Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions
The president also said in an interview that Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, would cross a red line if he delved into Trump family finances unrelated to Russia.
By Peter Baker, Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman

19 July 2017

I have no idea what people want from Robert. He treats Rebecca like crap, people yell at him. He treats her like a human being, people yell at him. He doesn’t hate on her and immediately how dare he not take Aaron into consideration even though Aaron is gone. He has ignored her for months in deference to Aaron (who kept encouraging him not to which was so lovely of him but just confusing) as he should have but in the end, it didn’t even matter.

Where do we get they even become friends? Because he mentions he wants to get his husband back to her and she encourages him? That heavy handed narrative is more about trying to absolve Rebecca than it is about any sort of friendship. Which is crap but there you have it. My take away will be they are allowing Robert to be mature and not an ass. That’s a good thing for Robert.

Aaron is gone. Gone. He is out of this marriage. With good reason because his health is number one. He tells Robert as much. He makes it clear from what I hear that he doesn’t want him and won’t be changing his mind.

And something happens, imo, between now and Robert working with HF to make that actually sink in for Robert. I assume part of the reason Robert is working at HJ and HF is to stay out of Aaron’s way and the other part is because the woman that is supposedly carrying his kid needs help so he gives it to her. Ostensibly, it is also Robert’s way of healing. Work has always been the one constant in Robert’s life.

I literally do not know what this fandom wants from Robert. I really don’t. Is he supposed to ignore what Aaron says and keep coming at him when that is clearly not something Aaron wants? Because if he does then he’ll be painted as being wrong for not listening. Or is he supposed to sit around and pine for the rest of his life miserable on the off chance that Aaron will love him again (not that he doesn’t but at least to Robert it will seem that way)? Because if he does that nothing changes for him, this is what he had been doing for 18 months, waiting, and that’s bullshit.

He can pine but he needs to pick himself up and get his own fucking life in order. Aaron is not coming back, you guys. As far as Robert is concerned, he isn’t. It’s over.

He doesn’t have a choice about that. But he does about how he conducts himself in regards to this child. So if he manages to be civil/friendly to this woman for the sake of this baby then good for him. Character development. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Aaron.

I think Rob’s punishment for this huge mistake doesn’t even begin to fit the crime. He has lost everything again and sorry but he really didn’t deserve that. Aaron, sure. Everything, no.

However, I hope that in this process Robert is able to get himself back a little. He has been so lost in being everything to Aaron and finding his self worth there (which jfc what a fucking terrible thing for both of them because that is a lot of pressure to have) that he hasn’t been able to figure out what he wants. In all honesty, he wants Aaron, oh Robert, lol, but now that that isn’t an option, he’ll get to figure out what to do with his life.

Aaron won’t like Robert being friendly with Rebecca and learning to care for this kid and maybe finding some joy in it? Tough. Not his call.

Robert won’t like Aaron shutting him out and learning to be happy without him and becoming better? Tough. Not his call.

This is a break up. Nobody gets to say boo about how the other is dealing with it. What they can do is learn something from it and become better for themselves.

And listen, if I am being put through this horrible mess then them becoming better for themselves has got to actually happen or I will fucking riot.

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Things to consider: Berkut's horse ends up loving Alm a lot, probably cause Alm has secretly been feeding it apples behind Berkut's back so that the horse would like him and maybe that could be an opening for him and Berkut to bond. Berkut has never felt more betrayed in his whole life, seeing his majestic war steed nuzzling up against a laughing Alm.

alm will MOST DEFINITELY do that the first step in trying to bond with your cousin is bribing your cousins horse

berkuts confused coz lately his horse Nightly Ebony (yes that his horses name now) wouldnt wanna eat the carrots he brought. at first berkuts just thought hes tired and/or sick bt the healers said hes fine???

fast forward next month and berkuts SEETHING to see nightly ebony nuzzling alm with alm holding a few carrots. the Betrayalis real and berkut is screaming inside and out. first he lost his kingdom. now he lost his horse.

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ok but do you think the Pillar Men (and DIO) are into vore?? cause like the Pillar Men absorb people whole and they made the Stone Masks, which DIO used to become a vampire. And because he's a vampire it would mean that he gained the abilities of the Pillar Men when absorbing people, so would that mean the DIO gained a vore kink upon becoming a vampire by using the Stone Mask?

How dare you make me read this message with my own two pure virginal eyes? Any talk of v*re is banned banned baaanned from this blog. Keep the sin away!

But the answer is maybe.

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ono anya having people say what you should do with your art without asking for advice is the worst thing ever, especially if they put it like that. sure, constructive criticism is fine but some words are just too much u_u

this person has been forcibly trying to get free art from me, daring me to draw Link and animate him. How?? Why me??? Why don’t you bother Glen Keane while you’re at it! :D 

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