how dare they make james feel like this


Because I seem to like to torture myself with the angst that is Remus Lupin and Sirius Black … More of Remus never thinking their relationship is meant to be and letting it ruin them.

Part one of two.

Warning: Mention of Abuse and Violence


  • He can feel how tight his knuckles are and how the skin stretches
  • Strained by the tensing of his muscles and the way his fists curl
  • He’s trying not to keep his eyes so tight
  • Reminding himself over and over and over again that this is what he wanted
  • This is what he asked for
  • And although he hadn’t pictured it
  • Hadn’t let his mind wander that far
  • He couldn’t get it out of his head anymore
  • And he was trying so hard not to break glass
  • Not to rip pages from books and tear apart the room and ram his fist off the stone wall until his knuckles bled
  • Until he hurt outside more than he hurt inside
  • But then the dorm room door slams open and he doesn’t want to punch walls
  • Doesn’t want to blindly ram his fists off things until his arms are heavy and his heart is weak and his head is weary
  • He just wants to scream
  • ‘You asked for this you know’

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FlashBack (8/?)

Pairing: Rogers Family, The Avengers, Avenger Children x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Teen pregnancy.

A/N: I began this before I started deleted scenes for The Blue Stick and apparently forgot about it till I found it last night. This is basically 16 years after that, when Sarah one of your twins comes to you with a shocking news, that only seems to spiral even farther out of control.

So if you enjoyed The Blue Stick give it a read, let me know what you think of course!

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“Mom.” Sarah’s nervous voice. “James and Paul.” Sarah fidgets. 

when you look James’ fist is cocked and he let off a solid, harsh sounding sucker punch to Howie’s face. You gasp hand over your mouth, when you look for Paul he’s on Nathaniel having crashed through the coffee table. Handing Sarah your coffee and purse you tell her to stay put as you walk to the edge of the fight. Crossing your arms, you stand glaring, foot tapping, and waiting.

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angie-pangaea  asked:

Bucky and 16

We’re next door neighbors and we scream at each other through the walls and the landlord demanded we work it out and holy shit I would’ve never guessed you were this hot.

You resisted the urge to start spitting like a cat as you approached the cafe. Stupid landlord. Stupid neighbour. You had recently moved into a new apartment and you had some kind of major asshole living next door to you. He pissed you off so bad. It wasn’t like you had ever seen him, but the two you were always yelling at each other.

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Another HP rant / Anti Snape

When people say

  • Snape was so much better for Lily; he loved her and cared about her
  • James didn’t deserve her at all
  • James was a fucking bully nothing more
  • How dare Lily choose James over Snape!
  • Snape was a good person
  • Like of course Snape bullied Harry; he looked like his father
  • Like of course Snape bullied Neville; he was terrible at Potions

I facepalm so hard and I need to write about my feels because let’s be real here: HP ended years ago but the fandom will never calm down so yeah. I feel like writing a rant ;P

First I want to start with the James-Lily-Snape triangle, which actually wasn’t even a love triangle even though people try to make it out to be. Anyways, I don’t think Severus Snape was ever truly in love with Lily Potter. He had an obsession and probably thought he is in love but he wasn’t; this was proved in the series so many times.

When you are in love the most important thing is the other person’s happiness and well being. A selfless love means not caring about whether the other person is by your side or not: as long as you seem them happy it doesn’t matter. This - in my opinion - is a key factor when it comes to love. Seeing the other person happy. The above statement does not, under any circumstances, apply to Snape. He was willing to see both James and Harry dead if in return he can get Lily, probably as a trophy or something. Lily’s well-being? Oh who cares? Who cares that she would have been miserable with both her husband and son dead? Who cares that this is not what she wanted? Who cares that she wanted to die for Harry and was never ever in love with Snape? Like gosh, this is the biggest indicator Snape was never in love. Caring about Lily? Ain’t nobody got time for that~

Also, can we just talk about the fact that even though he switched sides his ideologies never really changed? He would have remained a death Eater if not for the prophecy. The only reason he fought against Voldemort is because he at the end didn’t spare Lily and Snape wanted revenge. He might have felt guilty for choosing the Dark Arts over Lily back then and all, but he 

  • never showed regret for all the innocents he most probably killed and tortured as a Death Eater
  • never abandoned Voldemort’s ideologies
  • never really cared about anyone except his obsession with Lily

Which brings us to another important point: how he behaves with almost everyone around him.

I will never ever excuse James Potter for bullying Snape. What we all saw in OOTP was terrible and should never be accepted at all. But Snape and James hated each other from the moment they first met which means all the bullying was probably mutual. On the other hand James outgrew most of his mistakes and became a wonderful person with a right mind and heart. He fought against Voldemort and risked his life because that was the right thing to do not because he was obsessed with someone. He truly loved and cherished Lily for who she is and her happiness always mattered to him. I could list a lot more arguments why James is an awesome person; he is a good man with some bad traits like lots of us.

Lily Evans was never a trophy! He didn’t even choose James over Snape; he cut ties with the latter way before she started dating James. She didn’t want to be friends with Snape anymore because it was terribly poisonous; cutting ties with him was the best thing she could have done. I don’t care about how Snape felt: He could have abandoned the Dark Arts or could have refrained from calling her a mudblood – he didn’t. The fact that the world “mudblood” is in his everyday vocabulary (he wouldn’t have spilled it by accident otherwise) is a huge indicator of his ideologies. Blaming Lily in this situation is in my opinion terrible.

It’s rather pointless fighting over who deserved Lily more because as I said she is not a trophy. But saying Snape was better for her - after all that happened -  is an argument I seriously question. Saying he loved her or cared about her — well that’s also something I have doubts about. He desired her, wanted to shag her or selfishly wanted to claim her as his own. That’s all about his “love” for Lily.

And now can we talk about how he bullied his students? Severus Snape was a child abuser – there is no argument that would justify his actions here. YOU.MUST.NOT.JUSTIFY.CHILD.ABUSE.Saying Harry basically deserved to be bullied because he looked like his father is disgusting. Harry had no control over his looks nor should he be held accountable for the things his father may have done in the past. He is an innocent child yet Snape abused him for 6 years fully knowing even that he gets the same fucking treatment at his Uncle’s home!

You can’t even say he treated him badly because Harry sassed him. The thing is Harry wouldn’t have sassed him if Snape had showed him some courtesy the first time they met. Harry was always polite with his teachers unless some serious emotional trauma happened. But Snape gave no reason for him to learn to respect or like him: he treated him badly the first time he entered his office; Harry didn’t do anything wrong he just listened to his lecture like everyone else yet he was expected to have memorized the entire book first day at school. His abuse towards Harry can not be excused.

Nor can be his abuse towards Neville. Like do you understand? Snape abused Neville Longbottom to the point that the poor guy’s worst fear is Snape himself even though Bellatrix tortured his parents to the point that they lost their mental stability. Like people would expect from Neville that his biggest fear would be Bellatrix or Voldemort. But no, Severus Snape. The impact of this so so huge I can’t even function normally. Don’t you dare to excuse this one on Snape’s behalf.

We also need to mention Hermione Granger. She was treated badly for being smart and probably also for being a muggle-born. I will never forget that instance when her front teeth grew past her chin due to a spell and Snape said “there is no difference”. He probably also abused the entire Gryffindor house while putting Slytherin on pedestal. I don’t care

  • how said he was over losing Lily
  • how much he was a sad and bitter man
  • how miserable he was

Child abuse is something I can’t look over. He took his anger and bitterness out on innocent children while never ever actually showing remorse for following Voldemort ideologies or for abusing people. Snape in my eyes is not a good person no matter how much he was still able to “love” someone.

This is the man Harry named his child after, totally forgetting the 6 years he spent at Hogwarts? And this is the man the fandom considers a hero? Love Snape all you want by all means he is a wonderfully complex character and I also have some complicated favs on my own – but you cannot say Severus Snape was a hero or a good man at all. Yes he was exceptionally brave as we all know and at the end he helped Harry (Although it was for all the wrong reasons.)

So how can basically one book delete the previous six in people’s mind? I will never understand.

anonymous asked:

I'm rereading those posts by those Snape apologists again and they keep pushing this idea that Snape just sort of passively grieved for Lily or pined from afar or something? Which isn't canon at all? He exhibited extreme controlling behaviour, like he told her "I won't let you -" and camped out outside Gryffindor Tower until she talked to him (which is disturbing and stalkerish). And he bullied her kid for, like, years. What part of this screams "inncoent bloke whose love was snatched away"?

You should see how they react when anyone dares to call Snape’s love for Lily obsessive! (Which it very much is.) The worst part is when they start acting like Lily was somehow unworthy of Snape’s love, or blaming her for ‘choosing James’ selfish love over Severus’ pure love’ which, apart from being lol-worthy and more than a little disgusting, makes it sound like Snape was an actual contender for Lily’s love and he… well… wasn’t.

They were good friends. Best friends. But there’s nothing to suggest she ever had romantic feelings for him, and it was pretty clear from the memories we saw that their friendship was doomed to fall apart even before Snape’s Worst Memory (which, Snapefen often need reminding, wasn’t his worst memory because of what James did to him but what he did to Lily). He called Mulciber attacking Lily’s friend with Dark Magic ‘just a bit of fun’ and later, ‘You call everyone else of my blood that, why not me?’ Plus he ran off and joined a literal Nazi organization dedicated to killing people like his alleged ‘great love’, and was somehow surprised when his terrible life choices got her killed.

There is nothing healthy or good about Snape’s obsessive love of Lily. But Snily shippers and Snape defenders will never get that, and it’s kind of sad tbh.