff, angst or smut: Yes? Though fluff is hardest.

plots or memes: Prefer plot, but a good meme once in a while is a fun breather. See silly gifts.

long or short replies: Long. Totally long. I’m not against short replies when they work, but it’s so much fun to see relationships develop.

best time to write: When frustrated. I get really going when I feel stifled or upset. Though I can write anytime. 

are you like your muse(s): Lara and I share some methods of thinking, but not really? I’m mostly dorky and definitely not as sexual as most of my muses.

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