how dare they even did it

wolfstar hcs
  • sirius flirting with remus even though they’re already dating
    • “do you have a name or can I call you mine?” “actually, my name is way out  of your league.” “why can’t you just play along?!” “because sirius, we’re already dating”
  • even though sirius seems like such a Bad Boy™ he wants to cuddle with remus 25/8
  • “study” dates
    • “sirius I actually thought I was going to help you study.” “let’s just study tomorrow rem, please?” “sigh fine.” “YAY!”
  • sirius always high-fiving remus when he raises his hand in class
  • sirius giving remus tons of chocolate
    • “wait, sirius did you steal this?” “how dare you accuse me of such things?! I would never!”
  • remus secretly loves when sirius has a man bun
  • james is wolfstar trash #1
  • everyone supporting their relationship 
  • having dates outside and looking up at the stars
  • surprisingly sirius always remembers dates like anniversaries and birthdays
  • remus stealing sirius’ quidditch sweatshirt
    • sirius finding it very attractive. 

hey quick question. why the fuck did stephen moffat and mark gatiss think they could just do that to me? John and Sherlock were all I had? like i don’t wanna get all soppy or anything but. they were two very broken people, who never felt love, who saved each other, and it always reassured me that some day someone would eventually love me even though I’m broken too but now i have nothing? ive been blocking it out for so long and trying to forget what happened, but it just hit me. how DARE they just do that to me, do that to us. i know it’s just a story and they’re not real but jesus christ i relied on them so heavily, they were everything to me. i deserve to be happy and to be loved the way those two men were supposed to love each other, but if it can’t even happen in a story, how can it happen in real life?

they were my Baker Street boys. and now they’re gone.


Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was a masterful performance with subtle calls for inclusion

All eyes were on Lady Gaga heading into the 2017 Super Bowl. Following yet another week of protest and unrest in Donald Trump’s America, the world was waiting to see how divisive, how political, how “satanic” she would dare to be with everyone watching — and it wasn’t even close to Beyoncé’s Black Panthers nod at Super Bowl 50 or Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech.

She did exactly what she said she would: deliver a masterful performance while continuing to offer the same message of hope, compassion and inclusion she’s been making since day one. Read more


Me before Fantastic Beasts movie: I like how Ron and Harry add little comments to the book, it’s so like them, and it adds a comedic touch to what is, although an interesting read, rather a dry one. Haha, I can so imagine them being bored in class and doodling - this old Newt Scamander dude really did drag on a bit when he was writing this.

Me after Fantastic Beasts movie:

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I also want Damian to be unable to resist a dare. He is physically unable to do so.
“You can’t do it.”
“Wanna bet?” he snarls. “I bet I can do it, and twice as fast as you can.”
Meanwhile Colin is like, “Dames, are you crazy? You can’t knit/play dodgeball/operate a hot air balloon!”
Damian tilts his head regally, but then expresses frankly, “Maybe not yet, Colin, but I’ll learn. And you are going to help!”
“How did I get dragged into this?” Colin moans. I’m not helping him, he says to himself. I’m not. Not helping him.
“Is it curl and purl or what?”
Colin can’t help it. “You’re holding them all wrong, let me see…”
And we’re not even going to TALK about a double-dog-dare (aka the time Tim almost caused a city-wide electric blackout due to Damian)

  • Lance: *went shopping with lotor*
  • Keith: Where did you go???
  • Lance: I just went shopping...
  • Keith: WITH WHOOO????
  • Lance: With Lotor... Okay, but our taste in fashion just rhymes so much and I bought everyone stuff. I even got you a shir-
  • Lance: You can insult me but don't bring our cow into this! KALTENECKER DOESN'T DESERVE THIS HORRID TREATMENT!!!
  • Kaltenecker: *cow noises*
  • Lance: OMG. Kaltenecker heard us...
  • Keith: who cares?? YOU WENT SHOPPING WITH LOTOR!!!
  • Lance: who cares??? No cow should live in this kind of environment. NO COW DESERVES TO BE DISOWNED AND DISHONORED.
  • Kaltenecker: *sad cow noises*
  • Lance: look, can we continue this some other time? Because unlike someone, I actually care about our cow.

Misc. — pt. 2  {Sentence Starters} 

  • “I could protect you.”
  • “Get out. GET OUT!”
  • “Are you gonna eat that?”
  • “Are you threatening me?”
  • “How are you even still alive?”
  • “How DARE you threaten me…”
  • “You could still be a good person.”
  • “Have room for one more in there?”
  • “I did what I HAD to. I don’t regret it.”
  • “You’re really starting to piss me off!”
  • “If you touch my fries, I WILL bite you.”
  • “You really, really don’t want to do this.”
  • “Well, you don’t have to be rude about it.”
  • “Mind if I share your umbrella for a minute?” 
  • “You think you’re so great, but you’re really not!”
  • “Stop laughing at my incompetence, that’s rude!”
  • “Um, hi. How long have you been standing there?”
  • “Why do you do this to me? You just hurt my feelings.”
  • “This game tears families apart… I get to be the racecar!”
  • “You aren’t welcome here, anymore. Get your stuff. Get out.”
  • “You can’t just push people away. You need to talk to someone.”
  • “If you touch me, I won’t even bother to make it look like an accident.”
  • “Is that a knife or are you just happy to —- Nope, it’s a knife! It’s a KNIFE!”
  • “You know, you should try to be a little friendlier to people. It wouldn’t hurt.”
breaking bad

someone: hey walter this thing you did is sorta suspicious

walter white, continuing to commit crimes: what? WHAT? i– i have no idea what– how cOULD you accuse me of– even if i did know what you were talking about i certainly haven’t done that. in fact, i have never done anything wrong in my life. how dare you. in my own home!! i can’t believe this.

something: *explodes*

Caeser: So you’re the courier who’s been causing so many problems with my troops. you slaughtered my men at Nelson, destroyed Cottonwood Cove, killed my mighty Vulpes, ruined my plot to overtake the Omertas, and reversed the sabotage of Camp McCarran
Courier Six: :)
Caeser: How dare you show your face here. Why did you even come?
Courier Six: U asked
Caeser: damn u right
Caeser: anyways wanna do me a solid

  • "Are you sure it's safe to ride a one seat bike in two people?"
  • "But I thought boys didn't wear bras?"
  • "Don't you DARE tell me I can't eat all these cookies."
  • "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?!"
  • "But if I give YOU the waffles then I won't get any!"
  • "Dude, are you drawing porn?!"
  • "Don't you dare bring giraffes into this conversation."
  • "Stop trying to make me laugh don't you see that I'm trying to be dramatic?"
  • "Spider. On your shoulder."
  • "How did you even got your hair like that man."
  • "You've been playing for 3 hours, it's my turn!"
  • "AHK! The light! It's too bright! Close the curtains! CLOSE THE CURTAINS!"
  • "Zombie apocalypse is serious business. Stop laughing."
  • "Is there something on my tooth?"
  • "I want pancakes, make me some, I can't use the cook."
  • "What. No milk."
  • "How much do you want in chocolate for it?"
  • "I'll bake you cake if you do it."
  • "Where are my pajamas, I can't find them."
  • "How dare you not share ice cream with me."
  • "What are you doing with that pot, man."
  • "Horses and ponies are not the same thing."
  • "I'm sad. Give me sweets."

You: This character is not morally perfect?? They hurt someone or did somethign I don’t like? HOw can you like them?

Me, an intellectual: They’re called a villain, wild concept. Or you know, characters don’t have to be morally perfect to be enjoyable (I would even dare to say flawless characters are less enjoyable). You can like a character without condoning their actions. Tumblr purity culture over characters is ridiculous. Stop it.

  • James: what?
  • Sirius: how dare you not tell your BEST FRIEND
  • James: what is it oh no what did i do?
  • Sirius: you KISSED that BEAUTIFUL hufflepuff GIRL last night?
  • James: the one everyone says she's the most beautiful girl in the school? why yes!
  • *later*
  • James: alright did evans hear that?
  • Remus: her and the entire common room, yes
  • Sirius: how did she react?
  • James: did she look jealous?
  • Sirius: was i convincing?
  • James: do you think it'll work?
  • Sirius: how was my dramatic face?
  • Remus: yes james, i totally believe that now that the supposedly most beautiful girl in school was supposedly into you, lily will now fall madly in love with you. brillant plan. no flaws. and sirius are you for real
  • vegan: killing unnecessarily is wrong, please go vegan!
  • carnist: how... dare... you... did you even CONSIDER that i am actually living in a cave in the swiss alps and i had to kill a goat to make a wifi antenna out of their bones just to write this to you... i wish i didnt have to but not everyone is as privileged as you vegans smh
Only a Kiss - Jack Maynard Imagine

Summary: whoever said there was anything harmless about a little game of truth or dare?

Word Count: 1547

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“You did what?” Oli squawked as Joe took a shot after admitting that he had jacked off whilst someone else was asleep in the same bed as him. “What kind of person does that?” he cackled, throwing his head back as his entire body was shaking with laughter. 

Joe simply shrugged at him before turning towards Caspar to ask the next question. 

You weren’t sure how a casual evening watching a movie with the boys had somehow digressed into shots of tequila and truth or dare, but it had, and all the boys were revelling in it, taking advantage of all the information that was coming to light in the absence of cameras. 

You, on the other hand, were just enjoying the spectacle, having exempted yourself from the arena given that you were the only girl and therefore too much of a target amongst these boys. You were simply laying across the carpeted floor of Oli’s living room with your head in your boyfriend, Jack’s lap while his fingers ran through your hair subconsciously.

You closed your eyes as you focused on the feeling of Jack’s fingers massaging your scalp, a feeling of total relaxation sweeping over you as you felt yourself slowly drifting off to sleep. A loud South African voice pierced through your dreamless state of subconsciousness.

 "I dare you to kiss Y/N!“ Caspar Lee’s loud voice reached your ears, your eyes snapping open to see a grinning South African and a very reluctant Conor Maynard avoiding your gaze. 

"I’m not playing! So he’ll just have to snog Josh or something, who knows where that mouth has been,” you teased him, gently prying Jack’s fingers away from your scalp before he ripped your hair out of your head. Your stomach dropped when Jack jerked himself away from you as if he had been burned.

“Oh come on, Y/N!”

“Yeah don’t be a spoilsport!”

“Just give us a peck!”

You should have known better than to believe that a simple “I’m not playing” would have satisfied the boys, their grinning faces letting you know that the only way you were getting out of this was if you kissed your boyfriend’s older brother.

“Lay off it, will ya? She doesn’t have to!” Conor’s voice piped up, his blue eyes that matched Jack’s looking straight to you. Jack, on the other hand, hadn’t said a word, and in fact, wouldn’t even look you in the eye, and because of that, you did something that probably wasn’t your wisest decision.

“Fine, I’ll do it, we’re all friends here, right?” You burst out, looking between Conor and Jack briefly, noting the shocked and reluctant expression on Conor’s face that contrasted with the livid look on his younger brother’s face. 

“It’s just a kiss, nothing personal,” you waved off, already rising up on your knees and getting ready to crawl over to Conor.

“Fucking unbelievable,” you heard Jack mutter under his voice but pretended you hadn’t, instead focusing on Conor and the very reluctant look on his face as he glanced from your determined face to Jack’s murderous one. “Talk about loyalty …” Your boyfriend was continuing to mutter behind you, giving you the push to finally crawl forward to where Conor was currently kneeling.

“Don’t be getting any ideas, Maynard, this is just for the dare, nothing more,” you grinned at him, noticing the similarities between his bright blue iris’ and Jack’s slightly darker ones and starting to feel the dread clawing at your chest. 

Taking a deep breath, you leant forward and pressed your lips to his firmly. His lips were soft but not as soft as Jacks, and his hands that were on your waist were gentle but missing the rough callouses that were on Jacks hands. Still, you were determined that you weren’t going to stress over this, so when Conor slowly moved his lips against yours, you let him, your hands resting on his shoulders as you kissed him slowly. 

You counted to five in your head before pulling back sharply, avoiding his glance and extracting yourself from his grip. You avoided everyone’s eyes as you pushed yourself up to your feet and left the room as quickly as you could, eager to escape the stares of the seven boys that were all staring at you in varying states of disbelief.

You didn’t stop moving until you were in Oli’s spare bedroom, the reality of what had just happened hitting you all at once, the panic and anxiety squeezing and crushing your chest with alarming ferocity. 

You had just kissed your boyfriend’s brother on a dare. You knew Jack didn’t want you to do it and you had done that anyway. Jack was furious with you. Jack was not going to want you anymore.Y

ou were in your own little self-deprecating bubble, pacing back and forth in an attempt to argue your way out of your own head - unsuccessfully I might add - so much so that you didn’t even hear someone walk in the room behind you, nor did your senses pick up on the very distinct aroma of Hugo Boss Cologne that you had brought Jack for his last birthday.

It wasn’t until he spoke up that you even registered that he was in the same room. “You just fucking snogged my brother,” his voice piped up, the layers of anger and betrayal cutting into you like a knife.

Spinning around, you were taken aback by the fiery look in his eyes, “You didn’t say anything though, you just pushed me away, you could have said something and I wouldn’t have done it,” you mumbled, your eyes focused intently on your socks as you avoided meeting his eyes again.

“I thought it was a fucking given!” the volume of your voice caused you to shrink back, “I thought you were loyal enough to not snog my motherfucking brother! You’re just like the rest of them, though, you only see me as a gateway to get to him,” he spat at you, the distaste and anger radiating off of him. It was his words, however, that caused you to look up in alarm. 

“Excuse me?! Have you forgotten that you literally used me to sleep with my sister the first time we met?!” You fired back, glaring at him as you crossed your arms over your chest, “You know me better than anyone, you should know that I would never do that to you!”

“I thought I did but I just saw you fucking snog my brother in front of all of our mates!” He yelled, throwing his hands up in the air and turning away from you, the muscles in his back rigid and tensed from the argument.

You looked at him for a moment, studying his angular jaw and the muscles in his forearms, right down to his long fingers that were curled together tightly. Taking a deep breath, you stepped towards him, placing a hand on his back gently and watching in relief as his muscles unclenched slightly under your palm.

Trailing your hand down, you wrapped your arms around the back of his waist, resting your cheek on the back of his shoulder blades as he sunk into your arms slightly. “I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I should have just told them no, I should have known it would upset you, but you pushed me off and then didn’t say a word, so I thought you didn’t care, I thought that it wouldn’t bother you and that bothered me, and I’m just really sorry, Jack,” you whispered, your fingertips drawing patterns on his stomach lightly.

Letting out a soft and reluctant sigh, he turned around in your arms, wrapping his own around your shoulders and resting his chin on top of your head. “Sorry I pushed you off,” he mumbled as he buried his face in your hair, “Of course I’d care if you kissed Conor, you’re my girl,” he emphasized, pulling back and using one hand to push your hair out of your face, the other tilting your head up.

“And I will be for as long as you want me,” you murmured as you stood up on your tip toes to press your lips against his lightly.

Jack let out a small groan, his hand pushing through your hair and holding onto the back of your skull to hold you in place. Smirking lightly as he pulled back, he trailed his mouth down the edge of your jawline to your neck, and then slowly moved down your neck until his lips brushed over the spot that made your breath hitch.

Grinning to himself, he began sucking on that spot with all he had, enjoying the breathless whimpers and stomach clenching moans that slipped through your lips, your head tilting back to give him maximum access. He nibbled on the spot lightly, your fingernails sinking into his bicep and leaving crescent shaped scars in their wake.

After what seemed like a lifetime, he pulled back, the biggest smirk you had ever seen splashed across his swollen lips. Gently, he brushed his thumb against your neck, his smirk deepening at the small hiss you released, jerking your neck away from him.

“Now nobody will be able to doubt that you’re mine.”

Just for one night (Yoongi Smut)

idk what this is, I literally don’t even know what this is, I just wanted to write it. But enjoy <3

You didn’t know what it was that made you do such daring things. Maybe all the liquor you had so irresponsibly consumed or maybe it was how caught up in your emotions you got. Perhaps it was the way his eyes burned into your skin as he watched you from across the room. This little game of cat and mouse having been going on since you arrived into one of the most secluded bars in Seoul. Your senses were more alert tonight, your heart rate steadily increasing with each shot you consumed. Your mind blurred, images of everything and nothing running through your head. You were stressed, it was too much to get your hands on at once, how could something so beautiful become so boring, so dull and lifeless? Had your love been a lie this whole time? And the poor fool actually thought you both were doing better than ever, but was it for his or your parents sake? Sighing you shook your head side to side letting the tips of your silky hair press against your face. You didn’t want to think about that tonight, no you wanted to forget. You needed a distraction and a great one. Eyes dancing up and cascading over to the figure that had been recently watching you, your eyes took him in as he downed his own shot asking for another round. He hair dark black hair blue highlights on the top part. He wasn’t much on the muscles but that wasn’t to say he didn’t look attractive because he did. Seductive and mysterious. His long nimble fingers grabbing at the clear shot glass knocking it back once again letting the bitter liquor quench his thirst for a moment. The burn that felt so good was how you looked at it. He was wearing nothing overly fancy, skin tight gray skinny jeans a black leather jacket and from what you could see little white fabric poked out from the back of his jacket giving you the imagination that maybe he had on a white shirt. Too caught up in checking him from head to toe you didn’t notice the way he watched you check him out. Not leaving you far from his sight watching you from the corner of his eye. Tilting his head slightly he waited for you to look up looking his eyes dead on yours, a cocky smirk plastered across his pink lips.

You sat up straight shifting in your seat. Hands moving to fumble with your small phone wallet so that you could pull your card out only to be stopped as the male bartender looked at you. “Drinks on him.” Your eyes moved to the line of fire, seeing the same attractive male turn up another shot giving you a wink before he looked off. Your head swam with thoughts, inappropriate thoughts. Like how it would feel to have his fingers plunging in and out of your wetness. How hard he could possibly fuck you against the wall. Sighing softly, you tried to think of something else, this wasn’t like you cheating wasn’t you. Lifting your head slowly your eyes shifted taking everything in. The thick smoke of weed that lingered throughout the place, the strippers dancing on the pole swinging around the silver material making their ends meet for tonight. The other cheaters that were there after their 9-5 just waiting to get a quick fuck and go back home to their lovers as if nothing happened. Nothing here was interesting to you anymore, it became boring like home so why not go back there?

Hopping out of your chair you smiled to the male bidding him goodnight. Staggering slightly, you walked outside, finding your feet as if you were a toddler walking for the first time again. Groaning you had a right mind to take off your heels, but it made your ass look good in your dress. Making your way outside the cool air whipped across your skin kissing you in a welcome as the bright lights from the street lights welcomed you. Placing your hand against the wall you gave yourself time to calm down from the throbbing headache that seemed to die down now that the fog of the club was gone. Walking off from your spot you were going to walk to the street and catch a cab. A hand reached out to grab your wrist pulling you backwards. Instantly a smile spread across your cherry red lips letting the male drag you backwards because you were certain who he was. He pulled you back until you were in the middle of the alley, it wasn’t dark enough for no one not to see you but it wasn’t light to where you would get caught instantly either. He looked down at you, inspecting you for some time. Even up close while he was looking at you with smoldering eyes you could tell he was indeed attractive, his soft scented cologne hitting your senses and causing your face to lean forward wanting to smell more of him. Opening your mouth, you were going to say something until he pressed his finger against your lips. Looking up at him, you paused for a second not getting his memo, but then his lips were pressing against yours. His body against yours holding you against the wall, soft sighs of pleasure escaping your lips as you kissed him back. His hands moved from up by your neck downwards through the dip of your breast, cupping your braless chest he fondled you through the thin black material that you were wearing. Your legs buckled lightly from his touch, his hands rough and unforgiving as he flicked his fingers against your perky nipples causing the flesh to harden under his touch. His lips kept pressing against yours setting a rhythm of the kiss. He swiped his tongue across your bottom lip and you opened your mouth welcoming in his pink tongue that roamed freely in your mouth. He sucked and tugged on your tongue trying to pull it into his mouth as his teeth occasionally nibbled on the flesh. One leg sliding in between yours, he ground himself against you and his tight pants left nothing to the imaginary. His half hard bulge poking against your lower stomach as his hands moved to grip at the hems of your dress sliding it a little bit. Groaning you reached for his hands, some part of your mind still trying to fight it. The male still tried to tug up your dress, your hands going to grab at his hands causing him to pull back for air giving you a questioning look.

“I can’t.” You simply uttered shaking against him, you could feel how hard he had gotten but you couldn’t do this here. Not like this.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked, his deep raspy voice sounding a bit rough from the liquor he had consumed.

“I-“ You paused thinking about it for a while, confused within yourself. The male leaned his head into the crook of your neck inhaling your scent, his tongue dancing across your flesh instantly finding spots that would make you moan gently from him. He smirked against your skin, his hand moving to pin both of yours above your head, his free hand reaching under your dress to tug your panties down roughly to your knees. Almost ripping the fabric in half, it caused you to moan out from the rough treatment, the way he looked up at you was a clear warning that he would give you all you were looking for if you kept moaning like that. His fingers crept up the inside of your thighs igniting your skin with puckering bumps along your flesh. An arch of your body following as you squirmed in his hold. He took his time raising his hand up your leg, pressing his fingers to cup at your pussy. Rubbing it slowly he watched you, his eyes burning into yours as his long slender finger found your clit. Slowly he stroked the bud in a circle, your legs shaking lightly you chewed on your bottom lip trying to stop from moaning out since you didn’t even know his name. The male rested his forehead against yours, teasing your clit until he could feel the wetness start to seep on his hand.

“Do you always get so wet for random men?” He mocked tapping his finger against your clit. You shook your head side to side voice failing you. “Good.” He smirked crookedly slipping his finger slowly down your slit until he was teasing your entrance.

“Do you always fuck random girls?” You countered and he shoved his finger deep inside of your burying it to the hilt.

“Only when they are pretty.” He said simply. You couldn’t tell if he was joking with you or not, some part of you felt bad you wanted to feel special like in all of those cheesy movies, but who the hell were you kidding? He could see the different thoughts in your mind, wanting to change them he slipped his ring finger inside of you as well. Thrusting it in and out of you slowly watching as your hips reacted to his touch sliding down onto his fingers. Your head rolled back and you told yourself to just enjoy it squeezing lightly around his fingers that were curving and plunging deeper into your heat. He smirked leaning down to suck on your breast through your dress, he moved his hand from your wrist to pull your dress towards the middle of your breast freeing them on each side. A growl erupted from his lips his fingers pinching and playing with your sensitive skin he loved to hear how you whined for him. Latching his lips onto your plump breast he flicked his tongue against your heated skin trying to get your breast to ache with need. His free hand kneading your other breast and his fingers pumped faster inside of your pussy, his thumb rubbing over your clit. You were in complete ecstasy the thrill of getting caught only making this more daring and fun, something you had been missing for a while. The male switched his mouth to the other side sucking on your nipple like a baby in feeding pulling back to bit onto the bud lightly. He could hear the squelching wet sounds of his fingers plunging in your heat causing him to move his fingers from inside of you. He licked the clean eyeing you before he turned you around the wall. Dragging you away from it he pressed his hand down against the lower part of your back holding you in place. His hand making quick work of unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out through the opening he spread his legs and yours rubbing his dick up and down your wet slit slowly. Leaning over you with his chest to your back he nipped on your ear as he pressed his tip against your entrance.

“Yoongi.” Was all he said before he snapped his hips forward burying himself into your wet walls. Your mouth flew open as a cry of pleasure escaped, and quickly you were bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you could keep yourself quiet and not get caught. Yoongi held onto your hips, biting his lips as he looked at your plump ass. He pulled out until only the tip was left in before he was slamming back into you at a slow pace pulling out to keep doing the same thing over and over again. His nails dug into your flesh as he pounded into your walls, the wetness from your pussy sliding down his thick shaft landing onto his balls. His eyes glued to how he slipped in and out of you, he couldn’t get enough you were so wet and so warm, fitting him in the deepest ways possible. He stretched you out marking your pussy as his for just this time only. Groaning he shifted to lift you up, pressing you against the wall, one of his hands lifted your leg, the underside of your knee resting into the crook of his arm as he pounded harder into you. Your panties were being stretched and you knew they were tore in some areas but you could care less. You wouldn’t have cared in this moment if anyone came out and wanted to record you. He made you feel so good, his hips rotating and pushing harder against yours, his balls slapping against your pussy as he slammed inside of you.

“Yoongi, fuck please harder.” You whimpered out for him, he reached a hand up roughly pulling your head back by your hair making it rest against your chest.

“You want me to go harder? Tell me whose slut are you?” He asked watching you with dark eyes.

“I’m yours!” You didn’t miss a beat while answering.

“And whose pussy is this?” He asked you again and without fail you answered.

“It’s yours Yoongi! Shit it’s all yours just please, please fuck me Yoongi please.” You were close to sobbing from how much you wanted him and he obliged. Shifting his hips, he built up speed slamming into you as hard and fast as he could angling his thrusts until he found your spot. Slamming into you once you cried out for him to press there. His name falling off your lips like a mantra. Your eyes rolled back, body becoming drenched with sweat and your makeup smeared. Yoongi loved it watching your face as you contorted it in pleasure. You tried to warn him how close you were but the tightening of your pussy and how your legs shook told him all he needed to know. Slipping his hand down he rubbed at your clit until you were trying your hardest to hold your cries of pleasure in, tears streaking down your face and body writhing against the wall you came hard for him, your orgasm sweeping through you like a tidal wave. Your wetness continuing to trickle down your parted thighs as he fucked it out of you. Yoongi groaned burying his face in your neck, slamming deep into you until he was ready to cum.

“Can I?” He asked and you nodded your head okaying him to cum inside of you. He bit onto your shoulder with a soft growl as his own orgasm rocked through his body shooting thick ropes of his white cum into your pussy. You took deep breaths taking it in letting some of it spill out of you. Yoongi held you close until you both were calmed down.

He pulled out of you a few minutes later hearing voices start to swarm around you he knew that soon for the most part everyone would be going home. He was used to this after all. Helping you get dressed Yoongi turned you around leaning close to press one last kiss against your lips slipping away with a teasing wink. You stare at him watching him slip back into the club to possibly pick up another victim and how you wished in that moment that he would just stay with you. Sighing you pushed from the wall hauling a cab and going home, the ride was short, it seemed shorter than what it usually did. Your hands fidgeting with your phone wallet and your keys. Once you were at the house you paid the fare to the cab and got out, walking towards your car, you got into the driver seat changing from your clubbing dress to a more formal one. You combed your hair and removed your makeup with makeup wipes. Smiling widely at your reflection you pulled your ring from the cup holder and walked towards your home, going to take a shower.

A few hours later strong arms wrapped around you from behind causing you to roll over and stare up into your fiance’s eyes. He nuzzled his nose with yours and you gave into him, holding onto him as if you hadn’t wiped away every ounce of trust between the two of you, falling asleep and trying to shake your mind of the handsome stranger you pulled your lover closer to you blacking out for the night.



When Bong Soon blows on his wound, she doesn’t even think about it, but for him it’s as if she just did something shocking and it makes him all flustered. The whole gesture feels so intimate and domestic and he’s been so unused to being pampered and have someone who takes cares of him, someone who is outraged that someone dared to shoot at him. 


I WiLL NoT kIsS YOu…I’ve been playing the hell out of that Cancer cover, it’s sooo good. Don’t worry, this fic has nothing to do with cancer and it won’t be sad in that way. Basically, Tyler confesses the feelings he has for Josh so it’s a little emo, but he’s pleasantly surprised. It gets pretty intense, actually. ;-) 


It has been 3 whole years that Tyler has denied his feelings for Josh, and it took a stupid game of truth or dare for him to figure out how insanely real they were. Tyler wanted to believe that he was straight, but always had a hunch that even if he were, he could always be a little gay for Josh. Of course he’d never admit that to him or ANYONE else. 

It always got a little boring on the bus. Usually, they went off and did their own thing. Josh got in his bunk on his laptop with his headphones watching God knows what. Doing God knows what. It’s why Tyler never used the hand towel in the bathroom, because it always mysteriously disappeared when he was in there.The other guys would play on their phones, talk to girlfriends, nap, or eat. And Tyler would write, check social media, or play video games. But when all that got boring, they’d resort to childish games. Mark suggested a game of truth or dare, for old times’ sake and everyone agreed because nostalgia. 

After Jordan was dared to lick a chair seat, Michael was dared to snort crushed up captain crunch cereal, Mark was forced to admit if he used the hand towel like Tyler suspected (he did), and Josh was dared to press his bare chest to the window for traffic to see, it was Josh’s turn to ask Tyler truth or dare. Tyler very stupidly chose dare, knowing he held too many secrets to pick truth. He figured Josh would probably go easy on him. Little did he know, dare would catch him anyway. 

“I dare you to…kiss me.” Josh finally said, grinning. Tyler gave him a look of surprise, jaw falling and everyone else laughed. Suddenly Tyler got paranoid, shifting uncomfortably. It shouldn’t be a big deal, they were friends and it was just a dumb dare. It didn’t mean anything. 

“Ok, um…like, how? Where?” Tyler asked, shuffling closer to sit next to Josh. He felt a bit awkward with everyone watching. 

“Just like, a regular peck you know? But on the mouth obviously, or it wouldn’t be much of a dare now would it?” Josh joked. Tyler could seriously kill him right now. 

“Dude, just do it. You’re the one making this awkward!” Mark laughed, making Tyler feel a little called out. Tyler just wanted it to be special, his first kiss with Josh. He felt himself tearing up a little, but he tried not to show it. 

“Ok, well here goes man, I’m gonna kiss you…” Tyler got ready, swallowing nervously. Josh held still and Tyler leaned in slowly, lips ghosting over Josh’s. Josh closed his eyes and when it still didn’t happen, he opened them. 

“Um, what are you…” Josh started, confused. 

“NO. I will NOT kiss you, not like this!!!” Tyler blurted. Then he got up and ran out of the room, stunning everyone. Josh looked at the other three, asking if they seen what the hell just happened. 

“I don’t know, maybe that was a bad dare?” Jordan wondered outloud. 

“Yeah, he he was crying. I seen actual tears.” Michael informed Josh. 

“Oh shit. Shit shit shit…I’m going to go talk to him then.” Josh said, and with that he got up and walked back to Tyler’s bunk where he was laying inside. Josh could hear the sobs before pulling the curtain back and cringed. He felt so bad for putting Tyler through whatever he was going through. 

“Dude…can you talk to me? Can I come in?” Josh asked quietly, knowing right now he had to be more sensitive. It obviously had to be serious. 

“Mmhm. Yeah. Sure.” Tyler mumbled, face pressed into his tear-stained pillow. 

Josh carefully slid in next to him in the cramped space and pulled back the curtain for privacy. He put his hand on Tyler’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. His heart really hurt for his friend because it had to be something difficult. 

“You can tell me, Tyler. Whatever it is. I won’t judge you, was it that I dared you to kiss me?” Josh asked softly. Tyler stayed quiet and just nodded. 

“Ok, well I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to get this kind of reaction out of you or anything. I thought it’d be funny. I didn’t mean to make you so uncomfortable.” Josh further apologized and explained his side, with Tyler listening and breathing calmly now. 

“Well, you did. Here’s the thing, Josh. I like you. More than just a friend. And if I was ever going to kiss you, I didn’t want it to be as a dare in front of our friends.” Tyler said, sighing as he felt that burden finally being lifted. Josh stayed silent, thinking about what Tyler had just told him. He felt butterflies building up in his chest and felt even worse for what he’d done. Then it all just came out. 

“Oh my God, Ty. That makes so much sense. See, here’s the thing with me. I like you too more than just a friend, but I’d always been afraid to tell you since I wasn’t sure you felt the same. You hid it so well. But I always wanted to kiss you, and I figured that was finally my chance to feel those perfect lips on mine. Even though others would be watching, I didn’t care because I figured that’d be my only chance. I love you, Ty.” Josh explained. 

Tyler felt like he was floating as he stared into Josh’s eyes, taking in what he just said. Josh’s hand on his shoulder being the only thing keeping him grounded. That hand slid down his arm to his waist, then Josh was leaning in so that his lips were ghosting over Tyler’s again. Tyler felt his warm breath for a second before leaning the rest of the way, closing the space and pressing their lips together for the first time. Fireworks exploded behind both their closed eyes as their lips began moving in unison, lips parting and tongues making a presence. It was so soft, and so sexual the way Josh’s tongue swirled around Tyler’s and he pulled Tyler closer by his hips. Tyler let out a soft moan he’d been holding in, and Josh brought his hand up to cup Tyler’s cheek, thumb softly grazing over his cheekbone. 

“You’re getting hard…” Josh breathed, gasping and unlatching from Tyler’s lips. Tyler ground his boner against Josh’s. 

“So are you.” Tyler noted, continuing to rub their dicks together and causing Josh to pant. He got on top of him and continued grinding down while finding the juncture of Tyler’s shoulder and neck, sucking and biting gently. Tyler breathed in deeply, letting out a long, low moan. 

“Fuck, baby. You’re so turned on. Are we doing this?” Josh pulled back up and asked. 

“Yes, yes Josh. Oh my God.” Tyler whined as Josh’s hand found its way to the front of his sweatpants, rubbing and palming where he needed it. Tyler whimpered and bucked up into his hand desperately. Josh gripped his firm dick through the fabric and squeezed, getting on his knees the best he could to slide his sweatpants and boxers off. He leaned over and attached his mouth to the head of Tyler’s cock to swirl his tongue around in the salty pre-cum, swallowing it. Tyler whimpered and moaned softly, breath erratic and obviously trying to suppress louder noises. 

“It feels so good, Josh. You’re so….ohh.” Tyler was cut off as Josh took him all in, to the back of his throat. It was so spontaneous, his hips jerked up and he gripped Josh’s hair, hissing and cursing from the sensitivity as Josh worked his tongue around him expertly. After moving up and down on his cock several times he sucked hard, sliding his lips up slowly and jerking him while looking at Ty’s current state. He was a mess, head back and hips rolling and thrusting up into his hand for more friction. 

“You’re so fucking sexy, Tyler. Look at you. You’re loving this.” Josh whispered, meeting his thrusts with his fist. Tyler responded with a helpless moan, staring at Josh and begging him with his eyes. 

“Josh. Will you fuck me?” Tyler asked. The way he said that was so innocent despite the vulgar language, Josh practically melted. He leaned down to place a soft kiss to Tyler’s lower abdomen. 

“Yes, baby. I’ll fuck you so good, you’ll feel me the next day.” Josh continued placing kisses on Tyler’s stomach and chest as he moved up, licking occasionally. Tyler squirmed underneath him, and got especially vocal when he sucked his nipple in his mouth, nibbling lightly. Josh straddled Tyler, pressing his hard dick into his stomach persistently. To quiet him, he brought a finger up to Tyler’s lips and Tyler granted him access, parting his lips and licking his fingers. Josh slid them in his mouth, allowing Tyler to suck and show off how skilled he was with his tongue, dipping between and swirling it around his fingers. Josh came up to his ear and whispered:

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to give you something else to suck.” causing Tyler to blush. 

“I’d like to.” Tyler answered, voiced doused in arousal.

“Maybe next time, sweetie. You want me to fuck you, remember?” When Josh pulled his fingers from the wetness of Tyler’s mouth, he reached down and found Tyler’s entrance, pressing one in. Tyler gasped, mouth falling open and Josh took advantage by licking into his mouth while sneaking a second finger in. Tyler began to relax, pulling his legs up and around Josh’s waist and arms around his neck. Josh continued penetrating him with his fingers while kissing and only getting more turned on, hips beginning to pump against nothing. 

“Alright.” Josh said sternly, pulling up and grabbing Tyler’s wrists to pin them down. Tyler stared at him hazily, a little shocked but turned on by Josh’s aggression and impatience. His heart leaped to his throat. Josh basically ripped his pants open, shoving them down and his hard, flushed, dripping cock sprang out. Tyler practically moaned at the site and how that was about to be inside him. His best friend, in all his glory. 

“Oh my god, Josh.” Tyler sighed, almost screaming at how Josh dove back in, attacking Tyler’s neck with love bites. He wanted to savor the feeling of Josh’s smooth skin sliding against his and just the weight of him on top. His energy, scent, and affection taking over all his senses. He tilted his head back, allowing Josh to reach every inch of him and whispered his name over and over. 

Josh brought Ty’s legs back up to wrap around his waist and brought the head of his cock to Ty’s entrance, pushing in slightly to stretch him. He hovered over Tyler, supporting himself with one hand and finding Tyler’s eyes. His eyes looked so trusting and love-struck, it made Josh feel amazing. 

“You ready for this, babe?” Josh whispered, giving a little thrust. Tyler’s eyes rolled back and he whimpered.

“God, yes yes yes.” Tyler answered, clinging on to Josh’s arms. Josh slowly guided his hips forward, enabling Tyler to encompass him with all his warmth and tightness. Tyler’s spit mixed with Josh’s pre-cum gave him just enough slickness to bottom out. Josh rested inside him, fighting the urge to start just pumping him hard and fast like he wanted. 

“How’s it feel, Ty?” Josh asked, rocking Tyler’s body up with his hips. 

“G-good, f-fuck Josh move.” Tyler moaned, rocking his hips down. Josh gave a little smirk and pulled his hips back, driving in full force. Tyler, not expecting it, full on yelled, gripping tighter onto Josh’s biceps. 

“Shhh…shh Ty, you gotta be quiet.” Josh said, laughing softly and resting his forehead on Tyler’s shoulder. 

“Joshie your cock is inside me, how do you expect me to be quiet when you do that???” Tyler whined. Josh placed soft kisses along Tyler’s shoulder and collarbone. 

“I know, baby. You ready?” Josh asked, waiting for Tyler’s nod before rocking his hips more gently this time. After five minutes, Josh was pumping his cock in and out of him at a steady pace causing Tyler to whimper after each thrust. He tried new angles and speeds, until he found one that caused Tyler to gasp. 

“Oh my…oh my God Josh, right there. Don’t stop.” Tyler was practically sobbing. 

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum so hard, Ty. Love fucking your hot little ass.” Josh cooed. He kept driving his cock right past Tyler’s prostate, making him moan deeply and tremble underneath him. He was super responsive to everything. Eventually, the feeling in his lower stomach just got to be too much and Tyler had to release. He tensed up, then all his muscles began pulsating, shooting his sperm out onto both their chests. Once Josh felt something warm and wet splash onto his skin and heard moans of pleasure, he watched Tyler’s pretty face as he came and felt him tensing around him. 

“Unf..fuck, that’s so hot.” Josh grunted, holding tighter onto Tyler’s legs and driving into him faster to speed up his own orgasm. Unmistakable sounds of skin slapping, but he didn’t care. He tensed his muscles and finally released, cumming inside Tyler with force. 

“That was good. So good.” Josh sighed, laying next to a tuckered out Tyler.

“Dude. Don’t you mean sick?” Tyler said sleepily, yawning right after. 

“Yeah, it was sick as frick.” Josh said after a few seconds of thinking. “We should probably wash off though.”

“Right now? How are we going to get to the shower though?” Tyler asked nervously. 

Josh peaked out of the curtain down to the other rooms. No one was paying attention.

“I’ll go in the bathroom first, then a few minutes later, meet me.” Josh said. He pulled on his pants and shirt before leaving the bunk, and a few minutes later Tyler followed. They spent the next several minutes taking turns washing off sweat and dried cum, helping each other with their backs. They spent another several minutes just making out.

“Man, we should shower like this every time, it saves water.” Tyler joked, causing Josh to playfully shove him. They made it back to their bunks using the same strategy as before. It became a regular thing. 

anonymous asked:

Would ya like to share some Gabe/Reaper headcanons?


  • I see Gabo as someone who can’t wake up before 9 am without being pissed at literally everything in existence
  • He owns pm every possible article of clothing with the words “juicy” written on it
  • He wears hoodies every single day, if you were to open his closet theres an entire section for only them 
  • At the PT meeting he’ll say that he’ll have a talk with his son and daughter about what they did, but will actually high five them and give them advice on how to do what they did better 
  • He has a flare for the dramatics, such as making exaggerated gestures and laying down in public, much to the dismay of his entire family 
  • “Say that about my kids one more time Helen, I dare you.
  • “Hello my name is Gabriel Reyes and I haven’t slept in over 4 years.” 
  • Makes his kids matching sweaters that they have to wear even when they’re adults
  • Owns a barn owl 
  • Will put salt in Jack’s coffee if he pisses him off
  • Will fight you if you insult his kids