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Can you tell us the reasons you don't like Ezria? (No hate just wondering haha :))

i find it really creepy, especially with this added info that he knew who she was when they met. that just creeps me out. in general i hate student-teacher relationships no matter how young the teacher or how in love they are, it creeps me out. all their scenes bore me, i just feel nothing for them, and especially dont like them now with ezra’s whole new back story. i dont see any reason in the world she should get back with him.


“Who’s most likely… to pick up a dime off a sidewalk?” (x)

  • Me: *is bored*
  • Me: *types in Harry Styles Fanfiction on google*
  • Me: *clicks on one without reading the summary*
  • Me: *reads*
  • Me: .....
  • Me: ......o_o
  • Me: ....... o_e
  • Me: *majestically tap-dances my way back to the gay side of the fandom*
One of my dreams is to get married and be an awesome wife who bakes her husband cookies and muffins.

I also love pleasing my significant other. I REALLY love it. I’m clearly brainwashed by the evil patriarchy. Except, wait, maybe, just hear me out on this… Maybe I actually WANT to do this because I want to, not because teh patreeearchyyy

~ Aphrodite