how dare i d:

I guess I could be a teacher. “Sorry Travis, the answer’s obviously Istanbul- what did you say to me? No, maybe YOU’RE wasting YOUR life!! Sorry Principal Ramos, I didn’t see you there- Wait, Travis is YOUR son? Haha, well, I guess you’re just gonna have to fire me. F I R E D? ME? How dare you sir, we will settle this- See, it just wouldn’t work.

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How dare you. How. Dare. You. How dare you make that edit, give their moment together a pathos I'd never even considered before. How DARE you make me heart sick for Magica de Spell and Gladstone Gander, and the love qnd companionship they ACHE to lose themselves in, that they cannot because of their circumstances. HOW. DARE. YOU. MAKE ME SHIP THESE TWO LOVE-SICK IDIOTS AND WISH THEY'D JUST QUIT DUCKBERG AND START A FAMILY FAR AWAY TOGETHER! (Bless you for this art I love it all don't stop ever!)

*finger guns* can’t stop (can’t stop) can’t stop the beaks I won’t stop (won’t stop)-

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I need so much angst tbh so RFA gang + V finding out that MC cheated on them (doubts that would happen tho)

*:・゚✧ a|n: so it was my one month anniv yesterday!! even though i thought it was before but lets not get into thisyou wanted angst so here u go ✧゚・: * ++ thank u ssssm for 5k!! we hit it on my 1 month anniv woooo!!

why would you cheat on them? (ps it was hard to add comments to such a sad hc) ++ a read more cos it’s kinda long but prepare to be sad (= ╯︵╰,)ノ

° Yoosung

  • classes were dismissed early and he reALLY wanted to show you his grade on the paper you helped him on
  • practically runs home excited to see you and he rushes into your room
  • he quickly quietens down when he sees you playing tonsil tennis making out… with another boy - unaware of the fact  he was standing there
  • he just freezes at the doorway watching you two for a while
  • he even rubs his eyes, pinches his arm, blinks a few times to establish if.. this.. is real?
  • has to bite down on his bottom lip to stop himself from letting the pools of tears spill over his eyes
  • when you hear his sniffles you walk over to him to try explain [bs] but he gives you a forceful push away and looks at you both with his lip quivering 
  • “I-I hope y-you’re both ha-happy, I didn’t k-know I made you so unhappy MC.. I’I’m so so so-sorry”  
  • why are you apologising omg nO STOP
  • picks apart on everything he did wrong and says that’s why you left him.. he was never good enough for you..
  • that one time that he didn’t let you on the computer, when you told him to do the dishes and he didn’t that’s why you left
  • incredibly hurt and confused, the rest of the world is going on it’s business abut he’s in his own bubble of silence picking himself apart
  • he runs into his room before sinking onto his bed and the tears glide over making him a blubbering mess letting them take over
  • the pain seems to swallow him into a deep abyss … why did he have to be so stupid? he wouldn’t be in this stupid position where his heart is heavy and his eyes sting 
  • god damn it get out of my head please please I’ll do anything 
  • plays LOLOL like his life depends on it to drown out the thoughts of you so Saeyoung as to drag him to classes
  • always cooped up in his room: red eyes a l l the time and he’s completely lifeless - his insecurities have rocketed sky high
  • his heart feels hollow - like he’s missing something? it was as if you’d slapped him across the face and said “I need someone better
  • people try get him to dislike you in order to move on
  • but whenever your name leaves his lips his eyes tear up but you can see him visibly fume up .. he can’t hate you..
  • he can’t throw away your photos together, or that silly handmade gift you gave to him - it’s like binning a part of him
  • whenever he sees you at a party - he just gives you a lopsided small smile before walking off again fighting his tears because he’s reminded of how he ‘fucked up’ with you
  • He’s a complete mess but tries to play it off trying to keep his cool but he’d be very formal when you approached him - looking down at his feet apologetically while you talk to him
  • there is no joy, no happiness, no brightness and he is in the center of this deep, choking misery that doesn’t seem to have any end

° Zen

  • wow so you’d both go to an after party to enjoy yourself after his new film premiere and god he’d be so excited eeeeeeek
  • he’d be taking 1000 selfies at the premiere jesus he’s just SO happy
  • he’s going to find you and offer you a drink but he can’t find you??
  • asking everyone where you are he’s extremely panicked 
  • so when he sees you and other guy in the corner of the room the worst comes to mind he’s fuRIOUS AT THE GUY
  • he’s pushed the guy to the wall and is grabbing him by the collar - he’s out for b l o o d.. how dare you touch MC I will ki-
  • he instantly freezes up and loosens his grasp on the man letting him go and turns to you - ..what did you just say?
  • in those few seconds the world stops and he feels dizzy.. you wanted this?
  • backs away slowly looking from you to the other guy you were making out with - who has a small grin on his face [fuck off]
  • he’s pushing everyone away with angry tears pouring out from his eyes, his his head hurts, his breaths are shorter he can’t believe it
  • he wants to cuss you out, scream at you - but the only thing he is capable of doing is squeaking out
  • “why.. would you..? how? I can’t”
  • runs out of the party pushing everyone away and gets on his motorbike speeding away to just anywhere away from you
  • he’s driving subconsciously to the place where you first kissed - damn it 
  • barely focusing on the road gets beeped at several times but he doesn’t fucking care, he just wipes the tears from his eyes before speeding on
  • nothing matters anymore
  • scrambling off his bike - he runs to the top of the bar rooftop like you both used before falling to his knees and sobbing at the edge
  • he wanted to do so much more than just pathetically sob but that was the only thing he could do
  • taking an old selfie of you both from his wallet he stares at it before furiously ripping up the photo into a million pieces while taking swigs of a drink he found on the way up there [that’s a health haza-]
  • but his hands are shaking and he  can’t help but smash the bottle furiously and screaming before lying down on his back and covering his face with his hands
  • everyone betrays me… I can’t trust anybody.. they’re all the same
  • you were the only person he could confide in & trust but now his heart reflected the shattered bottle - mangled
  • seeing all your missed calls he chucks his phone elsewhere before stealing more drinks from the bar downing them all
  • he hates you, he loves you, he wants you scream at you, he wants to kiss you, he wants to leave you, he wants to make up - his brain is just screaming at him
  • he’s found hours later by Jumin’s search party drunk and passed out :((((
  • but this becomes a regular occurrence as he drinks and smokes to forget about the confusing void you left in his heart as he completely avoids you to try get rid of this damn pain in his chest
  • occasionally you get drunk texts from him but whenever you reply you get no response.. it’s a cycle of pain.

° Jaehee

  • since she rarely invests her emotions on someone else this would be a huge let down for her.. she’s never experienced ‘heartbreak
  • and a reminder she cares for you.. a lot
  • so one day when she arrives to the office and sees your coat outside the manager’s desk she’s confused
  • but where are you?  (´・_・`)ゞ
  • she continues on with her work but she needs the stapler from the managers’ room so she just walks in there - she usually does
  • but what she sees shocks her soul out of her body
  • “Is that.. MC… and my manager?”
  • she doesn’t really react and just blinks a few times before clearing her throat and you can’t help the look of surprise on your face [yes u cunt]
  • but before you can say anything Jaehee just .. ignores it?
  • she just weakly whispers “I’m here for a stapler.. thank you”
  • taking the stapler she runs out the room even though you’re calling for her and even following her [fuck off]
  • heads straight into a single toilet locking the door before leaning on the basin and taking deep breaths recollecting her thoughts
  • her heart was thumping and she felt sick… deep breaths Jaehee..
  • she lied to me.. don’t think about it until work ends.. okay
  • calming herself down and wiping the few tears from her eyes she splashes cold water on her face and she readjusts herself and walks out again looking.. okay?
  • she walks straight past you and everyone else looking fine? everyone’s confused but she just plays it off
  • drowning out her worries with work she overworks.. for days.
  • she doesn’t want to face you at home and the problem so she doesn’t leave the office for about a w e e k!!??!./
  • she’s incredibly snappy to everyone and is extremely sleep deprived surviving on mugs of coffee and her eyes are super red
  • after a few days she’s threatened by Jumin [wow] to actually go home and she reluctantly agrees.. she has to face you now
  • taking a deep breath before opening the door she notices something different.. everything of yours is gone.. 
  • there are no traces of you..
  • her hearts starts ripping again as she absent mindedly  looks around the house.. it was like you never existed - she feels numb from the shock
  • biting her bottom lip to stop herself from crying she returns back into the main room where she notices - your scarf
  • she picks it up and thats when the emotions overwhelm her
  • breathing in your scent she starts to whimper into the scarf quietly hugging it - MC.. why..
  • the pain seems to swallow her before her breathing hitches and she lets loose cradling the scarf
  • theres a hole in her heart and this pit in her stomach.. this is what true heartbreak feels like but she can’t show this to anyone
  • so she continues doing what she does best.. acts as if everything is okay

° Jumin

  • wow cheating on Jumin? how did he not find out earlier is my question
  • him taking you out to dinner was a regular occurrence.. he liked showing you off to people - you were his beloved
  • so when you asked to go outside to take a call but spend over 20 minutes there.. he was worried as H E L L
  • excusing himself to go check he finds you beside the restaurant in a small alleyway and you weren’t alone
  • he manages to clear his throat before walking up to the man you were ‘caressing’ and pushes him to the wall before you start screaming at him
  • but he ignores you before giving the guy a swift simple punch across the jaw.. he had to take out his anger somehow?
  • because that’s all he felt in that moment. anger and betrayal.
  • adjusting his suit he grabs your arm before uttering two simple words “we’re leaving” [run]
  • the car ride home is awful.. he can’t seem to gather his thoughts and emotions and did his hand hurt even hurt? he can’t feel a thing now
  • drowning out your apologies in the car he stares lifelessly ahead until you get home and the questions are running and ticking through his brain
  • telling you to get out and go straight to bed he decides to spent the night at a hotel.. he needed a break
  • but thats a horrible idea.. a night alone with his thoughts um no
  • the second he arrives at the hotel he just calmly turns off his phone and sits on the edge of the bed. still lifelessly
  • “..Now what..”
  • it still hasn’t really hit him? the only person he could trust fully.. had .. cheated on him?
  • pacing around the room there was no logical solution for this.. what was he supposed to do?
  • running water over his slightly cut hand he starts to feel the slight stinging sensation and instantaneously he feels an an ache, a deep ache from the core of his body
  • sitting down once more he then flicks over his wallet and stares at the photo of you, Elizabeth and himself 
  • and it triggers an overpowering wave of emotion
  • the room spiraled and he sank to the floor, finally letting the sadness overtake him
  • the world had crashed it shattered to tiny pieces and they were piercing through his heart..all he could think about is how much it hurt.. it hurt so bad he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs
  • he bows his head as his shoulders trembling.. why would you do this?
  •  it gets hard to breathe and he feels lightheaded but the physical pain doesn’t amount to the emotional pain
  • … he changed for you.. you helped him and crushed him all over again
  • throwing the picture away from him he brings his knees closer to him.. all his anger was now gone.. he was just.. tired
  • returning home the next day with red puffy eyes he sees all your stuff gone and he has a fixed mindset. love sucks.
  • immerses himself in work and different women from time to time - he always claims he’s okay. but you’ve destroyed him. another soul tormented

° Saeyoung

  • he’s been through.. S O much with you.. this would almost kill him..
  • one day he came over with flowers for you to surprise you at your house and you had forgotten that you’d given him your keys
  • seeing another man’s shoes at the front door he wouldn’t really care.. he’s an open person tbh
  • but hearing giggling from upstairs and clothes on the stairs? that was..
  • creeping up the stairs slowly he peeked into the keyhole before seeing you and someone else just.. well it was obvious
  • his broken heart was still and for a moment but he clenches his jaw before placing the flowers outside your door and leaving swiftly
  • every breath he took downstairs stabbed him like a knife being plunged into his chest over and over again ripping at him  
  • driving away he only felt numbness but then hatred and dysphoria surged through him with so much power he had no option but to pull over
  • his breath hitched in his throat as he broke down
  • his heart stopped beating, it had only beat for you and now his mind went black, as did his heart
  • he need you so much.. you were the only stability in his life yet you betrayed and left him like everyone else
  • “… Is there something wrong with me? That’s why no one wants me.. or just betrays me”
  • returning home he’d have to let his anger out somehow??
  • frustratedly pulling at his hair he grabs a photo frame of you both together and hurls it at the wall before slumping into his computer chair
  • he would have given his life for you yet you stepped on his heart leaving a deep void and a dull ache
  • he also like Jumin and Jaehee would try to immerse himself in work but he’d be very reckless about it
  • crying himself to sleep as he forces to delete your spam of messages but then he’s all cried out and he’s just numb
  • numb from everything.. everyone and the world
  • he can’t focus as everything he does reminds him of you.. he almost gives out his identity and messes up
  • but strangely enough he doesn’t care? he doesn’t care about anything at all because in his eyes he deserved it
  • he was being too selfish when he wanted you to himself.. when he was just a worthless hacker that everyone should avoid - it was dangerous enough anyway - 
  • it was stupid of him to hope for a future anyway..
  • forcing himself to believe this he isolates himself from everyone now, his remaining family, friends, work.. he had to be alone for everyone’s sake
  • he deserved this constant tugging lump in his throat that wouldn’t go away

° V

  • honestly speaking even if he suspected you of cheating he wouldn’t do anything
  • but when countless people confirmed that you were definitely cheating he’d get over his fears and confront you although he didn’t want to
  • when he was met with silence as your response all he could do was let out a small sigh and a feeble smile before getting up and could only respond with.. “okay”
  • it was clear to him that you didn’t love him anymore but he loved you still.. with every ounce of his being
  • but he just wanted you to be happy.. so he broke up with you right then and there because “if you’re happy with him, please continue to do so.. but I will always love you and I will always wait.”
  • it crushed his soul to say that as he walked away - but sometimes if you love someone you have to let them go [17 agen lol]
  • he needs some time off - so he goes to where he is most at peace
  • an open field where he could try mend his heart
  • but it felt as if world had fallen on his shoulders, feeling cracks of his heart as if it was glass, and they were trying to pry their way out
  • he didn’t even feel resentment.. just an engulfment of sorrow
  • taking out old photo books he quietly sat there flicking through the memories you created together tears dripping onto them
  • “how long was she upset for, I wish I could apologise?”
  • he was silently reflecting to himself but at the same time he couldn’t help but let a smile play on his lips remembering all the happy memories you spent together
  • you were so beautiful
  • he knew while flicking through though that if you needed him, even for a second he’d be there.. he’d give his all for you
  • he missed your presence, his other half, the one who understood him and never judged him for his mistakes
  • but he would feel guilty keeping you in a relationship that you didn’t ant to be in.. that was his main priority.. your happiness
  • so he vowed would stay by your side as a loyal friend no matter how much it hurt him to see you love another person
  • even though a constant nagging pain deep down inside his body would make feel utterly drained.. he would be there for you
  • every day forward he would pick himself up and show everyone he was okay and if ANYONE tried to be rude to you
  • you bet your ass he’d stick up for you.. even more than your current lover
  • but at the RFA party one day, when your new lover proposes to you -  he lets the tears fall from his eyes freely as he finally bursts from his seams
  • you’re not in his grasp anymore.. you’ve completely left him

(i haven’t proof read this I apologise its tired i’m late)




No, I won’t stop
How dare you ask me to slow down when you cannot keep up

No, I won’t break
How dare you think my will is something to be crushed

No, I won’t beg
How dare you inflict pain and then expect me to stay

No, I won’t shut up
How dare you insist that my sanity needed to be saved

No, simply because
How dare you believe you could tear me in two and I’d still want you


“Who’s most likely… to pick up a dime off a sidewalk?” (x)

Episode 5 of TWDG ANF

 Yeah I’m ready finally :D 

I sure need a replay because I’ve played right after release and the cloud was bugged and didn’t record my results (plus I want to get an ending I want and save a certain fave). But the episode was beautiful with all its unexpected stuff!

Let’s go in plot’s order: the flashback was pure gold and Rafael Garcia is the coolest one :D I loved all that dad jokes™ and his personality which we could see very good here.

I felt VERY uncomfortable when Kate came back and ran directly to Javier while not even looking at David. And he then noticed it and asked about it and I (as me, not Javier) was like dude, same, I didn’t even romance her. 

I didn’t forgive Eleanor, she was the most indifferent character for me during the whole season tbh. After Episode 4 I tried to explain her for myself that maybe Joan blackmailed her with Tripp’s life but then I realized Eleanor talked to Joan before Tripp and Ava were captured, so… And in her dialogue in Ep5 she made me distance from her even more. Like she says she had to put her priorities and I can understand it, because let’s be honest - she and Javier’s group are not that close to each other and she can have her own priorities over them and mind her own business whatever it is. So no hate, just separate ways, no one owes nothing to nobody ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I don’t blame David on anything he did in Fern & Rufus scene, I’d probably do the same to protect someone of mine (like I’ve already did with Conrad pffffft). Our main characters group was my only top priority in this episode because I was too afraid to loose someone.

I just LOVED all the dialogues I’ve got in this episode so much, they’re all pure gold! David & Javier’s dialogue on the roof just opened whe whole David’s character for me and I’ve seen directly what I was always thinking he is. I was supporting him all the time and he confessed that he wants to change but doesn’t know how to do it and that’s why he was always trying to change everyone else. And when he says he don’t know any ways to be something other than a soldier, he can’t be father, husband, etc. and you can choose to say that he will always be a brother and there’s always a way to change, I literally cried. This is good that he understands his problem and wants to do something with it. 

I was also defending David in a dialogue with Gabe when he said that in his childhood David was telling him not to be like Javier. Because seriously, it was past when Javier was a very flawed one, so that’s it. Gabe then said David needs our help and I hope it was my impact from dialogue :’) 

And the dialogue about AJ!!! I was thinking there was something like that after the detail I noticed in previous episode - that David gave AJ’s drawing to Clem - but in game actually it all was even better than I imagined. We need a DLC about David looking after AJ while he lived with him, lol :D 

Tripp wasn’t alive in my main save but I watched his plotline in second one and despite I’m upsed he dead his death didn’t look like a waste and he was in his character until the very end. 

Everyone’s face expressions were priceless when Clem told them the thing with walker guts :D But I wonder how they didn’t noticed it themselves during all the years. 

I never did anything romance with Kate and I was hoping David will not fight my Javier buuut thanks Kate he did ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t understand why she had to say that she loved Javier in front of David, like come on, we made everything clear in Ep4 please keep it to yourself and don’t make things worse BUT NOOOO! XD I understand it (and even like it) when Gabe called me out about Conrad because I was really guilty there and I don’t blame Gabe but in this case with Kate when I did nothing and it was only she and her feelings???? I’m not complaining tho because David’s reaction was absolutely in character and I said I love him all 3 times because I do. And I went for Gabe & David because they’re top priority. I didn’t know tbh how Kate was going to save Richmond but if it can help her with her guilt feels she can do what she wants.

AAAAND here we came to the most prank moment in my whole gaming experience :D When Javier found a car with Gabe & David (Clem went with Kate) I failed the last qte and he got bit. I thought it was just a fail but the game continued???? Gabe came out from car and got a heartbreaking dialogue with Javier???? And he dead???? And I get a heart attack???? And then you see YOU ARE DEAD which means you just failed a game and press X to restart????


(I really think it was sort of a prank but a thought that it’s Javier’s possible plot death which was put away from the plot but the scene was left like that still haunts me lmao)

So I’ve got the ending when David got bit. His death scene was heartbreaking and his last words were about Mariana, Gabe and Javier :’)

Kate gone missing and I’ve got only Javier, Gabe and Clem in the end. I loved that memorial wall with photos in the end, it’s beautiful. 


Clem/Gabe absolutely got me and that dialogue when Javier was cutting Clem’s hair was priceless XD As well as the detail when Javi mentioned he knows a team from Clem’s hat!

This was the first TWDG ending when I didn’t cry because it was so heartwarming! To know that Clem now has friends WHO DIDN’T DIE and a place to come back where they’re waiting for her, I hope she will take AJ back and come back to Richmond to her friends because she doesn’t need to walk around alone and homeless anymore :’) I was very skeptically about playing as another main character in the very beginning but what can be better than develop FINALLY A REAL FRIEND (and not even only one) for our beloved fandom daughter Clementine??? I’ve realised it and been talking about it long before, I love to see the season finale proving my thought was right. 

And it just blows my mind how many variations there are of how certain scenes can go in their details and how everything REALLY determines and impacts everything, and it’s not just some dialogue options right before the thing, it’s choices from the whole game, everything develops in process from the first episode to the last, and everyone gets something special. The developers​ did a giant work on improving their game’s system and making it the one we all always wanted, this season was the best one. @telltalegames you deserve all the hugs and all the best wishes for making it the way it was made, idk how to express all I want to express so I’ll just say that I love you one more time ♥